Size, length, athleticism: Who stands out?

This is a pretty interesting website. It calculates a physical profile for draft prospects called ‘SLA’ (Size, Length, Athleticism).

One of the issues with SPARQ is its inability to account for height and length. Teams generally have adapted their own analytics based off SPARQ. Given Seattle’s desire for uniqueness — it wouldn’t be a total shock if they paid attention to size specific rarity.

Why should we pay attention to this? Take K.J. Wright for example. He ran a 4.75 at the 2011 combine with a 32-inch vertical. These aren’t great numbers. His size and length however were very interesting (6-3, 246lbs, 35 inch arms).

I don’t know Wright’s ‘SLA’ score — but it could’ve helped us identify his unique traits without just looking at the forty yard dash or vertical jump etc.

While the Seahawks have generally identified the best athletes available — size and length if combined with grit also seems to appeal.

So who stands out? Here’s a positional breakdown based on ‘SLA’…

Offensive line
Germain Ifedi is ranked in the 98th percentile for NFL offensive linemen based on his SLA profile. It’s not a big surprise given his size (6-6, 324lbs), length (36 inch arms) and explosive athleticism (32.5 inch vertical). He’s the #1 ranked physical freak in this draft class on the O-line.

Also included in the top ten are Missouri’s Connor McGovern (#4), Ryan Kelly (#8), Alex Lewis (#9) and Graham Glasgow (#10). McGovern also tested very highly according to SPARQ and looks like a lock to be a Seahawks draft target. He has tackle experience but is likely a guard or center in Seattle. Kelly looked terrific at the combine — a truly underrated performer. His combination of size, physicality and mobility could get him into round one.

Lewis is a mid-round tackle project while Glasgow provides size, length and intensity at guard or center. Like McGovern he could be an interior line target for the Seahawks in the round three range.

The likes of Joe Dahl and Nick Martin — while really tough football players — might not have the size or athletic profile to interest the Seahawks.

Edge rushers
Emmanuel Ogbah is ranked #1 with a fantastic SPARQ and SLA score. He’s in the 93rd percentile for the NFL and pretty much wipes the floor among his peers. His college production is also excellent and in many ways he looks like a top-20 pick. His motor runs hot and cold and teams will be keen to check that side of his game to see if it matches his elite physicality.

Highlighting the sparse edge options in this class, only three players grade above the 67th percentile (Ogbah, Alex McCallister and Dadi Nicholas). It’s safe to say that unless the Seahawks have their heart set on drafting Ogabh — they’re highly unlikely to take an edge rusher at #26.

Shaq Lawson, for example, is in the 43rd percentile for the league.

Defensive line
While it’s considered a very deep defensive tackle class — there aren’t a ton of outstanding athletes among the group. SPARQ’S favourite is Connor Wujciak from Boston College. The top four players according to ‘SLA’ are (in order) — Shawn Oakman, DeForest Buckner, Bronson Kaufusi and Joel Heath. Buckner aside — there’s very little to get excited about with that quartet.

Wujciak and Jonathan Bullard are the only two other prospects grading above the 75th percentile in the NFL.

It raises an interesting point. If SPARQ, SLA and other measures are grading Sheldon Rankins, A’Shawn Robinson and Chris Jones in the same range as Willie Henry, Javon Hargrave and Anthony Zettel — why exactly are people so keen for the Seahawks to go with a defensive lineman in round one?

This data, if anything, illustrates that the physical difference between the players going in round one and rounds 2-4 will be minimal. And there are very few ‘freaks’.

Compare that to the O-liners in this draft. The top three in SLA (Ifedi, Conklin, Spriggs) grade between the 96th and 98th percentile in the entire NFL. All three are expected to be off the board in day one.

If the Seahawks love physical freaks in round one, they’ll struggle to find a defensive lineman or edge rusher that fits the profile at #26.

This was fascinating. Darron Lee is ranked #1 (no shocks there) with Travis Feeney at #2. Feeney is in the 94th percentile which is outstanding. Vanderbilt’s Stephen Weatherly — who could convert to an edge rusher in the NFL — was third in the 92nd percentile. Both players could provide the Seahawks with pass-rushing/playmaking options beyond the first round.

Here’s the interesting bit though — Ohio State’s Joshua Perry is at #4 and in the 87th percentile. SPARQ also rates him generously.

There are very few guys in this draft I had more fun watching than Perry. While he doesn’t wow you on the field in the way Darron Lee does — there’s just a great physicality to his game.

The rumours tentatively linking the Seahawks to Denver’s Brandon Marshall did make me consider whether they’d possibly look at Perry (if there was anything in the reported interest). He isn’t a burner — but he’s a high-intensity, big hitting, run-and-hit type that sets a tone.

He’s 6-4, 254lbs and ran a 4.68 at the combine. He has 34 inch arms and had an outstanding 10-4 in the broad jump. He’s faster than Wright and similar in size. He might be too similar to have in the same team — but we know they think Wright is flexible enough to play the WILL and SAM. It’s food for thought.

Feeney clearly provides a fantastic option health permitting. His experience at safety, ability to make plays and rush the passer (eight sacks in 2015) — plus his personality and size/length/athleticism make him virtually an ideal candidate for the Seahawks.

Other positions
Receiver is less of a need following Jermaine Kearse’s decision to return to the Seahawks. Devon Cajuste is the #1 SLA prospect and has ties to Doug Baldwin. Marquez North is at #3 — someone we’ve talked about a lot on this blog over the years. Both players rank in the 88th-91st percentile.

Derrick Henry is in the 93rd percentile for running backs. He’s just a special athlete and it’s time people recognised that more than his size. Watching him work as a receiver at the Alabama pro-day confirmed that. He pretty much ticks every box — production, character, athleticism, uniqueness.

It’s not an attractive list of running backs aside from Henry. This might be an area where they look to add a couple of cheap veterans.

Keanu Neal is the #3 safety but projects in the 90th percentile. Few players impressed me more on the first go-through than Neal this off-season. Like Henry — he is pretty much the complete package. Size, character, athleticism, production. It’s hard to imagine he won’t be a first round pick.

If the Seahawks target a cornerback on day three, SLA suggests DeAndre Elliott and Daryl Worley could be targets.

What does the information tell us?
Basically that we aren’t far off projecting that the Seahawks could take a freak-of-nature offensive lineman in round one and possibly a linebacker in round two.

(Don’t focus too much on the players, but the positions/range)

R1 — Ifedi/Conklin/Spriggs
R2 — Feeney/Perry

With two picks in round three they can use the defensive tackle depth to their advantage and add an interior offensive lineman.

R3 — McGovern/Glasgow
R3 (comp) — Henry/Hargrave

You can play around with the variations. Defensive tackle in round two instead, linebacker in round three.

There will also be options at cornerback — as usual — on day three. Round four could also be a good spot to add a run-stuffing project such as Clemson’s D.J. Reader. The one area that is unclear is running back — but it’s safe to assume they’ll find some prospects they like (and could still look to free agency).

A lot of Seahawks fans will be concerned about Russell Okung’s pending visits to New York (Giants) and Detroit on Friday. The prospect of adding a rookie replacement will concern some. However, it’s arguably Seattle’s most likely scenario considering this data and their draft history so far.

Even if they sign Donald Penn as a short-term measure (or Okung), Ifedi, Conklin and Spriggs (the top three SLA OL’s) could all line-up at left guard (a particularly good fit for Ifedi and Conklin) before reverting to tackle in the future.


  1. Nathan_12thMan

    R1 — Ifedi/Conklin/Spriggs
    R2 — Feeney/Perry
    R3 — McGovern/Glasgow
    R3 (comp) — Henry/Hargrave

    Ummm, yeah! I can dig that. I (like you) do not understand at all those that are thinking we go DT in R1. It makes zero sense with our R1 pick being at 26 and what this deep/talented DT class is.


    If we lose Okung I really love this thought:

    “Even if they sign Donald Penn as a short-term measure, Ifedi, Conklin and Spriggs (the top three SLA OL’s) could all line-up at left guard (a particularly good fit for Ifedi and Conklin) before reverting to tackle in the future.”

    The idea of upgrading LG away from Britt (him to the bench) is one of my most desired OL ideas. He is our biggest liability on the OL. I love how the OT could play LG for a year, then move to RT in ’17 when Penn walks or is cut. We could then attack the LG position in the ’17 draft to compete with Britt and whoever else we have at LG on our roster.


    R1- OT
    R2- LB
    R3- OL
    R3- DT

    Rounds 4-to-7 + UDFA: RB, WR, CB, P, QB2 (no particular order)

    I too can see us re-signing CMike (RB1 Rawls, RB2 CMike) and acquiring a cheap vet 3rd down back, allowing us to bump our RB need down. CB is a position we need to grab one every draft but we traded our ’16 6th rounder for Seisay, and we are successful in drafting lower round CB’s and developing them in our system. With the re-signing of Kearse I’d like to see us get a physically gifted WR (North, Cajuste, etc) in the lower rounds or UDFA. No need for a 2nd or 3rd round WR IMO.

    I love Jon Ryan but his age, his play in 2015 and his presumptive price has me wanting us to acquire a rookie Punter. Whether that be a draft pick or in UDFA. As for QB2, if there is someone the FO likes, then I hope we get him and we can move away from T-Jack and save some money.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Love your thoughts Nathan, I agree that Conklinand Ifedi seem like guys that could play guard for a year or two then move to either tackle spot. It doesn’t seem as easy for Spriggs even though I like him to play tackle the most. Seems like Conklin or Ifedi might best best if Okung DOES resign. Maybe Spriggs would be best if he doesn’t.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      I like all of this. Excellent reasoning.

    • RugbyLock

      Disagree about Ryan. He regularly flips field possession and the importance of that can’t be understated IMO.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        He re-signed so it is a closed issue now. His price was lower than I was expecting so sticking with him makes me happy. $2.5 APY, and probably a lower cap hit…I dig it for his level of play. I just hope he rebounds from his average 2015 season to his normal high level of play.

  2. Seahawcrates

    Great addition to the draft discussion. Some confirmations, some surprises. I do like the idea of a top athletic tackle in round 1 even if Seattle retains Okung, with the ability to put him at left guard. Get the best five linemen on the field. The name, though, Size, Length, Athleticism.. Makes me nervous I’m about to click on a porn site!

  3. lil'stink

    Not many fan sites are lucky enough to have the proprietor posting new stories at 0300.

  4. JT

    Draft Needs (assuming they sign either Okung or 1-2 interior OL in free agency, + maybe a cheap DT & RB)

    1. Offensive Line – still the top need. Most likely that they go OL in R1, then pick another 1-2 OL’s on day 2/3. I like Ifedi in R1, and there are numerous interior OL’s to choose from on day 2 & 3. If they have Okung, they could even take the top interior OL they like in R1, or trade down for one.

    2. DT – As Rob said, the depth of DT’s in this draft is ridiculous. I think only Rankins and perhaps Chris Jones (upside) would interest the Hawks in R1. More likely they pick one on day 2 or early on day 3. Could double up here if they don’t sign anyone else in free agency.

    3. RB/LB – They need part time players at both positions. The Hawks love to accumulate talent at both, and will likely spend 1 of their day 2 picks on either an RB or LB. Pretty much guaranteed they take 1 of each in the draft.

    4. QB/DE – mid round backup for DangerRuss, plus a possible mid round DE. Hawks love that defensive line rotation, and could add a edge rusher to the stable if an athlete falls to them.

    5. imo WR, TE, CB & S are position groups that are set for the present & future with talent and depth. Any picks for these groups will almost certainly come on day 3, and the player would probably have to be a special athlete.

    • JT

      6. Round 6/7 punter

  5. Tien

    This is amazing, Rob!

    A different perspective on ranking players and this data again supports your thoughts about the types of players that the Seahawks will be targeting in the draft.

    With all your earlier love for Shon Coleman, I was really resistant to the recent talk about Ifedi but now, I think I”d be pretty happy with end up with him in the 1st round (or Spriggs, Coleman, or Conklin)!

    Thanks again for all your hard work and here’s hoping we can resign Okung at the Seahawks’ price AND still pick up a stud OL in the first round!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Rob Staton

      Worth a quick note here — Coleman isn’t included in the data (along with a few others) because he was unable to workout at the combine or the Auburn pro-day due to injury.

      • franks

        Was Le’Raven Clark included?

        • Nathan

          Read the friggin site ya lazy bum.

          • David Stinnett

            heh heh heh

        • Rob Staton

          Le’Raven Clark barely did anything at the combine so no.

  6. bobbyk

    I’m starting to wonder if Fackrell might be there when we pick in the second round?

    • Rob Staton


      • Darth12er

        He didn’t run as fast as people hoped. Would you be ok with them drafting him at 56?

        • bobbyk

          I think so. I agree that he didn’t run as fast as hoped, but he certainly didn’t harm himself in any way either. His 10 yard split was almost in that magical 1.59 area, too. He’s got a burst that you don’t see with most of the guys who are supposedly going to get picked in front of him either. It’s weird to me that he and Lawson had the same 10 yard time because if you watch their tape, Fackrell is so much quicker with a better burst in real life in comparison to Lawson. Weird. But, yes, I would be okay with them drafting him at 56. I don’t know if it will happen anymore because it seems like Clark is taking weight off to take over the role that I thought Fackrell would be drafted to do (get after the QB on 3rd downs). I guess you can never have too many pass rushers though, right?

          • Phil

            I know that lots of folks are high on Fackrell as a pass rusher, but after watching tape of him, his lack of pursuit is what sticks with me. On plays that aren’t to his side of the field, he often makes no effort to pursue. This has caused me to question his motor, but maybe he has been told to save his effort for obvious passing downs or for plays to his side of the field. In any event, I’m not as impressed with him as many seem to be. I would rather look elsewhere in the draft or sign Clemons to a short-term deal.

  7. GeoffU

    Excellent site. My only complaint? Needs. More. Players. Gotta find those late round freak athelete gems. 🙂

  8. Steve Nelsen

    I really like the way this draft is lining up. Your plan for the 1st 4 picks makes sense whether they keep Okung or not.

  9. 75franks

    happy Kearse is coming back. any know the details on the 3 yr deal?

    • Rob Staton


      • 75franks

        ty rob sounds reasonable

        • C-Dog

          Very reasonable, IMO. I’m ecstatic that Kearse is coming back to Seattle. He fits the system well. Russell has a built in chemistry with him. This was great news.

          • franks

            The interesting thing about this deal is the timing of it, seems like the team didn’t agree with Kearse until Okung had announced his trip to NY.

            • franks

              Well maybe that’s gasping at straws, I’m pretty sure we have room to sign him after Kearse.

              • C-Dog

                Just read somewhere, I think on Fieldgulls, that Seattle still has room for Okung. As for Kearse, feels like Pete was prophetic a while ago saying they value him, maybe more than other teams shopping might. I might be on the minority on this one, but the Kearse signing actually has me more excited than Lane and Rubin, and those were solid signings, as well. Having a familiar weapon for Russ stick around is huge, IMO.

                • franks

                  Kearse was such a good signing man. Only 4.5M for a guy that the defense has to account for in crunch time, just really opens up the field for everyone when we need those points. I think he’s been a big part of the comebacks even before you get into the catches.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    Yeah I really didn’t want to lose Kearse and see him racking up yards with a more pass happy team. He has made game winning catches for Seahawks each year.

                  • C-Dog

                    And on a sentimental side, really nice to see him remain a Hawk for a few more years. The guy has already been a part of some of the most historic moments for the team. He’s still young, always durable. Yeah, for 4.5M, that’s huge.

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    Had about $20 million of cap space to spend. Rubin has a first year cap hit of $3 million and Lanes was 3.25 for a total of 6.25. Then remove the 900k of the guys they are replacing and you take away 5.35 million of space. Take away about another 2.5 from Kearse and your left with about $11 mill. It’s getting tighter. If Okung could have about a $5 mill cap hit you would be left with only $6. Still need some other things.

                  • reggieregg

                    4.5 for a mediocre talent. Imagine what a talented receiver would do with those same opportunities.

                  • franks

                    If by “talented receiver” you mean someone who does what Jermaine does in the clutch and puts up 1000 yards every year, you can forget about 4 and a half mill, probably doubles that.

            • Miles

              I think it is really possible that the Seahawks sign Okung tomorrow. Because either the Giants or Lions will make him an offer and Okung could give the Seahawks the chance to match it.

              • franks

                Maybe so, who knows how he’ll go about it being his own agent. Pretty sure this would be game over if he were represented. He’s in New York they have lots more to spend and they’re going for it.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  Kansas City is looking for a tackle now.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Didn’t they sign Mitchell Schwartz?

                  • franks

                    Yes and for a lot less than we’d been projecting.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    We are so lucky that the year we need a tackle there are 5-6 good ones in the first round. It could have been a lot worse some other year. I’m hoping for a good rebuild of the offensive line.

    • Darth12er

      Amen to that. Let’s hope they take advantage.

  11. Chris

    Rob, love the work as usual. My favorite read by far. Just curious about Andre Smith, OT from the Bengals. What’s the story on him?

    • bobbyk

      Not a Cable guy at all. Great when he wants to be. Not exactly motivated like you’d hope. Super talented though, but getting older.

    • Rob Staton

      Feeling is with Smith that the Bengals ran him into the ground. He was always better suited to guard IMO but is into his 30’s now.

      • John_s

        Smith just turned 29 in January.

        The problem with Smith IMO was his level of conditioning. He was not always in shape and his effort level was uneven

  12. Yesh

    Here you go for SLA on Wright (tFreak 94th Percentile, SLA 72nd Percentile)

  13. franks

    Rob do you really see McGovern making it to R3 after the combine he just had, his tape and versatility and the SLA?

    I read this at
    “He has some holes in his game right now, but I think they are all correctable. I’m looking at him as a tackle because I would like to use his power and athleticism to help spring our running game outside.” -anon. scout

    If we come out of the first without a Tackle, finding one later (who can start right off the bat) looks unlikely to me. Even some of the guys in the fist we’ve been discussing, might start out inside. I like McGovern in the second for RT if Okung or Penn or someone sign.

    • franks

      supposed to say “unless” Okung signs. Could be a guy though that can start off at guard and slide out if someone gets hurt.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know. If he goes earlier they’ll have a decision to make at #56 or just draft someone else like Glasgow.

      They should be able to find a tackle in round one.

  14. GeoffU

    KJ Wright really is unique. Closest player I found in the draft athletically and body-wise would be TE Beau Sandland, the top TE of those listed (but I assume that percent is by position?). Has a sparq of 120.56 which would put him at around 7th for linebackers.

    6-3, 246lbs, 34 7/8 in arms, 4.75, 20 reps bench, 32 vj, 120 bj, 7.26, 4.46, 11.82

    6-4, 253lbs, 34 1/4 in arms, 4.74, 23 reps bench, 35 vj, 124 bj, 7.10, 4.33, 11.75

    • GeoffU

      And of course after all that I see Wrights rSparq is 110.8 and pSparq is 116

  15. Unitas77

    It sure looks like they will pick a running back in this draft if they wait till round 5 and later who do you think they target?

  16. Trevor

    Great write up Rob very educational as well. Really appreciate when you put up this type of stuff as it lets us Hawks draft junkies narrow our focus a little and get better insight into how players are analyzed. Thanks again!

  17. Jarhead

    This is some great food for thought. And I think highly accurate. I personally am not excited about any of the rd1 or 2 options, as I would prefer a more solid “guaranteed” solid first day contributor/naturally good football player with our first two rounds. I feel like at our drafting spots you have to sacrifice one for the other. In cases like Keanu Neal, he seems like too versatile a player to lasr past the top 20. And he is my number one. You get solid football players like Martin or Coleman, or you go for the “freaks” with high athleticism but high bust potential like Feeney or Ifedi. Hopefully with all the solid resigns we made, it will give us the ability to not be under so much pressure to risk a high athleticism but low floor guy, amd go with just a solid football player. We need some more guys like Zach Miller, Mack Strong, Robbie Tobeck, and Bobby Engram. Guys like that. Really solid, reliable football players who always play the same game every week and let the really athletic inconsistent guys make big plays but who can’t always be counted on to have a good game every week when they are “off”

    • Ben2

      Ryan Kelly in rd 1 then, jarhead ? Consistent leader AND athletic -goes late 1st rd only because of position. I’d love a pro bowl center!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I saw a couple of vines of Kelly working position drills at Bama pro day. He’s got to be the top interior OLer in this draft. I’ve been a long time fan of Nick Martin who’s about as technically sound a C as there’s been in the last few drafts, but Kelly’s a superior athlete and every bit the technician.

        This is as high as I’ve seen anyone with any credibility mock him, but then Cube might be a bit biased.
        @colecubelic: “It might be a little too high but Ryan Kelly but I think it is possible Houston takes a shot at 22”

        • Volume12

          Always felt that ‘Bama C Ryan Kelly was the best one in the draft.

          A unique football player.

          • Attyla the Hawk


            That aside, do we need ‘the best in the class’ or a pro bowl caliber player? Not at all. We need a good quality pro. And you can see a lot of R3/R4 prospects who can fit that need. If I’m looking at the ‘relative to roster’ grades on our board — I think the relative grades for the OCs in the 90th overall pocket of talent are going to really stand out relative to other options at other positions.

            And I think Seattle will take advantage of that economy and seek to use their earlier picks on other positions where the options later down the line are not as attractive. They’ve admittedly done this in previous drafts and we’ve kind of come to recognize this trait over time.

            Kelly is my favorite. If it were Kelly and a bunch of nobodies — I would be all over him. The alternative options are so attractive at where they’re going to go — I have to think we’ll pass on R1 and R2.

            Of course if we do take him, I’ll love the pick. Only way I’d be bummed is if we go into day three and don’t have an OC out of this bunch.

      • Trevor

        I would love Kelly in Rd 1 if we resign Okung!

      • reggieregg

        That’s the answer…a for sure starting maybe probowler center. He already knows how to bark out protection calls because he actually plays center. I love it.

      • Jarhead

        Yeah I would be pleased with Kelly. I think he and Martin ate 1a and 1b at the C position. And have always stessed that C is the most important position on the Oline right behind LT. And it is close. I would much rather have a solid 16 week tough starter at C who may not necessarily be a world changing athlete, as opposed to a “potentially” looks like tarzan plays jane thpe of player at T. If we can sign Okung, C becomes the nex most crucial position on the line. And I want one of the 2 best. Kelly or Martin. I would much rather take our chances with Kelly or Martin at C and Westerman or maybe a player like Tretola at G (not to mention a potential vet and all the other players already on the roster) vs. someone like Ifedi who would be asked to play G (which is out of position for him, and all his athletic ability is kind of useless anyway) and one of the 4th or 5th best options at C. A solid C will be much more valuable to this team than a T with lots of soft and middling tape who can run fast and lift weights.

  18. matt

    From Oregon’s pro day: “Linebacker Joe Walker — 6-2 3/8, 236 — was not at the combine. He ran the 40 in 4.56 and 4.58 seconds. He had a 37 1/2 vertical and 10-foot-4 broad jump. He did the short shuttle in 4.31 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.81 seconds. He performed 23 reps on the bench. Walker could be a sixth- or seventh-round selection in the draft.”

    Impressive day for Walker.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @TonyPauline: Dallas Cowboys meet with Oregon linebacker who lit up pro-day

      • Volume12

        Some really good looking, athletic LBs coming from these pro days.

        Could a steal at the WILL ‘backer spot amongst these guys.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is an intriguing guy for Seattle as well. I’ve not seen the tape on him however.

  19. nichansen01

    What are people’s thoughts in either Chris Clemons or Obrien Schofield returning to Seattle?

    • matt

      If there’s very little to no guaranteed money involved I’m all for bringing back Clemons. He could teach Clark a thing or 2. Schofield…meh. Both Clem and Obi feel like insurance policies to target, if we don’t get an edge rusher in the draft.

      • bobbyk

        I’ve never liked Schofield very much as a player.

        • C-Dog

          Seems like they are looking at player familiar to the system. Wouldn’t be upset if they brought either back. Although, I kind of thought last year, Cassius was filling the OB void nicely.

          • Volume12

            I like Schofield more.

            Younger, more versatile.

            They’re targeting veteran D-lineman, because they like vets at those spots, and their bridges to next year’s potentially deep class of freak EDGE rushers.

            • oz

              Schofield had a pretty decent year in Atlanta.

    • John_s

      Not a fan of OB. He did nothing during the snaps he was given last time he played with the Seahawks.

      Remember in the SB when Avril got the concussion it was OB who replaced OB and Brady went to town with the lack of pass rush.

      I would very much prefer Clemons or draft a prospect than to sign OB

  20. Nate

    I would jump up and down if Rob’s mock mostly or all came to fruition!

  21. Cameron

    My mock from

    This mock assumes Okung signs a one year deal and stays in Seattle.

    26: R1P26
    56: R2P25
    90: R3P27
    98: R3P35
    125: R4P26
    172: R5P33
    215: R6P37
    223: R7P4
    245: R7P26

    Derek Henry was too good to pass up in the 2nd. Got great value landing Ronald Blair in the 5th but I was really targeting James Bradberry (CB, Samford) who was interestingly selected at the end of the 3rd.

    • Rik

      Boy would I love this draft! Joshua Perry is one of my favorite players in the draft – getting him in the 3rd round would be gravy!

    • C-Dog

      With Okung locked up, great draft.

    • troy

      This is crazy of course and has a .0001% of ever playing out this way but here’s how the chips landed on fanspeak for my Hawk-Mawk.



      R3- JIHAD WARD







      • reggieregg

        Which big board did you use? I used walter football and I swear I got every player we could want…. seems really unlikely.

      • Phil

        Would love to see this mock materialize. Tapper was one of the more impressive guys at the combine IMHO and would be a steal in the late 3rd.

    • RWIII

      Derek Henry will NOT be on the board at 56. In fact I doubt if he last until the second round.

  22. C-Dog

    As much as I love Travis Feeney, I am a huge Joshua Perry fan. If they were both sitting at 56, it would be a really tough call, if I had infiltrated the minds of JS/PC at that moment, but I might lean towards taking the flat out thumber over the playmaker. 6-4 254 lbs opposite of KJ, with Wagner in the middle, I just really like that menace. I’d be pretty close to just as much happiness with Feeney, and what he offers, but Perry would bring more bully back to the team. Have to think they’d be really into Feeney, if his medicals check through fine. Pete seems to cherish versatility.

    Kaufusi, I actually like a lot, too. He was pretty versatile for BYU, playing all over the line and backer, and was productive. Needs to play a bit lower at the next level than what he did in college, but he’s a coach’s kid, I think it stands to reason he could pick up things fast.

    So, if Ifedi, Conklin, Spriggs aren’t available at 26, what should Seattle do? Take best available OL? Trade back? This is the scenario that makes me really hope they can hang onto Okung, or alternatively bring in Donald Penn short term. Even if one of these guys, or Coleman is there, when then you’ve got great prospect to start out at guard.

    • Rik

      I think I’d take Perry over Feeney because of the medical problems. I like both players, though. Perry is just a physical, athletic dominator.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, shoulder thing is concerning. If it checks out well, he would be a great get, though, but yeah, Perry just brings the physical. I think he was kind of the alpha dog on that Ohio St defense as well. Which really says a lot.

      • rowdy

        This, feeney is a great player but how can you give him a pass on injuries. I personally think jaylon Smith has a better chance at being healthy

        • C-Dog

          I don’t know about that one. I think there’s legit concern if Jaylon Smith is going to be able to play football. Terrible bit of luck.

          • rowdy

            Feeney had 4 years of college ball and 4 shoulder surgeries, sounds like a chronic reoccurring problem that isn’t going away. Smith had a freak injury that he might not come back from ever. Imo though he has a better chance of over coming his injury because I don’t see feeney going away

  23. POB

    I’m not wild about the idea of going multiple years at big $$ for Okung. The one major benefit of locking him up for ’16, though, is that it would allow the Hawks to use one of their first four picks on an indulgence. By indulgence I mean a non-pressing need–maybe a guy like Henry if they’re really high on him or Tyler Higbee.

    • mishima

      Even if they sign Okung, I still hope they draft Ifedi to play LG, transition to T. Glasgow in the third.

  24. Brad

    The next measurement to be included will have to be grit and football acumen:)

  25. Ehurd1021

    If Kenny Clark is there in the first round…. do we take him?

    • C-Dog

      Highly unlikely, if you look at how they go about things with DT. Maybe if he was still sitting at 56, but he will probably be long off the board. Only DT they probably would take at 26 is Rankins, but that depends what they do with tackle in free agency. DT in rounds 3 through 5 is probably likely.

      • Ehurd1021

        I don’t think Rankins is that much better than Clark… I could see Kenny going day 1 based on his unique skill set. I don’t really know how the Seahawks typically address the DT position in first… but I do think is much more of a priority than people are realizing – especially with Mebane leaving.

        • C-Dog

          The thing is, though, it was reported during the Senior Bowl that the Seahawks had a first round grade on Rankins. Which makes sense because he’s a pass rusher. Clark is a run stuffer. They’ve spoken with DJ Reader who is a run stuffer they could probably target in R4. If Seattle takes any DL high, it would most likely be for pass rush. This draft is so ridiculously deep at run stuffing DT, they could draft a guy in the middle rounds who might become a starter next year. That’s likely why they are target low cost veterans such a Cam Thomas, who won’t interfere with acquiring comp picks next year.

          I think it is HIGHLY likely Seattle will come out of this draft with a good young DT who eventually will be a starter, one way or another, but most likely not in round 1.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s why they brought in Cam Thomas though. They’ve consistently gone after veteran replacements at DT — not first round picks. We have too much info now to think they go run stuffing DT in round one especially when the big needs are on the O-line and it’s really a case of get a tackle in R1 or miss out completely.

          • Del tre

            It’s because they’ve always had Mebane to push the pocket forward Mebane stopped doing that this year, he didn’t get sacks but he generated pressure

            • Rob Staton

              Not how I remember it.

        • RWIII

          Rankins is a much better interior pass rusher than Clark.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s doubtful Ehurd1021. Maybe if he lasts to #56.

  26. Catharsis50

    Why did we pay Kearse 4.5M when we need money to spend up front?

    I was liking the idea of letting Kearse walk and drafting someone like Dom Williams from WSU who had as great pro day today. He’s tall, fast and athletic with good ability to high point.

    • Ukhawk

      I’m in 2 minds about Kearse resigning; mentally had seen him going. Want to see the guaranteed money. Looks good on the surface but it’s all about opportunity cost.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, I’m also pretty surprised about Kearse. The $3-6m range is not usually one the Hawks spend on, excluding rookie deals and special teams. Must really have seen the value at this point of covering themselves in case Richardson and Graham are reinjured or Doug /Tyler were to go down, as well as the high efficiency he offers on a low number of targets.

        • RealRhino2

          The thing is, though, that Kearse is probably efficient on his targets because if he isn’t open Russ doesn’t throw him the ball, just like with other Seahawks WRs.

          Not necessarily true of other QBs/systems. Some guys will get a favorable single coverage and they’ll go to that guy, expecting their guy to win that matchup. Jimmy Graham is less efficient. Do we think Kearse is really better at catching the ball than Graham? No. But Graham is the one guy they’ll throw to even when he’s covered, because they expect him, at 6-7 and with the wingspan of a condor, to win those matchups.

          Tyler Lockett already had more targets than Kearse last year as a rookie who didn’t even start for the first part of the season. Because he gets open, while Kearse largely doesn’t.

          Kearse is the new Ricardo Lockette, a guy who keeps taking snaps away from other, potentially better, players, because the Hawks feel comfortable with the little things he does, like block, STs, etc. Largely a waste of money, IMO.

          • GeoffU

            That’s an excellent point about WR efficiency. Russ is very risk adverse when it comes to turnovers which makes it difficult to take the QB out of the equation. Are our top three WR efficient on their own, or is it because Wilson usually only throw it to them when he sees they’ll be open? I’m sure it’s a bit of both.

          • Del tre

            Except Lockett was a deep threat with 4.2 speed and could be a match up problem. Kearse doesn’t have that in any way and he isn’t even that great at catching 50/50 balls.

          • reggieregg

            Feels like we ate rewarding mediocrity! He brings the talent level of the receiving Corp down.

            • Rob Staton

              The receiving corp that just helped Russell Wilson set a franchise record for passing.


          • franks

            The little things and also the biggest catches in Seahawk history.

            I’m not as big on no-e as everyone else. He’s a good young receiver, obv a great returner, have yet to see him make the winning catch in playoff games over nd over and over and …

            • Del tre

              I’ve yet to see him lose the superbowl like Kearse did.

              • Rob Staton

                Stop it.

              • franks

                Made th SB winning catch if Bevel just calls a run.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            C’mon RR2! Lockette was never Kearse. Ever.

        • RWIII

          Kearse means stability. Tyler Lockette is the exception. But it takes 11/2 years to develop as a receiver.

    • Rob Staton

      They have plenty of money to spend on an offensive lineman.

      • EranUngar

        Quick and dirty cap status:

        Adjusted salary cap = 154M
        Top 51 = 136M (Including Lane, Rubin and…Lynch)
        Rookie class, PS and IR = 7M
        Kearse – 3.5M (assuming they continue to back-load…)
        free cap = 7.5M

        Add to it either 6.5M (Lynch retires) or 9M (Lynch retires/cut post June 1st) and you are left with 14-16.5M to sign 2 extra players to make the 53 men roster and do whatever is needed for Bennett and Baldwin.

        Also, Willson is entering his contract year and they may want to extend him before TC starts…

        • EranUngar

          ooops, 3M dead money.

          so its 11-13.5M left…

          my bad.

          • David

            not a ton of bread left to fill/upgrade essential positions without having to rely on drafted rookies

            • EranUngar

              Yes, and it gets worse….

              In-spite of some opinions posted here by some, the 2017 cap space is getting tighter with every back-loaded contract we sign.

              Right now, before we add Kearse and subtract Lynch, we have the 6th highest cap hit in 2017 while having the 2nd least amount of players signed for the 2017 season.

              If we will put those cap dollars to work on multi-year back-loaded contracts like we did with Lane, Rubin and most likely Kearse it will keep growing.

              Once we work something with Baldwin and Willson (contract year) and Bennett, we are in for a very tight off season next year.

              • Rob Staton

                Why are people worrying about the 2017 cap?

                Goodness me. Has this front office not bought you’re undying support?

              • Ground_Hawk

                Where are you finding this information?

              • Attyla the Hawk

                When it comes to smart contracts and disciplined cap strategy — I put Seattle that the top of the NFL class.

                I’m not worried about 2017 in the slightest. Every year Seattle’s cap situation is considered one of the healthiest. It’s because we are smart about the guarantees. Enough so that we can absorb the occasional bad contract (Harvin, Williams) with seemingly little consequence.

                Last year we were wringing our hands about gutting our cap for Wagner and Wilson. Not even 10 months later those deals are steals.

                If there is one aspect to this organization that I simply just concede complete faith in — it’s their ability to remain flexible relative to the cap. They are just unswerving in their discipline. Our ability to get out of deals where the production turns sour is the class of this league.

              • 75franks

                doubt willson gets re upped

      • RWIII

        Yes the Hawks do have money to spend on an offensive lineman. But do the Hawks have money for an offensive lineman plus Cam Thomas and also Chris Clemons.

  27. Bvats

    I’m curious why Charles Tapper from Oklahoma is not listed. Any particular reason he was omitted? I figure he would rank highly after his combine performance.

    • Volume12

      Pretty sure he didn’t run the SS or 3 cone drills.

      • oz

        I would like the Hawks to take Tapper in the 2nd. Eventual replacement for Bennett and rotation guy. I am a big time Tapper fan.

        • Phil

          Count me in the Tapper fan club, too.

    • RWIII

      I love Charles Tapper. If he was on the board at 56 that would be awesome.

  28. David Stinnett

    If SEA can do it in this manner, I like it

  29. Volume12

    I agree.

    2 O-lineman, DT, and a SAM backer with the 1st 4 picks.

    Target a RB in round 4-6.

    Still like Vandy’s Stephen Weatherly as a possible SAM candidate too.

    But, Ohio St LB Josh Perry ticks a lot of boxes, ecspecially character wise combined with that athletic profile. Just a fantastic player. Definition of a heat seeking missle.

  30. Miles

    Toby Gerhart just got released by JAX. Shootin’ from the hip here; I wonder how he would work out as a fullback.

    • C-Dog


    • RWIII

      Not interested in Gerhart. The Hawks have bigger needs at OL/DL.

  31. Volume12

    Texas Tech OT Le’Raven Clark has the no. 1 tFREAK score too, which combibes size and length. I’ll be shocked if he’s not right up there with Ifedi, Conklin, and Spriggs.

    • mishima

      Dude’s a freak: so much potential.

  32. Josh emmett

    Speaking of SLA, I was looking at the running backs class and you can’t help but wonder if Carroll and Schnieder want to take a swing at Derrick Henry? They would have to take him at the end of the first round and that wouldn’t work because there will be a couple good choices for a Tackle at 26. So I Continued to look at prosise and Collins highlights and I think I was researching on cbs sports and they had the FB’s and HB’s in the same category to compare workout numbers. Dan Vitale kept popping up high in most measurables and is sparqed out! Most numbers were just as good or better then Henry’s with exception of the broad jump but the difference was 7″(10’10” Henry and 10’3″ for Vitale) poor mans Derrick Henry in the 4th or 5th round sounds like a value packed high upside pick the Hawks love in the later rounds. I’m about to find some tape on him now, thoughts?

    • Volume12

      Not a RB. Never carried the ball once in 4 years at N’Western.

    • Rob Staton

      Having watched Vitale in a couple of games — to me he looked like a better athlete than football player.

    • RealRhino2

      For my money, Keith Marshall from Georgia is the poor man’s Derrick Henry already. Great straight line speed, also looks to not be very shifty in tight spaces.

      In fact, I’d rather have Marshall straight up. Boom. Said it.

      • Rob Staton

        Marshall and Henry are very different players though. Marshall is fast — no question — but the injury history has rendered him really unexplosive based on 2015 tape.

        • RWIII

          Brock Huard is a fan of Keith Marshall.

  33. franks

    Ran two mocks at fanspeak.

    Draft scenario in both, we sign a stopgap LT whether or not it’s Okung, and Jon Ryan. Aoided guys who obviously would’t be there.










    FB CHRIS SWAIN short yardage /goalline back








    OLB TRAVIS FEENEY injury fall



    Brutal having the draft so far away from the SB.

    • rowdy

      Why have 1st and 2nd Rd DTs?

      • franks

        Seems like a position that could get better, and you could make a case for those two players BPA at 26 and 58.

        • franks

          With Mebane gone and Howard with the injuries and his play dropping off.

  34. EranUngar

    “Germain Ifedi is ranked in the 98th percentile for NFL offensive linemen based on his SLA profile”

    98th percentile!!!

    Is there anybody else here who begins to feel uneasy about this guy?

    In a sport that hungers for physically gifted offensive linemen, especially Tackles, how come this guy could not win the LT job in college? Why isn’t he in the first round in 9 out of 10 mocks?

    I want to like the guy and feel he is an absolute steal at 26 and yet i keep feeling there is something we are missing…

    • rowdy

      The most athletic players under Carroll have been kronz and cmike. I’m not his biggest fan but he does fit two positions of need.

      • GeoffU

        Yes, let’s not turn into Al Davis’s here. I fall in love with numbers too, but that’s only a piece of a players story.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I don’t think they are projecting him to LT in NFL, more LG or RT.

      • EranUngar

        Still, what makes him better in our eyes then tens of guys that did win the LT position and will play RT/G at best in the NFL?
        He was superior physically to all those guys coming into college. They “made it” and he didn’t. And now he is supposed to be a top 5 offensive lineman pick in this draft class?

        It bothers me…

        • Rob Staton

          It’s irrelevant given the increased importance of the right tackle position in the NFL.

          Guess who else never played left tackle in college? Tyron Smith at USC.

  35. CharlieTheUnicorn

    DT ROBERT NKEMDICHE I’m convinced he is off the Seahawks board now.
    No way they will take him in the first.

    With the large number of suitable OL available at #26, go ahead and take the plunge and grab a talented OL prospect….. time to get the OL right for the next 3-4 years. If any of the three mentioned OL prospects are #26, I’ll be doing cartwheels in the backyard.

    • Wall UP

      I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the notion of Nkemdechi being on their radar. Few have the resources and capability to handle the “character flaws” of a talented athlete. He is a talented top 10 prospect, no doubt.

      One of the resources available to work with such questionable behavior is Mr. Kelly. I’m sure if Nkemdechi has Mo Kelley for tutelage, if he’s there @ 26, Nkemdechi could be their 1st pick. Especially with their current DT situation. Nkemdechi @ 3Tech and Rubin 1, with Avril and Bennett as DEs, would be a formidable front four.

      I don’t think they would pass on that opportunity, especially if Okung is resigned. As far as OL help is concerned, there is a possibility that Coleman may be available in the 2nd Rd due to the lack of workout buzz and health concerns. Coleman @ 45-56 would be a viable fix for RT/LG/LT OL needs. Clark could be another option at that same slot.

      • RealRhino2

        I’m with Wall UP. What character concerns? College guy got drunk and smoked weed. Pretty sure he’s not the first. if he can keep from testing positive then I’ll assume he’s smart enough not to let it become a problem.

        Took some plays off? Heck, Jadaveon Clowney took half a season off and he was the #1 overall pick! Mario Williams just took a whole season off and got $8 million for it. Maybe if Nkemdiche is in a rotation he won’t have to take plays off?

        • Rob Staton

          Rhino — Nkemdiche’s issues are FAR more serious than just a guy getting drunk and smoking weed.

          • RWIII

            Brock Huard is a fan of Keith Marshall.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          CLE Front Office ‘war room’ meeting circa April 2014:

          “Manziel? What character concerns? College guy got drunk, hit his girlfriend. Pretty sure he’s not the first. If he can keep from drinking then let’s assume he’s smart enough not to let it become a problem.”

          “So we’re agreed? Manziel in round 1.”

          “Great choice.”

          “Can’t miss!”

          “We’re so smart!”

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t usually commit to a statement like this as writer of this blog — but I’ll be shocked if Nkemdiche is even on their board.

        He has major issues. Major issues. Physical talent is all well and good. But you have to put the team first in Seattle. He is destined, without doubt, for suspensions in the future — and that’s if he doesn’t seriously harm himself.

        This isn’t one isolated incident or a mistake. It’s a guy, and his brother, with very serious long lasting issues.

        • Trevor

          Agreed I guess there Matt Miller got an text from a rival NFC West GM after he mocked Nkemdeche to the Hawks at 26. He said the rival GM said there is no chance he goes him in Rd #1 and to mock him to Hawks is stupid.

          Here is the exact quote from Matt Miller

          — “Take [Robert] Nkemdiche out of your mock drafts. No one is that stupid.” These are the texts you get when you take a flier and put Nkemdiche to the Seattle Seahawks in Round 1. This, from a general manager competing with the Seahawks in the NFC West, was too good not to share.

        • Wall UP

          Many were shock when Bruce was taken in the 1st Rd by the Hawks due to “CCs” and other baggage that followed him. But, they did do their due diligence in researching his past in terms of not just the incidents that occurred, but also why those mishaps took place in the first place.

          Your Habitat or surroundings have a great impact upon the decisions a 20-21yr old would make. Removing a person from that negative environment just might be the ingredient that would give this young man the ability to reach his full potential. It worked with Irving, and it looks very promising for Clark as well.

          I’m not condoning his past behavior and present makeup, but a change in scenery may be the key to unlocking the other side of the person that may not be visible to others. Fortunately, the Hawks excel in that regard. They know not only the physical attributes of a player, but more importantly the intrinsic qualities that make them tick. They also provide outstanding support network that fosters a positive environment to flourish in.

          If any team could shoulder the task of developing this young man it would be the Hawks. History has shown that they’re willing to take on Nkemdechi for the potential upside. Thus far they’ve been very successful in doing so. They’re all about second chances.

          • Steve Nelsen

            The only way any team is going to consider Nkemdiche is if they are satisfied with their interviews and their investigation into his background. We really have no idea about how his interview with Seattle went or what their investigation has revealed.

            I think that to characterize his character concerns as “drinking and smoking a little weed” is ignoring the leaks that have been coming out from scouts, GMs and other insiders who have spoken to Nkemdiche and have a much more informed knowledge of his character and his past actions. To me, he sounds a lot like Aldon Smith 2.0. You can’t help a guy who doesn’t want help or doesn’t think he needs help.

          • Rob Staton

            Bruce Irvin is totally different to Nkemdiche. Their backgrounds and situations are totally different. Like chalk and cheese.

            Nkemdiche is not going to go in the first round, let alone the top-15 like Irvin. You can book it. He’ll fall further than Randy Gregory.

            • RWIII

              Randy Gregory sure didn’t do Nkemdiche any favors by getting suspended. After Gregory’s suspension teams are going to look long and hard at Nkemdiche.

          • Wall UP

            The tenor of this blog, I hope, is to not rule out options for their first pick. But, to consider the possibilities that could arise. Putting personal opinions aside and opinions of others for reference, we really don’t know Nkemdechi.

            Knowing that the Hawks preform a thorough investigation of players, for them not to do so for Nkemdechi would be out of ‘character’ for their normal due diligence investigating players.
            In their inquiry, if the positives are such that they’re willing to give this young man a chance, that would mean that they’ve uncovered enough to know that he could prosper within their organization. I would hope all would accept their decision and not be quick to judge the man. I’d be surprised if Buffalo doesn’t pick him @ 19.

            If he does fall to 26 don’t be shocked Rob, there just might be a chance the Hawks pick Nkemdechi, especially if Okung has resigned

            • Rob Staton

              Wall Up — we look at many different options on this blog. A long list.

              But we also talk about the prospects they aren’t going to draft. Nkemdiche is not going to be drafted in round one. You can take it to the bank. The guy and his brother are an absolute nightmare. Worse than Randy Gregory a year ago.

              • reggieregg

                Somebody throw a link to the stories about his brother…does he play football or did he bring him along for the ride. I’m very curious now. Sounds like a lost cause.

                • Rob Staton

                  His brother is just as much of a nightmare as Nkemdiche. They both play for Ole Miss. Google him.

                  • WALL UP

                    Big brother influence could be the culprit. I think he knows what is at sake, especially if he does drop out of the 1st Rd. Whichever team he lands with will be a steal.

                    • Rob Staton

                      So you’re just going to ignore the evidence anyway?

                      I can’t help you man. Prepare to be disappointed if you’re pinning your hopes on drafting Nkemdiche.

            • WALL UP

              From reading this article it seems his willing to acknowledge mistakes has been use against him.


              This other article shows an environment that he was introduced to out of high school from his older brother and was fostered on campus with other players.


              As I mentioned earlier, a change of scenery just might be the way to steer this young man in the right direction.

              • Rob Staton

                He hasn’t acknowledged anything. Just a bunch of excuses.

                If you want to believe there’s a chance he’ll end up in Seattle, Wall UP, I can’t stop you.

                But you’ll be disappointed on draft day. He is going to sink like the proverbial stone. Like I said, he is a much worse case than Randy Gregory. He has serious, serious issues. He and his brother.

                • WALL UP

                  Sorry about that 1st link. It’s a good article. If these are the incidences that surround Nkemdiche, this appears to be a classic case of an Influential Habitat. I would look closer at him. Based on this, it would take more to deter an inquiry. I’ve seen worse. Like Pete, I wouldn’t get scare away from such a past lifestyle as this.


                  No worries. No real vested interest. Just observing the possibilities.

                  • Rob Staton

                    These are not the incidences.

                    Trust me — I’ve done a TON of homework on this guy. Look at him and his brother Denzel a little closer beyond that one piece. I’ll get you started….

                    For starters he has a major, major problem:

                    Now read this:

                    According to Clay Travis of FOX Sports, the Ole Miss defensive tackle was using what’s commonly referred to as “fake weed,” a synthetic cannabinoid which doesn’t show up on drug tests. But it also comes with side effects which include paranoia, delusion and hallucinations.

                    The report said Nkemdiche was convinced someone was chasing him when he went through a double-pane window and fell 15 feet to the ground. A bush apparently broke his fall. He was taken to an Atlanta hospital for stitches, and was released before being taken to jail and charged with marijuana possession.

                    Nkemdiche’s brother Denzel, a linebacker at Ole Miss, has also had issues with the drug according to the report. He was hospitalized and missed the final two games of the season after he was found near the edge of the roof of his townhome, wrapped in a blanket and afraid someone was trying to get him.”

                    Now read this:

                    “Denzel Nkemdiche. On Saturday night – the night of his 21st birthday – Nkemdiche was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and failure to comply with a police officer.

                    According to the report, after the fight broke out at the house, members of the fraternity decided to clear out the house. At that time Denzel Nkemdiche “was observed ripping off his shirt and screaming, ‘I’m going to beat that mother——‘s ass!’”

                    Soon after that, the plaintiff, identified as Matthew Baird, and a friend, Ford Everett, decided to leave the house. At that point it is alleged that, “without any provocation,” Denzel “punched the plaintiff in the back of the head, immediately knocking him out.”

                    After the plaintiff was knocked out, Robert Nkemdiche and five other unidentified football players, then are accused of “kicking and stomping the plaintiff as he was passed out on the ground.” Everett then “dove on the ground and covered the unconscious plaintiff.” Everett was badly beaten in the incident and, according to the complaint, his eardrum was busted and his middle ear was severely injured.

                    As a result of the attack, the plaintiff was allegedly “knocked unconscious for 12 to 15 minutes” and “his body began to convulse in a seizure.” The plaintiff was transported to the emergency room and treated for multiple injuries.

                    Before authorities arrived at the scene, the Nkemdiche brothers and the other football players fled the scene.”

                    Now read this from today:

                    “”Take [Robert] Nkemdiche out of your mock drafts. No one is that stupid.” These are the texts you get when you take a flier and put Nkemdiche to the Seattle Seahawks in Round 1. This, from a general manager competing with the Seahawks in the NFC West, was too good not to share.”

                    And here’s Tony Pauline from last week:

                    “Lot of off the field issues that could really push him out of the first round. You look at him physically and you see a guy that should really be a top-15 pick… The fall out of the window is just the tip of the iceberg from what I’m hearing. There are some significant off the field issues and maybe they’ll make their way to the press but it’s definitely going to hurt his draft stock.”

                    I could post more. This is a guy teams are going to run a mile from.

                  • franks

                    We’ll find out on April 15th.

                  • Wall UP

                    Rob, it is risky proposition, no doubt. But, I’m a firm believer of habitat having a bearing on our actions and when placed in a positive environment, ones behavior can change.

                    Some of my running mates are 10ft under from a more blatant lifestyle. Fortunately, I did not follow that same path due to a change in surroundings.
                    Pete is very familiar with a young athlete’s challenges and is a fair judge of character, street wise & with intercity youth. If there is something beyond the surface in this young man, Pete will spot it. That’s why I think they will do their due diligence.

                    Thanks for posting what you have on Nkemdechi. Lot of which I’ve seen & heard of. I’m sure this, from the surface, will deter many teams from selecting him.

                    The Hawks however, will do more than kick the tires of such a talent. Treadwell was impressed by how Pete was able to read him, and this is a player that is expected to be long gone @ 26. It just goes to show that they do perform their due diligence on these young men

                  • franks

                    Pete used to mentor gang members in L.A. I doubt he sees this in the same light that the media does. Is assault serious? Absolutely. But why is everyone talking about smoking weed when he has this assault on his record? Why aren’t they talking about the assault? I think the guys blowing this smoke around are the guys that want to pick him, without a public outcry.

                    And I’ll say it if no one else will, Pete picked Frank Clark last year, who had serious D.V. allegations in the middle of a league-wide D.V. publicity nightmare. I think Pete and John evaluate these guys on their own merits, and I don’t think they care about the noise.

                    • Rob Staton

                      The comparison is totally misguided to Clark. Sorry but it is.

                      I think we should end this discussion at this point. We’ll see what happens with Nkemdiche on draft day.

  36. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The first 2 picks are the consensus picks…. then some wildcards

    Round 1 (1) GERMAIN IFEDI, OT/OG
    Round 2 (1) TRAVIS FEENEY, LB
    Round 4 (1) C.J. PROCISE, RB
    Round 5 (1) JAMES BRADBERRY, CB
    Round 6 (1) ISAAC SEUMALO, C

    • C-Dog

      If Ufedi, Feeney, and Kaufusi are the first three picks, I would do cartwheels. Seumalo is a nice player too.

    • RWIII

      Finally a reasonable mock draft. However I wouldn’t take Feeney in the 2nd round. Also the Hawks do not need a wide receiver now that they have Kearse back in the fold. I would take Tapper/Bullard in the 2nd round. Feeney in the 3rd round. Plus either OL/DL in the 3rd round.

  37. bankhawk

    The write up has had me thinking a bit more about Willie Henry. I have seen his name come up more than a couple times on the blog, but if he has been broken down in depth, i missed it. I watched hí highlight reel vs. Michigan St. and at the outset, he didnt jump off the screen at me. But in the late going, as things got intense he really semed to be bringing it! Anyone care to hold forth?
    Thanks, as always.

    • C-Dog

      I like him a lot. He did fairly well at the combine. Looks like a potential starting 3 tech, IMO. Probably a year away from starting. Most of his pass rush came front stunts. Has to learn how to do it with his hands more inside, but athletic and good size. I think he’s a DT Seattle could likely target.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Henry, Hargrave, Washington, Reader are 4 DTs who should be available late day 2/early day 3.

      Of the 4, Henry is probably the best mix of run stuffing and pocket pressuring. But that’s just one guy’s opinion. Really, any of them would be good value in that range.

    • James P

      I was really unimpressed with that tape up until the last couple of minutes of the cut-up. The last 2 minutes are really interesting. There is one play where he lines up at DE and pulls off a genuine speed rush, around the edge, with dip and bend. At 300lbs. That’s pretty amazing!

  38. Jon

    Is it possible that part of the Kearse contract is insurance against Baldwin leaving us next year. He does not make up for the loss but would certainly cushion the blow.

    • Sea Mode

      Could be, but I can’t really come to see it that way personally. I think they see Baldwin as a core player and hope they actually extend him this offseason instead of waiting for next.

      If anything, I am waiting to see the details on Kearse’s contract to see the guarantees and what it would leave us in dead money if we wanted to cut him next year to accommodate Baldwin or someone else.

      • JT

        Kearse’s cap hits:
        2016 – 2.6 mil
        2017 – 3.8 mil
        2018 – 6.8 mil

        His entire guarantee (6.3 mil) will be paid off after 2016. I believe he has some small incentives as well, but don’t know how they would affect the cap hits.

        Bottom line is this won’t stop them from signing Dougie, who is definitely a core player. I expect them to aggressively work to extend him this offseason. He will be pricey but worth it. Assuming they get him locked up, their group of “important” FAs next offseason will be Patrick Lewis, Garry Gilliam, Luke Willson, Jordan Hill, Deshawn Shead. Not exactly the franchise saviors.

    • pqlqi

      I think it’d be stunning if the FO was prioritizing Kearse above Baldwin.

  39. Wall UP

    There is one more UW alumni that just may be a surprise option for slot DB. Nat Robinson. He’s got that dog in him that you can’t deny. I would not be surprised to see him at the Hawks next mini camp. A huge underdog with a mountain size chip on his shoulder.

  40. subterranean

    I like the three round plan at the end of your post Rob. If things broke that way I’d be pretty thrilled. And even with the way FA has broken so far, they could still keep Okung and add a DT and those picks would still make sense.

  41. reggieregg

    Are all bets off if Darron Lee slips to #26. I’d take that kid in a heartbeat.

    • oz

      So would I. He won’t make it to#26 though.

  42. oz

    Doubt he makes it to #13.

    • oz

      Past #13 that is…

      • nichansen01

        I would suspect New York drafts him at 10, their line backing core right now is awful.

  43. CA

    Just do the right thing and grab Coleman at 26. Any OT they like, just get that need out of the way in R1. R2 grab your pass rusher at LB or DE. R3 grab your DT. After that, snatch up a Coug in Dahl or Dom Williams later on. Find a long CB in R 4 or 5. But dear God please draft Dom Williams if he’s there after R5 or 6.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I might take Kelly over Ifedi/Coleman.

  44. Jarhead

    To anyone crying about the Kearse deal, the Pats just gave Chris Hogan the same contract. They both kind of the same player. That just appears to be market value for a 3rd WR. So it isn’t a bad deal, it is market value for the player

    • Greg Haugsven

      Kearse first year cap hit is $2.633 million. If you remove the current number 51’s cap hit of $450,000 you get a net cap hit of $2.183 to add Kearse to the top 51.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s also $1.5M less than what TEN gave to Rishard Matthews.

    • reggieregg

      Except we had the chance to upgrade our 3rd receiver and save money at the same time.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        With whom?

      • Steve Nelsen

        Seattle got one of the best #3 receivers in the league for a good contract. Kearse also serves as a hedge against Graham not being ready to start the season.

        Kudos to John Schneider for following up the Rubin signing and the great Lane signing/contract with another shrewd value move.

  45. Robbie

    Free agent T/G J’Marcus Webb will visit the Seahawks. Anyone know much about him?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Multipurpose OLer – swing OT, G. Not very good, but versatile.

      • bobbyk

        Sounds exactly like what Cable covets.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Could be a Bailey replacement/upgrade or competition with Britt at LG. He’s still young at 27 and he’s big 6-6, 330. He started 16 games at guard last year for Oakland and he has had much more starting experience than Bailey

  46. CHawk Talker Eric

    @SheilKapadia: What they’re saying: Seahawks’ 2012 draft class earns $236.5M in second contracts.

    A quarter billion in 2nd contracts. That’s a draft class for the ages folks.

    • D

      The same draft class that Mel Kiper gave an F…

  47. CHawk Talker Eric

    @PFF_Steve: Nope, RT more valuable than LT in AFC West. LT not a “premium” position there

    Could say the same thing for NFCw. Or at least for SEA regardless of whom they play.

  48. CHawk Talker Eric

    @MikeSilver: The 49ers have reached out to OT Russell Okung, joining the Seahawks, Lions & Giants in pursuit of the unrestricted free agent @nflnetwork

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @nfltrade_rumors: #Seahawks, #Giants & #Raiders Interested In OT Donald Penn #NFL

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        @RapSheet: After #Steelers LT Kelvin Beachum visits the #Jets, I’m told he’s visiting #Seahawks on Monday. Meanwhile, Russell Okung at #NYG & DET today

  49. Trevor

    Rob if Conklin, Decker, Ifedi, Coleman are there when we pick at 26 who do you think is the best fit at RT to start day #1?

    Do you think there is any chance Coleman falls to mid / late 2nd round with the injury and not being able to go to combine / pro day?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      To start Day 1?


      in that order.



      • RWIII

        From what I have been reading some scouts have ranked Conklin ahead of Ronnie Staley.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d take any of them.

      As for Coleman — there’s a chance but he’s good enough to go in R1.

  50. D

    Sounds like Jon Ryan is back for 4 more years.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Good news.

  51. EranUngar

    JS, with 18M cap space, just signed Rubin, Lane, Kearse and Ryan to 3-4 year contracts and kept enough to sign Okung.

    Wonders never seize.

  52. reggieregg

    Kelvin Beachum how does he compare to Okung??

    • Rob Staton

      Very different. Much less size/length. Okung is a prototype while Beachum looks like a guard playing tackle.

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