Some early thoughts on free agency…

It’s generally smart to stay out of the first flush of free agency, where good players get great salaries and average players get good contracts.

The Seahawks have taken this approach virtually throughout the Carroll and Schneider era. The only real exception was 2011 — when they added Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery in the closest thing to a ‘splurge’.

Big, bold, flashy signings when the market opens generally end up looking like bad deals very quickly.

However, I also think there are times when you have to be active. You can’t go into every free agency with a pre-existing mentality of ‘we are not going to spend’.

I think it’s obvious to say there have been big missed opportunities over the years, when the Seahawks have been closer to contention than they are now, to really ‘have a go’ and push towards success.

In 2023, the Seahawks have a critical need on the D-line. They know it, we know it. There’s a distinct lack of talent and quality up front. They have no true difference makers. Nobody who scares an opponent.

They’re not going to be able to nickel and the dime their way to glory with a Quinton Jefferson here and a Benson Mayowa there. Been there, tried that, got the T-shirt.

Right now, their defensive front is weaker than it was in 2022 because they’re releasing Shelby Harris to save money.

Therefore, it’s difficult to see your division rival, already sporting the best defense in the league, finding a way to land the best available defensive free agent on the market in Javon Hargrave.

It’s an aggressive, bold move by the 49ers. It’s hard to see what the downside is.

They’re going to be utilising a cheap quarterback contract in the coming years. They have limited cap space in 2023 but ample in the coming years. They are loading up their defensive front, while we sit and hope for the best.

That’s the type of quality signing needed to super-charge Seattle’s defense. And he’s going to the Niners? It’d be easy to accept if he’d followed the cap space in Chicago or Atlanta. But your biggest rivals?

How can you not look on with complete envy?

There’s nothing to say Hargrave would’ve ever come to Seattle. The 49ers are a glamour team at the moment. It’s an attractive destination. A contender.

Players like Hargrave are drawn to the opportunity to contend. Who wouldn’t want to play next to Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead?

I’m eager though, as I’m sure you all are, to see what Seattle’s plan is. They need to do something. They can’t just rely on the cheap dregs of free agency again — a thing they’ve become accustomed to doing. Rookies are not going to sort this out alone.

They have to step up to the plate here and get some quality in.

They deserve the opportunity to make moves without too much judgement in the first few days of free agency. I’ve had a prolonged concern, though, that ‘this is what the Seahawks always do’ is a statement we hear a lot. ‘Is it the right approach?’ is a question we hear far too infrequently.

They shouldn’t be beyond challenge. Free agency is vital to avoid having to draft for need. They have picks but you don’t want to be backed into a corner with them. That’s how they’ve made mistakes before.

I hope they are able to properly take steps forward with the defensive front seven and not put all their eggs in the draft basket. We need to feel like they can do anything at #5, #20, #38 and #53. The aim should be ‘add talent’ — not ‘fill needs’.

It’s much harder to get to that position if you wait around for the perfect deal in free agency and end up with lesser players as a consequence.

Other notes

— It was interesting to see Jimmy Garoppolo sign with the Raiders. I don’t think this rules out a trade into the top-four for a quarterback. What I do think it means, however, is Las Vegas bought leverage. Arizona at #3 can’t use desperation as a bargaining tool. The Raiders can walk away if the deal isn’t right. It’s also possible they’ve bought an opportunity to wait on the position — perhaps adding a Hendon Hooker or Stetson Bennett later on. So this probably isn’t good news for the Cardinals if they wanted to move down. I’m suspicious of Arizona’s interest in doing that anyway, unless they get an amazing offer (which I think is less likely now).

— The Texans basically announced today they’re drafting a quarterback at #2. They reportedly missed out on Jimmy G and have instead signed obvious backup Case Keenum. We’re unlikely to see them draft Will Anderson.

— The fact that Dallas are also ‘checking in’ with Bobby Wagner and not rushing to do a deal, like Seattle, speaks volumes to me. If he is such a good player still, why — for the second year in a row — is nobody knocking down the door to sign him?

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  1. Sea Mode

    Bucs just stepped up and paid one of their defenders. No way they can retain Lavonte David now right… right?

    (Oh, and we just happened to let a certain LB go, so…)

    Jordan Schultz

    Breaking: FA CB Jamel Dean plans to sign with the #Bucs, sources tell @theScore.

    4 yrs, $52 million w $26 Guaranteed

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Sure they can. The salary cap is a mere suggestion… to everyone but the Seahawks, of course.

  2. Big Mike

    9ers indeed benefitting from rookie deal QB. Pete? John? Hello?
    They’re in a tough spot with their QBs tho. Purdy won’t be ready til a good long while after the season starts and Lance is STILL a huge question mark. I think Lynch figures they’re gonna need to win a lot of games 17-13 and adding the best FA d-lineman can only help in that regard.

    • Brett

      They signed Darnold so they’re set at QB

  3. Roy Batty

    Didn’t they just sign Darnold?

    • Roy Batty

      Oops, replying to Big Mike.

  4. John

    So would you rather have Geno or Hargrave?

    1) Hargrave and reliant on the 4th best of the rookies to start?
    2) Geno and Wilson? (I know this page doesn’t like Wilson for the Hawks, but Anderson won’t be there and Carter is a dunce so Wilson can stand in for a good D-Line)

    • TatupuTime

      Geno Smith’s cap hit is $10.1M next year while Nick Bosa’s cap hit is $17.9M. It doesn’t need to be framed as a Geno or Hargrave discussion the same way the Niner’s didn’t frame it as Bosa or Hargrave.

      • John

        I framed it that way because this blog framed it that way for months, and Geno was the recently relevant contract. You could try to frame it as Adams vs Hargrave

  5. Ukhawk

    Fully agree, gut wrenching to watch the whiners pluck Hargrave.

    Couple of interesting takes against taking a QB at 5 to share:

    I’m still behind taking AR or Levis but it is interesting to hear arguments against.

    • Rob Staton

      The second link is a nonsense. 710 brought on a former Georgia player, a complete homer, to talk bollocks. It was an awful segment in fairness.

      Greg Cosell once said Ryan Lindley was the most intriguing quarterback in the 2012 draft.

  6. pdway

    “What I do think it means, however, is Las Vegas bought leverage. Arizona at #3 can’t use desperation as a bargaining tool. ”

    that’s a smart observation.

    this draft is so fascinating…gonna be a real disappointment if we don’t land one of the four QB’s given the rare confluence of high pick/strong QB class – AZ staying at #3 delivers that.

    • Hawkster

      Anything that weakens AZ trade position is a good thing.

  7. cha

    I don’t think it’s the lack of big FA splashes that bother me so much as the fact that the Seahawks’ trademark – getting a massively impactful player in trade for not much – has just disappeared from their radar screen.

    Jalen Ramsey for a 3rd round pick this year.
    Khalil Mack for a 2nd & 6th last year.
    Calais Campbell for a 5th, Yannick Ngakoue for a 2nd, Yannick Ngakoue for a 3rd and a conditional 5th in 2020.

    I’m not saying we could have or would have been in on those trades. But the Seahawks seem to forever be locked out of them by not being cap flexible and being overly reliant on the very, very middling talent they bring into the fold instead.

    • JG

      This! This AF!

    • Feindt

      Ngakoue is bound to following Gus Bradley, whereever he goes xD

      Jokes aside, how would you view the trades that were bargains in hindsight now? I would argue that most players did not resch the Level they were once signed to play for..

      Ramsey is a good player but was far from his AllPro Level last season, but still talked and got paid like he was.

      While I do not think that the Seahawks were necessarily an attractive landing spot, these players were simply not the players Seattle needed last year or probably this year..

      • cha

        these players were simply not the players Seattle needed last year or probably this year

        If you think Campbell, Ngakoue, Mack or Ramsey would not have helped this team last year or will this year, I’m not sure what to tell you.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah using Ramsey as the example wasn’t relative to the needs of the Seahawks the last several years. Good point on trading cha and one I hadn’t thought of.

        • Feindt

          Good man, please tell me why you would trade a 2nd rounder and take on the Mack contract for 8 Sacks (Mack‘s 2022 production) when you enter a rebuild.

          Ofc they are talented players and could have helped / can help but not with their cost/benefit Ratio. Paying premium Dollars for declining talent. Don‘t get it. Rather choose a sustainable approach instead of seeing the Team collapse two years removed from a championship:)

          • cha

            I’m saying the team refuses to dip into free agency, they rely on their drafting, which has been spotty. They’ve got to find another way to acquire talent and get more value than they spend. Those types of trades were a way.

            But for the record Khalil Mack’s 2022 season was fantastic. And the Chargers only paid him $8.75 million.

        • Peter

          A tangent.

          By my count we could have paid oft injured but super productive Markus Golden, from the deep cuts of SDB history, around 16 million bucks for 32.5 sacks over the last four years.

          Feels like we could have used that production. I know I know scheme .

  8. Peter

    Geno and other.

    I’ve not yet found the player a team would move up to get.

    But on the other hand you don’t draft Wilson “just because.”

    If he has elite first step okay maybe. On tape he doesn’t.

    Tyree Wilson is the ultimate show of “well everyone says he’s great so it must be so and insert your team here would be stupid for not drafting him because reasons.” There are about five good, to very good, to freaky dlinemen in this draft with as good and sometimes better production to be had later.

    But he’s long….so was carlos dunlap and I don’t think there’s a world where tyree wilson is a full round and half better than dunlap was.

    Fortune favors the bold. Get weird. Go melt down the draft graders brains and draft Kancey at five.

    • Peter

      To John above.

      • Big Mike

        I know you’re not serious about Kancey at 5 but at 20……………

        • Peter

          I’m not serious about five for kancey.

          But I’m dead serious that you don’t take a guy at five just because pundits say so and “his value,” is so much greater than say kancey at 20.

          You know my thoughts on players value.

          And honestly if they couldn’t trade out of five and it was just “well wilson it is….” I think we’re it me I’d rather they were bold.

    • John

      Word. The Wilson thing was sort of a false choice, but you said it best with Geno and Other. Personally I think I’d be more excited about Hargrave + Richardson/Levis, even if Richardson isn’t ready to start. That concept was articulated in great detail on this blog in the early days of Geno contract speculation. Even though its a great contract, it still costs us a star d-line free agency acquisition.

      • Peter

        Your choice was my preferred choice. Definitely.

  9. IDhawk

    Being conservative during free agency doesn’t really bother me, it’s that inevitable moment where Pete and John say “we were right there” or “on the cusp” of getting one the difference makers. I wish they would just be honest and say “we don’t feel strongly enough about anyone, ever, to make that kind of move… unless we’re talking safeties”.

    Honestly though, Michael Bennet and Cliff Avril were shrewd moves where the Seahawks did play it conservative. And we all know how most of the splash free agency moves they’ve made have worked out. But it almost feels like they’re scared to pull the trigger now on big moves and so they get left with sloppy seconds that also never pan out.

    • Peter

      Bennett, Avril, nwosu…..shrewd.

      Kerry Hyder, mayowa…opposite of that.

      I’m not too aware of that many splashy FA’s. I am aware of not spending for talent in FA in just cash but then compounding that problem with picks and cash at a later date.

      • IDhawk

        Ah, I meant the splashy trades 😅 I guess I kinda lump them in together as general talent acquisition.

        • Peter

          Oh I think the two things are linked btw.

          They have handed out big fat contracts without reading markets.

          I don’t need them to be flashy just a heck of a lot better at FA.

  10. Peter

    Heard a though on another seahawk site that made a bit of sense in regards to geno.

    While it’s fine not making a big splash in FA his contract is so team friendly that if they don’t do some things closer to nwosu it will be a bit of a bummer for him ( and us) to fritter that money away on the hyders of the world.

    Don’t spend on Hargrave. But please let’s not “be in on it til the end,” with maybe zach allen and Greg Gaines types.

  11. TomLPDX

    Well, Cody is gone. What’s that leave us at LB? Nothing really. Some of the moves this FO makes just makes me scratch my head and wonder “WTF?” I’m not banging the drum for Cody, far from it…the thing that bugs me is that they let this kind of stuff happen to begin with.

    • Nick

      We’re a couple of hours into free agency. We’ve got a hole at LB yes, but nothing to stress about…yet. 🙂

    • cha

      I could see them being content with Rhattigan, Tanner Muse, Josh Onjuigu, retread Devin Bush and Draft Pick starting the season if they absolutely must cut corners to get some talent on the DL.

      Can’t be worse than Barton. And Brooks collects stats but hasn’t had many impact plays.

      • TomLPDX

        Probably right Curtis, Barton was that bad. I remember why we got Cody and BBK to begin with. We got decimated in the LB corps the year before and they doubled down in the draft to address it.

        Who in this draft, that we would actually pick, would be able to come in and fix this? I know a lot of people say that LB is not as important in the 3-4 defense but Brooks hasn’t really flashed to date. Bobby and KJ spoiled us. Now we take it for granted.

        Sorry, I’m ranting….

    • WallaSean

      Cue up Pete: “Bellore has really been a factor for us”

    • Robbie


      • Big Mike

        I was waiting the last several hours for your reaction my friend. You didn’t disappoint. Now if they’ll draft a real Center you’ll be dancing in the street.
        And cha is right, no matter what they start with at LB, it won’t be any worse than Barton. And he’s also right, d-line has to be where the $ is spent.

        • Peter

          Come on show some respect.

          Dave Wyman died a little today losing his favorite LB.

  12. Andy J

    Instead of “this is what the Seahawks always do” we should ask “is this right approach?”… that one question is what makes this site predicated upon integrity in comparison to the highly paid local sports media.

    How can anyone take Pete’s recent comments that this is “the time of the year where we compete” without calling him out!?! This is the time of the year when other teams out-compete our team. It’s really frustrating.

    I’m not even saying we should spend big, charge the card, etc. It’s just a pivotal off-season. The last time they had such an off-season, they got fucking jacked around waiting for Clowney, screwed the pooch, and desperation traded for Adams.

    • Rob Staton

      The last time they had such an off-season, they got fucking jacked around waiting for Clowney, screwed the pooch, and desperation traded for Adams.

      100% facts

  13. Rob Staton

    Has everyone noticed how the media narrative has flipped?

    How many people were promoting Anthony Richardson before the combine?

    Media catching up

    • TomLPDX

      Frankly, that’s a Russ throw. Saw it too many times from our little guy.

    • Burner

      It looks more and more like Levis is going to be the QB left available to us at #5

      • TomLPDX

        I wouldn’t be mad about that. I like Will.

      • Rob Staton

        Not sure about that. He looks like a great fit for the Colts

        • Big Mike

          Agree. They need a nearly ready guy, not a sit for a year QB.

    • cha

      Geno Smith as well

      “4yr $160m with $100m guaranteed or his agent will hang up the phone”

      “There is no QB middle class anymore. It’s rookie wage or $35m.”

      “You don’t think a guy who was playing like an MVP deserves more than Jared Goff???”

      “If the Seahawks don’t tag him he’s gone.”


      • Rob Staton

        And now we’ve moved on to daily conversations about whether to take Jalen Carter or Tyree Wilson

        Bring on May

      • Wilson502

        The dumpster fire takes from the “fans” is 1 thing, but coming from the media is entirely another. Really makes you question their credibility and just how they are in those positions in the first place by being so out of touch with reality.

  14. Dubb

    Bennett and Avril were 10 years ago ( or more). It was an anomaly. The problem is Carroll thinks that he can make the same deals in today’s market. Just like when the hit it big with Sherman in the 5th round; they kept drafting DBs in the late rounds for 12 years. They finally hit again with Woolen and we are supposed to give them credit for having an eye for talent and forget the 12 years in between. Well, remember the Mike Tyson’s and Cedric Thomason’s.

    So, they hit on Nwosu last year; so this will be the new game plan for free agency. We will continue to give them credit for the Nwosu signing for the next 10 years.

    Meanwhile, Carroll can continue to acknowledge the gap in talent between the Hawks and the 49ers.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the talent gap just got a chunk bigger

      So the Seahawks better have a counter-punch

      • Wilson502

        Seahawks? Counter-punch? The only “counter-punch” theyll be doing is signing a bunch of JAGs and selling that garbage as if thats some kind of legitimate answer to adding impact talent.

    • Jordan

      ” Just like when the hit it big with Sherman in the 5th round; they kept drafting DBs in the late rounds for 12 years. They finally hit again with Woolen and we are supposed to give them credit for having an eye for talent and forget the 12 years in between”

      I ask earnestly, no snark intended, how frequently do you expect them uncover Pro Bowl CBs in the 5th round or later? As I’d say that 2 such cases within that time frame is a pretty good return on what amounts to lotto tickets. That’s why you take those shots – sometimes you get a Tharold Simon and sometimes you get a Woolen/Sherman, and sometimes it is a Maxwell/Lane calibre of player.

      “So, they hit on Nwosu last year; so this will be the new game plan for free agency. We will continue to give them credit for the Nwosu signing for the next 10 years.”

      They hit on the QB position in a big way last year too. Geno was the best value/ return on investment in all of 2022 free agency.

      • Peter

        In the intervening years they sucked though and never adjusted.

        Adjustments to forces market or I’m game is what this team lacks. It has other areas, valuable areas in spades, nut they rarely adjust.

        Geno….value? Luck? Who knows. If he repeats last year I’ll go value. If he doesn’t then luck of the draw that zero teams wanted him. And I hope he hits ext year. And I hope Seattle at some point adjusts some things in the process.

        Hard to stand by the dline arm length when Reed for a short while and ford sort of are your hits at the position.

        Hard to stand by the indifference to center when teams better than us think the position us worth drafting or paying for.

    • Big Mike

      Well said Dubb. 100% agree

  15. Rob Staton

    Every time I listen to analysis in the media on the #5 pick…


    • TomLPDX

      I stopped listening a long time ago. So tired of seeing Jalen Carter mocked to us and how wonderful he is.

    • Trevor

      It blows my mind how people keep assuming the Hawks will jump at the chance to take Carter at 5. Have they not listened to Pete and John the last 12 months talking about character being the key to thier draft success and it being a non negotiable going forward. Do they think this is just them spewing crap or what?

      • Hawktalker#1

        I have this heated debate all the time in various chats. The hots just keep in coming. No one will acknowledge in the slightest that JS has taken a heaven move toward non-tolerance on character issues. So many do t want to hear it and fight against it. So rediculous

        • Wilson502

          I wouldn’t waste your time and effort. Debating with idiots who fail to see reality is a fruitless endeavor. Most of your average “fans” are completely clueless to begin with.

    • Wilson502

      I have the same reaction to the clowns who suggest they are going to take Carter with #5 pick. I swear it seems a majority of the fanbase are morons with their absolute dumpster fire takes.

  16. Simo

    Hopefully the plan is still to replace our average players who have left already, and those who probably aren’t coming back, with upgrades, and not just fill holes with different average players.

    Let’s see them replace Barton and Harris with younger and/or better players. If they aren’t going to bring Poona back then they also need to replace/upgrade his position.

    I’m more than disappointed seeing the Niners pick up a talent like Hargrave, and with only $3m in cap space at the time. It’s a fair point that he probably sees SF as a major contender and wanted to sign there, but it’s still very frustrating to see, while at the same time John and Pete try to wait everyone out once again.

    • Dubb

      The 49ers are paying and locking up DLs and linebackers. We have the 2nd highest paid punter; highest paid kicker; and probably Nick Bellore is the highest paid special teamer. Well should be great on punt coverage and kickoffs.

      Notice the 49ers let Robbie Gould walk; and signed Hargrove.

      • Simo

        I get what you’re saying Dubb, but in no way should our kicker, punter, and ST contracts prevent us from being competitive for top players like Hargrave. I agree that it’s at least questionable to pay all those players so much, but I don’t see how it prevents Pete and John from getting in the game!

        • Dubb

          That’s true, they should be able to still get in the game. The optics just don’t look good.

  17. Trevor

    In the draft would love to see the Hawks add 3 young players to the DL

    NT – Mazi Smith at 20 or after at slight trade back
    3T- Zach Pickens in the 3rd
    5T- Moro Ojomo in the 3rd or 4th

    If they added 3 young guys like this and Zach Allen in free agency that would be a decent group to build around going forward IMO.

    • Madmark

      How about
      NT Mazi Smith
      5tech Keion White
      3 tech Byron Young

  18. Strategicdust

    This tedious and uninspiring approach to free agency needs to be changed so badly. The Hawks don’t need to make bold moves for the sake of nothing (Adams) but smart, decisive moves. It’s okay to spend money targeting needs before the draft and getting rid of expensive mistakes ( again,Adams) that are paralyzing your team. There’s such a thing as too much caution and not wanting to make “your guys” mad. Damnit, show some leadership and don’t rest on some recent good fortune. You have an opportunity to build a strong team, don’t waste this opportunity to save a few dollars and hope your cheap long shots make it this year. You should be better than that, if you’re not , get out of the way and let the process finally change for the better.

  19. Hawkhawk

    Best thing to happen in free agency so far is that we don’t have to see Jalen Ramsey twice a year anymore! Hopefully a front 7 move or two coming soon…

    • Ben

      With the Rams resetting, the 49ers getting even better (but still unsettled at WB), and the cardinals floundering somewhere in between, feels like the hawks are in a decent spot. And we always seems to play 49ers better than the Rams…

      Still a long ways to go if the playoff game was a referendum!

  20. HawkFanGA

    Good grief! Some fans like to overreact to everything (like initial responses to the Geno contract before the details were known). Last I checked…there were still several players remaining from Rob’s free agents target list. I’ll refrain from judgement on free agency until we see the full picture.

    • Andy J

      I think this is true. It’s also kinda funny that the comment section of the blog has turned into its own Twitter platform. People are just so tuned in & in a found virtual community that they are emotionally processing in real-time. Also lots of learned pre-existing trauma. Fandom is weird.

    • Rob Staton

      People can think what they want

      They have little reason for optimism based on Seattle’s last few years of free agent moves

      Everyone on here will be absolutely pumped if they have a great one this year

      I haven’t read overreactions. Concerns and trepidation? Sure. But that’s fine.

      • Big Mike

        “trepidation” perfect adjective Rob

      • Strategicdust

        Thanks Rob, that is the way I feel.

  21. DarrellDownUnder

    Zach Allen and a LB have to be moves right?

    • Zeke

      Hoping for a couple of these of what’s left

      Dre’mont Jones/Zach Allen
      Dalvin Tomlinson/A’Shawn Robinson
      Sheldon Rankins

      And one of the million ILB available

  22. Madmark

    I think the x Seahawk bring back should be a Shaquille Griffen CB and I believe it’s the side he plays. He available.

    • Ashish

      Do we need a CB ? Woolen and Jackson played well we have Brown, Bryant as a backup. Griffen is at the best an average player.
      Need to start with with DLine everything start right there.

    • Scot04

      I’ll take a pass on Griffin.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Hard pass. Been there, done that.

    • Zeke

      Would be happy with Tre brown, and bringing back Jackson for peanuts opposite Woolen

  23. Scot04

    Now local media saying how under appreciated Cody Barton was.
    We were spoiled by Bobby & KJ so Barton never had a chance.
    Say he was a reliable starter with upside.
    Our local media is so frustrating.

    • Big Mike

      By “frustrating” you mean a joke, right?
      Geebus, does these people even watch games?

    • Zeke

      Apparently under appreciated by PC/JS as well

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Don’t fret. When he’s cut after next season, Seahawks Twitter will get excited at the proposition of “bringing him home.” Bringing back former players over younger, hungrier players is their M.O.

      • Big Mike

        I’d laugh if there wasn’t a great chance this could happen.

    • GoHawks5151

      Besides being bad, I like to think Pete has been dreaming of Barton leaving since he hit him in the nose with the football a few years back

  24. Robert Las Vegas

    So the 49ers invest in their defense line the Seahawks invest in the safety position. So we bringing the band back together you know Bruce , Benson and Bobby

  25. PJ in Seattle

    Not getting Hargrave is a gut punch. The Niners being more aggressive than us to get him is a second one to balls.

    • Wilson502

      Q the dick punch.

  26. HOUSE

    Has anyone checked on Rob? He’s gotta be distraught his favorite Seahawk ever Cody Barton is leaving us for the Commanders.


    • Big Mike

      You mean Robbie, not Rob right? 😀

      • HOUSE

        They both love Cody Barton

        • Robbie


  27. Rob Staton

    Zach Allen to Denver (who are aggressively upgrading their trenches)

    Another one bites the dust…

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      The #Broncos and DE Zach Allen have agreed to terms on a 3-year, $45.75M deal including $32.5M guaranteed. He’s back with Vance Joseph, his DC in Arizona.

    • Scot04

      Denver being very aggressive. Really sucks to see Allen go there, but sadly our Seahawks are unlikely to bring in anyone at 10Mper year plus.

    • Big Mike


      • PJ in Seattle

        So I guess we’re going for Tomlinson? Or is there some 300#guy currently selling car insurance that we’re after?

        I am going to hold my fire and pray that Lavonte David and Dalvin Tomlinson sign with us in the next wave. I won’t feel too bad about that.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Whoops – Tomlinson to the Browns an hour ago and just saw we got Dre’mont Jones I can live with that. One box checked.

  28. ShowMeYourHawk

    Kendricks to the Chargers. Wheee! 😒

  29. jed

    The slow burn style of FA is quite annoying as a fan. I would skip on average guys early, but go big when you do go.

    I wish the Seahawks did the Hargraves contract even with another $1-2m per year premium to get him to come. Per OTC, 49ers are basically paying $40m over the next 2 years in real money. $6.6m cap this year, $15.5m next year and you can get out after those 2 years.

  30. Trevor

    Guess we are dumpster diving again this year.

    The David Long and Germaine Pratt LB deals looked more than reasonable to me. Instead we will likely overpay for a 33yr old LB and a bunch of Hawks fans will be screaming for joy.

    • Rob Staton

      Wagner cut in back-to-back years

      Nobody rushing to sign him in free agency in back-to-back years

      But Seahawks fans desperate to bring him back for feels

      • Tomas

        Is Barkevious Mingo not available?

  31. Brian Sanders

    Hey Rob,

    I agree we need to be aggressive at times vs. always waiting in free agency. But I look at Overthecap and the millions of cap hits the 49ers have and I am totally confounded by that in comparison to Seattle. Can you explain why the 49ers and others seem to continue to make big acquisitions and yet we seem to not be able to do so? It’s as if they have no cap to worry about?


    • Rob Staton

      They are prepared to structure contracts in a certain way and be creative

      We prefer short-term deals and are willing to take on a lot of dead money

  32. QAgrizzly

    Do you think Noah Sewell will make it past 3rd round?

  33. Travis

    Seattle to sign Dremont Jones per Rapoport

    • Trevor

      That would be a nice signing and some much needed interior pass rush.

      • Canadian Hawk

        Breaking: FA DT Dre’Mont Jones plans to sign with #Seahawks, sources tell

        Game-wrecking player who had 47 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 9 TFLs and 10 QB hits in 13 games for the #Broncos last season. Jones is only 26 years old. Massive get.
        6:25 PM · Mar 13, 2023
        Quote Tweets

        Jordan Schultz
        Replying to
        Could be moved a little from this number, but Jones is getting 3 years 48M and 18 guaranteed at signing from #seahawks, sources tell

        • Hebegbs

          Nice. I live in Denver and watched him a lot. Good player! Good start, need more DL

        • Denver Hawker

          Game wrecking? I like him and seems like a decent deal overall I suppose, but game-wrecking?

          Nice to get a starter at this position and good draft insurance.

          • Hebegbs

            I’m with you Denver Hawker. Good player but game wrecker is a bit bold. He also played on a more talented D line overall. Good start I will give them that.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Would’ve prefered Tomlinson, but the price seems right. We get a veteran D Tackle who is still young and rising. Might be another Nwosu type value. I can live with that.

      Still want to see Mazi Smith suiting up for us in a few months. Now lets fill that gaping hole at LB, where this draft is not going to offer much in the way of options.

  34. ShowMeYourHawk

    “Reasoned” approach: The Seahawks are doing what they do in FA. Letting the market set lower prices on Tier 3 FA. We shouldn’t ever expect this front office to tackle premiere talent in FA, as they prefer to mortgage future draft capital via trade acquisitions.

    However, this strategy worked ONCE on a roster that was a few pleasant surprises (Avril, Bennett) away from reaching the heights of the league. It has not worked since but it’s still their operating procedure. What good is crowing about how your QB saved you valuable cap space on a “team friendly” deal if you’re going to sit around with your thumbs up your arse when the difference makers are available?

    If they do something to expand their cap now (designating Diggs or Adams as post-June 1 cuts, restructuring Lockett, trading Fant, etc) instead of doing this before the tampering period, it’ll be salt in the wound. I do NOT get how this front office is so cavalier about improving the team with proven talent. Pete has two or three years left, tops. Why they aren’t going for it now is utterly perplexing.

    • PJ in Seattle

      If SF could get Hargrave, we could’ve got Hargrave. Jones is a good player, but Hargrave is better. I guess we would’ve had to pay a premium for being South Alaska and not having Bosa and one of the best rosters in the NFL to join. I will reserve further judgment.

      Hopefully Woods is healthy and we get some much needed beef in the draft. Jones is really too small to play NT in our scheme and isn’t exactly a run-stuffer, so hope we have plan there. Gussing this is all part of the plan…

  35. MountainHawker

    Thoughts on AT Perry? I love his love for the game. He did better at the combine than I expected

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