Some notes on Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett is having a strong season for Pittsburgh

As the world continues to look in desperation for draftable quarterbacks for 2022, Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett is coming into focus.

He’s being talked up as a potential Heisman candidate with 23 touchdowns and just one interception for the season. He’s added another three rushing touchdowns and his completion percentage is 68.9%.

Pickett is doing what all prospective draftable QB’s need to do — elevate their teams. Pitt are 6-1 after handling Clemson on Saturday. Their only loss was a 44-41 shoot-out to Western Michigan (where they turned the ball over carelessly with botched snaps, fumbles and a poorly thrown pick). They may well rue that avoidable loss given they’ve also turned over Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.

So how good is Pickett?

I’ve no doubt we’ll see the internet mock drafts propelling him way above his station. Draft pundits are struggling with this class. There’s a dearth of clear first round prospects. Anyone being asked to produce a mock draft will be having a hard time.

You might say mock drafts are always futile and reactionary. Some are. Yet this draft class is proving harder than ever to project because the clear ‘top’ players simply aren’t there.

Let’s get one thing straight. Pickett is not a first round prospect.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plenty of positive aspects and skills that will be intriguing to NFL teams.

For starters he’s a much better athlete than people probably realise. He’s well sized at 6-3 and 220lbs and while he scrambles around and has made some athletic moves to extend plays and improvise — he looks like more of a traditional pocket passer in terms of stature.

Where his athleticism shows up is in quick, subtle movements within the pocket to escape pressure. He ran a 4.25 short shuttle at SPARQ and jumped a 36 inch vertical. So while his forty time was so-so (4.77) it’s that ability to dodge interior or edge pressure, step up into the pocket or even break contain that makes him a threat to throw on the run or make modest gains as a runner.

He’s not going to be a big threat with his legs. Neither is he going to be a crazy improv specialist. I think a good comparison athletically is Joe Burrow. He’s not a sloth despite being well sized and he can keep things alive just enough to make throws when others would be sacked. He will make a few first downs on the run. He also has the ability to uncork on the move — showing good core strength.

Unfortunately this positive also combines with one of the big negatives with Pickett.

He’s extremely busy in the pocket. Too often when he feels outside pressure he does well initially to step up. However, he just keeps going — too often stepping into the focus of a linebacker and creating unnecessary pressure. He needs to be able to step up and then settle down, allowing plays to develop and taking what’s on offer.

The other thing you see is his footwork at times is frustrating. He drifts to the left or right on his drop too often, making throws harder than they need to be. His actual footwork is fine and there are no major issues with his throwing motion or release. Ideally though you want to see a very fluid movement as you drop, set and throw — with your shoulder pointed in the direction you eventually throw.

This is something a lot of quarterbacks need to work on when reaching the NFL and Pickett is no different. If he’s veering off to the right too often he’ll narrow the range where he can throw and reduce the field without the defense needing to do anything. With his agility and arm strength he needs to work on that drop, keep himself from drifting too much when he’s not designed to be on the move and give himself the best possible opportunity to go through progressions.

The fine details matter in the NFL. Unless you have the freakish physical skills to be such a difference maker (as many of the leagues top QB’s are at the moment) — you’re going to need to be pretty precise with your technique and play on time and in the right way.

There are times where he throws into situations where you’re left wondering what he’s thinking. There was one play against Georgia Tech this year where he tried to dump it off to a blanket-covered running back and nearly gave up a pick six. Last year he had heaves into coverage that were more or less hit and hope.

He’s tidied some of that up but the difference between Burrow and Pickett (and thus, being a #1 pick and not being a first rounder) is Burrow was consistently elite with his accuracy and ball placement and just had a knack of not making bad decisions, executing at a relentless pace and having an obscene plus vs minus play sheet.

That said, Pickett throws nicely downfield and can mix things up with touch when needed. He can drive the ball into difficult areas. There’s one throw against Western Michigan where he looks off the safety to open up the seam for the tight end and delivers a perfect throw for a touchdown. You see some very pretty passes on tape. Teams will like that he’s stuck it out in college and showed tangible progression as a player.

If he can work on his technical issues and continue to avoid turnovers, he will see his stock keep rising. He will be invited to the Senior Bowl for sure and it could be an opportunity to make a big impression.

I’m not sure, though, how the league will feel about his preference to throw in gloves.

I think he has the potential to be a third round pick and could rise up to round two based on what happens over the next few weeks. Especially in this desperate class.

Other notes from this weekend:

— Cincy’s running back Jerome Ford is just such an exciting blend of explosive talent, size and speed. He’s a potential game-breaker and he showed that again on Saturday.

— Jameson Williams (WR, Alabama) continues to make plays. He’s not the biggest or the fastest receiver but he creates separation, competes well for the ball and he has a serious nature to him that I like. There’s definitely something here.

— Pass protection matters at running back for the next level. UCLA’s Zach Charbonnet showed against Oregon some impressive blocking skills. Alabama’s Brian Robinson did not. Robinson has major work to do in pass pro and it’ll limit his stock — even as he impresses with his speed and ability to break tackles.

— Derrick Deese Jr (TE, San Jose State) continues to make plays. I’m intrigued to see how he tests because his production, consistency and reliability as a pass-catcher is very impressive. He’s also well sized. An exciting player.

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  1. Palatypus

    Did you see any of the Syracusr QB yesterday? Apparently he has been playing well, but overshadowed by RB Sean Tucker who set some records yesterday.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Fun draft factoid: Derrick Henry, RB was drafted in the #45 spot of 2016.That is after winning a Heisman trophy when he played for Alabama. He is currently on a 4 year 50 million dollar contact.

    Seahawks 2016 draft:
    #1: OL Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M. Round 1, Pick 31. …
    #2: DT Jarran Reed, Alabama, Round 2, Pick 49
    #3: RB C.J. Prosise, Notre Dame. Round 3, Pick 90. …
    #4: TE Nick Vannett, Ohio Stat, Round 3, Pick 94.
    #5: OL Rees Odhiambo, Boise State. Round 3, Pick 97. …
    #6: DT Quinton Jefferson, Maryland, Round 5, Pick 147
    #7: RB Alex Collins, Arkansas. Round 5, Pick 171
    #8: C Joey Hunt
    #9: WR Ken Lawler
    #10 RB Zac Brooks

    I thought I was going to say that the Seahawks could have picked Derrick Henry, but then they wouldn’t have picked Ifedi and he was needed to protect Russell Wilson. Overall, the Seahawks made some good choices in 2016 and turned half their choices into starters. Perhaps it was their last great draft?

    In hindsight though – they should have made Henry their first pick in 2016. I would say that not only because he is a giant bull of a running back that had already won the Heisman trophy, but also because Pete Carroll was still trying to establish a strong running game, and it would have taken a lot of pressure off Russell Wilson.

    • cha

      I’m not so sure. A bit of revisionist history going on there Alaska.

      First off, Derrick Henry isn’t the sole reason Derrick Henry is awesome.

      The Titans had very recently spent high first round picks on Jack Conklin and Taylor Lewan and had signed Ben Jones to a nice free agent deal.

      They had a process going before Henry came and in his early years built to make him successful.

      The Seahawks’ OL was a mess. It’s really hard to second guess taking a massive tackle at the very bottom of round one in Ifedi (or trading up for a powerful inside player in Jarran Reed for that matter).

      • McZ

        Not revisionist at all. If you have a bad habit going into the dradft with major question marks unresolved, you are forced to draft to need, not talent.

        At OT, Shell and Vaitai went as late mid-rounders that season. Ifedi above all was a massive reach.

        • Rob Staton

          Ifedi wasn’t a massive reach in the late first.

          He was touted as such throughout the process and had a very impressive physical profile and good tape against key opponents (eg Alabama)

          • McZ


            “I think he should have gone back (to school). I like the talent, but he didn’t put it together like I needed to see to give him a first two-round grade. I see him as a guard and not a tackle.” — NFC area scout

            • Rob Staton

              So what?

              You’re really going to pull out what one person says as a counter?

              Ifedi went were he was generally expected to go. That’s just a fact.

              • McZ

                There were lots of pundits saying he needs to move inside, that his footwork is lousy, his handwork even worse and that he tends to lean into defenders, which will translate into penalties on NFL level.

                I am urged to combine these data points with his frustrating play at RT, over three seasons.

                So, while the fact, that another bunch of experts vastly overpaid on Ifedi is true, the ultimate result is not debatable.

                • Rob Staton

                  And still, none of this matters.

                  The whole argument here is that Ifedi went where he was expected to go. That is a fact.

                  It doesn’t matter if some pundits highlighted issues. Or whether you think others ‘vastly overrated’ Ifedi.

                  As someone who covered that draft in great detail — throughout the 2015 college season and the 2016 draft process, Ifedi was expected to go in the range he went.

                  That is inarguable.

                  It wasn’t a shock when they made that pick (I myself mocked Ifedi to Seattle in that range).

                  You are mixing your own personal displeasure with the pick (and/or the outcome of the pick) with the reality of where he was expected to go. These are two different arguments.

                  • McZ

                    I had no problem with the player or the pick at that time. I regarded it a bit rich; to me, he was the typical Seahawks overpay, but there was a chance it could have worked out.

                    But the red lights for a career at OT were clearly visible.

                    To call this simple fact out as “revisionist history” is revisionist history.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Why are you unable to grasp this?

                      Again, none of what you’ve written is relevant.

                      You seem to be reviewing the pick. That was NEVER the point.

                      Ifedi went in the range he was expected to go. That’s it. And that is inarguable.

                      No idea why you’ve twisted yourself in circles trying to argue so many other things.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I like Ifedi and thought the Seahawks got good use out of him. Apparently they weren’t willing to extend his contract. I hate to compare Ifedi to Henry but with only one shot at first round greatness I guess I have to.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I can see how the Seahawks were drafting for both sides of the line with 6 linemen picks. And they shot gun drafted to find a running back with three picks. I think this is after Rawson went down with a broken ankle (what an exciting runner). They were trying to improve in ways that many of us desire to this day specifically on developing a better line.

        It’s interesting they didn’t pick any safeties or corners or linebackers. They just didn’t see it as being their biggest need.

        I would question the drafting decision in the context of why you would pick three running backs instead of Henry. Prosise was a good running back in college, as was Collins. But injuries have made these picks not so good. In general I think good blocking will make the average running backs look good. But when is the last time we could brag about the Seahawks blocking?

  3. JimQ

    Alabama’s Soph. LB-Will Anderson, Jr. 6-4/243 – has a strong season so far. 8 games, 53-Tkls.,16.5-TFL’s, 8.5 sacks, 1-PBU, 4-QBH’s. = A disruptive pass rusher to keep an eye on in the future?

    • GoHawks5151

      Anderson is a great player. Devin Lloyd from Utah also having a great year. 68 tackles, 13 TFLs, 5 sacks. Good coverage this year too

  4. 206

    Tennessee is killing KC. Love to see it!

  5. Trevor

    Love when you do these type of player breakdowns Rob. Great stuff!

  6. trevor

    Watfching KC vs Ten today it reinforces at take I have been going on about for years and normally get killed for.

    When team have an elite QB and have to pay him top of the market $ it guarantees two things.

    1) They will always be a good competitive team because of the QB

    2) They have next to zero chance of winning a SB. Team that pay their QB 20% of the cap or more have zero chance of winning a Super Bowl. That is not a hot take it is a fact historically. Think about Rodgers, Wilson and now Mahomes. All won Super Bowls early and people predicted many more for each. Then as soon as they got thier well deserved monster deals the teams become good but not great and both Wilson and Rodgers still have just one. Mahomes and the Chiefs look like the next team to fall into this rut.

    Brady has been the one exception and he has always been the most willing star QB to take less $ or re-work his deal to add talent around him.

    • cha


      Patrick Mahomes is 4% of KC’s salary cap this year.

      16.9% of the cap next year

      20.8% of the cap the year after that

    • Mick

      I think it’s roster construction, they went with rookies on OL, their secondary looks almost as bad as ours and they have a couple of injuries that matter. The problem there isn’t how much they pay Mahomes.

    • Rob Staton

      The Chiefs are trotting out an all-star team on offense

      And they’ve retained all their well paid players on defense

      The reason they’re messing things up this year has nothing to do with Mahomes’ contract

      • jed

        The NFL is really hard to win. Belichick & Brady have dominated for so long and are such a huge outlier that they throw off the expectations & standards for everyone else.

        Active QB’s besides Brady with multiple SB wins: Ben
        Active coaches besides BB with multiple SB wins: None

        The Chiefs have been much worse than everyone expected and there is plenty of time for Maholmes, but it doesn’t look like it’s their year.

        • Donovan

          That’s an amazing stat. Really.

  7. Rob Staton

    Mac Jones in Shanahan’s offense would’ve been scary

    Three cheers for the Niners

    • BobbyK

      I think back to how the Seahawks would be different had they drafted TJ Watt over ATV. I have a feeling the 49ers are going to regret not taking Jones over Lance – if not moreso considering they traded up for him to. More like a Jamal Worthessdams trade. At least we have that going for us, since Carroll and Schneider don’t allow us any nice things anymore.

    • Trevor

      I really thought they traded up for Matt Jones. You are right Rob it would have been a nightmare for the Hawks.

    • Tomas

      I also feared Mac Jones in a 49’ers uniform. Shanahan blew this one, lucky for us, and I don’t see Lance ever becoming an effective starter – for any team. Extremely impressed by Mac, seems to me that most national media is downplaying his success – founded on poise, accuracy, and brains. Meanwhile, Darnold’s flaming out, as I expected. Minshew – with what I would assert is a truly remarkable 37/11 TD ratio, especially given he played behind poor offensive lines, and had few weapons – should be of interest to several teams as a starter now or later this season. If you have GAMEPASS, check out the first game last season against North Carolina – Jacksonville’s only win, led by a QB who showed an accurate arm, poise and escapability. At the very least, he hasn’t he can’t be an effective starter somewhere. Why play Bridgewater, Darnold, or Jimmy G in lieu of Minshew (beyond the obvious, which he isn’t signed by those teams.). If my query seems addled, as it will to some – then please help me understand why the 37/11 ratio doesn’t really mean much. I’ve watched all of Minshew’s WSU college games, on TV, as well as all of his Jaguar games on Gamepass. It’s true I watched Minshew because I generally am a fan of the Cougars, so there’s that disclosed. I don’t think it’s affecting my positive views of Minshew’s potential. If, God forbid, Russ leaves Seattle, I’d want Pete’s successor or new GM to take a close look at Minshew. Rob, if you have a thought or info concerning Minshew, general or something specific, I’d be most interested, and of course I welcome any thoughts – pro or con – from the good members of this Board.

      • Tomas

        * At the very least, he hasn’t PROVEN he can’t be effective …

  8. Matt

    I like Pickett quite a bit; but he’s definitely a poor man’s Joe Burrow. He would be a perfect QB for the LOB Seahawks…but alas, that doesn’t exist.

  9. 206

    Burrow to Chase is fun to watch

    • Rob Staton

      Bengals have drafted and signed well and they are reaping the rewards

      • 206

        They are trending up, lots of energy on the field as well. The saint DE from last year was a great signing

    • Big Mike

      I was asking for CBS to switch me from KC v. Tenn to Cincy v. Baltimore a half hour ago (which they just now finally did). I’m not sure I ever uttered the words “I wish they’d switch over to the Bengals game”.

      • Big Mike

        And the game is in Baltimore no less.

        Bonus!! Kevin Harlan doing play by play

    • Hawks4life

      Agreed, the bengals are a fun team to watch

      • BobbyK

        I know there was a lot of criticism with Chase over Sewell but that was like a True or False question where both answers would be graded correctly.

        • Paul Cook

          Yeah, that was a coin flip to me, even though Chase has clearly and significantly outperformed Sewell so far. Hmm…let me see…give Burrow a super weapon or a super defender?

          • Rob Staton

            For me the thing that made it a total no-brainer was the fact Burrow and Chase had amazing chemistry at LSU.

            It was the obvious pick — and one that was very easy to project.

            • Paul Cook

              Yeah, there was certainly that.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah I admit I thought they should go Sewell and from all reports he’s played very well too. But Chase has panned out extremely well too.

    • Trevor

      Burrow – Mixon – Chase might be as good a skill position trio as there is the league. Certainly will be in a year or two.

  10. Paul Cook

    KC starting off 3-4 certainly wasn’t on my list of probabilities. It’s a little bit fluky, a weird confluence of things. The playing of more games the past few years, the SB loss, some key injuries, teams gunning for them…they still could easily be 5-2. They might right the ship still.

    Something that has struck me lately is the amount of teams in the AFC with real talented young QBs. Chargers/Herbert, KC/Mahomes, Buffalo/Allen, Bengals/Burrow, Ravens/Jackson, Jaguars/Lawrence…that’s a pretty impressive A-list, and doesn’t even include guys like Mayfield, Watson, and Wilson.

    It’s hard to win in the AFC.

    • Jordan

      KC had a real opportunity at a mini dynasty, but as Seattle learned post-SB 49, you better strike while the iron is hot because the teams behind you are hot on your trail and coming up fast.

      Unless you’re Tom Brady, you’re in a pretty wide breadth of franchises that can rise and fall season to season.

      It’s part of what makes this league so fun to watch; regardless of how the Seahawks are doing.

      • Paul Cook

        That’s the truth. It’s so hard to successfully swim upstream as a true title contender in any kind of a sustained manner in the NFL these days. The draft, the CAP, FAcy, injuries, the shortness of careers, etc.., so many things working against you. It’s amazing how many things you have to get consistently right, and even then you need some luck.

  11. Rob Staton

    Twitter has been harping on about Justin Fields & Trey Lance.

    They just aren’t as good as people think.

    • cha

      And with Sam Darnold being benched for someone named PJ Walker, Russ’ leverage growing by the minute.

    • Paul Cook

      I don’t know how Fields will turn out in the end, but the guy looks completely overwhelmed now. They might be doing him a disservice playing him too soon.

      • Rob Staton

        He is, and always has been, a player with impressive physical talent.

        Technique, decision making, turnovers, accuracy — all the things you need to make the most of that talent at the next level? Missing.

        • Rob Staton

          Another pick. Fields has so many issues. As we talked about pre-draft.

          • Rob Staton

            Five turnovers and sat on the sideline like he doesn’t GAF.

            • BobbyK

              Pace takes Trubinsky over Mahomes/Watson and then takes Fields over Jones. His about to be fired career would have turned out so differently if he could evaluate QBs.

              • BobbyK

                Yet some Seahawks fans think having a franchise QB doesn’t matter.

                • Rob Staton

                  And so often the same people warning against a return to the 80’s are the same people having their heads turned because a Wilson trade scenario is showing them a bit of ankle.

                  • Rob Staton

                    The people who want to move Wilson to ‘rebuild’ want us to become the Eagles, Broncos, WFT etc.

                  • Submanjoe

                    I’m not advocating at all trading Russ. For the sake of argument though. There is something to be said about the qbs (Brady, Manning excepted) winning early in their careers and then not winning again. It’s certainly not a policy to operate and build a team by. Wilson wins year two, flacco on his rookie contract, Rodgers won in year 3 of starting, Roethlisberger won early, Mahomes won in year 3, Brees in his 4th year with the Saints. Then they become great in a stratosphere few achieve with bragging rights and standing we can only imagine. It just gets to a point that contract is very high, reputation & achievement is very high, but super bowls are a thing of the past, and a certain status quo is maintained. How to win again!?

                    Personally, I believe they should build around Russ a powerful running game with a strong offensive line and a strong defensive line. I know I’m not alone in having this view.

                    • Rob Staton

                      But it’s so easy to counter this submanjoe.

                      — Rodgers has been to MULTIPLE NFC Championship games. And look at the kind of things that have kept him from the SB. The chaos in 2014. Brees likewise was in the mix for years before retiring and look what stopped the Saints. The miracle in Minnesota, the blown DPI call vs the Rams, other examples of playoff heartache. People love to harp on about these players ‘winning once and never doing it again’ like they drifted into obscurity. No! They were leading contenders for YEARS and didn’t get back to the SB through sheer crazy misfortune.

                      — It’s OK saying Mahomes ‘won early’ etc etc. The point is good QB’s give you the best chance to win. There are the have’s and have nots in this league. The Chiefs are not struggling now because Mahomes’ contract kicks in next year. Something has gone wrong there this season and it’s nothing to do with money. The Bills are good because Josh Allen is a BAMF freak of nature. The Packers are good because they’ve got Rodgers. The Cardinals are good because they have Kyler. Etc etc etc.

                      I think people forget sometimes that only one team can win the SB and only two make it every year. It’s really hard!

                      But for some reason people have decided that you’re better off getting rid of a franchise QB to take shots at having a 3-4 year window with a rookie which is so incredibly hard to find. Good young QB’s giving you years of club control are like bloody gold dust. People act like it’s a choice — expensive great QB or cheap great QB. It ain’t. The real choice is ‘Seahawks with Wilson’ or ‘being like the Broncos’.

                      If there was a great QB class coming up and you were guaranteed the #1 pick I could sympathise with such a plan. But the Seahawks don’t have the #1 pick and there’s no good young CFB QB on the horizon.

                  • BobbyK

                    You don’t think the Seahawks would be better off with Aaron Curry, Koren Robinson, and Lawrence Jackson than Wilson? Those guys are 3 first round picks! The team would have so much leftover money, they could afford another Jamal Adams, could give Teddy Bridgewater $20 million or Andy Dalton $10 million, and then they’d be stacked!

                • Paul Cook

                  I was born and raised in Chicago and became a precocious sports fan at a very young age largely because of WGN television and radio. There was no local sports station like this in the nation way way back in the day. Nothing close. We got every single Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls game on the radio, almost every home and away Cubs game on TV, almost every single Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls away game on the TV as well as many home games.

                  Anyway, I digress. The Bears NEVER had a franchise QB from me being a very young kid and sports fan and well into my adulthood, before I became a permanent resident of the Seattle area and slowly switched my allegiances as a sports fan.

                  It sucks not having a franchise QB, or at least a QB good enough to win it all if the rest of the team was great. If the 80’s Bears’ team had had a healthy franchise QB…3 Super Bowls pretty much in the bag.

                  I had QB envy like you wouldn’t believe. If we only had a Staubach, a Stabler, a Bradshaw, a Marino, an Elway…why can’t we have one of these? Even today the Bears are still looking for one, and it’s pretty much a decades long running joke in Chicago.

                • McZ

                  Once again…
                  There is no debate if having a franchise QB is better than not. It is, especially, if that QB is RW, a first-ballot HoFer.

                  At the same time, this is also not the question we face.

                  RW decides, what is best for RW. Continuing to win nothing in Seattle is not one of those things. F***, last off season, he literally pulled an “Earl Thomas”, and laid down his preferred trade targets. How can we continue to ignore this?

                  But we do. New HC, and everything will get better.

                  My problem starts exactly here… I simply cannot see a path how this franchise can be turned around. Please describe how this leaderless, risk adverse org can pick and install a new HC. Even if there is a change, there is a 50:50 chance of further alienating said QB. Will RW even accept such a risk?

                  So, wake me, when the new HC is installed, the FO refurbished and the scouting department fired.

                  If RW is still hanging around, fine. If not… then we will be crap for couple of years, until the next franchise QB comes in.

                  • Rob Staton

                    This is just completely defeatist, sky is falling claptrap McZ.

                    Look, I’ve been as critical as anyone about this franchise over the last two years and justifiably so.

                    But this idea that people ‘can’t see a pathway to turn this around’. Teams get turned around all the time. Even really hopeless, useless franchises who refuse to spend money and treat their teams like a family baking business.

                    We don’t need to indulge in this armageddon style thinking. Change is needed, absolutely. But writing off that change before it’s even bloody happened? Come on.

  12. cha

    Seahawks pass rusher L.J. Collier: A former first-rounder, Collier has only been active for two games this season after collecting three sacks last year. The Seahawks have had discussions centered around Collier at various points this season and prior to it, and Collier is just 26. A fresh start may make sense for all sides, especially with plenty of teams needing edge help.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s nice of the Seahawks to help Ian with his article and it’s nice of Ian to try and help create a market.

      I can’t wait to get a conditional 2023 7th rounder for our “breakout star” (TM: Good Morning Football).

      • cha

        I’m more down with the article title implying Collier is a ‘big name’.

        Also the fact that a team seeking pass rush help would be calling a bottom-5 pass rush team about a player who can’t even get on the field.

        • Paul Cook

          Just a terribly unfortunate pick.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m still completely stunned by their approach to the 2019 draft.

            Seemed to bizarrely assume their guys would last on the DL. They didn’t. Then they traded down and lost the other guy(s) they wanted.

            Then left picking a guy and trading down with their two picks and looking absolutely miserable in the press conference after.

            The sign of a franchise losing its way. And they’ve not stopped losing it since.

            • Trevor

              In a long list of awful drafts in recent years 2019 has to go down as the worst considering the capital they had and picks they could have made.

              • Peter

                It’s almost like you could have an expensive QB if between 2017-2019 you could have turned 30 odd draft picks into something more than a great Wr, a good punter, a declining rb…..and a bunch of JAG’s and players that if they were any good weren’t playing on other teams

          • pdway

            I think he’s the worst of our bad picks to be honest.

            Penny has proven to be ill advised; but I’ve seen enough here and there (or at least that one stretch last year before he got hurt) to think he has ability; Collier has never ever flashed anything resembling 1st round talent (or 2nd round really).

            • Rob Staton

              Both picks have been equally disastrous

              • KD

                Remember when Saquan Barkley was the only RB off the board in that draft and Nick Chubb was available? Pepperidge Farms remembers

        • BobbyK

          I never knew Collier and “edge rusher” went together.

    • Mick

      We may look to trade but I’m afraid we’ll end up with the same result as with Flowers, no offer and a cut.

    • Submanjoe

      Why not play him? The Dline has been crap anyways, heaven forbid we play Collier instead of Hyder. Let’s instead put some junk story out like this and completely burn our bridge with the guy and further undermine our credibility as a desirable place to play. Who cares about Collier.

    • Rik

      I predict we trade him for a ham sandwich and a used kicking tee.

      • Rob Staton

        They’d probably barter us out of the kicking tee

        • Rik

          Sad but true 🙁

        • Palatypus

          L.J. Collier and a set of underinflated Brady balls for Deshaun Watson.

  13. pdway

    Haven’t watched much of the Cards this year. Obviously, Murray is one of the hardest guys to defend in the league, and the skill positions on offense seem improved.

    But is their defense significantly better too? Is it Watt, and some other pieces? Or more that their offense is putting so much pressure on the other team, it’s forcing them out of their game?

    Regardless of who they’ve played, 7-0 is impressive.

    • Rob Staton

      Well coached defense. Got enough stars, mixed in with some vets who are delivering high value.

      A well constructed team.

    • Big Mike

      AZ vs. Green Bay Thursday night. Should be a beauty (if any Thursday night game can be).

  14. Palatypus

    Why is there a National Tight Ends Day, why does the NFL keep reminding us of it, and why is there no holiday for any other position?

  15. KD

    You guys mentioned Justin Fields before, and it is quite startling to see how much all these rookie QBs are struggling. Wilson had the worst passer rating in the league as a starter before today (62.9) followed by Fields (67.4) Mills (73.4) and Lawrence (75.5). I expect that rookie QBs will struggle, but damn! Those four have about 30 INTs between them

    • KD

      Mac Jones on the other hand is getting over that learning curve quite quickly. He’s been the best of the bunch by a landslide.

  16. Robert Las Vegas

    It’s interesting that the 49ers are just about a mess as the Seahawks after all three numbers one draft picks for Trey Lance doesn’t look so good so far. The niners losing to colts at home is a bad loss.

    • KD

      It’s painful to watch Taylor become one of the more explosive young RBs in the league after he practically begged to be a Seahawk.

      • Mick

        I wonder if they’d do Carson and a 3rd for him.

      • Big Mike

        I think Russ begged for him to come to Seattle too. Regardless, hey, Rashad Penney dontcha know.

        • Rob Staton

          Russ liked a tweet I posted, which was a video of Taylor dropping hints about wanting to be drafted by the Seahawks

          I know Russ likes a lot of tweets… but still.

          But they had to draft Jordyn Brooks with his 49.4 PFF grade instead.

          • D-OZ

            Queen ballin in Baltimore!!!!

            • Norman

              Not even a little bit. Queen has been consistently FAR worse than Brooks.

              Queen 29.7 PFF grade in 2020, 35.4 in 2021 (incredible how consistently bad that is).

  17. D-OZ

    PC’s comment on Clay Mathews emergence in the NFL. (” I didn’t see that coming”) He rotated him in and out at various spots at USC. Don’t think he knew quite knew how to use him. Hmm makes you wonder? can he really evaluate talent?

    • Rob Staton

      On Alvin Kamara in 2019…

      “I didn’t realise he was that explosive”

    • Geno-he-didn’t

      There could be a folder/article, with all of the weirdo stuff Pete says. The stuff after that Buffalo loss, the ‘master’s class’ for Russ and Bobby, just….it sounds so fried.
      The comment that he made in the last few weeks, that keeps me up at night, was something like ‘the story of this season will take months to tell and evaluate’ (loose paraphrase here). The comment felt like seed planting for a narrative on why he should be able to continue to run the organization. I hated it. The whole situation has grown stale. JA is a bust, for us, and I don’t particularly like him, but a huge part of this is the lack of coaching ideas. From identifying the preferred identity, to acquiring talent to fit that vision, to coaching up players to succeed in a system that embodies the stated principles….it’s just all off.
      I’m in a weird place as a fan, I’m really close to hoping we get blown out so that this can all be started over. Unfortunately I do not see Pete leaving on his own accord: ‘it will take months to tell the story….’
      What is even more frustrating is that Rob has laid out a clear, general plan, that one could see being a reasonable path towards some success.
      As always thanks to the contributors, and Rob for the thoughts and ideas

      • cha

        I have always thought PC likes to say those stupid things post-game to take some heat off the players.

        That ‘leader of men’ / ‘it’s always his fault’ kind of thing.

        Sure rings hollow when he deflects blame about big things though – like the RW shenanigans being a media creation.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you 👏🏻

  18. cha

    Trade them back Philip Dorsett

    Adam Schefter
    Jaguars’ HC Urban Meyer said WR D.J.Chark will be out the rest of the season with the fractured ankle he recently suffered.

  19. Simon McInnes

    Rob – I only watch highlights/snippets of college football, but among the quarterbacks Sam Hartman at Wake Forest seems to be improving. Last season cut down on interceptions and this year has looked harder to sack. Have you seen anything of him that catches the eye, either positives or negatives?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not had a chance to watch him yet but I will do

  20. cha

    Rob did OT Carter Warren stand out at all when you were watching Pickett?

    They swung him between LT and RT vs Clemson. I’m not sure why.

    6’5″ 315 and he will have 3 years of starter experience come draft day.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t focus on him to be honest, didn’t notice him enough to comment

  21. Robert Las Vegas

    I was thinking about these rookie QB and you know Bill Belichick is a pretty smart guy . looks at the board and looks at the teams ahead of him doesn’t trade future draft picks and let’s Mac Jones fall in his lap at 15.

  22. cha

    Watching the 5th quarter last night, I thought Walter Jones had a nice moment.

    They were talking about Jamal Adams’ face doink and Paul Silvi started deflecting hard to ‘yeah we all criticize Jamal but in the moment it must be hard to make that play when you’re focused on defending the receiver and all of the sudden you’ve got a ball coming at you.’ Even took a mild shot at ‘blogs out there’ criticizing Jamal Adams.

    Walter diplomatically shut him down. ‘Doesn’t matter, you gotta make that play. That’s what they acquired you for and paid you so much, to make game-changing plays.’

    So odd to me that the local truth-tellers in media are former players like Walter and Brock, and the media types are the ones making all the excuses for poor play.

    • Big Mike

      Big Walt giving me yet another reason to have him at #1 on my all-time favorite Seahawks list.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s because for some reason local media types automatically fall back on defending the team and players.

      It’s not just a Seattle thing, you see it everywhere.

      And ‘some blogs’ are doing a far better job than Paul Silvi ever will of analysing this team.

  23. ElPasoHawk

    Rob, what are the rules on draft eligibility with regard to the blanket extension of NCAA eligibility granted due to covid? There is a WR from UTEP that didn’t red shirt and is in his third year but is still listed as a sophomore. He’s one to watch when he’s draft eligible.

    • ElPasoHawk

      His name is Jacob Cowing.

  24. Sea Mode

    So long…

    Mike Garafolo

    #Seahawks are releasing OT Cedric Ogbuehi. The veteran started the season on IR and got lost in the shuffle in Seattle. Should have some interest on the market from teams in need of OL help.

    • Mick

      I’d rather see Curhan play his snaps, maybe we develop a rookie into a starter.

  25. Sea Mode

    Well look who Jim just posted about…

  26. cha

    2021 Trade Deadline Seahawks Primer

    With the trade deadline quickly approaching (Tuesday Nov 2 at 4pm ET), the Seahawks are in a tough spot. At 2-4 they could be either buyers or sellers. With pressure on Pete Carroll mounting and potential seismic changes coming in 2022, how the team performs tonight against the Saints will be critical to the decision-making process.

    Let’s take a look at the basics of where they stand as an organization in 2021 and 2022.

    Current Cap Room

    They have about $12.3 million of 2021 cap room according to OverTheCap. Keeping a safety net of about $2-3 million for injury replacement players, we can call that about $9-10.3 million of spendable cap space for new acquisitions.

    They could decide to just roll that money into 2022.

    2022 Cap Room

    The team has 37 contracted players for 2022.

    However, in truth they only have 32 ‘actual’ contracted players, as 5 of those players are zombie contracts from void years to help with the 2021 cap COVID situation (they take up $5.875 million cap for 2022).

    They currently have $53.4 million of cap room available in 2022.

    They have $42.5 million of effective space (that assumes they fill the other 19 spots with minimum-salary players)

    The team should account for about $8 million of injury salaries and a little extra money over and above the minimum to account for their 2022 rookie class salaries and some other signing bonus money (like the $137k for Aldon Smith this summer).

    So, call it approximately $32.5 million of spendable cap money.

    They can open up about $8.5 million of room if they convert the max $17 million of Russell Wilson’s 2022 salary to bonus.

    They have an additional $16.6 million of cap room available that is non-guaranteed on Bobby Wagner’s contract.

    As said above they could roll any leftover cap space from 2021 into 2022.

    DK Metcalf costs $1.46 million against the 2022 cap and will be in the last year of his rookie deal. It is wise to set about $5-7 million of 2022 room aside to get a head start on absorbing some of the impact of his next contract.

    2022 Position Needs

    -LT and RT
    Brown and Shell are free agents and need to be replaced or resigned. Unless you have a mountain of faith in Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan as potential starters. You shouldn’t.

    -Outside CB
    Here we go again. Tre Brown is the only outside corner under contract. DJ Reed and Sidney Jones are UFA’s in 2022.

    No players currently contracted for 2022, unless you want to consider Damien Lewis a potential center. You do not.

    Colby Parkinson is the only tight end under contract.

    Quandre Diggs is a free agent. Ugo Amadi and Marquise Blair are still under contract.

    Future Draft Picks

    2022 Total Available: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 7th

    2022 Acquired Picks: NY Jets’ 4th (Jamal Adams trade)

    2022 Traded Picks: 1st (to NY Jets in Adams trade), 6th (to Jacksonville in Sidney Jones trade)

    2022 Comp Picks Projection: None projected.

    2023 Pick adjustments: Just one – they picked up Pittsburgh’s 5th round pick for Akhello Witherspoon. They have all their native 2023 picks at this point.

    2021 Need Priorities

    -A new Defensive Coordinator

    -More pass rush, particularly from the interior

    -An established or promising outside CB or OT contracted beyond 2021 should be considered

    -Another TE or WR weapon for Russ should always be on the shopping list

    -A healthy running back


    The Seahawks are at a serious crossroads heading into the trade deadline.

    The game tonight is winnable, but they must decisions very quickly about the balance of this season. They face Jacksonville next week and then have a bye.

    Is there faith they can get the defense put together and get Russell Wilson healthy enough during that bye to go to Green Bay and challenge them? And then come home to a hot Arizona team and challenge them as well?

    Pete Carroll talked about ‘postponing what the story is going to be’ in the midst of a two-game slump that dropped them to 2-4.

    The problem is, the Seahawks can no longer postpone the story to see how things work out. Seeing how the next two games go, and then assessing whether they should make further moves to either strengthen the roster or build up draft stock for 2022 is a luxury they do not have. The trade deadline is one week from today.

    They have a week to make some important decisions about the future of this franchise.

    Which way will they go?

    I don’t know.

    But it won’t be boring, I can promise you that.

    • Big Mike

      Excellent breakdown of the current situation cha. Thank you for this. To me another need priority is C, especially in this division (Donald).
      Personally I have little faith in a win tonight and no faith against GB or AZ, even with Russ back. Jax is a 50/50 for me.

      • TomLPDX

        Agreed on all counts.

    • BobbyK

      Positives: They have a franchise QB. They have a good WR unit.

      Negatives: The rest of the roster is basically crap. Sure, Bobby Wagner is still a stud but the LB unit is basically trash. The contracted DBs for 2022 are basically trash. The contracted DTs for 2022 are basically trash. There’s some potential at EDGE for 2022 but there’s no depth. Can we rely on a unit that has to depend on Darrell Taylor to stay healthy? Um, no. That’s just the defense.

      The RBs going into 2022 are basically trash. Same for TE. Same for every OL position minus Damien Lewis. Maybe they’ll actually play him where he’s best?

      The negatives far outweigh the positives and the best way to turn things around is through the draft and yet here we are without a 1st round pick. Even though we have a second 4th round pick, there’s also no 6th round pick. We’re going into 2022 with a worse roster than most teams AND less draft picks than most teams.

      Anybody have any good news?

      • BobbyK

        Forgot – we do have a good punter. Yay, us! Happy days are here again!

        • TomLPDX

          I know a lot of people are down on Jason but I think he is a good kicker going through a rough patch, so I count him as a good kicker as well…but thank god we have the field changer Dickson!

          • Big Mike

            Agree Tom. Unless he continues to struggle, I like the K position too.

        • cha

          Sorry to burst your bubble even more Bobby, but…

          The problem there is Dickson isn’t having a very good season.

          His yards per punt average is middle of the back, and net yards is bottom 10.

          Oh, but that’s because PC is deploying him as a ‘pin them deep’ weapon instead of trusting his offense to gain 3 yards in enemy territory? Yes, he’s near the top with 14 punts inside the 20. But a league-leading 6 punts have been touchbacks.

          And that’s because 1) he’s not precise enough this year and 2) the ST coverage unit isn’t as good as last year.

          The two fourth downs in Steeler territory PC chicken out on? The Seahawks only gained about 20 yards each from Dickson’s punts.

      • BobbyK

        Moving Forward, What Do The Seahawks Have That Will Give Us Hope?

        QB: The is the most important and the Seahawks have a legit stud. This is why a less talented Seahawks team can regularly beat other teams more talented rosters (but not great rosters).

        Grade Moving Forward: A-

        RB: Carson is coming back, but is that a good thing? He makes more than he deserves and he’s always hurt. Should it worry us that a back nobody wants (Collins) and is going to be a FA is looking better than him? I like Homer because of his ST ability, but he’s not a good running RB, though I like him in the pass game and love him in pass pro.

        Grade Moving Forward: D- or F

        WR: A healthy Eskridge makes this a formidable trio of talented players. Lockett is a steady stud and DK affects defensive coordinators more than most WRs. This unit has potential. If Swain is your #5 WR, then you have an A type unit, but if he’s your #3 guy, then you’re nothing overly special.

        Grade Moving Forward (healthy Eskridge): A-
        Grade Moving Forward (concussion Eskridge): B-

        TE: Parkinson. That’s it.

        Grade Moving Forward: D

        OL: Brown and Shell about to hit FA. Jackson overpaid and not worth his salary, never mind he’s at the age where his play is declining. No Center. Basically, it’s Damien Lewis playing out of position and the garbage crew.

        Grade Moving Forward: D-

        EDGE: Taylor and Robinson. Two promising players. No decent depth under contract except for the mighty LJ Collier.

        Grade Moving Forward: D+

        DT: Poona Ford is the only quality DT under contract moving forward and he’s nothing special. Was better last year in a contract year. He’ll be in a contract year again next year so we can expect a better year again next season.

        Grade Moving Forward: F

        OLB: Brooks and Cody Barton couldn’t cover themselves from a raindrop on a hot summer day in the Sahara, though at least Brooks doesn’t suck in the run game.

        Grade Moving Forward: F

        MLB: Bobby is still an “A” type player himself but when you factor his salary he’s more of a “B”. Nevertheless, I’ll give him an A- because he’s still playing at a high level and I won’t factor salary in.

        Grade Moving Forward: A-

        S: Blair the guy Alan dresses. Blair is injury prone and not always assignment sound and Alan’s sugar daddy is a bum.

        Grade Moving Forward: D or F (depending on how you look at it – either way, not good).

        CB: Brown has real potential to be a good solid football player. I thought Amadi would become something better than he has at nickel. There’s a gaping hole at CB opposite Brown and the depth after that is trash. The only reason I’m giving a passing grade is because I think Brown can be a really nice player.

        Grade Moving Forward: D-

        • Big Mike


    • Rob Staton

      I think they’re going to sit on their hands.

      They’ve had ample opportunity to make moves and they still have $12.3m in effective cap space and they’ve done absolutely nada.

      • Big Mike


      • BobbyK

        They better not blow any future draft picks for help now. All their help is now would be to get a guy who can help them get to 9-8 instead of 7-10. Keep draft picks and do the best with what they have. When you don’t have your own #1 you certainly don’t want to tank either. We’re just stuck in relative worthlessness and there’s really nothing to do to get away from it at the moment.

        • Submanjoe

          I wish they could trade for a running back but there’s none I can think of they’d go after. But getting a head start and acquiring a running back and then signing a tackle and a center in the offseason… 🤷‍♂️

          • BobbyK

            Remember when they got Beast Mode mid-season? They lucked into that one.

            Remember how mad the Packers were at the Bills because they would have given more than the Seahawks did for him?

            Seems another example where the Seahawks lucked into a situation (like soft NFL market for Bennett/Avril in one off-season) rather than outsmarted the competition. We’re seeing how “smart” they really are this last half-decade of deals. Not very. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

  27. cha

    Luton practice squad elevation, Penny activated from IR and Ogbuehi cut.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I caught a headline that Seattle had “waived a former first round pick” and thought, it must be Collier.

      The headline should’ve specified it wasn’t their former first round pick 😒

  28. Big Mike

    The saddest thing in both cha’s breakdown and BobbyK’s response is that both posts highlighted that both sides of the line of scrimmage, outside of Taylor and maybe Robinson, Ford and Lewis, is bereft of talent. That needs to be rectified ASAP. That needs to include trading the peacock for whatever you can get for him and saying goodbye to Bobby and using that money at the damned LOS where football games are won.

    • BobbyK

      It’s amazing how their lines of scrimmage can be so horrible looking on the field and on paper. It’s like they need two 1st round picks so they can add one young buck to the LOS on each side of the ball just to try to get them back to being a middle of the road team in the trenches. But, alas, they don’t even have a single 1st round pick to help one of the two lines of scrimmage.

  29. BobbyK

    I remember being excited about game days. Now it’s just wondering how bad they’ll suck. And if they win, the reason is probably just because the other teams just sucks worse, not because we’re actually good.

    • Rob Staton

      Imagine staying up until 1:20am for kick off for the last three games…

      I used to have a buzz around Primetime games. I’d be thinking about them all day.

      Today I just spent the day thinking about other things. When the game popped into my head, I simply thought, ‘why the hell couldn’t this have been played at a normal time yesterday?’

      • cha

        I’m almost certain SNF Week 13 vs SF will be flexed out at this point.

        • Rob Staton


      • TomLPDX

        I know you stay up to watch and then follow up with your after game thoughts. Perhaps you just don’t bother with it tonight….or let Robbie do it solo tonight and you get some sleep!

        • Rob Staton

          Solo show on my own tonight!

        • Robbie

          I’m at the game, or I would volunteer so Rob could get a break.

          • TomLPDX

            Good excuse! Poor Rob though…let’s hope the Seahawks show up tonight.

            Hang in there, Rob!

    • Big Mike

      I’m so blase’ about the game the Mrs. asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner at 5:00. Let’s see, great seafood and a cold IPA or leftover pizza and the start of the Seahawks game? Not even a choice. I’ll pick it up when I get home.

      • TomLPDX

        But it will be on ESPN2 with the Manning Bros. You can’t miss their snarkyness! Enjoy your seafood, Big Man!

        • TomLPDX

          Marshawn and Drew are guests tonight, should be interesting!

    • Submanjoe

      Not excited even for the return of Penny!? 3 carries and a pulled hamstring

  30. DarrellDownUnder

    With this regime and the current roster situation how will they even attempt to be sellers
    (my preference) before deadline? If PC/JS weren’t planning to continue on they would be recouping picks and gaining cap space for the next Coach/GM (again my preference) but don’t see happening.

  31. cha

    Field Yates
    Reinforcements on the way for the Saints tonight, as the team has officially activated LB Kwon Alexander, DE Marcus Davenport and WR TreQuan Smith to the active roster from IR.

    • Rob Staton


      • James Cr.

        Anyone want to bet on whether or not he lasts the whole game? My guess is strained something in the 2nd quarter.

      • Big Mike


      • RyanL

        Yeah, but did Pete say his week of practice has been????
        That is always the ultimate indicator for if he will run for 1.7 YPC or 2.2.

  32. Paul Cook

    I know it’s probably unfair of me to say, but when it comes to Penny, I truly wonder about his love for the game, his desire to improve, how much it’s killing him to get back on the field?

    • 12th chuck

      I guess we will find out if and when he signs a new contract ( preferably with a new team of course)

  33. Big Mike

    Just an FYI for folks that don’t live in the Northwest………….looks like it’s gonna be wet and blustery. Not as wild as the Frisco game last night but plenty stormy according to the forecast I saw.

    • cha

      And the Seahawks are playing the top tackle-breaker in the NFL.

      Well that’s just great.

      • WallaSean

        Penny Breaks tackles all night, goes for 200+, has” a little issue or tweak in the leg area” during the postgame TV interview. (per PC) and legally changes his first name to C.J. on his way back to IR


        Jameis gifts us a couple and the DB’s turn their heads around and make a play and we live another week.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          If the pass rush generates some pressure, there’s a good chance Winston makes mistakes. IF

          Whether or not we capitalize is another matter.

    • Robbie

      I made the trip out for it. Not too bad. Chilly but not terrible

  34. BobbyK

    This team is so poorly constructed that they only have two total players who another team would give a No. 1 draft pick for (RW & DK). That includes a guy they gave up a pair of No. 1 picks (and more) to get about 14 months ago. How bad is that?

    Would anyone else net even a 2nd round pick this upcoming year? I doubt Lockett would (age and salary). Same for Wagner. I don’t think Lewis would even with two cheap years remaining. Taylor probably wouldn’t with the injury concerns at the moment. It just shows how poor the team is. Even a No. 1 pick like Jordyn Brooks wouldn’t even come close to getting a pick like that. Sad.

  35. Tony

    Been offered tickets by 4 different people this weekend for tonight’s game. The fanbase is at the lowest I’ve seen since 2010. A couple more losses and we might hit that mora level of fun. I lost power today. Not even sweating missing it.

    • Troy Schubert

      Geno Smith = not good

  36. cha


    D Taylor
    Damien Lewis

  37. Palatypus

    Saints 42, Hawks 13

  38. Rob Staton

    I miss the Tirico & Gruden MNF combo

  39. BobbyK

    Would be able to have a good OL to run behind on a night like tonight (weather). We have Fuller “anchoring” our OL. And a couple clowns next to him (one a has been and another one who’ll never be good enough to be a has been).

    • BobbyK

      Would be NICE…

  40. Rob Staton

    Wind or not.

    Dickson can’t just keep booting it into the end zone.


  41. Rob Staton

    Nothing like watching American sport at 1:24am to make you realise the big difference between our sports in Britain and yours is the never ending bloody ad breaks vs our continuous play

  42. Rob Staton

    Anyone else just get Seneca Wallace to Koren Robinson 2008 vibes on that long touchdown?

    • Palatypus

      I don’t think DK was THAT drunk.

  43. AlaskaHawk

    Yee Haw, keep feeding the ball to Metcalf. They can’t stop him!

  44. Blitzy the Clown

    Quite a pretty pass by Geno.

  45. Henry Taylor

    Well you’ll all be pleased to hear I just won my fantasy matchup.

  46. AlaskaHawk

    Did you just see the Polar Bear Club commercial??? We are freezing for a reason! As the members jump into a hole cut in the ice.

  47. 206

    Good play DK

  48. Hawks4life

    DK is bullying Lattimore, hopefully he keeps a cool head and doesn’t take it to far

  49. Rob Staton

    I like low scoring games and I DNGAF what anyone says

    • Bmseattle

      Here in ‘merica we like lots of commercial and lots of scoring. 😏

    • Palatypus

      And beer snakes.

  50. Rob Staton

    I see we’ve abandoned the run again… a week after doing what we did in Pittsburgh… on a horrible night for weather… with Geno Smith at QB

    • Bmseattle

      Don’t worry, we’ll “adjust ” at halftime and run a lot in the 3rd quarter.

      • Gary

        ’cause we’re so proficient at half-time adjustments. Maybe we’ll start using tight ends too!

  51. AlaskaHawk

    I wonder how that 433 yards per game given up compared to last years first half of the season? The defense didn’t solidify until the second half of the season.

    • Rob Staton

      It solidified beautifully… as soon as they started playing Colt McCoy, Dwayne Haskins, the winless Jets, C.J. Beathard etc.

  52. Rob Staton

    Anyone else just see Jamal Adams get his arse kicked on that screen by a WR?

  53. Bmseattle

    Damn…seemed like a pretty good play by Reed

  54. Henry Taylor

    Refs given them two first downs on this drive.

  55. Bmseattle

    Just couldn’t quite make out the multiple false starts on 4th and short, huh?

    • Rob Staton

      That was a disgrace

      • STTBM

        It’s the Usual. I don’t even get mad, I just laugh. NFL is now the WWF…

  56. Bmseattle

    Even when Jamal gets a free release into the backfield, he doesnt come close to the QB.

    • Rob Staton

      What was that attempted tackle there???

      • Bmseattle

        According to the announcer, he “just missed him”.

        • Rob Staton

          Typical Jamal Adams that


  57. OP_Chillin

    Despite that play from Bobby, Kamara is crazy

    • Bmseattle

      Running backs dont matter…until you have a great one. Then they matter a lot.

  58. Norman

    Officiating has been atrocious this drive. Twice, this drive should have already ended.

  59. Bmseattle

    Brooks has made a couple of nice plays tonight

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      td if he didn’t swat that cause best in the nation was out of position

  60. Hawks4life

    Adams got bailed out on that play by Brooks, Adam’s looks like a lost dog in coverage lmfao

    • Rob Staton


      Two firsts & a third

  61. Rob Staton

    Aside from one play by Metcalf, the offense hasn’t done a single thing

    They need to or they have no chance to win this game

    • OP_Chillin

      Hmm so no consistency and no scoring besides a deep TD? How atypical

      • Rob Staton

        This offense is tragic

  62. James Kupihea

    Penny is a waste of a roster spot. Flew higher vertically than the yards he gained.

    • Rob Staton

      He is absolutely useless

      • Bmseattle

        JS should be embarrassed

  63. Robbie

    Uh….is Collins hurt why is Penny in the game this much.

  64. Bmseattle

    Penny sure us looking like a guy ready to break out and justify his 1st round draft status.

  65. Gary

    Right out of the Hawks playbook … brilliant use of timeouts.

  66. Matt

    It’s scary how similar the Huskies and Seahawks look – just gross football.

  67. pran

    offense is garbage…as usual.

    • Pran

      Defense is in prevent mode.. giving 5-10 yards cushion, Winston just need to throw.

  68. OP_Chillin

    Sooo are they gonna be able to run the ball at all?

  69. Canadian Hawk

    I like Rashaad Penny.
    He seems like a decent person.

    But why is he getting touches?

    If Collins is hurting – has Dee Jay Dallas forgotten how to play running back?

    • Troy

      4 carries for 2 yards. Stud

  70. Pran

    Do you see Russ playing anytime soon this season. If they lose 2 more games, Russ will just take it easy i guess

  71. Kyle R

    For Christ sake quit trying to make Penny a thing and make Collins the number one back this game!

  72. Hawks4life

    Neal making a tackle Adam’s could only dream of making. Blows my mind that he doesn’t get more snaps

    • 206

      This didn’t age well haha!

      • Hawks4life

        It did not haha!

        • 206

          I hear you though!

  73. Gary


    • STTBM

      This IS the pass rush! It’s all the pass rush we got….

  74. Troy

    Absolutely no pass rush. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bmseattle

      Just imagine how bad it would be if we didnt have the deepest defensive line since the 2013 team.

  75. Victor

    Ryan Neal got absolutely molested lol

  76. 206

    There’s the defense I know and don’t love!

  77. Kyle R

    Love how Winston has time to just causally with one hand able to pick ball off the ground from a bad snap and doesn’t have to worry one bit about the pass rush.

  78. Henry Taylor

    So Collins isnt hurt, good to know giving Penny all those snaps was a choice…

    • Pran

      give him 25 touches..he will get you 25 yards… This is Seattle Jets!

      • Paul Cook

        They’re trying to drive up his trade value to a used volkswagon.

      • Troy

        25 yards might be stretching it.

  79. Troy

    This is a bad football team.

    • STTBM

      Roster is not THIS bad. This is a bad coaching staff.

      No need to cover Kamara. He’s only a mid-round pick.

      And let’s spell Collins with Penny more often. Penny’s so good at running between the tables, let’s see more of that! And DK busted a huge TD run after the catch, but now they are double-covering him, so no more targets for him!

      And Smith can run, but we don’t want to run any option plays or designed runs….why do that?!

      • Troy

        I respectfully disagree. This roster is weak

        • STTBM

          And the coaching staff is much worse.

  80. 12th chuck

    what a sham this team has become. no o, no pass rush, its pathetic. should’ve been a false start to stop the saints scoring drive, but whatever

  81. Matt

    Hey Rob – any interest in starting a Bengals Draft Blog?

    I’m kidding but my God this team is unwatchable. We are officially in nightmare territory – there’s just nothing to get excited about with this team.

    • Big Mike

      Even with Russ returning and a softer second half schedule I think this is like a 7-10 team.

      • Matt

        To me it’s not even the W-L; it’s just the simple fact that there is no possible way they could do anything in the playoffs.

  82. Big Mike

    So I didn’t see the 1st half I went out for dinner kind of followed along on my phone. Sounds like Pete is doing everything in his power to prove that the choice of Penny in the 1st round wasn’t a complete fail. Hey Pete, I got news for you it was a complete fail.

  83. Hawks4life

    How is Lattimore not ejected for throwing a punch at DK???? These refs are trash sometimes

  84. Mick

    That’s a good score to wake up to.

  85. OP_Chillin

    Geno giving us all of russ’ negatives and nothing else positive.

    • Big Mike

      Now wait a minute there were people here that said it was going to be different with Gino that he was going to be on time he wasn’t going to hold the ball too long he was going to find the tight ends and pass over the middle. How could this be?

  86. Troy

    We will not win a game with Geno Smith as our QB.

  87. Big Mike

    I take back what I said earlier today about Myers being OK. I think hes not

  88. OP_Chillin

    Meyers is garbage plain and simple. Pete needs to go for that as well. So frustrating

    • Hawks4life

      Hes had some bad times this year but he’s definitely not garbage, Pete definitely needs to go though

      • OP_chillin

        Gotta make your under 50s and I have zero faith in him to do it. Three missed this year already.

    • Gary

      Okay, in fairness, we’re talking about a guy who did not miss last year. That’s a pretty quick fall from grace to call him garbage. He’s hit a rough patch, and all kickers go through it. He’s gotta make those sure, but let’s give the guy a chance to break out of it.

  89. Nicholas M

    Why is the middle of the field passing so hard to find?
    Who is Rashad Penny and why is he here?
    Is Geno wearing flippers?
    Meyers has to wait to miss with no wind or rain?
    I’m getting a headache.

  90. 206

    Has anyone in the press asked Pete or Ken why they are using DEs in coverage??

    • OP_Chillin

      Raheem green in man coverage???

  91. dand393

    It honestly seems like there could be a lot of holding calls against the saints and they never get called

  92. Bmseattle

    So, now we are supposed to celebrate Jamal’s missed tackles?

    • Shane

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    • Norman

      Objectively, a great play would have been making that tackle. Without the tackle, just a good play for at least disrupting the play and delaying ball carrier for teammates to arrive.

      • Shane

        I think you are missing the point in the amount of missed tackles that Jamal has

        • Norman

          Nah, absolutely a problem, but a poor example to highlight only the bad, when his effect on the play was a net positive. You take the good with the bad (more bad all considered, just not on that play).

  93. AlaskaHawk

    It’s not Geno Smiths fault that Meyers can’t make a field goal.

    • OP_Chillin

      It’s his fault for taking two sacks in a row. Play calling not helping but hard to tell for sure without the all 22

  94. Big Mike

    “Best in the nation”

    • Hawk Finn

      Best in the (imagi)nation

  95. Mick

    The D ain’t looking that bad though.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It helps that Kamara is resting.

    • 206

      They don’t look horrible, but imagine the packer, cardinal, and whoever the fuck else matchups we have coming our way.

  96. KennyBadger

    Was that a meaningful play by puke?

    • Big Mike

      Yeah I would say it was. Unfortunately it followed a whiff on an attempted tackle

  97. Troy

    Why can’t anything be schemed on offense to get receivers open. Waldron sucks…

  98. Paul Cook

    I’ve only been paying half attention to the game, but is nobody open? It seems like Geno has had some time. Again, not been paying close attention…

  99. AlaskaHawk

    Yeah – Alex Collins is playing. In honor of the replaying of Beast Quake before the game.

  100. Gary

    Okay, seven games is enough of a sample size – for all that ails this Seahawks team (and it’s a long list), for me the number one problem is the total lack of anything remotely resembling a pass rush.

    • AlaskaHawk

      On defense – yes that is their greatest problem. They aren’t able to move Winston off his spot or hurry him and they broke containment a couple times and let him run for big yardage.

      Offense wise, assuming Collins was healthy and Carson comes back, they need better offensive linemen to block for them. The got a QB and receivers, just need better blocking. And if they can draft a Kamara or Henry, pick them.

  101. Gary


  102. Mick

    You never win a game if you keep punting at 4th and 1.

    • Rob Staton

      Or if you face a stacked box on 3rd and 1 and decide to run right into a brick wall up the middle — when the other team knows exactly what you’re doing and you don’t have Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson manning the left side of your line

      • STTBM

        The best thing about this whole game was you noticing that stupidity by Carrol and Smith and commenting on it Rob. What a sad sack our coach has become…

  103. Troy

    There was the drive with Pete Carroll as our offense coordinator

    • Bmseattle

      Yep…no question about it.

  104. Paul Cook

    What an uninspired play call there on 3rd down…

  105. Rob Staton

    We are awful

    • Big Mike

      It’s not just awful but boring too

      • Paul Cook

        Like someone said before, it’s like the Huskies, boring football. That’s almost worse than awful. Inspiring apathy in your fans.

  106. Big Mike

    That 3rd down play call had Pete Carroll written all over it

    • SeaTown

      Shane Waldron is nothing more than Pete’s toadie. A yes man. He’s garbage.

  107. Hawks4life

    I don’t care that Geno is starting at QB the play calling is complete garbage. Take some damn chances, make some easy throws, it just doesn’t make sense. Does Pete really think we can win like this with Geno running the show…. with all that said I fully expected this without Russ.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m not sure it would be much better with Wilson. Sure he’s a better QB but if you call those plays.

      • Hawks4life

        I don’t think we’d be in as many of these situations if he was playing do you? Hard to tell I know but holy shit this has been bad. Russ could at least make throws and extend drives, with Geno we get nothing

  108. KennyBadger

    No pass drive. I’m sure that’s why Waldron was brought in.

  109. DC

    A slant to DK would be nice every once in awhile

  110. Mick

    Way to go Ugo!

  111. Big Mike

    Run, run, run missed FG

  112. AlaskaHawk

    Where the heck did Fuller come from? When did the Seahawks get him? I won’t even comment on his blocking since he is obviously 2nd or 3rd string guy.

  113. Gary

    Ah, another hallmark of a Pete Carroll-coached team – use all three of your timeouts before the end of the third quarter.

    • Big Mike

      We don’t need no stinkin time outs

  114. 206

    Geno smith is so much better than Russell Wilson

    • Big Mike

      Yeah that’s what people here were saying and you know who they were

      • SeaTown

        Where did they go?

    • AlaskaHawk

      What people said is that it would be interesting to see a traditional quarterback that would throw timing passes, slants, and screens.

      No one ever said the backup was better than the starter – though at this moment only one of them has 10 usable fingers.

      • 206

        You right. I was interested as well! Just trollin

  115. OP_Chillin

    what is this???

  116. olyhawksfan

    If the Saints lose, they will have beaten by the Saints.

  117. Kyle R

    I’m so glad we didn’t go after a center in this center heavy draft because we have Fuller!!! No need to be strong on the offensive line.

  118. Leo

    The sad thing is that Pete will look at this tie and decide that he’s managed the game perfectly fine so far. He’s fine with conceding three quarters as long as they’re close at the end.

  119. OP_Chillin

    Have to give myers that one

    • Big Mike

      Yeah happy to see that

  120. Troy

    Head Coach: Pete Carroll
    Offensive Coordinator: Pete Carroll
    Defensive Coordinator: Pete Carroll

    • Ashish

      So true

  121. 206

    I know this season is 99.9% over, but if lose this game it is 100% over. If we are 4-4 when Russell comes back there is still a minuscule chance of a nice playoff run.

    • Hawks4life

      Playoff run maybe…. nice playoff run not so much but I’m sure you just mean run to the wildcard and lose haha

    • SeaTown

      Well to be honest even with a healthy RW the season is over.

      • 206

        Yeah… but if we are really really lucky we can get to the wildcard then lose like hawks4life said

  122. Nick M

    Why can’t they run any routes to the inside? Even the hash marks or the seams?
    All you have to do to defend Seattle is load the box and play cover 2 man under.
    They are so NON-dimensional it’s laughable.

  123. KennyBadger

    If Russ goes and Pete stays, this is representative. Neanderthal offense.

  124. Ashish

    Here’s secret game plan we will run on 1st down 2nd down 3rd down. Rinse and repeat

  125. Paul Cook

    I’m with Rob on this one. I can see PC wanting to bail out after this season.

    • Mick

      I wouldn’t mind having PC go during the season already 🙂

  126. SeaTown

    I would much rather lose the game by turning Geno loose than losing because they are playing scared.

    • Hawks4life

      100% which is also the only way we could win

  127. Paul Cook

    Maybe we can get a FG attempt here..

  128. Bmseattle

    Fuller is single handedly destroying our run game

    • Bmseattle

      …ok, not just the passing game

  129. Big Mike

    Fuller man, what a joke

  130. Blitzy the Clown

    Kyle Fuller woof! Man that’s just terrible.

  131. OP_Chillin

    Davis is destroying Fuller snap in snap out

  132. Mick

    Again better go for the field goal on first…

  133. Blitzy the Clown

    Sad trombone

  134. Big Mike

    Kyle Fuller cost us 3 points and the lead

  135. Kyle R

    For Christ sake quit running into 8-10 man stacked boxes. Especially with these lazy uncreative runs.

  136. OP_Chillin

    Geno CANNOT take that sack. Ball needs to be out as soon as there’s a whiff of pressure.

    • Bmseattle

      To be fair, the pressure was immediate

  137. dand393

    Maybe they should try to move the pocket and have Geno roll out or something cause this is brutal

  138. Leo

    Good coaches try to scheme around their weakest links. Pete prefers to expose Fuller time after time to establish our “identity”. At this point he’s just doing Dennis Allen’s job for him.

  139. SeaTown

    Jason Myers. You sir, suck.

  140. Troy

    That’s the game, folks. Here comes the game winning drive. 2-5

  141. Kyle R

    Oh that’s right Pete and John. We didn’t need a center in the draft or off season. I mean we had Fuller and Posic we were fine.

  142. KennyBadger

    Kyle Fuller should be cut before the game is over.

  143. Blitzy the Clown

    Cmon Poona you gotta try for that!

    • OP_Chillin

      Could have made a better effort right??

  144. Hawks4life

    The sad part is we have played good on D and can’t even complete a drive and make a FG we should be winning, story of our lives. Then Blair comes in and makes of the most bone headed plays of the year

    • Pran

      He should be going for ball not player…so stupid, theme of our drafts..

  145. OP_Chillin

    What was the point of that big hit??? He was wrapped up this si so stupid by the defense!

  146. Paul Cook

    Really? Roughing the passer there?

  147. Mick

    This is getting hard to watch. Players with no brains.

  148. Big Mike

    Sean Payton just owned Ken Norton junior

    • Pran

      Ken feels happy for the comparison

      • Troy

        Pete runs the D

  149. Big Mike

    Brooks on Kanara? Nice defense design

  150. DC

    Just looked at the stats, DK has 3 targets and Swain has 6. Not a big fan of Waldron but also he probably wishes he didn’t take the job running O for Pete

    • SeaTown

      Rams didn’t seem too broken up over Waldron leaving. Listen to his press conferences. Seems like a nice guy but doesn’t come across as the brightest bulb.

  151. Paul Cook

    Oh EFF ME!

  152. Henry Taylor

    Good lord. What are you doing.

  153. Mick

    Not that it matters, 3 or 6, we won’t score anyways, but Woods shouldn’t make mistakes like that.

  154. OP_Chillin

    What the actual fuck?

  155. Gary

    Timeouts, who needs ’em?

  156. Leo

    Classic Pete Carroll team. Blair gives them the first with a pointless roughing, and Al Woods seals the deal. It’s raining and windy, so of course we bail them out. I’m tired of being an outcoached football team.

  157. Hawks4life

    Fucking pathetic

  158. DC

    Terrible discipline due to terrible coaching, but what’s new

  159. Troy

    I seriously can’t watch this shit anymore. Stupid mistakes.

  160. SeaTown

    This is Jim Mora JR Tom Flores football right here.

    • Big Mike

      I said that to 2 of my friends via text 100% agree

  161. Mick

    Wilson would have won us these last 2 games. Too bad we don’t care about giving him a decent OL to protect him.

    • Big Mike

      You mean Kyle Fuller isn’t good?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Totally agree that they need a better offensive line.

  162. Big Mike

    Roughing the kicker time?

  163. Tony

    My sole goal for this season is to not give jets a top 15 pick. So the adams trade hurts a little less. That is all.

    • clbradley17

      Not looking like that goal will be reached after starting 2-5 and several tough games to come @ GB, Rams & Cardinals. Could be top 5, or at least top 10.

  164. Big Mike

    Good thing we got all 3 of our time outs though

  165. Mick

    Anyone surprised to see a sack?

  166. Pran

    Geno turnover alert…brace for it.

  167. Blitzy the Clown


  168. Leo

    tHe OfFeNsE rUnS bEtTeR wItH gEnO

    • Big Mike

      ThAts WhAT I hEaRd

  169. AlaskaHawk

    It’s hard to admit that the defense played better than the offense today. Special award to field goal kicker Meyers.

  170. Pran

    Jets with 2 top 10 picks.. will that interest Pete move to Jets?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Can we have a fan vote on that move?

      • Pran

        Also keep an eye on Russ tonight. He may be sneaking on to Saints plane with Sean.

  171. Tony

    Welp, bring on Eason. Or Luton. Won’t change much. But I’ve seen enough of geno.

    • Hawks4life

      Agreed, whats the use of playing him when he has zero situational awareness. I wish I could fast forward the season to get answers on the future of the team

    • Simo

      Also agree. Very apparent now why Geno could never hold down a starting job. The offensive line didn’t help him at all, but he just doesn’t process what’s going on around him very well.

  172. Mick

    They better punt it

  173. Gary

    Jags may put the final nail in the Hawks home field advantage on Sunday.

  174. Henry Taylor

    I’m done with Geno now, someone else until Wilson gets back.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m not defending Geno, but the OL is cooked. Fuller is absolute garbage. Jones has never been good at pass pro. Even Duane Brown looks tired.

      And the Saints have an excellent defense.

      But I’m not sure anyone does well behind this OL.

      • Tony

        Russ isn’t hiding the issues anymore. We are seeing what a basic qb looks like running the team.

  175. Tony

    Now let’s hear pete talk about competing and we are so close, etc.

    • Gary

      If we hear one more time about the wisdom of keeping it close till the fourth quarter and playing for the final possession and blah, blah, blah, I’m gonna puke.

      • Bmseattle

        He probably thinks we “should” have won…if only we’d made our field goals!

        • Gary

          Played it perfectly according to the script for perfect Pete-ball.

        • IHeartTacoma

          To be fair, if the Seahawks had a decent kicker they’d have won. Probably.
          But, the team is poorly constructed and kicking is part of it. I’m done with PC/JS.

  176. Mick

    Pete had the chance to retire last year and blew it. Now he got the fans asking him to leave. That’s sad.

    • Gary

      I don’t think it’s sad, I think it’s hilarious. What’s sad is the dumpster fire he has turned this once-proud franchise into under his watch.

      • 206

        Second time mr. Carroll has done such a thing

  177. OP_Chillin

    I’m livid and I shouldn’t be

    • Blitzy the Clown

      No, you shouldn’t be. Because this is how it ends for Pete Carroll in Seattle.

      And it needs to end for Pete Carroll in Seattle for there to be growth.

  178. Big Mike

    0-3 startr at home. First time since ’92. That’s the 2-14 year. Wow, sin king to new depths

    • Gary

      New depths might happen on Sunday …

      • Big Mike

        very likely

  179. 12th chuck

    I hope that pc and js dont do anything stupid before the trade deadline, we should be sellers. Jamal and next years 2nd for m.thomas

  180. Big Mike

    Wonder if Rob’s even gonna bother with a post mortem?

  181. Tony

    Lose to jags. Go full on tilt. It’s what this regime deserves.

    • Big Mike

      It’s likely to happen. I mean what offense did we have tonight? One long TD playt where I hear the defender fell down and a FG. That’s IT

  182. Ashish

    I’m so happy that Russ got injured atleast we got trailer life without Russ. I hope there is no surprise now.

  183. SeaTown

    This team will lose to Jax. That might be a good thing. Maybe a loss to that organization will poke Jodie Allen to the reality that is PC/JS. Time for them to move on.

    • Simo

      It would never be good to lose to a team like the Jags, I hope the players have more pride than that. Also hope Jody Allen can see what’s going on with this franchise right now! Wholesale changes are overdue, the whole staff needs to be replaced, including Schneider!

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