Some thoughts and the latest on Russell Okung

Saturday began with Michael Silver anointing Detroit as the favourites to sign Russell Okung…

Saturday finished with Okung leaving Detroit without a deal — heading to Pittsburgh for a visit with the Steelers…

Visiting with the Steelers is in an interesting angle. They’ve only got $5.3m in spare cap room — and that’s without considering a rookie draft class, practise squad and injured reserve list.

Unless Okung is willing to play for a few bucks in 2016 — the Steelers are a highly unlikely destination. They’d have to offer him a long term deal that is severely backloaded.

So why make the visit?

As this process drifts on — it appears nobody is willing to pony up a substantial multi-year contract. He would’ve signed otherwise, wouldn’t he? Perhaps Detroit, the Giants or lingering San Francisco will come up with the goods in the next 24 hours? It’s not impossible.

Yet the longer this drags on — does it increase the chances of Okung returning to Seattle? After all, if he’s signing a one-year contract to return to free agency in better health next year, why not just stay with the Seahawks?

There are a couple of thoughts here.

Firstly, it might be better for Okung’s stock and health to play in a less aggressive, pass-friendly offense. Seattle’s system is based around physically pounding the ball in the run game and Okung isn’t the only one to suffer injuries over the years. James Carpenter, Max Unger, Breno Giacomini — they’ve all missed time.

If he plays in 16 games next season his stock will receive a boost when he returns to the market.

Secondly, playing in a pass-friendly offense plays to his skill-set. Pass-blocking for a quarterback like Matt Stafford should be relatively straight forward for Okung. That’s a major shift from having to protect the blindside of a scrambling, creative quarterback who frequently leaves the pocket.

The best way for Okung to advertise himself in 2016 is to play in Detroit’s offense, in their dome for 16 injury-free games. It arguably gives him the best opportunity to shine.

That could be the reason Michael Silver says the Lions are favourites. What keeps Seattle in the game is Okung’s attachment to the area, the likelihood they can compete on price and they’re a contender.

They have $12.7m in free cap room — enough to make a somewhat attractive offer for the next year or two.

One positive sign could be the apparent u-turn by Kelvin Beachum…

Beachum was reportedly set to visit the Seahawks on Monday — but he’s now going to the Jags.

It’s a curious move because the Jaguars already intend to start Luke Joeckel at left tackle. Beachum can play guard but made it clear to Pittsburgh he wants to continue protecting the edge.

With the Seahawks needing a tackle if Okung departs — surely it would’ve made sense to take the trip to the North West? Maybe he’ll still visit after heading to Florida? It might be a sign that Seattle is confident they will get either Okung or Donald Penn one way or the other — and that has been made clear to Beachum.

A resolution to this situation appears close.


  1. Jujus

    If we can sign Okung longer term and a veteran guard for a short deal we should be set.

    • troy

      In the latest addtion of “What Fanspeak Got Me for Christmas in 2016”

      26: R1P26

      56: R2P25

      90: R3P27

      98: R3P35

      125: R4P26

      172: R5P33

      215: R6P37

      223: R7P4

      245: R7P26

      • Greg Haugsven

        That’s called a pipe dream. I’ve done some of these as well and you get first/second round talent in the fourth/fifth rounds.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I like your last pick alot, he was on my last mock as well 🙂

        • Naks8

          Wow. That would be ridiculously good

          • HaroldSeattle

            I good with those picks.

  2. Nathan_12thMan

    Whether it is Okung, Penn or Beachum I will be happy to get a solid vet LT on the line. I pray for two things:

    1) We sign Beachum and find a way to have him be our LT long term. His play/talent ceiling sure sounds appealing, as does his age. Could be a pro-bowl LT. I just don’t know if he’d sign anything other than a prove it deal while his worth is so low (ACL injury). The smart play i’d assume is to sign a 1 year prove it deal, to prove it, then hit FA and sign a long term big $ deal.

    2) That if we sign one of these guys (especially if to a 1 year deal) we still draft OT in either the 1st or 2nd round (preferably 1st). It would be scary to see the Hawks ignore OT in the draft just because we have Gilliam and Penn/Okung/Beachum. Especially considering a OT can come in and compete for LG and if he can win it we can bench Britt, our worst O-linemen and biggest liability on the OL.

    • franks

      Yeah it would be nice to have a LG that can bounce out to Tackle when the season gets rolling and someone goes down. More of concern with Okung or Beachum than Penn.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Exactly. I didn’t mention that but it was definitely one of my thoughts. Especially if we use our R1 pick to grab a OT like Coleman or Ifedi who are more pro-ready than Clark who might be better than Britt at LG but I don’t know about using him in his rookie year at OT. Probably would go better than using Britt but if we can sign a vet Swing Tackle then I bet he would be the backup we’d use, leave Clark where he is (LG).

        • franks

          Pretty sure anything’s better than Britt. I like Ifedi/COleman more than a traditional guard for this year because they can kick out. Better going forward because Gillim will slide to Left and Ifedi/Coleman at RT if they’re good enough.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I agree, it would be nice to not ha e a rookie left tackle. Drafting a left tackle to play left guard year 1 would be ideal.

            • Greg Haugsven

              And also yes, anything is better than Britt playing left guard. Even if it means we need to start franks…lol

              • franks

                lol put me in their

                • Greg Haugsven

                  You’d be an upgrade

                  • franks

                    Coudnt be a downgrade!

  3. franks


    and we don’t get penn.

    1. Tradeup with Atlanta. Darren Lee gets picked by the Giants and they move back targetting Neal, need a better SS.

    1-#17-Decker. Left Tackle.

    2. Traded it to Atlanta value chart.

    3. Landon Turner. All-rookie left side of the line.

    3. Hargrave. Is he gonna be the guy that get picked way earlier than we think?

    4. Jaylon Smith

    5. David Morgan II TE from UTSA Inline starter great blocker good hands no separation think Mark Bruenner

    • Darth12er

      Landon Turner, I think that’s a new name for me. LG size?

      • franks

        Yeah he’s an animal, look him up.

        • H M Abdou

          From what I’ve seen, I’m very impressed with Landon Turner. Perfect replacement for Carpenter as that power LG that the Seahawks like.

  4. franks

    Maybe Beachum heard what we were gonna offer him..

  5. RWIII

    Rob. You make some fantastic points. However, maybe Jacksonville came up with a major offer. Jacksonville has tons more cap space then we do. I hope your theory is right. I want Russell Okung back.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s unlikely Jacksonville has made an offer seeing as he’s going for a visit. If they’d made a major offer we’d probably be hearing he’d agreed terms.

      Plus, considering he’s still recovering from an ACL injury, teams are going to want to check out his knee before making any kind of financial offer.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m frankly shocked Jacksonville hasn’t been more aggressive trying to acquire Okung.
      Maybe they would rather pay a market deal, than break the bank for a LT/RT in FA.

  6. southpaw360

    I wonder what Penn is looking for? Could Okung and Penn sign here for the year and we still have cap space for another signing or three? Can Penn even play LG?

    • franks

      You’ve gotta thin it’s gone down by now. Oakland might be out of the picture. If Okung goes for less than 8 or 9, Penn will be cheap I think.

      Probably dreaming but will there by money for Penn and Webb? Draft a couple guys and our biggest weakness hass become a strength. Webb a lot tougher and more aggessive than Bailey.

  7. Steele

    Count me among those not hoping for Okung, while hoping for a veteran replacement who is at least as good if not better. Beachum’s u-turn is disturbing. If the Lions don’t take Okung, he will know JSPC is desperate.

    Perhaps this is a good time to consider which teams out there utilize a similar zone blocking scheme. That will narrow down the potential free agents more likely to fit.

  8. Wall UP

    Good read Rob. Monday we should know who will be playing LT next year for the Hawks. I have the same feeling about the Lions providing Okung the best option.

    Webb as an option is visiting as well. I thought Penn was leaning towards returning to Oakland. And Beachum was going to Jacksonville first, since it’s closer, and then the long flight to south Alaska afterwards for the Hawks visit. 48 hrs is a long wait. Free Agency is really tough on the players.

    • Volume12

      I like Webb as that bigger Alvin Bailey type of swingman.

      He’s a guy that plays with a ton of effort. Gives it his all every snap. Dude’s been through a lot apparently.

      • Wall UP

        Webb is more of a RG/RT option than LG/LT. I think Beachum is the better fit for the void of Okung, if he does sign with Detroit. Webb could potentially compete for 3 spots, RT/RG/LG.

        Landing Beachum on a 3yr/21mil contract with a 6mil cap hit 2016 would be a coupĂ© for JS. Adding Webb to the mix for a 2yr/6.5mil with Beachum would be, as Rob would say, “FANTASTIC”!!

        I can actually see this come to fruition. Steelers want to move him inside and, as Rob mentioned, have cap constraints. He would still be available for another contract at 29yrs old. This kid is on the rise. His injury was a fluke leg whip by a blitzer and his on man runs over him.

        Both of them provide good PPro & Run blkg that may be an improvement over their predecessors. The two new additions would supplant 3, Bailey, Sweezy and Okung for far less $$$!! And still a possible upgrade?? Could this really happen? I sure hope so. We’ll see in the next few days if these are the new faces on the OL.

        • Volume12

          Why are people so excited for Beachum? A 6’3, highly unathletic tackle, coming off an ACL injury?

          • Rob Staton

            I have to say I agree with V12. He’s had one ACL injury and Pittsburgh are willing to move on.

            He has all the makings of a classic overrated ‘name’ free agent.

            • Volume12

              Rob, did you see Le’Raven, here comes the backlash, Clark has a tFREAK rating 100?

              His hands are almost a foot long! That’s as big as a piece of computer paper.

              • Rob Staton

                I didn’t see that — is there a link?

                • Volume12

                  It was Ethan O

                  • Volume12

                    Dammit. Ethan Young aka NFLDrafter mentioned it on his TL.

                    And Davis referenced the hand size.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                I’m starting to think we were separated at birth V12!

                • Volume12


                  Been thinking that for some time now my man.

                  It’s pretty damn crazy honestly,

                  Our inside joke, if you will.

          • Grant G

            The devil you know versus the one you don’t…

            • Volume12

              I like that saying. 🙂

              • Volume12

                I literally just figured out how to post emojis.

          • vrtkolman

            Agree, not to mention he doesn’t offer much in the run game. Isn’t a very physical player. He seems like the ant-Cable lineman.

          • WALL UP

            He is technically sound, and – “His trajectory over the first three years of his career should offer the Steelers all the incentive they need to lock up their left tackle for the long term. His performance in 2014 earned him a spot among the top 60 of our top 101, and letting a tackle of that caliber walk would be unwise. Beachum improved in pass protection in each of his first three seasons, and showed promising signs of maintaining his 2014 form in the first five weeks of the 2015 season before his injury”.- PFF

            To be honest, I had the same impression of him at first glace. He’s a 6-3 Bailey minus 25 lbs, completely off my radar. But, looking beyond the measurables you realize the heart of this young man who has overcome massive odds and continues meet all of the challenges against him.

            His next challenge is to complete his rehab from his freak injury and show that he deserves every bit if his new contract. Whether he becomes a Hawk or not, you like to root for this young man.


  9. Baldwin

    How much cap space do we have left after Kearse/Ryan?

    • Volume12

      Was that $12.5m what we got left or Detroit?

      • BHarKnows

        Us. If I’m not mistaken Detroit has a bunch more room than we do.

        • Greg Haugsven

          We have about 12.5 Milian left. There is still the 6.5 million from Lynch but that’s basically the money we have to save for three draft, IR, practice squad and such.

  10. cha

    Where does Jamarcus Webb fit in? Taking Bailey’s swing tackle spot?

    • Rob Staton

      Think so.

      • Del tre

        What would you think of switching Gilliam to lt and starting Web at right tackle then acquiring a veteran free agent left guar?

        • Grant G

          The guard market is pretty poor already – no one you would be ecstatic about signing. Stop gaps and depth available

  11. Mike L

    Possible late round/UDA wide receiver to keep an eye on..Alex Erickson (Wisconsin)..made first team All Big Ten as a Senior (despite inconsistent quarterbacking)..wasn’t invited to the combine..but ran a 4.44 40 at his pro day..a “head-turning” 3.88 5-10-5 agility drill (according to one report)..34.5 vertical..9’8″ broad jump…good hands..could definitely see him as a productive slot receiver at the next level.

  12. Stuart

    If it’s going to be just a 1 year with Okung, Beacham or Penn, Penn could be the best 16 game option and playoffs because his record of staying healthy all season. That needs to be an important factor yes?

    • franks

      If you want a naame that sounds good in the lineup, Penn isn’t it. But YES that has to be factor, the Left Tackle’s been getting hurt at the wrong time for years.

  13. JT

    Rob I just want to say on behalf of all the 12’s on this blog how awesome this site is. I only came upon it a couple months ago and now I don’t go a day without reading your posts and learning more about the Hawks and this draft class. Keep up the good work.

    • Bjammin

      I concur that Rob is legit.

      • Grant G

        It is known

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man!

  14. bankhawk

    I’m noticing that a Joe Thomas trade isn’t in the discussion here at all. I got an email from a friend yesterday touting just such a move (our #1 this year; #2 next and 10 mill/3 years?) re: what Holmgren and Millen had said on the Frosty Mahler show.
    Now, I personally recoil from such a move as inadvisable with a draft as deep as this year’s. If I’m re-hashing something covered elsewhere, forgive me. I prefer the plan laid out in this post. But my friend felt I was putting myself and my opinions above experienced NFL insiders and got a bit hot with me.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It’s been discussed in here before. A #1 and #2 is way to much for a 31 to be 32 year old LT even though he is the best.

    • Mike L

      I’ve watched JT quite a bit thru the years and he never struck me as a great run blocker..but he might be one of the best of all-time (certainly of his era) at pass protection. I wouldn’t hate that trade..but not sure he fits what the Hawks look for in an OL…

  15. bankhawk

    * Softy Oops!

  16. Veryal

    Miss st QB Dak Prescott arrested on DUI charges

    • Volume12

      That will almost certainly knock him down the board.

      If it was another position, maybe not, but since he’s a QB, it could make teams hesitant to pull the trigger.

      He’s a good kid though. Been through more growing up and in the past few years than your average prospect.

      • Veryal

        So do you believe it was a one time mistake? Or something deeper than that?

  17. Ukhawk

    Rob. Thx for reading the tea leaves. Two thoughts, really wondering what others’ view is:

    It would be a much better than expected free agency period if we ended up resigning Okung, Kearse, Ryan & Rubin. Much like this year’s draft, it feels like a lull year for free agency too. A year that had a very low amount of marquee players with a lot of money to chase them and it meant resigning as many of our own made the most sense.

    But I keep thinking “careful what u wish for”. Hawks had 7 starters on the block (albeit none of their key guys)
    Clearly Rubin is a good get then it gets tougher. Lane might be another but there is an injury risk. Now resigning Okung feels like doubling down on this injury risk and you have me questioning his durability in our system and his desire on a lower contract. I remain a big supporter of Okung based on his skillset, leadership and key position and hope it is a short term contract. If longer term it does make you wonder if we would be better off not resigning him rather than tying up future cap. Depending on the contract length, also wonder if Bruce would have been a better resigning; predicated on the fact he is not injury prone and he could have offered the additional pass rush we so desire.

    Do feel looking back that Irvin was too expensive from a strategic perspective to keep, OLBs can be found much cheaper. Likewise with Sweezey, given his position and poor pass pro, rolling with a replacement made more sense. Again where I am struggling is Kearse and Ryan resigning perhaps cause I thought they were gone but in the sense that we are tying up vital cap space on a 3rd/4th WR and a punter. Maybe those deals look a bargain soon based on future cap, maybe JSPS want more middling cap friendly players, maybe they are the Mebane constellation prizes. However again I keep second guessing and thinking the future alternatives/opportunity cost to using that cap space.

  18. Volume12

    Hawks D-line coach Travis Jones was at Oregon pro day running the D-line drills.

    Only 2 D-lineman there.

    Remember when it was rumored that Seattle scouts converged on the West teams DTs from the Shrine Game? There was a DT from Oregon there.

    Alex Balducci- 6’4, 310 lbs., 33″ inch arms,
    2015 stats: 40 tackles, 7.5 TFL, 3.5 QB sacks, 2 QB hurries

    Maybe I’m connecting too many dots, but it’s interestin nonetheless.

    EDGE Christian French was the other name, but was nowhere near the standouts that Balducci and LB Joe Walker (someone else to keep an eye on) reportedly were.

    • Jake

      Interesting. Balducci’s pro day results in the VJ (33″), BJ (9’5″), and short shuttle (4.57) all would have been top 8 or 9 for DTs at the combine. I’m not crazy about late-round project DTs, but I could support a pick on this kid

  19. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of UCLA C Jake Brendel?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Brendel reminds me a lot of Tim Barnes.

      • Volume12

        Did it again.

        I was just gonna ask you about him.

  20. Sea Mode

    Ok, I’m finally starting to come around on the Kearse signing. This article on Fieldgulls helped me see it in its wider context.

    Please bear with me if I paste a longer quote from it, because I think the author is spot on:

    “B) Kearse’s deal does NOT mean we’re paying him $4.5 million annually.

    It’s a three-year deal but the third year’s cap hit is 6.8 million. So really he’s on a 2/6.7 deal, with possibility to cut after two years for cheap, or renegotiate after two years. We’re paying him 3.33 million annually for the next two years. He was making 2.36 million last season. It’s a nice bump, but here, compare the money to other FA receiver contracts just handed out.

    Mohamed Sanu: 5/32.5, 14 guaranteed. He just completed a season with 33 catches for 394 yards and zero scores.

    Travis Benjamin: 4/24, 13 guaranteed. He’s a hot commodity after 68-966-5, but… his career catch rate is under 50 percent and his second-best season saw him “amass” 314 yards.

    Rishard Matthews: 3/15, 6 guaranteed. He just posted a 43-662-5.

    For reference, Chop Chop: 49-685-5 as the third and sometimes fourth option on a run-first team.

    Kearse and Matthews are the best comp, for sure. (Links to their PFR pages here and here.) They have roughly the same amount of lifetime catches and lifetime teeders after careers of similar length. But considering QB chemistry, isn’t Kearse the one you want? And isn’t he the one you’d want out of the whole list?”

    • 503Hawk

      Agreed. The familiarity / chemistry issue is often overlooked. There are more athletic receivers who can create separation more often than Kearse. But the coaching staff knows him (strengths & weaknesses) and how to utilize him the best. In turn, he knows Russ & the system and how to fit in. Contrast that w/ the super fast, shiny Ferrari (Harvin). Even Graham took some time to fit in.

      This same common sense can be applied to Okung vs any FA (although I really like Beachum). Do they even have a background in the ZBS. If not, how would they be more valuable than Okung on prove it deal?

    • Jake

      Personally, I thought it was a pretty good deal all around. That 6.8m cap hit in the third year seems steep, but as long as kearse doesn’t regress and the cap keeps rising like it has the previous couple years, I don’t think 6.8 would be that much of a stretch. You already pointed out Sanu, which seems like a pretty horrible deal. I also look at what Marvin Jones got (8m APY or some garbage). A) he’s not twice as valuable as kearse. B) IMO he’s not as good as Golden Tate, and Tate got an average in the 6m range from the same team just two seasons ago.
      Like you said the team can get out cheap in the third year if kearse doesnt produce or if Richardson or some new face outperforms him. Meanwhile, Russ gets a guy back that has converted some of the biggest pass plays of his career, not to mention franchise history. Now let’s use this money we didn’t overspend on kearse with to get okung back and keep this thing rollin!

  21. Sea Mode

    A day after Rob’s post on Bullard out comes another interesting article on him:

    • bobbyk

      Good read. Thanks.

  22. HawkPower12

    We usually say we want ‘consistency’ on the Oline…

    I think this is the year we build for that consistency ‘going into the future’. As in, let Okung go and draft a LT at #26, whoever you can, and add 2 other Olinemen in the draft to what we all ready have, then let them battle it out. The Oline got better last year after a horrid start, not really because of Patrick Lewis alone, but because we started using a quick paced offense with Russell. We should START this way this season with NO Lynch around.

    Thus I prefer:
    LT #26, LG Sokoli/Draft pick C Draft pick/Lewis RG Glowinski RT Gilliam

    Let the young line come together this year and THEN THAT consistency can grow over the next 3-6 years or so…

    • 503Hawk

      You make some good points. Sokoli getting experience at G seems easier / safer than C. Plus, I’ve got a gut feeling that we are one year away from returning to the SB, in part because of the experience and chemistry issues that still need to play out.

      • Nem Beselek

        I’ve thought this many times, if Sokoli is so athletic why are we trying to bulk him up to play guard, losing some of his athleticism in the process? Why not just let him keep his athleticism, and former body shape, and have him play LT or RT?

        Seems like such a no-brainer to me, am I missing something?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I hadn’t heard that SEA are trying to bulk up Sokol. Is that accurate?

          • Jarhead

            I think he is using the assumption that Soke would have to bulk up and gain weight to be a G. Essentially- why ask him to bulk up to be big enough to play G instead of playing him as is at T.

            I would love to see Soke get on the field. Either at T, or as I have suggested, as a jumbo package TE or extra T on 6 lineman sets. He has that lateral quickness and agility to get outside a DE, and I would imagine he would be as capable a blocker as any TE on the roster

        • J


          • CHawk Talker Eric

            He has 34″ arms

    • pqlqi

      Id rather:

      LT -> Gilliam/ X / X / X / #26 (Conklin hopefully) <- RT

  23. Volume12

    They didn’t use a quick passing offense though.

    Converted 3rd downs, and RW started letting his receivers make a play on the ball throwing out in front of them.

    Executing is what they started doing.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    Check out this video of NFL execs/scouts talking about Jack Conklin. One of them specifically mentions SEA as a team that Conklin belongs on.

    • Rob Staton

      #14 to Oakland.

      Seems almost inevitable.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Wouldn’t surprise me. He’s becoming my favorite OT prospect for SEA. Well, him and Clark (see below).

        • Volume12

          Conklin is almost assuredly outta reach. Which sucks.

          But yes, Ifedi, Clark, Spriggs. Followed by Coleman and Decker.

      • RWIII

        Conklin will not be on the board at 26. Some one will gobble Conklin up LONG before Seattle has a chance to grab him. You can take that to the Bank

  25. CHawk Talker Eric

    Been thinking a lot about LeRaven Clark to SEA at 26 (or after a small trade down). There’s been some discussion on SDB about him, mostly negative. But it’s not all bad where he’s concerned. Here’s part of a scouting report courtesy of

    STRENGTHS: Possesses good thickness through his rear and thighs helping him drop and anchor. Plays with outstanding foot quickness in his pass sets. Able to mirror head­-faking pass rushers like a cornerback with ability to shift weight and change directions seamlessly. Uses choppy, controlled slides in pass sets instead of long, protracted kick-­slides. Able to shut down darting inside moves with relative ease. Blessed with exceptionally long arms. Uses length and excellent timing to get hands on edge rushers quickly disrupting their game­plan. Has athleticism to effectively recover and fight back when he gets beaten. When he gets hands on defender and locks out, it is over.

    “He’s going to end up being big time in our league. He’s got elite foot quickness, he’s long and he’s smart. He’ll keep getting better once he gets to a pro offense and away from that stuff Texas Tech does and he’ll become one of the top five tackles in our league.” — NFC personnel director

    BOTTOM LINE: Clark is an ascending left tackle prospect with the elite foot quickness and length that NFL teams simply donÂ’t pass up for very long. Clark could still use more muscle on his frame and will need to be much more consistent with his technique rather than just relying on his length if he is to reach his full potential in the pros. Left tackles with his potential in pass protection carry first round value and Clark has a Pro Bowl upside with the floor of an average NFL starter.

    Even if Okung resigns, SEA could plug Clark in at LG then move him outside when Okung does leave.

    • Volume12

      Love Clark. He seems like aTC guy to me.

      And by that I mean this: says he’d rather be fishing on draft day. According to the ‘guru’ that means he don’t love the game. I call BS. Does Joe Thomas ring a bell?

      Why do I mention this? It says to me that he’s not caught up in the limelight, nor does he care about hype. Something that TC specifically said he likes and wants in his O-lineman.

      tFREAK rating of 100 and had hands almost a foot long. If he gets his hands on you, it’ over.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Nothing against Tunsil, but Clark has the tools to end up being the best OT in the class.

        • Volume12

          Funny you mention that.

          I see a flawless pass protector in Tunsil, which you want outta your LT, but I see more nasty, power, and more of a run blocker in Clark.

          BTW, I’d take Clark at 26.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            It’s funny you mention that. I think Tunsil and Stanley are very similar in this respect. And both are similar to Okung.

            • Coug1990

              I am not sure I agree with all of this Clark love. Sure, he is a great athlete. But, I don’t think he will ever reach his potential. I think he is going to be a tease for some team.

              • 75franks

                I hope we don’t draft him at 26. the last thing the hawks need is more projects. say 5 or 6 id be ok with that although I know he wont last that long

      • Cockney Hawk

        Emmanuel Ogbah v LeRaven Clark. Found this you 4min tube clip of the them. Interesting assessment grades their match up as a draw..

        • Steele

          Wouldn ‘t it be amusing if somehow both wind up on the team?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I feel compelled to highlight this part:

      “Able to mirror head­-faking pass rushers like a CORNERBACK with ability to shift weight and change directions seamlessly.” (emphasis added).

      This from someone 6’6″ 315lbs.

      • Volume12

        That is impressive and a unique trait.

        I also like the part where it mentions his ceiling/upside is a Pro-Bowler, and floor of an average NFL starter. Sounds familiar?

        Someone who enjoys coaching OL prospects is gonna get a stud in this guy.

        • Tien

          Interesting perspective, CHawk & Volume 12!

          I don’t hate this idea but am abot 70 – 30 against it.

          Even if Clark fulfills his potential, a big if with any prospect, he probably won’t be ready contribute for another 2 or 3 years.

          In the mean time, we desperately need a competent OL so that we can maximize our championship window of the next 2-3 years and I would prefer a lower ceiling but higher floor competent T that we can plug in (not guaranteed for sure but more likely) at a starting position on the OL in the first or second year.

          It’s very tempting to shoot for the moon and hope that Clark turns into that dominant 10 year starter at T but when balanced against the risk of us wasting the championship potential of our core stud players, I would probably pass on Clark in the first round and take a chance on him in the 2nd or ideally, 3rd round.

          • Volume12

            I gotta disagree somewhat.

            He might take 2-3 years to reach his ‘full’ potential, but he’s a guy you could put at LT or LG and be more than competent. Might take his lumps early on, but as you mentionec, what O-line prospect isn’t going to regardless?

            Might have to take him at the end of round one or with a tradeback into the early part of round 2. I truly believe he won’t last long.

            • rowdy

              He sounds a lot like cmike, everything you can ask for athletically but needs to work on everything.

              • Coug1990

                Kind of what I wrote above before I saw your post. He is going to be a tease for some team.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Uh, no. Not at all like CMike. CMike’s problem is attitude/mentality. Clark doesn’t have any such issues.

                Clark started 51 straight games for TT. CMike was benched by Sumlin during his final year.

                • 75franks

                  doesn’t that bother you that he started 51 games and is still technically flawed?

                  • Volume12

                    Has some of the best feet I’ve seen outta this year’s crop of OT’s.

                    With his length and gigantic hands, in an NFL scheme, he has the chance to be dominant, and completely control the edge on the LOS.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Every offensive lineman in college football is technically flawed.

            • oz

              I agree. I don’t think he will make it to #42.

          • RealRhino2

            Agree with Tien. Watched two games on draftbreakdown. Better than I thought he’d look, but NO WAY ready to come in and play in Year 1. I suppose it’s possible he could come in and be Justin Britt in Year 1 at LG, but then why draft him at #26?

            I love how his “strengths” include using controlled backpedal instead of protracted kick-slides. Ha. IOW, can’t kick-slide. Not in the two games I saw. That backwards waddle will get him eaten alive by speed guys lined up wide, IMO. And looks hopeless — though eager — at the second level, consistently whiffing on guys. And on cut blocks.

            Love the athleticism, the attitude. Just a difference in philosophy, I guess. I want my R1 guys to play well right away. I don’t think that’s Clark. Also my philosophy is that teams in a championship window should be in the business of minimizing risk, so I wouldn’t like him until R3.

            • Volume12

              He’s got the skill set to come in right away at LT or LG.

              Seattle rolls the dice on potentially elite talent. That’s not to say it’s gonna be Clark, but he is a possibility.

              You guys are placing too much of a premium on a 1st round pick. Seattle let one go last year, and probably 2 this year. They got 1 first rounder on the roster.

              Taylor Decker, Shon Coleman, Ryan Kelly, Jack Conklin, whoever else is deemed a ‘safe’ pick, or ‘plug and play’ are all gonna get coached up if Seattle drafted them and have to learn the scheme.

            • 75franks

              Just a difference in philosophy, I guess. I want my R1 guys to play well right away. I don’t think that’s Clark. Also my philosophy is that teams in a championship window should be in the business of minimizing risk, so I wouldn’t like him until R3.

              perfectly said

    • Cockney Hawk

      Clark does have experience at RG prior to moving to left tackle.

      • reggieregg

        They actually said he was very good at rg!

  26. Volume12

    Is J’Marcus Webb coming aboard?

    I’m seeing things like him saying, ‘Movin!

    Also people talking asuredly. ‘Is Webb our new Bailey?’ Things like that.

    Or just rumors?

    • Volume12

      Just answered my own question,

      He’s flying here from O’Hare aiport in Chicago, where he lives, and said on ‘Insta’ that he’s gonna be moving.

      • Baldwin

        I live in Chicago now and outside of Cutler, the two guys who also get trashed daily on sports talk radio are Webb and McClellan.

      • cha

        I haven’t heard any sources saying anything yet.

        • bobbyk

          Daily transcripts of trashing a guy on talk radio probably won’t show up in a google search.

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    @RapSheet: Former #Patriots DL Sealver Siliga is visiting the Seattle #Seahawks, source said. They’ve been looking for DL help

    • Volume12


      IMO he’d be somewhat similar to what they and we thought/hoped DT Jesse Williams was gonna be.

    • John_s

      Former Seahawk who had a nice preseason

    • Steele

      Siliga would be a solid addition, if not spectacular. Rotational piece. Filled in decently when Wilfork went out in NE.

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    @JFowlerESPN: Russell Okung has an offer on the table from Steelers. Team meeting with more OTs in next few days. Kelvin Beachum still unsigned.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      His shoulder must have checked out with their medical staff. Also the offer must be for less and/or shorter term than he wants, or he’d have signed it then and there.

      • cha

        I wouldn’t assume that. Okung’s FA tour doesn’t sound conventional.

        • 75franks

          agreed cha its his first shot at FA I bet hes havin a ball

          • Greg Haugsven

            This all sounds like he’s going to be back with the Seahawks.

          • RealRhino2

            Like a kid being recruited by colleges, maybe he just wants to take all his trips, make sure it’s the right spot for him.

  29. Sea Mode

    Jon Ryan’s contract details are in. Only $1.6m hit in 2016 and 2017!

    • cha

      Looks like it forces both sides back to the table after 2017 when Ryan is 36.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Both his and Kearse’s signings make a lot more sense now. Reasonable cap numbers for the first two years. JS continues to be quite masterful. They let the right players get to free agency. And are only bringing back those who make cap sense.

  30. reggieregg

    With the mention of the Steelers only having 5.6 million available …. how much can they possibly be offering??

  31. Volume12

    FA RB Lance Dunbar visiting Seattle.

    Clemson RB Zac Brooks is lined up for a VMAC visit.

    Both are undersized. Or ouside of Seattle’s wheelhouse in terms of what they usually like/look for.

    Makes me think, I’m not the only one, that Seattle may be targeting a COP of back to go with Rawls.

    • Volume12

      Also might explain them at Troy’s pro day, checking out RB Brandon Burkes- 5’8-5’9, 205 lbs.

    • cha

      I don’t have a very good handle on Dunbar. Every time I see a highlight package of him he’s running through a gap the size of a semi due to the Dallas OL. Won’t be that easy in Seattle. It does seem like he can ID the cut and go without too much trouble.

      • Volume12

        They might not even sign him, but them bringing him in at his size, with this particular crop of RB prospects and the RB they got visiting the VMAC, the value looks to be COP types.

      • sdcoug

        Very good catching the ball out of the backfield. Seattle seems to be incorporating more (or at least have the option) of third down swing passes or wheel routes to the RB

        • Steele

          The offense benefits from a COP back. Especially one who is also a gifted receiver. That is why I would love to see them land Prosise.

  32. Cockney Hawk

    Emmanuel Ogbah v LeRaven Clark. Found this you 4min tube clip of the them. Interesting assessment grades their match up as a draw.

    Rob, not sure if youve seen this but funny both players could be on the Seahawks radar.

    • Cockney Hawk

      Rob, nice if we could get both with our first and second.

      • oz

        Clark won’t last till #56. Most sites I have seen him going in the top 50. I have also seen him mocked to the Broncos at 31.

  33. cha

    16m16 minutes ago
    Bob Condotta ‏@bcondotta
    Am told that despite other reports, Russell Okung has no other visits planned at the moment. …

    … visited the Steelers today, has an offer from them, and is assessing his options. Seahawks remain an option as well.

    • troy

      Brent Stecker
      Reports: Russell Okung offered contract by Steelers, to meet with Texans next
      Representing himself, Seahawks free-agent left tackle Russell Okung continues to build up a market for his services after visiting the Steelers on Sunday.

      • Cockney Hawk

        With Okung reportedly meeting with the Titans, something worth noting is that the 28 year old grew up in the Houston area. The Texans have already made a big splash this offseason, signing Brock Osweiler to be their quarterback.

        In other Seahawks free agency news, running back Lance Dunbar visited with the team Sunday, according to ESPN’s Adam Caplan. Dunbar, 26, had 67 rushing yards on five carries and 215 receiving yards on 21 catches in four games for Dallas last season. He suffered a season-ending torn ACL injury in October. He would be a candidate to back up Thomas Rawls.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I think he meant to type Texans in the beginning, not Titans.

  34. sdcoug

    Minor note: Seahawks (along with several other teams) approached Wazzu LB Kache Palacio about his willingness to move to Fullback. Pro-day numbers almost identical to Glenn Gronkowskis. scouts were impressed with his athleticism

    Also, I know he was discussed here previously, but WR Dom Williams would have been the only combine WR to post a sub-40 (4.40/4.38) AND a 40+ vertical (40.5) had he been invited. Productive, but has those maddening Kearse-like moments where hands/concentration bites him.

    Both guys might be worth monitoring as UDFAs

  35. D

    Deion Jones ran a 4.38 40 at his pro day. You always have to take pro day results with a grain of salt, especially compared to his time at the Combine, but that is still pretty impressive.

    Back on the radar in the 2nd-3rd?

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