Southern Miss vs Louisiana Tech highlights

I’m going to be tracking the progress of Austin Davis (QB, Southern Miss) this season. He’s a quarterback who hasn’t been talked about that often who I believe has a legitimate shot at making a go of it at the next level. The conditions were horrendous against Louisiana Tech and the Golden Eagles just sneaked through with a 19-17 victory. This is the only tape I could get on the game, so the week one ‘highlights’ will┬ámerely include a block for the end-around score and a rallying speech before leading his team to a game winning field goal.


  1. Aaron

    I think the most interesting part of that game was when he got fired up at one of his teammates and his team when one of his drives got held up in the red zone during the second half. From memory, he was pissed not because he got sacked on the third down but one of his targets failed to get open on the flat. The left hand side was completely empty as well. I’m sold. I like his swagger.

    It was a ridiculously ugly game, given the weather, but Davis ‘managed’ the team to victory as you said, if only his receivers could catch most of his throws though…

  2. MattA

    He looks interesting. I’ll have to keep him on my radar this year. I don’t have any confidence in Tarvaris Jackson, although I don’t believe we are intentionally doing the suck for Luck thing. Very athletic, there is a clip on youtube of him making a nifty catch.

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