Stanford’s Solomon Thomas is going in the top-15

Solomon Thomas declared for the draft today. Don’t expect him to be available for the Seahawks.

Thomas took part in the 2013 Nike Sparq Combine and look at the results:

Height: 6-3
Weight: 261lbs
Forty: 4.95s
Short shuttle: 4.25s
Powerball: 44
Vertical: 36.7 inches
SPARQ: 121.77

Only the following players had a better SPARQ score in the 2013 event:

Curtis Samuel (WR, Ohio State) — 126.78
Speedy Noil (WR, Texas A&M) — 153.51
Ed Paris (CB, LSU) — 130.8
Christian Miller (LB, Alabama) — 124.17
Terry McLaurin (WR, Ohio State) — 141.96
Trey Marshall (CB, Florida State) — 126.99
Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC) — 122.77
Elijiah Hood (RB, North Carolina) — 133.47
Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia) — 143.91
Shaun Hamilton (LB, Alabama) — 123.84
Lorenzo Carter (LB, Georgia) — 129.75
Tony Brown (CB, Alabama) — 136.2
Braxton Berrios (WR, Miami) — 131.37
Dillon Bates (LB, Tennessee) — 126.69
Joey Alfieri (LB, Stanford) — 131.28
Kavin Alexander (CB, Arkansas State) — 123.78

Notice the lack of defensive linemen on that list? Of those taking part in the nationwide Nike combines, Thomas was by far the most athletic D-liner. His SPARQ number is superior to the following:

Jamal Adams (S, LSU) — 117.63
Budda Baker (S, Washington) — 110.94
Derek Barnett (DE, Tennessee) — 109.92
Dalvin Cook (RB, Florida State) — 110.64
Malachi Dupre (WR, LSU) — 120.72
Royce Freeman (RB, Oregon) — 121.17
Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M) — 115.83
Deshone Kizer (QB, Notre Dame) — 74.88
Joe Mixon (RB, Oklahoma) — 105.33
Cam Robinson (T, Alabama) — 97.5
Travis Rudolph (WR, Florida State) — 107.01
JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, USC) — 94.35
Jalen Tabor (CB, Florida) — 93.69
DeShaun Watson (QB, Clemson) — 96.93
Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida) — 97.65

His time in the short shuttle (4.25 seconds) would’ve been the fourth best time at the 2016 NFL combine for defensive linemen. Only Alex McCalister (4.00), Joey Bosa (4.21) and Shaq Lawson (4.21) ran faster than a 4.25.

Thomas’ vertical jump of 36.7 inches would’ve come second only to Dadi Nicolas’ 41 inch effort. The second best effort was Emmanuel Ogbah’s 35.5 inches.

The powerball is arguably a greater test of translatable strength compared to the bench press. Thomas’ score of 44 was only beaten at the 2013 Nike combines by Dante Booker Jr. (45.5).

The only think stopping him reaching the freakish SPARQ score of +130 is an average forty yard dash of 4.95 seconds. It’s worth noting that Joey Bosa only ran a 4.85 and Robert Nkemdiche a 4.87. Thomas ran this time at a lighter 261lbs. He’s currently listed at 273lbs but would ideally get into the 4.8’s after specific pre-combine speed training.

It’s not even that important really. Ultimately his 10-yard split time is the thing to keep an eye on.

This is a very intriguing pre-college physical profile and there’s every chance he’s more athletic now after a few years at Stanford.

Thomas took over the Sun Bowl against North Carolina with a statement performance. He lived in the backfield, winning with quickness off the edge, power working the interior and creating several splash plays. He had the play of the game — crashing into the backfield on a two-point attempt with UNC trying to tie with seconds remaining.

On this evidence he’s a top-15 lock and the top ten isn’t unrealistic either.

He lines up at DT a lot and moves around. In one sack against Notre Dame he engages the right guard and then uses the center/DT battling to his right almost as a shield to loop around and get to Deshone Kizer. It’s a creative way to get to the QB — highlighting his game awareness and not just his physicality.

Notre Dame often doubled teamed him in that game. He drew two false start flags on the same drive.

This is Thomas at his best working the interior:

That said, you do occasionally find plays like this:

It’s hard to imagine Alamaba’s Jonathan Allen toiling with a tiny running back sent in to help out an overmatched O-liner. In fairness the running back does a good job here and really helps out the lineman — but Thomas needs to throw him to one side.

When he plays with the fire and attitude we saw against North Carolina he was virtually unstoppable. Playing with that level of intensity snap-by-snap is crucial to deliver on his massive potential. Let’s see that nasty edge every week. If he maintains that spark — he can be a special player at the next level.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    What if he has an horrendous combine?

    • Rob Staton

      It would be a shocking turn of events… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rawls1234

    Do you think Solomon’s a good target for a trade up to around 20-25 if he lasts?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t imagine him lasting that long.

      • Hawktalker

        I would take that as an, “oh yea”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. JT

    His versatility makes him an interesting case. The abiliity to disrupt the run from the DT spot at only 275 pounds in unreal. Reminds me of Mike Bennett. His physical profile might even be better than MB, since he has that freakish upper body power to go with the explosion and burst.

    • Phil

      As Rob pointed out, with the game on the line against NC, he just took over. He had already played a good game, but he just took it to another level in the last few minutes. Another Stanford guy to follow Sherman and Baldwin would be a dream scenario. But, it would take a big expenditure of our draft resources to make a trade to move up to where he might be available. I’m a supporter of quality over quantity when it comes to the Seahawks draft, so rather than move down in the draft to pick another Ifedi for the OL, I would rather try to solve our OL woes through free agency and use our draft to get high-potential “skilled” players or pass rushers who can play inside — even if it means packaging multiple picks to trade up to get them.

      • JT

        I’ve loved the “quantity” approach they’ve used, getting 10’ish picks every year. But they just aren’t hitting on those mid-late round gems anymore, not since McCloughan left.

        6-7 picks would be a solid number this year, to allow for a trade up if warranted.

      • Donald

        Other teams are copying the Seahawks way of evaluating talent. I am in favor of using multiple picks to move up and get fewer – higher quality impact players .

  4. Ed

    I’ve only watched two of his games, Arizona and Kansas State on draftbreakdown, but I wasn’t very impressed. Sounds like he had an awesome Sun Bowl, but in the two games I watched he didn’t seem quick off the snap, looked slow in pursuit (at 273lbs), but definitely showed good hands and strength. It seems like the pressure he did get was on long developing plays, not immediate disruption. I’m not saying he won’t be a solid pro, but based on the two games I saw I wouldn’t want him in round one.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Got a little pre-natty mock draft for you guys.

    Mostly based on need. Lots of reaches and fallers

    1. Browns Leonard Fournette RB LSU
    2. 49era Myles Garrett OLB TAMU
    3. Bears Mitch Trubisky QB UNC
    4. Jaguars Jabrill Peppers S Michigan
    5. Titans (via Rams) Jonathan Allen DL Alabama
    6. Jets Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama
    7. Chargers Malik Hooker S OSU
    8. Panthers Garrett Bolles T Utah
    9. Bengals Solomon Thomas DL Stanford
    10. Bills Jamal Adams S LSU
    11. Saints Reuben Foster LB Alabama
    12. Browns (via Eagles) Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
    13. Cardinals Quincy Wilson CB Florida
    14. Colts Dalvin Cook RB FSU
    15. Eagles John Ross III WR Washington
    16. Ravens Tim Williams DE Alabama
    17. DC Zach Cunningham LB Vanderbilt
    18. Titans OJ Howard TE Alabama
    19. Buccaneers Sid Jones CB Washington
    20. Broncos Ryan Ramczyk T
    21. Lions Takk McKinley DE UCLA
    22. Dolphins Charles Harris DE Missouri
    23. Giants Budda Baker S Washington
    24. Raiders Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    25. Texans Justin Evans S TAMU
    26. Packers Gareon Conley CB OSU

    Available players of note; Damascus Walker, Jalen Tabor, Evan Engram, Obi Melifonwu, Taco Charlton, Malik McDowell

    27. Seahawks Mike Williams WR Clemson
    28. Steelers Evan Ingram TE Ole Miss
    29. Falcons Taco Charlton DE Michigan
    30. Chiefs Damascus Walker DL FSU
    31. Cowboys Jalen Tabor CB Florida
    32. Patriots Obi Melifonwu S UConn

    Mike Williams is a prototype redline winner. This year we get lucky and an elite athletic profile falls to us.

    Finally Pete gets his Mike Williams

    • C-Dog

      Interesting mock. If Seattle takes a luxury pick in Mike Williams R1, maybe there’s a trade up R2 for D’Onta Foreman, if that’s who they like at RB.

      • AlaskaHawk

        That would make an interesting one two punch of an upgrade to the offense if they picked Mike Williams and then a big running back. Maybe go defensive line and offensive line with two picks in the third. So many fun combinations of players to think about!!!

        • C-Dog


    • AlaskaHawk

      I just noticed you have Cleveland Browns picking Fournette and Watson. Wow – that would be a good start to the draft for them. Talk about a new offense!

      • Kenny Sloth

        That’s what I thought.

        I would’ve given them Kizer with their second pick if Watson and Trubisky were off the board.

    • Trevor

      Interesting mock Kenny if we pass on Charlon and Walker for a WR I will be really disappointed but I am sure Russ would be pumped.

      • Kenny Sloth

        We take pass rushers and skill positions early. The depth at DL is better than WR and the value on OL is greater layer on

        • Coleslaw

          I agree completely and would love Williams on the team. We’d have a legit passing offense, Kearse could step back to #4 or 5 where he belongs and used when matchups allow it. As long as we either draft 2 linemen soon after or get one in FA I’m down!

    • Trevor

      I love the Watson pick to the Browns but if the Jets pass on him they are crazy. He was built to play on Broadway.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I actually don’t like any of these QB’s.

        The Jets would be looking for a project guy IMO.

        • Volume12

          I’ve been watching a lot of Tennessee RB Alvin Kamara. IMO Seattle will love this kids character and personality. Former JUCO product that is hungry to prove himself. Was originally at ‘Bama.

          Dynamic playmaker (one of the best in the country) that is not only a great return man, but electric. Great balance after contact, can win between the tackles or outside of them. One of the best receiving back in the country. Just glides around on the field. So smooth.

          Here’s the thing. A lot of the RBs in this years draft are going to be 4.55-4.60 runners with little lower body explosion. Kamara will be one of the more SPARQy prospects at RB this year.

          He might be redundant with Prosise on the roster and maybe the signing of RB/WR JD McKissic was to give them a Prosise ‘type,’ but I don’t think Seattle would ever pass on the opportunity to add an athletic, dynamic, versatile athlete. Especially at the #1 position they need more out of.

          Maybe, just maybe they feel like they’ve got 2 power or more physical backs in Rawls & Collins. And, as I mentioned, you could probably add a thumper in UDFA this year in regards to this particular class.

          Kamara is a 3 down back. Not saying he’s the answer, but for me, a very possible option.

          • C-Dog

            I don’t know if redundancy to Prosise is a bad thing at all because, in his short time on the the field, he showed ridiculous playmaking ability as a runner and receiver. If Seattle wants their backs to have the ability to run between tackles and be explosive out of the backfield as a wrinkle moving forward, why not have a couple of these guys?

    • Gray

      Seattles a Doug Baldwin injury away from being a total dumpsterfire at WR. I feel like I’ve griped on here about taking a WR a fair amount but I don’t feel that good about who they have going forward. I think the hawks gotta trust their ability to find gems for the D in the later rounds, and go get you a young stud for your franchise qb. That being said, I think they can upgrade a lot of positions in this first round so in pc/js i trust.

    • Donald

      Good Mock. I’m all in for getting a stud WR. Why not WR Corey Davis?

      • D-OZ

        I like Davis as well…

  6. Trevor

    Another great write-up Rob! Love when you do these detailed break downs. It is pieces like this one tha make what you do here on the blog truly unique and special.

    After watching him at the Sun Bowl I was so excited about Thomas. He looked like the 2nd coming of Aaron Donald. It was one of the best performances I have seen from a college DL prospect.

    After that game I went to find everything bit of tape I could as he seemed like a guy who could be there for us based on the national talk. I have to say the rest of the tape I have seen on him has not come close to matching that Sun Bowl effort.

    You still see disruption particularly when lined up inside but nothing close to the explosive player we all witnessed in the Sun Bowl. It is a bit of a mystery to me really.

    The guy at the Sun Bowl is a top 5 pick. The guy on the rest of the tape I watched is an early day #2 guy.

    Given that inconsistency if we decide to go with an inside / outside pass rusher I still really prefer Walker. He is much more consistent and has far better hand usage to disengage blockers both as a pass rusher and in the run game. Thomas is definitely going to test better based on those SPARQ #s though I am sure.

    • Rob Staton

      All fair points Trevor. Some of his games this year were pretty ‘meh’. I want to see him play with the intensity he showed vs North Carolina all of the time. Aaron Donald doesn’t take a snap off. If Thomas can light the fire every week, he can be an incredible player. I think he’ll do it.

  7. Trevor

    Watching Alabama it is hard not to love Tim Williams he plays with a great motor and has been really productive. That being said I think he is one of the most over rated prospects in the draft and prime example of looking better because of the talent around him. Watch him off the edge and you don’t see any of the bend associated with most edge rushers. I keep seeing him mocked in the top 15 if so that is great for the Hawks as it allows another guy to slide to use.

    • JT

      He’s not super bendy, but his burst is incredible. He’s a plug and play 10-sack guy, even if he only plays on passing downs at first (a legit possibility).

      That said, his off-field BS scares me away. We already have three 10-sack DE’s anyway as well.

    • Ukhawk

      I like him very much. Physically he’s a perfect LEO. Fast, powerful, long and irrespective he has been very productive in 1 v 1 rush situations without help from teammates. Jeremiah likes him too comparing him to Ansah. I think he could fall based on comments by Walter football in that there are major character concerns which put me off as well.

      • Mr. Offseason

        What red flags are there with Tim Williams?

  8. JakeB

    Tony Pauline already has him as low as 17 if you haven’t caught it already.

    • Volume12

      I love Tony Pauline, one of the best if not THE best draft insider, but that mock made zero sense.

      He slots ‘Gama’s Can Robinson to Tennessee saying they need a RT. They just spent the 8th overall pick on one in Jack Conklin. Then someone asked him about it and he said Conklin could play LT. Taylor Lewan anyone?

      And then with the next pick, NY Jets, said he wanted to give them a RT but there isn’t one worthy of it. Bro, you just put a RT at the 5 spot! Then to top it off, everything he’s heard says Utah OT Garrett Bolles will be a top 10 pick and the premier LT. WTF!?

      • Volume12

        Oops. So there would be a tackle worthy of the 6 selection then.

      • Trevor

        Yeah I saw that. It was a bizarre mock all the way around. Almost like he did it drunk or trying the stir the pot because even his explanations for the picks made no sense.

      • JakeB

        Agree that the Tennessee deal is weird. Anyone paying attention to the NFL the last few years knows the Titans have first rounders all over that line. Seems to me if they had a question mark there it would be at guard.

  9. Ukhawk

    Can’t wait for more updated SPARQ/combine results. Curious where players currently stack up rather than their measurables at 17/18 years old. Allegedly Myles Garrett will now blow Bosa and Thomas figures away running sub 4.6 at 270! Know Demarcus Walker was +100 SPARQ in high school but don’t see him on the above list

  10. WALL UP

    Could this be a possible trade down pick for hawks in the 2nd Rd, or perhaps their own 2nd Rd pick?

    • WALL UP

      Ohioโ€™s Tarell Basham who is also rated as a second day pick, was complimentary of Garcia telling people heโ€™s an “explosive, workhorse tackle who plays through the whistle.”

      Pauline states: “Garcia needs to get stronger, which will improve his run blocking, and show a little more confidence in his outstanding potential so he can take his game to the next level. Right now heโ€™s the fastest rising tackle on boards.”

      Under Cable’s tutelage Garcia may just reach that “outstanding potential”. If Zeitler is obtained as a FA, along with Garcia, the OL could flourish in 2017 and beyond.

      • Cysco

        I tend to believe Pete when he says that the current line is the line of the future. I don’t think they’re going to invest in the OL early in the draft. They’ll probably grab a couple guys later to come in and compete/push the current guys next season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a veteran LT brought in. I just don’t see them drafting anyone in the first/second round with the expectation that they are slotted into a starting roll.

        I think it’s more likely we see them go DL with their first pick and a skill offensive position with their second. (or flip that depending on how the draft pans out)

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree with you that they won’t draft offensive line until third round or later. The reasons being that the defensive picks are better in early draft, or they will pick a game changer on offense.

        • Wall UP

          RT isn’t as settled as LT. Garcia can play both as a starter. This is a sub par list of OTs. Trading down to the 2nd round for another potential starter, @ the right value, makes sense and fills a need.

          Outside of Bolles, who is out of reach, Garcia is the closest thing with great potential. You’re not going to get that potential in a later round. Gilliam may not be resigned. Garcia could provide that option @ RT or LT

  11. nichansen01


    Thoughts on UW’s Vita Vea going top 5 in 2018?

    • Rob Staton


      • Mr. Offseason

        Huge keep for UW if he stays. It will go a long way toward keeping this defense elite. Though, I have no idea which young players will step up next year and which ones will have the talent to start.

        • DLep

          They will be young at certain spots but have a ton of talent waiting in the wings. Rapp, Mcintosh should only be better at the safeties, Bierria and Victor back, Gaines and Vea obviously.

          I think the question marks will be where to get some pass rush from (kind of left when Mathis went down this year) and replacing the studs in the secondary. Gilchrist, Love and Murphy are all 4 star plus kids who redshirted this year, all DBs, and word was that sophomore corner Jordan Miller played great in Spring and Fall practices and just couldn’t get on the field because of Jones and King being so good. Add to that 2 4 star corners and at least one 4 star safety (w possibility of another 4 star safety from AZ) coming in this Fr class and they have a lot of young but talented kids waiting to take over.

          As for pass rush, hopefully Potae takes that next step (was only a Fr this year), and they had I believe 3 4 star kids who redshirted this year that play the end and/or buck positions (Eifler, Levi, Wellington).

          So, brimming with talent and a great coaching staff, I don’t doubt their ability to field at least a very solid defense next year as well.

  12. Volume12

    Hopefully some tape emerges on this guy.

    Texas SO TE Derrick Griffin- 6’7, 240 lbs. 36 rec., 709 yds, 11 TDs in 2015. Dismissed from team in 2016. Was also a PF on the Texas SO BBall team.

  13. Volume12

    Oohh. Cal WR Chad Hansen going pro. Yes please! What a stud.

    • Volume12

      VA-Tech WR Isaiah Ford might be the best route runner in this class. His tape against Tennessee is a clinic.

      This WR class is much better than being given credit for.

    • sdcoug

      personally, i think Josh Reynolds – Tex A&M is going to be a later-round steal. Kid has been ovrrshadowed his entire career. 3rd in SEC history with 30 receiving TDs. 5th among SEC 3-year players in receiving yards, ahead of AJ Green, Julio Jones and Laquon Treadwell.

      • Volume12

        Reminds me of a Josh Doctson. Similar bodies too. That team was loaded at receiver with him, Seals-Jones, Christian Kirk, anbd this next guy.

        Texas A&M WR Speedy Noil. 44″ vert? Teams love the vert drill. 4.45 40. 153 SPARQ score. What a freak!

        He’s got a ton of off-field issues, but his combine and explosiveness could make him a steal too if he goes to the right team.

        • sdcoug

          for whatever reason, the production has just never matched the hype with Noils. But with Kirk, Reynolds and Seals-Jones, there has always been a lot of mouths to feed, so it could be a case of touches. You’re right, in the right system (Pats?, N.O.?) he could be dangerous.

    • C-Dog

      Hm…Hansen absolutely punked Sidney Jones in their matchup against the Dawgs, and Seattle could use another red zone catcher.

      • DLep

        Hmm, didnt Sydney Jones have 2 picks in that game? Hansen got some catches but Id say Jones got more than his fair share of wins too.

        • C-Dog

          I remember Hansen badly beating Jones on a simple stop and go route for a TD, and I believe posting up on him a view other times, I think. I just remember thinking afterwards that Jones is going to have issues at the next level against bigger capable WRs.

          • Volume12

            Yup. Jones is speedy and has great ball skills, but is stiff and can’t transition outta his backpedal. Still a really good player for a zone defense.

            Hansen got the best of him. As did Wazzu’s Gabe Marks.

            Hansen may have some durability concerns but is not a system guy for me. Big time talent.

  14. Volume12

    Trev, another sleeper I forgot to give ya. Oklahoma EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Prototype 4-3 SAM. One of the most underrated pass rushers. IDK if he’s declared or not, but he had an impact in every single game he played. Takes no snaps off. Great hands, get off, runs the arc, and ‘bendy.’

    6’2, 245 lbs. 71 tackles, 12 TFL, 9 QB sacks, 7 QB hurries , 3 PBU, 2 FF.

    • Volume12

      * games played that I’ve watched

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is the type of guy to watch closely during the combine / draft process. 2nd/3rd/4th round developmental type of guy. Might not be ideal for every team, but might fit a niche in Seattle.

      I wonder, any idea how fast this guy is? What his measurables are….
      I’m also not seeing where it says he declared? He is a redshirt Junior according to one site I checked. According to them, he is more like 6’1″ 245. I would think Seattle might go for a guy 2-3 inches taller, perhaps he has longer arms, which make up for his lack measured height.

      • Volume12

        IDK how fast he is. And I don’t think he has declared.

    • Trevor

      That is funny Vol because I was watching Oklahoma tape last right to try and check out the Safety Ahmad Thomas as an UDFA canditate and Okoronkwo flashed. Is he coming out or a guy for next year?

      • Volume12

        I think he’s undecided at this point.

  15. Hawks425

    Is Joe Yearby a good option as a late round RB? Explosive on film, good game film against Nebraska.

    • icb12


      Good explosion, Great lateral movement. Needs to be more patient. Decent receiver.

      Under rated guy IMO. Most would say he’s undersized- I personally don’t buy into that.
      I like him better than a lot of RBs in the Draft.

      Rd 6/7 for me.

  16. KingRajesh

    “Utah left tackle Garett Bolles will enter the NFL draft, he announced Wednesday.”

    With all of the talent on defense this year, I think Bolles might make it to Seattle in Round 1. Only one season in the FBS, VERY old for a rookie, very raw (especially in the kick-step, yikes). Combine will be key. How fluid can he get in the drills?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to think there’s a chance, but I’d virtually guarantee he won’t be there for Seattle. Probably goes top-10.

      • Mr. Offseason

        He’s almost guaranteed to be the top tackle on the board in a weak tackle class. Tackles always get taken in the top 15 almost regardless of whether they’re truly elite prospects.

        • JT

          Far from a guarantee. Scouts like him, but they also really like Ramczyk. Has McGlinchey confirmed he’s staying yet? If he surprises and comes out, he could be the OT-1.

          Cam Robinson is still mocked as the first OT off the board a lot more than any other tackle. Will that change before the draft? Perhaps, but he’s easily the most ‘traditional’ college LT prospect in this draft (Pedigree, big school, long & athletic). I’m not a big fan, but he might be the favorite to be the first OT off the board.

          We’re still a longgg ways off from the draft folks.

          • Volume12

            McGlinchey is returning.

            • Ukhawk

              I think he changes his mind just like Fuller & Tuitt before him. Risk of the injury, thinner ND roster, and time value of f money will all be factors. He’s a first round pick already so 1st contract won’t increase much if he stays & the 2nd contract is a year closer. If he declares then Bolles could be pushed down far enough.

  17. JT

    Rob’s favourite mid-round RB, Elijah Hood, might change his mind and declare for the draft after all:

    • C-Dog

      Sweet! fingers are crossed.

      • JT

        Even with some guys returning, the RB class is still fairly deep and really talented. We should start a SDB pool on which guy the Hawks pick ๐Ÿ™‚

        • C-Dog

          Yup! There’s no truer statement in 2017 than “must fix run game.”

          • JT

            I’d argue “must fix blocking,” since the pass protection is equally as horrid, and you can help kill both birds with one stone by acquiring a competent lineman.

            The Hawks are way closer to having consistently good RB-play than consistently good line-play. Adding one good RB gives them a solid RB rotation in a fantastic system for running the ball. They need at least 2 good OL’s to have even an average O-Line.

            • Mr. Offseason

              I like the idea of picking up a RB in the draft but I also like the idea of picking up Adrian Peterson if he becomes available. For two reasons:

              1) We already have a talented pool of RBs in our system: Prosise, Rawls and Collins. AP would be an excellent addition to that rotation.

              2) Being a 32-year old RB, and being that this draft is loaded with RBs, that might drive down the value so that the Seahawks can get AP for cheaper than they would in another offseason with a less talented RB draft class.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, maybe. This could be an chicken/egg thingy. I lean more towards what Dave Wyman said last week that the issue is more the runners than the OL. There’s no reason a Tom Cable coached OL shouldn’t be a decent run blocking line. What needs to happen is the runners need to make the right reads, have explosion, and above all, be durable.

              • JT

                With all due respect to former Hawk Dave Wyman and others who think RB is the top need, the talent level on the OL is atrocious. The best physical talent is incredibly raw (Ifedi). Their most effective OL besides Britt looks like a future JAG at best (Glow), and the tackles are undrafted and in Fant’s case, barely a football player.

                Beast Mode in his prime would struggle behind this group. Runs are constantly blown up in the backfield. Another quality RB is needed due to the durability issues of the existing group, but offensive line upgrade (to help the running game and just as importantly, the passing game) is priority # 1 and #2 on the offensive side of the ball this off-season.

                • C-Dog

                  Carroll said in his press conference this week that the coaches see this line being the one moving forward into the future, and that the young players should make a big leap next year. You can certainly chalk that up as classic Carroll coach speak, but you might want to brace yourself for disappointment if your pining for them to make major personnel changes with that group.

                  • JT

                    That’s definitely Carroll coach-speak bu oh yeah i’m braced for it. You could easily be right about the Hawks not really addressing the OL, at least in free agency.

                    They’ve been letting the OL play slowly slip from mediocre to awful over the course of the Wilson era, and I think they’re missing out on consistent Rodgers-Brady level play because of it.

                    I think at least a high draft pick is warranted despite their aversion to spending on the OL.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    I couldn’t agree with you more JT. The offensive line has slipped to an all time low in the PC era. Will they grow together? Hard to say, but you have to get insurance by drafting more players. And what is this magical development from Tom Cable? Players that block like crap are still blocking like crap. I see very little technical development there, other than a recognition of who they are supposed to block.

                    It’s too bad that the Seahawks never seem to find/keep permanent offensive players. They got Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham, and maybe Britt. As was said somewhere above, if Baldwin goes down they will have a dumpster fire in the receiver group.

                    Who else is really worthy of being with the offense over a longer term?

                  • C-Dog

                    Carroll did say that they will continue adding to the line to make it “competitive,” but I think his comments suggest they feel like that might have the core pieces on the roster, as painful as that might sound to the many. They could add a bit in FA and the draft, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be high profile players, and with this draft not looking very good overall for OL, it likely means not a high round pick in 2017.

                  • JT

                    That’s part of what makes the Lockett injury so heart-breaking Alaska. But I’m optimistic on him – if medical science can allow Jimmy Graham to crush it so soon after a torn patellar tendon, hopefully Lockett can come back strong too. If so he’s a dynamic threat and a building-block.

                  • Hawktalker

                    And Carrol says their kick return game is fine without Lockett . . . Minutes later, hello Hester. Yeah. Coach-speak. Coach really likes everything until he replaces it.

                • Rob Staton

                  Wyman doesn’t say RB is the top need. He says it’s 50-50 between the OL and RB.

                  And it’s a fair point. It’d be very easy to totally blame the OL — but I suspect that would be inaccurate.

                  • JT

                    It’s fair that the RB play deserves some blame. Rawls hasn’t approached his performance from last season.

                    I’d put the cocktail a lot closer to 80-90% OL and 10-20% RB tho. The line play is a far cry even from last season’s struggles.

                  • C-Dog

                    Rob, did you catch Doug Baldwin’s comments after the Cardinals game when asked about the problems with the first half and the adjustments in the second?

                    He was pretty candid in saying the issue was young players (he didn’t say positions) not feeling confident lining up against the players on the Cardinal defense, and having to be reminded during the half that the reason they are starting is that they belong and are more than capable of playing against those guys. He said in the second half, they settled down when they started getting confidence back.

                    Cable has also brought up the need of settling down to play consistent.

                    Is it possible that the issue is simply young players being impatient that is most negatively impacting the run game? Young linemen lunging and losing balance determined to lay someone out, young runners not being patient enough to find the creases?

                    If so, that’s pretty 50-50 between OL and RB.

  18. Trevor

    I have made my feelings known about Cable and our OL. I think he would make a really good NFL head coach again. If the 49ers have half a clue they will hire Cable and Trent Kirchner to work together and turn that organization around. It would suck for the Hawks though because another team with a similar draft philosophy and you know Cable would turn them in to a tough hard nosed run first team with a solid D.

    That being said probably no chance given Jed Yorks track record.

    • Mr. Offseason

      Part of me hopes the Niners (or someone) takes Tom Cable off our hands. Would be a chance to refresh our OLine philosophy.

      • Kyle

        I’m of that mindset as wel but not because I’m frustrated with our oline. I think cable is a great coach and would bring back the NFC west powerhouse. We would be that tough division. I think 2013 we were so good becaus we played such hard nosed football and had to be even tougher because of the other smash mouth football teams we faced.

        I think it would be good for our team overall to have him go to a rival NFC west team. I will be happy when a new oline coach come in and hopefully changes to a different scheme. I wouldn’t mind bevel being let go or getting a head coaching job as well. But I do think giving him full control of the offense would also help him. But if it were me choice he would get hired elsewhere.

        And because it got brought up earlier, no I don’t want chip Kelly anywhere near our offense. It doesn’t suit our division and our defensive philosophy.

        • Mr. Offseason

          One thing about the Seahawks is: When is the last time they fired an assistant coach? To my knowledge, it’s never happened. It’s as if they have a strict no termination policy once they’ve hired their coordinators and other assistants. Maybe they figure that once those coaches have success in our system, they will get plucked by other teams anyway and give the team opportunities to hire from the best of the bunch.

          This strategy is helpful in that it makes us a more appealing place to work. A less pressure environment with an emphasis on career fulfillment for any coach that works for the Seahawks.

    • JT

      I wouldn’t be too worried Trevor. Cable isn’t a Pete Carroll-type that will have as much impact as the GM in building the roster. I’m starting to agree with you that it wouldn’t be the worst thing if someone hires him.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would like to see some new blood on the offensive coaching side. I would also like to see them hire someone capable of scouting offensive linemen. And someone who can design pass and running plays – the Seahawks need some fresh ideas.

        • JT

          I don’t see the play-design and play-calling as a big issue. The deck is really stacked against the offense with how poorly they block in both phases up front. There’s only so much you can do when you’re getting dominated in the trenches.

          An underrated aspect of the play-design that these Hawks will always have to deal with is Wilson’s stature. At 5’10 and a half inch, RW3 simply isn’t tall enough to see all plays develop, especially with all the pressure coming at him. He’s an amazing QB, but he’s going to miss potentially big plays from time-to-time by not being able to see the coverage.

          • C-Dog

            Hugh Millen loves to point out that 6-4 plus QBs don’t see everything. Fans ragging on RW not seeing his WRs from time to time is one of the most exhausting, nauseating things that appear on message boards, IMO.

            • JT

              I liked Wilson as much as any QB not named Andrew Luck coming out of college in 2012, and I think perhaps only Brady and Rodgers have been better QB’s than him over the past 5 seasons (if that). I’m a huge fan of his so I’m not “ragging” on him at all. Just pointing out the facts.

              It’s apparent all over his all-22 game tape. Wilson & Co. miss the opportunity for big plays every game because he doesn’t get to the read (pressure) or just can’t see the read (height). It’s why he’d rather move backwards to buy time than step up in the pocket.

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I didn’t think you were ragging at, just trying to add to the point that this is an area of his game fans should probably accept living with or face the prospects of continually losing hair over. IMO, RW works best when he is supported by a run game where he can build play action off of. Sorely missing that this year, IMO.

                • Volume12

                  I kind of hope he does.

                  Jim Harbaugh at SF was good for Seattle. It made them compete, try and counter what thery were doing, and just better football.

              • 503Hawk

                The All-22 really shows how many open receivers he misses. I think in part, that some of those misses are having defenders in his face in 2.5 seconds.

  19. JT

    Carroll said that Collins has lost more than 10 lbs since the start of the season, and that it’s a big part of his improved play on the field & in practice.

    The backfield has become something of a timeshare, with Rawls constantly hurt and ineffective lately. Anyone think the Hawks will trust him enough to be the primary back this week, if Rawls struggles out of the gate again?

    • C-Dog

      Surprisingly, a bit for me, Carroll sounded pretty clear that they are determined to get Rawls going in this game. He said that they didn’t get him enough touches against the 49ers to find his rhythm. While I would like to see more touches for Collins, it may not be the case, unless Rawls really falters right out the gate.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I’ll be very bummed if I don’t see Collins start or at least contribute in the 1st quarter

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, if Rawls struggles, and he doesn’t get in there, that’s definitely going to raise my blood pressure.

  20. Trevor

    Looking at all the Mocks out there now that guys are declaring.

    Here are my two big trade up predictions for non-QB players that I think will happen this draft.

    1)Eagles give up this years #1 and next years #1 to NO to move ahead of Indy and draft Dalvin Cook. Pedersen gets his version of Jamal Charles for Wentz.

    2)Atlanta makes another bold move and give up a Julio Jones type package to the Chargers and use it to take Malik Hooker. This guy is going to be truly special and a slightly bigger version of Earl. Dan Quinn knows fist hand what a difference two all pro safeties can have on a defense. With Hooker and Keanu Neal they would have the best safety combo in the league for the next 6-8 years.

    • Mr. Offseason

      Malik Hooker and Keanu Neal should both be fantastic players. That being said, the Falcons have been one of the worst defenses in the league even with all the talent they’ve acquired in the draft.

      • Volume12

        Everyone tries to duplicate Seattle’s defense. But, they’re missing that ET type. Hooker is close. Neal gives them that overhang safety to do what Kam does.

        LB Deion Jones is their Bobby Wagner
        LB De’Vondre Campbell is their KJ Wright
        EDGE Vic Beasley is their Bruce Irvin
        CB Desmond Trufant is their Sherm
        CB Jalen Collins is their ‘Maxi’

        Now in order to play Seattle’s style of zone, you have to get pressure with your front 4. Can’t blitz heavily. You live or die by the blitz.

        • 503Hawk

          Trufant isn’t even close to Sherm and Beasley v Irvin are two distinctly different type of players.

          • Volume12

            That’s fair, but not the point. Your never gonna find a like for like prospect.

            Trufant is Atlanta’s #1 corner or their Sherm. Same with Beasley. And I actually think Beasley and Bruce are pretty damn similar.

            • Trevot

              I agree Vol. Trufant is a legit #1 on most teams and I think Beasley is actually a superior pass rusher already than Bruce ever was. Beasley is about as close to the perfect LEO as you could find.

  21. Mr. Offseason

    Hey guys, if you are not checking out the new Rain City Redemption, I don’t know what you are doing with your life. There’s a new one after a long, long wait, chronicling the “Rain City Miracle” against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. If you haven’t seen the whole series, google “Rain City Redemption vimeo” on google and it will pop right up.

    • KingRajesh

      Love these. I’ve watched them all multiple times… However, I’m not going to lie, ending it at the NFCCG seems kind of disingenuous. We know what happened after, it’s a part of the season. It would be like if he had cut the 2012 video after the Redskins win…

      Unless he’s saving what happened in XLIX for another video, I kind of wish it was here.

      • 503Hawk

        Thanks for the heads up. I too love these!

  22. Volume12

    Detroit has only played outside once since October 2nr They scored 13 pts against the Giants on Dec. 14th.

  23. Volume12

    Lance Zierlein is saying he’s hearing a surprising rumor about a player returning to school who we all thought would declare. ?

    • Ed


    • AlaskaHawk

      Vita Vea?

    • C-Dog

      I bet it’s Myles Garrett.

      • Nathan

        Garrett has declared.

        • Nathan

          this lists everyone who has declared, who’s returning, and notable players yet to decide.

        • Volume12

          I gotta go with Ed. Peppers was my guess too.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d guess Trubisky or Watson. Or Cam Robinson, JuJu or Ramcyzk.

            • Volume12

              Ramcyzk declared.

              • Volume12

                *Plans on declaring according to Rotoworld.

                • Volume12

                  Pauline says that JuJu is likely to sign with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

            • Ukhawk

              Ramcyzk makes sense as he is injured and won’t likely be able to workout before the draft. Might affect his advisory round

  24. Smitty1547

    Tony McDaniel out this week with concussion, he needs to be right next week in Atlanta will need all hands on deck so slow them down.

    • C-Dog

      I just saw that. Bummer. We need him this week.

    • vrtkolman

      Sucks for him but hopefully that means more snaps for Reed.

      • Volume12

        We’ll probably get a good look at Jenkins.

        Reed, Rubin, QJeff for next year. Along with a FA signing. They always sign a veteran DT. Maybe they just keep one of Jenkins or Tony McD? And a rookie.

        • Nick

          Is it just me or does SEA like the R2 range for DT/DE? Hill, Clark, Reed…there’s a big enough sample size there to suggest that it’s where they like to draft for that position.

  25. C-Dog

    Tony McDaniel won’t make it back for the Detroit game. That leaves a DT rotation of Reed, Rubin, and Jenkins. That’s a bummer.

    I think we can all agree that Jarran Reed’s brought some decent stuff as a rookie, and his future is bright, but with the depth of the draft looking again strong with DTs, I wonder of Seattle doesn’t use that first pick on one, especially considering that they could get outpaced in FA for one of the premier players. As Volume 12 once brought up, the signing of John Jenkins might signal that they want to add size inside to help with the pass rush. As Rob pointed out, Elijah Qualls has some interesting traits that might appeal to Seattle in terms of size, hustle, and hand use. Plus he has that low body power to stack up blockers that Mebane had, some might argue is the piece the defense is most sorely missing. Should Seattle use that first pick on a player like Qualls and pair him up with Reed for the next several years?

    There could still be options later for RB (maybe Foreman is still there at the end of R2, Elijah Hood might also be considering declaring now), perhaps the value of OL in this draft is better towards the middle portions.

    25: R1P25

    57: R2P25

    89: R3P25

    105: R3P41

    184: R5P39

    210: R6P25

    229: R7P8

    • Nick

      Nice mock, C-Dog. Appreciate your time and effort.

      Is Qualls a first round prospect? I must admit, I haven’t had the chance to watch him. Is he a Vernon Butler-type?

      With any DL player, but especially DT, we know that PCJS LOVE gap discipline. Whoever they pick, they will be disciplined DT’s who don’t go for glory, but stick to the system.

      Also, like Foreman in the 2nd round, but feel like Jamaal Williams give us better value in R3-4. What do you think?

      • C-Dog

        Thanks, Nick!

        I think with both Qualls and Foreman, like anyone else not considered a blue chip 5 star athlete, it is going to depend on how they do at the combine.

        If Qualls shows real athletic movement for a big man, I think he could be a fringe R1 prospect. I think Vernon Butler is a player, like Jarran Reed, who can play nose or 3 tech. Qualls, because of his height, might be more of a nose, but probably a very athletic one, like Mebane. Over the years, many players on this defense have credited Brandon Mebane as the one guy up front who made the whole thing work. One might argue that in Carroll’s system, having a dominant athlete who can win with leverage and power between guard and center, and be able to disrupt the pocket with some pass rush might be the most important piece. In his prime, that’s what Mebane did. Carroll inherited him, but was also very quick to extend his contract. IMO, I think the probably drafted Jordan Hill with some hope that he could take over there, if the day came. Carroll also had that type of player at USC in Mike Patterson. For this, I think Elijah Qualls might really appeal to Seattle. Reed could one gap more at 3 tech in the base.

        As for Foreman, Carroll was asked a few weeks ago if Rawls was his ideal back, and he responded that his ideal back with have the skill set of Rawls, but at 240 lbs. That sounds a lot like Foreman. His ability as a big man to hit a hole and cut outside for monster gains is pretty impressive, but let’s see what he does at the combine. If he has a good one, I wouldn’t be shocked if he is the first pick. Right now, he’s kinda projected all over the place. I think Todd McShay had him rated as the 18th player last week, but I’ve also seen him listed as 2nd or 3rd round. Foreman looks more impressive than Williams to me. I think they might want to grab the highest rated back on their board. Elijah Hood might be someone to really monitor if he changes his mind and decides to declare. I also wouldn’t discount Mixon or Perine. I kinda think Seattle wants a banger.

  26. Kyle

    Joe Mixon declared for the draft

    • C-Dog

      That’s interesting. He’s a talent, for sure.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Very interesting prospect. I can’t imagine Schneider doing it twice though. The Clark situation has turned out gear thus far but does he want to go through what he did last time?

  27. Ukhawk

    In case it’s not posted, Walter football saying Bolles declared

  28. Smitty1547

    Mixon said he got a first round grade from draft board, i don’t see that with position depth and baggage. Id love to see us take a chance if he slips into late rounds. Risk VS Reward

    • Ukhawk

      I’d consider Mixon in R2 esp after Bolles/OT in R1.

      I was not high on Mixon due to off field and thought Seahawks would pass after discussing drafting of Clark and their view on violence toward women. However I watched Mixons media interview from a week ago after the footage of his assault was made public. He was very apologetic, remains in counselling, stated he does not drink/smoke & and took full responsibility for his actions (even though supposedly provoked). He also did this despite advice not to do this by lawyers/staff and clearly followed that line until he decided to move on from college. Finally he answered reporters questions for ~20 minutes rather than just read a prepared statement and duck out. It feels like he got a second chance and he has used it as an opportunity to make amends and grow.

      I thinks the Seahawks or another team will give definitely him a shot in a high round.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d be very surprised if Seattle considered him with a high pick.

        • Ukhawk

          Hi Rob,

          Have you watched the full interview where he apologies last week ?

          I was very against him after the original incident & watching interviews immediately afterward when he was gagged by staff/lawyers. I thought there was no shot of drafting him especially after considering Hawks no tolerance policy.

          However after watching his interview, I think maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt considering his actions since the event in terms of his punishment, his rehabilitation & his subsequent actions.

          I get the feeling he has good character but he made a very, very bad decision in a heated moment.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Considering that the incident happened in July of 2014 and he has already served his court punishment – he will get drafted.

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