Star Lotulelei (DT, Utah) vs Washington

Ranked by many as a potential top-15 pick this year, Loutulelei returned to finish what he started in college. A former BYU recruit who never attended the school due to academic issues, Lotulelei is now at Utah via the JUCO ranks and he’s made an impact in the PAC-12. He shared the Morris Trophy with Matt Kalil last year and is already being tipped to be a top pick in 2013. We put him at #6 in our top-40 watch list.

I actually think he made the right decision to return to school. He needs polish, he needs time on the field. Lotulelei is far from the finished article as both a pass rusher and a run defender, but he’s a guy to keep an eye on in the fall.


  1. peter

    Thanks Rob,

    It’s like it took him half the game to diagnose the run…then a switch goes off adn he starts to finally beat the guard and disrupt the plays….

    pro’s: appears to be incredibly strong, drops back into coverage (!), has a few moves that you might see from an end….and fights hard to the end of the play when he wants to, including keeping hands up on passes..

    con’s: sort of takes forever to see run play patterns. I’m no hand fighting expert but a guy with his strength should just be breaking dudes arms at the point of contact and shedding them to get to the RB/QB, to my untrained eye he just seems to lock and engage, to see if he can beat his man or not…..and fights hard to the end of the play, WHEN HE WANTS TO, at times looking like he’s going to get some gatorade before the whistle blows.

  2. Kip Earlywine

    I can definitely see the 1st round hype from his speed and strength alone. High motor player too.

  3. NYCHawk

    We know PC/JS are all about unique players with rare attributes… a warrior like this guy named Star would definitely fit the bill. In all seriousness I like the reckless aggression he plays with. And you can tell he’s just starting to scratch the surface of his talent. I want this man on the Seahawks… Make it happen Pete and John!

    • peter

      That’s exactly why I was drwan to this player. He’s got that sort of PC unique character thing going on. Plus when his motor is hot it’s scary how good he is…Maybe in a more rotational scheme he would dominate every time he was on the field.

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