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Don’t forget to check out the Justin Houston tape/report from yesterday.

Jeff McLane from the Philadelphia Inquirer has a story on Baylor defensive tackle Phil Taylor, noting his departure from Penn State and how he turned his career around with the Bears. Thanks to Matt for drawing my attention to this piece.

Pete Prisco at CBS Sportsline publishes his first mock draft with the Seahawks taking Ryan Mallett: “Did you see the way 35-year-old veteran Matt Hasselbeck played for most of last season? And Charlie Whitehurst doesn’t look to be the answer to that problem.”

Brandon Adams at 17 Power has a good piece on the ‘anti-hype’ surrounding Ryan Mallett: “In other words, a wave of totally confident anti-hype and un-confirmed Hint-ese that has the potential to destroy a college player’s career and re-shape the entire NFL for a decade to come is based on…a ten-word snippet from an article that has nothing to do with Ryan Mallett.”

Tony Pauline at Draft Insider says Cam Newton is getting a lot of attention from NFL scouts: “Last week in San Antonio at least six different teams said they rank Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as the number one prospect in the draft.


  1. Jules

    If I had a choice, I would prefer that the Seahawks address the quarteback position first and foremost in this draft if they feel they can find a QB worthy of building a team around. The more thought I give to this and I see what our offensive options are, I have to agree with those that suggest building an offensive scheme around a legit no. 1 QB prospect makes more sense then drafting for the existing scheme.

    It seems to me like there are more questions on offense and realistically now would be the time to build a scheme around someone especially without free agency and the possibility of choosing someone who you think might be a good scheme fit.

    At the end of the day I want the Seahawks to be successful over the long term and I’d be willing to avoid taking a safe bet, instant contributor in round One unless someone exception drops and take a shot at a decent QB with high upside which I am hearing Mallett fits the bill. Who knows, with the right structure and a wake up call of going late in the first round, maybe this kids gets his act together to lead us into consistency and provide the stability and few mistakes that are required of QBs at this level. There are a few prospects I’d like to see for us but I’d be willing to pass on them for the chance that we can see our offense return to our Superbowl run ways.

    For the fan, you want to see excitement and success whenever possible. We did last year and got what was expected from our guys at least in round one and if we can reproduce that over two rounds this year we might be in business. No doubt the NFC West is going to be tougher to win in this year.

    • Meat

      i agree. QB is a need…the most important position on the field and the Hawks are sitting at pick 25, w/ so many other needs that must be addressed I just doubt the hawks can pick up a Good qb at that pick. I would bet the number 4 QB will probably be available, which could be Kaepernick, Mallet, Ponder maybe.. I don’t see the top three-Locker, Newton, Gabbert left at 25.. And to be honest, Ponder’s injury in 2009 leaves question, Mallet and Kaepernick have been also discussed-I wouldn’t waste a first round pick on any of those guys due to so many other needs that must be filled- like a CORNER, a show stopper at that position is what i would aim for, but infortunately the two Peterson and Prince are also going to be gone.

      So what would be best for the Hawks, trade up from 25? Other sports commentators seem to be fixated on the offensive line…, but I believe that can be picked up at a later pick, or better yet, free agency? That would possibley mean Carimi at 25.., Im not sold. It is known the Pete and Cable will continue to work on the running game, which is so needed and they need OT that can break some lanes open.

      They are rebuilding, this is a weak QB class, and at 25 it can be very interesting what the Hawks do.

      • Rob

        I disagree that this is a weak QB class. What it doesn’t have is one obvious #1 overall pick type QB, but the depth in round one is good. I really hope the Seahawks don’t draft Carimi at #25.

        • Meat

          I should have said weaker… I can think of other years with much worse draft class…. Luck going back his Senior year, leaving Newton and Gabbert as the clear top 2 makes what I felt was a really good class. The QB’s after those two are where my concerns begin really…

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