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Mike Mayock says Christian Ponder is a first round sleeper. Ponder is the trendy quarterback at the moment but personally I think he’s being hugely over rated. I wrote about this subject in more detail here.

Mayock also offers his top-16 prospects in this year’s class. I really don’t ‘get’ how Von Miller is being rated this high (2nd overall). Nobody had him graded that high during the 2010 college season and there was no great surprise when he didn’t declare for last years draft. I like Miller, but second best available player in this class?

Gil Brandt says running back Anthony Allen improved his stock at the Georgia Tech pro-day.

Brandt also passes on information that California defensive lineman Cameron Jordan was asked to drop into coverage and run some linebacker drills during his pro-day. Jordan weighs over 280lbs.

The Miami pro-day has been re-scheduled for March 25th after the original event had to be stopped early due to poor weather conditions.

For a full pro-day schedule click here. LSU will host their event on Monday.

Mike Sando wonders whether the lockout will exacerbate the quarterback situation in Seattle, with Matt Hasselbeck unsigned.

Brandon Adams has an interesting piece on Hasselbeck’s future and his performance in the playoff win over New Orleans.


  1. Ben

    I’m worried we’ll trade the 25th pick for Kolb. You have a guesstimate on those chances Rob? A more appealing trade would be our second and Whitehurst for him. Whitehurst seems like a decent fit for Phily’s offense and they would need someone behind Vick after trading Kolb.

    • Rob

      It’s hard to project. I think Philly would jump at the chance to re-coup a first rounder and I’m not convinced they’ll get a better deal than that. It’s really down to how highly Seattle views Kolb, which we can only guess. I’d be surprised, personally. They made a lot of noise to Philly last year but they had two first rounders and a #40 pick. Their peak may have been #40 + change – a logical deal knowing you also have two first round picks to spend. Having a late first rounder and the #57 is a very different scenario.

      • Ben

        Thanks for the summary.

    • PatrickH

      Now that the lockout has begun, I suspect it won’t end until well after the draft. So a trade for Kolb likely won’t happen even if Carroll and Schneider want to do it.

      • PatrickH

        I mean a trade for this year’s draft picks. Once the lockout ends and a new CBA is in place, a trade could then happen using next year’s picks.

        • Ben

          I hope you’re right. Although I don’t like giving up next year’s first any more than this year’s. In fact I like it a lot less because we’ll almost certainly be picking higher than 25. I’m hoping that if we do go the Kolb that route they’ll accept a second and Whitehurst but I know that’s probably wishful thinking.

  2. Matt

    Rob, just wanted to get your take…

    Like Eversen Griffen and Golden Tate last year, who do you think is the guy that everyone seems to think is a shoe in for late Round 1, that takes a huge fall come draft day?

    The guys I would say are Paea, Carimi, and Justin Houston (as well as the 2nd tier QBs ie Dalton, Kaepernick, etc) are guys that will fall much further than anyone expects.

    • Rob

      Brilliant question.

      Let me have a think and I’ll have a piece on this.

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