John Keim at the Washington Examiner quotes an unnamed NFL executiveon former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor: “He’s not a well-liked kid. Very self-absorbed. He doesn’t have the leadership you want in a quarterback.” It’s worth mentioning that the exec also says Pryor has ‘special skills’ as a quarterback.

Mel Kiper lists his top-five players at each position for next year’s senior class. Kiper lists Ryan Lindley as the top senior quarterback, ahead of Kirk Cousins. He’s also a lot higher on Michael Floyd than I am, listing him ahead of Texas A&M receiver Jeff Fuller.

Kiper also has a list for the junior class. I’m pleased to see Peter Konz (C, Wisconsin) listed highly, he’s my top ranked interior lineman in college football.

Dave Razzano (aka the Rogue Scout) rates Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins highly. I asked him for some thoughts and an early grade, to which Razzano replied: “Extremely quick release and very accurate, mobile in pocket, throws a great ball.” He offered a late first or second round grade. I’ll have more on Cousins later this week.

Derek Stephens at the Blue Bird Herd explains the supplemental draft. “Draft order is determined by a weighted system, based upon the win-loss record of each team during the previous season.”