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Alex Dunlap from the Austin Chronicle featured Seahawks Draft Blog in a piece discussing team needs around the league. Here’s what we had to say: “The Seahawks greatest long-term need is at quarterback, but don’t expect the team to reach for the position this year. It’s almost certain they’ll instead target defense early and particularly the front seven, so the likes of Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram, Quinton Coples, and Zach Brown will be on the radar. Running back is also likely to get attention within the first three rounds as Seattle looks to compliment – and protect – Marshawn Lynch.”

Rob Rang at CBS Sportsline lists this year’s pro-day schedule, starting with Missouri on March 1st. Scouts will be busy on March 7th with Alabama, USC, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Wisconsin and California prospects all performing. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will also have to share the headlines on March 22nd, when Stanford and Baylor’s pro-days coincide.

Two pieces of tape for your observation this weekend (courtesy of JMPasq). Chris Polk is a running back who’s tape will always outshine his workout performance. Although he received negative reviews at the Senior Bowl, I still expect teams will grade him highly based on performance. Nick Perry is slightly overrated in my eyes, considering he’s being graded as a first round pick by a lot of projectionists. More on Perry to come shortly including a more detailed analysis, but I’d be surprised if he left the board in the top-32.

Chris Polk (RB, Washington) tape vs Baylor

Nick Perry (DE, USC) tape vs Washington


  1. Kip Earlywine

    Kinda funny how the sacks shot through the roof for USC when Nick Montana went in.

    Also, I think its worth noting that despite having good stats in the Alamo Bowl, I thought at the time that Polk looked very sluggish in that game- almost like he was sore or something. I don’t think it really sapped his speed much, but his explosiveness just wasn’t there in that game, which is hard to figure given the month off before it.

  2. Griffin B


    It’s funny that you point that out about Polk because I was thinking something similar; when I watched him play during the regular season he looked really good, but for the majority of the clips from the above game he looked very pedestrian.

  3. Doug

    Looked every bit the part of a third rounder…
    Do we know he is better than this tape? I didn’t get to see him much…

  4. Jake

    I thought Perry looked pretty good. Three sacks, two could be considered coverage sacks – but at least Perry kept after it on those two – he has a good motor and holds his ground against double teams. The inside move/spin outside was a thing of beauty (3:07). I also thought he played with excellent leverage and power considering his slender frame. Speed to the outside is not a question, that will open up some inside moves and he seems to already have a good spin move (no where near Ingram’s, but only Freeney can compare to that spin move). His outside speed sets him apart from Ingram and Upshaw though, so if PC goes with Perry – I trust his judgement. He certainly has potential to rack up sacks.

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