Sunday thoughts: Ben Banogu, D-line & trade scenarios

Ben Banogu does a good job working in space

Thoughts on Ben Banogu

It was a little surprising recently to see Tony Pauline suggest Banogu could be drafted in the #40-60 range. Although he had an outstanding combine, he really isn’t much of an edge rusher at all. He lacks technique or any kind of repertoire. A lot of his best plays are incidental (he makes the right choice, an opponent runs in his direction). There’s barely any evidence of any hand placement, speed-to-power conversion or dynamic speed off the edge.

He looks more like a linebacker convert than a productive defensive end or LEO.

Banogu’s a massive project. He’s the very definition of an athlete rather than a football player. He’ll need time and major work to become a sack artist. With so many other DE’s in this class it’s hard to imagine him going as early as round two.

There is one aspect of his game I want to highlight though…

The Seahawks face the Rams twice a year. Los Angeles runs a bunch of sweeps, end-arounds and misdirection. Seattle’s somewhat conventional defense sometimes struggles to come to terms with this. New England shut down the Rams by playing safeties off the edge in space to try and combat the trickery they use and it worked a treat. We’ll see if teams cotton on to that gameplan in 2019 (and it might be one reason why the Seahawks are meeting with so many safeties — to have the option to play multiple safety looks against these high-powered offensive teams).

Banogu excels when he’s playing off the edge then reading and reacting. He’s exceptionally quick to cover ground, can sprint to the sideline and shut down any stretch plays and sweeps surprisingly well for a man his size. Time and time again you watch him cover one half of the field simply playing off the edge in space. It should be an ideal 1v1 matchup for a smaller running back or receiver against a 250lbs defender. Not against Banogu. He plays with great discipline to let the play develop then quickly reacts and makes a tackle. Not many players can do this.

This is one of the reasons why he might be better off working as a linebacker at the next level or at the very least a SAM/LEO.

You’re not likely going to take him in round two just for this one positive. He’s so raw as a pass rusher — he’d need to show more in that sense to warrant a top-60 grade. He could be a useful weapon vs the Rams however. Especially if you’ve got Banogu on one side and some extra safety help on the other.

Seahawks setting up a D-line draft

Whether it ends up being their first pick or not, the Seahawks are clearly setting up for a heavy D-line draft. That’s no surprise given the class. Yet they’ve been completely inactive in free agency. They’ve lost one player (Shamar Stephen) and shown no sign of wanting to keep another (Dion Jordan). They met with Nick Perry and a couple of defensive tackles. Anyone who signs at this stage isn’t a lock to make the roster.

Considering the pass rush and run defense both need help — we could see as many as three picks spent on the defensive line in this draft. They need a Tony McDaniel type or at least a strong, early down defensive tackle to rotate in and help against the run. Armon Watts at Arkansas has the anchor, length and size to adapt to this role (with some ability to rush the passer too). Albert Huggins is extremely powerful. Those are two examples of possible day-three run-defense targets.

In terms of the pass rush — Trysten Hill is too athletic to last too long and presents an opportunity to get an athlete with as much upside as the top-15 prospects albeit at a cheaper cost (although many regard him now as a sure-fire second rounder). Daniel Wise is a smaller, really disruptive pass rusher who impacts games. He could be brought in as a specialist three-technique. They could roll the dice on Ben Banogu or Justin Hollins’ athletic profile. Or they could spend their first pick on a dynamic inside/out type who can provide a perfect partner across from Frank Clark. There are a cluster of attractive five-technique or inside/out rushers.

Either way — their total lack of D-line additions so far is an enormous nod towards their draft intentions. They’re going to stock up on defensive linemen one way or another.

Why the Seahawks probably won’t trade Frank Clark before the draft

Ever since Jay Glazer tweeted teams were calling about Clark (including the Bills, who later disputed the report), there’s been a lingering thought that he might be dealt. A deal doesn’t seem close at the moment. With four key players out of contract next year (Clark, Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Jarran Reed) — something has to give. Losing Clark for a 2021 compensatory pick wouldn’t be good value if he reaches free agency next year and leaves Seattle.

However, I don’t think a trade before the draft is likely. Here’s why…

I don’t believe the Seahawks have any intention of losing any of their ‘big four’. Pete Carroll feels they have a competitive roster and a new core. I suspect they will exhaust all possibilities to keep their key players before even thinking about a trade. They are still a long way off having exhausted anything with Clark.

He has until mid-July to sign his franchise tag or opt to hold out. That is a reasonable deadline for both parties. Seattle can make its best offer just before July 15th and apply some pressure. They can put Clark in a position to choose guaranteed wealth and security vs gambling on reaching the market fully healthy and off the back of a great 2019 season. Faced with a ticking clock, it’s hard to turn down guaranteed cash.

In order to create this environment for a deal, however, they need that July 15th deadline. You might say — why not just set a pre-draft deadline? Clark and his agent would reject it. As far as they’re concerned if the Seahawks trade him, they’ll be trading him to a team willing to give him a massive new contract. So actually this would accelerate the process for Clark and he’d be better off financially to be traded pre-draft. The Seahawks setting an April deadline doesn’t come with any consequences or pressure for Clark.

If the team felt an extension was impossible or highly unlikely he probably would’ve been traded by now. Instead it seems like they’re willing to let this process play out, create a realistic deadline from which all parties can reasonably come together and work towards a deal.

If a trade is going to happen now it’ll probably be heading into camp. If Clark doesn’t sign an extension and refuses to play on the franchise tag, the Seahawks might end up dealing him before the season rather than enduring any drama in camp while facing the prospect of losing him for very little in the way of compensation. However — right now we just don’t know how likely that situation is. My gut feeling is Clark wants to stay in Seattle and if the Seahawks make a fair offer in July — he’ll likely agree terms to remain with the team rather than risk playing on the tag.

As with the Wilson negotiations — patience and time is probably the key factor.

A trade scenario that makes sense

The Seahawks need picks so trading down twice to fill out their board is more likely than not. Here’s a trade scenario I might use for the next seven-round projection.

Note — all trade value data came from this chart.

The Seahawks trade #21 to Kansas City for #29, #93, #167 & #214
The Chiefs seriously need to consider drafting a wide receiver given the recent news on Tyreek Hill. D.K. Metcalf’s sensational forty yard dash and ability to run a great go-route makes him an ideal fit with Patrick Mahomes. Parris Campbell’s 4.31 speed and Marquise Brown’s electricity could also appeal. The Ravens are reportedly after a receiver so Seattle’s pick at #21 could become a target for a team like the Chiefs.

According to the chart the value of pick #21 is 261 trade points. Kansas City’s four picks add up to 256 points:

Seahawks — #21 (261)

Chiefs — #29 (203), #93 (42), #167 (8), #214 (3)

The Seahawks trade #29 to Buffalo for #40, #112 & #131
If the Bills draft an offensive tackle at #9 they’ll be keen not to miss out on the top receivers with their second pick. If the run starts at the end of round one — they’ll need to act. Funnily enough if the Seahawks trade out of #21 to allow another team to draft a wide out, they could kick start the run on the position — making it easier to trade down for a second time. In this scenario the Bills move up for Marquise Brown — jumping ahead of the Green Bay Packers (also in the receiver market).

According to the chart the value of pick #29 is 203 trade points. Buffalo’s three picks add up to 192 points:

Seahawks — #29 (203)

Bills — #40 (149), #112 (26), #131 (17)

In both cases the Seahawks give up some value. They might have to this year with great depth in rounds 2-4 and only a few ‘legit’ first round prospects.

These two trades leave the Seahawks with nine picks. They have to move down 19 places to get from four to nine but that might be an inevitable compromise in order to have a proper draft this year.

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  1. Ashish

    Rob, will happy to see the trade you predicted. 9 picks will be great to add some depth. Will love to see hawks picking full back. Any competition from other teams for full back?

    • Rob Staton

      Sure — there are still a few teams that could use someone like Alec Ingold. There will be competition for guys like that.

  2. Adog

    Often times one needs to peer across the void and into hysterical to find clarity. So if I want answers to the questions about the defensive line…I shall find my answers on the offensive line. A second round tender was placed on Fant, and they seem content to let Ifedi play out his rookie contract. Substitute Clark for Ifedi and Jordan for Fant…and we have paradigm and a irony and a pseudo phychosis. Massive metaphors mean meager measurements of Mill run projections. No longer will they draft offensive linemen in the first three rounds.

    • Troy

      Give me all the drugs you are on

      • Adog

        Sunday afternoon…no football…and the well runs dry…

    • Volume12

      LOL. What the f***??

    • Elmer

      I’m trying to peer across the abyss. If I can make sense of it I’m in deep guano. I still think they need to find a real difference maker at WR.

  3. Uncle Bob

    Rob, your rationale on Clark makes good sense, and I’ll add one more element to consider. Most of the deals for similar talent (those most aren’t quite the total package he is) this season are done, with the D. Lawrence deal the closest to him yet to be done. Clark and his agent may be waiting on that to be their lynch pin for working numbers, or they’re just sticking to whatever numbers they have in mind regardless. Which might mean he’d risk the potential injury thing, play on the tag, and re-enter the bargaining next year when they may believe there will be more dollars/pressure than this. Some of the older talent this period have gotten relatively weak exchange value, perhaps because of the breadth of talent available in the draft this year. By next year, any disappointments will be known, and those teams will be back at the well again in addition to natural attrition. Given recent behavior it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see JS over value his hand in trades and end up losing as he did with Sherm and Brown. But if that’s his game/comfort, so be it.

    Those are some good pick trade scenarios as well, and fit well with the stated belief of PC that he’s got decent depth already and they can do well enough deeper in the draft. Won’t lift up the skirts of the splash craving fans, but could be good for the team given where they are at this time.

    • Uncle Bob

      s.b. Sherm and Thomas (not Brown)

  4. Aaron

    We’re on the final stretch folks, April 25th is Day one of the draft!!! I’m getting really excited to see what the Hawks do. The main thing they need to do is double their picks and then pick in the meat of the draft (rounds 2-4). I also think that a healthy sized group of UDFAs will be needed once again. I really like your trade scenario Rob. Getting nine picks would be fantastic. If you had to list the top five needs for this draft, what would you list Rob? My list is, in no particular order…

    QB (Hedge for Wilson)
    DE (Pure 5 tech)
    DT (Run stuffer with pass rush upside)
    WR (A 6 ft+ guy with great route running)
    TE/FB (Shotty uses them and Pete loves more diversity in the running game)

    • Rob Staton

      I think the D-line has the greatest need for some help. They need competition at defensive back. I seriously think they will consider drafting a QB. Then you look at the depth at WR and TE and imagine they’ll tap into it at some point.

  5. Hawkin

    Just don’t believe it will be possible to sign all of the big four, unless one or two takes a big hometown discount. Even then seems very unlikely given the salary cap remaining now. Hopefully we don’t look back on this off-season regretting we didn’t make a trade.

    • Rob Staton

      They can sign all four, the cap room in 2020 isn’t a problem there. How they manage it, however, is another story. Might need Jarran Reed to reach the market to get him back at a price that fits in Seattle.

      • Hawkin

        Interesting hawks chose to meet with Gary and not Bosa, Williams, or Allen?

        • Rob Staton

          Not so much for me. Gary is pretty much their ideal target and might be the top player on their board. Incredible upside. So due diligence on a guy they really like for future reference IMO.

  6. Sea Mode

    Oooh, I like it. I’ll play:

    R2P40: DT Trysten Hill, UCF

    The most “Seahawky” pick out there, and they get it done after trading down… twice = 2x the “Seahawky”.

    R3P84: EDGE Christian Miller, Alabama

    Outstanding traits, good pressure score from PFF (they were always gonna like him anyway). Seattle goes heavy on DL in a draft set up to go heavy on DL.

    R3P92: RB Damien Harris, Alabama

    But, but… RB shelf life is short. Grab one whenever you can. We can afford to now after trading down for extra picks.

    R4P112: WR Gary Jennings, WVU

    And so starts the run on WVU guys. Jennings is an outstanding athletic specimen who recorded one the fastest on-field speeds at the Senior Bowl along with McLaurin. Needs development, but he can win in several ways.

    R4P124: TE Trevon Wesco, WVU

    Seattle gets its TE/FB to save a roster spot. He’s unique, and PC/JS like unique. Could go in R3, or could still be there in R4. Who knows?

    R4P131: S Marvell Tell, USC

    Here comes our outside CB convert. Extremely long (33 3/8 arm, 80 wing), incredibly agile ( and explosive. Showed great feet in Combine drills and good aggressive tackling on tape. Why does he last? The same reason Tre Flowers lasted: few teams are looking for a long, lanky safety. And Flowers ran 4.45 and still didn’t get picked until R5. Tell ran 4.57.
    R5P159: OL Dru Samia, Oklahoma

    R5P167: DT Michael Dogbe, Temple

    R6P214: WR Scotty Miller, Bowling Green

    You’re welcome:

    • Sea Mode

      Oops, accidentally hit some keys along with “Enter” and it posted. Oh well, good enough.

      For Tell, just wanted to point out his crazy numbers: 4.01 SS, 6.63 3C, 42 vert, 11’4″ broad.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Love the players/picks. I’d probably contest those ranges. But what else is new.

      I think Hill is gonna last a lot longer than SDB is projecting (there aren’t gonna be 70 top 40 guys)

      I think Jennings is gonna fall past that.

      Samia is a day 2 pick for me.

      Switch Miller and Hill and put Samia and Tell above Wesco and Jennings and thats a draft I can see coming to fruition.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, I agree. The ranges are a crapshoot. I thought Delano Hill would be a R5 guy, and they took him in R3. We slammed on anyone here who had the Connor McGovern of a couple years ago anywhere past R2, and he went R5 iirc.

        The important thing is to identify prospects Seattle will have interest in. I feel as a blog we are pretty good at that, though one or two guys we should recognize slip past us each year. Projecting where they will actually go, I feel is anyone’s guess, and it’s better to stick to our own semi-educated take than to fall into the general draft media groupthink.

        I agree Trysten Hill should last a bit longer, but in this scenario I’m not sure it’s all the way to 87, and PC/JS won’t want to risk missing out on “their guy” (assuming he might be).

        Samia I honestly have no clue, but there are a ton of possible R2-R3 iOL this year (see Senior Bowl roster) and that might push him down a bit. It will be interesting to see where the different runs on positions end up starting. Will DL be done by the end of R1, or continue into early R2? WR, TE, and/or OL could all start late R1-early R2, or they could get pushed back to mid-R2.

        Double dipping on DT and We is something I see as a distinct possibility and I wanted to reflect that here.

      • UKAlex6674

        Kenny – like you say, what else is new! But would be good to see some of your ranges on this and other posts 🙂

    • Trevor

      That would be a solid group of players and a nice infusion of talent all over the roster.

    • GauxGaux

      R2: C. Miller
      R3: T. Hill
      R3: D. Savage
      R4: D. Samia
      R4: T. Wesco
      R4: G. Jennings
      R5: L. Johnson
      R5: D. Ozigbo
      R6: A. Ingold

      • Trevor

        That would be a ridiculously good draft but I think Savage will go before Rd 3.

      • GoHawksDani

        Sign me up for this draft, but I also think that:
        Hill might go earlier (early 3rd or 2nd round)
        Savage will be a R2 pick in my mind
        Samia is more like a 3rd round dude
        Wesco too

        If they can get these guys anyway, I’m not complaining at all.

        I’d love to get Savage, Samia, Wesco

      • Bigten

        Absolutely love this. With others replies, I think miller lasts longer so I would drop him to our second 3rd rounder and move the other two up.

  7. Eli

    Killing it lately with the quality and quantity, Rob. I had an interesting set-up for a future article – you could set up a survey with Google Forms and the community could write in on prospects they’d like to see covered by you, might lead to some guys flying under the radar being unearthed and a fun way to talk about the guys we’re most excited about but don’t necessarily deserve a whole post (feel free to disregard if you find the idea unappealing, I hope my suggestion doesn’t come off as offensive in any way)

  8. Josh

    Good stuff! Thanks Rob!

  9. Hawksince77


    You wrote:

    “If the team felt an extension was impossible or highly unlikely he probably would’ve been traded by now.”

    What makes you think so? (and this is not a loaded question or intended to be argumentative – I am really curious as to your thought process)

    We are still some weeks ahead of the draft, so wouldn’t that be the natural deadline? (not meaning that the Seahawks would make that one for purposes of negotiation) Once the draft passes without a trade, it makes all the sense in the world that the best time to finalize an extension would be mid-July.

    As for precedent, we may be in new territory. They’ve never franchised a core player before. Perhaps we are set to see something new.

    • Rob Staton

      Because trades never happen this late in the process. If there was almost no chance of a deal something would’ve happened by now.

      • Hawksince77

        Good to know – thanks.

  10. Dale Roberts

    Dallas moves up to 21 by sending Seattle their 2nd and 3rd round picks this year, and 2nd, 3rd in 2020, and a 3rd round pick in 2021.

    Seattle sends Dallas
    2019 1st 800 pts

    Dallas sends Seattle
    2019 2nd #58 320 pts
    4th #128 44 pts
    5th #164 25 pts
    2020 2nd #60 150 pts (300 / 2 = 150 standard is next year’s pick is worth half)
    4th #130 21 pts ( 42 / 2 = 21)
    2021 3rd #95 60 pts (120 / 2 = 60)
    5th #168 21 pts ( 24 / 2 = 12)
    total 632 pts

    Dallas wins this trade on points 800 to 632 but that’s because of the 243 points discounted for future picks which is fair. Dallas likes their first round picks while Seattle has always preferred more picks to high picks. Dallas traded their first round pick for Amari Cooper, they’re in a win now period, and they have two 4th round picks this year. In this scenario Dallas retains a 1st and third the next two years and it’s 1st and 2nd in 2021.

  11. charlietheunicorn

    How about the NE Patriots as a trade partner, simply because they have a bunch of picks to toss around and need a few quality players.

    SEA # 21 = 800 Points

    NE # 56 / 73 / 97 / 101 = 770 points (or so)

    You would then have multiple picks within the rounds 2 – 4 and can stock up at DL / WR / TE and any other spot you want with quality depth.

    Would Seattle drop to the back half of the 2nd round…. I’m not sure, but that would give you plenty of very attractive picks within the rounds 2 – 4. I would not rule out possible future picks as well, from another Team to Seattle…. say a future 2nd (from another team) for a current 3rd in this scenario.

    • Rob Staton

      Just not sure why NE, a team who rarely trades up, is making that kind of move.

      • Clayton B. Russell Jr

        With the Seattle and Green Bay connection going back to the Holmgren years, I won’t be surprised to see Seattle trade with them and then trade down again with someone like Denver.

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      Nice scenario for Seattle, but you have to consider a reason why the other team would make a trade. You said it yourself – New England has a bunch of picks to toss around. That’s because New England puts a premium on their draft capital (BB loves his comp picks) so I can’t imagine them of all teams being willing to give up 4 picks for 1. Not Bill’s style.

  12. diehard82

    Rob, I’ve noticed that Carroll has never spent a 1st round pick on D-Line outside of Bruce Irvin. Someone they described as the best pure pass rusher in that draft. Unlike O-line where they’ve spent three 1st round picks out of 8 drafts in which they had a 1st round pick, 9 picks altogether (two in 2010).

    This year they are saying they believe they have the roster in place to win now. So, could they break that pattern if an elite D-line prospect they covet falls to 21? Someone to complement Reed in 2019 and potentially replace him in 2020 if they cannot re-sign him? So rather than a high pick to hedge Russ or Frank as you have proposed, they hedge Reed. In a draft this deep in D-line talent, isn’t it more likely one of them falls to 21 than other position groups? I’m thinking squarely of Ed Oliver, Dexter Lawrence, Christian Wilkins or Jerry Tillery. They don’t all literally replace Reed, but in as much as they are the new anchor of the D-line.

    And if that were to transpire, would they then trade their 2nd round pick in 2020 for an early 3rd round pick this year? Instead of trading down from Rd 1. I know this breaks pattern, but knowing that they almost certainly have two 3rd round compensatory picks coming, gives them three 3rd rounders next year. An early 3rd this year may be a sweet spot for CB or WR. Almost as good as a late 2nd rounder in the typical draft, and maybe they don’t feel they need 8-10 picks this year. If they were to draft 8, outside of D-line, where will they fit on the roster? Who would get cut? I can see CB and WR to improve quality of depth and overall competition, as well as OL. Iupati and Fluker are not long-term solutions, and even Brown is getting up there in age. But I can’t see 7 or 8 rookies making this roster. 4-5 seems right.

    • Rob Staton

      1. They’ll trade down. 100%.

      2. They won’t trade 2020 picks like that.

  13. Coleslaw

    I think theres a chance that we double dip on safeties. Grabbing 2 guys like Savage and Gardner-Johnson. Savage for the Earl role, Chauncey for the Nickel spot.

    It could be smart, adding playmakers to the secondary while it’s already young and letting them grow together. Get a couple DL, a WR and a TE and thats a solid draft.

    • Rob Staton

      That is extremely unlikely.

      Quite aside from the fact they might need two second round picks to do it, they’re not going to ignore all their other needs to take two safety prospects. No pass rush but at least they can experiment with five safeties on the field?

      • Robert Las Vegas

        I have a quick question for you Rob do you feel maybe one of reason why havent been very active in free agency is because they believe that next year draft will be really really good.and because if they can sign the big four what does that mean for mingo and vannett and Dickson and others. The mid pay guys might have a difficult time getting a decent contract

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s partly that. Part a lack of cap space, part wanting to build through the draft, part wanting to protect comp picks, part the insane money spent in FA.

      • GoHawksDani

        I would love a 5 safety strategy…probably not the best thing to do, but imagine bunch of fast and hard hitting guys running all over the field :DD

      • Coleslaw

        Yeah we couldn’t get those 2 together, but there are options later on. I meant Zavage and Chauncey types

  14. millhouse-serbia

    I know it has real chance to happen, but I really don’t like this trade scenario.

    I hope that we can finish with at least 4 top 100 picks.

    • millhouse-serbia

      With 2 pick in top 60 and 2 picks in top 100.

      So we can get 2 players from each of Rob’s 2nd and 3rd round tires.

  15. CaptainJack

    Glad you brought up Albert Huggins, maybe the most underrated player in the draft in my view. Whoever drafts him is very smart.

  16. Trevor

    Love that trade scenario and think KC could be a potential partner but wouldn’t that trade leave them with like 3-4 picks? I think all teams must see the depth from reds 2-5 in this draft class.

    I hope they can pull something like this off but I think JS may have to trade multiple times. Teams know the Hawks will be a willing trade partner so if they want to target a player then they are the call to make. Hopefully if all teams know that he can create a scenario where teams have to trade up to 21 to get thier guy or someone else might.

    • Rob Staton

      The Chiefs have two picks in round two and several day three picks. This would leave them with:


      So they would lose their third rounder and a day three pick but they’re in win now mode and could get a receiver then two top defenders in round 2.

      • Trevor

        K they had more draft capital than I realized. They may be desperate if Hill gets suspended so the trade makes as much sense or than any I have seen suggested.

        Until you see how the draft falls and who is still there at 21 it is next to impossible to predict really anyways but I appreciate the article because it gives an idea of what at trade back into the middle of the 2nd would net the Hawks in additional picks.

  17. Ben

    So I was always a bit skeptical that the seahawks would be able to keep the ‘big four’ together but then I was convinced we wouldn’t re-sign KJ this season and I was wrong about that.

    One problem with keeping the big four together is that the seahawks only have one tag. But I was wondering what your thoughts were on the seahawks offering a one-year contract (at or maybe slightly above the franchise tag amount) to Russell Wilson, as a kind of ‘voluntary tag’.

    Obviously this wouldn’t be ideal from the team’s perspective, but if it was a choice between losing someone like Frank Clark and helping out the team (while not losing out financially) it may be something Russ would agree to. It also helps the negotiations a bit because the terms of the next CBA would be know when the contract negotiations occur. What do you think?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely just because this works 100% in Seattle’s favour and not at all for Wilson. It would mean he’s a year further away from the open market, he’d simply be extending Seattle’s club control over him.

      • GoHawksDani

        I would absolutely hate it, but what about something like:
        One year 100% GTD, tag money + 10-15-20%?
        With some added bonus they could “generate” a “plus tag”.
        But this would be awful and I would lose all hope with this FO. I feel like this would show they cannot control their players and the contracts and they are also not ballsy enough to trade them when they cannot get to an agreement.

        • Rob Staton

          No this won’t happen

  18. GoHawksDani

    I’m so happy you give us valid trade scenarios. I can count and add up equal draft pick values based on the chart, but has very little idea who might be a partner to do so, because not that focused on other team needs.
    Based on your trades and how the receivers will run out, I’ll try to make another mock 🙂

    R2P40: L.J. Collier, DE, TCU
    They met with him. He has solid combine numbers (might not be a Banogu, but not that awful either. Similar forty to Wren, Allen, Saunders, Lawrence. Similar bench to Gary, Ferrell, Ximines, Allen, Tillery. Same vert as Wilkins, Saunders, Williams. basically same broad as Josh Allen, Nelson, Wren, Ximines, Bosa. 3cone sucks, but same as Wren and Hill. 20 yard pretty bad). Feels like he has some athletic limitations (mostly agility) and sometimes his technique is a bit rough, but overall solid prospect against the run and as a rusher too.
    NFL draft profile:
    The draft network profile:

    R3P84: Amani Hooker, S/CB (nickel), Iowa: I feel Savage, CGJ and Thornhill will go earlier. Hooker is agile and quick. His 40 was the 11th amongst safeties (4.48 which is fine for a S), his vert was the 5th, 9th in broad, 3cone second! (6.81), 20 shuttle 4th (4.10). He could be a nickel CB convert with that agility. He has solid height although not the biggest (5’11”), good weight (210 lbs). Arms a bit short (30 1/8”). Really instinctive guy. Played in a hybrid LB/S role in his last year. I feel with him and McDougald the Hawks could reinvent the safety position. Just completely erase the line between FS/SS and how deep they are. Give them another safety (maybe it could be Hill or T2) and these guys could make plays all over the field. Next to LoS or deep. Covering man of zone. Blitzing or covering WRs, TEs, jumping routes.
    NFL profile:
    draft network:

    R3P92: Trevon Wesco, TE, WVU. He’s not a combine freak, but he had solid numbers (top-middle of the pack, except the bench press, he dominated in that). Huge guy at 267 lbs. He can dominate LBs, but can also handle linemen too. He’s like a George Fant just might be a bit better at blocking and a bit more athletic and a much better receiver 😀 He could be used as an inline blocker as a traditional TE or even as a FB. He’s a swiss army knife. A really valuable potentially day 1 starter.

    R4P112: Greg Gaines, DT, Washington: A bigger guy at 312 lbs. Has short arms, but pretty strong and stout guy. Good motor, good attitude, able to generate some rush too and solid against the run. Need to clean up some technical stuff to overcome his phisical limitations but he can be a solid rotational player

    R4P124: I want a WR here…Not sure who’ll be available, but maybe Mecole Hardman (Georgia) or Miles Boykin (Notre Dame) will be still here. I’d prefer Hardman a bit more. Smaller, fast guy who can jump in as a return dude probably day 1…does it ring like someone we know? Yeah, Zierlein also compare him to Lockett. Hardman is a project and has some issues, but he can be good too:
    Boykin had solid 40 too, good 3cone and 20 yard shuttle. He’s a bigger dude at 6-4 and 220 lbs. BUT he’s inconsistent and not a complete receiver, route runner and better CBs will take him out of the game. Hopefully with the right coaching he can be a special player, but because of these issues he might fall and we can pick him up:

    R4P131: Marvell Tell, CB, USC: The latest safety to corner prospect. Really athletic and lean and long guy simply works better as outside CB probably. PCJS will love the potential, but still a couple of years to go.

    R5P167: Daniel Wise, DT, Kansas: Double selection at DT! We need depth and potential here. A 3-tech with potential. If you want an athletic freak do not look for him, he had pretty awful numbers during the combine. BUT he has some NFL blood in him (brother is with NE and his father was a Seahawks player). He’s probably just a bad tester, but has solid technique, good pad level, footwork and get things done. Rotational guy and needs to add some frame.

    R6P214: Alec Ingold, FB, Wisconsin: Yeah, I know, we have Wesco, but I can’t get enough blockers. Imagine Dissly, Wesco, Ingold, Carson and Penny on the field with Wilson. As both Wesco and Dissly seem like a capable receiver and Carson and Penny can catch too it’s not a “must be a run situation”. And as Penny, Carson and Wilson can run, and also Ingold and Wesco might be OKish for shorter yardage…yeah, this would be a dream heavier 70-75% run set for me. Draft Ingold, use him as a pure FB, teach him how to catch and run a bit (security blanket and short yardage situation), and he can be special. I feel like he would be a Dickson-like steal and value pick in the 6th.

    So all in all: 3 DL player, 2 DT who are mostly rotational/depth, but has potential. One NT-type with good run stopping and able to push the LoS a bit and one with more rush potential, but need to bulk up a bit. And a capable all-around DE in Collier. This would boost our DL with depth, young guys, potentials, and maybe day 1 or first year contributors.
    On the defensive side I’d also pick to safeties. One could be a nickel CB or big nickel, or even a starting safety next to McDougald. The other is more a safety-to-CB convert backup guy with ST upside and who can provide depth at safety and CB position after his first year (and also gives some competition to Flowers and Griffin)
    On the offensive side I’d get a multitool TE. The best blocking receiver on the team, who can line up at multiple spot. Wesco would boost our run game by a ton and could also function as a security blanket in the pass game. He can handle hot routes and checkdowns, and screens. I’d also get some speed in the form of a rookie WR. That guy potentially only an ST producer and WR project but he might compete and be a WR3 in the first year.
    And a value pick in the 6th round, Ingold who can also help to push our run game to the next level.

  19. Georgia Hawk

    Regarding Clark, I dont think there is any question that both sides are watching Dallas and Lawrence and waiting for that standoff to end and set the market. the big difference is the Hawks don’t realistically have the option of a second tag to slap on.

    My prediction is if there isn’t an agreement by training camp, Hawks go in accepting the fact this is the last year with Clark and look for a last second trade from a team that gets desperate…similar to how we acquired Duane Brown. Won’t get max value for Clark in that regard, but 1 first or second rounder in 2020 draft is MUCH better than a 3rd in 2021.

  20. jb9

    Are we interested in DE Emmanuel Ogbah?

    • jb9

      For maybe a 2020 6th?

      • DCD2

        His numbers sure aren’t anything special. Apparently a better run defender than rusher, but plays EDGE (Red Bryant role?).

        If the cost is a low conditional pick in 2020, I think the Hawks might be interested. We seem to put a lot of stock in former high draft picks who are still young. We also have quite a few needs and not much capital to work with for this draft.

  21. Greg Haugsven

    What if there is more to the Rashan Gary Vmac visit? Lets for argument sake say there is a trade with Buffalo for Frank if the Seahawks guy (Rashan Gary) is available at #9. Would you rather have Frank and what comes with that? Or have Gary, get your $17 million back, and say sign Ansah, and maybe another guy. Which option is better?

    • Rob Staton

      I went over this in a full article here:

      It’s fun to speculate what it means but the reality likely is they’re just doing due diligence.

      And I wouldn’t expect Rashan Gary to last to #9 anyway — or Clark to return a top-10 pick in the best D-line draft in years.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yeah I read the article. Was just having some fun to speculate.

  22. Madmark

    Thanks for the Scenario of pick numbers I never could figure out trades but I know Seattle has to do it. First before my draft I have to say CALL; C.J. Anderson FA running back from the Rams who is a FA. He’s 28 and watching during the playoff he could easily take Mike Davis spot cheap and more physical. It does not hurt to bring him in.
    40 Trysten Hill DT UCF
    This guy screams Seahawk this is the guy Ken Norton wants to coach. His combine cemented him as a 2nd round pick.
    84 L.J. Collins DE TCU
    Another pc for the DL not just looking to the future also, never enough pass rush.
    93 Marvin Tell III S USC
    This is a special Pete Carrol pick that he’ll know what to do with.
    112 David Sills V WR WV
    My gut tells me this the WR they are looking for. He kindia reminds me as a Steve Largent type WR.
    124 Trevon Wesco TE WV
    Steps to TE position while Dissly on pup list.
    131 Oli Udoh G Elon
    I’m looking for that big guard that this coach likes I don’t think Poisic makes the team
    159 John Ursua WR Hawaii
    he has a shot to stick with uncertain Doug Baldwin.
    167 Maxx Crosby DE Easter Michigan
    Needs a year Needs coaching and definitely to grown into body. My practice Squad guy.
    214 Darwin Thompson RB Utah St
    I really haven’t found a 7th round draft pick yet.
    Well thanks rob for the Scenario. This mock is subject to change convince me with your ideas.

  23. Bigten

    How about a scenario where we then trade 40 + 84 for Houston’s 54 and 55? Similar value on the chart, gives us 2 2nd rounders now and would allow for T Hill and Savage possibly.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure why Houston would do that. They have a pick in the 20’s to get their favourite guy then two prime picks in round two. Don’t really see much in it for them.

      • Bigten

        Not sure who they would trade up for, maybe a TE or OT? Denver and Cinci could both be in the running for one of them. Was just a thought.

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