Talking points: Earl Thomas, safety options, D-liners

Are the Seahawks going to need to draft a safety in round one now?

No, not necessarily. The shock of Earl Thomas flirting with the idea of retirement has started to wear off already. Presumably it was a raw moment for an emotionally charged player — left alone for a brief moment with his phone, probably while in a high degree of pain.

That’s not to say Thomas won’t call it a day. He’s now a seven-year veteran and turns 28 next May. His two pro-contracts total $61.1m in guarantees. He’s an extremely wealthy man with a Super Bowl ring. When he’s had enough, he probably will just walk off into the sunset. And it might be sooner than later.

Calvin Johnson did it when he was 30. Leaving with your health intact, moving onto the next chapter. It’s understandable.

Pete Carroll confirmed today it’s a serious injury. He’s out for the year and facing a lengthy recovery.

It still feels unlikely that this will be the way Thomas ends his legacy. His current contract runs until the end of 2018. He turns 30 in 2019. Let’s hope he decides to at least prolong his career until that date.

So there’s no need to overreact?

Not at all. There’s every chance Thomas returns for the 2017 season and this will be a distant memory by next summer.

Unless Thomas is deadly serious about retiring, it would make little sense to spend a high pick on a free safety you hope doesn’t feature.

It’s true that certain safety’s can be used in other positions — but it’s also difficult to judge how well a player can adjust to playing linebacker or nickel corner. You might end up wasting a pick on what amounts to a special teamer or second stringer.

By draft season the team will have a clear read on Thomas’ plans. They can play this one by ear. For now we have to assume he won’t call it quits. After all, it was just a Tweet at the heat of the moment.

So it’s a total no-no to go safety in round one?

Not 100%. Why rule it out completely? This is shaping up to be the best draft for safety’s in years.

If they decide that a player like Budda Baker has the kind of range they love at free safety, the ability to be versatile and play other positions and potentially replace Earl if needed in the future — of course you wouldn’t rule it out.

Baker looks like a good fit for the personality and style of Seattle’s defense — and you have to believe they’re going to be well on top of the major talent pool at Washington.

Did you know Baker actually leads the Huskies for TFL’s (nine)? That’s some achievement from a safety. He’s a player with great potential.

Equally they might see incredible upside in a player like Obi Melifonwu. He’s being tipped to own the combine and showed great versatility at UConn. He too could be an option.

It just comes back to the likelihood of Thomas actually quitting. If he doesn’t, Baker in particular is a luxury. Especially when there are more compelling needs on the roster.

Is there an alternative range where they could target a safety?

According to Over the Cap, the Seahawks are set to receive a third round compensatory pick for Bruce Irvin, giving them two in the third frame.

Washington State’s Shalom Luani could be an option here. His backstory and determination to forge a career in American football is inspiring. He appears to be a very good athlete with some playmaking qualities (eight interceptions in the last two seasons).

He’s the kind of player you can imagine the Seahawks drafting. Athleticism, grit, character. Luani’s one to keep an eye on.

Is there anything to update on other potential needs?

Garry Gilliam being listed as inactive against Carolina suggests his days are numbered in Seattle. They could retain Bradley Sowell or make an alternative free agent addition — but right tackle looks like a need for the off-season.

Utah’s Garett Bolles will continue to make total sense for the Seahawks until he either shoots up draft boards into the top-20 or opts not to declare. Like Luani, his backstory screams Seahawks. Bolles’ on field play is also perfectly suited to Seattle’s offense.

If Bolles doesn’t declare or they don’t go offensive tackle early, Pittsburgh’s Adam Bisnowaty remains another option (possibly for round three). He was a four-star recruit with a wrestling and basketball background. His play really improved as the season went along.

We’ll know more about possible O-line targets after the combine when we crank up the Trench Explosion Formula again.

What else?

Garett Bolles aside, a possible first round target could be an impact interior defensive lineman. That could be a big defensive tackle with plus pass-rushing ability or an inside/out DE.

The lack of sacks, pressures and TFL’s from Seattle’s group of interior linemen is a slight concern this year.

The three Washington defensive tackles could be in play (Vea, Qualls and Gaines). Tony Pauline reported the following today:

Assuming Budda Baker, John Ross and Sidney Jones are three of the six — and with Azeem Victor already suggesting he will return — there’s a chance all three defensive tackles are contemplating the NFL.

A lot of people praise Vea (and with good reason) but Gaines might be just as good. Vea has 5.5 TFL’s and four sacks in 2016 — Gaines has eight TFL’s and 3.5 sacks. Only Budda Baker has more TFL’s on the team than Gaines.

Qualls is another keep an eye on — he has five TFL’s and three sacks. It’s a really, really talented Husky defensive front.

Florida State’s Derrick Nnadi is also an option as we’ve discussed. He has unique strength, an explosive lower body and major pass-rushing production in 2016 (9.5 TFL’s, 5.5 sacks). Nnadi is an ideal combination of size, power and quickness. He’s only scratching the surface of his potential. It’s unclear if he’ll declare as a junior.

UCLA’s Takk McKinley would arguably be an ideal pick for the inside/out style DE. He has 18 TFL’s this year and 10 sacks. He’s very raw and needs to develop his hand-use and ability to get off a block — but his upside and closing speed is off the charts and he’s making plays despite a lack of refined technique. He appears destined for the top-15 if not the top-10. Expect a big time combine performance.

DeMarcus Walker would also be a nice option but his incredible 2016 season could also push him into the top-20.

Three other names to keep an eye on are Michigan’s Chris Wormley, Alabama’s Dalvin Tomlinson and Florida’s Caleb Brantley.

Any other options?

Without wanting to go over old ground too much, Temple’s Haason Reddick could be an ideal SAM/LEO. He leads the country in TFL’s (21.5) and reportedly has an incredible athletic profile. His manner in interviews seems very Seahawky.

The counter could be that they won’t necessarily see this as a key need. The Seahawks have four good EDGE rushers (they do) and Mike Morgan played 29% of the snaps against Carolina. Reddick could play some LEO and that could keep him on the field. But we need to realise how the Seahawks utilise the SAM in their defense.

If you spend a high pick they better be able to play more than 29% of the snaps.

The other option could be a high pick on a running back. Adding bodies to the rotation, particularly given the injuries this year, seems inevitable.

The Seahawks spent a second rounder on Christine Michael when they already had Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin. Adding a third wheel to combine with Rawls and Prosise feels likely. This could be a target area in rounds 2-4.

Seattle aggressively tries to fill needs and upgrade areas on the roster that are most open to improvement. At the moment that is arguably right tackle, interior pass rush and depth at running back.

If Thomas does retire, it’s a game changer. But let’s hope that’s a long way off.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    Would you take Malik McDowell if he fell to us in the first?

    If he does, something is probably wrong with the player. Crazy athlete, raw and underwhelming, is effort an issue?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — but there’d have to be a reason for the fall so I’d want to know about it before committing an answer to that question. He started the year very well but just disappeared. 1.5 sacks all season? Not good.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Didn’t you mock him in R2 last week? Why would his lasting to the end of R1 be a fall?

        • Kenny Sloth

          His disappointing 2016 is reason enough for a fall out of a loaded top 15.

          An unimpressive combine would lend itself to at least a second rpund selection.

          If he’s on the board that long, you start to ask why no-one wants him

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Right. It’s just that Rob had him going at pick 39 to CAR in his latest mock, so I was wondering why him lasting to the end of R1 would be considered a fall.

        • Rob Staton

          Because I’m the only one projecting him that low that I know of. His play really dropped off in 2016. I want to know why. And if he falls that far as I projected I would be very suspicious of him. There’d have to be a legit reason why he fell.

  2. RockNRowland

    I would say they’d use R1 on the BPA for either the OL or DL. If they want to be bullies again, they’ll need to make the investment. After, of course, the customary trade down for additional picks!

    • Rob Staton


      Right now it’s about working to have consistency in the run game and getting more impact from the interior defensive linemen. They are the key needs unless things change over the next four games.

  3. STTBM

    Nice write-up and video Rob. Thanks!

    Wow, Baker really does come flying in like a missile–just like Earl Thomas! I only watched UW in the USC game this year, didnt see too much from him other than a play or two, but if he consistently makes those flying missile ankle tackles, he will be a heck of a S in the NFL.

    Seattle needs a successor to Chancellor as much or more than one for Thomas. Thomas, despite his latest injury, has far less tread of his tires than Kam. Nothing wrong with bringing in the replacement two years (and hopefully more!) ahead of time. Still, I think Seattle has bigger needs elsewhere that may preclude them from drafting a guy like Baker. When we drafted Micheals the roster was stacked, and Lynch was facing possible NFL suspension, which is not the case for Earl or Kam.

    But I thought they might grab Shaq Thompson last year so it woulndt surprise me if they took a S in the upper few rounds either.

  4. cha

    I still don’t get what is going on with Gilliam and his regression. Is it a character problem? Not responding to coaching? Minor injuries holding him back?

    This to me is a huge piece of the puzzle. Going from the offseason presumptive starting LT to getting moved back to RT, to competing weekly and in-game for his job, to being deactivated.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Was he ever the presumptive starting LT? I know they were trying him out there, but I missed any talk of him being locked in there.

    • Drew

      Cable made it seem that he’s not physical enough. Compare him to Ifedi who lined up next to him, he was lacking that killer instinct.

  5. CHawk Talker Eric

    I watched only one MICH game this year – the one vs tOSU – so my sample size isn’t sufficient to make any assertions. But in that game Taco Charlton really stood out. Would he be a possible target at the end of R1, or the first half of R2 after a trade down?

    Also what about Ryan Ramczyk in R2 for RT if SEA miss out on Bolles?

  6. cha

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet · 9m9 minutes ago

    #Seahawks S Earl Thomas won’t need surgery on his cracked tibia at this point, source says. May make his recovery a bit easier.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Earl Thomas to me just now: “I’m taking it one day at a time. I still feel the same way I felt last night.” Future remains uncertain. “You have to remember my team is still fighting I don’t want to become a distraction,” said Earl Thomas, who doesn’t plan to have surgery – Ed Werder ‏@Edwerderespn

  7. Nathan_12thMan

    I really like LT (please Bolles) then pass rushing DT in round two then RB in round three. That really hits our needs. I hope the talent is there for us to address those needs. Until I see otherwise here is how I assess our RBs:

    – Rawls: Extremely talented but durability is a giant question mark. Likely won’t have a long career due to play style and likely will be banged up (if not worse) often due to his playing style. I have a hard time picturing him playing even one entire 16 game season.

    – Prosise: Extremely talented with an even better upside but durability is a giant question mark. So far in the NFL (and from what i know his college career) he is injury prone. It seems like most of the dynamic RBs who can also catch the ball are like that as well (Bell, Charles, White, etc). Until he proves otherwise my nickname for his is C.J. Harvin and it’s that way for a reason; dudes made of glass.

    – Pope: Tons of hype (staff said something to the effect that he was the most gifted back they’ve seen run behind their ZBS, best eyes and feet or something), and we’ve seen some cool stuff from him in the preseason, last nights game along with his insane senior year in college (15 games played, 218 rushing attempts, 14.5 ATT/G, 1788 yards, 8.2 YPC, 119.2 YDS/G, 19 TD’s, 76 yard long, 8 100+ games). But that’s it. So far he hasn’t flashed the ability to be a secure back on our roster. He has a lot to prove before we skip the RB position in this years draft because of him. He could do it though as our RB2 sharing the load with Rawls.

    – Collins: He had a fantastic college career but so far we haven’t heard or seen much of anything to be impressed by. He is quietly despised by Seahawk fans for his lack of impact and how poor he has looked. He isn’t even activated for the game, instead Pope plays against the Panthers as Alex warms the bench. There is reason to wait, his college tape plus how bad our blocking has been plus our ZBS likely slowing his development as a back who ran in a man blocking scheme in college. Some backs just need time and snaps to adjust (Marshawn did his first season with us).

    – Farmer: So far I have seen nothing that impresses me. Even his athleticism & speed doesn’t show up when he runs the ball so far. Not impressed and not expecting anything from him. Unless he really shocks and awes I expect the Pete Carroll George Farmer experiment to end once we get Prosise back or the post-season is over.

    If Pope or Collins breaks out then I could see our RB need dropping, if both break out then we’re sitting pretty, but if neither truly breaks out then the lack of durability with Rawls & Prosise demands (IMO) the drafting of a quality back.

    • icb12

      Pretty spot on.

      Pope doesn’t impress me. He looks just like CMike to me. Except he seems to not trip over his shoelaces all the time. Insane burst and that’s it.
      AC. Who knows. Like you say. Needs snaps. And he’s not getting them.
      CJ. The glassman. Got talent for sure. But was injured quite bit at ND and now the pros.
      Rawls. So far so good. Fits the system.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Glassman seems a bit harsh for Prosise. Unless I’m mistaken, he missed just 3 games at ND in 2015 – 1 for a concussion, and 2 for a high ankle sprain.

        With SEA, he was out for about a week during TC with a hamstring injury; he missed 5 games (weeks 2 thru 6) with a wrist injury; and now he’s out for about 6 weeks with a scapula issue.

        He’s had a rough rookie season, but pro football is a rough sport. I wouldn’t label him glassman yet.

        • 503Hawk

          Well stated.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I agree with that. Too easy to throw that label on him right now.

  8. RockNRowland

    PC/JS have proven adept at finding skilled players like Baldwin, Kearse, Rawls as UDFA. Half our current roster are UDFA’s. Just like this year with Ifedi and Reed, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they go OL/DL with their first 2 picks to insure the lines are well stocked. They’ll work the later rounds as usual to try to fill in other areas like S, WR, RB. I’d be in favor of another OT in late R1,early R2. Bolles may be a great choice to continue the “bully refresh”!

  9. Trevor

    Very much like last year when it just seemed like Ifedi made just too much sense and was then the pick. I think Bolles is exactly the same. An area of need with an ultra athletic player who fits the Hawks profile to a T.

    I truly believe if the take Bolles in Rd # 1 and extend Britt then give these guys another whole off season together that an OL of Fant, Glowinski, Britt, Ifedi, Bolles could be a top 10 unit in the league. Young, tough, powerful and athletic. If he is on the board he makes too much sense IMO. Can you imagine this offense with a top 10 oline?

    My way too early dream draft. This is the range Nnadi and Redick are projected but by draft time may be out of range. But one can dream. Who would have thought we could get both Ifedi and Reed last year.

    Rd#1 Bolles
    Rd#2 Nnadi
    Rd#3 Reddick
    Rd#3 Comp Luani

    • ]Ben-Ft. Worth TX

      My dream draft: Seahawks trade All picks

      Seahawks select: Leonard Fournette

      Too soon?

  10. Trevor

    I like the signing of Reese at FB it will be nice to have a quality true FB again and i think he will be a useful addition.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This might be an under rated signing, but he still had some wheels and nice hands for a FB out of the back field. I’m wondering if Toku…. is headed to IR.

  11. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If I had my druthers….. Seattle should go with S/LB Obi Melifonwu…… otherwise Florida State’s DT Derrick Nnadi as a very likely pick in the late first round. One would provide size and athelticism and scheme flexibility to the secondary. The other would provide a young DT tandem of Reed and Nnandi to build the rest of the DL around.

    I have a funny feeling Seattle might trade back out of the 1st round… pick up an extra second or third and try to get some diamonds in the rough. This almost seems too obvious. There are plenty of quality players providing excellent value in the high second -probably high fourth rounds….

    The position I’m confident Seattle will address, but what I can’t decide is “when” they will strike in the draft is RB. The third round keeps calling to me as the ideal spot to go for a RB. Some of the big names will be gone, but there will be nice value during round 3 with multiple very good players available.

    Taking an OT early would also not preclude Seattle from double dipping….. Let say they went Bolles in round #1 and Bisnowaty in early round 4 (let’s say for grins). One would be projected as a starter and the other as a swing tackle addition. This would assume several OL currently with the team are given the boot. Gilliam, Sowell and Hunt. I’m not including anyone currently on IR or PS with the team.

    • Volume12

      I think its highly likely they trade outta the 1st, but probably will look to add a 4th and 5th.

      No way this team will sit on therir hands come day 3 until the 6th round. That would be 3 rounds in between their last pick.

      • Coleslaw

        I see Chicago as the most obvious trade suitor right now. It makes a lot of sense for them to add to that defense with a top 5 pick or maybe even snag Fournette, then draft a QB like Watson or whoever idk with their 2nd pick. Point being I dont see us having a problem finding a trade partner especially since we’ll probably be looking for only a 4th 5th and possibly 6th or 7th or future late pick

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Too early to go into much detail, but if SEA holds the 29th pick like in Rob’s last mock, and CHI has the 4th (35th, 68th, etc.) then points-wise SEA would get CHI’s R2 & R4 for their R1.

      • DC

        Unless someone is there that they absolutely love/need then yes. If the first selection is DL, there seem to be so many that might interest them that a trade back seems inevitable, especially sitting so thin in overall picks this year.

        Walker, Nnadi, Thomas, Vea, Gaines, Qualls, Charleton, McKinley, Wormley, Tomlinson, Brantley, Watkins, Glasgow, Johnson, Lotulelei, Harris, Landry, Lewis, Hall, Lawson….

        I wonder if Lotulelei will have a similar fall to Reed on draft day due to the same view of him as a “run stuffer” without much pass rush ability.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Been playing this over in my head because contemplating a trade out of R1 seems like the proper thing for a Seahawks fan to do pre Draft, and because apparently I’ve nothing more pressing to occupy my attention…

        But, if they were to trade down from to mid -R2, the points suggest they’d get the R2, plus a R3 and R4, something like 29 for 52, 85 and something around 125.

        The last time they actually did trade down (2014) they swapped 32 for 40 and 108.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          *trade down from late R1

  12. sdcoug

    Several weeks ago I wrote that Luani’s versatility was really attractive/appealing. That was before Earl sat out last week, and now such a pick appears even more valuable with Earl going down last night.

    What I like even more is the way it likely sets up in terms of draft capital. it’s been discussed often on this board how the hawks probably wouldn’t invest their first pick in a position/player that would only see ~30% of game snaps. But the 3rd round is entirely different.

    You could still target an OL/DL combo in 1 & 2, and maybe RB in 3. Taking someone like Luani with the other pick in the third would give you:

    1) An immediate contributor on STs
    2) A speedy, playmaking backup to Earl (assuming he returns) in case of injury
    3) A speedy, playmaking backup to Lane as nickel back, who might challenge to eventually start
    4) A possible, playmaking emergency backup to Kam at SS who plays well near the LOS and can make plays in the backfield

  13. red

    In Pete’s single high safety Pete wants speed if you are to wonder why Terrell is on this roster I think he ran a 4.38 forty on his pro day. I think if we are looking for similar profiles I listed a few guy who might run low 4.4s or even crack the 4.3s.

    Armani Watts Texas A&M
    Jonthan (Rudy) Ford Auburn
    Budda Baker Washington ran 4.35 at husky day hand timed so maybe mid to low 4.4s at combine.

    Also interesting stat at husky day TE Daniels ran 4.44 hand timed so say he is in low 4.5s at combine at 6’3 240 he starts to look like Luke Willson .

  14. Coleslaw

    I agree with the closing statement that interior rush, right tackle and TH depth are the 3 most pressing needs. I want to say interior rush is #1 but also if Fant went down we’d be in trouble (next year without gilliam). Though I’m not as hyped on Bolles as everyone else seems to be, I question how much he benefits from being a grown man. If he blows up the combine and is there when we pick I say take him 100% but also wouldn’t mind trading up in the second for a guy like can robinson

    • Coleslaw

      Also, Obi is the safety I want. Haven’t seen too much tape but seems like he has done Sean Taylor to his game and can play both spots.

    • Trevor

      I know Cam Robinson is sort of out of favour here on the blog but from what I have seen he has really picked up his game in the 2nd half of the season.

      His personality may be a deal breaker for the Hawks but if not a right side of the OL with Ifedi and Robinson would be enormous. I doubt they would take him but I would not mind the pick to be honest.

      • Coleslaw

        It’s pretty likely they wouldn’t take him, but if they did!! Like you said the right side would be enormous. I would honestly love it cause he has more upside than Bolles IMO albeit not by much

      • Coleslaw

        And would also probably only cost a 2nd

      • Rob Staton

        Intelligence on the OL and high character seems to have taken on extreme importance for Seattle. That’s where I think Robinson will fall in Seattle’s estimations.

        • Trevor

          You are likely right about Robinson. From all reports his character is pretty suspect which is surprising on a Saban coached team.

  15. Trevor

    If you take away one play against TB and the 1st play when he came in against Carolina I think Terrell has played really well. I know teams have not schemed against him but his play gives me hope. He is not Earl but no one is and he does have great speed / range.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He really hasn’t to my eye.

      I see teams consistently victimizing him when he’s on the field.

      Have been dreading this for years.

      • Drew

        Other than 1 play for a TD which was a good design to attack the weak spot of the Tampa Cover 2, what did the Panthers due for the rest of the game that victimized Terrell?

        Or the Bucs? Only gave up 14 points, and 7 of that was on Sherman.

        This defense is still elite.

      • Trevor

        I guess we are not seeing the same thing. Can you hi light some plays where he has been victimized besides the two I mentioned? They have only given up a total of 21 pts in the two games he played.

      • vrtkolman

        Like you I’m still skeptical. If he can just be McCray I think we are fine. He’s not going to be a difference maker, but if he can play solid ball without blowing too many plays were in good shape.

        The defense has still played well without him. It’s looked far worse without Kam or Wagner in the lineup.

  16. John_s

    I know that Shalom Luani is a fan favorite on this site but he doesn’t come without baggage. I’m not convinced that Luani is any different than Kelcie McCray.

    Budda is special. He’s the next in the line of Honey Badger and Earl. He instantly becomes the teams best slot defender in addition to playing FS.

    • Rob Staton

      Worth noting John that the charges were dropped against Luani.

      Budda has the potential to be special for sure. It might he hard to justify the pick if Earl returns because you’re essentially drafting a backup to replace Earl — who is only 27 after all and might return and play for a few years yet. But if he does call it quits — absolutely Budda makes sense.

      • Matt

        I’m a UW homer, but I do think Budda makes sense, even with ET back in the fold. He really is special around the LOS despite his size. He can also cover the slot extremely well. He has CB footwork and is a really intelligent football player. Jeremy Lane, IMO has not lived up to his contract. I think a Baker pick upgrades over Lane, with the insurance to play FS in a pinch, while also reducing salary. Not that Seattle thinks this way, but I also think he is a very safe pick (intelligence + athleticism + effort/practice habits). I mention that last point because according to UW coaches, him and Sidney Jones are extraordinary in the film room and practice field. We know what that means to the Seahawks FO, Coaches, and on-field leadership (Sherm, RW, Kam).

        It certainly is a luxury but I do truly think he is a special talent. I’d prefer OL over Baker, but I do think if you want a potentially special player, Baker is the only realistic option at the end of R1 (excluding randomly hitting on a KJ Wright, Kam Chancellor).

        • Rob Staton

          Let’s be clear though, Jeremy Lane isn’t going anywhere. His cap hit in 2017 is $5.25m — it will cost them $7.75m to cut him. So an upgrade on Lane costs you the first round pick plus the option of having Lane as a $5.25m backup or a $7.75m waste of money.

          For me, Lane has performed fine with a couple of exceptions this season. I will defend most corners who live predominantly in the slot. It’s a super hard position to play and they will have bad games. You’re ripe for all the rub-routes. You’re often placed against either a super-charged TE or a dynamic quick receiver. It’s a tough role to play.

          I really like Baker but spending a R1 pick on a possible future replacement for Lane and an insurance at FS is a supreme luxury. It might be that they ultimately do think he is special and take him — but if that’s the case he probably goes earlier than the 25-35 range I’m projecting him. And the Seahawks have traditionally been aggressive in trying to solve their greatest needs when they’ve been evident. IMO there are some very evident needs at the moment.

          That all said, I’m a big fan of Baker’s.

          • Matt

            Did not know that about Lane. That obviously changes things. Thanks for the run down on the Cap (always a complicated deal).

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hey V12 you were saying that PC mentioned WMICH/PJ Flack today and JS scouted them this year. Could they be looking at Taylor Moton?

    He’s rumored to have impressive strength (like a 400lb bench and nearly 600lb squat), good overall athlete, and durable (I think he will set the WMICH record for most career starts in the Cotton Bowl).

    He carries his +320lbs well with little flab. In fact, to my eye, he looks a lot like Ifedi. He may project to OG in the pros, but a right side T-G tandem of Ifedi and Moton could be good.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Perhaps Ifedi is the RT we seek and the other guy you mentioned is the RG that can pair up with him…. young and dominate. This is very sexy indeed. Road grade some fools with powerful, capable and experienced (CFB) OL…. not trying to convert or have a project hopefully pan out in 2-3 years.

      Fant, Glowinski, Britt, Moton and Ifedi….. not bads at all. Young and talented. 4 out of 5 played together, so it would not be a total rebuild it has been the last two seasons.

      • Volume12


        He looks so much like Ifedi doesn’t he?

        He projects to G in the pros, but this is a physical, RT, that mauls people in the run game and has 34″ arms. He completely dominated Illinois DE Dawaune Smoot.

  18. bankhawk

    To anyone out there who may be more familiar with the situation than I am-how do you see the Marcel Reece sugning? Pure injury replacement for Tuk? A hedge against Prosises chances at making it back (re pass-catching out of the backfield)?

    I know hes a former multiple-time probowler. Whats he likely to still have in the tank? Do we get some of Tuks blocking in addition to some of Prosises pass catching? Anyone care to hold forth?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They need bodies in the backfield. Reece checks a few boxes – good lead blocker (to replace Tuk), good outlet receiver (to offset losing CJ), familiarity with Cable’s scheme.

      And then there’s the UW connection, which really means nothing but is kinda cool.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Meant to include that he’s fairly similar to the “Real Rob” – a decent pick up at this point in the season under these circumstances. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a bit of a resurgence (but I’m not holding my breath).

  19. C-Dog

    Could the future FS beyond Earl Thomas already be on the roster in Steven Terrell? Thoughts?


    • bankhawk

      Kind of what I was thinking on Reece-but nice to hear that you see a Real-Rob kinda ceiling on the move. In all reality, its not the time of season when you expect to see any changes to the big pieces of the puzzle, but sometimes those smaller moves that round things into shape provide interest as well.

      On Steven Terrell as a future ET III replacement, I full well expect Earl to simmer down and make a full comeback and at least serve out the term of his current contract. Terrell is not Earl, but has the speed, knowledge of the system and has the benefit of a lot of really formidable coaching under his belt to provide depth that many squads would envy. I guess that in spite of the attractiveness of a lot of the options in the draft at DB, the Hawks will add to their pile in the trenches, nab more competition at RB, and keep sifting rnd 5 and after for diamonds in the rough for the back end of the D. Should Earl really follow through on his tweet, I guess its a rethink, but Terrell is a good place to start from-and boy! were really going to get the chance to see what life after Earl might look like over the next month and a half!

      Thanks Eric-always enjoy your posts.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Likewise bh

  20. Ed

    The Jets are terrible and all the high draft picks on the DL aren’t playing. Maybe they relinquish Richardson. He would be a great 3 Tech that can push the pocket.

    Hawks can maybe slip up this week, but really want them to sweep the final 4 and put pressure on Dallas.

    Trade back and get playmakers, grow the line (Fant/Glow/Britt/Ifedi/Obi

  21. Mitch

    Hey Rob,

    Thoughts on Jabrill Peppers? I know you have mentioned that SEA loves versatility in their defensive players and with the Earl Thomas news I was curious if you think he could help fill this roll as his athleticism is off the charts and could offer a different dimension when blitzing/ he comes closer to the LOS like Earl sometimes does? With Peppers playing a lot of LB I was wondering if you have scouted his coverage ability?

    Considering the importance of a player with range on our back end I figured if he fit we would consider trading into top 10 range.

    • Drew

      Peppers is probably a top 5, at least a top 10 pick. Dude is awesome.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Peppers goes top-five. To trade up from the 20’s or 30’s into the top five, you’d be talking about potentially two first round picks, possibly a third, and a couple of second rounders + change. So sadly I think it’s highly unlikely.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m not Rob (obviously), and as has happened in the past I’ll probably get accused of either (a) a hot take, whatever that is, or (b) trying too hard to find fault with a top prospect, but here goes anyway. Don’t think he’s awesome, don’t think he will be a top 5 pick, and think he’s overrated. Struggling to think of a way he’s better than, say, Jamal Adams.

      Okay, that’s a hot take. 😉 Still think he goes R1, just in the teens, and def. not interested for the Hawks. Just me, maybe.

      • Rob Staton

        What does he do that you don’t like Rhino? I’m happy to entertain the hot take — but I’d be very interested to hear the reasons why you think he’s overrated.

        • RealRhino2

          Well, I’ll start off by admitting I’m a bit of a rigid thinker. I feel more comfortable when things fit into clearly defined roles. So I start by asking what position is he going to play, and what are the requirements/tools needed to excel at that position.

          Too small to be a linebacker, doesn’t cover well enough to be a free safety. Doesn’t that just make him a strong safety? I think Adams covers better and is bigger, to boot. I just don’t see that a strong safety is worth a pick in the top 10. Vol12 (I think) says I don’t get it, he fills the same role Landon Collins does. Well, Collins didn’t go in the top 10. And he had 5 career picks to Peppers’ one. I think Peppers is a great athlete, I just know how valuable that is.but I’d rather have a guy who had great positional traits.

          • Rob Staton

            Would Collins go earlier now though? Isn’t that the point Vol12 would make?

            After all, Russell Wilson went in round three. But today he’d be, at the absolute latest, the #2 pick in 2012.

            Plus isn’t a really good strong safety valuable when we look at our own Kam Chancellor?

            I think he can play SS and deathbacker personally.

  22. Jeremy

    Hey Rob,

    I think an edge rusher would be a great position to target in round one. In drafting Frank Clark, they not only acquired another guy that can rush the passer, but a guy that “mirrors” what Bennett provides (FieldGulls has an excellent article on how the Seahawks roster mirroring works). Aside from Cliff Avril, who rushes on the edge? In the past there was Bruce Irvin, but now it’s Cassius Marsh. Marsh is a great hustle/effort guy, but hasn’t shown the repertoire to consistently produce sacks.

    Enter Carl Lawson. Not only is he similar in size to Avril (6’2″ 257 pounds vs. Avril’s size at Purdue of 6’3″ 253 pounds), but he’s got excellent football intelligence, power, and supposedly a great getoff. Not sure if he’ll get the freaky 10 yard split that Avril had, but he sounds like a great pick in round one. He’s been injured quite a bit in his college career, but the Seahawks showed with this last draft class that they would take players coming off an injury. SEC country has an EXCELLENT writeup on him that includes clips from DraftBreakdown. Check it out!

    • Rob Staton

      I like Lawson but I’m not convinced they need another EDGE. Who are they taking snaps away from? Cassius Marsh played only 45% of the snaps and IMO is one of the more underrated contributors on the team. He has had several splash plays this year and recovered the fumble on Sunday.

      Replacing Marsh isn’t a key need — and I fully expect Bennett and Avril to play for another 3-4 years too. With Clark coming along it feels like a bit of a redundant need unless said player can play SAM/LEO and stay on the field as a linebacker too. Lawson is a pure EDGE.

      If they add a D-liner, for me it has to be an inside/out rusher or a DT. The interior pressure is down this year. They need a 5-6 sack guy inside and someone who can get 8-10 TFL’s/

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Would the collective on here think the idea of trading “the farm” for Fournette completely absurd or should we consider it more seriously??? I’m not completely sold on the guy personally, but every mock draft, scouting blog and rumor mill says he is the second coming of (insert talented RB…. mostly Bo Jackson). Imagine him as your back-up RB or compliment back to Rawls, then you sprinkle in some Prosise (and whoever) on 3rd downs (which Fournette could do some of the time)….. that would be a very talented RB group providing extreme offensive flexibility…..

    Just something to stick in your pipe and smoke these cold winter times.

    • Drew

      As much as I’d love to see Fournette on the Hawks, I think there’s too much talent in this draft to give up picks for. I think Hawks will trade back, unless there isn’t a good enough offer that isn’t too many spots back. I think there are plenty of options that would be great as a compliment to Rawls & Prosise in rounds 3/4.

    • LordSnow

      I’d hate to sell the farm for anyone other than a franchise qb, and since we don’t need one…

      Historically I can’t remember when selling the farm for a rb worked out, herschel walker and Ricky Williams come into mind.

    • Matt

      I love Fournette and think he’s a generational talent. That said, while Rawls has yet to show his durability, when on the field, he really is a special talent. Because of his ability to play at a top 5 level, I don’t think trading the farm for Fournette is worth it.

      Now…if for some odd reason he falls closer to 10th (99% sure that won’t happen), then that is a different conversation.

      • LordSnow

        This question has actually got my memory ticking. The Herschel trade was obviously a disaster and probably the worst trade in NFL history. The Ricky Williams trade was a disaster (selling all 8 picks to get him) and I think led to Mike Ditka getting fired.

        Then there was that Eric Dickerson trade to the colts in a three team swap. The disaster was for the colts. The beneficiary was the Bills since they got Cornelius Bennett out of it.

        The only one that worked out that I can remember where a team “sold the draft” for one guy was the one where of course we were the victims: Tony Dorsett.

        The odds are just not worth it. Better to keep your picks, your players, and move with what you have. Unless it’s a can’t miss qb.

        • LordSnow

          BTW before anyone who wants to sell the draft thinks that “those guys weren’t as dominant as the can’t miss Leonard Fournette” pretrade…YES THEY WERE.

          They were the forerunners to disasters that wrecked franchises for years and is probably why such trades aren’t done today for rb’s.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t buy into trends like this at specific positions. For example, if someone had traded the house for Adrian Peterson, they would’ve probably thought it was a great deal.

            We can equally look at the RGIII trade and say it was a mistake. Cleveland gave up multiple picks for Brady Quinn too. Yet trading big for the right QB isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Predominantly big splash trades don’t work for a myriad of reasons. Making a big move for Fournette won’t be a success or failure because other unrelated guys flopped. Judging whether the Seahawks would be right or wrong to make the deal should really be judged on whether a person believes Fournette is capable of a fantastic career and whether Seattle’s roster is in position to make a bold move.

            • LordSnow

              I understand that that doesn’t mean all trades end in disasters. But you have to acknowledge the failure rate in a sport where injuries, scheme, work habits, etc etc is VERY HIGH since the draft is the primary way of filling your roster. You can CRIPPLE a franchise with such moves. Trades happened much more outside of the qb position in decades past and probably qb is the only position I’d think was worth the risk. The crippling aspect is why such things rarely happen.

              THis isn’t about going from having “zero” at rb to Leonard Fournette, either. If you sell out the draft, Fournette HAS to be a 20-25 carry guy for you. Only way to justify it. So the equation is: is Rawls + Prosise + 3rd round rb + all the other picks you’d surrender in other needed positions LESS THAN FOurnette + 1-5 carries of Rawls + 1-5 carries of Prosise? That is hard to believe.

              • Rob Staton

                I think it’s kind of a ‘football rhetoric’ type of thought. Fans hate big trades, personally I love great players. Great players win you football games.

                If you trade big for the right player in the right situation it can work. I would never argue against a big move primarily on stuff that’s happened in the past.

                I think they probably won’t trade big for Fournette but equally I understand that line of the thinking. My evaluation of such a move would purely be based on the current roster, the potential impact of Fournette and his overall talent. It wouldn’t be based on fear of failure or what other teams have done in the past. I highly doubt, for example, the Seahawks would be ‘crippled’ if they spent 4-5 picks of varying range to get Fournette. Again, not saying I’d make the move. But I’m not ruling it out based on the notion that all big trades are supposedly bad.

                For example — are Atlanta regretting making their move for Julio Jones? Has that crippled them? Not at all.

                • LordSnow

                  I’m not sure if I want to be Atlanta though. They have lots of problem areas on that team. Would those areas be problems if they hadn’t traded for Jones? I don’t know. We’ll never know. THe player they did get is a great player for them. But he didn’t fix them as a team.

                  I’m not sure I agree that fans hate big trades. I think you’re wrong there. I think there was way way more excitement in the fan base when Percy was brought in, and Graham too. There were dissenters, but there always will be. The blogosphere was alive with vikings fans “glad to be rid of the headache” and seahawks fans justifying the pick.

                  When Minny traded for H Walker, they were considered a running back away from a surefire sb. Minnesota fans loved it at the time.

                  I remember in this area when Patera sold his draft for Dorsett. In dallas they were celebrating getting the Heismann winner, in seattle they were wondering who the hell Steve August was.

                  I don’t recall a lot of negativity thrown the redskins way for getting Griffin 3. In fact, I remember a lot of angst thrown at the lambs for believing that Bradford was the answer.

                  If you are believing this trade, you have to think of the delta of Fournette (90% of carries) + miniscule Rawls + miniscule Prosise is so much greater than Rawls + Prosise + 3rd round RBBC + (hypothetically) 1st round RT + 2nd DT + first round next year.

                  Fortunately, it will only happen on blog boards like this.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Why would the Seahawks be like Atlanta for making a similar move to the Julio Jones trade? Pulling off a similar move doesn’t automatically mean Seattle loses it’s entire defense, they swap Russell Wilson for Matt Ryan and Pete Carroll for Mike Smith.

                    Let’s not pretend the Julio Jones trade has been anything but a great, 100% success for Atlanta.

                    As for your final paragraph — this is exactly the reason I avoid dismissing big trades. I know what Fournette is as a player based on his play at LSU. We know his strengths and potential. Last time I checked hypothetical 1st round RT hasn’t played any snaps and neither has 2nd DL or first rounder next year.

                    Those three players could be akin to Gabe Carimi, Tank Carradine and Bjoern Werner.

                    And that’s the problem with an argument that pre-supposes a big trade is a bad idea. It assumes the best of nameless draft picks and the worst of the player you’re getting. I’m not arguing they should make a big deal for Leonard Fournette — but ruling it out as a nailed on bad move is a mistake.

                    BTW — I bet most people would’ve scoffed at the idea of Seattle trading for Jimmy Graham. That was probably a ‘blog board’ deal too…

                • 75franks

                  not to mention we kept 15? rookies on the roster this year so its not like were an ageing team with a a very small window left. I doubt they will pull the trigger but LF is a difference maker and personally I would be fine with a big trade for him.

  24. Dan

    Hey Rob,
    One thing that keeps sticking in my mind is Brandon Browner. In the preseason Pete had a “specific role” they wanted to use him for. In my mind that would’ve been a physical nickel corner (a quasi-death backer). Do you like anybody in the chancellor/Tyron Mathieu mold in this draft class?

    • Rob Staton

      Obi Melifonwu at UConn

      • Ulsterman

        Think the additions of Dewey McDonald and the other guy from the 49ers who failed his physical signal they want that kind of player. Seems like a good draft to get one.

        • Rob Staton

          As well as Melifonwu — Shalom Luani might be able to do this too.

  25. Logan Lynch

    As much as the Earl injury sucks (and believe me, it sucks a whole lot), it should be noted that it could turn out to be better to have happened now than later in the season/playoffs. This gives Terrell and the rest of the SEA defense 4 whole games to play together and adjust schemes if necessary. One of these games being against an elite QB will help the experience also. Who knows, maybe Terrell will surprise us and be more than adequate. Just because he was stuck behind Earl doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. All he really has to do is be average and do his job to allow the rest of the defense to keep playing at a high level.

    • matt

      Great points Logan. Communication in the back end has been a problem at times over the last 2 years. Kam is the ring leader, so getting 5 starts for Terrell next to Kam should allow the LOB more than enough time to iron out communication issues before the playoffs. I’m confident in Terrell stepping up.

  26. GeoffU

    Couldn’t agree more. OL (any tackle), DL (interior disrupter or pass rush), and throw another RB in the mix. Just too injury prone there not to.

    How is the draft for WR Rob? Outside of Baldwin and Lockett, I think everyone else is expendable/up-gradable. Liking Tanner McEvoy’s potential though, another year in the system and he could become a key player.

    • Rob Staton

      Not an amazing draft for WR’s. Some depth in the mid/late rounds. Been a poor year statistically for Jehu Chesson but IMO he’d be a good option for Seattle. Like Dante Pettis too.

  27. Ulsterman

    Does anyone else think that Odhiambo looks like the Seahawks’ best tackle technique-wise – albeit from a very small sample size.
    Could he be a viable option to start next year?

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully, they did spend a third rounder on him. Just wonder if they see him more as a swing tackle.

      • Ulsterman

        I wonder if they’re doing the same as they did with Glowinski last year – give him a year to adapt and in his case get healthy. Think it’s likely that they just don’t want another rookie starting on such a young line.

      • Logan Lynch

        Judging from what Carroll said in his presser yesterday, I think they really value him as a swing OL. It was a question about why Gilliam was inactive and Pete said something along the lines of “You saw we had a plan for Odhiambo as the 6th OL. He can also back up the guard positions so we felt he had value in the game plan this week.”

        That doesn’t mean they view him as just a swing OL in the future, but I think it shows they really like his versatility at this point.

    • JT

      Ulsterman – I completely agree. It’s been on a very limited number of snaps so the sample size is small, but he looks more technical in his pass pro sets than Fant/Gilliam, and more physically gifted than Sowell (who isn’t!?)

      I’ve been calling for him to replace Fant, and it’s possible they’ve been easing him in after the injuries like you said.

      Reese is reportedly much more comfortable on the left side, so hopefully he can compete at LT and LG next season. My “dream” scenario is him competing with a veteran and/or high draft pick on the left side. Glow played RG in college and Ifedi played RT, so the position flexibility of that trio will give them options going into camp next season.

  28. Trevor

    Shaneil Jenkins was just signed to the practice squad. He led the Cowboys in sacks in the pre-season before getting hurt. He was an UDFA but had good measurables. Might be an interesting guy. The Hawks are clearly looking for more pass rush.

  29. Spireite Seahawk

    Some guy called Leonard Fournette has declared for the 2017 draft. I’ve never heard of him, is he any good?

    • Smitty1547

      Hes allright

    • Kenny Sloth

      Wow that really turns this draft class on its head

  30. Trevor

    I watched some FSU tape today to get a closer look at Nnadi and wow I am impressed. Surprised he does not get more love from the National media. If he has an arm length over 33 which I kind of doubt given his appearance then he could definitely be an option. As a tandem him and Walker are the best in CFB IMO and work real well together.

    Given how well Walker and Nnadi have worked together at FSU if Bolles is gone when we pick in Rd #1 and Waker somehow fell would love to see the Hawks take both guys in Rd #1 and #2 and set up the DL for the next 5-6 years with the other young guys Clark, Reed and Marsh.

  31. Trevor

    The Hawks / Cable seem to really like Sowell and want to find a spot for him on the OL. Is there any chance to believe he is re-signed in the off season to be our RT?

    I love his attitude and seems to be a really great team guy I just don’t see the upside in him. That is why I am firmly in the Pick #1 Bolles camp. That being said part of me would love to see them just keep this OL together with Rees this off season and let them grow as a unit instead of the massive upheaval we have seen the past two off-seasons.

    I guess what I am asking is can is lack of athleticism be less of liability at RT so he could morph into a Breno caliber RT?

  32. C-Dog

    I think it’s 50/50 whether Earl retires, honestly, and this is the x factor in terms of need. All these remaining games are a fantastic opportunity to Steven Terrell to fulfill the “next man up” philosophy of the team that Sherman, Maxwell and Shead have each successfully done. If he is able to do that well, and Earl does decide to call it a career, it seems fairly reasonable that he stands to be the guy moving forward, as much as it would be excited to add Budda Baker, or the like. Terrell will know the system well, he will have had success, and he is will only be 27 next year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love the addition of Budda on this team. I think he could be that player to electrify even more an electric fan base, but looking at the roster, the BIGGEST NEED is RT, and it’s not even a close second. Like Terrell, Sowell has an opportunity to solidify the position, with a weak tackle draft class it would be a blessing, but PFF was none too kind to him after the Panthers game (giving up 5 pressures and a sack).

    Sure, they could at a DT with some pass rush chops, but Reed has at least flashed some at that, and they knew how raw he was in that area going into drafting him, which is why they drafted Q Jefferson to do that. They still have Garrison Smith on the roster, and he was showing some pretty decent flashes of that before he went on IR. As much as many of us want to see a Nnadi, Vea, etc taken with that early pick (myself highly included), they might feel they got that guy(s) potentially already on the roster working on things in the offseason conditioning program.

    Even with the return of Rawls, and the upside of Prosise, one could say RB might be the next need, as neither has been able to stay healthy a full season, as much as I love the play of Rawls and Prosise and salivate over what their potential is there if both players could get through a healthy year together. Wow.

    I think having Mike Morgan back at SAM was an unstated plus for the defense last week against the Panthers, and like Terrell, he has the rest of season to play himself into an extension. I still feel SAM could be a target with the right player there.

    Jermaine Kearse had a nice bounce back game, but it seems this team does like to target pass catching playmakers early. Thus far, P Rich has been a flat out bust. It will be interesting to see what the team decides to do there. I think this area could become a bit of an x factor.

    It seems pretty likely that they trade back in this draft to get more middle round picks, no picks currently in R4 or R5. This draft is so loaded with DL, LB, CB, and Safety, it feels like it could be a defensive heavy draft, with the exception of OT, but if they are going to draft there as a need position, it feels like it has to be with the first pick, even if it’s a perceived reach, a la James Carpenter and Justin Britt.

    • Trevor

      I am with you on Terrell there are not many Safties in this draft class or any really with sub 4.4 speed. There is a reason the Hawks have kept him on the Roster the last couple of years.

      I think we are in the minority but I think he will prove over the next month he is a viable option for the Hawks at Free Safety.

      Like Beast Mode and Kam, Earl is a generational type talent with a very unique physical skill set to to think they are going to just find another Earl is not even a realistic discussion. Much like we were never going to find another Beast Mode in the draft.

      Lets just hope Pete and Richards have coached him up well enough over the last two years that he feels prepared and can just play fast and put that great speed and range to use. His instincts will get better the more he plays as well.

      • C-Dog

        Totally agree with all these points, Trevor.

  33. Trevor

    Rob after watching a ton of FSU tape today I am more impressed with Demarcus Walker than ever. He never comes off the field, is ultra productive and appears to be the true alpha dog on that FSU team. He is one of my favorite players in CFB.

    Why do I see so many national Mock drafts with him either at the very end of Rd #1 or not even in Rd #1. What am I missing with him? Is he a realistic option for us at the end of Rd #1. He is the closest thing to a Michael Bennett you will find in any draft IMO with his ability to rush inside and off the Edge while still being able to hold up against the run.

  34. Ukhawk

    Rob, Finally got round to watching a bit of tape on Hassan Riddick any I had a question. Were you saying he should be R1 or later?

    He is clearly very athletic, productive & has ideal character. Playing in the DL, he basically excels due to his closing speed/ shiftiness and looks to have the athleticism to play in space if asked but this would is still projecting.

    What concerns me are 2 other things 1) does he have the required length to be a LEO (or the athleticism to compensate)? 2) does he or can he develop the strength to set the edge? I think it’s well and good to get TFLs but in the tape I also saw a guy give up the line of scrimmage (and more) when the blocker got his hands on him. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy’s potential but on the other hand he could be a KPL clone. Might the Hawks want a thicker/longer/stronger LEO/SAM in the mold of Clemons a la Lawson/Anderson etc?

    • Ukhawk

      Reminds me a bit of the Eric Striker chat last year. Riddick might test better still looks a bit light

      • Rob Staton

        Striker was 5-11 and 225lbs with 31.5 inch arms.

        Reddick is 6-1, 230lbs and longer — plus he should be a better tester.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Reddick is a R2-3 type.

      The important thing to remember is they really value athleticism. Lawson can’t play LB in my opinion, while Anderson might not be athletic enough for them. If Reddick tests as expected he will be an option. Bruce Irvin had 33.5 inch arms so anything similar to that should be fine.

      • Volume12

        Sure the length is absolutely important in a LEO, but the burst and speed combined with the required length (different for teams that employ it) are the most important traits. The LEO is the undersized speed rusher.

        Speaking of that burst on the LOS. There might not be a D-line in the entire NFL that’s quicker off the ball than Seattle’s. That’s probably one reason why they aren’t afraid to take tweeners or prospects that are thought to be too small.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Timely observation about size V12. Here’s a comment by PC yesterday:

          “I was watching them closely when looking at the film, it’s a wild bunch of guys now. They’re just wild riders. They’re flying off the ball, running into stuff. They’re not very big, so those guys get knocked around quite a bit — Cassius [Marsh] and Frank [Clark] get knocked, Mike’s not a big guy either, so they get out of whack a little bit, they’ll get tossed a little bit — but they’re so active and moving that’s going to be really fun to see this thing come together in the end of the season, because Frank is ready to go and Cassius is the best he’s ever been.”

          • Volume12


            BTW, I replied to your question up above. He’s a guy I really like.

          • Rob Staton

            I also wonder if they want a bigger guy in there (thus the move for Jenkins).

            • Volume12

              I think that’s probably exactly why they brought him in. And they do need one more big body in there.

  35. Ralphy

    Don’t forget to check out Jordan Sterns from Ok State. Large safety that can hit like Kam. He knocked DeDe Westbrook out of the game with a perfectly clean hit. I saw some really nice tackles in one on ones. Very Seahawky.

    • Volume12

      He’s an interesting prospect. High character cat. He’d be a good, underrated pickup on day 3.

  36. Volume12

    If ET retires, doubtful, I would bet they go hard after Eric Berry. Might even go after him anyways.

    And with Seattle scouting Utah a lot this year, they’ve gotten some good looks at FS (IMO he’s the best pure, Cover 3 FS in this class), Marcus Williams.

    • Rob Staton

      What kind of salary is Berry going to command though? $15m per?

      Interestingly though KC currently are -$8m in cap room for 2017. So they need to seriously get cutting to have any shot at keeping him.

      • Volume12

        That’d be the one concern. What’s his cap # gonna be? No question that he’s a special talent.

        I’m also curious if this years safety class and Berry’s medical history will have teams offering him less than what he’s worth.

        • Rob Staton

          IMO Berry has surpassed even the high expectations most had for him at this level. I would expect he’ll be a $15m type.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            He is not going to be cheap. Quality player. I find it VERY hard to believe the Chiefs would ever let him walk.

            • Rob Staton

              Agreed — the Chiefs almost have to find a way to keep Eric Berry.

              However, they are eight million dollars OVER the 2017 cap as things stand. They will have to cut $8m just to be in the black. If they cut Nick Foles they save $10m — but that only gives them $2m overall to spend.

              So paying Berry is not going to be easy.

              For example, Alex Smith’s cap hit is $17m in 2017. They save about $10m by cutting him — but then you’re left without a QB. Justin Houston’s cap hit is $22m next season. Jeremy Maclin’s is $12m. Eric Fisher $10m.

              They’re paying Jaye Howard and Allen Bailey almost as much as Seattle is paying Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril — which is staggering.

              I think they’ll find a way to keep Berry — but they’re going to absolutely hammer their depth creating enough space to fit him in.

    • Trevor

      I like Williams a lot as well Vol. I think he will need to run in the 4.4s to be considered as a Free Safety in Pete’s scheme. Do you think he has that kind of speed?

      Speaking of speed I was looking at Adoree Jackson tape today wow. He may well be the most dynamic athlete in CFB. His technique is awful but can you imagine him getting coached up by Pete. Wow! As I said really raw but you have the think the Hawks love the athlete at the very least.

      • Rob Staton

        Adoree could be a guy to monitor. Seattle loves special athletes. And they back themselves to really coach these guys up. Might even think about turning him into a safety/corner hybrid. He seems like a cool guy too.

        I LOVE this too

        Will do a piece on him soon.

        • C-Dog

          Very interesting suggestion. Hasn’t Seattle has been scouting USC hard this year?

          • Rob Staton

            They’ve been watching somebody at USC.

            Just put a new blog post up looking at him.

        • Volume12

          Trev, I do think Williams will clock in at that range.

          And as you’ll see below in my response to your question, Adoree Jackson is someone I’ve been wondering if they like.

          He checks every box but technique. And we know that PC is a ‘DB whisperer’ if you will.

          • Volume12

            He can impact the game on all 3 levels.

            As a DB, safety might be an easier position for him to transition to and see the field earlier and often.

            Obviously as a returner

            And on offense with the jet/fly sweeps and he has receiver in his background.

    • icb12

      Agreed on Marcus Williams.

      Not the fastest, but it doesn’t hurt his game. Subject to some bonehead penalties from time to time.

  37. Coleslaw

    I think Marcel Reece is gonna turn out to be a big addition to our offense, play calling wise. He’ll line up like a lead blocker but cut out to the flat bringing a linebacker with him, opening up the middle of the field for jimmy, especially in the red zone. Also well have Rawls running an out or hitch. Spreads the defense out and makes their life just that much harder, cause if nobody picks him up he’s scoring.

    • Volume12

      I’m excited to see what he can do. Big time athlete too.

      • Coleslaw

        Forgot to mention this play would set up a nice little pick on the MLB going to the flat and the safety or LB covering graham

    • Trevor

      Agree it was a great signing IMO.

    • C-Dog

      I absolutely LOVE this signing.

  38. Coleslaw

    Oh boy! Jeron Johnson is a Seahawk again! Loooove this signing! Another great special teams player

    • Volume12

      Nice. There’s that ‘crafty’ vet signing that was coming with the ET injury.

    • Trevor

      JS always has a plan doesn’t he.

  39. Trevor

    Vol I will direct this question to you since you seem to have a line on these things.

    Which teams have the Hawks scouted the most this year. I know you have mentioned Western Mich and Utah. Plus obviously Wash. Any other teams standout as getting extra attention?

    • Volume12

      Well, there’s gonna be other teams, but these are the teams that I know of.

      Clemson 3x’s
      VA-Tech 3x’s
      USC 3x’s
      Utah 3x’s
      Oregon 3x’s
      Arkansas 3x’s
      LSU 3x’s
      Florida 3x’s
      ND 3x’s

      Arkansas St, Old Dominion, and Tennessee St are the smaller schools they’ve seemed to have scouted the most at 2x’s apiece.

      • Volume12

        And Azusa Pacific has a 6’2, 200 lb CB named Kenny Norton III (yes, that Ken Norton).

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