Tarvaris Jackson set to return

We love a good backup quarterback debate in Seattle…


  1. Sea-Town

    I like this move. Hopefully this ends the Brady Quinn era.

  2. Colin

    Que the angry meathead responses about how horrible he is… I like it though.

  3. Chris F

    No debate here. I think he’s a perfect fit.

  4. Turp

    Good backup Q. Doesn’t say much about Quinn, does it?

  5. JW

    Put up a post about Right Tackle and the internets will break.

  6. Miles

    I’ve heard Brady Quinn isn’t looking too good in camp, so T-Jack could be quite an upgrade over Quinn. T-Jack knows the offense, he’s proven to be a tough player, and he is the perfect fit for a short passing game-style offense. On a team as good as this, I feel confident that T-Jack could step in and give us a chance to win in a pinch. I don’t feel the same way about Brady Quinn right now. But I do assume there will be a competition essentially between Quinn and T-Jack, so nothing is guaranteed. But given what we know about Tarvaris, he should be able to win this battle.

  7. glor

    what happened to Jerrod Johnson? I thought some were saying he looked pretty good. That being said, TJ is more of a vet.

    • Turp

      Looks like he will stick as the 3rd string QB. Unlikely we hang onto Quinn and Tjack.

      • Miles

        Is he eligible for the practice squad? That’s where I think he might go; I don’t think we’ll keep three quarterbacks on the roster. I’d much rather have a sixth receiver or a fifth runningback.

        Speaking of roster spots; on a side note I’ve heard Sean McGrath can long-snap. If that’s the case could he become our full-time long-snapper/backup tight end? That would open up an extra spot on the roster for a Spencer Ware or a Justin Veltung.

        • Rugby Lock

          You do realize that we never hear Gresham’s name… And that’s a good thing for a LS. I don’t think Ware or Veltung are anywhere near as important to this team as Gresham is…

          • Miles

            I realize that Gresham is a great long-snapper. I’m not saying we should outright release him and slot McGrath right in, but I think it’s worth looking into. If McGrath can long-snap just as well as Gresham and also play in the tight end group (for less than half the money), that’s a viable option.

            I’m also not saying a player like Spencer Ware will be a big contributor this year, but keeping Ware eliminates the option of him signing somewhere else. There’s no guarantee he’ll land on our practice squad. He can also be used as the change-of-pace back with excellent speed and agility, and can come in handy catching passes out of the fullback spot.

            Obviously what happens to the long-snapper shouldn’t drastically affect this team. But if there are other options at that spot, the McGrath option might offer perks most teams don’t have. I just think, with this team and the amount of talent it has, it would be awesome to keep Ware as a fifth runningback instead of possibly replacing Michael Robinson.

  8. myjackrebel

    T-Jack is a good fit for three reasons:

    1. Familiarity with the offense
    2. Upgrade over Quinn
    3. He is a great teammate

    I hope he never has to play for us, but if he does the team we will have around him is so much better than last time, he should be able to play at least at a .500 level.

    • SunPathPaul

      The team is so strong I’d put it at the .750 level… Harvin, Michael, Wilson, and Will-son… lol

  9. Brian

    Jackson is everything I’ve ever wanted in a backup. He is tough, dependable and great in the locker room. If Wilson is out for 6 weeks (and has a 7-3 record) Tarvaris can go 3-3 and still get us to the playoffs.

    I am not confident that Brady Quinn is a .500 QB even on a good team. He is a workout warrior, but it hasn’t translated to the field yet.

    • Miles

      We will see what kind of improvements Brady Quinn has really made to his game come preseason, but reports from OTAs suggest that he still has a lot of trouble going through his progressions and being efficient with his time in the pocket. If he can’t fix that he won’t even be a decent backup quarterback.

      I don’t know if there’s something he did different in that Carolina game last year, but if there is he needs to harness that, because that was the only showcase of brilliance he’s exhibited in the past few years.

  10. dave crockett

    I just love the FO’s thinking. The only thing likely to derail this team is injury, and they are doing what they can to build redundancy onto the roster at reasonable cost. That is really the best you can do. About the only area with no clear plan b is Earl Thomas. We simply could not do the same things at that position. T-Jax cannot do what RW does, but the offense won’t fall apart.

    • Barry

      Couldn’t have said it better Dave. This is great news for us. I love it.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    Brilliant FO work – get a 7th rd pick for a QB who played decently but was not needed at the time, then use that pick in a trade package to get one of the most dangerous offensive players in the League, and then resign the same QB less than a year later to fill an important need. That’s how you manage a team.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn is released prior to training camp. It’s unlikely SEA will keep 3 QBs on the final roster, let alone go into training camp with 4. From everything I’ve read, Johnson has been impressive during OTAs whereas Quinn has been disappointing (although that could be a function of expectations).

  12. AlaskaHawk

    Call me Mr. Grouchy. I wasn’t happy with the Quinn signing. Now we go back to a .500 QB at best. With improvements in St. Louis and San Fran, he could fare considerably worse. Surely we can do better. Surely we strive for better. Surely there is someone better.

    • dave crockett

      I gotta say, you lost me on this one.

      We are talking about backup QBs, right? Who in the division has a better backup QB situation? (SF – Colt McCoy/BJ Daniels; STL – Kellen Clemens; AZ – Ryan Lindley/Drew Stanton)

      You really think we could do *better* than a competition between Jackson and Quinn, for reasonable money (not to mention that TJax already knows the offense)?

      By all means, please enlighten.

    • Senepol

      Who would you like to bring in for the backup QB that’s available on the FA market? Why specifically do you think they are a better than .500 QB? Why has no other team realized this and signed them – particularly the teams that were under .500 last season?

    • Chris

      If it was an over .500 QB, they’d either be starting already or pouting the whole year about not starting.

      For a backup QB, T-Jack is almost as good as it gets.

      • SunPathPaul

        I still think even with T-Jack, we would be better than .500… It’s more of a .750

        We have too many WEAPONS now…
        Not to mention a stacked D…

        If he puts his “support RW” cap on well, and can handle that transition, then BOOM! We have a great backup that has more experience than Quinn at actually playing games, AND in Seattle!!!

  13. EranUngar

    A backup QB that led a much lesser seahawks team to a 7-7 record, what’s not to love ?

    Add to it familiarity, mobility, toughness and lots of respect in the locker room and i’m happy. Very happy.

    The only lingering reservation is that he didn’t leave with a smile and kind words. If that’s water under the bridge and he is happy to take out money, hold the clip board and provide some veteran input then welcome home TJ.

    • dave crockett

      I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

      He wanted a shot to start and didn’t feel like he got it in Seattle, first with Flynn, then with Wilson. After playing hurt so much of the prior season, I could see how that might rankle. TJax got his shot, to some degree, in Buffalo in that they paid him like they didn’t have great confidence in Ryan Fitzpatrick. Things didn’t work out.

      When you’re a competitor it’s hard to come to the realization that the market was basically right about you all along. TJax is an elite backup but an adequate-at-best starter, the equivalent of a “quadruple-A” baseball player. I think he realized that the only market for him right now is the backup market. Given that, it’s about finding a good situation in terms of pay, fit, and likelihood of making the roster. Seattle is a perfect fit for him on a 1-year deal. Then he can see how the landscape looks next off-season. In the meantime, he will most likely be on a playoff team.

  14. Mike K

    Let’s not get carried away. Tarvaris isn’t an elite anything.

    As long as this is a veteran minimum contract to compete with Quinn, okay.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Agreed. The only thing that I count on is that PC likes to try out a large number of players. While he has found diamonds in the rough, he has also cut a lot of people. For all we know, both Tavaris and Quinn will be gone before the season starts, and some UDFA we haven’t thought about will be on the roster.

      • Miles

        I disagree with the both of yas.

        I don’t think anyone is suggesting that T-Jack is elite in any sense of the word. However, he’s capable of providing a productive game at the quarterback position should he need to. And we’re not basing this on thin air; In 14 games in 2011, he threw for over 3,000 yards and threw 14 touchdowns with a completion percentage of 60.2%. Obviously he’s no Russell Wilson, but don’t mistake Jackson for an incapable backup just because he won’t likely live up to the former. And oh yeah, he went 7-7 on a less-capable Seahawks team.

        I really don’t understand these criticisms of Tarvaris because there isn’t any tangible evidence to support these criticisms.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If your going to quote stats – don’t forget 206 yards a game , 14 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Fortunately Marshawn Lynch was having a record year. Lest we forget, Tarvaris looked hesitant in the pocket and was often late with his throws.

          It’s not that he is bad, it’s just that he isn’t great. And he will be facing tougher competition in the division. Fortunately the team as a whole is twice as good as we used to be. However the one year contract tells me that PC isn’t expecting to keep him around very long.

          • Miles

            My gripe is this expecting Tarvaris, or any backup QB for that matter, to be great. The fact that Tarvaris is an average NFL quarterback with experience in our system probably makes him one of the better backup QB options in the league.

            Yes, he had bad games, and no I wouldn’t want him as the full-time starter. But he played well enough, enough of the time to warrant a great option as a backup quarterback. To be available should e need him (knock on wood).

        • Mike K

          He led us to a 6-7 record, really (if he doesn’t get credit for the Bengals loss, he shouldn’t get it for the Giants win, either). I know the criteria is games TJ started, I just think it’s misleading.

          He also took many sacks. Way too many sacks. Some of that was the OL. But much of it was T-Jack not having pocket awareness, not progressing through reads, or not making checks at the line. All of this despite being in the same offense for pretty much his whole career.

          Look, it’s the backup QB position. If RW goes down for any length of time, the season is toast no matter who the backup is (even if he’s not currently on the roster). I just have a problem with suggesting getting Tarvaris back is any sort of great move. Is he an upgrade on Quinn? Quite probably, given the words coming out of minicamp/OTAs. Does he make me feel particularly good about the backup QB position? No. But that’s the cost of having a surefire starter on a very talented team.

          • Miles

            I just don’t think you can get much better at the backup QB position without using a high draft pick or signing a player to a lucrative backup QB contract. Obviously there are exceptions, like Kirk Cousins in the fourth round, but it IS the exception, not the rule. I don’t think T-Jack played great, but he led us to a 7-7 record when he started, period. I mean, what if Charlie Whitehurst was our starting QB all year that year? I assure you that it would have been much worse. And Whitehurst is now the backup in San Diego, so, I think we’re much better off than a lot of teams out there as far as backup QBs go.

  15. Turp

    Jerrod Johnson released…and now my previous comments are worthless :). Thanks FO!

  16. A. Simmons

    T-Jack is an ideal backup. Knows the receivers and offense and is comfortable with the coaching. I think it was a smart move.

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