Tavon Austin (WR, West Virginia) vs Maryland & Pittsburgh


  1. Colin

    Lacks breakaway speed but seems to have really good hands. Alarming number of miscues on special teams though.

  2. Rory

    I like him. He seemed to have pretty good speed, but I’m no expert. He definitely had elite quickness, some of his tape reminds me of reggie bush. I’m a little concerned by his size, it’s not that I don’t think a 5′ 9″ receiver can be successful, it’s that we already have a short quick wide receiver, a damn good one too. I don’t know if I can see Baldwin and Austin coexisting. I would pick him up if he was there in round 5. He could potentially develop into a steve smith type. Obviously he’d have to bulk up to be at that level, but I bet he could add a little weight without losing much speed or quickness.

    The guy screams playmaker to me, and like I said, I’d draft him in the late rounds, but I really don’t think he will be there. I picture this guy going in round 3, or even 2.

  3. AlaskaHawk

    Tavon has good agility and catches the ball well. He has average speed for a college player. It’s to bad he dropped the long pass that would have scored. The few muffs that he had as punt returner and inability to break through gaps rules him out for that position. Overall he will be an average receiver, maybe your 2-5 option, in the pros.

    Of more interest to me was seeing QB Geno Smith again. There is a strong possibility that we will have the opportunity to draft him as he will probably be ranked somewhere between #3-6 in the QB rankings. He could slip to the second or third round. He has a strong arm, accurate throw, and is able to throw on roll outs.

  4. Jmpasq

    Im not sure how good of a WR Tavon Austin really is. How many times do u see him beating the defense vertically down the field. Most of his success comes from crossing routes and shovel passes. This offense gives him a lot of room to work with which really behooves him.Id like to see him get better at beating man coverage as well. I think Stedman Bailey is actually a more skilled WR

  5. MeatWad

    I don’t see any breakaway speed really, average speed, but he does seem to have elusiveness and great in crossing routes. I am kind of with AlaskaHawk regarding the interest in Geno Smith. I will be watching him this year for sure

  6. Micah

    I saw good hands, that’s it. Lacked speed, agility is only slightly better than average, and at 5’9″ both of those need to be high. I don’t think he is even average speed for an NFL 5’9″ wide-out. I could see him running high 4.5s to 4.65. Lacks sufficient ability to break tackles and goes down on first contact almost every time.

    Geno Smith reminds me of Andy Dalton, which is to say I don’t like him much. Low release always makes me mad.

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