Tavon Austin (WR/RB, West Virginia) vs Kansas


  1. sammy d

    Tavon’s ability to stop and start is unreal. Reminds me of Wes Welker with maybe a little more break away speed. His hands look solid as well. Does he run precise routes underneath? They seem to just put the ball in his hands on reverses or quick throws. I like Baldwin but Tavon would bring a new explosive element to our slot receiver. Would not mind us spending our 1st round pick on him. What round is he expected to go?

    • Rob Staton

      R1-2 range. I don’t actually think he’ll act as a slot – I think you’ll have to create a ‘Tavon Austin’ package of plays, some deep routes, some trick plays, some screens. He’ll be a compliment type player I think who can make big plays.

      • Paul Levy

        Hey Rob – Would you be happy if Tavon was our first round pick?
        Also, what about trying to sneak Nick Toon away from New Orleans… They got him last year, 4th round I think, he got hurt and has been on IR this year. He is 6-3, 215 4.4-4.5 but has experience with Wilson at Wisconsin- boom, a years familiarity all ready there…

        • Rob Staton

          I think there are better options for this offense than Austin, such as Brandon Coleman, Cordarrelle Patterson, Markus Wheaton or DeAndre Hopkins. As for Toon, I’m not sure if New Orleans would be willing to make any moves there – or whether the Seahawks see him as a viable option.

  2. Rory

    Last year people were saying he didn’t have top end speed. Do people still feel that way? I don’t see a difference in speed between the 2 years. Was this a case of people just believing scouting reports and not truly watching tape? Or was there an improvement in speed that I’m not seeing?

    • Rob Staton

      Always had great speed IMO. Not sure how anyone could think anything else.

    • Chris

      Watch him on the play where his defender slipped as he caught the ball (at 2:25). There was a defender running alongside him, keeping up and maybe even gaining, as they both seemed to be running at near top speed. I bet Tavon’s a 4.5-4.6 guy.

      • Rory

        That’s actually a play that I thought he showed great speed. Austin was changing direction and the other guy had a running start with a good angle, I don’t think many guys would be able keep separation.

        Here’s some comments from last years tape:

        “Lacks breakaway speed but seems to have really good hands.”

        “He has average speed for a college player”

        “I don’t see any breakaway speed really, average speed”

        “I saw good hands, that’s it. Lacked speed, agility is only slightly better than average”

        • Phil

          Rory – just curious — what “tape” are you referring to?

          • Rory

            It was posted last may or june, not sure who he was playing

  3. Rock

    Yes, he has speed. He gives his team nothing in YAC, however. The first guy with a good grip rag dolls him to the ground.

    • Michael

      Umm… the guy weighs 175 lbs soaking wet. Why would you be expecting good YAC?

    • Phil

      “The first guy with a good grip rag dolls him to the ground.” Ah, but getting a “good grip” on him is like getting a good grip on a greased pig.

      Come on – for the year, the guys got 61 carries for 598 yds. and 110 receptions for 1259 yds. and you make it sound like he’s getting no YAC and that he goes down on first contact. How much tape have you watched?

      • Rock

        I prefer Kenjon Barner to Austin. Barner can run between the tackles and still gives his team good elusiveness in the open field. Either one, has to replace Leon Washington.

        • Snoop Dogg

          YAC as in “Yards after contact” or “Yards after catch”. This guy is the best “Yards after catch” reciever since Percy Harvin!
          If you are saying “Yards after contact” I can understand a little better.

    • MR WVU

      What are you talking about??? Tavon Austin is leading all BCS receivers in YAC with 909. He has a total of 1259 yards going into today’s game. So to say in terms of YAC he does nothing for his team is like saying Peyton manning throwing the ball does nothing for his team. He has the agility and quickness to make guys miss and that’s tavons game. That’s why he is who he is “after the catch”. I’ve watched him since he signed with WVU and I’ve never seen him not be a threat after the catch. He is what the Seahawks need. To be honest we need Stedman bailey too. Both are gonna be solid in the NFL.

  4. MJ

    If there was ever a year to gamble on a playmaker in R1, this is it. Austin or Patterson would be very worthy IMO of a R1 pick by the Hawks. We don’t have any glaring holes. See no problem giving our QB more weapons to play with.

  5. kevin mullen

    Dante Hall comes to mind, but with better hands from the looks of it. Dude is a human joystick.

    It kind of looks like how KC uses Dexter McCluster, hybrid WR/RB threat. I like him but I feel we have that sort of role (or maybe we should) with Golden Tate. Does this guy return kicks/punts?

    • Phil

      This year he’s returned 15 punts for 165 yds. and one TD, and 28 kickoffs for 738 yds. and one TD.

  6. dave

    rob, what do you think about patton the wr from Louisiana tech?, he is big at 6-2 and looks pretty fast, thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve only seen one LA Tech game but have another saved. I’ll do a piece when I’ve watched it.

  7. Kenny Sloth

    WHOA! Stedman Bailey is the supah hot fiah!> He’s great after the catch and has great hands. Check him out.

  8. JamesP

    Purely from the tape above (it may not be representative, it’s only 1 game) I wasn’t blown away. Yes, he’s super elusive and makes guys miss regularly, but I just wonder how he would do against NFL linebackers. I’m not sure they’d whiff as often, and at his size I don’t see how he stays on his feet once he’s been contacted.
    If I’m spending a 1st rounder on a risky x-factor type player, I’d take Patterson over Austin. His tape showed me a potentially unique player. I’ve never seen a 6-3 guy move laterally so smoothly and his YAC potential is immense. You could use him in all the ways you would use Austin, plus he has a chance to be a genuine #1 type WR in a year or 2. I’m not saying I would take him in round 1, but if you are committed to finding an explosive difference maker, I’d take the higher risk/higher upside player every time. That’s Patterson for me, hands down.

    • Rob Staton

      Agree there. Patterson over Austin for me too.

    • Chris


      • Jim Q

        I see some pass pro failures waiting to happen (like C. J. Spiller will show in todays game), Austin’s size is a major liability as a RB, so he’ll seldom be used in the backfield and he’s too small (and delicate?) in spite of his speed to ever do too much as a WR, plus with his small frame, he will get killed as a pro, not a first round option for the Seahawks system IMO. I think the first round you should pick a player that can come in and start right away at a regular position, not as a trick play, special situation, part timer with a death wish. A 350-lb defensive lineman is twice the size of this kid, if one of them fell on him ……………… he’s toast.

        On the other hand, Patterson (or Coleman, or even DeAndre Hopkins, if available) in round 1 (or 2) would be a great pick for the Seahawks as Rice’s understudy (and replacement for B. Edwards) and would be the future #1 of the WR position in Seattle.

        • Rock

          Even as a WR, Austin is a liability as a blocker.

          • Paul Levy

            I was excited about Austin, but you guys are probably right…

  9. MJ

    4.5-4.6 guy? Really?

    How does a guy have that many big yardage plays against Oklahoma if he’s just average speed? I’d bet anything he’s in the 4.4 range, comfortably.

    Now, I’m not saying take him in R1, but I think it’s important to understand that he’s not a traditional role type of player, like Tate (who ran a low 4.4, and I think Austin is much faster/quicker).

    I do agree that I’d prefer Patterson as he has the upside of a top 5 WR in the NFL due to size/speed/explosion. I’d argue he’s a less physical, but more agile Julio Jones.

    • MR WVU

      He is faster than that. He is 4.3 range. Watch his juke moves, acceleration and explosiveness and you’ll see that he won’t make it past the first round. I’d bet money on it. Only way he falls out of first round is if he has a bad pro day or combine. But I seriously doubt that will happen. He will be looking to set a record or two at the combine and nfl scouts will be more than willing to take a shot at a hard working player with his speed and explosiveness in the first round. Look what Percy Harvin has done in the nfl. He is essentially the same type of player with a little smaller frame. I hope him and Stedman bailey both end up Seahawks. WVU!!!

  10. AlaskaHawk

    I would take Patterson first because of size. I like Austin around the third round or later. I do think he will be successful on the pros for awhile. He’s going to be like Baldwin, good when he is healthy.

    • MR WVU

      Austin has not had any injury problems. As a matter of fact I don’t think he has missed a game in his Wvu career.

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