Tevin Coleman is a stud plus college football open thread

Tevin Coleman is 6-1 and 201lbs. We’ve talked him up for a while now, but there’s no doubt in my mind he’s right up there with Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley (who tore his ACL last week).

The run in the GIF above is a 90-yard sprint against Ohio State. Look how he sticks his foot in the ground and explodes. In a losing effort (Indiana ran the Buckeye’s close today) he recorded 228 rushing yards on 27 carries and scored three touchdowns. That’s not playing with a brilliant offensive line like Gordon. That’s not playing against an over-matched opponent (again, like Gordon vs Nebraska). Coleman can flat out play. He’s a stud. He’s making things happen on a weekly basis for the Hoosiers.

For the year he has 1908 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. He also put up 132 against Michigan State, 219 against Iowa and 307 against Rutgers. He’s put up massive numbers in some tough contests this year. He has the size, the breakaway speed. He can play tough and run up the gut, but he’s also a playmaker in space. I suspect someone is going to draft this guy in the top two rounds.

He has a pretty interesting backstory too. He was born three months premature and given a 20% chance of surviving. He comes from a close family and seems like a level headed guy. There’s no ego here. He’s a former three-star recruit. Coleman’s one to monitor with or without all the Marshawn Lynch speculation.

Feel free to use this as an open thread for any observations you want to make watching college football this weekend. I’m watching Mizzou @ Tennessee, USC/UCLA is on record.


  1. Cysco

    Now we’re talk’n. I haven’t been overly impressed by Gordon or Gurly.

    Coleman on the other hand looks special. What I love about him is he looks really decisive when he runs. He sees his lane and explodes. No second thoughts, no dancing around. Just cut and boom. Gone. This probably sounds stupid, but watch a highlight reel of him, then watch one of Eric Dickerson. I think there are a number of similarities between the two. They even look similar when running in the open field. (more upright and long strides)

    This is a pick I could get behind, Marshawn or not. Especially if it were in the 2nd round.

    I’ll be really curious to see what he puts up in the 40 at the combine. The internets say he’s likely 4.55ish. Man, he sure looks faster than that in that highlight.

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll definitely be interesting to see his combine. Only a three star recruit but looks athletic on tape.

    • bigDhawk

      Though this is the first I’ve seen of Coleman, the first thing that popped into my head as I watched the GIF was “Eric Dickerson” – a tall-ish RB that runs a lot faster than he looks like he’s running. One to watch for sure.

  2. connor

    I’m a big Tevin Coleman fan as well. I would definitely prefer him to Gordon. I don’t know if its just Gordon’s style but I’m not a big fan. He goes down on first contact to easily for my liking, also seems like if he doesn’t get good blocking he isn’t going to be able to make an impact. We already have a bigger, stronger, big play running back in C-mike. Total guess on my part, but I feel like the FO wants to pair Michael with an in between the tackles physical back. I would love if we could get a guy like coleman in the second round. I think he’s been pretty underrated the whole year nationally but that may change around draft time.

    Still hope we keep Marshawn next year though.

  3. Donald

    I saw some film on Funchess (6′-5″ WR) which convinced me that the Hawks should take him in the 1st rd. It would be an offensive boost if the Hawks could draft Coleman in the 2nd rd also. I can see Coleman being taken early 2nd rd though, showing breakaway threat with each touch. It is still wishful thinking.

    • Rob Staton

      Funchess is very inconsistent. Biggest fear for me — there are so many of these unbelievable size/speed guys entering the league and so many disappoint. Gresham at Cincy, Ebron not pulling up any trees. Huge risk/reward factor with these players — probably why Seattle has hedged so much on the position.

  4. Jarhead

    I think Coleman has the potential to be a great change of pace back with a ton of big play potential. Like a true home run hitter. Hopefully coming from a modest upbringing, playing at a non traditional power, amd habing a solid fsmily unit could help him really understand what it takes to be a professional football player. This seems lile the back I they THOUGHT they were getting with Michael (except for Michael having a me first, I’m great and it shows, what’s a pass pro- I’m a run pro) and to have Colrman could actually give them the explosive running threat they crave. Being smaller, I see him in the model of a multi purpose guy like Jamaal Charles, or to go back a little further a faster version of Dorsey Levens. Someome who is great in the screen game and running out to the flat. I would be vety intetested in Coleman. Especially if his head is wired of straight

    • Jarhead

      I really hate only being able to comment from my phone. I can barely see what I am writing. There should be the word “attitude” before I close the parentheses about Christine Michael

  5. j

    Vince Mayle with 15 grabs for 250+ yards. Seemed to play really physical – I saw a lot of Anquan Boldin to his game.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll have a look at him.

      • j

        Hands are inconsistent – he will have some drops. But he is very good at attacking and high pointing the ball in the air, he uses his body well to box out DBs (as a former basketball SF it really shows) and has adequate speed. He’s not Paul Richardson but he has playable speed at WR Maybe a 4.55 40 on tape. 38 inch vertical and the athleticism shows. If he had better hands he’d be perfect for what this offense needs – like late first round or early second round perfect.

  6. Vin

    First I’ve heard of this guy, but he sure looks promising. I’ve been looking at some of the early mocks and I’ve seen DL mocked to the Hawks. At this point. I don’t have a preference on what they get, as long as they HIT with those first 2 picks. No more trading back and getting more picks….if anything trade up. We need to start drafting some difference makers who can contribute something on day 1. I hate that we’re talking about potentially drafting another RB or WR with our first two picks because we’ve possibly/probably whiffed on the WRs and RBs we’ve drafted recently (including Harvin). Looking at our roster, I think they could go in any direction except QB and DB. A year ago we were talking about how deep this team is, and suddenly almost every position could use an upgrade. Sure thought we were on the cusp of being a perennial contender. Now suddenly, I’m not so sure.

    • Donald

      I agree 100%. The Hawks need to stop trading down for more picks, they should trade up for impact players.

      The OL and DL and RB and WR are the positions of need.

      • Cysco

        The Hawks are going to have a ton of draft capital this next draft. If anything, I could see them moving up in the first or second.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I totally agree, no more trading down. The Seahawks need quality starters. They have a lot of holes to fill including, DT and WR and RB.

    • Andrew

      I am going to disagree here. Historically, trading up has been a very bad idea. Given our need for cheap, young talent, we should continue to trade down and amass more lottery picks. The more picks we have the better chance we have of getting some guys who “fall”.

  7. Cameron

    That cut is unpossible. *Whistles*

    • Cysco

      What’s nuts is the dude does it consistently. He can make a cut and get up to full speed at an elite level IMO. For fun, check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB1qk6yBvdI

      When you’re done,back it up to the 3:27 mark and watch the cut and acceleration he makes there. Damn impressive. He really does seem like an ideal zone blocking RB.

  8. Phil

    Rob – keep your eye on #94 for UCLA. I won’t even try to spell his name. Athletic, but raw-looking DE/DR who keeps flashing his talent in every game I watch. On a short yardage play, he stands up USC’s 6’9″ 350# RT, drives him back, and stuffs the RB. You can’t miss it — it gets replayed. He also gets a few sacks. Something like Odighazawa……

    • Phil

      Should be DE/DT…

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll keep an eye out for this guy.

  9. Don

    Wow. Insane burst and pull away speed. Love his decisiveness. Also love his business-like personality…simply hands the ball to the ref after a huge play.

    …but can he pass-protect??? ….and is he a decent receiver??? He seems to have enough speed to also run some of the bubbles/jet-sweeps they were trying to do with the Wilson/Lynch/Harvin triumvirate.

    I wonder if we could trade Michael. I’ve long held out hope for him to turn the corner. I think he has the physical gifts, but I really question his mental capacity. Did you guys catch him clapping his hands in frustration when Wilson audible out of a run play (vs KC)? Also sick of his theatrics pointing way up in the sky.

  10. rowdy

    I really don’t see the hawks going rb in the first 2 rds. Gurley is the only one that has the size the hawks look for that’s worth a pick that high and I think after this year a pass rush will be much more of a priority with fa and the draft. I was actually watching tape of coleman last night and was impressed and gorden is one of my favorite players this year I just see them as a odd fit and a bit of a luxury that the hawks can’t afford this year, with the pass rush needs. Wr on the other hand is a much bigger need but drafting 20+ is not a great spot to do it in and every wr I like the hawks seem to hate (allen, m.bryant and j.mathews are the ones I really liked). So shaq thompson will be the pick because the hawks don’t give a shit what people think lol and that would work for me too!

  11. Vin

    Here’s a scouting report from a Patriot fan:


    Positives: good size, doesn’t shy away from contact, good hands, adequate pass pro.

    Negatives: runs high/upright, lacks vision, initial burst/acceleration and top end speed.

    I disagree with the comment about lacking burst/acceleration, as it appears that once he knows where he’s going he slams on the gas. I do worry about his running style. Would like to see more of his runs where he doesn’t have big holes or has to tough out a 3rd and 2. As long as he doesn’t go down like Turbin, I’d be happy with him as a late 2nd-3rd rnd pick.

    • MFNewguy

      If I remember right the big knock on AP coming out was that he ran too upright. Now I’m not saying he will be the next AP but an upright style didn’t hurt him. I do like Gurley but even with the ACL tear I believe he will go before the Hawks pick. And Coleman is my choice for the second round.

  12. HOUSE

    I really wonder if Marshawn will even WANT to play next year… We are hearing MORE and MORE of how he is wearing down and while it could be a ploy to steal him some rest, the dude takes a BEATING… I know this past off-season there were rumbles of mulling over retirement and I don’t know what we’d do without him. I am more comfortable with Turbin vs Michael due to pass protection and its not even close… I really hope we figure it out and filling the RB position isn’t a concern this upcoming off-season.

    On a side note… Odell Beckham Jr. is a MONSTER… Damn I wish he would’ve made it to SEA!!!

  13. Radman

    He’s an intriguing prospect not just for his talent and performance, but what the research and historical record says about running backs of his build.

    History suggests tha 27 body mass index range is pretty problematic in terms of injuries for RBs. Be it leverage on joints, easier to hit hard, or center of gravity, or what have you. If you’re 200lbs and a running back, you better be closer to 5’8″ than 6′. The research (and NFL record books) show that you’re way better off with a BMI closer to 30 than 27.

    I think that’s even more true more recently than in the past, as BMI has gone up across the league (but I’m not positive about that). What’s clear is history shows us you want more than a 27 BMI for the position, if you can get it.

    Of course there are exceptions. But if you were going to build an ideal RB type, based on history, you’d want to look more like Jamal Anderson than Jamaal Charles.

    Probably most relevant to all this is that seahawks seem to have a “type” for the RB that matches closely the research on this. All the RBs on the Seahawks fall into that 30 BMI ‘sweet spot” (30, 31, 32 ish, Lynch, Cmike, Turbo).

    Tevin clocks in at 27.3 BMI. So the question is, is he Adrian Peterson or is he Darren McFadden? Tevin is outside the norm in terms of this measure, league wide and for the Seahawks. Of course, we all know the hawks can go outside the norm for special players.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the hawks FO view Tevin in this regard.

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting notes there Radman.

      • Radman

        thanks. I really get into the medical/historical studies on body types and injuries for athletes. The most compelling theme I’ve seen in the research is for RBs. Really seems that 30 BMI is a strong indicator for longevity and avoiding injuries. I think JS has spoken of this publicly (his draft record at least, supports it, at least). He likes’em 5’10, 220 ish.

        Of course, there are always exceptions!

  14. Kip Earlywine

    This guy is CJ Spiller 2.0.

    I think we’ll see quite a few first round RBs this year.

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