Thanksgiving Day mock draft

Happy Thanksgiving to the SDB community. Here’s an updated mock draft. Plus don’t forget to check out the ‘Tasteful Profanity’ podcast appearance if you missed it earlier in the week.

#1 San Francisco — Nick Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
It’s hard to imagine anyone knocking Bosa off the #1 spot. He’s a complete pass rusher and looks even quicker than his brother.

#2 Arizona — Ed Oliver (DT, Houston)
Teams will be split on whether Oliver’s frame and play translates well to the next level. A fantastic combine, however, could secure a top-five grade. He has 13.5 TFL’s this season.

#3 Oakland — Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
Ideal size, length, attitude and production. A high pick in any draft, Ferrell has 10.5 sacks and 16 TFL’s in 2018.

#4 New Yok Jets — Devin White (LB, LSU)
The Jets could use a pass rusher but might look to free agency for a big splurge. If that’s the case, the ultra-consistent and highly athletic Devin White is a fit here.

#5 New York Giants — Quinnen Williams (DT, Alabama)
He was unstoppable against LSU. He has 15 TFL’s this season. He might last to #5 if teams are concerned about his one year of production and age (he’s 19).

#6 Buffalo — Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
Fantastic player. Like Deshaun Watson, familiarity is breeding contempt. He has the ideal frame to play inside and rush. Great character, expect a great combine.

#7 Tampa Bay — Rashan Gary (DE, Michigan)
So far he hasn’t played up to his recruiting hype or physical potential. In this draft, however, someone will gamble early on his tremendous upside.

#8 Jacksonville — Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)
Incredible talent. Brown bosses offensive linemen and put in a star turn against Texas A&M recently. A complete defensive tackle who plays the run well and gets after the quarterback.

#9 Cleveland — Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
Davis is an absolute monster. Huge size (6-7, 316lbs) and very quick. He can control things from the inside and still get after the QB. There aren’t many humans like this.

#10 Detroit — Greedy Williams (CB, LSU)
Williams is far from the finished product but he’s the cornerback with the most upside in this class. Someone will take him early.

#11 Atlanta — David Edwards (T, Wisconsin)
There isn’t a top-12 left tackle prospect this year. David Edwards is a cerebral individual — a typically hard-nosed, Wisconsin right tackle. Very solid, if unspectacular.

#12 Denver — Dexter Lawrence (DT, Clemson)
Lawrence was superb against Duke last weekend, making numerous plays in the backfield and showing he’s more than just a nose tackle. Another top talent in a loaded D-line class.

#13 Philadelphia — Jachai Polite (EDGE, Florida)
Polite has two things going for him — a relentless motor and speed. He regularly faces double teams and still has 8.5 sacks and 12.5 TFL’s for the season.

#14 Green Bay — Josh Allen (EDGE, Kentucky)
Is he a pure 3-4 OLB? Will teams run right at him if he plays up at the LOS? These are fair questions but Allen can get after the QB. He has 13 sacks and 17.5 TFL’s in 2018.

#15 Indianapolis — Zach Allen (DE, Boston College)
He’s taken his game to another level this year. Allen is a bigger bodied DE or inside/out rusher with surprising quickness and agility. He has 14.5 TFL’s.

#16 Miami — Greg Little (T, Ole Miss)
He’s a bit stiff at times and struggles against speed. I’ve been saying since the summer he could kick inside to make better use of his obvious physical qualities.

#17 Oakland (via Dallas) — Dre’Mont Jones (DT, Ohio State)
Jones’ play against the run is a concern but there’s no denying his ability as a penetrating force. He has 12.5 TFL’s and 7.5 sacks in 2018 — a big improvement on last year.

#18 Tennessee — Brian Burns (EDGE, Florida State)
I read recently he’s playing in the 220’s this year. Ouch. That’s a concern. He’s thin and wiry. He’s also very quick with 15.5 TFL’s and 10 sacks. The weight issue could put some teams off.

#19 Seattle — D’Andre Walker (LB, Georgia)
Walker is underrated. He’s extremely strong and capable of playing the run as an EDGE. He can rush the passer. He’s very comfortable dropping in coverage and he’s extremely physical. Watch the video at the top of the page to see what he’s about.

#20 Cincinnati — Jeffrey Simmons (DT, Mississippi State)
Someone will end up taking Simmons quite early. That team will probably be the Bengals. It’s always the Bengals.

#21 Baltimore — Jerry Tillery (DT, Notre Dame)
Tillery has incredible size and he’s a force when he gets going. He has seven sacks and 9.5 TFL’s this season as a 6-7, 305lbs interior defender.

#22 Minnesota — Byron Murphy (CB, Washington)
Murphy glides to the ball carrier with excellent quickness, he’s a hard hitter and he covers ground quickly. Could he be tried at safety? Maybe.

#23 Washington — Drew Lock (QB, Missouri)
The first quarterback off the board. Lock has a strong arm but he can be inconsistent. It’s not a year to go searching for a solution at QB in the draft.

#24 Houston — Damien Harris (RB, Alabama)
Harris is a superb player who deserves to go earlier. He does everything well — run, receive, protect. He’s extremely explosive and tough. Like him a lot.

#25 Carolina — Taylor Rapp (S, Washington)
Rapp ran a 4.09 short shuttle at the SPARQ combine and you see his combination of agility and quickness on tape. He could easily sneak into the back-end of round one.

#26 Oakland (via Chicago) — A.J. Brown (WR, Ole Miss)
The first receiver off the board. Brown makes plays and competes for the ball but is he a good enough athlete to go earlier than this?

#27 Los Angeles Chargers — Kaden Smith (TE, Stanford)
Smith can develop into an all-round tight end capable of blocking and providing an X-factor in the passing game. He ran a 4.30 short shuttle at 6-6 and 242lbs during SPARQ testing.

#28 New England — Daniel Jones (QB, Duke)
Even in a defeat, Jones was impressive against Clemson. He has the look and feel of a Patriots quarterback. It’d be a good fit.

#29 Pittsburgh — Austin Bryant (EDGE, Clemson)
Bryant started slowly but has really started to perform for Clemson in recent weeks. He lacks size but screams off the edge to make plays in the backfield.

#30 Green Bay — Jonah Williams (G, Alabama)
Williams lacks the length to play tackle at the next level and really could do with kicking inside. I’m not sold on him as a first round pick.

#31 Kansas City — Colton McKivitz (T, West Virginia)
When you watch West Virginia, McKivitz is the O-liner who stands out. He does get beat from time to time but with a need for linemen, someone might take him to play right tackle.

#32 Los Angeles Rams — Elgton Jenkins (C, Mississippi State)
Jenkins had a really rough afternoon against Quinnen Williams but he’s highly regarded and could be the first center off the board.

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  1. Zxvo3

    D’Andre Walker is such an athletic beast for Georgia. He consistently applies pressure and makes plays for them every game. He would be a great fit for the Seahawks and would help get the speed and the aggressiveness back on defense. One question Rob, if the Seahawks drafted Walker with their first pick, what position do you think they would draft with their next pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Could be an interior defender, some speed at linebacker, competition/depth at defensive back or possibly a receiver.

      • Zxvo3

        Kwon Alexander would be a nice free agent to add for speed at linebacker.

        • Rob Staton

          He just tore his ACL

          • Zxvo3

            But would that not make him cheaper to sign? I’m sorry I keep yapping 😂 but Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. David

    D’Andre Walker looks good but I dont think I would like him as our first round pick. He looked good at times dont get me wrong but he fails to disengage when he needs to and looks to me like a lacks instincts a lot of the time. If he chooses right or gets a good first move he looked good but he doesn’t really look to have the speed to close when he makes mistakes nor the strength or second move once his first move doesn’t win. Unless Tennessee has elite Tackles he feels more like a 3rd or 4th round LB to me but I’m just an idiot armchair guy who hasn’t researched the LB class or Walkers other games

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve just re-watched the video David and couldn’t find a single example where Walker struggled to disengage. He doesn’t win on every snap but if he did he’d be competing for the #1 pick. There’s a difference between struggling to disengage (usually where an O-liner connects and blocks for several seconds and maybe pancakes the defender) and attacking the edge, winning with initial quickness but then a left tackle recovers and just about defends the edge (of which there’s an example in this tape of that happening between Walker and the LT).

      • David

        1:11, 3, 3:30, 3:40, 4:00 I would say he loses. It doesn’t need to be that he he is dominant just want to a second move or instincts to put himself in better position.

        2 other plays one where he is unblocked end of round the other a pass I would have liked to see a little more closing speed to disrupt or get to the tackle.

        Several spots where he is a spy and doesn’t do anything not sure the responsibility there does Tennessee have a running QB?

        Shows a good swim and on first moves can get to the edge of a player but ends up getting washed or doesn’t get home.

        Couple of good run fits and two plays back to back where he stunts and has a wide open lane and then was unblocked and crashes down to make the tackle

        Maybe we see things differently 🤷‍♂️ But I dont see that and think 1st rounder or think I’m trying to evaluate him as a #1 overall pick. All that to say other games evaluations and physical attributes might change my mind on that I haven’t extensively studied him nor think one game makes a player. I love your opinions Rob but I disagree at least when it comes to watching this tape

        • Rob Staton

          OK let’s go with the plays you’ve highlighted as Walker losing:

          1:11 — He’s jolted at initial contact, then disengages and seals the edge, forcing the runner back inside which is his job. It’s not an amazing play by Walker but this is why I’ve consistently highlighted his ability vs the run. You will never, ever see Josh Allen making a play like this. This isn’t a loss for Walker.

          3 — it’s neither a win or a loss really. The two players hit each other. The linebacker comes down to make the tackle when he sees it’s a run.

          3:30 — This is a win for Walker, not a loss. He reads the play and dips inside the tackle (and actually squeezes through a very narrow gap) to force the runner outside, where the linebacker makes a very simple stop off the edge. That was a north-south run. The RB is forced into a jump cut because Walker takes it away. I suspect he was probably keyed to expect that type of play and read it.

          3:40 — I’m not even sure which play you’re talking about here because the time dissects two plays. At about 3:35 he has a very acceptable edge rush and almost gets to the QB. At 3:34 he simply holds his edge against a run play. Not sure where the fault is with either play.

          4:00 — On this play he engages the tackle and physically drives him back, with one arm, into the quarterback. With his spare arm he almost hits the QB eight yards in the backfield. The tackle makes a last ditch recovery to prevent the hit but this would be classified, potentially, as a pressure by Walker. I have absolutely no idea how this can be called a loss. It’s a win and a good recovery by the tackle.

          Listen, I don’t expect everyone to simply accept my opinion and just agree with me. But I’m confused by what you’re seeing in this particular tape to knock him. Initially you said he struggled to disengage but none of the example you gave above had him struggling to disengage. Then they were defined as losses — but in some cases they were decent plays.

          • David

            I could be wrong but I also dont agree so not sure what else to say other than we see those plays differently. I think there is subjectivity when viewing a player and the fact we disagree doesn’t mean I’m trying to be correct or devalue your opinion. I love your site and your evaluations and for the most part agree but just not seeing the same things here. Appreciate that you drove into the tape and giving your thoughts on those plays. I will try and look at some more tape and keep on open mind.

            I think for me the difference in our opinions is that when you say he is holding a point I dont see him setting or getting leverage. There are points to where he almost seems like because he won’t be involved with the play where his effort just seems to stop. I think more than anything that is where he sours it for me.

            Appreciate your thoughts Rob!

            • Rob Staton

              No problem, happy to debate. I just didn’t (and still don’t to be fair) understand how you analysed those plays.

  3. Kenny Sloth

    TGives is my favorite holiday and you just made it better, my man!!

  4. H

    It would really suck for the draft to fall this way for Seattle, 15/18 previous picks going on defensive front 7. Amazing that there’s still talent to choose from.

    Nevertheless, if this is how the draft ends up going, could this be the year for a bold move up the draft with future capital (yes another year without a full compliment would suck). It could be possible that a team with little need in that area could be willing to stockpile picks for a draft with better options at other positions. (Eagles or Broncos maybe?) That could free us up to draft a real impact player at a major need. Im personally becoming pretty enamoured with the Allens, wouldnt be mad about Derrick Brown either.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the days of bold moves are over for now. They’ve had two drafts (2018, 2019) with severely weakened stock. I hope 2020 isn’t the same. And there’s a chance they pick higher than #19 anyway.

  5. cha

    Thanks Rob.

    I know it’s early, but how much of a drop do you envision Austin Bryant is over Walker? Just preemptively getting ready for the Hawks to trade down and pick up a 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Bryant. But he’s more of a pure EDGE

      • cha

        OK thanks.

        I’ve asked about Gaines a couple times. Any new thoughts about where you see him going? Does he fit what the Hawks would want in an interior DL? Maybe a good value pickup with so much talent pushing him down the board.

        • Rob Staton

          I like Gaines but he’s hard to project. Combine will be big.

  6. LouieLouie

    Like the pick, but I think you may have them drafting a bit early. Depending upon Sunday’s result, they may be drafting at 24 or 25. Walker may still be available then.

    • Rob Staton

      I used the current draft order

  7. Kyle

    Maybe I missed it, but shouldn’t the Saints have a pick near the end of round one? Did they trade that away?

    • cha

      Green Bay #30 is from the Saints in the Davenport trade in last year’s draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes to Green Bay

  8. Trevor

    Watching the Lions / Bears yesterday I am more convinced that ever that Ziggy Anzah should be the Hawks open market free agent target. I today’s Pass happy NFL pass rushers are not a luxury they are an absolute requirement. Getting him from the lions would be the equivalent of when we stole Avril.

    He has had injuries but that is he only reason he will be on the market and might not completely break the bank. He would be the ideal speed rusher opposite Frank and give the Hawks a lethal pass rush making the rest of defense better.

    Would I prefer Lawrence or Clowney of course but those guys are younger and will get crazy $.

    I think the Hawks are set on offense and just need to extend Fluker, Sweezy and Fant.

    The Hawks have a decent amount of cap space and I really hope they use it to extend Clark, Reed, Kendrick, Jefferson and then go out and sign Anzah.

    Then in the draft add and interior stud like ( Wilkins, R Davis or Brown) if one of those 3 is somehow on the board.

    If they could do that and the young secondary continues to develop the Hawks D would be sick next year.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he will break the bank.

      He’s clearly talented. But there are so many concerns. Injuries, a complete lack of consistency, age. I’d hate to be tied to a big contract with Ansah.

      I’m more willing to do it for Clowney because he’s a better player and he’s five years younger.

      Although that said, I don’t think the Seahawks will make a major splurge on one player in FA. I don’t think they’ll sign any of the big names.

  9. H

    I was taking a look at Jerry Tillerry today, noticed he was appearing in more and more mocks. I watched his Stanford and Michigan games and came away extremely impressed. He moves fantastically well for his size and uses his hands very effectively when rushing the passer. I wonder as well, with his fantastic size and length, whether he could have some inside out potential. I found at least a couple example of him on the edge, could play a similiar role to Qjeff?

    Very interedting and cerebral guy as well, reads the economist and spent last summer interning for a hedge fund in Ireland. Some coaches might not like that, theyd question his dedication to Football, but we know thats not a problem for Pete. Id be interested to hear your extended thoughts on him rob.

    • Rob Staton

      There are times he stands out. There are long stretches of games where I didn’t notice him. I think teams will wonder about how he views his football career. He has a lot going on, a lot of interests. It doesn’t mean it’s a problem, of course, but it’s something teams will look into. And fair enough really. I think Pete would take it seriously. It’s something we’ll never truly learn enough about to judge either way.

      • H

        Yeah thats fair, i did only watch two games., but they were against good teams and demonstrate how dominant he can be when he puts it all together.

        As far as his extra curriculars you make a goid point, we can never get a really good read on prospects dedication unless its painfully obvious one way or the other (TJ Watt v Malik McDowell). I certainly think Pete is much more open minded about that stuff than the majority of coaches, his franchise QB still pays Baseball in the offseason after all. Personally i prefer these smart kids with other interests, it feels to me like they are the ones who succeed beyond their physical abilities, they understand themselves and the game on a higher level. Doug, Sherm and Bennett are good examples from our most recent era (even if two of those ended poorly.)

        • clbradley17

          According to PFF: “His 90.9 pass-rushing grade is third best among interior defensive linemen in the country while his 37 total pressures are the second most, plus he has 20 defensive stops in 2018.” Let’s see how he plays in the next 2 or 3 games against USC and the championship playoffs, and how he performs in the all-star games after the season and/or combine.

  10. Chris

    What a year to be in the market for a defensive talent. Shoo.

  11. John_s

    My guy Oshane Ximines with 12 sacks on the year. Sleeper who will produce in the league

  12. Pugs1

    With the lack of skill position players in this draft is it safe to assume we will see an extra amount of early entries? I’d also like to know if you think Montez Sweat from Mississippi State is a good fit for the Seahawks? Thanks

    • Rob Staton

      I’m concerned about Sweat. Very lean. Already switched schools and seems very laid back. Some talent there but to me he might be a specialist rusher rather than an every down DE. I personally think R2-3.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Agreed kind of stiff and underwhelming

  13. Volume12

    God, I can’t wait for the SR bowl. Those who don’t know Miss St’s S Jonathan Abram will on that 1st day of practice when they can have full contact. Absolute f**ing headhunter.

    Might not be a safety in this class that covers ground as quickly as he does. Sure he needs to take better pursuit angles and his form tackling could be cleaned up, but that’s all reps. He’s impulsive. But those impulses give him fantastic instincts. Will be a nightmare for opposing teams on STs. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t show out at the combine.

    100 MPH damn near every snap. When the game slows down for this dude? Watch out.

    • Trevor

      I can’t wait for Senior Bowl either Vol. It is one of my favourite weeks of the football season. I find the practices and individual drills have been amazing ways for casual fans like us to really identify draft talent particularly on OL/DL + WR/CB.

    • Magmatizer

      Great find V12! Just watched some game film on Abram and he consistently comes flying into the screen. Seems to have some pop behind his pads to go with the burst too, and physicality is something I love to see in DBs.

      • clbradley17

        He was on Tony Pauline’s week 12 risers and sliders a few days ago:
        “Johnathan Abram/S/Mississippi State: Abram is a player I’ve mentioned several times during game previews and podcasts this season. He’s often overlooked during conversations about the Bulldogs’ talented defense, but Abram is a prospect with a next-level future. The senior is a physical safety who dominates defending the run while also showing a lot of skill in coverage. He’s best between the tackles and up the field, proving as much against Arkansas when he totaled 12 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss and two hurries. For the year, Abram leads the MSU defense with 89 tackles and has broken up four passes. He’ll be a solid pick during the late part of the draft’s second day and can line up as a strong or zone safety at the next level.”

  14. astraeus

    DT Gerald Willis III is really good. 17 TFL this year. Good tape vs LSU ( ). Looks like a more explosive but not as refined Sheldon Richardson.

  15. Coleslaw

    I would love to add Walker, but I feel like we’re definitely going to trade down again, probably into the late 20s or even 30s. Barring any trades before the draft, we will likely focus on adding picks. Taking a guy like Walker is intriguing though for sure.

  16. JimQ

    Rob, et. al. Any thoughts about WR-(?RB?)-Jalen Hurd, Baylor, 6-4/217. I know he’s too tall as a true RB, but as a WR: 2018: 11-games, 66/906/13.71-YPC, 4-TD’s receiving & 48/209/4.35-YPC/3-TD’s rushing. He’s currently #7 in FBS with **48 of his 66 catches going for 1-st downs.**

    You will recall he was a 240-lb. RB at Tennessee and transferred (sitting out a year) to Baylor & switched positions to WR. It would appear he may have a shot at doing VERY well in this years combine. Size, speed and a FAST short shuttle, yet because he is RAW as a WR that seems to be the major reason he is not hyped or even considered to be a viable NFL wide receiver in the current rankings. The transfer & position change has some “unusual vibe” to it, but perhaps this is a player the Seahawks MAY take a chance on in the —-> mid-to-late rounds of the coming draft???? Perhaps, if he kills the post season/combine, he’ll be considered somewhere much higher than that?

    “”He squatted more than 500 pounds, and his vertical jump was 40 inches (this year’s NFL combine-best was 41.5). His 40 time was consistently in the 4.4 range, and his 20-yard shuttle—the one combine test scouts say is a critical predictor for skill players’ change of direction and explosion—was 3.8 and 3.9 (the recent best is 3.81 in 2006).”” (I’d assume that is hand timed, but still…….) Hurd’s current coach would seem to be VERY excited by him as a WR that occasionally runs the ball.

    –NOTE: 2018 NFL combine, CB-Grant Haley (5-9/190) was the top performer in the 20-yd shuttle with a 3.94 time.
    –NOTE: Recent best time in the 20-yd shuttle was in 2006 by CB/S-Jason Allen (6-1/200) with a time of 3.81 and – he was a 1-st round pick IIRC.
    –NOTE: Both of the above players are nowhere near 6-4/217, so maybe a combine star is born if Hurd’s electronic time is in the 3.8–3.9 second area —-> at his size???? —-> Could be a great value pick if he stays ignored by the powers that be. Well worth keeping an eye on IMO.

    • Volume12

      Jim Nagy said something to the effect of, they scouted him in particular a couple years ago. Of course he was a RB then too.

      Sign me up for a BIG 12 weapon.

    • McZ

      I think, Denzel Mims is a better WR in almost any respect. Made a big jump in technique, separation and route running. I think he could be available R4-R5, but I fear he will put up a monster Combine, then he will go R2.

      IMHO, we need more of a intermediate slot runner, in the sense Braxton Berrios was in the 2018 draft. Hunter Renfrow of Clemson would tick all boxes for me. Great hands, work ethic, chips on his shoulders.

    • Sea Mode

      Was looking at him last week wanting to like him. The athleticism is obviously there, but seems pretty raw still as a WR as far as routes and such, which is where you have to win in the pros. I also kind of doubt the 6-4 listing, as they tend to exaggerate a bit. Anyway, will he end up Braxton Miller 2.0? I’m open to seeing more though on him though.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Imagine having to walk back your comments because someone called you “part of the anti-run game crowd” and it triggered you.

    • Rob Staton

      Who’s the guilty party here?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Just seems like a lot of people will send something out on twitter some stat about how we dont run to win or something. Someone will call them anti-run game. And they will just spend the whole time responding with “running on third and short is probably ok”.

        It’s almost like they just look at spreadsheets and dont adhere to an actual philosophy that has to do with possession or any nuance like that.

        “4.7 yARds TWiCe iS MOre ThAn 3 YArdS ThRiCE”

        • Volumes12

          ‘If you take away all of Seattle’s rushing yards they’d have none’

          • Rob Staton

            That’s amusing because it could be an actual tweet by the anti-run racket.

  18. Volume12

    Folks, your BIG 12 stan is here!

    • Volume12

      Speaking of…

      He’s gonna get lost in this deep D-line group as of now, but Texas’ Charles Omenihu (6’5, 275 lbs.) IMO will be one of the biggest risers this pre-draft process.

      Looks like a fantastic athlete, a lot of length, always uses his hands, can play anywhere including standing up. Naturally talented. You don’t see it every snap, but his burst off the ball is lightning quick. A good coach gets his hands on him and he could be molded into almost anything.

      Charles Omenihu vs Texas (2018):

  19. Volume12

    God yes! John Schneider is in the house for this BIG 12 game (Oklahoma/W. Virginia)!

    • Volume12

      Oklahoma WR ‘Hollywood’ Brown is putting on a show. He ain’t just a deep threat ya’ll. He’s not much different than Brandin Cooks. if someone wants to comp him to or sees similarities in DeSean Jackson, I can’t argue that either. Gonna be a steal. Game changing speed.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Big fan of Brown’s. Dude is a threat to score on every touch. His speed, quickness and size reminds me of TY Hilton. Can definitely see Cooks and some DeSean too. I’d be very surprised if Brown doesn’t run a sub 4.4 40.

    • McZ

      What is required from Will Grier to finally become a top QB prospect in this draft? 539 yd passing vs Oklahoma #6. Plus 40+ yd being nullified by questionable penalties.

      • Rob Staton

        The offense helps though, it’s the extremist version of the spread out there, plus that was exactly the type of boring Big 12 game where there’s a million points and not much substance.

      • FresnoHawk

        Big fan of Grier I think he needs to have a big performance at the combine. Until then I’d side with his critics even though I’m rooting for him to prove everyone wrong. Critics will keep me emotionally and intellectually grounded.

  20. charlietheunicorn

    Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington

    Should Seattle take a long hard look at drafting this guy in the mid rounds??? He is just productive. Passing game / rushing game. Kid can do it all. He is slightly undersized for what Seattle likes in RB (5’10 / 190) but he just makes things happen.

    • teejmo

      Like you said, he’s too small for Seattle, but I could see him in a more wide-open offense like Chicago or Philly. Maybe the Rams?

  21. Donovan

    Broad question: Is there evidence that young for their class players have better careers? In other sports, particularly basketball, there’s evidence that younger draftees have better success.

    Just wondering about how that relates to players like the 19 yr old VA Tech LB last yr and Quinnen Williams this year.

    • FresnoHawk

      I don’t know but there is evidence Pete Carroll prefers to draft Seniors with 4 years play experience. Carroll also told Mark Sanchez playing his senior year was really important.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the evidence is that younger players struggle. So much of the NFL is about reaching a physical peak. You usually aren’t there at 19.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I thought the evidence was that almost all rookies struggle, but I might posit that underclassmen have a higher strike rate than upperclassmen because they are more highly touted hence their decision to leave early.

  22. DC

    Someone had to win the PAC 12 North, might as well be us. Congrats Dawgs

    • GerryG

      Always a pleasure to watch Mike Leach fail

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I’m not a Mike Leach fan in the slightest even if I do like personalities/characters in my football. Having said that, this Wazzu team was/is incredibly fun to watch.

        Give me Wazzu/UCF in the Fiesta bowl and more games in general played in the snow.

        • charlietheunicorn

          You have to give Leach props. He is able to win in some of the most unlikely areas of the country. WSU is not exactly an easy place to recruit to (compared to UCLA for example) but he makes it work and the teams are able to complete and thrive. I think the college fits him and he fits the college. I think it would be a mistake to go to a larger and more prominent CFB college…. as was rumored this prior offseason.

  23. Kenny Sloth

    Frank Clark micd up v Packers. He’s making that whole DL better.

  24. Rob Staton

    Guess the Apple Cup shows that a blanket ‘running doesn’t mattsr’ statement is nonsense.

    In those conditions… it really matters.

    Washington 258 yards
    Washington State 85

    • charlietheunicorn


      This is the dictionary definition of “COUGIN IT”
      (If you ever lived in Washington State, you might have heard the term and wondered where it came from….)

      I would say the WR had as much or more to do with the Washington win, than the rushing attack (per sai)
      When the game was close, he busted a very long TD catch and run…. demoralizing the Cougars.

      One last thing, Jake Browning is one of the very few QBs to sweep an APPLE CUP series during his 4 year career. **Coaching flat out made the difference. They had the right game plan for the conditions. Luckily both are bowl elidable….. Jim Moore will be insufferable Monday on 710 ESPN.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Jim will be fine. He will take it in good spirits. I like Jim.

      • sdcoug

        This was as far from the definition of “cougin it” as you can get. Nice try though. The team simply better-suited for those conditions won. Hats off to the huskies. Always well-coached. Damn you snow.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Air Raid sucks

          • C-Dog

            Can not agree with this more. There’s a blue print to beating the Chris Petersen coached Huskies, and Mike Leach’s air raid is not it.

        • cha

          “This was as far from the definition of “cougin it” as you can get.”

          Hmm. 0 TDs and 2 INTs from Minshew hardly even begin to tell the story of how bad his performance was. He hit 2 or 3 Husky defenders in the hands with absolutely terrible throws that should have been picked. He failed to get rid of the ball, was tentative and out of rhythm all night.

          “The team simply better-suited for those conditions won.”

          Really? Your argument is the home team isn’t suited to play in their home stadium? Seriously?

          • Group captain mandrake

            The very definition of Couging it is finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They never led so it doesn’t really apply.

            That may be their stadium, but they really don’t play much in the snow, so no, the home team was not built for eastern WA weather.

            I wouldn’t blame minchew as much as the system. Jimmy lake said they love playing the cougs because they never change or adapt and that he hopes leach coaches there for a long time.

            • sdcoug

              Glad someone actually understands what Cougin’ It means. Thank you.

              And Cha…my argument is that the team with the bigger Oline, facing an undersized D-line, that routinely runs the football, and is not dependent on 70 passes a game, is more suited to win in a snowstorm. Does that spell it out for you?

  25. clbradley17

    Rob, what do you think of Mich. St. DE Kenny Willekes? From Walter Football: “11/17/18: Willekes is a player who has gone under the radar, but has broken out this year. He has 64 tackles with 17 for a loss, 8.5 sacks, one pass batted and one forced fumble in 2018. As a sophomore, Willekes had 73 tackles with seven sacks.

    Willekes looks like more of a 3-4 outside linebacker candidate for the NFL. He is listed at 6-foot-4, 260 pounds but looks smaller than that. Coming off the edge, Willekes has some quickness with active hands and the ability to use his hands and feet at the same time. It would help Willekes if he returns for his senior year to get stronger for the NFL. In this draft class, Willekes might have second-day potential.

    After this past game against Nebraska, “Willekes had nine tackles and tied a career-high with 3.5 tackles for a loss for the second week in a row. He also recovered a fumble for a 7-yard return. Willekes has 73 tackles this year and his 20.5 for a loss ranks fourth in the nation and second in single-season program history, trailing only Julian Peterson’s 30 in 1999.”

    Also found an article from 11/10, which states: Pro Football Focus credits Willekes with an FBS-best 15 quarterback hits and 48 QB pressures.”

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t seen Michigan State this year but I will try and find something on this guy

  26. Nem Beselek

    Rob, what about going against all traditional logic and drafting a QB this year, and fairly early at that?

    • Rob Staton

      Why waste a pick when you only have four?

      • Hawk Eye

        how about just to keep the theories alive that Russ and Pete cannot exist together?
        Watching the games and relevant facts don’t seem to validate the concept, but drafting a qb will give them life

      • FresnoHawk

        Compensation picks can be traded nowadays. Hawks could add a pick or 2.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re not expected to get any comp picks.

          • FresnoHawk

            At this point 2019 comp is a lost cause. But I was referring to 2020 Comp picks. If we get one or two for Earl Etc.. We can trade it for a 2019 pick 3rd thru 5th round for a WR, QB, or RB. I’d like to see us target middle rounds with at least 4 picks after we use our 1st on DL. Figure we need 4 defensive players and 1 or 2 offensive players in the draft.

            • Rob Staton

              You can only trade the picks you have really, unless you go down the route of conditional. And I don’t think the Seahawks are likely to get anything for Earl. They will need to make some FA moves, expensive or not, just as they did last off-season.

  27. Volume12

    Hell yeah! I’m not crying your crying.

    Kick cancer’s a** Roman

  28. Nathan W.

    Bush out with a leg injury!! Nooooo!

  29. Volume12

    Jachai Polite with another incredible performance today.

  30. Rik

    I’m thinking someone will pick Ohio State QB Haskins in the first round if he comes out. He just broke Drew Brees single season Big 10 TD record and passing yards record.

    • Volume12

      I really like Haskins. He’d probably be better served coming back, but w/o much talent at the top of the draft in regards to the QB position he has chance to be a high pick like you mention. Best QB Urban has ever had.

      Interested to see where Urban Meyer ends up from here too.

      • DC

        USC 😬

        • Volume12

          God I hope not. I want the USC of old back. Pro style offense and just running it down people’s throats.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s had some rough looking games this year though. Even last week against Maryland he had some off moments.

  31. UKAlex6674

    In New York having a great time today watching loads of college ball in some great bars while getting loads of Seahawks love in my 3 jersey! As Rob will tell you college ball isnt exactly what you would call popular in the UK so to be able to chat to such passionate and knowledgeable fans over here is like Christmas!

    • Rob Staton


  32. Volume12

    Seattle has scouted NC 3 of the last 4 weeks. Including back to back outings.

    Always like to wonder who they got their eye on. DE Malik Carney (6’2-6’3 250 lbs.)? Flashed in the few combined games I’ve seen of him this year and last. Also saw Nagy mention him.too.

    3 FF, 11.5 TFL, and 6 QB sacks in 8 games.

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