The day before free agency & Calais Campbell to the Ravens

March 15th, 2020 | Written by Rob Staton

If you missed yesterday’s free agency preview podcast, check it out…

According to Adam Schefter, the new league is set to begin as planned this week. The ‘legal tampering’ period of free agency will start on Monday.

We’re already seeing deals being agreed. The Titans have re-signed Ryan Tannehill and the Colts Anthony Castonzo. Bradley Roby is reportedly returning to the Texans.

We’ve also seen Calais Campbell traded to the Ravens in principal.

The price? A fifth round pick.

We need to talk about this trade.

Why so cheap? Why didn’t the Seahawks go for him?

Let’s get into it.

Why only a fifth rounder?

Trade suggestions or proposals are always dismissed as unrealistic until the point they occur. Then everyone acts surprised. Campbell for a fifth. Clowney for a third. Diggs for a fifth.

Unexpected stuff happens all the time in the NFL.

Campbell has been exceptionally productive in his three years in Jacksonville. He was consistently graded as a top-five defensive lineman by PFF. In 2019 he had 6.5 sacks working the interior to go with 33 pressures and 16 QB knockdowns.

He’s a quality player. The price probably reflects a number of aspects:

1. Jacksonville’s acceptance that they’re in a rebuild

2. His age

3. Their respect for him

4. His desire to go to a certain team

The Jags save $15m with this trade. They move on from a player who turns 34 this year and probably won’t be part of their next core. They also have a lot of respect and admiration for Calais within the organisation and probably worked with him to find an ideal destination rather than trying to milk what they could get.

Not everything is a clinical business decision. Most things are, granted. But not everything. I suspect Campbell instructed the Jaguars of his preference and they worked on a deal. They probably did their due diligence at the combine to get a feel for what was on offer. My guess would be that after gathering all the information, they worked with the player to get him his preferred move.

Why didn’t the Seahawks just offer a higher pick?

For starters, it’s possible Campbell didn’t fancy it. Geographically there might be reasons. He also spent many years playing for the Cardinals. Ending his career with a rival NFC West team might not have been his preference.

The move to Baltimore will carry huge appeal. They were 14-2 last year. They have an exciting young quarterback and a fierce defense. Unlike the Seahawks, they don’t play in the toughest division in football.

They also use a scheme that Campbell is familiar with from his Cardinals days.

There’s every chance he had his heart set on a move to Baltimore and there’s nothing anyone could’ve done to change that. Especially if the Jags were motivated to move him to the team he wanted to go to.

There’s also something else to consider.

The Seahawks have cap space to spend but they don’t have a bottomless pit. The key is going to be to prioritise where they use their money.

Pete Carroll has already specifically named Jadeveon Clowney as a ‘huge priority’. Keeping Clowney will not be cheap. If you trade for Campbell, it limits your ability to get that done.

He also spoke very clearly about the LEO and the five technique positions. They want a premier pass rusher and a dynamic defensive end partner. Presumably that means Clowney and one other. That is do-able in free agency with their cap space and the expected massive cap increases in future seasons due to the passing of the new CBA.

It’s very difficult, however, to sign two players to fill those positions while also spending $20m guaranteed on Calais Campbell.

They’ve also spoken of their desire to keep Jarran Reed (a point re-emphasised by Jeremy Fowler earlier). Once again — they are big on culture, familiarity and fit.

At the moment they’re probably just not in a position to make this trade and guarantee they can do the other things they want to do. I don’t think you’re likely to see any moves until they know where they stand with Clowney. That could happen by the end of today for all we know. But clearly they aren’t there yet.

The news of this trade will disappoint many Seahawks fans. We’re all well aware of Campbell’s talent after the years he had in Arizona. Carroll and Schneider have been searching for their version of Calais for years too. Now that he was available for such a cheap price — people will wonder why they didn’t make this move.

Heck — I’m pretty sure this is the only website that even considered it a possibility that he’d be available. Like anyone else, I found this news deflating.

Yet when you take a step back and consider his possible preference, the likelihood of the Jaguars organisation to do him a solid and Seattle’s need to prioritise the five technique (Clowney) and LEO positions — it likely meant this simply wasn’t to be.

Make no mistake though — now is the time for the Seahawks. They have to be pro-active and aggressive this off-season. In free agency and the draft. The defense in particular needs a major talent injection. They deserve an opportunity to show their hand and reveal what their plan of action is for the 2020 season.

And we’ll have every opportunity to analyse and judge that plan in the coming days.

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352 Responses to “The day before free agency & Calais Campbell to the Ravens”

  1. cha says:

    The low trade compensation leads me to believe it was something not unlike you described – Campbell picking the team he wanted to go to and Jax honoring that request.

    That said, “losing” a shot at Campbell doesn’t mean the Hawks still won’t be bold this offseason. I still think they’re about to make some very interesting moves.

  2. I would have loved Campbell especially at that price but you do have to take a step back and realize he will be 34 next season. This is a you g man’s game and players cliff’s can come fast.

    • Miami Hawk says:

      One of the guys on your podcast made a really good point about Jarran Reed. He said he thought the Seahawks might take advantage of his down year to sign him him to a long term deal because he will be cheaper than if he had a good year like last and they do really like him.

      One of the things about Reed is that we have seen his upside and its pretty damn high for a DT.

  3. drewdawg11 says:

    Can’t wait until tomorrow. I want some announcements early and often. Have to get this DL sorted out ASAP. Fowler, Clowney kick them down and give us a shot to take the division. Like Yannick a lot but not if they’re going to have to move that first pick.

  4. cha says:

    Mike Garafolo
    Three years, $36 million.
    Quote Tweet

    James Palmer
    · 11m
    The #texans are bringing back CB Bradley Roby sources tell @RapSheet @MikeGarafolo and myself. Houston brings back their best CB and a player that in year two in the defense should be even better.

  5. Strategicdust says:

    I felt the same way. Deflated at the though of seeing a key piece go down cheaply to another team. Then the realization that the Seahawks are in every conversation and if they could have done this, they would have. I do think the concept of “keeping our own” can be short-sighted and unnecessarily restrictive. I think there is peril in waiting for Clowney as the rest of the free agents sign. They do need to be aggressive this year and be willing to cut bait on Clowney and Reed if they don’t get agreements soon. Otherwise, they’re left to fill the ranks with mid tier players again. Let’s hope the Seahawks strike quickly and well this off season.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Let me be clear on this though — the Clowney thing almost certainly isn’t going to drag on. They’re not going to miss out on a swathe of talent waiting for him. For all we know it might be done today. Or they might know it won’t be happening. They’re not going to need to ‘cut bait’ there.

      • Miami Hawk says:

        Absolutely. If they are going to get their guys they will have to be aggressive because options are limited. They have probably already given him an offer and told him to shop it and get back to us quick.

  6. mishima says:


    Do you think the Seahawks can ‘inject’ enough talent without making some difficult cuts (Britt, Wright, McDougald, etc.)?

    Thanks and stay safe/sane.

  7. Quiller says:

    Rob how do you see the Hawks going about free agency this year in the first couple of days? If they don’t sign Clowney and/or Reed right off the bat will they take the wait and see approach or go hard for other FA’s?

  8. Largent80 says:

    Dude is 34, I’m not bummed at all, I want young players, we have a short SB window, maybe 4 or 5 years for RW’s prime.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      Why doesn’t that argument favor getting older players we don’t need to develop as much, instead of young players?

  9. Kenny Sloth says:

    Obligatory Clint Dempsey shoutout!! Favorite player, hood af, swag out the a**! He got 🔥 bars, too. Don’t tread, b*****

  10. Von says:

    the extension given to Campbell, which was probably discussed at the combine, was not something the Seahawks wanted to do is my guess. I also think they already know exactly who they are going to sign on the DL. As Rob has mentioned, that is the #1 Priority. I think we will see deals announced tomorrow and Tuesday as to who they are bringing in. After those deals are done, they will turn the the other pieces that are needed outside of the DL.

  11. Kingdome1976 says:

    Not surprised about the Campbell situation at all. 34 years old for a big man is pretty old…and 20 million in guarantees? No thanks.

    Russ has a solid 4-5 years of prime play and I would hope we are looking for younger players especially at the pass rush positions. Many of us have turned from Yannick in the past week or so but I’m still on the train. Sign Clowney and get Yannick and fill in the rest. I’m good.

  12. cha says:

    Tom Pelissero
    The NFL just sent a memo to clubs saying the league year will start on time, per source.
    3:49 PM · Mar 15, 2020

    Sanity finally gets on the scoresheet!

  13. cha says:

    an Rapoport
    The #Patriots are giving safety and team leader Devin McCourty a 2-year deal worth $23M, sources say. He gets $17M guaranteed – keeping him in New England for his career and allowing him to play with his brother again.

  14. dcd2 says:

    Adrian Killens – RB, UCF. Procise replacement and KR/PR?

    Pair him and Bronson Rechsteiner for our Lightning and Thunder combo with late round picks maybe. James Robinson from Illinois State is another option. Some fun tape on RB’s that could be day 3 guys.

    • drewdawg11 says:

      Killins is so explosive. He’s probably lighter than his listed weight, so not sure if the Seahawks will be interested, but on returns alone he’s a reason to spend a day 3 pick.

  15. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Good points here. I’m sure Campbell’s preference was a factor. As I’m sure was the close relationship between Caldwell and DeCosta.

    I’m just nursing some strong disappointment as someone who’s wanted Campbell in a Seahawks uni for, oh I don’t know, at least the last 5 years or so. And to think he could’ve been had for a Day 3 pick…

    Yes, he’s 34. Yes, his guaranteed amount is high relative to his age. But still, he’s one of the best DT/DEs in football and I think he’d have made a difference on SEA’s DL.

    I’m more convinced than ever that SEA will resign Clowney. And becoming more and more convinced they’ll resign Reed. Also QJeff.

    I didn’t comment on the post about 5 DL prospects to watch in the draft, but I will now:

    I like Okwara, but not if he has to be taken at 27. If he can be had after a trade down then ok. Otherwise, I hope they trade down from 27 and take Raekwon Davis in mid R2 and and one of Zuniga or Weaver in late R2 or early R3.

    • Kingdome1976 says:

      To be fair I wanted Campbell when the Jags got him….when he was about 30. I don’t see paying a 34 year old 20 million in guarantees. Unless he is a QB. Really glad we didn’t take the bait.

      Okwara at 27 would be completely fine with me. He is literally the only draftee at our most position of need that would possibly be able to make an impact early…Maybe Zuniga.

      R. Davis I am not on board with. If we draft him AND he has an immediate impact my jaw will drop and I’ll eat crow.

      • Rob Staton says:

        It’d depend on how you personally define ‘immediate impact’.

        Because for me his game is tailor made for immediate impact. I suspect you’re just focusing on sack production, which is the mistake everyone makes with Davis.

        • Kingdome1976 says:

          Nope. Unlike ‘everyone else’ I’m not just focusing on sack production. That’s the mistake people make about Clowney….and Davis ain’t no Clowney.

        • DougM says:

          I spent several hours yesterday watching game tape of most of the defensive lineman projected to go in the first 3 rounds. It was very disappointing. Outside of Matos and Okwara, I didn’t see anyone I could get excited about the Seahawks taking in the first 3 rounds. Concerning Davis, even though he measures similar to Campbell I don’t see it on tape like I do with Campbell. On tape Davis just seems very slow.
          Thanks for what you do.

  16. The question is though, do we want to sign all the same guys we had last year as they were part of the problem.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Do we want them to sign their best two defensive linemen? Yes.

      Clowney and Reed were not the problem. It was the complete lack of talent around them.

      If they sign Carroll’s desired ‘premier pass rusher’ and add some talent in the draft, it can be a very different D-line.

    • TJ says:

      Yes, we want them to resign Clowney and Reed. Period. Then we want them to add pass rush and interior DL help through FA and the draft to help them.

  17. Seahawk65 says:

    Rob. I love that your take is always reasoned and well thought out. Some are far too reactionary. You always hit the perfect tone. I agree with your long stated premise that the Seahawks will be aggressive and imaginative. Would have liked Campbell, but I’m sure they have a plan. This will be an exciting time for the Hawks, when everything else is somewhat constrained.

  18. Eburgz says:

    Last years draft the obvious focus was on toughness and physicality (they like to use the words grit and competitiveness too but that’s hard to gage from the tape). BAMFs or Dogs you could call them.

    Blair, Collier and Metcalf all are really tough guys in their own ways. Maybe the toughest dudes who were in range at their positions last year.

    Who are the toughest/most physical guys in this draft class? These are the top guys at some positions that came to mind for me.
    WR: Laviska Shenault
    RB: Zack Moss
    OG: Logan Sternberg/ Robert Hunt
    T: Mekhi Becton*
    LB: Malik Harrison
    S: Kyle Duggar
    DL: Rashard Lawrence
    C: Okudah*

    *won’t be in range

    Who are your favorite Dogs/BAMFs in this draft class?

  19. Rob Staton says:

    Per JLC… 49ers closing in on a long term extension with Arik Armstead.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Lock up Clowney ASAP

    • cha says:

      The Niners have $9m of cap room.

      I wonder who they will cut or restructure to make room.


      • king. says:

        Maybe they will just use creative contract structuring?

        • cha says:

          $9m gets them their draft class and some room for injuries and performance incentives. In essence they have no cap room without cutting someone.

          Unless Armstead will agree to play for food stamps, they’ve got to make a move.

          • Sebastian says:

            They could move Dee Ford. His salary becomes only guaranteed in April. There is enough time to find a trading partner and I think they like Armstead more as he is more complete. Would free Update 9.5m cap space.

          • Rob Staton says:

            They’ll cut Jerrick McKinnon.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Not a surprise.

      After losing the super bowl Shanahan’s first priority should be to keep that dline together. They can find cheaper alternatives at linebacker at corner, (for example if they want to move on from Kwon Alexander or Richard Sherman)

  20. Paul Cook says:

    The Campbell trade just ratchets up the game of musical chairs a notch. That twitch of anxiety that we are going to be left standing bereft when the music stops. Are we really going to be players amongst the top tier FA’s on defensive front?

    I’m going to want some relief fairly soon in this process. Hope it’s forthcoming.

  21. 6x2 Stack Monster says:

    I think the hawks have their hearts set on Raekwon Davis and feel confident they can get him with their first pick. They need to get back to snuffing out the run like they did in 2012/13 when Red Bryant played the big 5 tech/2gap. Davis is that guy. Slide him inside on pass downs to take advantage of his length against guards/center. No one else gives you that kind of versatility.

  22. Denver Hawker says:

    Campbell wants a ring and he probably saw the Ravens as the best chance for that and willing to sign a deal there. Ravens all in on Jackson’s rookie deal.

    Still probably in line to trade for Yannick which will cost something too.

    • Pran says:

      Yep.. Calais says so with Josina. He felt Ravens had a better shot at ring…so there is the answer

      • John_s says:

        He is not wrong. AFC is KC and Baltimore then everyone else where NFC is San Fran, New Orleans, LA Rams I think will rebound, Green Bay, Minnesota,

  23. John Uhrich says:

    Rob it looks like one or both the linebackers Patrick Queen or Kenneth Murray may drop to 27 any chance the Hawks be interested

  24. Ivotuk says:

    Isn’t Calais from the east coast? He played at miami. And I’m certain he didn’t want to play against the team that drafted and paid him for all those years.

    I think you’ve hit it on the head Rob. CC wanted Baltimore, and a 3-4 defense.

  25. J says:

    I think we are after a LEO this offseason, which Campbell is not, and want to leave money available for Clowney.

    • Aaron says:

      From what’s been covered here at SDB and elsewhere, I think that’s a safe assumption. Would’ve still loved Calais, but we definitely need speed at all levels of this defense, especially the front seven.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX) says:

      I think the Seahawks think Clowney is better than Campbell.

  26. GerryG says:

    Love Campbell, the comp is low (trade wise) but it’s the age that has always given me pause. I’m ok with a few “old” guys on the roster, but when you start counting on 3 or more (Olsen, Brown, Campbell) all in one year, all 34-35, that is starting to have the odds stacked against you in terms of getting 14+ games out of each position

  27. JC3 says:

    I hope they trade down and take Isaiah Wilson because the league is paying some stupid money to RT.
    I think Ifedi is a decent player but he will be over paid in open market, might just save that money and spend it else where.
    They might have to trade up from our origin 2nd rounder for Davis.
    My choice:
    RT (Wilson), DT (Davis), and C
    Hope they can take care of their DE problems in FA ASAP.

  28. drewdawg11 says:

    Maybe they kick the tired on Rick Wagner. He was going to make $9 million, I believe. I wonder if he’s going to demand that much, although perhaps he will and dilutes the market for Fant. I think you have to get pass rushers where you can get them and that’s why I’m leaning toward getting Zuniga. Healthy, he’s a disruptive player who still had plenty of upside. Better chance of finding a tackle later than a pass rusher. Trade down, Zuniga, then OT like Niang, etc, then find a way to get either a WR or OLB who can run and cover as well as support the run, (Gay Jr). Even if they keep Clowney and sign someone else, you can never have enough pass rush.

  29. cha says:

    Tomorrow’s going to be fun. If I was an agent, this would be the biggest part of my year. I’d have a case of espresso and energy drinks in my office.

  30. Coach says:

    What do you think of DL Joseph from Min on a one year deal? Pair him with Clowney and Reed and then a cheaper alternative like Irvin off the edge (another one year deal) and I think we are back to having a top 5 caliber line.

    We know they are going D-line – is there anyone else out there that I should be rooting for besides Joseph, Clowney, Reed, and Irvin?

    Is that too much money spent on one position?

    Thanks and I’m looking forward to some moves on Day 1 tomorrow!

    Go Hawks!!

    • drewdawg11 says:

      I don’t think that scenario addresses the need for speed around the edge. Bruce isn’t solving that. Reed and Joseph are going to eat up that cap space.

      • Rob let me ask you question what if the Seahawks decide to go younger on the defense line instead of the free agent market could they say let’s draft R Davis and one of the Florida guys either Greenard or Zuniga with are first two pics.Is that a possibility you think ?

    • GoHawksDani says:

      I doubt Joseph wants a 1 year deal.
      Give him 3 years and you can make it smart (backload the contract while frontload the GTD)
      Reed’s contract can be backloaded too
      If you sign Reed and Joseph I doubt you’d have the money to sign any big name speed EDGE, but you could get Beasley/Ogbah
      And you could also get Greenard/Zuniga in R2 or Davis and get an OL in R1

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think it’ll take a lot more than Bruce + Joseph to achieve a top-five caliber line.

  31. Henry Taylor says:

    Silver linings… going to Baltimore means we probably wont ever have to play against CC again before he retires, unless we meet in the SB that is.

  32. GoHawksDani says:

    Currently I think there are 2 likely scenario:
    1, Keep the team together and double-dip DL in the draft

    Sign Clowney, Reed, Beasley/Ogbah
    Sign Ifedi/Fant/Wagner/Conklin
    Draft Okwara #27, trade up (with R3) in R2 and draft Davis mid R2
    Draft Bryant R2
    Draft a WR, RB and nCB, outside CB with the rest of the picks

    2, Go big with DL in FA
    Re-sign Clowney, Reed. Sign Fowler and Beasley/Ogbah
    Let Fant/Ifedi walk
    Draft the best OT #27 (Wilson maybe)
    Draft Zuniga or Davis (I know totally different players, they’ll prio what is more important and who’s available) in R2
    Draft Hunter Bryant in R2 (maybe we’ll need to trade up?)
    Draft a WR in R3 (not sure who’ll be available here, but ton of talented WRs and not every team will need one early, so if there’s 25-27 solid WRs we can get a good WR3 here)
    Draft an RB in R4
    LB or nCB in R4
    Rest of the picks can be used for roster padding and developmental prospects

  33. clbradley17 says:

    NFL salary cap will increase to $198.2M in 2020

    This is 10 mil. more than it was previously set at for 2020 because of the new CBA agreement signed yesterday, and should help us sign Clowney and Griffen, Fowler, or Quinn at DE.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They’ll be fine. They have the flexibility to be active and always have.

      It’s just a question of what they do. That’s the interesting bit. We get to find out this week.

      • clbradley17 says:

        Thanks for the reassurance, Rob, and all that you do. Fantastic work before, during, and since the combine, and looking forward to listening to your most recent podcast later today. I think this is great news for us signing several players with an extra 10 million just added to the cap.

        Just wondering your opinion: If Britt/Fant/Ifedi all leave and these 2 fall to our pick on day 1, who would you prefer – Wilson of GA at RT or Ruiz of Michigan at C?

  34. Robbie says:

    Wow Falcons released Desmond Trufant

  35. drewdawg11 says:

    I wonder what Desmond would take to come back home. He had some injury issues, so maybe they won’t even pursue. When he was healthy, he was a solid player. They definitely needed to get their cap number down.

  36. Sea Mode says:

    So they went that route. Wow.

    Adam Schefter

    Vikings reached agreement on a 2-year extension with QB Kirk Cousins, per his agent.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Ian Rapoport

      Summing up the #Vikings deal for Kirk Cousins: 2 new years worth $66M. So 3 years in all for $96M. He has $61M guaranteed at signing. An additional $35M is guaranteed for injury but converts to a fully at the beginning of the 2021 season. They won’t cut him after 1 year and $61M.

    • cha says:

      Oh man. That’s like paying your credit card off with another credit card.

  37. Sea Mode says:

    Ian Rapoport
    · 9m

    The #Falcons are releasing RB Devonta Freeman, source says, saving more than $3M against the salary cap and moving on from their former starter.

  38. Simo says:

    Here’s another so called expert here making his case to shut down the NFL’s business.

  39. Coleslaw says:

    That Packers D is gonna be even better this year… And they can add a WR2 and upgrade over Jimmy at TE… This might be Rodgers last chance to get another ring.

  40. Coleslaw says:

    Houston cant really trade Nuk??? JS work your magic PLEASE

    • Robbie says:

      I have a hard time believing this is true. If we were able to make this happen I’d be SHOCKED.

    • cha says:

      I like how PK doesn’t acknowledge how big a hole Houston has dug itself with its trades, “choosing” Clowney over Watt, nor does he say anything about the looming contract for Deshaun Watson. In other words, it’s a plant piece for the Texans to see if anyone’s socks roll up and down.

  41. Sea Mode says:



    Nothing like getting ultimatums thrown at you that sound like proposals..
    Thinking face 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Simo says:

      Nice! Looks to be moving pretty well, gonna need him back to full speed as early as possible.

  42. Rob Staton says:

    So many journalists speaking for us fans today saying FA is tone deaf.

    Thank god for our moral guardians in the sports media.

    Making sure the plebs are spoken for.

    • One Bad Mata'afa says:

      Not sure how it is on your side of the pond, but we here in the states are doubly blessed to have Hollywood tell us what we should think as well

    • Sea Mode says:

      Luckily, the NFL just said the show goes on. So I just ignore all the other comments about how this is in some way “insensitive”, etc. No added public health risk = just keep doing your job. End of story for me.

      Tom Pelissero

      The NFL plans to hold and televise the draft April 23-25 as scheduled, but public draft events in Las Vegas have been canceled, in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  43. drewdawg11 says:

    The player’s union didn’t want to stop the start of the league year, and it has to be approved by both sides. Most people are probably not aware of that.

  44. cha says:

    Field Yates


    Franchise tag roundup:

    DAL: Dak Prescott (exclusive)

    CIN: A.J. Green

    TEN: Derrick Henry

    KC: Chris Jones

    TB: Shaq Barrett

    NYG: Leonard Williams

    JAC: Yannick Ngakoue

    LAC: Hunter Henry

    BAL: Matt Judon

    PIT: Bud Dupree

    WAS: Brandon Scherff

    DEN:Justin Simmons

    • cha says:

      No sooner clicked submit than an update comes in

      Ian Rapoport

      The #Patriots with an interesting move: They are franchise tagging standout Joe Thuney. This allows them to keep him… or trade him.

    • Sea Mode says:

      NE: Joe Thuney

      AZ: Kenyan Drake (transition tag)

      • cha says:

        That’s 14 tags. That’s a pretty strong number. I think 2012 was the biggest tag year with 19.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Make it 15.

          Tom Pelissero

          The #Vikings franchise tagged Anthony Harris, source said.

        • cha says:


          Ian Rapoport


          A surprise: the #Vikings have franchise tagged S Anthony Harris, either keeping him in Minnesota or allowing them to trade him. Maybe the top FA safety won’t be free.
          8:50 AM · Mar 16, 2020

          • cha says:

            Wow. Forget my comment above about paying off the credit card with another credit card. They’ve decided to pay off their debt by getting a loan from a loan shark. Hope their thumbs and kneecaps will be in good shape in 2021.

    • mishima says:

      Will we franchise Reed? We can’t afford to but maybe a market develops.

  45. CaptainJack says:

    If anything this means pretty much nothing. There are 31 teams that probably wouldn’t mind taking Campbell for a fifth. The ravens and jags were in talks, and Campbell probably liked baltimore, no point for the 30 other teams to pout.

  46. Matt says:

    With the stupid money being handed out to some of these positions – here’s what I think needs to happen:

    Pay for Pass Rush. *Pass rush* – if that means letting Jarran Reed walk, so be it. But we need to spend $ on getting after the QB.

    Do not spend on OL – my goodness are some very mediocre players making dumb money.

    Position yourself in the draft to get Cesar Ruiz and Isaiah Wilson – listen, I don’t love playing rookie OL, but I can’t stomach the idea of paying a mediocre player $10-12M. I’d much rather rely on a rookie OL than a rookie pass rusher. Not to mention, I think both of these players will be damn good one day.

    If this means holding off on drafting a WR, so be it. Find a 3rd WR in Free Agency as it looks like value can be had there.

    I don’t love this situation – but I think the idea of paying a lot of money to average to slightly above average players that don’t create sacks is crazy town.

    • GoHawksDani says:

      Ruiz probably top20-25 and Wilson is a R1 player. How will we get two R1 picks. Would you trade like next year’s R1 + this years R2 for an R4 and somewhere between #17-24?

      • JC3 says:

        Ruiz might be a top 25 talent but he won’t go in top 25 as there is depth at the position this year, and T is more valuable than C. I would take Cleveland first, Wilson second and hope Ruiz last into 2nd then trade up for him. I am pretty sure DE will be taken care of by the Hawks in FA.

      • Matt says:

        I think Ruiz can be had at 27 and we will probably have to trade up from 59 to get Wilson – which I’m increasingly ok with. That would still leave us #64 to target a pass catcher or potentially a LBer who can run a bit (Uche, Gay Jr, etc).

  47. Sea Mode says:

    We out here collecting safeties…

    ig: josinaanderson
    · 20m

    I’m told of the teams expressing preliminary interest in impending free agent S Damarious Randall, the #Raiders, #Seahawks & #Skins are the teams Randall would most likely entertain to join, as of now, per source.

    He did play a bit in the slot though in GB, so maybe that’s what they are thinking…

    • JC3 says:

      We don’t need S four tiers deep.

    • Volume12 says:

      I’d be surprised if they weren’t looking at every FA who they feel is capable of playing some nickel for them. They know how antiquated playing 3 down LBs in a spread offense NFL is

    • CaptainJack says:

      He may have interest in Seattle but I doubt the interest is mutual

  48. drewdawg11 says:

    Erik Wagner to the packers for only 2 years and $11 million? That could have been a nice hedge.

  49. cha says:

    Sounds like Austin Hooper is headed to the Cleveland Browns.

    • Rob4q says:

      Wonder what that means for Njoku…could be available and on the 5th year rookie option.

      • Chase Cash says:

        Vikings ran a bunch of 2 TE sets last year, and stefanski is now in Cleveland.

        • Rob4q says:

          Right, but that was with Rudolph and Smith Jr in Minn – two very different TE’s. Njoku and Hooper are both similar right?

  50. Sea Mode says:

    Rob spot on again in his intuition:

    ig: josinaanderson
    · 15m

    Just got off the phone with impending FA WR Phillip Dorsett. He told me, teams showing preliminary interest in him include the #NYJ, #SEA, #LAC, #SF, #LVR. He said, “I just want to come in and have a great opportunity to play and showcase how I can really flourish as a player.”

  51. cha says:

    Adam Schefter
    Miami Dolphins agree to terms with Ereck Flowers $30M over 3 years with $19.95M fully guaranteed, per

  52. Sea Mode says:

    Wow. They managed to move (at least part of) his contract. Wonder which direction any draft compensation will go…

    Adam Schefter
    · 6m

    Trade: Cardinals and Texans are agreeing to a trade that will send David Johnson to Houston, sources tell ESPN.

    • Sea Mode says:

      nvm… whaaat?

      Adam Schefter

      Texans will take on all of RB David Johmson’s salary.

  53. Sea Mode says:

    Wow. 5/85…

    Ian Rapoport

    The #49ers are giving star DL Arik Armstead a 5-year deal, sources say, avoiding the franchise tag and locking him up long-term. He gets up to $85M on his new deal. 💰💰💰

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      That’s about what I was expecting for Armstead. In fact we should be pleased it’s not higher. If Armstead is worth $17apy Clowney shouldn’t get an offer SEA won’t want to match.

  54. drewdawg11 says:

    Armstead got paid nicely. Wonder what they’ll do when Buckner comes due. He’s the better player, IMO.

  55. Rob Staton says:

    DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona.


    • SteveLargent80 says:

      That’s going to be hard to go up against twice a year

    • cha says:

      John McClain


      DeAndre Hopkins and a fourth round pick go to Cards for David Johnson and a second round pick this year and a fourth round pick next year.
      10:22 AM · Mar 16, 2020

    • Coleslaw says:

      Man I had high hopes all morning for Nuk DK and Lockett… Now we gotta play him twice a year and they still have Kenyan Drake… They will be a playoff team.

    • Cameron says:

      The best division in football just got tougher. 2020 will be a bloodbath within the division.

      It can never just be easy for Russ and co.

    • BruceN says:

      Just saw the news. In what universe a top 3 WR in the league on a reasonable salary can be traded for an expensive RB who has health concerns and not lived up to his contract. What am I missing? Other teams are getting these early Christmas gifts and JC is trying to squeeze every penny out of the Hawks.

      On a different note, Titans just gave Tannehill almost $30M a year and Dak is saying $31M a year is not enough. I wonder those who thought Russell’s $35M a year deal was outrageous what do they think now.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Unbelievable. Texans continue gifting other teams. I don’t get it.

  56. drewdawg11 says:

    This stinks and I can’t believe they gave him up for DJ and a 2. Cap clearing move, obviously. David Johnson absolutely isn’t the same player he was a few years ago. I just can’t explain how strange this is.

  57. Coleslaw says:

    Houston really needs a GM…. Jesus Christ…

    • Coleslaw says:

      Nuk 2020 salary: $12.5M

      David Johnson 2020 salary: $11.25M

      WTF is BOB doing….

    • Henry Taylor says:

      He’s honestly a moron. So annoyed, but can’t complain too much when we’ve already profited from their stupidity.

      • cha says:

        Nope. The Clowney heist was just balancing the books after the Duane Brown trade debacle. Yes I’m still salty about that. Cost us an extra draft pick and cap $.

    • Tecmo Bowl says:

      BOB is a decent coach and a horrible GM.

  58. drewdawg11 says:

    Welp… it’s on. Let’s get going, Johnny! Clowney, Fowler, trade up for Simmons lol. Better bring it in the NFC West!

  59. Hawk Mock says:

    Seriously, what the heck Houston?

    • Michael P Matherne says:

      This is insane…How pissed is DeShaun Watson right now? Is this the first move of a full blown fire-sale in Houston?

    • cha says:

      Here’s a blueprint for how you wreck a franchise….

      * alienate your stud #1 pick defensive lineman and trade him for a 3rd round pick

      * pay your broken down wreck of a DE $60m and get about 20 sacks and 32 games in 4 seasons “because he’s a great guy”

      * strip your future by trading 2 first round picks for a franchise left tackle, but don’t sign him to an extension

      * trade your best offensive weapon for cap relief and a slim upgrade in the draft

      • Pran says:

        Trading your best WR for a highly paid backup RB (last season) is a no-brainer…
        That Houston offense is garbage with Hopkins..wonder watson will hold out and get traded at some point

  60. Coleslaw says:

    Good news is Armstead is the only DL target that is now unavailable. No rumors on Clowney likely means he will give Seattle a heads up before signing elsewhere.

  61. CaptainJack says:

    With Houston… I really see no plan or vision. Just baffling move after baffling move. Prove me wrong

  62. Coleslaw says:

    I was so excited to draft Houston’s RB in fantasy, but now? Idk if I would draft anyone but Watson… and that’s depending on who they draft at receiver. I don’t get this move at all.. If David Johnson was actually good, it would make more sense, but they just became a much worse team. Will Fuller in a contract year also…

    • Michael P Matherne says:

      Fuller has missed an average of 5.5 games per season. Hopkins has missed 2 games in his entire 7 year career. Crazy move

  63. drewdawg11 says:

    If they really wanted a back they could have taken Swift or Taylor. This was about something more. They didn’t save money, they didn’t get better. They got a high second rounder. More to the story here.

    • Henry Taylor says:

      TBF i don’t think they had a first or second round pick, so they couldn’t have got one of those guys before this move.

      • Coleslaw says:

        Well now they get to spend that pick on a WR to replace Hopkins, so they’re paying pretty much the same this year, but aren’t tied down long term, downgrading at WR and getting an overpaid, mediocre RB

  64. Michael P Matherne says:

    Quick, Let’s trade a 5th rounder for J.J. Watt before Houston wakes up!

  65. drewdawg11 says:

    Then trade him for a first? I mean… David Johnson? You get a player who is washed and you aren’t saving cap space? So weird.

  66. SoCal12 says:

    Imagine saying last week that Calais and Hopkins would be both be traded and the compensation would be a 5th and a 2nd. You would’ve been quarantined. Rob was right in that you can only expect the unexpected when it comes to trades.

    • God of Thunder says:

      I quarantined. And this STILL makes me sick … lol

      …for the poor Texans’ fans.

  67. Rob4q says:


    “Playing in the best division in Football, Arizona now sports an offense with Murray, Hopkins, Fitzgerald, Kirk, and possibly Drake. That’s some hellish toys Kingsbury can play with.”


    • SonGoku says:

      We could really need a D-Line and a trade-up for Isaiah Simmons now…

      • Matt says:

        I’m going to be very dramatic here…you either gotta score more points or get Simmons. Getting marginally better on both sides won’t do it.

        This division is bananas.

      • God of Thunder says:

        Disagree. Trade down, get depth, without the first round fifth year problem. Giving up 2-3 picks up get one player is too risky. For me. YMMV

  68. Von says:

    TE Hayden Hurst to Atlanta

  69. Michael P Matherne says:

    Austin Hooper to Browns = Njoku available for cheap?

  70. drewdawg11 says:

    Shaq Lawson to Miami

  71. Volume12 says:

    OBJ was traded, but the team is unknown?

    And Bob Condotta said he’s heard about interest from both teams, Bikings & Seahawks, involving a trade for Stefon Diggs

  72. drewdawg11 says:

    Diggs is a great receiver. Does he want a new deal if he’s traded? How do we balance his touches with Lockett and DK, and still run the ball? That offense would be deadly, but I also don’t want to give up a first for him, and John has a history of paying premium cost in his trades for offensive weapons. For a 2nd? Yes.

    • Hawk Mock says:

      Much rather sign a guy like Dorsett or Perriman for the 3rd option then give up a high pick and pay 14mil + per year. Definitely no 1st included please if it does happen.

      • Kingdome1976 says:

        You will not get a Diggs in the late/early 2nd. 14 mil per year is a steal for this guy. The deal also goes to 2023.

        • drewdawg11 says:

          Like I said before, if he wants a new deal is it really a great deal? Most of these star players demand a new contract to complete the deal. If that’s the case, not much of a deal for a team that runs it more than they pass and who already has two established targets.

        • Henry Taylor says:

          You wouldn’t have to pay the prorated signing bonus so his cap hits would be:

          2020: 11.5
          2021: 12
          2022: 12
          2023: 12
          Free to cut at any point.

          Good value, but I’m also not convinced they need to go this route given their offensive philosophy and needs on defence.

      • cha says:

        Atlanta just got Deandre Hopkins for a bag of used jockstraps. No freaking way does JS give up a 1st for Diggs. Maybe not even one of their 2nds.

  73. WesCoast says:

    So where’s the source for this information? You say that but don’t cite anything.

  74. Volume12 says:

    Is Chris Jones being traded?

  75. Simo says:

    It’s interesting that after a bit more than three hours into the tampering period, there’s not yet any news connecting the Hawks to any pass rushers. Nobody, nada! It fits with Pete/John’s mode of operation, except we were all hoping they would be very aggressive and dive in quickly trying to fix the pass rush.

    I love Steph Diggs, but is adding him really the best use of limited resources? Gets Russ a desired weapon, but at a reasonably high cost, and possibly at the expense of adding some much needed defensive help. Obviously nothing official yet, so this could just be smoke.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I had no expectation or hope they would make a massive move immediately.

      They can be aggressive next week for all I care.

      Just get it done when it needs to happen.

      Barely anything has happened so far.

      • Simo says:

        I suspect quite a few here on the blog held some hope they would announce a key signing (Clowney, or another edge player) early on, but you’re right that it doesn’t matter when it happens so long as it does happen.

        So far, not to much action in the def line market, although many/most of the top talent has already been tagged. Looks like JPP is off the board, in addition to Armstead, but that’s about it.

        It will be disappointing, however, if we start seeing other teams snag Fowler, Quinn, others, etc.

    • cha says:

      //checks watch

      3 hours from the opening of the legal tampering period to the first “THE SEAHAWKS AREN’T DOING ANYTHING OMG” piece.

      I’m proud of this group. Great restraint guys.

  76. WesCoast says:

    I’m referring to the rumor Vol posted about OBJ and Diggs. Thought I replied to his post directly.

  77. Rob4q says:

    I think there is more to the story with the Houston-Arizona trade…I recall late in the season that Hopkins had a little rift with the coaches. Not sure if it was anything, but O’Brien just doesn’t take anything from any player. This might have been a dumb move from simply a talent view, but who knows if there were some internal problems there?

    Also, I agree the Hopkins trade seems crazy at first, and David Thompson has had a miserable last two seasons. However, Thompson was a #1 RB in 2017 and Houston does get a 2nd this year and a 4th next year. Wonder if Thompson gets a restructured deal as well? It will be telling how next season plays out for both players and their new teams…

    Personally I think O’Brien has way too much power in Hou and really needs someone on the personell side to be making these decisions!

    • Rob4q says:

      Sorry, David Johnson…doh!

      • Rob4q says:

        Just saw this on ESPN:

        “Comments after the trade have suggested Hopkins wants a new contract and that there was friction between O’Brien and his star receiver. I don’t doubt either claim to be true, but they miss the point. Even if O’Brien decided that it was time to move on from Hopkins and didn’t want to reward a frustrated player who was clamoring for a new deal, there’s no way O’Brien can settle for a mid-second round pick, let alone simultaneously sending a pick swap to acquire a distressed, underwater contract.”

        Best line of the whole article:

        “This is a jaw-dropping, mind-bending, inexplicable trade for O’Brien, whose bizarre run as Texans general manager is going to be the subject of a 30 for 30 documentary one day.”


  78. Michael P Matherne says:

    Would Desmond Trufant be an option as a cheap veteran CB to push Flowers?

  79. Michael P Matherne says:

    NFL Newtwork just said, “Clowney going to his 3rd team in 3 years” then went to commercial…

  80. Coleslaw says:

    “A calm is starting to finally set in for the last 10-15 minutes after a wild few hours to start the tampering period. What does that mean? Means we’re probably headed for another big-time trade. Keep an eye on Stefon Diggs, Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, and according to a source close to CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso, a big-name defensive linemen (who could be franchise-tagged Jaguars DE Yannick Ngakoue.”

  81. Pugs1 says:

    Shelter says Clowney to Giants

  82. drewdawg11 says:

    And the hawks didn’t match it? Man…

  83. drewdawg11 says:

    This has to be fake. Not seeing this anywhere, including Shefter’s timeline.

  84. Kingdome1976 says:

    I’m ok with Clowney moving on. Have been for awhile. Not official yet so we’ll see.

  85. drewdawg11 says:

    I’m not really okay with it if he goes. Most disruptive player available on the market and he’s been in our lockeroom. Some guys may get more sacks, but he’s a guy who needs constant attention from the offense. Pairs with a Yannick or whoever, this front would be great again.

  86. HawkfaninMT says:

    Happy to see this is not for certain, but the dismay I felt at first re-enforces for me the importance of getting Clowney back!

    When I first saw this I thought:
    SF locked up Armstead
    AZ fleeced HOUSTON

    Hawks lost Clowney


    Hopefully this just proves inaccurate and the Hawks get home back

    • BruceN says:

      The tweet about Clowney is from a fake account. But sadly the astonishing Hopkins trade is true. That trade was an absolute steal and bad for the Hawks.

  87. cha says:

    Ian Rapoport
    Blockbuster: The #49ers are trading Pro Bowl DL DeForest Buckner to the #Colts, sources say, in exchange for a first-round pick. A massive deal for both teams, with one of SF’s key players on the move

  88. Henry Taylor says:

    Buckner traded to the Colts in exchange for their first round pick (#13).

  89. CaptainJack says:

    Another name to consider for DT reinforcements, Colts cut 6 foot 8 Margus Hunt.

  90. Michael P Matherne says:

    This is going to be a frustrating draft to watch now that the Cardinals can go for anything at #8 (doesn’t have to be WR anymore) and the Whiners just outside the top 10

    • Von says:

      I’ve thought all along that the Cards were going to take Kinlaw, even before this trade.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        I think 8 is a bit rich for Kinlaw. Also, ARI need an OT in the worst way. I think they’ll go for one of the top OTs in this class.

        I think Kinlaw may be headed to SF at #13.

    • Volume12 says:

      Get 1 of those OT’s to protect Murray.

  91. WallaSean says:

    Have to say, Niners hit us pretty hard. They were going to lose one of their DL’s anyway, they sign the cheaper one and trade the pricey one and set the market on both ends before we can make a move.

    • Starhawk29 says:

      They traded their 2nd best lineman for a guy with only one good season (effectively). I’d hold off on calling them smart just yet.

      • WallaSean says:

        My point was the contract #’s. Clowney will want at least what Buckner signed for with Colts, maybe pricing him out of our range. Same thing with Armsteads contract and all of the other DE’s we are looking at. Plus the #13 overall.

        • DC says:

          $21M APY is very doable. Rich, but worth it considering the rest of the options out there.

          • Its a good move for the 49ers. They had to choose between Armstead and Buckner and they chose Armstead. Gives them two first rounders where they had no second, third or fourth. It does weaken there line a little but they still have plenty. Id give the win to SF.

            • John_s says:

              I would give it to the Colts. There is no player in the draft like Buckner who is still only 26 years old. Voted team captain and MVP.

              He’s everything that you’re looking for in an interior presence.

          • WallaSean says:

            I would hope they would go up to 4yr 85 milion, He is the only true game wrecker available without a trade.

        • Rob Staton says:

          People need to stop second guessing the Clowney situation and just sit tight.

    • john_s says:

      There’s a huge difference betweeen Buckner and Armstead. If i was the Niners i would have been ok with paying Buckner and let Armstead leave. However, apparently they felt that they had to find a way to replenish their picks. Siimilar to the Seahawks last year.

  92. Kingdome1976 says:

    Buckner not going to be on the line next year…sweet. This will undoubtedly make their line worse no matter who they draft. Assuming they don’t make a move up from #13 to get D. Brown.

    They will lose Sanders and probably draft a WR at #13 who will not be as good as Sanders the first year.

    All in all they will be worse next year.

    • Ralphy says:

      I think its a great trade for the 9ers. They just off loaded a player they couldn’t afford who probably looks better than he really is because of the line he plays on. Now they get the 13th pick in this draft for five years on a great contract for them. Of course they could whiff on that pick but I think they put themselves in a great spot.

  93. cha says:

    Bob Condotta
    Source confirms to Seattle Times earlier reports from
    that Seahawks have tendered WR David Moore. Means he would get $2.133 in 2020 and Seahawks would get a 7th round pick in return if he were to sign elsewhere. Moore a restricted free agent.
    1:06 PM · Mar 16, 2020

    • Got to say I dont like this move. He just hasnt done enough to warrant the $2.1 million. Could have signed him maybe for less once he hit free agency.

      • John_s says:

        They can always pull the tender if he agrees to sign for less

      • Cameron says:

        I disagree. What he provided last year was not worth $2.1m, but I’m of the opinion he still has significant potential upside, and $2.1m is worth one more year to try and unlock it.

        • cha says:

          Agree. And the Hawks have placed a good value on system/RW familiarity with their WRs in the past as well.

  94. DC says:

    Man, we need some serious speed on D. Nuk w/ AZ will create some many issues on top of the ones we already struggle with. Outside of pass rush, I want to see us get Willie Gay Jr. We need some fresh talent to support BWagz and go sideline to sideline.

  95. Coleslaw says:

    If Solomon Thomas can put together a productive 2020 SF will look like geniuses

    • Michael P Matherne says:

      If a 3rd overall pick finally becomes a factor in his 4th year I wouldn’t call that genius

  96. Rob Staton says:

    My god if I read one more tweet from a Seattle journalist saying, ‘Oh dear this isn’t good news if you want Clowney back’.

    Just STFU and wait for something to actually report.

    • Agreed. There’s no way to know what is actually happening. Personally, I think no news could be good news, as both Clowney and the Seahawks could be posturing and then meet in the middle. If he was gonna leave as soon as he got a big offer somewhere else, he might already be gone.

  97. drewdawg11 says:

    LMAO! Rob is salty today and I like it!

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’m not salty.

      I’m just sick and tired of crap on social media.

      You have to be on it because that’s where the breaking news comes from.

      But every other tweet seems to be one of the Seattle media saying, ‘oooooh not good news for the Seahawks’.

      If you’ve got something to report, report it. Otherwise give it a rest.

      • cha says:

        I have noticed some of the beat writers get so slammed with silly responses and replies by Seahawks twitter fans, they can take to poking the fanbase with a stick for fun. Not saying that is why they’re doing it this time, but it is there.

  98. drewdawg11 says:

    Those beat writers and Seattle media types don’t know anything any sooner than Schefter, Rapp, etc. they’re all just as bored as we are. I’m still stunned about the Buckner trade.

  99. Michael Dinn says:

    According to Schefter, Jack Conklin to Cleveland for 3 yrs $42 mill, 30 mill guaranteed. Gets to hit free agency again at 28 with a bigger cap due to gambling revenue.

  100. Brown doing some early good work. Hooper for $11 apy and now Conklin for $14 apy. Good start for them but can they pull there heads out of there arses.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      Anyone know what NYJ offered Conklin? I’ve read they offered more than CLE, but how much?

      I ask because I don’t understand why Conklin would choose a dumpster fire of a franchise in Cleveland instead of the dumpster fire of a franchise in NY, especially if the NY dumpster fire would pay him more.

      And let’s just stipulate that the Jets are the worse franchise. Still it’s not like signing with CLE means he’ll be competing for a division title, let alone a conference or world championship.

      • Henry Taylor says:

        Cleveland still has upside with all their talent. The Jets have Adam Gase.

        I’d have made the same call.

      • HawkfaninMT says:

        Maybe it was less about money and more about years? Perhaps Jets wanted him on a 4/5 year deal, while taking a 3 year deal allows for Conklin to hit FA again at 28

  101. drewdawg11 says:

    Conklin is a Michigan kid, so maybe he wants to be closer to home. Also more assembled offensive talent around him.

  102. drewdawg11 says:

    Lions give Vaitai 5 years $50 million!!! Tackles ballin’ out of control!

    • Rob Staton says:

      I’ve said it for years… teams are desperate on the OL.

    • Volume12 says:

      That’s ridiculous lol.

      Hasn’t he started like 5 or games combined the past 2 seasons?

    • Von says:

      Fant is going to be looking at a similar deal I would think.

      • Rob4q says:

        In the list of top 101 players, Vaitai is like #71 while Ifedi and Fant aren’t even listed! Rick Wgner is #88 and Jordan Reed is #101!

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        A couple of weeks ago Tony Pauline reported this:

        “I can also say the Jets are looking at Seattle Seahawks tackle George Fant as another contingency if the Conklin plans don’t shake out [they didn’t]. Fant, a former basketball player, is the best athlete of the three [Vaitai, Conklin and Fant] yet has started just 24 games in the three years he’s been on the field. His athleticism would be a perfect fit for Adam Gase’s offense, which will include wide splits between offensive linemen this season.”

        I’ll be disappointed if SEA don’t retain Fant.

  103. drewdawg11 says:

    Rick Wagner needs to fire his agent. He signed a quick deal with GB for 2 years and $11 million and a backup guy dwarfs his deal.

  104. cha says:

    I don’t think anyone is in the mood for a victory lap or an “I told you so”, but with it being nearly 6pmET on the first day of the legal tampering window, I think we can confidently say the virus concerns haven’t impacted league business one bit.

  105. GoHawksDani says:

    Will Simmons be available at 13? Would the niners draft him and trade back with their late R1 pick? That would suck

  106. drewdawg11 says:

    Graham Glasgo getting 4 years and $44 million from the jets. Does this affect their tackle pursuit?

  107. My hope is Clowney is just waiting to announce a new deal with the hawks until midnight from his bedroom via video, saying “Hey, Seattle, we got a deal.”

    • Simo says:

      That would be perfect! JC in a smoking jacket and ascot, with a new hairdo! However he signs is fine by me!

  108. Rob Staton says:

    We’ve now entered the ‘pissing and moaning’ stage of Seahawks twitter.

    • HawkfaninMT says:

      Oh I miss that fun! One of the reason I rarely head over that way and play around here. Much more level headed. Keeps me centered when I kinda wanna freak out!

    • TomLPDX says:

      Hey Rob, thanks for taking the hit for those of us who don’t do twitter. 🙂

  109. Sea Mode says:

    The Seahawks open the first day of FA and draft like they open the first half of most games.

    That is all.

  110. schuemansky says:

    Rob, as we are in quarantine for 10 days now here in Italy I even more appreciate your gigantic effort for our community in these times.
    I hope for your family and your country that your government’s approach for this crisis works out.

    I really appreciate as well that the NFL got on with their schedule.

    My two cents on FA so far:
    There does not seem to be much buzz over the Seahawks free agents.
    IMO Ifedi and Fant have colder markets than they expected.
    I see them getting not more than 35 and 25 mil for 4-year deals.
    As for Clowney. Probably the Seahawks could get him back for 20 mil APY. And I hope they are willing to pay that.

    • Kingdome1976 says:

      Hope you guys in Italy pull through. I’m praying for you.

      I also hope everything else you said comes true.

    • Rob Staton says:

      My thoughts are with you, schuemansky. I think the approach by our government is the correct one and I appreciate their willingness to communicate and explain to us daily, in detail, the latest update and any changes to their plans. I believe we as a world will combat this but I also think we’ll need to work together, push political allegiances to one side and help each other. I’m dismayed somewhat in this country that a lot of people seem to be using the disease as a means for political capital. Let’s just f-ing work together.

  111. Veryal says:

    Gonna avoid seahawks reddit for the next few days. Any FA or trade that happens involving another team and suddenly Schneider is incompetent and doesnt care about improving the roster.

  112. Volume12 says:

    Will we be getting FaceTime visits this year instead of VMAC visits?

  113. Volume12 says:

    Watching Jalen Reagor against Texas this year, throw that game in the trash, and Texas S Brandon Jones is flashin’ big time.

    • Volume12 says:

      Lanard Fournette. lmao.

      Anyways, besides CEH breaking his ankles on 1 run, Jones can play man. I think I was wrong about my thoughts on him being able to play nickel. Has a nice, clean game. If he’s still on the board sometime day 3, I hope Seattle pulls the trigger on him.

      • Volume12 says:

        Shoulda said besides CEH breaking his ankles on 1 run, the LSU tape is really impressive and Jones can play.

  114. Kingdome1976 says:

    I think it’s good sign our free agents aren’t gone anywhere yet. Smart to let them test the market and come back with hat in hand so to speak. In the end we will pay fair value and not get ourselves deep into it.

  115. Von says:

    Byron Jonestown the Dolphins. $17/year

  116. Von says:

    Byron Jones

  117. Von says:

    Hollister w/ a 2nd round tender.