The final 2014 mock draft

Here’s what I considered for Seattle when putting this final mock draft together:

— I believe, first and foremost, they’d love to come away with a starting right tackle. As John Schneider often mentions, they grade for the team and not the league. When he looks at Seattle’s depth chart and sees Michael Bowie as the only realistic starter — I suspect he feels that’s an area they can make an upgrade. No disrespect to Bowie — but he is what he is. I’m not convinced they’d have faith in him to work the blindside if Russell Okung suffers another injury. They can’t have another situation where a player like Paul McQuistan plays multiple games at left tackle. The guy on the right side needs to be able to move across. I’m not sure Bowie is that man.

— Is there a situation where tackle isn’t the priority? Yes — if one of the top receivers drops to #32. And I include Cody Latimer as part of the top group. Again, it’s about grading for the existing roster. If you have a split end prospect graded very highly, that might provide a greater upgrade than going with the tackle. And if the Seahawks don’t find a right tackle early — you know Tom Cable has a list of later round guys ready and waiting. So while I think a starting RT will be the priority at least initially, it doesn’t mean they won’t go after a tall, athletic receiver who owns the red line. Or even an explosive defensive player depending on how round one falls.

— The Seahawks love size and length at tackle. They drafted hulking James Carpenter in the first round. Bowie has long arms. Okung has long arms. They’re all big guys. I don’t believe they’re philosophy has changed much. For that reason, I’m convinced they’d love the opportunity to draft Ja’Wuan James. He might be something akin to the ideal pick. Solid, immediate starter with 49 college starts to his name and a great attitude. Unfortunately he’s likely to be long gone by #32.

— I haven’t at any point in this process considered a first round pure guard. They rotated the left guard spot last year and started a converted defensive lineman on the right side. Clearly this is an area where the Seahawks don’t place too much value. Tom Cable is an Alex Gibbs disciple. You know, the same Alex Gibbs who used to say he could train a garbage man to play guard in the NFL. They’ll keep finding their guys and plugging them in without the need for big investment here.

— Joel Bitonio doesn’t have 35 inch arms. He has 33 and 7/8 inch arms. Which is the same as Taylor Lewan and better than Jake Matthews. James Carpenter was drafted to play right tackle with 34 inch arms. Breno Giacomini has 32 1/8 inch arms. Bitonio’s length shouldn’t be an issue — and what he lacks in massive size he makes up for with classic technique, grit and rare athleticism. He tested superbly at the combine. I think he’d be an excellent fit for Seattle but in this mock he goes to Carolina at #28.

— So James and Bitonio are off the board. Seven receivers have gone in the first round. Even Dominique Easley has been taken by the Patriots at #29. I think in this situation they would be hammering the phones trying to trade down. I’ve mentioned time and time again that I think it’s unlikely to happen unless the Seahawks are willing to take a cheap deal. In this scenario — I think they probably would take a token gesture trade. Potentially for as little as another 5th round pick or even flipping picks in a round (eg swapping a late 4th for an early 4th). I’ve not included trades in this mock.

—  I had to make a pick and it really came down to (again) what I think they’ll consider as the best possible upgrade. And it’s still right tackle. There are two players left on the board who are big, long offensive linemen. Morgan Moses had a hit and miss final season at Virginia. Against Jeremiah Attaochu he dominated. Against Vic Beasley he looked exhausted and uncomfortable. Despite the size, I’m not convinced he’s what they’re looking for.

— I ended up wondering how they will feel about Cyrus Kouandjio’s knee situation. We’ve seen the reports about possible arthritis and the damage limitation campaign to counter it. He also had a lousy combine, but I’ve always felt quite positive about Kouandjio’s college performance. If the Seahawks’ medical staff are comfortable with his health he has the size and length to be considered at #32. It’s a huge ‘if’. Some teams won’t have him on their board. He needs coaching. The thing is — if he clears the medical, the Seahawks have the ideal coach to get him working that right side. He is capable of holding his own in pass protection, he can blow people up in the run game. He can also play left tackle. And he’ll cost no more than $1.25-2.5m until the end of the 2018 season. I like his attitude towards this difficult off-season.

— You might ask, why Kouandjio? Why now? We’ve spent the last few months talking up so many other players. It’s a risky pick that could smack me in the face if the knee problems are legit. I’ll tell you why. I don’t want to be safe. If I put Bitonio, Latimer or Easley at #32 and they’re the pick — does it make any difference? We as a community have talked about these guys. We know who they are. Why does one final mock draft defeat all the coverage we’ve done since August on this draft class? It doesn’t. It shouldn’t. I’d hate to think all the work comes down to this. We don’t need to nail this pick. We’ve covered this thing the best we could. So why not take a shot with a day to go?

We do these projections to start talking points, not to seriously try and predict what will actually happen. And you know what? It’s time for one final talking point. Cyrus Kouandjio. Let’s have it. You’ll find the mock draft below. There are some further notes underneath.

Why are the Cardinals taking Johnny Manziel?
Placing Johnny Football was the toughest part of this mock. I like the guy — I think he’d be a great pick for the Jags at #3 or even the Texans at #1. And yet I think we’re going to see a similar situation to last year where no quarterbacks go in the top ten. I’ve not included trades and it wouldn’t shock me if a team moved into the teens or the early 20’s to get Manziel. He’s nothing like a Bruce Arians prototype and I don’t think the Cardinals would take him. But this is the kind of area where I expect him to go. Arizona could move out of this spot and accumulate some extra picks. I had to include Manziel somewhere for the purpose of Huddle Report scoring.

Why a tackle for Cleveland at #4?
There’s a lot of buzz about Mike Evans to Cleveland but I just have this feeling the Browns want to create a dominant, run based attack. That’ll probably mean adding another running back in round two or three (Carlos Hyde?). Putting Jake Matthews at right tackle across from Joe Thomas (and with Alex Mack at center) will enable you to play ball control offense in the AFC North. They already have a top-tier receiver who can be a downfield threat off play action — and Derek Carr has the arm to exploit Josh Gordon’s playmaking ability.

Could more than seven receivers leave the board?
Sure. And there’s a lot of speculation about Allen Robinson, Martavis Bryant, Donte Moncrief, Jordan Matthews and even Bruce Ellington finding a home in round one. The thing is — I think there’s going to be a cutting off point where teams are prepared to wait until rounds two or three. The Seahawks are a good example here. I think there’s every chance they go wide out at #32. But the options at tackle will be limited at #64. Potentially you could have 3-4 enticing receivers available in the second frame. I doubt they’ll be the only team thinking this way.

Picks I’m most confident about…
Aaron Donald and Zack Martin in the top ten, Ryan Shazier going earlier than people think, Kelvin Benjamin going between #12-22, Ja’Wuan James landing in the top-20.

Picks I’m not that confident about…
Manziel falling this far, Eric Ebron going to the Giants at #12, Kyle Fuller going this early, Calvin Pryor sticking in round one, the lack of pass rushers given the depth is poor and teams will reach.

Options at #32 for Seattle at the three key areas
OT: Ja’Wuan James, Joel Bitonio, Cyrus Kouandjio, Morgan Moses
WR: Cody Latimer, Donte Moncrief, Martavis Bryant
DL: Dominique Easley, Marcus Smith, Demarcus Lawrence, Ra’Shede Hageman

Which position would they likely take in R2 if they draft a right tackle at #32?

I had a request from ‘hawkfaninMT’ to name some players I’d most like to leave the draft with. Here’s five players I’d bang the table for… not including likely top ten picks:

1. Ryan Shazier (LB, Ohio State) — incredible athlete, great character. In the right scheme could be a sensational playmaker.

2. Joel Bitonio (T, Nevada) — I like everything about the guy. Tough, gritty, athletic, gets under an opponents skin with great play. The second coming of Logan Mankins.

3. Brent Urban (DT, Virginia) — Won’t be as good as J.J. Watt, but that’s who he reminds you of.

4. Dominique Easley (DT, Florida) — Explosive interior force who would be a top-20 certainty without the injuries. Team captain.

5. Jarvis Landry (WR, LSU) — Not the biggest or the fastest. But he’ll make a play when you need one. The kind of guy you want to go to war with.

6. Cody Latimer (WR, Indiana) — In a few years we might wonder how this guy was (approximately) the seventh receiver off the board.

And finally…

A reminder that tomorrow we’ll be hosting a Google Hang Out and I’ll be providing live analysis for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. If you’re at home, watch the Hang Out. If you’re at work, read the analysis. All bases covered throughout the first round. I also want to take this chance to thank everyone who makes this community what it is. It’s not about my views, what we get wrong or right or any of that stuff. It’s about a bunch of Seahawks fans coming together to talk draft every year. And it’s freaking awesome.


  1. MS

    Love your blog, read it daily, but there is absolutely no way Darqueze makes it that late in the frist, he is a top 15 pick, half the teams in the league have him as the top corner in the draft. He wont get past the Jets worst case if he is available.

    • Rob Staton

      Injury concerns, not as athletic as some of the other corners, some teams concerned he’ll need to be quite grabby to succeed. I like him but I’ll be surprised if he goes top-15.

  2. j

    If we get Cyrus it’ll either be in the first or the fifth. I could see him being this year’s Jesse Williams..

    • Hawks420

      Speaking of Jesse Williams, I just found this youtube video of him working out last month..

      He’s lookn like a beast…

      • shams

        Well, the top half of him is at least.

  3. kigenzun

    Awesome stuff Rob. Thanks for everything. You’re the best!

  4. Cade

    In a league where everyone is faster and teams are more intelligent about mismatches, what do you think of Cyrus exposed vulnerability to quick speed rushers?

    Were those few games he was exposed anomalies? Can you imagine Bennett lined up opposite of him?

    Loved his attitude in that video. I can really relate to him.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he had two really ugly games last year — Virginia Tech and the Bowl game. Aside from that? Very little complaint from me as a pass protector.

  5. MJ

    Great work this season Rob. I gotta admit tough, I’d be monumentally disappointed in Kouandjio. I think the injury is a serious issue going forward. Even more disappointing, is that I do agree with you that they will probably draft a RT no matter what at 32. I’m really starting to fear a repeat of the 2011 draft where a few years down the road, we are having the same conversation about how stupid it was to force positions/picks.

    Here’s to hoping I am wrong on that, as I hate being negative. That said, excellent work per usual. This site has blossomed into a daily routine for me and the output is always of the highest quality. Keep it up and hers to tomorrow!

    • Rob Staton

      Funnily enough, John Schneider compared this draft to the 2011 class on Sirius radio earlier today.

  6. Andrew

    It is difficult not to get excited about the draft. This will be the first #32 pick in Seattle’s history and it would be very appropriate for it for the Hawks to stick it. I love the way Seattle thinks about their picks. The best part is that, no matter who they choose in the 1st or 6th round, past history would indicate that the Hawks will give them an equal shot at playing time. Who wouldn’t want to play for a coach that appreciates his players and pays them when then perform?

  7. Vin

    Thanks, Rob for all the hard work and wonderful articles/talking points. Regarding Kouandjio, did you not see him being available @ 64? I agree with ‘j’ in that I thought Cyrus might drop like Jesse Williams. I’m just glad it’s finally here.

  8. Allen M. (@am_misfit)

    I realize the question was partially answered above, but I’m stuck on the CLE pick at 4. How many right tackles have been drafted near that highly in history? It seems that unless that lineman is a left tackle/blindside protector, they go much later in the draft. I think you take a huge upside skill player at 4 and take a serviceable RT later. You can get OTs later but their not difference-makers at the same level of some other positions, such at QB or WR. I just can’t see Matthews going at 4 unless I’m missing something about Joe Thomas, who I think is one of the best LTs in the game today.

    I was really glad to see Latimer here in the first round. I’m very high on him and think he’s basically Braylon Edwards but with magnificent hands (and sans the 10-cent head).

    Interesting that Greg Cosell/Ross Tucker also put Easley to NE into their mock podcast.

    • Rob Staton

      Last right tackle to go as high as #4 overall? Lane Johnson, 2013.

      • Allen M. (@am_misfit)


      • Allen M. (@am_misfit)

        Additionally, I think about positional value. It’s easy enough to come up with a decent RT later in the draft. Much more difficult (at least in most drafts) to find that impact QB, WR, or TE – to name a few. Heck, I’d argue that RT might be one of the least positionally valuable next to perhaps RB or some LB spots. I just don’t go crazy over a RT that early. Much better, impactful options. At #4 you want someone to tilt the field and really make an impact. I don’t see that with a RT. Too easy to find them later on. Just like a nose tackle.

        • Ben2

          But we need high end tackle depth for potential Okung injury; that’s why I’d be down with Bitonio. OL not as sexy…Shazier, Latimer, Bitinio I’d love to walk with any of these 3 with #32 and if non-receiver in 1st then go wr at 64 (I’d hope one of Moncrief, Bryant or Landry fell to 64- in that order)

          • Ben2

            Then Coleman after Landry! Can’t wait!

          • Allen M. (@am_misfit)

            I have no problem, really, with taking a RT at the end of round one. My issue is how a team could justify taking a RT in the top-5, or even perhaps top-10. Square peg round hole.

            • Ben2

              Can see that

            • Darren

              Misunderstood your original proposition but I think it still holds this year with such great talent at WR at the end of rd. One vs a RT. And WE such a need here. Anyway…..

              • Darren


        • Darren

          Mostly agree here. To me Bryant for instance would be a greater get as an impact and positional upgrade.

          The one dsclaimer would with Kuandijo like with Easley…if you can get a top 20 talent that falls due to injury concerns it’s a win in the draft value category.

          by this time tomorrow we’ll have the answer.

    • matt509

      Who says he plays RT? And if so for how long?. I wouldn’t be surprised if Matthews went to LT and Thomas moved to RT. Either way you’re talking about one of the safest picks in this draft. He could easily move to LT if something happens to Thomas. Thomas is getting up there in age. They might want to have a backup plan.

    • Darin

      10 years ago, yes, offensive linemen outside of left tackles weren’t really valued all that high, I mean the best pure guards wouldn’t go off the board until the second round, unless their was a Ben Grubbs type perennial All-Pro talent.

      With the way the game has changed and become more passing oriented instead of running based, the need for two solid outside pass pro tackles has increased. Also, with the shift as well it becomes even more important that teams have a guy who can step in and play left tackle if an injury to the starter occurs.

      Think about when the Seahawks put their NASCAR pass rush package on the field, the old way of building an offensive line wouldn’t match up as well. Strong side defensive ends aren’t all the bigger stronger types, they are speed rushers as well.

      As for the Browns, yes they have arguably the best Offensive tackle in the NFL, but here is something to remember. Thomas is 29, and by the time Matthews initial rookie deal is up, Thomas will be 34. So, it could be a 5 year grooming period for Matthews, but he is also a good insurance policy if Thomas were to get hurt.

  9. Steve Nelsen

    Thank you, Rob. This last six weeks since discovering your blog has been pure Nirvana for this lifelong Seahawk fan and draft fan.

  10. George


    It’s been a great ride reading your work over the last few months. As you’re fully aware, it’s well appreciated. Hoping for Easley tomorrow. Go Hawks.

    • williambryan

      second that. And yep, because of this blog, I will be very disapointed if we don’t come away with Easley and Brandon Coleman

  11. Mattk

    Regarding Cyrus Kouandjio’s health, I watched the Baltimore Ravens pre-draft press conference and they brought up the point of drafting Alabama players who seem to always enter the draft injured.

    One of their personnel guys (not Ozzie) made a great point regarding Alabama players and their “injuries”; In the NFL, you’re going to have to play injured. Every player in the league has health concerns VERY similar to the ones Upshaw, Mosely, Kouandjio, etc. enter the draft with. To downgrade those players would be hypocritical of how they view their own roster.

    Basically, he was standing up for the Alabama players who get criticized for their injuries but under-appreciated for playing hurt, and that’s what an NFL player has to be able to do; Play tough, physical football even at less than 100%, which to the draft community seems to automatically drop them in their rankings.

    I appreciate your site everyday I visit, Rob. I don’t always agree but I love your insight. Cheers.

  12. Sheldon

    If they can teach a garbageman to play guard, hopefully they can figure out a way to teach Carpenter. Thanks for all your work – really enjoyed the last couple months of coverage. Here’s hoping for a first round run on QBs and DBs.

    • RJ

      There is a big difference between a bag of garbage and a garbageman!

  13. Ralphy

    You are awesome Rob and I love this blog. In the past you have made me look like a genius. Two years ago I texted my friends Wagner and Turbin just before they were picked. I only thought those would be the picks because of your site.

    It doesn’t seem like we have heard from you as much about who the targets could be after the first round based on Pro Days that they have attended and visits here at the V Mac. Will you be posting anything on who the potential targets could be Friday and Saturday? I would love to look like a genius again (thanks to you).

  14. Kyle

    I already have my artichoke dip, corn chips and beer lined up. Just need to pick up a nice sub tomorrow and I’ll be set to just settle in and watch the fun. This is my absolute favorite day of the year.

    Of course a big Thank You Rob for all of your work and allowing us to be a part of it. Cheers!

  15. Cysco

    We’re so lucky to be Seahawk fans.

    Not only is our team the reigning champs
    Not only is our team one of the youngest in the league
    Not only is our defense the best in the league
    Not only is our front office arguably the best in the league


    We have some of the most knowledgable and passionate fans around. How many other fan bases have a community site like this?

    Truly lucky.

    Thanks for all the hard work Rob. We truly appreciate it.

    See everyone online tomorrow night

  16. cplus

    If SEA really wants an OT and a guy they like hangs around (like Bitonio in this mock), wonder if they’d try to jump CAR… Any teams directly in front of CAR look like good trade partners (might be looking to swap down)?
    Thanks rob!

  17. James

    Thanks for another great “off-season” Rob. With your blog, it is like a new season in itself.

    Re Kouandjio, if his knee doesn’t pass the medical checks, they won’t draft him, and if his knee is OK, then he would be an absolute steal. I’m an Alabama alum and have followed Cyrus and he is an amazing talent, plays hard and mean, and is a very good character guy. I think he just got his knee bruised or tweaked and did not play well in the bowl game, and this carried over into the combine. Otherwise, he played far better than most of the other R1 OTs for the past two years. He handled SEC speed rushers just fine through 20+ games. He ate Barkevious Mingo alive, and his coaches loved him.

    So, if you are sitting there and, for real, you hear the Seahawks select Cyrus at 32, be very glad, because it means he was cleared medically and you have a dominant OT. Go back and watch the Alabama – Michigan game from a year ago. Compare Cyrus and Lewan….Cyrus was exponentlially better.

  18. Mylegacy

    Rob, delicious, intelligent, riveting work – as always.

    I call: your reasons for drafting Cyrus (we nearly desperately need an OLine guy) and I raise: you in that we use one of the higher of our four extra 2015 picks to move up to 24-28ish and nail Joel Bitonio.

    If we need someone at least as good as Bitonio (and I’ve been saying since early in the season last year, “Our OLine is just not a Championship quality unit.”) – then get it done!

    Rob – many thanks for the ride – can’t wait to start hearing your thoughts on the 2015 draft. In the mean time I’ll be back several times every day to follow your work.

    • Darren

      I’d rather have Kuandijo. Better talent and held it down against better competition . Knees must check out.

    • Sean

      Can’t trade compensation picks so this scenario can’t happen.

  19. Colin

    “And its freaking awesome”

    Yes. Yes it is.

    I wish I could remember when I first found this blog, but it was around 2 and a half years ago. It has been the best source of information and has a tremendous community of input. Such a great place.

  20. kevin mullen

    Another great year Rob! Pretty soon, you’re gonna have to have a Kiper to your McShay!! Haha, all kidding aside, my first and foremost visited site everyday for ‘Hawks related news. Your writing keeps getting better and better every year and am glad you root for my favorite team.

    Doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with Cyrus pick, I think his knee really killed his stock that he’ll drop considerably into the mid rounds, I think Morgan Moses should be the pick if the draft were to fall like you laid it. But then again, I don’t know shit. Here’s a Ballast Pointe Sculpin for you and the rest of the community!

    • CC

      I should have just agreed with your post – didn’t see you suggested Moses – good call

  21. CC

    Love ya Rob, but I can’t see Cyrus as the pick. I think they’d go D line instead. After what they’ve seen from Carp injuries and all, why would they use their pick on a guy who already has injury issues. Moses Morgan has a bigger upside than Cyrus.

  22. T-Town Hawk Homie

    Good work on the blog brother. Thank you for all your efforts. It must be very time consuming. It is nice to read info based on what seahawk fans are ” looking for”. Here is my take for the draft. I imagine if someone falls to the Hawks great, but prob will at least really try and trade down. Given there record of hitting gems in later rounds I hope they accumulate a couple extra picks that way. Hopefully they really just draft a lot of line depth on both sides. Ya never can have too much depth there. Cheers! Go Hawks!

  23. Stuart


    Another year is in the books for me here at SDB. Each year I learn more and more. Thank you all, Rob and the Community !

    A few months back, before the combine, Rob had Cyrus as the 3rd best tackle in the draft. There have been zero games since then and the only thing that has changed is time. If we choose Cyrus at #32, YES! He has checked out medically and the Hawks have made a first round steal.

    Just a heads up if you are new to SDB, after R-1, Rob does and excellent job on possibilities for day 2 on Friday, you wont want to miss it.

  24. Johnny L

    Cheers to you, Rob. I discovered this blog a couple months ago and I am so glad I did.

    Here’s to Latimer falling to #32 tomorrow.

    Go Hawks!

  25. Jacob Stevens

    Fine work. If both SF and Denver end up successfully trading up as expected, perhaps that may change the equation enough for Seattle to get adequate value to trade out.

  26. Beanhawk

    Thanks for another year of spectacular coverage, Rob. You have turned me into a draft junkie and heightened my love for the Hawks at the same time. Cyrus is an ultimate upside pick, and I could definitely get on board with it, especially if Landry were to last until #64! Thanks for the last minute change-up, though I was half hoping for Coleman just for nostalgia’s sake.

    Because I love this community and value all of your opinions. I have two completely unrelated questions to toss out to the SDB group here.

    1. In today’s presser, JS was asked if now that Sherman was done, he was finished with the resigning/extension process. He emphatically said no, but of course, refused to go into specifics. Given that it is too early for Wilson (and I think extending KJ is unlikely at this point), I assume that they are working on a long-term extension with ADB as opposed to him playing on the RFA tender. Sherman also slyly mentioned ADB’s turn at the podium. Did anyone else catch that? If they are working on a long-term deal, would that change Seattle’s approach to the receiver position at all?

    2. What is the difference between Kelvin Benjamin and Eric Ebron? I guess this question is less about the players themselves and more about the differences in type and subsequently draft value. Eric Ebron is seen as the next Jimmy Graham- in other words, a glorified jumbo wide receiver considered a TE in name only. I assume Eric Ebron will do as little inline blocking as Graham currently does. Does the taller Benjamin not provide similar value? Draft analysts consider Ebron having a world of athletic potential as a move TE, worthy of a top-ten pick (not that I or the SDB community agree necessarily). While, concentration errors aside, Benjamin is questioned for his slow 40 time (4.61 vs. Ebron’s 4.60) and potentially available in the early second round. Help me out here gang! What am I missing in this Move-TE vs. Jumbo-WR draft value debate?

    Thanks guys, and I will enjoy experiencing the next three days with you all!

    • Darren

      Regarding ADB…I think they are looking for a big split end which Adb definitely is not. I still expect them to draft one by pick 64.

      I also don’t see dougie fresh getting tate money.

      • matt509

        He shouldn’t expect tate money. He won’t get it anywhere. Best bet would to stay in Seattle and earn his money here rather than trying to earn it big elsewhere.

  27. TurnagainTide

    Rob thanks for an awesome 2014 mock draft season!

  28. JohnnyB

    You gotta feel for any Seahawks draftnick. Yeah, of course their strong policy of picking the BPA will sometimes fill a big need. That’s the best of all worlds. But after last season when their first pick was the last position anyone expected them to go after, it’s pretty clear that they are ready to take whatever position is the BPA when their turn comes. This makes them virtually impossible to predict since it is virtually impossible to predict who will still be on the board. So the best the draftnicks can do is go on as if the Seahawks are drafting for need, as if they haven’t seen them pass over their needs over and over and over. What else is there to do?

    • Darren

      When asked to choose between the two Pete quipped, “we are going to pick the best player available at a position of need”.

      The need may just not be immediate. I think michael for instance will pay big dividends going forward. Ware too. Thunder and lightning.
      I’ve heard the entire first round is difficult to call this year, let alone all the way down at thirty two. I’m prejudiced toward big receiver because of the excitement of the downfield passing game and the fact we lack an explosive 6’4 type guy. Imagining wilson playing pitch and catch with a guy like Coleman intrigues me more than say a road grading RT though both spots are needs at least for depth sake.

      That said watch them take a DB….lol

    • Rob Staton

      They went after needs in rounds one/two in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

  29. Hugh

    Worse thing to do is to make a panic move, based on a need. Seahawks will more than likely look for BPA or trade down as much as possible.

  30. Stuart

    Beanhawk, based on your points, Benjamin would be an excellent get for us at #32, but, he will likely be long gone.

    • Beanhawk

      Yeah, I am not even arguing that we should take him. I am just curious why there is such a different narrative between Ebron (apparently a TE) and Benjamin (the slow WR).

  31. HawkfaninMT

    Once again you go above and beyond… Can’t thank you enough!

  32. Madmark

    1st off I think your dead on with Ja’Wuan James going to Miami. I however don’t think the panthers go for Joel Bitinio but instead will draft a WR. They aren’t going to draft 1 but I could see them drafting 2 maybe even 3.
    I can’t agree with Cyrus Kouandjio in the 1st round because of the injuries. What I really mean is I don’t think we want to chance it especially when its hard enough to keep the OL we have healthy. I also don’t think you’ll see Carpenter back after next year since Seattle didn’t pickup his 5th year option. They just might have already decided to let Bowie play that position or Greg Van Noy who was a SPARQ freak when he was drafted a few years ago try for the position. Who knows it might be his time to shine. I think Joel Bitinio will be there and they’ll jump all over that.
    As for the WR position I think there will be plenty of talent left at pick 64. Moncrief, Bryant, Coleman, Robinson, or Landry. One of those guys will be there and that’s the order I would pick them in.
    Joel Bitinio
    Donte Moncrief
    Brent Urban
    Antone Exum
    Ed Stinson
    Marquise Flowers
    Zack Moore
    Carlos Fields
    Greg Shultz
    That’s just a few UDFA’s that I liked.

    • Darren

      We couldn’t pick up Carps option at a reported 7 mil. I heard other teams declined options from that class. Plus coming out with that now motivates Carp to go out and win that job this year and possibly get signed at a lower number. Bailey will challenge him for LG and I don’t think it’s decided yet to my knowledge. I expect Carp to get minutes at LG and Rob notes his play against the niners as being good. This is Carps chance to take it to th e next level.

      If we bring in Bitinio I expect him to supplant Bowie at RT. That or he plays LG and both Bailey and Carp take a seat which I find unlikely and unnecessary. I concur he’s good depth on the line going forward.

      There are a number of players i’d prefer at 32 such as kuandijo, easley, latimer.

      I’d guess bryant and moncrief to be gone by 64 but would be happy with Coleman.

  33. OHawk

    I gotta say that no matter what I’m going to be really happy with whoever we take at #32. I mean that’s the best number to be picking at since it means you’re the Champs.

    Really hope you’re wrong about teams not reaching for quarterbacks this draft.

  34. Saxon

    Bucky Brooks has all of Rob’s favorites going in the second or later

    Bitonio @34

    and Dominique Easley isn’t even listed in his first four rounds. I mention this for two reasons:

    1) it shows the wildly divergent opinions on these players. I’m not a big Bucky Brooks fan but he is close to a lot of GMs and scouts. Rob’s opinions on these prospects may be spot on but his mock draft is still drastically different than the vast majority of “expert” projections.

    2) There is a much higher likelihood that one or more of the players Rob has spotlighted will be available at 32.

    I would be astounded if we had to settle for someone with a potentially career threatening knee condition to play RT against the dominant front sevens in the NFC West. We have had to endure Okung’s chronic absences and don’t need another continuity breaker on the OL.

    No to Cyrus.

    • williambryan

      Not that I disagree with you, but the team doesn’t seem to care about continuity. They willingly started Bowie at LG in the playoffs for the first time in his career, then after playing pretty well, they went back to Carpenter…

  35. CC

    The best part of tomorrow – if we don’t trade down


    with that introduction, I’m happy with whomever we pick! GO HAWKS!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s going to sound sweet…

  36. James

    A quick scan of the draft-eve national mocks shows a couple of interesting items:

    – the first surprise is that in a number of mocks, Jordan Matthews and Allen Robinson have suddenly moved ahead of Cody Latimer and Kelvin Benjamin (I remain with Rob that the opposite should be true….but this is popping up in lots of places)

    – Cyrus Kouandjio is moving ahead of Juwuan James, Joel Bitonio and Morgan Moses (Cyrus K is clearly a better player than those three, so if his medicals are ok…. note: Cyrus was not invited to the Combine Medical Follow-up. Teams can request a follow up on players of concern and no team requested that Cyrus return for further examination, for what’s it’s worth)

  37. James

    Here we go…

    R1: Martavis Bryant, Clemson, SE (Pete will never again, thanks to the WR depth this year, have the chance to draft a 6-4 guy with both 4.4 deep speed and quick separation moves, to force opposing defenses to spread themselves even more thin…no way to defend against the combined Seahawks run game, RW play action and movement game, Percy spread game, underneath routes, sideline routes, and now deep routes)

    R2: Jack Mewhort, Ohio State, RT (smart and dedicated leader, fundamentally sound, plug and play RT who can fill in at LT if needed)

    • Don

      Love it! Make it so #1

    • Darren

      Sign me up….dead on james…cheerio.

  38. CHawk Talker Eric

    Okay, I’m just going to come out and predict it:

    If Ryan Shazier is still on the board @ 21 when GB picks…

    JS will make a trade with his old pal Ted Thompson – something like SEA’s R1 and R2 (enough?) for GB’s R1 and R3 – to move up and take Shazier.

    Well, a guy can dream.

    Happy Draft Day to all my fellow SDBers!

  39. Nate Dogg

    No idea how you justify your opinion on Norwood compared to your opinion on Landry.

    Round of applause for another great year of draft coverage though! You’re always a great read and I really enjoy your thoughts on different prospects and how the first round shakes out. Thanks for all the hard work.

  40. YDB

    Great job providing the 12th man online community with excellent content and a forum for draft discussion for yet another season. What you do is indispensable for Seahawks fans around the globe.

    I absolutely agree with your logic of going OL with the first pick; however, for the very reasons given (depth, injury concerns) I hope Seattle steers clear of CK. Okung spent much of the off season in a boot, so should the team take such a costly risk in adding another OT with serious injury red flags? I should hope not.

    The two players I would be happiest about seeing PCJS select early on would be Moncrief or ASJ. But of course, these geniuses will blow my mind again with some off-the-wall selection.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in. Cheers, and happy viewing over the next few days. Go Hawks!

    • Darren

      It’s been awful quiet regarding ASJ. Were he to inexplicably fall to the third round I would think an aggressive move up the board to grab a 6’6 270 4.5 inline blocker with downffield and redzone ability would be rightly called for….a positional upgrade….a darren fells on hyperdrive.

      • YDB

        I really don’t think it is possible for him to drop that far. I’d be thrilled if the Seahawks called his name at #32.

  41. Mike Granat

    SDB is the most valuable educational and informational source for the 12’s of any other resource on line and I guess we all rate Rob’s insights and understanding as right up there with Coach Carroll and John Schneider! That being said, it was a great relief to see the OLine receive top priority at #32. Hopefully there will be an outstanding OT candidate available who will contribute to keeping Russ Wilson upright and uninjured, as well as elevating the Hawks ‘run first’ offensive efficiency. Frankly, I’d like to see another Oline at # 64. It is THAT important. Can’t wait for tomorrow, Thanks Rob, and the SDB community and Go Hawks!

    • Don

      Well, all things being equal, OL could be the #1 priority. But seldom does the draft work that way. If a grade A WR and a Grade B OT are both available at #32, I hope they take the WR. The grade B OT could be had in 2nd rd.

  42. AlaskaHawk

    If Seahawks pick Cyrus then next year we will be The Legion of Boom playing with The Limpy Gimpy Gang. 🙂

  43. Connor Jackson

    Thanks for another great year of hard work and analysis fot all the twelves to chew on Rob. This site really is the best out there. For the last month I’ve been hoping for the same guy and for the last week I’ve been fearful that the exact team you mocked him too is gonna steal him. Tonight im going to bed praying that tomorrow night when I go to bed Dominique Easley is a Seahawk. Curse the Patriots if they try to ruin everything. Ha Go Hawks! Again, love this site and this blogs community. 12thMan!

  44. Don

    Hi Rob,

    I don’t understand the interest in Urban. He seems skinny and not that strong when I see him on American Idol. I appreciate the Hawks looking for unique talent but I don’t see how singing will translate to wins. Please explain. 🙂

  45. EranUngar

    Thank you for the best pre draft year ever Rob. You are a true treasure for all Hawks fans.

    I just hope that in your last draft you fell a victim to your own unique perspective. I hope against all reason that looking for the seahawky type of candidates made you evaluate some of them more then other teams will and made you discard players that other team would rank higher.

    I hope a few of those will rise into the first round and push back an Easly or a Bitonio/Latimer.

    I still believe in my prediction that they will trade back and will not pick in the 1st especially if the draft goes close to yor prediction.

    By this time tomorrow we’ll know it all.

    So again, THANK YOU for your great work….and GO HAWKS…

  46. Turp

    This was a bit of a shocker pick, Rob…I can’t say I saw it coming. Just like JS/PC.

    Fantastic year of blogging (again). Truly, you are a treasure for all 12’s.

    Any chance we can get Kip to post his 5 players he’d love to walk away with?

  47. Tony

    In this mock scenario, I see the hawks making another famous “reach” pick and getting Brent urban. Kind of like they reached on Irvin 2 years ago. Then after the draft we hear rumors that urban was highly sought after by a few teams in the 2nd round.

    I don’t post much but I read here daily. Thanks rob for everything. This is one of my favorite sites.

  48. Darren

    Big split end..serviceably solid swing tackle, …ASJ …all by the fourth…then

    recruit a spectacularUDFA’s group….then

    hope our young DL steps up.

    Rob, given your other commitments, a monumental job providing this site……thank you.

  49. JeffC

    I got to tell you, this blog isn’t just about analysis, you’ve made it a fun place to read. Great stuff as always, Rob.

  50. Cysco

    FWIW, here’s how I see it going down. one of these combos (barring a trade down of course):

    R’1 R’2
    Easley Coleman/Bryant/Montcrief/some other receiver
    Latimer/Benjamin Urban
    Kouandjio/Bitonio Urban/Coleman/Bryant/Montcrief

    I think the Seahawks rate Easley very high and if he’s there, he’ll be the guy. If he’s gone, Latimer and Benjamin are probably next highest on their board and they’ll get a pass rusher in the 2nd, putting OL help on Cable to find in later rounds.

    If Easley, Latimer, Benjamin are gone, the value falls to offensive line with BPA in round 2

  51. Jazzy

    Great work ROB, I love coming to this site to get my Seahawks fix.
    You have alot of talent in your mock draft, other mocks don’t….. I’m hoping for one of your top 5, Bang the table guys!! that would be ideal…..

  52. drewjov11

    I would be ecstatic if we landed Kwandjo. He won’t fall that far, I don’t think, but I would be happy with that. I still want a wr, but maybe we could trade back up in round two? I would love to see he and a Bryant, or a Coleman, or a Robinson.

  53. Jrockrichards

    Dude, If Manziel gets grabbed by the Cardinals, he’s going to be a headache for years.

  54. drewjov11

    Manziel keeps playing sandlot football he won’t be available to be a headache. He’s destined for several concussions and separated shoulders in the NFL. The legion, the rams, and Niners twice a year will ensure ample playin time for their backup of choice.

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