The first 2015 mock draft: 10th December

D’haquille Williams — possible first round pick

#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)
#2 Tennessee Titans — Randy Gregory (DE, Nebraska)
#3 Jacksonville Jaguars — Andrus Peat (T, Stanford)
#4 New York Jets — Dante Fowler Jr (DE, Florida)
#5 Oakland Raiders — Eddie Goldman (DT, Florida State)
#6 Washington Redskins — Bud Dupree (DE, Kentucky)
#7 New York Giants — Shane Ray (DE, Missouri)
#8 Carolina Panthers — Vic Beasley (DE, Clemson)
#9 Chicago Bears — Landon Collins (S, Alabama)
#10 New Orleans Saints — La’el Collins (G, LSU)
#11 Minnesota Vikings — Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama)
#12 St. Louis Rams — Todd Gurley (RB, Georgia)
#13 Houston Texans — T.J. Clemmings (T, Pittsburgh)
#14 Cleveland Browns — Leonard Williams (DE, USC)
#15 San Francisco 49ers — Kevin White (WR, West Virginia)
#16 Miami Dolphins — Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin)
#17 Cleveland Browns — Shaq Thompson (LB, Washington)
#18 Kansas City Chiefs — Devante Parker (WR, Louisville)
#19 Baltimore Ravens — Tevin Coleman (RB, Indiana)
#20 Dallas Cowboys — Malcom Brown (DT, Texas)
#21 Atlanta Falcons — Shawn Oakman (DE, Baylor)
#22 Pittsburgh Steelers — Brandon Scherff (T, Iowa)
#23 San Diego Chargers — Cameron Erving (C, Florida State)
#24 Cincinnati Bengals — Cedric Ogbuehi (T, Texas A&M)
#25 Detroit Lions — Eli Harold (DE, Virginia)
#26 Indianapolis Colts — Ereck Flowers (T, Miami)
#27 Philadelphia Eagles — Bendarick McKinney (LB, Mississippi State)
#28 Seattle Seahawks — D’haquille Williams (WR, Auburn)
#29 Green Bay Packers — Jordan Phillips (DT, Oklahoma)
#30 New England Patriots — Danny Shelton (DT, Washington)
#31 Arizona Cardinals — T.J. Yeldon (RB, Alabama)
#32 Denver Broncos — Markus Golden (DE, Missouri)

Thoughts on pick #28

I’m not in love with the idea of giving the Seahawks another wide out. If you count Percy Harvin in 2013, it’d be a hat-trick of first picks spent on the position. That’s a lot. But is it a good enough reason to pass on a particular player if it’s still a need?

Seattle will make Russell Wilson the latest $100m quarterback in the next few months. With that new contract will come extra responsibility, especially if Marshawn Lynch is gone. The Seahawks will remain a run-focused offense, of course they will. But they’ll need to pick up the slack if they lose an almost irreplaceable player like Lynch. The passing game will have to improve. The best way for it to improve is to give Wilson better weapons.

This pick wouldn’t be about adding a pure #1 receiver, throwing the ball more and making one player the focal point of the attack. It’d be about adding a physical possession receiver who can win in the red zone, dominate the seam and make plays on the red line. The Seahawks have clearly lacked that bigger target and they know it. We all saw the reports claiming they asked about Vincent Jackson, Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron and Coby Fleener. It wasn’t a coincidence.

In the last six months they’vr lost Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. They added Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood. Jermaine Kearse is a RFA and will almost certainly stick around in 2015 — but after that, who knows? Lockette will be 29 next year. There’s room for one more.

Ideally they pick up the phone, work out a deal with Tampa Bay and acquire Vincent Jackson. He’d need to re-work his contract. You wouldn’t want to give up too much for a 32-year-old receiver. But he’d offer that proven veteran impact to the offense allowing you to focus on other needs in the draft. Who knows how likely that is? If the Buccs are breaking in a new quarterback (eg Marcus Mariota) they might be best served keeping hold of Jackson for another year.

So what does D’haquille Williams bring to the table? For starters, there’s this:

He’s an alpha male — something I guess you need to be to compete with the LOB every day. Against Alabama in the Iron Bowl — the biggest game of his career — he’s dancing in between plays. He’s loose. He’s confident. He had the ear of his JUCO team. Based on the available information — he at least looks like he could live in Seattle’s locker room. That was something Pete Carroll and John Schneider made a point of stressing after the last draft.

Despite recently being compared to Alshon Jeffrey and Mike Evans, he doesn’t possess the same kind of size. He’s listed at 6-2 and 216lbs. He looks like he could comfortably play at 220lbs — matching the size of Dez Bryant. It’s not all about height. Williams has great length. You can see in the first video below — he’ll go up and extend to get the football in tight coverage. Against Alabama he made one incredible grab leaping between two defenders (including Landon Collins) to snatch the ball out of the air. He has big hands and has shown to be a reliable target.

He’s not a blazer but has enough speed to be effective. In the Iron Bowl he ran straight past one Alabama defensive back on an overthrown deep shot in the first quarter. On another play he lined up in the slot, ate up the cushion against the corner and exploded into a crossing route creating immediate separation to make the completion. He’s not going to be a 4.4 runner at the combine. That’s not why you’d draft him. He was a 5-star recruit leaving the JUCO ranks and was coveted by all the big SEC schools.

There are some issues too. His catching technique lurches from textbook to less than ideal. There are times when he’ll let a pass get into his body. On a couple of plays against Alabama he got his body into a poor position to make a possible touchdown grab. There’s not much evidence of any real YAC quality and the Seahawks this year have really gone after the short pass and screen game. With just a years experience in the SEC is he polished enough to have an impact? Or can his natural ability as a receiver get him through a possible tough rookie campaign? Let’s not forget — several rookies have excelled in the NFL this season. Kelvin Benjamin only had two seasons at Florida State (30 catches, 495 yards in 2012 — 54 catches, 1011 yards in 2013).

There’s no clear indication yet on whether he’ll turn pro. Much will depend on what he hears between now and decision time. There’s every chance he won’t declare. But if he hears first round talk, it’ll be hard to ignore. It always is.

This is one of the toughest first mock drafts I’ve had to do from a Seahawks perspective. It would’ve been easy to manipulate the board to put a running back or defensive end at #28. I want to keep challenging different scenarios with these mocks and this week — this is just how it played out.

Take a look at Williams’ JUCO tape below, plus his first game for Auburn against Arkansas:


  1. James

    Rob, I agree that the most glaring weakness of this team the past couple of years has been the lack of a pure X receiver. We obviously don’t know yet what the team needs will be… re-sign Avril and Leo won’t be essential, but don’t re-sign him and a Leo will be urgent in R1 or R2; if Beast returns, RB is ok, if not, C-Mike is too unproven to have our run-first offense rely, make-or-break, on him; if Carp goes, an OG will be vital; if KJ and Malcolm walk, and Bruce has to go full time Leo, then a starting LB will be inportant. A top SE, assuming a Leo is not needed, would have the biggest impact on the team, but…. WRs are a crap shoot. Look how Jordan Matthews, Odell B and Kelvin Benjamin have surpassed Sammy Watkins. If Danny Shelton is there when the Seahawks pick, I don’t see how you pass him up. A mean, nasty, 330 lb DT who plays all out and flashes speed is a rare breed indeed (and I am not even a big Husky backer).

    • Jacob

      I agree James about taking Shelton if he’s there. The one thing I’d question in your reply is if Carp walks, a G becomes vital. I agree to a point. I think Bailey is far better than Carp now and we’d be just fine with that….in fact, I still have no idea why Bailey isn’t starting but that’s another discussion. If Carp leaves and Bailey would then be the starter, I’d worry about depth. I don’t necessarily like any of the guards in this draft – especially RD1. I would be thrilled with Shelton, KPL will be back and can replace Malcolm but losing KJ would be devastating. Would love to see Bud Dupree fall…..wishful thinking.

  2. Jeff M.

    Rob-in your ideal scenario of VJax added by trade, what direction would you have the Seahawks going in this mock? Phillips or Shelton as a Mebane heir? Golden for LEO? Something else?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be tempted by Golden. Lacks the length Seattle likes but the guy is such a beast.

  3. Jeremy

    Nice write up Rob. Good to read a mock draft in December.

    Maybe somebody can explain the playoff picture to me. The Hawks are sitting in 5th at 9-4, but they lost the head to head matchup against the Cowboys also at 9-4. The Cowboys are the 7th seed. The number 1 tie breaking procedure for this is the head to head game….I don’t get it…help…

    • Cysco

      If 3 or more teams are tied for the wildcard spots, the teams with the best record against common foes along with conference record are taken into account, If only two teams are tied for the wildcard spots, head to head is taken into account. So, if seattle and dallas are tied at the end of the season, and no other teams have the same record, dallas would win out over us.

  4. Cysco

    Very interesting that you still have Gurley as essentially a top-10 pick and the first RB off the board. I’d be pretty disappointed if none of the top-3 RBs made it to the Hawks.It would be really nice if they can get Lynch to come back for one more year so we don’t have to stress about it. Oh, and I’ll be really interested to see if Michael gets more carries than Turbin again this weekend.

    Regarding Vincent Jackson, I’m of the same mindset as you, Rob. With Tampa Bay going QB it would make too much sense for them to keep Jackson to help the rookie out. That really only leaves Larry Fitzgerald as a potential target (I just can’t see ARZ being able to keep him) even that’s a huge long shot. Williams at #28? Sure. Why not take the shot. If Seattle’s going to get their big receiver, it’s gonna have to be through the draft it seems.

    James, RE: offensive line. That’s the one position that I am 100% confident won’t be taken by seattle in round 1. Even if Carp goes, there’s depth already on the team that can step in and not miss a step. Seattle won’t take an offensive line player in round one or two.

  5. CC

    Interesting that you have Leonard Williams falling so far. I agree with you that he is a bit overrated, but I think he’ll go top 10 just because someone will believe the hype.

    D’Will seems like OBjr – and looks talented, but I still am hoping for a tall WR in the first round or a DT to add to Mebane.

  6. Jake

    I think the Titans have the edge over the Buccaneers on strength of schedule and so would get the first pick if both lose out. Or are you projecting the Titans as winning a game? If the Bucs don’t have Mariota that might change their calculations on when they think they’ll be competitive again.

    One note about the V-Jax trade possibility: if Lynch retires then that’s 7 million off the books from the offensive side of the ledger. Jackson’s base salary for the next two years is 9.8 million apiece. So you wouldn’t have to do too much finagling to get a net neutral salary hit.

    This also would be a good year to trade a 3rd or 4th rounder considering the compensatory picks the Seahawks should be getting for lost free agents and possibly from the Harvin trade.

    • rowdy

      That’s my biggest problem with getting jackson, I would much rather pay lynch. I feel the same way about a trade even if it’s just for more picks the next year.

      • Jake

        I’d love to have 2014 Marshawn Lynch locked up at 8.5 million per year for the next decade. The problem is that you can’t do that. Everybody ages, and running backs age quicker than most. Lynch runs with a punishing style and has back problems already; he’s also having one of the best seasons of his career this year. It’s hard to say how much more he has in the tank.

        Personally I’d be inclined to run him back out there for another year and see how things go. However, if he forces the Seahawks’ hands by retiring or holding out then the savings at running back would create other options for the team.

        I’d only want to deliberately move on from Lynch if you could get a real swindle of a trade haul from somebody like the Titans who want to have a power running game but lack a good running back.

        • rowdy

          If your worried about age though, jackson will be 33 next year

          • Rob Staton

            Jackson is 32 in January. He’s not 33 until early 2016.

    • Rob Staton

      I just used current draft order.

  7. peter


    as always thanks for these mocks. Williams over Coates? I was a bit surprised to see that. I’ll have to watch the videos…

    I like the thinking but part of me hopes they find a DT early on Brown maybe or most people like (here) like Shelton who I think plays too high and his center of gravity is too top heavy…this from a guy who liked John Jenkins out of Georgia two years back who was a beast when not struggling to get off the ground.

    and finally, there are literally 4-5 tall receivers this year and none of them are without there problems Funchess (drops, maybe lacks focus passion) Blakeny (?) Raw as heck. Taylor (looks slow as sin Rice WR) and dorial green-Beckham…for my opinion a player the Seahawks should pick if he declares and there’s any chance he can get his life straight… Point is a tall we isn’t going to happen

  8. peter

    “tall we”

  9. seahawks509

    This mock is a win for Seattle.

  10. Trudy Beekman

    I definitely like Duke Williams, but I don’t see how Coates isn’t the 1st receiver out of Auburn.

    Circus catch:


    Coates capable of the circus catch as well, 20 less lbs, but runs a sub 4.4. Duke Williams is playing through a bad knee, and I think he could fall to Seattle in Rd. 2, or with a tradeback out of Rd 1. I would expect a fall similar to what we’ve seen in recent years with guys like Alshon Jeffry, Jarvis Landry, Stedman Bailey, Keenan Allen, etc when they disappoint at the combine, especially compared to a quicker teammate.

    Also if Green-Beckham for some reason comes out this year, he should be a T5 pick even with all the character concerns. I don’t see why he would but there has been some buzz about that. A 6’6″ Dez Bryant in every way.

    • Rob Staton

      Coates is a sensational athlete, possibly the best eligible for 2015. He could run in the 4.3’s. But his play has been poor overall this year. He had big plays against Bama and TAMU and that’s pretty much his season. Too many mental errors, too little consistency. Way too many drops.

    • Rob Staton

      Coates would be a sure fire first rounder — if he had any degree of consistency. He’s an explosive athlete… and will run a 4.3. He’s ripped. He makes the circus catches you listed. He is the ultimate deep threat. But his play has just been flat out bad this year except for a couple of outings. I would consider him for Seattle, definitely. He is a SPARQ demon in the making. He can be explosive. But he’s played badly this season. It’s hard to ignore that. He can’t just live off potential.

      • Jianfu

        I think he’d be a great fit with the Patriots; he would potentially add a whole new level to what they do with Gronk and Edelman. They always slide back, too, so maybe…

        Thanks for the fun mock. Early or not, it’s always fun to see these start to take shape at this time. Up to this point various sites just seem to rigidly adhere to chalky rankings. Now we see players falling and others crashing the party.

        To me, this is a bit of an odd class. The big uglies on both sides of the ball seem like they could go any number of ways. And the second/third level defenders seem thin, but the running backs are good and deep. I just think it’s shaping up to be a different type of group than what we’ve seen recently,

  11. rowdy

    He seems very similar to norwood who was a 4th rd pick and would play the same roll probably. You did a real good job of taking everyone off the board I hope would drop though. If the draft fell like this I would hope for a trade down or a DT/DE. I’m running under the impression that JS doesn’t draft 1st rd receivers, he’s just been so consistent at that.

    One question rob? What do you think the hawks would pay jackson that he would agree to? I’m thinking around 3 mil.

    • Rob Staton

      Norwood is a different player IMO. Much slighter (198lbs) and at Alabama more of a guy who would work back to the QB. A player who excelled within a chaotic situation. He’s never going to be a possession receiver. Considering he’ll be 26 next year, it’s also unrealistic I think to expect he will add weight and blossom into that type of receiver.

      Regarding Jackson, I think they’d probably be willing to pay $6-7m per. Proven big target. They’ve saved money on Harvin and could potentially save money on Lynch.

      • rowdy

        I meant a 3 mil pay cut that would bring it around 7 mil. Sounded real stupid when I reread it.

    • HOUSE

      I personally like Norwood and think he’ll become a reliable target. I initially thought of Williams to be similar to Norwood. I saw something that had Norwood listed as 213 lbs.

      After watching more video, Williams most reminds me of Anquan Boldin. Here are Boldin’s combine numbers and I suspect Williams’ will be a tad better…

      Williams, as does Boldin, carries a WARRIOR-vibe about him. I think he’d fit right in.

  12. Drew

    Personnaly in this scenario I would go DT here rather than receiver. I don’t think it’s worth drafting a receiver in the first round unless they are going to be a difference maker. Spending a 1st round pick on somone that is only going to get maybe 2-3 catches per game on average isn’t worth it. We’ll have plenty of draft capital this year to move up, or we can try to move back a few spots and he’d likely still be available.

    • Rob Staton

      But what if, contained within those 2-3 catches (I would expect more) Seattle has a genuine red zone/third down threat? Those 2-3 catches could add 4-6 extra points to Seattle’s offensive average.

      • CC

        We need a deep threat – but we also need a tall receiver who can help RW out. PRich is supposed to be the deep threat guy – maybe he’ll get there. I’m with Drew – give me a DT in the first round.

        • Rob Staton

          I wonder whether Seattle thinks it can find DT’s later. They love SPARQ guys. Very few great +300lbs athletes.

          • Volume 12

            I agree Rob. I keep remembering this old scouting adage- ‘championship teams DON’T draft run stuffing DT’s before the 3rd round.’ Shelton is not a pass-rusher, he’s more of a Wilfork type guy and is probably better off in a 3-4 D. You can find run-stuffing DT’s in any round of the draft after the 3rd. And Rob is right, Seattle’s DT’s aren’t SPARQY at all! Never thought of it but that’s probably exactly why. Someone on here has already said it, but E. Carolina DT Terry Williams is a stud and would love Seattle to get him in the 5th or 6th.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Seems like Sparq favors quick agile players that are also strong. Nothing wrong with that. But lighter players are usually faster then heavier players, so it can favor players who aren’t large enough to play with the big boys. It is great when the speed helps like for Smith in the Super Bowl. But if he can’t hold up because he is 20 pounds light for the position. It seems like a lot of the draft choices are light for the position. To counter argue, Seahawks corners are large and perhaps a step slow. Also Sparq doesn’t tell you the basic questions of whether they can play football and how will they react when they are tired and in a 4th quarter duel.

            Any thoughts on whether Sparq is leading the Seahawks to pick lighter players like Richardson?

            • Rob Staton

              I think SPARQ + production + character + tape review all adds to the decision. I’m not sure they’re led by SPARQ enough to impact the size of the players they draft.

            • rowdy

              I believe sparq takes into count weight as part of the equation but it only seems to help the players that keep the speed, like aaron Donald.

      • Drew

        I agree what that sentiment, but I think that he could be had in the 2nd round and there’s other big WR options that should be avialable then as well. I think there is better value at other positions in the first round. But regardless, he is a receiver Seattle could use.

        • Nathan

          I haven’t followed football long(from australia, took an interest about 4 years ago and am now obsessed) but what is stopping Richardson from being a deep threat? Is it the play calling?

          What’s to stop him lining up on our 20 yard line and just turning the Jets on, he’s going to beat most guys for pace, and Wilson finding him?

          Sorry for the stupid question, just trying to make some sense of our passing game, and why what seems easy for other teams, isn’t easy for us.

          • Phil

            Nathan – not a stupid question at all….. just a tough one to answer without knowing what is in Bevell’s and Carroll’s minds. Personally, I question whether Wilson has enough confidence in Richardson’s ability to contest for balls that might be slightly under-thrown. Last season, some of the deep throws that Wilson attempted were essentially jump balls where the guy with the best rebounding skills got the ball. Richardson’s slight build isn’t the the type you would normally look for in a rebounder. But, maybe he has enough speed to just flat out beat the defender. It would be nice to see it if he has it.

          • rowdy

            I believe it to be play calling/not taking risk with the ball ( he does practice with the lob) and the same reason they wouldn’t do it with harvin. Are d always keeps it close so the don’t really have to risk it but we’re seeing wilson throw more down field lately, so it could be trust on his part to. Like Phil said it’s a hard one to answer.

  13. peter

    I have to say I watched the above with an open mind auburn vs. Arkansas and maybe its me but I saw just a guy.

    i get that he’s big and strong but his run blocking/recognition which are required skills in Seattle were a thorough, meh for me. And the way he appears to play two beats higher when the play involves a pass to him vs. Something else. Its one of the things i love about college football is how simple the reads are generally. And how some players get up when the ball involves them.

    Rob, your mocks are the best and I can actually see why you mocked him to the Hawks but i think I’d rather see Coates in the 2nd then a guy who kind of seems like a combo of what the team already has.

    • Rob Staton

      Worth noting — the Arkansas game was his first after leaving the JUCO ranks. He showed rapid technical improvements as the year went on.

      • peter

        Haven’t looked yet but does he have additional tape yet?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not aware of any. I have three Auburn games saved in my system (Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss State). If he declares I’m sure they’ll publish more on Draft Breakdown.

  14. Steve Nelsen

    I don’t expect the Seahawks to move up in the draft even though they are likely to have 11 picks. Schneider believes more picks are always better than higher picks.

    I probably would have taken Golden in this mock. We need some more beasts for the D-line rotation.

    I think Lynch will be back next year and they would be happy with the same 3 RBs we have this year for one more year.

    If there was a plug-in starter stud at OG (like Bitonio) then I could see that but I don’t know who that is in this draft.

  15. Phil

    Rob – thanks for the mock. I like a WR/TE in round 1, just not sure which WR/TE at this point.

    Any chance you could do a piece compiling, in one place, all the current Seahawks whose contracts expire in the next year or two? One of the key points of emphasis, with many young players reaching the expiration of their rookie contracts, is finding “cheaper” replacements for some current Seahawks via the draft. I’m all for resigning “our own”, but I don’t think we can do that sustainably.

    * * * * *

    Here’s a good video preview of a piece that ESPN is going to do looking back on the Seahawks’ pursuit of Russell Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure it’s something I will look into doing.

    • Steve Nelsen

      There are 27 Seahawks who will be free agents in 2015. The 2015 unrestricted free agents who are starting or playing important roles right now include:
      Cliff Avril
      K.J Wright
      Byron Maxwell
      James Carpenter
      Malcolm Smith
      Kevin Williams
      O’Brien Schofield

      The Seahawks are also expected to offer contract extensions to Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. They could do the same for Bruce Irvin but that seems unlikely.

      Seattle will be rolling over about $6.7M in cap from this year which would give them about $33M in cap space next year at the current cap level of $133M. The NFL just release a projected cap number of $138M yesterday but I believe that is low. The cap increase will be based on revenue growth and I think the final cap number for 2015 is likely to be closer to $143M.

      The Seahawks would save $3M in cap space by cutting Zach Miller and he is the only guy who might be at risk of being a salary cap cut in my opinion.

      • Ed


        Avril/Carpenter/Smith/Williams/Miller (would also be ok with getting rid of Unger and/or Okung for picks)


        Wright/Maxwell (I really think they go too, but only because they can get more money elswhere)

        With Robs mock, I would take Golden with Funchess as a close 2nd.

        Would like to see a few FA signed:

        Paea/Sheard/Wisnewski and maybe a G or T (Franklin)

        2015 OL (Bailey/Franklin/Wisnewski/Sweezy/Britt)
        2015 DL (Bennett/Hill/Paea/Sheard)
        2015 LB (Irvin/Wagner/Pierre)
        2015 DB (Sherman/Thomas/Chancellor/Simon)

        • Volume 12

          Why the hell would you let Avril, Maxi, KJ, Okung, Mebane, and Unger go!? Then replace them with FA’S? That’s not how you stay at a championship level. Seattle would be going backwards. They’re going to re-sign ‘their/in-house’ guys not reward outsiders. We saw how well that worked. Unger, Mebane, and Okung aren’t even FA’s. They’ll re-sign RW, Bobby, KJ, Kearse, and the real challenges will be re-signing Avril and Maxi or they may have to choose between the two. But how sweet would it be to keep both? We saw Bennett take a pay-cut and Avril has said he’d like to stay.

          • Ed

            I didn’t say let. I wouldn’t overpay for Avril or KJ. I would pay a little more for Maxwell over the other 2 though. As for Mebane I think Hill has shown he can play. So why continue to pay that much for someone who has 1 year left. Save the money and get a younger rotational guy. As for Okung and Unger, they consistently don’t even play half a season each, so why keep paying so much for so little.

            • Volume 12

              Wasn’t aware you didn’t say ‘let.’ Thought you were implying. You don’t cut or get rid of guys to fill holes. Then your just creating unnecessary holes. Build through the draft, patch holes in FA. And why would you overpay for KJ? He’s unique and one of the best coverage WILL lb’s in the league. Keep Mebane, because we all saw how losing Red and Clemons has affected us. You need vets. Okung and Unger are two of the best in the league at their positions, therefore it doesn’t make sense to bring in veteran OL who you’d have to teach the ZBS to and are already set in their ways unlike teaching it to a rookie.

              • Ed

                You can’t always pay your vets, or your team turns old. KJ, Okung and Mebane would be replaced by players on the team (Pierre, Bailey and Hill). Maybe look for different OL in FA, but adding 2 or 3 FA isn’t changing our philosophy (Bennett/Avril/Williams). Yes build through the draft, but why give away money with Okung and Unger. They are almost 30 and have not played a full season in I don’t know how long. Spend the money elsewhere.

        • CC

          I like Funchess a lot!!

          I see the Seahawks much like the Patriots and the early Brady years. At some point Russell will throw more. He’s throwing a few more times this year as compared to last year – even if we’re a run first team. But without Marshawn, the ball will be put more and more in Russell’s hands.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I suppose I should have also mentioned that Seattle will save $7M in cap next year if Marshawn Lynch is gone. I hope that they keep him but it seems likely to be an offseason media topic again this year.

        I agree with providing extensions to Wilson and Wagner.

        There is probably enough left in the budget for 4 FAs. I’d like to keep Avril and Wright. I love Maxwell but Seattle has so much depth at CB that I think another team makes him an offer we can’t afford to match. Smith has missed so much time this year that I don’t know what kind of interest he will get from other teams. I’d like to keep him if the price is reasonable.

        I don’t know what to do with Carpenter. He hasn’t earned a long-term, big-money deal. Would he take a short-term $4M/year deal? If not, I’d be fine giving Bailey a chance to start and adding some depth.

  16. tony

    I know it’s been said multiple times here, but really hope that Hawks take Shelton if he falls to them. Hawks like bolstering their lines early and with the issues in the middle due to injuries and Mebane getting older, I just see this to valuable to pass up.

    Was wondering if you had an idea about what comp picks the Hawks might be getting this year? Tate should net us a good one. I know we traded a 6th for burley too. So we should have around 10 picks.

    • Drew

      We’ll get decent picks for Thurmond and Browner as well. Also Maragos and Giacomini. From estimates I’ve seen, a possible 3rd from Golden Tate, 2 4ths and a 6th or 7th. Or it could be two 4ths, a 5th, etc. Either way some serious draft capital. If we get a 3rd or a couple of 4ths we can use some of our original picks to move up this year, or trade back for more picks next year.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Your projections for the 4 comp picks would be great if it happens. I think a 3rd for Tate is possible.

        We lost our 6th in the trade for Marcus Burley but he is well worth it. We will pick up a 4th for Percy Harvin if the Jets keep him or a 6th if they cut him – the buzz now is that they will keep him. Either way, Seattle will have 11 picks for John Schneider to work with which means we will probably end up drafting 14 guys after he trades back a couple 2-3 times. I don’t think he will trade up; he has a strong philosophy against trading up.

        • Volume 12

          Remember we’ll also get 3 red shirts as well to add to next year’s rookie class. KPL, Marsh, and Pinkins. KPL and Marsh are essentially red-shirts. Plus you know they’ll find 1 or 2 good UDFA’s too.

        • Phil

          Steve – just looking for some clarification. Has JS said that he is philosophically opposed to trading up, or are you inferring this because he hasn’t done it in the past?

          With all the picks we have this draft, now seems like the time to package a few of them together to go after a guy we really want…..

  17. smitty 1547

    Well the only thing we now know is that, we will not draft Williams. No knock against u Rob as we will probally all be wishing 2 years from now we had. Just there way of doing things in Rd 1. Looking forward to your next mock to see who we can remove from the list

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure my mock draft has any impact smitty, positive or negative. I think they have better things to do 😉

      • Volume 12

        Rob, did you ever get a chance to take a look at VA tech De-Leo Dari Nicolas? I heard he’s pondering about declaring. I see a raw JPP in Nicolas, when JPP was coming out that is.

        • Volume 12

          Damn spell check! *Dadi not Dari

        • Rob Staton

          I did. Saw positive and negatives. Only watched one game though so will reserve judgement for now.

          • Volume 12

            Thanks. He’s by no means a finished product. He’s definitely RAW. I’m curious to see what his combine #’s will be. One potential Leo I’m really starting to warm to is Norfolk St de Lynden Trail. JimQ on your last post pointed him out. This kid is a unique athlete and extremely enticing. I’d expect Trail to put up freakish combine #’s and rise up boards fast. He’s got a lot of potential, seems ‘Seahawky.’ A Dion Jordan or Michael Johnson type guy, but I’m guessing he’s a better athlete than Johnson and a better football player than Jordan who was/is SPARQY.

  18. Volume 12

    Yes, Yes, and Yes Rob! I had a feeling this might be ‘the’ guy’ for this mock edition. This may be one of the most ‘Seahawky’ prospects I’ve seen in a long time. Praying he comes out. People need to get over the fact he’s not 6’4 or 6’5, they sound like the detractors who said RW would never work because he was ‘too short.’ He’s the same size size as Dez, Andre Johnson, Cordarrelle, Michael Floyd, etc. Outside of Calvin Johnson name me one 6’4 or 6’5 wr who makes their team better?

    Here’s a little on D’haquille ‘Duke’ Williams, for what it’s worth. Grew up in an awful ward/suburb of New Orleans, his house was flooded by Hurricane Isaac, one of eight siblings, left JUCO school three times to attend funerals, because his family and friends kept getting killed, he choose Auburn over LSU because he quote ‘Had to get out.’ His coaches had to tell him to dial it back in practice, because he’s so intense and demands the same intensity out of his teammates. Sound familiar? Gotta remember guys Seattle needs guys who ‘fit’ in their locker room and guys who won’t back down or be intimidated by the LOB. To me he’s mature, extremely physical, comes from a run-first offense (so he can run block) has good size, will run in the 4.5’s, high character, has overcome multiple adversities/obstacles, route-running is improving, will go up and get it, dances in between plays, plays best under the bright lights, a red-zone weapon, he’ll be a better pro than a college player. I mean he checks every box when it comes to Seahawks prospects. Love this kid and god I hope this is our 1st rounder.

    • HOUSE

      Thanks for the info on his personal life. Really gives perspective on him and his intensity.

      The Seahawks have several players that have lived through tragedy and have not only been good football players, but GREAT People (Wilson, Lynch, Thomas, Okung). Gaining another guy that would be about making/demanding the best of his teammates and setting the example would elevate output…

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds good to me.

    • CC

      V12 – your comment is one of the reasons I love this blog. I didn’t know the background on D’hW – he does sound Seahawky!

      • Volume 12

        Thanks man. I appreciate that.

  19. Volume 12

    Yes, thank you. You seem to be one of a handful or more of people who get what a player’s history and or make-up (personality, work ethic. Background) means to PC/JS. It seems to me they like unique athletes/personnel as well as unique personalities. They like guys like this because it shows what they’re made of and obviously football is all about over-coming and adapting. There almost has to be something about a player that Seattle likes (character wise) for them to draft or take them, because as Rob said they like guys who are loose, and PC is a master motivator and will use a players up-bringing or what have you to get the most out of them.

    Just curious, but I know about RW’s and Beastmode’s past, but I don’t know anything of Earl’s and Okung’s. Would love/appreciate if you could elaborate on those two.

    • HOUSE

      Okung: His father was killed in a shooting at a gas station when Russell was only 5 y/o. His mom told him about his father and said “you gotta be the man of the house”. He immediately became a man and “Big Daddy Russ”. He helped raise his siblings. I remember hearing that story and it killed me inside. I was in Baghdad, Iraq (2010) and my wife was pregnant with my son. I’ll never forget his story and it gave me the strength to get home and see my first born.

      Thomas: His house was destroyed by Hurricane Rita and his family bounced around. His hometown was ravished and several people never returned. His mom battled cancer prior to having him and he was considered to be a “miracle” as she was told she’d never have children. When Earl got drafted by SEA, in his first interview, he said something to the effect of “I promised my mom I’d be successful and I’d buy her a house”. He was true to his word.

      I know several people have gone through so many tragic things and the guys we have all put such an emphasis on triumph and family. During the draft in 2010 (PC/JS’s 1st) I watched so much video. Baghdad’s time zone was 10-11 hrs ahead of where I lived in California. After Skype’ing with my wife, I’d get online and do draft research. I was stoked that Trent Williams (#4) went before Okung (#6) and couldn’t believe Earl was available @ #14. The players on this team feel like an extension of my family!!!

      • Volume 12

        WOW, didn’t know that about either. Appreciate your response. I was shocked/ecstatic that Earl was sitting there @ 14 too, especially because Jacksonville and Philly needed a FS and had shown interest in him. Yeah I love everything about the draft as well, because to me the game of football represents the game of life, for lack of a better term. Can I just say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your service. If it wasn’t for guys like you posting on blogs like this wouldn’t even be possible.

        • HOUSE

          2010’s draft was tremendous. To think that Okung, Thomas and Chancellor all came from that draft… I was so SHOCKED PHI took Graham. Guys who play with HEART vs just talent always prevail.

          I appreciate the thanks’. I’ve been in the Air Force for 11.5 years and I am moving to Seattle in the next 2 months. I’m testing for Seattle PD and will finish my military career at McChord AFB. I have been to a few Seahawks games in different places, but to see a game at Century Link is #1 on my Bucketlist!!! I’m STOKED to get up there.

          • Volume 12

            Yup, great post House! How stupid does Philly feel now? They’ve passed on Earl, BWagz, and RW!

            Interesting that you seem to look for the story behind the athlete, what makes a guy tick, or if his personality fits with the Hawks, because that’s one of the first things I almost always look for before I declare if I like a guy or not.

            I say interesting, because you being in the Air Force, my grandfather was the bomber on B29’s (I think that was the plane) In WWII and was shot down behind enemy lines, family was sent a letter saying he was presumed to KIA, but the French Underground got him out. I know it’s stupid to tell you a little about my family, as if that matters on this blog, but it’s weird that we like the same things about the draft, I’m a HUGE proponent of the Air Force (If not for you guys maybe I wouldn’t be here) and then I find out YOU represent the Air force as well.

            Like I said, thank you man, hope you get that job, and also hope you and your family enjoy Seattle. Actually I don’t hope you enjoy it, because I KNOW you will.

      • Rob Staton

        Great post House. Thank you.

  20. Phil

    Rob – totally off the wall question. Have you ever had evidence that anyone from the Seahawks front office is a reader/mystery contributor to your blog?

    • Rob Staton

      Haha! No sadly not Phil but I’ve had a few agents email me. One offered to buy me a coke if his client went undrafted as I’d suggested (he did) and I never got the coke. The player became a stud so I guess we were both right in a way. But I’m sure the Seahawks front office has better things to do with their time 🙂

      • Phil

        Hmmm — I am guessing the player was Vontaze Burfict.

        • Rob Staton


  21. Pugs1

    I watched Auburn a bunch this year and like Coates and Duke. You are spot on about Coates while talented he will have a much longer learning curve. I love the fact that Williams hit the ground running at Auburn lots of juco players take a year to get up to speed. At this point I would be very happy with Duke Williams!

  22. smitty 1547

    Well Rob i wish they were paying attention, I think we would have ended up with 2 better WR then we got last year, and a hell of an OL in Botino.

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