The latest episode of ‘Rain City Redemption’

This’ll get you in the mood.



  1. RJ

    Can please just skip Saturday and have it be Sunday already? I feel like a kid at Christmas time again! Love these videos Rob, thanks! Looking for a little redemption myself on Sunday. That last cold Sunday in Detroit has haunted me for the last decade. I can still hear those Steeler fans screaming in my ears and the horrible black despair that followed. The longest walk in my life was walking away from that stadium back to the bus stop. It really felt like a part of me died that day. This will be like therapy when we win this game and win we will! Go Hawks!

  2. CC

    These are so great! I cannot wait until Sunday! Go HAWKS!!

  3. Michael M.

    Hell ya!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for so long! Gotta go watch it right now!! GO ‘HAWKS!

  4. Sea-Town


  5. CiaranH

    It’s torture watching RGIII and Ryan sit comfortably in those pretty pockets. We really, really need to re-sign Michael Bennett. If it means losing Tate I’m still for it

    • CC

      I wonder what is going to happen with Tate. I really thought he would have to play big in the playoffs – and it has been Dougie who has stepped up. I thought at the beginning of the year it would take $4-5 mill a year to re-sign Tate, but now, I’m not sure he is worth that. I’m thinking more $3-4mill. He and Russell seem to have a thing especially on the scrambles, but I’m not sure we can keep him if he wants too much money.

  6. Madmark

    Wow, but this year was even better tesedt with injuries and still won 2 more games than the year before hoping to add another. I saw Anthony McCoy make 3 grabs for 1st down in the video and he looked a hell of a lot faster than I remember. Would love to see what he can do next year.

    • David M

      exactly my thoughts on McCoy. last year was kinda a breakout season for him. he seems really fast and a good blocker. it will be cool to have him come back on a 2 year contract.

  7. kevin mullen

    I’m a little fired up…

  8. dave crockett

    Cornwell does an unbelievable job with these.

  9. kevin mullen

    JerMichael Finley want’s to come to the ‘Hawks.

    • House

      Interesting… I just saw this too. He’s got the big-body, receiving ability that we are looking for. Attitude, injury history and price will be 3 HUGE determining factors. With such a scary injury, I think he’d have to be willing to go REAL cheap for a prove it contract. I personally think he’ll re-sign in GB or receive a bigger payday elsewhere. That being said, giving a guy like this a shot could be interesting.

    • CC

      Let’s face it, now Seattle is a FA destination! Now, it will be about finding the right guys at the right price! I like Finley’s game. I also love what Zach has done for us, but his contract has to be restructured or cut. He’s so good in the blocking game that it is hard to think about losing him, but there are going to be some tough decisions – if you keep him at that contract who do you want to lose

  10. Bryan C

    Amazing to see how much work has went into building this, it is like a slow build up to a tidal wave the crashes tomorrow. I cannot wait for the next part after we win the Superbowl, tears would be a flowing.

  11. Ben2

    Been watching some highlight videos….I’m going to be almost too jacked for the Super Bowl (I’m supposed I didn’t have a heart attack or some type of panic attack during the championship game. I digress….just watched a legion of boom highlight real and, while I don’t think he’ll play for the Seahawks again, I’ll miss BB. The sheer physicality he brought to his position was unmatched. There’s something to be said for that. note: don’t read into this that I dislike maxwell. I’ll just miss BB.

  12. Ben2


    • Ben2

      And “reel”

  13. AlaskaHawk

    Wow great movie. I am psyched for a Seahawk win tomorrow.

  14. House

    Unrelated, but Walter Jones made the HOF as a 1st time ballot. GO HAWKS!!!

  15. Stuart

    David Stern retires as Commissioner of the NBA, check

    Walter Jones elected to the Hall of Fame, check

    The Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, Check mate!

  16. Curt

    People here in Florida (tampa bay) think I am nuts. This has been one nervous hawk fan for the last 2 weeks. Amazing to watch this video and to see how much the d gave up last year. this year totally the reverse. Good job d and our championship is tomorrow!!!!!!!
    GOOOOooooooo Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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