The speculation is building ahead of the final game

Over the last 24 hours the rumour mill has suddenly picked up.

That’s not surprising. We’re at that time of the year.

And the Seahawks and Pete Carroll are being talked about a lot.

Ultimately, this tweet sums up the situation perfectly:

Nobody knows what will happen next.

‘Jody Allen won’t do that’ or ‘that won’t happen’ has been said a lot by fans and media alike over the last few weeks. Yet the truth is nobody has a clue. Allen doesn’t talk to the media. By the sound of things, she hasn’t told the ‘big three’ what her plans are either.

It’s possible she’s a huge Russell Wilson fan and if he tells her that he wants a trade without changes at Head Coach and GM — she may act.

Alternatively she might be indifferent to Wilson and encourage Carroll and Schneider to trade him.

The thing is, there are so many moving parts to this.

As discussed a few days ago — I personally don’t think Carroll sees a future in Seattle without Wilson.

He’s 71 this year. Trading Wilson means a long, painful search for a replacement. The free agent market is dire, as is the draft class.

I’m convinced he will have no interest in a rebuild that could take years. He doesn’t have years. He’s in win-now mode. He signed a five-year contract with his team sitting at 6-1 last year. He thought he was committing to a run at a Championship.

It’s just totally implausible to me to imagine Carroll trading Wilson and then basically having to blow everything up. Heck — he was even talking about retaining Bobby Wagner this week, despite the fact he’s owed $20m this year and has expressed no interest in re-working his deal.

In Carroll’s world they need to bring the band back and make subtle changes.

If asked, that’s likely what he would pitch to Jody Allen.

The thing is — while there’s probably no Carroll in Seattle without Wilson, there’s equally no Wilson in Seattle with Carroll.

People have started to talk themselves into believing he’d consider coming back. I’m not sure why. He stood at the podium last week and announced, unprovoked, that he ‘hoped’ the Detroit game wouldn’t be his last as a Seahawk at Lumen Field.

On the day of the game, Adam Schefter published a piece that was blatantly from the Wilson camp that touted dissatisfaction and a possible trade.

Wilson wants to stay in Seattle, he’s made that abundantly clear numerous times. He wants change though. Not because he hates Carroll or anything like that. He wants to win. He doesn’t think he’ll win with the current setup or philosophy.

This forces Jody Allen to act. She has to pick her path forward.

And this, to me, is why we’re starting to see rumours. It’s a mix of the unknown, the fact that it hasn’t been made clear to one of the many national journalists that Carroll will be back (which could’ve been announced at any time over the last month) and the fact that ultimately Allen has to make a call one way or the other.

If she chooses to trade Wilson, Carroll will need convincing to stay anyway.

If she chooses Wilson, she likely needs to fire Carroll (and Schneider).

The only viable way Carroll returns, at least to me, is if Wilson agrees to give it another go. As we’ve established though, that’s about as likely as Antonio Brown winning ‘Walter Payton man of the year’.

Seattle’s quarterback pushed for a move last off-season, whether people wish to believe it or not. Now, with a six or seven win season at best guaranteed, he’s not going to waste another year of his career. He turns 34 in November.

Either change happens in Seattle, or he goes somewhere else.

If the Seahawks refuse to trade him and force him to play on with Carroll and Schneider intact — it will not benefit anyone. It will be an even bigger distraction than it has been over the last 12 months.

So one way or another, something’s got to give.

That brings me on to the chatter.

Mike Fisher, who is well connected in Dallas, reports that Dan Quinn will be high on Seattle’s list if they move on from Carroll.

I’m not enthused by the link. Quinn has done a tremendous job in Dallas but he’s also inherited a team with Micah Parsons (who is threatening to become the best defensive player in the league not named Aaron Donald), Trevon Diggs and DeMarcus Lawrence.

In Seattle, he equally benefitted from coaching the LOB era defense. Remember, he took over as defensive coordinator in 2013.

His best achievement as a Head Coach in Atlanta was appointing Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinator. Shanahan coached Matt Ryan to the MVP award and the Falcons’ explosive offense carried them to a Super Bowl they should’ve won.

When Shanahan left after two seasons, Atlanta’s form collapsed. They went from 8-8 in 2015 to 11-5 in 2016. Then they fell to 10-6 in 2015 (finishing third in the NFC South), 7-9 in 2018 and 2019 and Quinn was fired after an 0-5 start in 2020.

19-13 with Shanahan.

24-29 without Shanahan.

To me, Quinn is a lucky coach who has benefitted from the presence of others.

Give him a sensational defensive roster and he can make things happen, as he did in Seattle and Dallas. Ask him to oversee a big rebuild or inherit an average group that needs to be developed? I’m not sold.

If he comes with a top offensive coordinator, fantastic. It could work. I’d just make the OC the Head Coach. After all, the Falcons would’ve probably been better off promoting Shanahan after the 2016 campaign, rather than letting him go to San Francisco.

My preference would still be an offensive minded Head Coach — such as a Sean Payton, Doug Pederson or an up-and-coming coordinator, paired with a new GM (such as Indianapolis’ Ed Dodds) and a highly touted defensive coordinator either with great experience (Vic Fangio, once fired by Denver) or a blossoming star such as Philly defensive back coach Dennard Wilson.

Still, the Quinn link means at least people within the league — or at least within the Cowboys organisation — are wondering what the Seahawks are going to do.

Jason La Canfora also published a piece that looked at the possibility of changes being made:

The Seahawks are considering whether or not a rebuild is required in 2022, sources said, which could lead them to move on from longtime coach Pete Carroll, who is nearing the end of his career and already in his 70s. Moving on from such a winning coach, who has built a unique culture in Seattle, would not be easy, nor would trading future Hall of Fame quarterback Russell Wilson, but given the state of the team’s personnel and its lack of draft capital, neither moving on would be surprising at this point.

La Canfora’s report says a lot without really providing anything we don’t already know. Yet he’s citing sources in the first sentence that ‘the Seahawks are considering whether a rebuild is required, which could lead them to move on from Pete Carroll’.

Mike Garofolo reports the Seahawks have ‘no plans’ to trade Wilson (which is exactly what you would say, whatever your intentions, given you want to max out leverage in any situation). However, Garofolo also says:

“Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s future, on the other hand, is so uncertain as his first losing season in a decade comes to a close that even those who work closely with him on a daily basis don’t know what the near future holds.”

Albert Breer admitted Allen is such an unknown that whatever happens will be unpredictable. Yet he also added: “Would Allen fire Carroll? My sense is GM John Schneider is safer than Carroll.”

Then there was yesterday’s report where Tony Pauline suggested UCLA could be interested in Carroll if he was fired. I reached out to Tony last night and he felt it was a 50/50 proposition whether Carroll leaves the Seahawks.

Allen might make a public declaration of backing for Carroll tomorrow and this will all be a moot point. I did find it interesting that the wheels have been turning over the last 24 hours and the chatter around Carroll’s future has picked up.

In the weirdest way, it’s almost fitting that some kind of era will end tomorrow when the Seahawks play in Arizona.

It’s the stadium where Carroll and Wilson first played a regular season game together in 2012. It’s the stadium where the Seahawks careers of Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas all ended. And, of course, it’s where that Super Bowl was played.

Tomorrow it might claim another victim. The Carroll era, the Wilson era, or maybe even both.

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  1. Nathan_12thMan

    Granted Pete is a factor in roster building and personnel acquisition but this part scares me more than RW or Pete staying/leaving:

    “My sense is GM John Schneider is safer than Carroll…”

    I honestly think the biggest problem with the Seahawks the past 5 years, hell after the LOB was built has been personnel decisions and roster building. More of Pete doesn’t scare me nearly as much as more JS draft classes and trades. It’s not just who he drafts and trades for, it’s who he doesn’t that also hurts us. Granted, some of that is with 20/20 hindsight but a bunch of it, like investing in the trenches (Creed) > skill position players (Eskridge) or just in general refusing to pay for Corey Linsley then refusing to draft a C in a really good C draft class because they have Pocic and aren’t excited about Fuller? It’s “we’re excited about Drew Nowak but we’ve got Jeanpierre and Patrick Lewis so we’re good.” all over again.

    I genuinely wouldn’t be upset if Pete all of a sudden announced JS will be replaced, a priority will be made on the trenches in the draft and FA, that we’re going to sign a stud OL/DL (Chandler Jones, Ryan Jensen or James Daniels [at C]), that we’re going to find the best DC, OC & QB coach available and sign them. Pete has flaws, likely ones that won’t ever change so he’s gotta go but if some of them changed, he’d be a good head coach for RW and the Seahawks. If he wants his team to play like it did W1 and W17 then the problem is mainly personnel. An average defense with a good pass rush, a strong running attack (that pulls defenses out of 2-high) and then an OL who can protect RW really well so he can sling it 25-30 times a game. As long as RW is throwing against 2-high safeties, this offense will struggle to function. The passes required to attack 2-high are RW’s weakspot and his athleticism to do the damage with his legs is fairly gone.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to determine though how much influence JS has actually had.

      Carroll’s in charge. If he says to Schneider — ‘we have to take a DE and a S, who are the best available?’ — and then they take Collier and Blair… is Schneider making those picks? Or is Carroll making those picks, based on JS’s answer.

      And does JS go in a completely different direction if he’s given control?

      Furthermore, what if Carroll tells Schneider to get the Adams trade done, regardless of cost? Who’s at fault there?

      What if Pete says depth is the key the last two off-seasons and doesn’t want to splash out on a top pass rusher or lineman?

      I struggle to judge Schneider based on the nature of the hierarchy.

      What I do know is Carroll is the man at the top and therefore that’s where I point the finger of blame. This is all his responsibility, whatever role Schneider played.

      • Joe

        I totally agree Rob. Pete is the boss of Schneider and is likely the one calling the shots in the draft. I want both gone though because I think they are both to blame for our crappy drafts.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        I mean, it’s basically impossible to argue with that. You also didn’t even mention how Carroll is the one who hires the coordinators and assistant coaches and then empowers their voices in the talent acquisition process. By removing Pete and all his staff, does that open up Johns draft board? It must. Does he start drafting CB’s higher for example? Does he start putting a priority on quality OL? Does he avoid taking RB’s high (R1-2)? Obviously whomever comes in as the next HC would want to have his roster built to fit his vision too but if John is now in charge (unlike now) who knows how that would play out. But maybe JS not under Pete wouldn’t have traded for Adams and maybe he woulda taken Creed > Dee. *shrug*

        And yet I’m still scared. It’s hard to imagine every BAD decision make was on Pete. So if we do end up replacing JS I will be excited about the possibilities of improved personnel decisions. But I definitely see your point. I’m curious as well what he’s like not under Pete’s reign but am I curious enough to bet another free agency on it?

      • bmseattle

        JS has had opportunities to go elsewhere, if he felt hindered in his team building philosophy by Pete.
        One can only conclude that he hasn’t had major philosophical issues with Pete and their decisions… at least not enough to force a change on his end.

        I know that if I was in his position, and felt forced into making trades or draft picks that I didn’t agree with, I’d look to change my situation to one where I had more control over decision making.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, he had a shot at Detroit then got paid to stay.

          Money talks, as does the idea of living in Detroit it seems…

  2. Marcus

    I’ve got my popcorn ready for this offseason. The hope is that it’ll be more entertaining than the games, and have a better ending than the season.

    • 805Hawk

      This. 100%.

  3. Rob Staton

    This is how fans deal with a crap season in the UK:

    • Joe

      Ha ha. Norwich is so terrible. lol I’m an Everton fan so I can’t really brag that much.

      • DriveByPoster

        Aha, another toffee! Is there a secret Evertonian cadre lurking on SDB? The people need to know!

        • Sneekes

          Same here. So that’s three of us!

    • Sea Mode

      Their pretend goal was disallowed by VAR… 😜

  4. cha

    I’m so sick of the press corps in this town. How can they be so far behind the national guys on this?

    Everything Pete said about his relationship with Jody when questioned could have been meant as ‘the last three years’ just as much as ‘the last two weeks’ but nobody has gotten clarification. And yet they’re all running with the thought that everything Pete is saying about running it back has been signed off by Jody and she’s all ready to go forward with it.

    When Art Thiel asked Pete about his future with Russell and the org, he declined to answer. THAT is your answer there.

    But no. Everyone seems to have decided that they’ve got the answers. And so they’ve declined to go any further.

    Just one question. “So Pete, to clarify, you have talked with Jody Allen recently and your job is safe and going forward there are no plans for major roster changes this offseason?”

    It doesn’t matter whether Pete answers the tough questions or not. It doesn’t matter if he smirks and looks off camera to his press guy or adopts a snippy attitude and coldly shuts it down. You’ve got to apply some pressure.

    But no. We are treated to questions about Bobby Wagner’s non-football interests and what Pete thinks of their 3rd string quarterback.

    The national media is talking about the future of the club.

    Fans are talking about it.

    Players like Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson are bringing it up that they’re not certain they’ll be Seahawks in 2022.

    And were we have the 10-15 guys who actually have press access acting like they’re the only guys in the country who don’t think the future of this team is worth asking the Director of Football Operations about. And that is a problem.

    • Rob Staton


      • Rscott412

        Thank you couldn’t have said it better. I can’t even watch the press conferences anymore cause it is just a bunch of fluff and garbage.

    • Denver Hawker

      What of Clayton though? Local or not, anyone with ties to Pete and closeness to the organization appears to operate in fear of being cutoff if they don’t tow the line. It’s state media at this point and any of them who wish to claim any credibility as a journalist ought to be ashamed.

      • TJ

        I listened to a bit of the Clayton show yesterday while I was driving; he had a guest named “Bob” who made the same points that are being made on this forum (Bob…. are you here on SDB?) and Clayton wanted nothing to do with the conversation. He ended up hanging up on him. It was both entertaining and irritating. Clayton tows the line as much as anyone, and refuses to accept that change is not only possible, but even worthy of discussion.

    • Roy Batty

      I am a native son of Seattle. I grew up there. I built my career there. I married, made friends and became a part of the community.

      All that being said, I can assure you that the way the local media is acting IS the Seattle way. Polite. Not being pushy. A bit aloof, at times.

      It sucks. It’s cowardly journalism. It smells of complacency for the fear of reprisal or losing face with the franchise.

      I find it fascinating that the Seattle Times can take on, and expose the lies and coverups in the Boeing Supermax disaster, yet can’t field a reporter willing to challenge the HC or ownership group of the city’s biggest franchise.

      • TJ

        Agree 100%, with the exception of KJR’s Softy. He seems to have the guts to call it like it really is.

      • cha

        …and let’s look across the beat writers on Twitter to see how they’re covering these seismic news breaks about PC’s job and RW’s future.

        A couple scant mentions of all the national reports but nothing of substance at all.

        Gregg Bell is throwing a hissy fit about a reader who corrected his bad grammar.

        • Roy Batty

          It is mind boggling how a city with 5 major professional sports franchises can be this devoid of journalistic integrity when it comes to the Seahawks.

          They have no problem circling the sinking ship, once they smell blood in the water, whenever the Huskies show less than stellar play. But, for some reason, Carroll is nearly untouchable.

  5. James Noetzelman

    Rob, thanks again for all your analysis. Have followed this, and have not read something i think important. Especially when this decision might only be the tip of the ice berg of the Team future (i.e. same or new owner?) ANy idea who is advising Jody? I haven’t heard any names. Do you have any idea(s)?

    • Rob Staton

      Bert Kolde is a name often mentioned.

      Personally I hope she’s had the sense to contact Todd Leiweke.

      • Peter


        After Paul Allen maybe the second most important person in Seattle sports.

  6. hobro

    Any thoughts on Wilson saying it’s his “plan” to stay in Seattle: “It’s always been my goal … to win multiple Super Bowls and my plan is to be here and do that.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve answered this already about five times this week.

      Wilson wants to stay in Seattle.

      Wilson just wants to change.

      If changes at the top occur he will stay.

      If not he will go.

      It’s as simple as that.

      • hobro

        Yes, I understand your argument, and it may very well turn out to be prescient. It seemed to me, though, that Wilson’s use of “plan” was stronger than his earlier comments about “hoping” to be with the team next year. I can see two possible interpretations: first, that he was trying to lower the volume of the chatter on social media and elsewhere. Good luck with that! Second, that he genuinely believes the team and/or its owner will accommodate whatever he wants to see happen next year – whether that’s a new head coach, a different approach to the draft, or both, or something else entirely.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you’re reading too much into one word.

          He’s always said his preference is to stay in Seattle, aka ‘his plan’. This is nothing new.

          But we know, 100%, that he will change his plans without Jody Allen making some big decisions.

          There’s no new revelation here.

  7. CHaquesFan

    It’s sad how the two longest-tenured players on this team might both leave this offseason, have publicly acknowledged, and people just brush it off and say they’ll be back

  8. Aaron L

    Hard Knocks Seattle 2022?

  9. Ashish

    It will end where it is all started. But it will be good for hawks if Pete era ends here. We are not going anywhere with same setup. Can’t wait for the news.

  10. Donovan

    Good for Vita, former Husky & SDB favorite:

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic player, was a privilege to watch him play live

  11. BobbyK

    It’s unbelievable that so much has started/ended in that stadium in Arizona. Tomorrow will be one of those games. Somehow.

    Dan Quinn as a HC makes me want to puke. He’s a good type of guy. That’s it.

    Doug Pederson outcoached Bill Belichick in a freaking Super Bowl with his backup QB. Why would he not be the focus?

    Personally, Quinn has benefitted from talent his entire career. He’s the bum DC that gave up the 10 point lead in the Super Bowl. If you want to blame Avril for getting a concussion, that’s fine. Blame that. But realize you’re saying that he sucks without superior talent then. Just like Pete Carroll. Or most coaches in the history of sports.

    I hear Quinn is a good guy. I know Pete is a good guy. But what I want is a good coach. One that Russ buys into. That’s part of the battle. If Quinn, so be it. Then just be smart enough to let Russ and the OC score a lot of points, regardless of how they do it.

    • 12th chuck

      I still think the pats cheated. They were caught before Superbowl 49, and after taping other team practices, and somehow knew what we were going to do. But yes, no to Dan Quin being seahawks had coach.

    • Rob Staton

      Quinn has shown, without Kyle Shanahan as OC, he’s a truly rubbish Head Coach.

      And as a DC he’s been gifted the LOB defense or Parsons/Diggs/Lawrence. I’m sure most coaches would come out of that looking great.

      • Peter

        Was trying to see a positive and was thinking “okay Quinn. Maybe he brings Kellen Moore with him.”

        Just read Quinn is helping Moore interview for JAX head coach.

        Is Kellen Moore that good? And if so shouldn’t Seattle be looking at him?

        • Rob Staton

          Moore would need to be traded for as a lateral move

          • Peter

            Assistant Head Coach/ OC……I’m not really sure where the cut off from lateral career and new position emerges.

            Dream land I know.

  12. Tomas

    Jody could conclude she needs say nothing, ever, unless she decides to terminate Pete/John. Both PC and JS have long-term contracts in-place, each for several more years. To make a public statement that either or both will return would only lend credence to those annoying rumors, she might reason. Why be bothered? Pete always knows what to say (yes, I am in a pessimistic mood this evening, apologies.)

    • Rob Staton

      Well saying nothing would be utterly ridiculous.

      And create unnecessary drama.

  13. Rob Staton

    I’ve added an article/report from Mike Garofolo to the piece which reads:

    “Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s future, on the other hand, is so uncertain as his first losing season in a decade comes to a close that even those who work closely with him on a daily basis don’t know what the near future holds.”

  14. Ukhawk

    Great article Rob.

    The culmination of being ahead of ALL media outlets local or national on this.

    Glad the time for change is finally here, let’s get on with it !!

  15. TheOtherJordan

    I also think in fairly short order, you will get a clear indication of what is going to happen with ownership if drastic changes are made or not made. If all three leave, if Russell stays and Carroll and/or Schneider go will tell a lot about what the Trustee or Trustees are thinking. As much importance as one QB or one coach can make, a bad owner is worse. Things didn’t change in Seattle until we had Paul Allen. The Seahawks played in the Kingdome and were perennially one of the worst franchises in the NFL with so little following and ticket sales local games were often blacked out on TV. A good owner changed all of that.

    • Rob Staton

      Very much so

    • Ben

      100% agree. Good post Jordan

  16. Big Mike

    Since it’s been stated that “no one knows what Jody’s thinking”, I sincerely hope the talk about Quinn as a HC is nothing more than speculation based on the fact that he was the DC here. I do NOT want another “defensive” HC. The league has continued to trend offensively and the Seahawks will fall behind if they go that direction imo.

    • Mick

      I wouldn’t be that much against Quinn if he plays the role that I’d expect Carroll to play: hire a top OC and give him full control. I believe JS might be interested in bringing Quinn. A new GM would likely go for completely new staff.

      • Peter

        This is the one scenario that I could understand. If Quinn could reach out and bring in someone good. And it did look like in ATL he didn’t pull a Pete and try to run both sides of the ball.

    • Peter

      Not just no to quinn. I get football is all about retreads but how about someone who has shown some success on their own? As Rob pointed out about Shanahan and ATL who was really making that thing go?

      I’m selfish. But Holmgren was a winner at Green Bay. And PC was an inspired choice.

      Go get me Jim Harbaugh with his irritating demeanor and his crazy prolific winning record. And his proven ability to take a 6-10 loser and turn them into a winner in one season. Go get me Doug Pederson who took perennial journey man Foles and beat the Patriots. Go get me Sean Peyton and his ability to forever look at his weapons and get great results.

      • pdway

        Re the Quinn argument – – isn’t the same often speculated about Doug Pederson w/r/t Frank Reich being the offensive/QB coach brain that got the Eagles offense going and to the SB win?

        • Big Mike

          Maybe but that’s the same Frank Reich that has his Colts losing to the most pathetic team in the NFL, Jax with a playoff berth ion the line. How good can he really be if he can’t get his team to win this gam?

          • pdway

            fair enough…i’ve half watching that game too. Lawrence looking good today.

  17. Roy Batty

    My biggest question about the ownership group is what their goal is concerning the ultimate sale of the team. It will be sold, but how will they approach the sale?

    Will they look for short term stability and keep the FO and coaching staff in place, making a quick sale more palatable to a new owner? That would allow the new owner to retain or release people as they see fit and not inherit a brand new staff that was not their preference.

    Will they, instead, choose a longer view and sell the team a few more years down the road, after the franchise becomes a perennial winner again?

    I haven’t seen any indication that they are wholly concerned with absolutely maximizing ROI, since they began selling off Allen’s properties and holdings. Some of his properties have sold for much less than initial listings, and they’ve sold some holdings off fairly quickly. His super yacht was probably a nightmare in daily costs to maintain, so it made sense to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    All this then leads back to the main question of how soon are they selling the team? Did Paul request it be done within a certain amount of time? Did he stipulate it needed to be sold to a local owner with an ironclad agreement not to move the franchise, thereby allowing more time to make the right sale?

    Clarification must be made in the next couple of days. For the sake of the fan base, something needs to be stated by the owners.

  18. Denver Hawker

    Broncos officially fired Fangio. There goes a domino.

    • Peter

      Sort of suprising with a new owner change feeling fairly imminent. However i don’t think people capable of financing a team puchase really care one way or the other. If they like tge results of who is in charge and the person they eould carry on. If not, multi million dollar contracts are virtully meaningless to billionaires.

      • Denver Hawker

        Fans would have rioted if it didn’t happen. I think Fangio is well-respected by FO and players, but his style of play is boring and didn’t win games. He’s just not a good HC.

        I’ve speculated in the past that teams selling don’t want to rock the boat with GM or coach changes. But if they are having 10-20k no-shows like the Broncos, it’s not good.

        Also Bronco fans and media here are very different than Seattle. This is a franchise that was once bored of AFC championship games, been to 8 Super Bowls. They expect Super Bowls. Media has skewered Fangio since day one. Even Lord Elway isn’t safe from scrutiny.

        • Peter

          I remember living in CO the local radio. Through Tebow. It’s virtually the same population as Seattle but night and day about what they expect with success.

          I am not kidding when I say most of Seattle’s radio would not be on the air in CO. Fans would not handle watching/hearing national shows talk about a QB trade and the locals doing “dating game,” segments. Which Salk did recently.

    • TomLPDX

      Would love to have Fangio as our DC (along with a new OC and HC).

      • Big Mike


  19. Paul

    If I own this team, I start by identifying the key strategic obstacles. Number one—and this should be clear to anyone—is poor execution of roster construction. So, then I look how we go about that, which generally is that the GM and his staff identify talent (draft FA, and trade) and make recommendations that the coach has final say over. The GM/staff may argue and may even prevail at times, but the coach has the last word.


    1) How good is the FO at identifying talent?
    2) Should this particular coach have final say?

    The answers are complicated because if the FO is so-so at identifying talent, one could argue that the coach will make so-so decisions. On the other hand, the coach—who is also EVP of the team—has never indicated dissatisfaction with the FO, meaning that he must think that talent evaluation is not a problem.*

    Which it plainly is.

    I start by shaking up the FO and reorganizing the underlying structure: I replace John Schneider with a strong GM** who has a reputation for identifying mature talent—both football mature and personally mature—and give that person final authority over (a) FO staff and (b) roster building. I charge that person with determining the future of the coach and QB, although I’m cautious about moving on from either. Above all, though, I tell the new GM, the coach must show willingness to work within the new structure. If in your judgement he cannot, you have my okay to move on from him. I’ll sign off on whoever you want to bring in.

    As for the QB…we’ve seen what he can do when he is healthy, even with a limited roster. I’m reluctant to hold a cold streak against him, especially when I know that there’s a history of top QBs rebounding from off years (e.g., Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, Kurt Warner) and when I know that there’s no guarantee of replacing him with anything resembling competence. Again, though, this I leave this up to the GM: Sit down with the QB and have some direct talks about what he needs to see to have confidence in the direction of the team. If you can’t accommodate that or if the QB really wants a change of scene and won’t be persuaded otherwise, then we have to move on. Just be damn sure that we’ve done all we can do. And if you really and truly believe that the team would be better with a different QB, then come to me with a plan and we’ll talk.

    Whatever happens, I hope that the thinking is strategic and doesn’t focus on tactical matters like how often Pete Carroll goes for it on fourth down or third-down success rate—at least until we see him flounder with a better roster.

    *If nothing else, drafting Malik McDowell was a massive collective failure that on its own should have brought about significant change. And this is coming from someone leery of criticizing individual draft picks (as opposed to the track record).

    **I.e., powerful within the organization.

    • Peter

      I love that about “come with a plan.”

      For all the hand wringing people need to get really right about Wilson. His “cold streak,” has him 700 yds less than Murray, one td less, five (!!) interceptions less than him. Most here think Murray is really good. And he is. But Wilson’s cold streak is as bad as what many fans think of as a pretty decent year for Murray.

      I like Josh Allen. But he just put up a 120 yard, 0 td, 3 pick game against ATL. And there are multiple games like that for him this year.

      Even talk of his legs being gone. Really? Just last year, his most accurate with 40tds, and a ton of pass attempts he ran for over 500 yards. More than Rodgers, more than Mahomes both “mobile,” qbs.

      • pdway

        The eye test is worse than the stats though to a degree. If it’s the finger impacting the accuracy & velocity of his throws – I accept that and think it’s a fair point. But there are other issues, he’s holding the ball too long, and he’s no longer using his legs to escape people or strategically gain yards in a pinch – nearly as effectively as he’s done throughout his career. And I think, his legs are a big part of the secret sauce of his effectiveness as a QB – so the concern in my view, is that if he’s lost that, he goes to being a very good QB, but perhaps not a special one.

        All that said – I agree w the POV that giving it another run w him and a better O-line and scheme is still the best option we’ve got.

      • Paul

        I’ve been around long enough to know how bad it can get at QB and how long it can take to get better. The way he is right now—a season from “let Russ cook,” BTW—Wilson is still among the best QBs in team history.

        • pdway

          He’s the best QB in team history by a wide margin. Just been some signs lately. I’m in for running it back w him next year though.

  20. Peter

    I think you are right here. Regardless of how the terms were laid out via Allen’s will and the trust I think some key member of the organization should be out front saying either yes or no to ehether they are actively seeking a new owner.

    Denver is in that process. Yet the football goes on.

    I understand that it’s probably not as easy as find a rich person and snap your fingers. They are the new owner . There’s nothing in life that is ironclad about moving. With apologies to San siego, st. Louis, and oakland…Seattle was once a quaint nothing on the map wgen Ken Bering was trying to move but now it is a moneyed city with more or less state of the art stadium, etc.

    Even if it was a touch of honesty such per paul allen’s will…..but we have yet not begun to search…what ever it is. I just think these kind of nebulous owner groups, out side of Green Bay, are a terrible way to run sports.

    • Peter

      Meant as a reply to Roy Batty. Though I suppose it jibes generally with the overall sentiment from many comments.

  21. McZ

    I’ve thought long about what reasoning Jody Allen could find to fire PC.

    I guess, the offseason drama last year and the fact, that all signs point into the wrong direction will utter the most important question: hey coach, what are you planning to do about it?

    After three seasons, I would want to see a decent plan to finally fix the pass rush. What OL players do we target? What about the crappy playbook, the time management, the secondary, Bwagz, our constant search for four quarters of competent ball?

    And if PCs answer is his retooling agenda, that only a few unnamed signings here and a couple of adjustments there are required, that RWs discontent is not a thing, and that the on field product is good enough to compete in a thick NFC West, he will be instantly fired.

    • Rob Staton


      How about a crap reset leading to the mess this season??

      • McZ

        You’re welcome with that question.

        The thing is, I read lots of stuff, that Jody Allen isn’t in it, and that she doesn’t has a real reason to fire PC after “just one bad season(tm)”. And that’s a good point, actually.

        I xame to the conclusion, that it won’t matter.

        PC will find himself being asked for decisive changes quickly, and if he is offering the same adjustment-alswayscompete-retooling crap, that has proved to be incapable of turning the franchise around, he’ll find his ass out.

      • SeaTown

        How about the ransom they paid for the “best in the nation”.

        • Big Mike

          That trade alone is enough to show them the door imo.

  22. ElPasoHawk

    Prediction: Jody Allen tells Pete she wants to retain him as HC and JS as GM but that he has to replace KNJ as DC due to his defense consistent poor performance (Both Raiders and Hawks). She also tells Pete that he won’t hand pick the DC and that she wants to pursue a big name such as Fangio. Pete walks away due to his loyalty and desire to pick the coaching staff. JS stays but is handcuffed by Allen’s insistence that Wilson stay. We end up with Wilson, JS, Doug Peterson as HC, Fangio at DC. A year from now Seahawks advance to NFC championship, Russ is happy, and JS starts a painful renegotiation with Mark Rodgers to lock up Russ for an additional 4 years.

    • Hawks4life

      I would be all for it, but will it happen? If Pete does indeed leave I could see a signing a low end coach and end up in the same predicament as this year. Fingers crossed 🤞

  23. Mike

    It’s somewhat maddening that we are on the edge of the off-season with no clear resolution in sight. I can only think of 3 possible scenarios:
    1. Pete Carroll retires or resigns
    2. Carroll is fired
    3. Carroll wants to stay and ownership is asleep at the wheel. This scenario is a disaster for the franchise as it leads to an off-season of drama.

    I’d like to think that Pete knows that option 3 will lead to Russell demanding a trade so it’s not really a real choice. I’m just worried about Pete’s eternal optimism clouding his judgment.

    Never a dull moment.

    Rob—thanks for staying with us this year. The vitriol you’ve endured for being “negative” is unfortunate as the reality is that you saw this coming 2-3 years in advance. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

      I’ve had 1% of the vitriol I had last year to be fair. I guess that’s because a lot of what we’ve talked about has come true

      • TomLPDX

        Which is sad. It isn’t rocket science and pretty obvious to all of us for a while now.

  24. Gross MaToast

    From Garafolo:

    “The Seattle Seahawks reportedly don’t plan to trade franchise QB Russell Wilson once the 2021 season is finally over. With Wilson under contract for two more years and armed with a no-trade clause, we can assume he’s going nowhere this year. That leaves only one other major question mark hanging over the organization heading into the 2022 offseason: the fate of their head coach, Pete Carroll.

    According to Mike Garafolo at NFL Network, Carroll will be meeting with team owner Jody Allen next week to discuss his future.”

    If RW isn’t leaving…

    • Hawks4life

      The whole “don’t plan” part in all these quotes holds not weight what so ever, never has and never will.

    • Rob Staton

      Next week?

      Needs to be tonight

      • Gross MaToast

        “Next week” begins at midnight PST, about the time the Seahawk plane lands at Seatac.

  25. Forrest

    Say whatever you will, but up until this point, the team is still playing hard to win. I expect that to continue today. No hatred for the Cardinals, more of respect for each other to play their best, and if necessary, go out on a high note.

    Winning or losing today shouldn’t matter. But, a nice win may ne more likely to keep the band together, whereas a loss or the team looking less interested may flip Jody to take more action(s).

    I hope to see a streetfight today and Seattle leaving it all on the line. I expect that from Russ – hope to get it from the others.

    • Rob Staton

      Define playing hard to win, though.

      I thought we were really crap against the Bears and looked like a typical bad team

      • TomLPDX

        If you are watching the Lions/Packers game, that is playing hard to win. Hats off to the Lions and I suspect they will be in the mix next year. Those guys are playing hard for their coach and team.

  26. Big Mike

    Could be worse folks…………well, maybe anyway…………we could be Colts fans watching our team that only needs to win against the worst team in the NFL, Jacksonville, to get into the playoffs yet getting their asses kicked 16-3 (so far).

    • Big Mike

      Update: 23-3

      • Big Mike

        Complete, total and epic choke by Indy.

  27. Big Mike

    TJ Watt has tied the sack record for a season with 22.5. Before anyone says “yeah but 17 game season”, be aware he missed 2 games this year so he’s done it in 15 games played. Wonder how he’d have looked in a Seahawks uniform?

    • bmseattle

      An interesting question.
      Tell me how good he is at dropping back into coverage, and I’ll answer it.

      • Big Mike

        I literally LOL’d my friend

        • TomLPDX

          Same! Great question!

  28. Rob Staton

    A lot of people have asked about him

    I am not feeling it with Tyler Huntley. Not for me

    • Rob Staton

      Davis Mills pretty good, huh?

      Who knew…

    • Big Mike

      100% agree about Huntley

      • TomLPDX

        He’s the perfect backup for the Ravens.

  29. cha

    Just some information.

    Last year the Seahawks got bounced from the playoffs at home on a Saturday. PC threw his hands up and said he had ‘no space in his head’ to imagine a one and done. (also pointed to Aaron Donald as a weapon they couldn’t handle and had no answer when asked why don’t the Rams have similar trouble with RW and Bobby Wagner)

    PC then had his year end press conf the following Monday.

    Tuesday (the next day) Brian Schottenheimer was no longer the offensive coordinator.

    Thursday RW had his year end press conf, diplomatically disagreeing with many of PC’s statements.

    Buckle up. This thing could move quickly.

    • Big Mike

      That’s all I think any of us want cha, a quick resolution.

      Oh and it’s a good thing they addressed the Aaron Donald problem by drafting Creed Humphrey. That is but one if many failures on the part of Pete Carroll’s roster construction.

  30. cha


    Jacob Eason
    Gabe Jackson
    Will Dissly

    Bobby Wagner
    John Reid

  31. cha

    Well that’s just great.

    • Robbie

      Massive EYE ROLL!

      • TomLPDX

        Kind of defines the whole season.

  32. Roy Batty

    Get used to that image of Pete with the open mouth people.

  33. Peppapig

    Good start!

  34. Rob Staton

    End the MF season already

  35. Big Mike

    Schlereth 100% right that it was on Wilson

    • Big Mike

      And also 100% right about how well Wilson throws the deep ball (when his finger ain’t broken).

  36. TomLPDX

    Yea Tyler!

  37. TomLPDX

    So far so good for Penny

  38. Bmseattle

    Why not play Haynes at LG (where he excelled last week), and move Lewis back to RG (where he expelled last year)?

    • Gary

      I had the EXACT same question!

    • Rob Staton

      Because Seahawks

  39. Bmseattle

    How did Pocic end up pushed 2 yards backward on a QB sneak?!

    • Big Mike

      Because Pete drafted a small WR that has barely played this year instead of Creed Humphrey

      • Bmseattle

        Ah, yes…creed…the Kevin Bacon of football players.

  40. Big Mike

    Cards in the middle of what’s going to be a 90 yd, 7 min drive. This D is death by a thousand cuts

    • Rob Staton

      This D is death by boring me to death every week

    • SeaTown

      Thank god no explosive plays though. Can’t have the Cards scoring too quickly.

  41. Gary

    The obligatory first quarter timeout.

  42. Big Mike

    Nice job Rasheem

    • Big Mike

      I literally LOL’d

  43. Gary

    Followed by the obligatory drive-extending neutral-zone infraction.

  44. Big Mike

    This defense is comedy gold

    • Gary

      I continue to believe the D has some redeeming qualities, and wouldn’t be a total dumpster fire if we had even a semblance of a pass rush.

  45. Gross MaToast

    Can I say it?

    I’m going to say it.

    *clears throat*

    Boy, how much do these guys miss Bobby Wagner?!!

    • Big Mike

      Not at all on that screen pass where Barton actually made an aggressive move to tackle instead of passively waiting for the RB to come to him.

      • Gross MaToast

        That was my best Steve Raible impression and not meant to be answered factually.

  46. cha

    A 9 minute drive that ends with a FG.

    The only thing more 2021 Seahawks is the fact the fans will praise it as an example of a good defense, and somehow find a way to blame the defense gassing out in the 4th Q on Russell Wilson.

    • Big Mike

      But of course it’d be Wilson’s fault

    • pdway

      they did stop them 3 times on 3rd down though…

  47. Hawkster

    Considering $35m of the defence isn’t suited up, could be worse.

  48. Bmseattle

    So, Lockette has supplanted Eskridge as our key sweep guy, huh?
    So…what’s the plan for Eskridge then?

  49. Bmseattle

    *jet sweep

  50. Hawks4life

    Thought Russell was burnt toast.. his accuracy looks great today thus far

  51. pdway

    great drive for Russell

  52. Big Mike

    Yeah let’s trade Wilson. He sucks

    • Rob Staton


      • Big Mike

        Yep. Finger injury on his throwing hand had nothing to do with his issues earlier this year. If he’s auditioning for other teams, he’s doing a fine job of it.

  53. GoHawks5151

    Terrific drive. Good play mix. Good accuracy from Russ.

  54. Big Mike

    Cardinals are likely to start benching people if the rams lead keeps getting bigger because they’ll be locked into I think it’s the 5 seed

  55. Bmseattle

    Apparently, if we have a 15 game pre-season, our offense will be all ready to roll for the regular season opener!

  56. V

    Fantastic drive from Russ

  57. 12th chuck

    whenever the seahawks are on d, and its 3rd down, I hear the Benny Hill music in the back round

  58. Chris

    Wilson is fired up!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully walks right into that office tomorrow and says… now make the GD changes and let’s get back to business

      • Big Mike

        Here, here

  59. Big Mike

    Why are we trying to cover AJ green with a linebacker?

  60. pdway

    Mayowa and Hyder have both really been zeros this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Hyder a journeyman.

      Said it when we signed him.

      People were talking him up as the new Bennett

  61. Rob Staton

    54-year-old AJ Green there sending Cody Barton onto his arse

    • Bmseattle

      Barton is just too aggressive.
      He needs to just settle down, and wait for tje WR to attack *him* there…like Wagner knows to do.

    • Gary

      Barton playing well, to be fair.

      • Bmseattle

        He’s instinctive and aggressive.
        He’s just way too small and cant hold up to the Aaron Rodgers stiff arms of the world.

        • Big Mike

          To quote a Metallica song title, sad but true

  62. Chris

    Taylor wrecking this drive

  63. Gary

    Who is #42 Josh Jones? Anyone?

    • Big Mike

      Practice squad guy that has actually played pretty well

      • Gary

        Thanks Mike, hadn’t noticed him before.

  64. pdway

    D deserves some credit. that’s a 3-pt half (and 50 yards passing) against a good offense, even w out Hopkins).

    • Rob Staton

      Cardinals are playing like crap

      • Roy Batty

        Them and the Hawks have been terrible at home.


  65. Norman

    Murray seems to do a lot of blaming his receivers.

  66. cha

    The best way to defend Chandler Jones is to sign him to your team.

    Go get him Hawks.

    • Big Mike

      Very well said

  67. Big Mike

    And by the way I will go ahead and predict right now the stealers will not play on Saturday next weekend because the NFL will want to make sure they get at least the full week’s rest.

  68. pdway

    I think I try to keep Penny and let Carson go. Maybe this is fool’s gold. But in any case, I now think his going-forward ceiling is higher.

    • Big Mike

      For the right price yes. You know what you’re gonna get with Carson basically I have to 2/3 of a season. Maybe you get lucky and this guy stays healthy finally

      • Big Mike

        Half to 2/3

      • pdway

        would still love to see him lose 10 lbs and get crazy fit this off-season. but he’s got decent vision and high-level burst for a guy his size.

        • Rob Staton

          He looks like he’s carrying bad weight

          And yet he’s playing his best ball with it

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on cost though. You can’t pay Penny for a handful of games. He can’t be trusted on this small sample size. If he’s cheap, go for it.

      There are RB’s in this draft I’d rather have for a lot less.

      • Roy Batty

        Structure it heavily on the incentive side?

        • Rob Staton

          It only takes one team not to do that though and he’s gone

      • Norman

        I think my ceiling would be the savings from Carson, ~3 million.

        • Rob Staton


  69. Roy Batty

    Is Eskridge active today, and if so, has he become a John Ursua? Talented but can’t grasp the playbook?

    I don’t understand his situation.

    • pdway

      no idea why we’re seeing swain and hart on the field in his place — why not at least let him get the reps?

    • 12th chuck

      at what point do we chalk up esk. as a bust… still rookie season but he has to make it on the field

      • Rob Staton

        If you draft a WR3 in round two, you need them to contribute quickly

        Otherwise it’s a total luxury waste

  70. Chris

    We cannot run a screen to save our lives! It baffling

  71. Chris

    Eskrige has missed most of the offseason and a good chunk of the season. It’s asking a lot for him to make an impact in his rookie season with missing that much time.

    • Roy Batty

      Then why not play him in this game? It makes zero sense.

  72. Hawks4life

    Definitely won’t miss Everett if we don’t resign him. Way to may mistakes in crucial moments

    • Roy Batty

      And then he drops a gimme.


  73. Chris

    Not sure why? Pete used to play young guys, he doesn’t seems do it much anymore.

  74. pdway

    great quick throw by russell

  75. Big Mike

    Everett. Unreal. Total shit there

    • cha

      RW: “Sorry man, didn’t mean to hit you right in the hands.”

      • Big Mike

        Perfect throw, great recognition

        • Hawkster

          RW just making a lot of good throws today.

          • Roy Batty

            Big middle finger to Salk.

    • pdway


    • Rob Staton

      Feet for hands

  76. Hawks4life

    As I said…. Everett won’t be missed by me lmfao

    • 12th chuck

      makes mistakes at the worst possible times

  77. Chris

    Everett is so inconsistent

    • Big Mike

      Cost us 4 points

  78. Robbie


    • Rob Staton


    • pdway

      yep…that’s 21-10 right there. doesn’t get easier than an accurate floater like that. perfect throw by russell.

  79. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ah, Everett. Jekyll or Hyde with this dude. Consistently inconsistent.

  80. GoHawks5151

    Jeeze. Where has this been? Up to the line early, identify coverage, identify blitz, motion. Attacking middle of field with crossers, overs and up the seam.

    • Big Mike

      Ever think that maybe, just maybe a lot of it is a function of some time to throw and different/better play calling?

      • GoHawks5151

        Oh for sure. I feel like Waldron has been let off the leash a little. That cross to DK was straight from the Mcvay playbook. Run game on time too

  81. Chris

    Wilson is making a statement to the fans that want him traded

    • Bmseattle

      …or to teams that want to trade for him.

  82. pdway

    Taylor/Dunlap/Green….really just add one more player and it’s not an abysmal pass rush.

    • Hawkster

      you mean a box safety?

    • Jordan

      Taylor is very impressive. I know that there was some concern about him never playing again, so this is excellent to see. Explosive.

      • pdway

        for sure looks the part. athletic for the position. a bright spot this year for sure.

  83. Roy Batty

    See what happens when you don’t drop Dunlap into coverage.

  84. Chris

    We need a de and a d.t who can at least push the pocket on 3rd down

  85. Roy Batty

    Nearly triple the amount of pass yards compared to the run.

    Kinda shows the value of a certain QB. He is on fire.

    • Rob Staton

      No, he’s washed.

      Twitter says so.

      • Roy Batty


        I capitalized it, so it’s a fact.

    • cha

      Clearly RW is just a glory hog.

      How dare he throw it so much.

      Get rid of him.

      • Big Mike

        Mike Salk, is that you?

        • cha

          Lockett doesn’t attend Camp Russ in the offseason.

          You can tell they have no chemistry. Just awful.

  86. pdway

    once again – – we are just objectively no worse w out Adams out there. a more cutthroat team would deal him for whatever you could get this off-season.

    • Hawks4life


      • pdway

        maybe it’s wishful thinking, but if we do get the regime change at coach/GM, maybe the new guy takes a look at Adams salary vs. production – and looks for a way out.

        • Hawks4life

          I’m all for it, never was a fan of adams or the trade. Feel even worse about it now

          • pdway

            I tried to keep hope for him longer than most – sort of gave him a pass all last season – but this season when he’s out there, he’s been…fine. Not a game-changer/playmaker, not near the all-around player that Diggs has been, and his salary is at the superstar level. It just doesn’t work.

        • 12th chuck

          or at least find the correct way to utilize him better, he will never be worth his current salary regardless

          • Hawks4life

            He reminds me of Clowney in a way, had all the talent, flashy plays in college, became a high draft pick, got to the NFL and just can’t stay healthy or play with any efficiency on a week to week basis. Not worth top dollar in my eyes.

            • 12th chuck

              Clowney is so much better at his job than Adams is at his, and I don’t think it’s even close

  87. pdway

    let’s see if our guys can finish strong – but that’s a really good half against a playoff team playing at home w something on the line.

    • Jordan

      Felt like Seattle was really controlling the trenches.

    • Rob Staton

      Come on

      The Cardinals have been absolutely bloody awful

      Let’s be real

      • pdway

        do we get no credit at all for them being awful? it’s not like they’re dropping open touchdown passes.

        • Rob Staton

          On 3rd and 16, they dropped Chandler Jones — their best pass rusher — to cover a zone where Tyler Lockett was running a route.

          And I could’ve completed the pass to Lockett.

          They have been absolutely honking.

          • Rob Staton

            To me the Cardinals are playing like they don’t want to give anything away for the playoffs.

            They’re playing like they don’t want to get hurt.

            And they’re making a s**t ton of mistakes

      • Roy Batty

        Once again, the home field paradox for these two teams is bizarro. Just awful play.

        • 12th chuck

          if the hawks win, we might be doing them a favor by default.

  88. 12th chuck

    seahawks not missing wagner much…

  89. Big Mike

    Just a reminder, should be 21-10 Hawks.

    • Peter

      I was sort of talking myself into resigning Everett but for a little more go get David Njokue.

      I think Everett’s ceiling is inconsistent guy.

  90. Roy Batty

    Penalties just crushing the Cards.

    • Big Mike

      No matter

  91. Roy Batty

    I don’t see why it’s so astounding that some young, hungry and fresh legged players are performing well in the last game of the season.

  92. KennyBadger

    “How good is Cody Barton?”

  93. Matt

    Nothing to do with a specific play but I really hope we trade DK. I really cannot stand him. He seems like a bad teammate and his antics and body language suck.

    • Matt

      I was the biggest DK guy, but whatever he gets paid – he will absolutely not be worth it.

  94. cha

    Jordyn Brooks just had an absolutely dreadful series.

    • Rob Staton


      But were were desperate for a first round linebacker, right?

      • Gary

        You guys aren’t seriously going to put that 35-yard completion to Ertz on Brooks, are you?

      • Gary

        Schlereth literally said, Excellent coverage, just a better throw.

        • Norman

          Not that play, no.

          But 2 horrid missed tackles on those last two plays, and I’m as staunch a defender of Brooks as they come.

          • Gary

            I sometimes think we’re not as objective as we need to be on Brooks because we hold his draft position against him. It’s not his fault he was taken in the first round.

  95. Big Mike

    2 whiffed tackles in a row by Brooks right after Schlereth was extolling his ability to tackle.

    • Mick

      Terrible plays. An UDFA could look just like that too.

  96. Roy Batty

    There you are old Hawks D.

  97. Big Mike

    Just a reminder, should be 21-17 Hawks.
    There’s a TE out there that will catch easy TD passes likely cost less than 8 per.

  98. Leo

    Hey guys give Brooks a break, he’s 2nd in the league in tackles, he’s basically an all-pro!

  99. Roy Batty

    God they need a DT that can consistently penetrate.

    Mone looks like a statue.

  100. Hawkster

    that was a weird play

  101. Hawks4life

    Russ wtf was that man….

  102. Big Mike

    terrible throw there, absolutely awful

  103. Roy Batty

    Bad throw, then annihilated by two linemen.


  104. Norman

    Two poor decisions back to back by Russ there, forcing to Metcalf in a crowd and then that.

    • Rob Staton


      • Matt

        Not a good decision to go to DK, but would like to see a 6’4” 230 LBer show just a modicum of fight.

  105. ShowMeYourHawk

    Classic Russell panic play, following a low percentage pass into double coverage on the previous play. He ain’t the main problem but this dude’s decision making has never been great….

    • Rob Staton

      And yet if he takes that sack with two defenders running down on him, people moan about him not getting rid of it

      • Matt

        For the anti-RW, every play confirms their priors.

        • Rob Staton


        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Who’s anti-RW? I prefer keeping him to PCJS. I just believe in admitting he’s got some consistent flaws that he’s not improved on in 10 years, despite his being a fabulous athlete.

          • Matt

            I was following up Rob’s comment. Wasn’t directed at you.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Taking the sack isn’t the only outcome, though. We’ve seen Russ unintentionally throw the ball out of bounds. I trust he’s good enough to make that throw purposely, rather than take a sack OR pass the pass into coverage.

        • Rob Staton

          It was a crap play

          But this is the problem at the moment

          People going wayyyy OTT with their criticism of Wilson

        • Roy Batty

          Homer was WIDE open. It was just a bad floater, nothing more.

      • Gary

        So a sack or a pick are the only two possible outcomes?

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t say that did I?

    • Peter

      Maybe the main problem is Seattle isn’t good? AZ is doing almost nothing but has had the ball 8:30 minutes more while being poor today and is still winning.

  106. Mick

    These things happen when you constantly play 3rd and long. You need some safe throws for 4-5 yards that work.

    • Big Mike

      The Cardinals have really stepped up to stop the run game since some early in the game success by Seattle.

  107. pdway

    worst possible way to start a half….

    • SeaTown

      Or it’s the best possible start to help push Pete out the door.

      • Peter

        In my dark heart a win for Seattle hurts Seattle moving forward. Which sucks since I always want the to win.

  108. Rob Staton

    Fantastic half-time work fellas

    • SeaTown

      Masters of the adjustment.

  109. Roy Batty

    I really, really hope this doesn’t devolve into a pouting DK leading Russ into his “throw it to DK no matter what” mode.

    Keep mixing it up. Keep hitting all areas of the field.

    Do not force it to one man.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      That pass to DK into double coverage just before Russ’ interception SCREAMED “forcing this to prevent a tantrum.”

  110. Chris

    We haven’t been good at halftime adjustments since Tom cable left. I wonder how much of a factor he was in adjustments?

  111. Big Mike

    Run, run, incomplete, punt

  112. ShowMeYourHawk

    So glad we’re seeing Penny turn back into a pumpkin. Dude is hot trash against a capable D.

    • pdway

      disagree…he’s not been able to stay healthy, but dude has undeniable talent.

      over 100 again now.

  113. Rob Staton

    Surprised Wilson hasn’t been given a roughing the passer call on some of these hits

    • Hawks4life

      Thought the same thing

  114. Hawks4life

    When the defense knows we’re running the ball we almost always get stopped at the line. Something has to change this offseason. We’re so damn predictable

    • pdway


  115. Roy Batty

    I would like to see two TE sets, with Homer in the backfield. Utilize Everett’s route running, Parkinson’s massive size and mix it up.

  116. Big Mike

    Is it just me or does it feel like the next contested catch DK makes will be his first………maybe ever?

    • Roy Batty

      He had a great one last week didn’t he?

    • Matt

      He’s not worth >$15M which is why they should trade him.

      • Peter

        I can’t see this FO tradig him but another one? Possibly.

  117. Leo

    It might not be as devastating as fans think if the Hawks don’t give DK the contract he is looking for. For some reason, he just hasn’t developed chemistry with Russ over three seasons now. He looks miserable on the sideline every week, and it’s clear Russ tries to force a few balls to him per game to try and keep him in the fold. Compare that with how comfortable the Russ-Lockett connection is, or even Russ and Everett.

    Getting an offensive mind that can unlock a Russ/DK partnership could be game-changing. But if the current brain trust stays the same, it doesn’t make sense to pay DK top dollar for this output.

  118. Roy Batty


    The dud is a ghost ninja warrior.

  119. Mick

    Yess Swain, come on guys

  120. cha

    What a creative play!

    • GoHawks5151

      Beautiful man. Finally using Metcalf as an effective distraction. I wanna give credit to Waldron

  121. Big Mike

    That’s what happens when teams know you try too often to force the ball to DK.

    • pdway

      that’s a good point ….both guys went to him, opened it up for that easy TD.

      I wouldn’t be so fast to trade DK, or say he doesn’t have chemistry w Russell. 83/1303/8 last year, gonna finish w 1000 yards and 12 TD’s this year, and he just turned 24.

      Unless we re-build and move on w out Russell, who would you rather spend that money on, DK or Jamal?

      • Peter

        And tge team actually doesn’t have to do anything this season anyways. It’s just assumed they will.

  122. Norman

    How does Swain always seem to be left alone in a busted coverage? Never seen a player in that situation more than him.

    • Hawkster

      Swain with another contested catch, overcoming the void.

  123. Chris

    I can’t remember the name of the backup guard, but our o-line has played good when he’s in there

  124. Mick

    And now the D is killing them

  125. pdway

    let’s gooooooooooooooooo

  126. Chris

    What a wild game!

  127. ShowMeYourHawk

    That was Hyder’s FIRST sack this season? Jeezus. What a waste of cash….

    • Scot04

      Hyder only gets that sack because of Dunlap great push

  128. cha

    Arizona just short-circuited three plays in a row.

    I’d be licking my chops if I was their first-round opponent.

    • Big Mike

      Please don’t let it be the Cowboys. I so badly want them knocked out in the first round.

    • Norman

      I’m STILL laughing! 🤣

  129. Roy Batty

    This defense is in Oprah formation.

    A sack for you, and a sack for you, and a sack for you…

  130. Rob Staton

    There is no benefit to winning this game.

    • BA

      Other than pride, and providing false confidence to a stale regime at the end of a 7-10 season at best

    • Big Mike

      Better chance Pete comes back so he thinks it’d be a great thing.

    • Matthew

      And what is the harm exactly?

      • Peter

        Pete. Thinking all is right in the land. Unless behind closed doors he and Russ worked something out and he really doesn’t want to go and they aren’t trading him.

  131. Hawkster

    AZ looks like SEA, not getting the ball out, predictable. Just bad.

  132. Chris

    Don’t worry rob, when the game is on the line our defense will break

  133. Roy Batty

    Another middle finger to Salk.

  134. Big Mike

    Great effort by Russ there

  135. Mick

    If the Browns are keeping Baker Mayfield because it’s hard to draft QBs this year, we have to be stupid to let Russ go.

  136. AlaskaHawk

    This is a good game. Yee Haw.

  137. cha

    “Fine. I’ll do it myself.”

  138. Rob Staton

    Wilson can’t move any more

    Washed now he can’t run

    No mobility

    No longer a threat to run for TD’s…

  139. ShowMeYourHawk

    THAT is the Russ that this team needs. Decisive and dangeRUSS.

  140. Mick

    Well done Curhan.

  141. KennyBadger

    Trade Russ guys. If he is not a part of this organization moving forward, the Seahawks are in deep shit. Hip wader if not hazmat suit deep.

  142. Chris

    Our o line has seemed to play a lot better the last few weeks

    • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        Phil Haynes?

  143. pdway

    who knows what this off-season and next year brings, but man, this is fun…and I’ll take it.

    Way to go all out Russell, great stuff…

  144. Hawks4life

    3rd and 18 and they run for the 1st down…. disgusting

  145. cha

    A draw on 3rd and 18 gets a first down.

  146. Big Mike

    3rd and 18 and give up the first down? There’s the D we all know and love.

  147. Peter

    Russ. Dk. All interesting. But maybe not as much as is Penny a rhythm runner who was snake bit and/or wasn’t given carries? Or is he a guy looking to get paid?

  148. Rob Staton


    3RD AND 18 DRAW


    • SeaTown

      My heads not wired to process a play like that.

    • Bmseattle

      Mike Holmgren nods this head in agreement.

  149. Chris

    Epic fail by the defense there

  150. ShowMeYourHawk

    Resign Dunlap on the plane back to SeaTac, please.

    • cha

      He’s already under contract for 2022

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Extend, extend, extend.

    • Roy Batty

      He’s under contract through 2022, with void years thereafter.

  151. Roy Batty

    Those are some cracked ribs.

  152. Big Mike

    Just a reminder, should be 34-24 Hawks right now

    • Big Mike

      Sorry, 35-24 Hawks

  153. Mick

    Our LBs don’t know how to contain a TE.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Good thing our DC was a longtime LB coach. He should be able to design coverages to help his LBs succeed…… right?

      • Peter

        And our LB coach is Aaron Curry…so not great

        • TomLPDX

          What kind of comment is that? Curry might not have been the best player but you have no idea how he is as a coach. I’ve read that he is a very good coach.

          • Peter

            I guess I don’t see the evidence. The LB’s are oft exposed by TE’s. Maybe he is a good coach with better players but the LB’s aren’t doing it for me. And he was an okay player nowhere near his draft pick

  154. Chris

    Bummer for digs in a contract year

  155. Norman

    No matter how this ends, I’m just glad to have a fun game to close the year. Lots of back and forth, lead changes, splash plays (and yes, mistakes), I’ve found this to be maybe the most entertaining game of the year (high bar, I know). 😉

    • Norman

      Fuck, and then that for Diggs. Fuck.

  156. Big Mike

    When they won’t show it, it’s Thiesman bad

  157. Roy Batty

    I missed Diggs injury. What the hell happened?

    • Matthew

      So bad they didn’t show a replay.

  158. AlaskaHawk

    Really sucks for Diggs.

  159. ShowMeYourHawk

    Awful 😢 luck for Diggs. If it keeps his FA asking down, maybe he’ll be retained, after all?

    • Roy Batty

      His age and that severe an injury, it’s doesn’t seem likely.

      Really, really sucks because it would have been his biggest contract no matter who signed him.


  160. Big Mike

    Damn that’s rough

  161. Big Mike

    The curse of the field in Tempe continues. 🙁

    • Ashish

      I hate this ground

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Right? WTF is it about this field? It’s not FedEx but it’s a killer.

  162. Chris

    Talk about spoiling a great game

    • Matthew

      Gross. Guy gets his leg broke, and this is where you end up? Pfft

  163. KennyBadger

    Feel awful for Q.

    SF should have gone for 2.

  164. TomLPDX

    Quandre! Dude. Praying for you

  165. Roy Batty

    Dunlap and Taylor need a really good pass rushing DT.

    They would FEAST with a collapsed middle.

    • pdway

      Taylor has had a helluva game

  166. Chris


  167. Bmseattle

    Diggs played his ass off all year, earning what should have been a big payday this off season.

    What a brutally unjust turn of events.

    • Big Mike

      Could not agree more

      • Bmseattle

        Fans get on players for making “business decisions”.
        That’s something we never said about Diggs this year.

  168. Norman

    Quandre’s face is just seared into my brain, I feel sick thinking about it.

    • pdway

      hopefully it’s a bad break that can be repaired, I remember Lockett’s ugly ankle injury, and ultimately he came back 100$.

      • CL

        Saw a video on twitter, his foot faced 180 degrees in the wrong direction…

  169. pdway


  170. cha

    Wow Penny!

  171. Roy Batty

    Keep the pedal to the floor every possession. Next series, go for the dagger.

  172. TomLPDX

    Penny rocks!

  173. Chris

    Holy shit!

  174. Mick

    I was gonna say I want a long drive, but I’ll take the TD too.

  175. Rob Staton

    I really hope none of this influences Jody Allen

    • Big Mike

      If it does, she’ll get what she deserves. Sadly we’ll get it too.

      • TomLPDX

        Maybe so, but I for one will enjoy this win.

        • Roy Batty

          The ironic thing is, they have been doing this without the $17 million, 2 first round lead necklace around Pete’s neck.

          Someone really, really needs to ask him that question.

          • TomLPDX

            Really don’t like the Peacock. What a waste.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m more concerned about us

    • Denver Hawker

      One game shouldn’t make or break a decision on a coach win or lose

  176. Chris

    What a difference a good running game makes

    • Roy Batty

      Blocking has been really good over the last month.

  177. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ack. Mea culpa on Penny today. Still not convinced he’s a lead back but dude has had a good run.

    • TomLPDX

      Not convinced?

      • Troy

        He clearly has the talent but hasn’t proven he can stay healthy. Aka Carson 2.0

        • TomLPDX

          These last 5 games tells me he is a player. Agree he needs to stay healthy.

  178. Matthew

    How can they not resign Penny now? Not resigning him and him going off somewhere else, and potentially being what he’s shown? Or maybe he gets the check and checks out…

    • pdway

      maybe the AP influence is real?

      I don’t know…dude has real talent. doesn’t look like he’s moving that fast, but nobody catches him. ran by budda baker on that play.

  179. Chris

    If penny is healthy and has a good o line he is a difference maker. But you just can’t trust him to stay healthy

    • Bmseattle

      At least we know that he wont get hurt because of his intense off season workout routine.😏

  180. Norman

    Okay, against a quality D now, I’m edging maybe to 4 million ceiling for Penny. So hard not to try and capitalize on that upside, sustained now through several weeks.

  181. Big Mike

    LJ Collier covering AJ Green. What could go wrong?

  182. Chris

    If you could sign penny for a 1 yr deal for 4 mil with incentives it would be worth it. While also drafting a rb

    • Norman


  183. Roy Batty

    Jones has been finding his groove. Open field tackles, passes defensed.

    Making a case to re-sign him for sure.

    • Big Mike

      He’s had a good day

      • Roy Batty

        He’s played well for a few games now. It helps to play bad teams, but head also taken advantage. Many didn’t.

  184. GoHawks5151

    Finally Barton’s lack of strength turns into a positive

    • TomLPDX

      Barton has 2 good games. Not going to let 1 play throw that away.

  185. Big Mike

    Just a reminder, should be 42 for the Hawks right now

  186. Chris

    Mike,What fun would that be😀

    • Big Mike


  187. Hawks4life

    I wouldn’t have DK on the hands team

  188. TomLPDX

    Penny has had an exceptional day…again!

    • Big Mike

      yes he did

  189. Mick

    Now looking for some changes, but I’m glad we end with a win. The Q should be, why didn’t we deliver like today all season?

  190. Norman

    Hands by Brooks!

  191. Chris

    If they keep penny and upgrade the online he could have a monster year next year! Health permitting of course.

  192. TomLPDX

    49ers win!

  193. Chris

    So who wins the division?

  194. TomLPDX

    Rams with an AZ loss.

  195. MoBo

    Not that it’s my favorite solution but does the Giants hold the Nr. 3 pick?

  196. Pran

    Best win of the season hands down

  197. Chris

    There’s no way Jody Allen can let Russ walk

  198. Norman

    What a fun way to end the season.

    Beat a division rival who would have been division champs otherwise, in an exciting, back & forth game. All upcoming uncertainty & anxiety aside, I’ll take it!

  199. WallaSean

    Mark my words, they will run this back. It’s like something you have do do with your wife that you wish you could get out of.

    • BA

      Yeah this pretty much guarantees we bring everyone back and finish 10-7 with a first round exit

  200. 12th chuck

    feel bad for Diggs

  201. GoHawksDani

    This was not a totally clean game. Some bad mistakes and stupid plays. BUT! Please stop with the negativity. This was likely the best game of the last 3 season. A bunch of no ones on the D# and some long forgotten guys like Penny and Swain played their f’in hearts out. This was an old-school Hawks game. And they had nothing to play for while AZ had a ton.
    Lot of changes needed in the offseason, but maximum respect to these players AND Carroll. If he leaves this is a beautiful end note.
    My only question is: why couldn’t they play like this all year? They had more energy and soul in this game than the 16 earlier games together…
    But all in all this was the only game in the season I didn’t feel afterwards that I could’ve stare at the wall and that would’ve been more fun and the only game when I felt that with some changes this team has a chance to reach SB in the realively near future

  202. Big Mike

    NFL will schedule Cowpukes v. 9ers on Saturday so Dallas has a one day rest advantage

    • TomLPDX

      Should be a good game

  203. Palatypus

    So, do the big changes, whatever they may be, happen before or after the Senior Bowl?

    I ask this because all of the unemployed coaches always congregate out here with their resumes in hand.

    This is a bad time to lose all your scouts.

    We have 26 days.

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