There’s really no need to second guess the Penny pick

This is the last we’ll see of Rashaad Penny in pre-season

Chris Carson looks great. Rashaad Penny has a broken finger.

Why did they spend a first round pick on him again?

It’s important to remember where the Seahawks were a few months ago.

Pete Carroll wants to run the ball. You might disagree. You might wish for a different approach, a more pass-centric offense. Yet Carroll decided who he is as a coach a long time ago and it involves running the ball as a feature.

Seattle’s running game wasn’t even hopeless last year. It was worse than anyone could ever imagine. It was probably embarrassing for Carroll.

To have the quarterback be your leading rusher, to have only one touchdown by a running back, to be so utterly useless in the red zone. Heck, to be so utterly useless in any situation.

And yet the win against the Eagles showed how good the Seahawks could be with a balanced attack.

Part of the issue was a bad O-line. Part of the issue was injuries to the running backs. Part of the issue was a lack of talent at running back.

So the clear focus this off-season was to fix this problem.

Not so fast though! The Seahawks had a bad cap situation and needed to move out several players to work their way out of a hole. On top of this, they’d spent their second and third round picks on Sheldon Richardson and Duane Brown in an attempt to make one final bold push for a Championship with the old guard.

Now they had hardly any cap space, weak draft stock and a growing list of needs.

They simply didn’t have the cap flexibility or draft picks to address all the problems in one off-season. So they prioritised. They needed to boost the running game. They needed a pass rusher.

They had pick #18 and turned it into Rashaad Penny and Rasheem Green.

For what it’s worth, I’d mocked Green in round one many times. Lance Zierlein in his blurb described Green as a potential top-10 pick in 2019 had he returned to USC. He lasted into round three and Seattle took a punt on him. They also landed the running back they wanted, not the one who happened to be left on the board.

Two holes filled.

The hand-wringing over the Penny pick now seems to be over whether he was even needed with Carson on the roster. Yet people forget how unreliable Carson has been in his career so far. As talented as he is, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. He played four games for Seattle in 2017. He only had 82 carriers for Oklahoma State in 2016 and 131 carries in 2015 — missing several games.

Who else was on the roster? The perennially injured C.J. Prosise and Mike Davis. Could you really go into the 2018 season hoping for a change in fortune for Carson and Prosise? Would it be acceptable for a team so determined to dominate with the running game to carry only one semi-reliable runner in Davis?

They could’ve added a free agent but that backfired emphatically with Eddie Lacy.

They took their guy. They looked at a really good class for running backs and chose who they wanted. Rashaad Penny. Only Saquon Barkley was off the board at #27. They had their pick of a really good crop.

Had they not taken Penny at #27 the alternatives could’ve been Austin Corbett or Will Hernandez. Both players are really good and we spoke about them a lot pre-draft. Yet the Seahawks had only just traded for Duane Brown and spent a second round pick on Ethan Pocic. They’d signed D.J. Fluker, who they appear enamoured with, and neither Corbett or Hernandez was an ideal fit at right tackle.

Perhaps they could’ve taken a pass rusher at #27? Maybe. Yet there were plenty of concerns about the somewhat overrated Harold Landry. Certainly enough for him to drop to #41 when many expected a home in the first round.

For the purpose of the argument though, let’s give the Seahawks Landry at #27. So now they’ve addressed the D-line. Their next pick is at #79.

By that point virtually all of the top running backs are gone. Remember, Carroll wants to run the ball. That’s the identity of his team.

By #79 the following were off the board:

Saquon Barkley
Rashaad Penny
Sony Michel
Nick Chubb
Ronald Jones II
Kerryon Johnson
Derrius Guice
Royce Freeman

The next running back to leave the board was Nyheim Hines in the fourth round (#104 overall).

By not taking your pick of the running backs at #27 you miss out on the good ones. So you probably double-dip on defensive linemen right? Take Rasheem Green to pair with Harold Landry. Not a terrible plan by any stretch.

Yet you’ve still not addressed the running game. The key priority.

Your next pick is #120. A couple more runners leave the board. Do you take one here? Only if you want to miss out on Will Dissly — a player who appeared to be specifically targeted to also help Seattle’s running game.

How much longer are you going to await to address this need?

And again, let’s say you just roll with Chris Carson and hope for the best. Hope he stays healthy. What if, like the previous three seasons of his career, he isn’t available to take on a full work load? What if he misses numerous games again? What if the running game, for the second year in a row, is horrendous?

Carroll again doesn’t have his preferred identity. He’s not accomplishing his vision.

They’re not playing his ball.

You can’t win that way. We saw what a team minus any kind of direction or identity looked like. It’s called the 2009 Seahawks under Jim Mora.

We live in a time where the value of the running game is being strangely questioned and overanalysed. Despite two of Seattle’s most recent historically great runners both being former first round picks (Shaun Alexander, Marshawn Lynch) there’s almost a disdain for drafting the position early. It’s easily forgotten that the first team all-pro list for 2017 was littered with players not drafted early (the running backs were both first and second round picks):

Tom Brady (R6)
TE Travis Kelce (R3)
TE Rob Gronkowski (R2)
WR Antonio Brown (R6)
T Andrew Whitworth (R2)
G Andrew Norwell (UDFA)
C Jason Kelce (R6)
DE Everson Griffen (R4)
S Kevin Byard (R3)
DB Darius Slay (R2)

RB Todd Gurley (R1)
RB Le’Veon Bell (R2)

Can you find running backs later in the draft? Absolutely. Let’s not pretend it isn’t possible for every other position though — or fail to recognise many of the top backs are drafted early.

Ultimately I think this best sums it up. Seattle took the second best running back in a draft billed as the ‘year of the runner’. They also manipulated the board to get a very intriguing pass rusher in round three. They still have a big need on the defensive line but guess what? The 2019 draft will be billed as the ‘year of the pass rusher’. Guaranteed. Next years draft will be loaded with defensive linemen.

Considering this isn’t a one-year reset, they probably played the draft the right way in 2018 while setting themselves up for next year when there’ll be a lot more cap space and a D-line friendly draft class.

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  1. Ashish

    @Rob you don’t need justify Penny’s pick in first round. People who questions will never understand the fact and don’t see reason to explain number of times.
    Positive side of it excellent article !!! Hawks are poised to be back buzzing in year or two.

    Don’t be surprised if hawks makes play offs, by next year there will be handful of new superstar so lets sit back and enjoy.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ll certainly have a shot at the playoffs if they surround Russell Wilson with a functioning offense, rather than hoping he can pull off a miracle like last year. The signs are positive so far. And by next year the defense should’ve received a nice injection of talent.

    • jdk

      I believe Seattle misdiagnosed what was wrong with the running game. I believe that the ability to run the ball is important. I believe scheme was the bigger culprit. I believe that trading back again and using the later pick accrued to add depth to the running back room would have been a better use of the pick and would have accomplished the same goals.

      • Rob Staton

        What if there wasn’t an offer to trade back again?

  2. Joel

    I’m sure you’re getting tired of defending this pick but this was a well-written defense of their choice. I got over second-guessing it a while ago, mainly because anything they did in this draft was going to be questioned due to the lack of picks they had (their own fault), so that #1 pick was going to receive far more scrutiny and criticism than it really deserved.

    Some folks are frustrated they didn’t get Derwin James at #18 but he went at #17 and even if you get Derwin James, that doesn’t address any of their issues on offense and adds to the frustration with picking players like Tedric Thompson.

    I’m happy they got Duane Brown and I wish Sheldon Richardson had worked out. I understand the gamble behind both trades, just frustrated SR only lasted one season. But this draft was always going to piss people off because they lacked picks on Day 2. Hindsight is 20/20.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish they still had Sheldon. Not just for the pick’s sake but also because it’s another possible piece to the DL. That R2 pick was a waste. Hard to find guys like Richardson. But I understand why they didn’t feel like they could fork out millions on a big contract (not sure he would’ve signed short term here).

      • DP

        I too wish Sheldon was still a Hawk. But I believe it looks better in a vacuum vs reality. DT, Hawks have promise. Could use the money he’d of received over the next few years elsewhere. Clark, for instance. Or I dunno, say Mr Mack…

  3. TJ

    Good thoughtful article Rob. Going into the draft, it appeared that the lack of a 2nd and 3rd round pick put the Hawks into a bind. I think they did a masterful job of adding quality players at positions of need.

  4. Logan Lynch

    But Rob, what is the internet/twitter for if I can’t constantly question the decision making of the Seahawks front office and argue incessantly about the decreasing value of running the football???

    Seriously though, you nailed it. PCJS have been hamstrung the past few seasons by a non-existent run game. Part of this has to do with injuries obviously, but having more options (including Penny) helps with this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I totally respect Pete for doubling down on his vision for success. He learned his lesson in the past about having regrets for not following his philosophy. I admire his conviction.

    And let’s be real, like you said pick #18 turned into both Penny and Green who can potentially fill big needs. Now, I’m off to twitter to rant about Kasen Williams.

    • Rob Staton


  5. Doug

    I have been lurking for a long time–this is the article that made me become a patron. Great stuff, Rob.

    I have had the same thoughts but your article is so much more articulate than I could be about Penny!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 👍🏻

  6. Pedestrian

    Great article rob!! I couldn’t agree more (though I did question the penny pick at first tbh). I’ve been in thought that you need to play to a drafts strength of position and forward thinking to the next years strengths.

    The draft is always a crap shoot in terms of value. 4th, 7th rounders, UDFA become mega stars frequently I mean. Trying to fix everything at once spreads you too thin at truly fixing an area of concern – unless you have a historically good draft class like 2012. I thought they needed to focus on tapping into the quality o line class given the depth and rarity to fix that area once and for all. Ultimately, I think the line will be much improved but a high pick may be need in 2020 there talent permitted. Penny I think will turn out to be a great pick and resemble Ingram and kamara tandem imo.

    • Rob Staton

      If they had their native R2/R3 picks it might’ve been a very different draft — I think they did what they had to do and stuck to their vision. IMO — even if I disagreed with the vision, I would respect that. I want a coach who knows what he wants, not a coach just doing things because of conventional wisdom.

      • Pedestrian

        Agreed, the missing picks would’ve yielded a very different looking class. They may have been comfortable with Ronald Jones in the second for example.

        When you have a legendary core group like we did, you have to go for it. I don’t blame them at all for the moves they made last season. All in all, I think they did the best they could and made some really good picks.

        I guess my train of thought was, if our offensive line was at least middle in league average we would have had a better running game – Alex Collins proved that. What I didn’t weigh heavily enough was the coaching staff and scheme I think. Granted we only got Duane have way through the season, Pocic was a rookie with issues at strength, and Britt wasn’t having a good year. Given the dearth of quality o-line available in years past, I thought it be wise to take advantage when you can, and so thought that would be the wisest move with the first pick to fixing the run.

        Clearly they feel comfortable with the o-line they have, and thought penny was worthy of a 1st round selection (which they’ve never done before). The same is true with DBs, they just don’t take them that early with the exception of Earl Thomas. I’m glad to see such a commitment to their vision/identity, just there were two ways of going about it. We will find out this season if they chose right – which RB/OL rookies taken from 18th-anywhere in 2nd shine. I’m excited to find out!!

        • Volume12

          Depends on how they viewed Jones. As a 205 lb back he’s probably a 3rd down back. He’s getting beaten out by Peyton Barber right now and struggling to catch the ball. Lots can change, but if things stay the way they are, what’s his future role?

          • Pedestrian

            I only pegged Jones in the previous comment because we focused so much on him leading up to the draft. For all we know Kerryon Johnson is a duplicate le’veon bell.. I’m just speculating on the ‘fork in the road’ that John and Pete were faced with, and which direction they chose.

            But back to Robs point, Penny was the second back taken in the draft, so we do know how they felt about him – that much is clear.

            Gut feeling is they think this kid is really special to take him in the 1st (again, something they’ve never done) and couldn’t leave him on the board. The fact they could’ve dipped into the talent available at o-line, when quality at the position has been rare, to fix the run and decided Penny would help that area of concern most is very telling. Just my $0.02

            Also, in comparison, how many quality RB have come out in years past vs OL? There’s a high chance they could’ve looked to next years draft for a quality RB.. Why now? Why Penny?

            Alright, that’s enough over-analyzing for today haha

            • Volume12

              Got cha.

              He seems to check a lot of boxes. Explosive athlete, they swing for the fences with their first overall selections. In 8 years (?), Okung was the only ‘safe’ choice. Whether thats the right strategy or not, why is Seahawks twitter surprised by this? And as far as any of us know, with their renewed emphasis last draft season on avoiding prospects with red flags, maybe Penny was the most mature and some of the guys who played other positions weren’t.

              That’s what fans who are against the pick seem to be mad about. That it was a waste of a 1st and they should’ve added to the O-line. Maybe, just maybe they trust Solari? I’m fine with the pick. Thought Penny was a top 50 type talent. He’ll pair nicely with Carson.

              • Pedestrian

                Good point about the maturity aspect! There are some things we just don’t have information on, like how the interviews went. Could also have been something like “Isiah Wynn just doesn’t fit what we’re trying to do scheme wise”.

                I think most fans will be pleasantly surprised to find the o-line in better shape than it was a year ago. The offense will function much better with a running game that can be counted on to convert a 3rd down. And that’s where I think peoples frustrations on twitter stem from – it was really really hard to enjoy those games. Far from the perennial super bowl contenders we’ve grown accustomed to.

        • McZ

          You guys are selling it, like a shitty-run-game-plague came over Seattle and the FO bears no responsibility.

          2016 draft class, fixing the run year #1; recipe: many is good! three RBs, one of them making it in Baltimore not in Seattle, plus a group of solid players on other positions. The top pick OL doesn’t play like a top pick, makes all pundits minus PFF look bad, and now looks into his make it or break it season. Run game not fixed.

          2017 draft class, fixing the run year #2; recipe: hire a FA plus late rounder! A heck of a CB, Moore and Carson above their weight, plus Thompson at FS. The jury is still out on Pocic. Nothing should be said about the top pick, for whom the Hawks passed on a top RB and an instant impact top OT. Run game not fixed.

          2018 draft class, fixing the run year, once again; recipe: hire a first round RB! Top pick out after 11 days of practice, after having 2ypc in a home loss against team #31 of the NFL, after being suggested as “more durable”. A lot of great picks behind him starting in R3, with the sweet spot of the draft being R2, which the Seahawks miss out on, despite having scarce draft stock (and a trade offer for Penny).

          So, we are facing the third consecutive year, where the Seahawks “fix the run”, every time trying a different recipe. One has come to the impression, that they have no freaking idea how to fix it, apart from throwing almost any idea against the wall.

          The only thing not tried is to draft a complete day-one OL, from one of the schools known for producing quality, to finally fix run blocking.. Wisconsin sends 3 to the 2019 draft. Just saying.

          • Rob Staton

            (Bangs head against the wall)

            They HAVE tried to draft a day one OL. Britt — R2, Pocic — R2, Ifedi — R1, Odhiambo — R3, Duane Brown — traded R2 + R3.

            Why are people still not getting this?

            Why are people still not grasping that they have spent more early draft stock on the OL than any other team not named Dallas?

            Why are people still not understanding that if you don’t pick in the top-20 it’s very difficult to get the good OLers because of demand?

            It’s not hard.

            Stop making it hard.

            • McZ

              I wanted to make clear, that they fix the run since Marschawn left the building, that they tried almost any alternative to picking a first round RB before, and that too many other options are not left.

              On the OL, we can debate this to death. IMO, it’s not a matter of pure draft resources spent, it’s a matter of picking the right players.

              Ifedi was offered as an “athlete” the Hawks had to take, by most pundits in the country. So they took him. They and their “expertise” got burnt drastically on this one. Only the guys at PFF wrote, that he was a 6th round talent wrapped in a 1st round pick, “technique isn’t close to NFL level, takes a few years to get there, if ever”. A project, when no project was affordable.

              Compare this to Ryan Ramczyk figures, who was regarded the top run blocker and top T in the 2017 draft, and passed upon late R1 by the Seahawks.

              Not hard to spot the difference, not even pre draft. And definitely not occasions, in which the self-attributed “best player available”-rule applied.

              Pocic and Jones are steps into another, better direction. But they are also not complete players, and as we have no complete OL apart from possibly Britt and definitely Brown, this season will be not much different from last years. They will get better, but not above average for quite some time.

              So, next draft, Deiter, Edwards, Benzschawel from the OL factory at Wisconsin.

              DE depth has 13, 14, even 15 players who can make R1. But not all will make it. These are targets of opportunity.Apart from this, drafting Jalen Jelks is on my wishlist for x-mas 2019.

              • Rob Staton

                McZ, you’re just revising history to fit a false narrative.

                You complain Ifedi was just an athlete. No he wasn’t. He was a starting tackle for Texas A&M for three full years and was considered a first round prospect early in his time at A&M. Tony Pauline was raving about him two years before he declared! He was not just an ‘athlete’. Being really athletic and long and muscular does not mean you have to be pigeon holed as a mere ‘athlete’. He was physical, accomplished and had his best game against Alabama in his final year at A&M. Apparently they are quite good on the D-line.

                Here’s a piece I wrote when he declared:

                You then criticise the team for not taking Ramcyzk. So what are they supposed to do!?! Take a tackle every year? They took Ifedi in 2016. If they hadn’t, they might’ve taken Ramcyzk in 2017. We’ll never know. Maybe, like the rest of the league in R1 except the Saints, they would’ve been put off by Ramcyzk’s injury that led him to fall in the first place. You can’t look back on drafts and use hind sight to argue why you’re right and Seattle was wrong. Anyone can do that. Let’s spend a week talking about why 31 teams second guessed Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor next.

                So let’s make the real point instead. The point that matters. The point we’ve discussed ad nauseam for five years. The Seahawks were picking in the late first every year. The good offensive tackles were always gone by that point. There’s a dearth of good O-liners so they’re going earlier and earlier every year. We saw that in the 2018 draft especially. So the Seahawks had to deal with the situation and they tried to take high upside players to develop. Some have worked — Sweezy, Britt — others haven’t (so far). But they did all they could. There was no alternative. It hasn’t worked. Oh well. They’re trying to rectify it now.

                We’ve been over this so many times I can’t believe people are still going over old ground.

                • McZ

                  Ramczyk was just one example to counter the argument, good OLmen only come late. They don’t. Duane Brown being another example. If your Pro Bowl QB sits on his arse 84 times in 5 years, then, yes… draft (or trade). for OL until it’s fixed. Feels natural.

                  And as a recipe, going for OL, were athleticism alone is king, but solid technique the way forward. Pocic and Jones are exactly right in this regard. Crosby or Noteboom would have been okay, too.

                  I understand, that McDowell was their guy, as well as Penny was this year. DE also was a major need. We have to live with that. I hope Penny plays and stays healthy.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I highlighted for you though — Ifedi was NOT just an athlete. Being athletic doesn’t mean you don’t have technique.

  7. neil

    Penny’s broken finger just underscores why you need more than one good running back. Injuries just seem to plague this team.

  8. Hawk Eye

    well it seems like a waste of Twitter and the comment sections of various sites if there is not going to be people criticizing everything. If they are not doing that, they will have to waste their time cleaning their moms’ basement or doing something productive.
    we don’t want that…..

    • Rob Staton

      Social media has a lot to answer for.

      Think of all those untidy basements! 😂

  9. Shadow

    If I’m CJ Prosise, I’m reading the news about Penny and vowing to get back on the practice field if I have to crawl onto it. With Penny out, Prosise now has a golden opportunity to prove that he belongs on this team and can be a valuable contributor to it. If he can’t play now, when (I have to believe) his roster spot is in jeopardy and the team’s first round pick is on the bench for the next month or so, when can he?

    • Pedestrian

      Think the coaches and Prosise are more concerned about getting to week 1 healthy to see. Even if he isn’t healthy the rest of preseason, they’ll keep him – the exception being a long term injury.

      • cha

        “Even if he isn’t healthy the rest of preseason, they’ll keep him”

        I wouldn’t bet the house on that. He’s had many chances to get right and still isn’t healthy.

  10. Lewis

    I thought Penny looked pretty good in the first preseason game. A couple of his touches there was a bunch of penetration and not a whole lot he could do. The play from the 10yd line was nice, and I think if Russel had thrown the dump-off a bit earlier he might have had a shot at the first down on the 3rd down play.

    I do think there was one run he’d love to have back where he got tripped up at the line and it appeared there was some running room outside. Pass pro still needs work, but he got the job done.i Love that his weight is up to 236 and that he still looks quick and shifty at that weight.

    The finger is disappointing because it will keep him from getting reps, but I think we could see great things from him this year.

  11. Nathan W.

    I support open discussions….. truly… but it’s lamentable that this is still a topic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Rob Staton

      It keeps on coming back. Sadly, it will likely continue until Penny becomes a top NFL player or Seattle wins another Championship. Let’s hope both happen.

      • FresnoHawk

        They did the same thing when we hired Pete Carroll, when we drafted RW, when we started rookie RW, when we traded for Marshawn. The Seahawk fan base has issues, sports pundits who started careers in Seattle that are now on the national stage for some reason hate Hawks, decades of loosing and being notorious for drafting losers. It’s a multitude of issues converging on us not a majority but lots of hate!

  12. Georgia Hawk

    This is why I come to this site, Rob. Thoughtful, logical opint laid out in a way that can’t be argued with. No bluster or BS. Well done.

    PC/JS have ALWAYS had different player valuations from the talking heads. I have to wonder if so much of the chagrin from the fanbase is that they didn’t draft the player ESPN said was a better prospect. I don’t think it was a huge surprise they took a RB in rd 1, maybe more which one they took. I have zero problem with the way this draft played out. Left in the position they were in, they turned in a heck of an effort and accomplished all of the pre-draft goals. I think that should be the takeaway more than who got drafted where. Add in Penny’s value as a returner (Lockett needs to stay healthy and be a WR first) and I say it couldnt have played out better.

    • Rob Staton

      I definitely think the fan base has been fed so much of a narrative on TV and social media that certain things have become assumed fact. EG — the running game doesn’t matter, running backs should never be drafted early etc.

  13. john_s

    WIth the Green Bay trade, they also received a 6th rd pick which turned in to Jacob Martin who has some upside as a pass rusher/SAM

  14. Pedestrian

    Also want to comment on Pennys injury. At least it wasn’t season ending like it was for Guice.. Any injuries to the legs is worst case. Broken finger may be best case … as far as injuries go

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah a broken finger shouldn’t be a big deal.

  15. BeastMode602

    My uncle thinks the Penny pick was terrible. I had to break out Rob’s information to shut his mouth. IMO in 2 years from now everybody will be praising Pete & John once again for their great 2018-19 drafts. Btw way thank you Rob for all of the information that I get to use against all of the bandwagon fans all over the sports blog world!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for reading!

    • Coleslaw

      Yes! Seahawks last 2 drafts have been stellar. 2016 and 2015 weren’t bad either, got 2 starters out of 2015 plus Jimmy Graham. 2016 is looking like we got 3 starters in Jarran Reed, Germain Ifedi, and Nick Vannett. QJeff is also from this class of possible 2018 breakouts.

      Seattle had a some bad drafts in 2013 and 2014 but before and after that they have done more than enough through the draft to build a winning roster.

      • Coug1990

        Plus, the 2013 draft is one of the worst in history across the board. It is interesting that the Seahawks have signed off the scrap heap 5 of the top 13 players players from that draft,

        There were so many busts from that draft and very few break out stars.

  16. FresnoHawk

    Cleveland still needs a FS Dorsey paid Eric Berry, ET would be huge win for Clev. Falcons, Dallas, TN, Chargers, Raiders need ET if they want to have a better year than last. Folks think Mack who still has lots to learn could get over 21million, Donald who has nothing to learn future HOF 24 Million, ET nothing left to learn future HOF not worth top $$$ when safety’s play well into 30’s not worth high draft picks???

    • Rob Staton

      Cleveland traded for Damarious Randall and stated at the time they were playing him at safety. Their other safety is Jabrill Peppers. I doubt they’re in the market for a safety. But I’m not sure anyone actually is. Only ONE team has been linked with Earl Thomas. Dallas. Nobody wants to trade a high pick and pay him when he’s a free agent soon.

      As for the value of Donald vs Mack vs Thomas, Donald and Mack are the two most disruptive pass rushers in the league. They are game changers. The safety position is on its backside financially and Earl is older and threatened to retire 18 months ago. It’s clear why he’s not going to get anywhere near as much money.

      • FresnoHawk

        Randall stinks Cleveland can cut him, Cleveland was criticized for not drafting Fitzpatrick because Peppers should play SS. Watch out for New England their safeties are older with lots of wear & tear last 2 years unlike ET who didn’t play as much last 2 years. Patriots back up safeties stink! Patriots have 2 2nds & 2 3rds in 2019 and can easily cut their safeties. Dallas leaked to press they are willing to pay ET 13 million. Look out for Indy going after Mack they could offer a 2019 1st and a 2018 2nd round drafted DE or a different player to Oakland for Mack then Raiders could trade a 2nd plus a player to Seattle

        • Rob Staton

          Teams are very prepared to get by at safety. It’s not a premium position.

          • FresnoHawk

            That’s there loss! After watching other teams FS vs ET I see a big difference and after rewatching Hawks playoff games the opponents did not target ET at all. So if TT goes down again the smart thing to do is Pay the Man! I think Pete & John are having a blast this camp brining in so much different talent because of the cap space we have after letting Sherman go. I think they love all these prove it low cap deals something they have never been in a position to do in the past. But once they cut down to 53 I think they will feel different about 13 million for ET. ET is that good I appreciate him more now than I ever have.

            • Rob Staton

              No Fresno, that would be the worst thing to do. Pay a player a huge extension as a reaction to one injury? Come on.

              They aren’t changing their mind about Earl Thomas. His absence from camp is merely accelerating the likelihood that his career in Seattle is over. It practically is already. The media, the fans. Nobody really cares. It’s as if everyone’s just moved on. Thomas is on an island with nowhere to go. Nobody wants to trade for him. He has to return to the team eventually. All he’s doing at the moment is costing himself millions in a futile act that is a total waste of time and money.

              It’s just a pure fact that other teams don’t value the safety position like Seattle. Very few even desire to play single high safety. It’s simply not a requirement. Even Dan Quinn has gone to Atlanta and is starting two safeties who ran 4.61 and 4.62. Earl has the misfortune of playing a position that isn’t a premium. Every team needs a pass rusher or a left tackle. They don’t need a safety capable of playing single high.

              This stalemate with Earl won’t be broken. He’ll probably hold out until week seven or eight and return when he has to. If Tedric Thompson is playing well, Earl can enjoy his spell on the bench. If Tedric is struggling, Earl will likely play. That’s the inevitable conclusion now. A sad end to a great career with the Seahawks.

              • Trevor

                Great points on Earl’s holdout Rob. The Hawks team and fans have all seemed to just move on and are exited about the positive vibe surrounding this group. I for one do not miss all the drama from previous years. This years camp is like a breath of fresh air.

                Earl’s hold out has to be one silliest of all time. He has non leverage, there is no trade market for him and if he thinks he is going to get a monster deal next off season I think he is crazy. I truly believe Sherm got in his head and made him believe he should be the highest paid safety and to not play till he is. There is no other way to explain the sillieness behind a hold out that is costing him millions and has no chance of being successful.

              • Del tre

                This is funny because the Eagles and Patriots both put a premium on n thur free safety position as it is easy easier to find good corners than safeties. Im not saying youre wrong, it’s just rather strange that the copy cat league didn’t do that this offseason, i blame a dearth of real talent at free safety, and a willingness for a lot of teams to see what they have, if Earl were just a free agent theres no chance he isnt being a native new contract. As the season wears on the Eagles will probably be good, and the value of our all pro free safety will go up because teams without talent the well stuffer from it. It’s an interesting situation for the Hawks, they are probably big fans of TT’s ability to get the football into his hands, and feel confident in Shaq and hopefully Tre Flowers because Maxwell is way too slow, it showed regularly last season (but thats for another post). Right now the seahawks are rolling with what they’ve got, like many other teams are, that will change by week 4, heck even week 1.

                • Rob Staton

                  Well, the Eagles spent on two free agent safeties. Veteran guys, not storied guys I think it’s fair to say. New England are currently recycling Patrick Chung and Devin McCourty at safety. So not totally sold that both teams are prioritizing the safety position.

                  In comparison, New England spent huge money on Stephon Gilmore, the Eagles spent a high pick on Sidney Jones and traded for Ronald Darby.

                  • Del tre

                    The Eagles signed Jenkins 3 years ago and had no issues paying him, they absolutely put a premium on the position. The pats are kind of hard to pin down at this point, BB has kept McCourty at FS and he has been great, but he is getting old, that’s why he is moving away and looking for a replacement. I mean look at the two best defenses in the NFL Vikings have an all pro safety and the Jags have a great free safety. It’s a major factor in building an elite defense. The deals are much more managable and teams are working together to keep it that way, which is why almost no one is interested in Thomas, there is no nearly elite defense in great need of a free safety, but there are some teams with cap space who would be happy to pay a free agent Earl Thomas more than EB. The Eagles also took a flier on Jones in the 3rd because of his injury and currently considering trading Darby. Over the past 3 years both the Eagles and Patriots have put a premium on free safety, the Seahawks still had Richard Sherman, but we still put a premium on Thomas. This is a positioning game and Earl Thomas chose the absolute worst time to make a stand, the Seahawks don’t need him, and there isn’t a team in the NFL that feels they are close enough this year to sign Earl Thomas and become a superbowl favorite. I wouldn’t say safety isn’t a premium position, rather that there were no premium free safeties available this season, Tyrann is constantly injured, the safety from the chargers was solid but nothing special, similar to McDougold last year, a JAG.
                    That being said, this isn’t a bad situation for the Hawks at all, McDougold has proved to be a good strong safety, Thompson appears to be well on his way, the Seahawks hold the cards, which is going to be more and more advantageous going into the season.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I’m sorry but retaining veterans who’ve done a decent job for you is not putting a premium on the position. The Pats have brought back Chung and the Eagles have two vets. The Pats have also spent a fortune on Stephon Gilmore. Neither team has made the safety position ‘a premium’ part of their defense. The Eagles have good safeties but their ‘premium’ and ‘focus’ has been the D-line.

                      If you were arguing someone like the Jets have I would agree with you. Multiple early picks on the position. But not the Pats or the Eagles.

                      There just aren’t many teams that feature great safety play. This is a league for CB’s, hybrids and D-liners right now. It’s just the way its gone.

  17. Volume12

    Feel like I always do this, apologies, but man Florida St DE Brian Burns is one of the best pass rushers in this class. Speed off the edge, athletic, flexible, understands how to use his hands. He’s bulked up to 235 lbs this offseason. A little bit of a one trick pony right, but man that trick is $ at the next level.

    Think Seattle is gonna really like this guy.

    • Rob Staton

      He was the first name on my watchlist.

      • Volume12

        Man he’s impressive. Just twitched the hell up. Love his footwork for such a young player too. Looks like he’s also got some freaky length.

        Michigan’s Rashan Gary too. Has the potential to be top 10 and very well could be, but I don’t see it yet. Right now I see him more in that 12-15 range. Needs to settle on a weight and consistently use his hands more, but that motor and alpha male personality are very ‘Seahawky.’ Can dominate w/o even getting on a stat sheet (might been held more than any D-lineman I’ve looked at from last year) and good Lord the way he moves is like a damn LB.

        • Rob Staton

          Burns has everything you want — length, quickness, lean, balance, motor. Some of his plays last season where he just showed more effort than anyone else — that’s what you want to see. Just a bit unsure about his weight. Can he add more weight and retain a lot of the twitchy athleticism? Because to me he looks like he should have a frame to carry 250-260lbs easily.

          • Volume12

            Seems like it. He’s up 15 lbs from last year and in no way looks maxed as you touched on. If not he’s a guy you could still get creative with.

            Speaking of creative, Michigan LB/S Khaleke Hudson (6’0, 220 lbs.) That is one bad a** dude. Filled the Jabril Peppers role wonderfully last year. IMO one of the more interesting players in the country for this upcoming season.

            • Rob Staton

              So much talent in this D-line class. Watched most of the names. Really liked Joe Jackson at Miami too. Bit wary of his testing numbers but he looks the part on tape. Derrick Brown is a BAMF. Raekwon could be a quicker Calais. So many options.

        • FresnoHawk

          It’s a draft where we have a great shot to get the final piece for DT.

    • Coleslaw

      Love Burns, perfect Avril replacement. Cannot leave that dude unblocked. Lots of awesome DL this year though, can’t wait to see how long the list gets come April.

  18. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob great article my question is if Derwin James was available at 18 how tempted would the seahawks be drafting him at that point

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they would’ve drafted him.

      A strong safety in round one, failing to address their needs in the running game and at DE and not getting any extra picks so you don’t pick again until round four. I don’t think it was ever on the cards to pick Derwin James. And I still maintain he was quite an overrated player. Lot of people said top-10. I don’t get everything right but that was an instance where I did. James is very athletic but just doesn’t make many plays.

      • smitty1547

        Reminds me of Taylor Mays

  19. Barry

    Very well written, Rob. I’m glad, thought shake my head at the fact someone has to actually point out solid fact. It seems we have become the fans Seahawks fans used to be proud not to associate with.

    On a separate note the UW Huskies first game is against Auburn. Auburn happens to have a Qb by the name of Jarrett Stidham and Tony Pauline has with a second round grade but also says “I’m a big fan of quarterback Jarrett Stidham, and though I presently grade him as a second-round pick, a good campaign in 2018 could push him to the top of the quarterback rankings and into the top half of Round .” Rob often sites Paulie’s page.
    The Huskies well seasoned and talented defensive backfield Vs Stidham is looking like a fun and interesting matchup with quiet a few highly projected prospects.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like Stidham too. Auburn always has a good D-line and the Huskies have some draftable talent. Should be a great game in every way — two good teams, future NFL players, possible Seahawks. Can’t wait for this game.

    • FresnoHawk

      I like Stidham too

  20. Pedestrian

    Rob, is there anyone you are particularly keeping an eye on this season to see if they “take the next step” for 2019 draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Loads. Joe Jackson at Miami, Jonathan Leadbetter at Georgia, Chauncey Gardner at Florida, Brian Burns at FSU, Derrick Brown at Auburn, Rasharn Gary at Michigan, Levonta Taylor also at FSU. I want to see Damien Harris go out and win the Heisman. Loads of other D-liners. I’m going to have a piece up soon with some thoughts, it’ll be an early watch-list type piece.

      • Pedestrian

        Thanks for the reply and names Rob! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these names. Adding them to my watch list.

      • icb12

        I was with you Rob all the way, right up until we got to rooting for a bama back for Heisman.

        Bryce Love all the way. His ability to be a difference maker at the next level might be in question- but as far as college ball.. hes damn fun to watch.

        • Rob Staton

          Very fun to watch for sure, although Stanford are very good at generating yardage in their run game.

          For me Harris is the complete package as a runner, blocker, explosive athlete. Incredible. Hope he delivers in a big way this year.

          • FresnoHawk

            If Harris continues great play and he’s in reach of Seahawks for next years draft, don’t be shocked if we go after him.

            • Rob Staton

              I love Harris but can’t see them taking early round RB’s in back to back years. Next year has to be about the pass rush and DL.

        • Coleslaw

          Watch out for Connor Wedington this year. Love’s hair apparent. I’ve known him since he was like 10 and hes gonna be a baller

  21. CharlietheUnicorn

    Penny has already showed me more than some other previous RBs that have been in Seattle. When his greatest knock was he couldn’t past protect… and I see him help keep RW clean on a few plays… in pass protection…. that shows professionalism and groth as a player… and this is only 2 weeks into TC. If Seattle believes he is the right guy, then I’ll stick with their judgement.

    They have made comparisons to S. Alexander, I’m not sure…. but he sure is smooth and can pick up speed on a dime. He invites contact a bit more than I recall Alexander did, but maybe my memory of fading of the 2005 era Seahawks.

    • FresnoHawk

      He has Curtis Martin characteristics, a guy Pete Carroll knows very well! It’s also interesting that NE called to trade for Penny because New England knows Curtis Martin very well!

  22. AlaskaHawk

    Todd Gurley was injured for a whole season. No one is complaining about his performance now. Penny will be great too if he can stay healthy.

    • Dale Roberts

      He was durable as hell in college.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Well Penny only started the one year. He played backup to that tiny guy

  23. Dale Roberts

    Jacksonville’s free safety is Tashaun Gipson and they don’t have notable backup. What they do have is a second unit defensive line that could start for some NFL teams. Neither Yannick Ngakoue, Dante Fowler, Taven Bryan, nor Dawuane Smoot are starters. I suspect their close the cap and I know there has been talk of releasing Dante Fowler for cap reasons. Could and should the Hawks pry one of those four in a trade for Earl Thomas?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. I think Jacksonville is an ideal fit. They desperately need an upgrade at safety. They give up too many crazy deep throws. But they’ve shown zero interest in Earl so far and I don’t see that changing now. If anyone was going to make a big move for ET it was probably going to happen pre-draft.

  24. Largent80

    To be fair to Carson, last year was his rookie year and he was a 7th round draft choice. We lucked out with him. Injuries happen and that was a bad one for him, but look at Prosise, 3 years and basically zero production and he always has some kind of injury. All types of injuries not just a recurring one.

    It’s too bad with all that talent he has. I think the Hawks had a brilliant draft and off-season when you factor in all of the things they were facing going in. It will remain to be seen how this new team gels, but I’m going to say that I think this year will be a fun one to watch for the first time in at least 3 years.

  25. Georgia Hawk

    Future speculation question Rob –

    Do you think the Hawks look at QBs in next year’s draft in the early to mid rounds as a hedge against negotiations with Wilson going south?

    • Rob Staton


      But I think they like Russell more than Seahawks twitter thinks they do.

      • Georgia Hawk

        I do as well. I think a lot of the cap clearing and hesitancy to sign some bigger money extensions stems from preparing for Wilson’s negotiations. I think they know there is a good chance they take it on the chin in this one.

        Still, plan for the best, prepare for the worst….or something like that.

        • Rob Staton

          I think we’ve seen this year, very clearly, that they’ve positioned this team differently.

          All the garbage about Russell — ‘not black enough… too corporate’ — those voices are gone. It’s amazing that the players in the locker room probably had less respect for RW than any opponent. And now this is a new look team. Those voices, those individuals who were there when an upstart rookie took over the main gig are gone. The ones present now are the ones who don’t hold those ridiculous opinions or have come from the outside and have total respect for RW.

          And the pieces have been placed around him. Major picks to the OL, the Duane Brown trade, the Rashaad Penny pick, the addition of Brandon Marshall. This is all being geared around Russell. Because it’s as simple as this — if the Seahawks are going to win another title in the Pete Carroll era, it’s going to be because the QB is good enough to deliver.

          • Bankhawk

            If the Nobel commitee gave prizes for football analysis, Rob-you’d have my vote hands down! I second those thoughts-it’s a new day dawning!

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks man 😉

          • Matt

            Spot on Rob. I am truly amazed how much disrespect RW got from inside the family. Nobody is saying he needs to be a deity to be worshipped, but listening to Avril, etc…it’s clear as day that these guys truly didn’t like him and possibly even underminded him.

            RW will be here for the long haul, and that’s a damn good thing. I am truly amazed that people are so casual about a top 3 QB who is the epitome of consistency despite the rockiness that has been the Seattle Seahawks for 3+ years.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s frustrating and baffling.

              And listening to some of the players who’ve since departed, I’m sort of glad they’re gone. They’ve put their ego’s ahead of the team. They speak like that one error in that one game was the end. It didn’t need to be. They made it so with all this stupid defeatist attitude. And the way they talk/talked about Wilson is embarrassing.

              Time for a new era.

              • Matt


                These guys not only come across as extremely petty…but also, to be frank, lacking mental toughness. You are 100% right…One play shouldn’t have derailed a franchise, but it did.

                There is blame to go around on that one. The players themselves needed to be tougher and move on. Pete Carroll is guilty for not removing the cancers when it became obvious. To PC’s credit…he took all the blame for the loss. His players should have respected that and moved on like he and RW did.

                Amen…time for a new era indeed. I haven’t been this excited about the team in 3 years. A fresh start with new faces should infuse this city. I’m fully expecting a 2019-2020 run towards the Super Bowl. My expectations for this season is for the new crew to step up and lay the foundation for that run.

                Keep up the great work Rob. I’m starting to sense a newfound enthusiasm with you and the Seahawks as well. It is much appreciated.

              • Pedestrian

                Couldn’t agree more!

                My favorite quality in Schneider is his willingness to cut out the cancer in the locker room. Harvin was a prime example of fixing a mistake instead of trying to make it work again.

                I’m honestly disappointed in the way our players handled the super bowl loss. Winners don’t look for excuses or someone to blame when things don’t go right.. There was too much blaming the coaching staff/play call or “losing their way”.

                Seahawks could’ve won the super bowl 99 different ways leading up to “the play”, but no one wanted to take accountability. That mentality HAD to go, and is likely why Earl Thomas is all but gone.

              • STTBM

                Well said Mr. Staton! Some players refusing to get over that one play is what doomed Seattle–that and Cable refusing to adapt, and Befell not mixing it up enough. But the defeated attitudes and the refusal to move forward fractured the team and hamstrung it.

                Good riddance, indeed!

                Hat tip to you, Sir!

              • Shadow

                I will always love what those players did to get us our first championship. I am also glad that they are gone because I got so sick and tired of all of the baggage they brought with them.

                This year’s team already feels like a breath of fresh air by comparison. I don’t have a clue how good this team will be on the field this year, but I bet this year will be much, MUCH more fun than last year.

                • Rob Staton

                  Totally agree.

    • FresnoHawk

      No way not as a hedge for contract but IF they have the draft Capitol I think they draft a QB to back up the annual 35 mill investment at the QB position.

  26. Matt

    Rob – of course there is need to second guess. I’ve been told by a bunch of guys who have never run a lap on the track around a football field, let alone played the sport; tell me that running backs and the running game are unnecessary. No team has won the Super Bowl based on a strong running game and defense, with an efficient passing game. It just doesn’t happen.

    I’m gonna be mean here for a minute – but I’m getting tired of the dough boy blogging community in Seattle definitively saying running doesn’t matter in the NFL. I love analytics, I think they add great value…I will say, football is a game that involves an awful lot of intangibles (toughness, attitude, etc) that you can’t quantify in Excel. IMO, the whole idea of a strong running game is to dictate an attitude on the opposing team. It bleeds into every other aspect of the game. There is a reason that Alabama wins the Natty every other year. They control the game. And that starts with running the football, which means controlling the clock, resting your defense, etc.

    I didn’t love the Penny pick but I love the conviction of getting back to smashmouth football. I love the idea of Russ throwing up a 110 QB rating and 3800 passing yards rather than a 90 rating and 4500 passing yards. I believe in Pete’s head…he sees Carson and Penny as both 1000 yard backs who can maintain their effectiveness through a 19 game season because neither guy has to truly carry the load. One gets hurt? Well guess what, you have another talented guy who will shoulder the load.

    I am truly looking forward to this transition year. I hope the Seahawks truly embrace getting their identity in place. I would rather miss the playoffs but feel like we are back to 2012 again, than to limp into the playoffs bc we got cute and picked the short term over the long term. I do not expect the latter to happen.

    • Matt

      *The first paragraph is a heavy dose of sarcasm*

      • Rob Staton

        I know 🙂

        And I’m with you all the way.

        • All I see is 12s

          To be honest, with the many references to Seattle blog and community and anti-run only point of view, aren’t we really just talking about Ben Baldwin and Nathan Ernst? I just don’t follow them and not let it bother me.

          • Rob Staton

            I wish it was limited to that. I think Seahawks twitter and — sadly — the wider NFL media have joined the bandwagon. I don’t follow Ben or Nathan but still struggle to avoid it.

    • Volume12

      Tennessee fans are having the same conundrum. ‘If Derrick Henry is so good, why’d we sign Dion Lewis?’ Never thought I’d see the day when having more than 1 runner was a bad thing for trying to extend a human being’s health and profession.

      I’ll give NFL teams credit. Something I usually don’t. They’ve realized the Lynch’s, Gurley’s, Fournette’s aren’t the norm anymore. Go with a 2 headed approach if your unlucky enough to not have one of them.

  27. DC

    When Kam held out we lost an overtime road game to our voodoo division rival and then blew a 4th qtr lead in Lambeau to the despised Packers. That was coming off of our SB loss when we needed Kam’s great leadership the most. Had he played would we have won those 2 games? Maybe it changes our whole seasons’ fortunes. That one hurt in a real way.

    With Earl’s holdout, as grateful that I am for all he has done as a Seahawk, I do want to ‘get on with it’ so to speak. His absense is not going to cost us a home game in the playoffs imo.

    • Nick

      Especially with our opening schedule. The Broncos game is a totally winnable match up for us—they don’t have a QB that can threaten us downfield. Same with the Bears. If those team beat us, it will be because they keep drives going with short/intermediate passes to TEs and RBs. The Cover 3 Killer.

      I genuinely think we can open up 4-0 this year. In fact, if we’re to make the playoffs, it seems very necessary to start off hot. The middle of the schedule for us is brutal.

    • Shadow

      At the very least we would’ve beaten the Rams: big reason why we lost that game is because Dion Bailey tripped and fell on a long pass play at the end of the fourth quarter. The Rams scored on that play to either send it to overtime or win it outright, I forget which.

      If Earl holds out into the regular season I really, REALLY hope we don’t lose a game due to a similar error on Tedric Thompson’s part.

      • FresnoHawk

        Young ET made huge mistakes TT will make mistakes

  28. Greg Haugsven


  29. CharlietheUnicorn

    Stop it
    Stop it

    RW will get paid, because he gives the team a chance to be competitive… and gosh darn he has been to 2 SBs and won one of them in his limited time in the NFL. Up until SB48, Seattle had one other trip to the SB…… he is worth the money (30-32M / year by my estimation when he signs on the dotted line)

    • Georgia Hawk

      I don’t disagree and personally I think we need to sign him no matter the cost. Where I have doubts, however, is if PC/JS feel the same when he starts pushing for $35m/yr+ after Rodgers and Luck sign their new deals. What is the upper limit PC/JS are willing to pay? Even the last deal wasn’t a quick one and done signing, there was some serious hand wringing. IMO the biggest sticking point is going to be the guaranteed money. Cousins kinda screwed the rest of the league forever in that one.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Edit: Newton, not Luck. Not sure why I had him on mind.

      • Coleslaw

        Theres a real possibility that the new CBA in 2020 will include fully, or at least higher guaranteed money for players. We could really see the NFL turn into the NBA.

        • Rob Staton

          This is very doubtful.

          There’s a reason fully guaranteed contracts don’t exist in the NFL.

          And for all the pissing and moaning, you never hear a player complain moments after signing the big (not fully guaranteed) extension.

          • Hawk Eye

            of course there is a reason, but I doubt we will all agree as to why.

            my opinion is it is leverage. The teams hold the leverage and use the possibility of injury before the existing contract expires. And every player and agent is aware that all the other guys are willing to sign these contracts, so they have little leverage. Kirk Cousins had leverage and he used it. Rare that a player gets into that position. Most first round picks have fully guaranteed contracts for 4 years and we don’t hear teams complaining. Curious to see what Bell gets next year, although I think he will be disappointed.

            Donald is holding out because it is his only leverage. He knows the Rams can franchise tag him for the next 2 years and then he will be older with less leverage when he is finally a free agent. The Rams are in win now mode and he knows it. If he sticks to his holdout, he will get the best deal possible and it will be better than letting it all play out.

            I doubt the NFLPA is strong enough to get get fully guaranteed contracts. If it ever gets to that point, the contracts will get shorter, maybe even less average per year and everyone adjusts. The salary cap will still be in effect and it becomes a zero sum game. The sun still rises and sets, no reason to panic. NFL bankruptcy is not going to follow.

            the pissing and moaning occurs when other guys start to get more money, and they feel underpaid. They give something up to get some security now and are jealous when other guys get more. Every team has guys like this, in every sport. Doubt it is possible to eliminate it, and it does not matter that much. Fans just bring it up when an important member of THEIR team is doing it.

            now, by some time next year, Seahawks fans will start to panic as I am pretty sure Russel will ask for a fully guaranteed extension. There were rumors he wanted it last time and his agent is a baseball agent. Now that Kirk has dome it, others will follow. Russell is all about the money, he will not give any discounts, so don’t dream about him doing a “Brady”. Just the price of having a great QB. Better than having an ok QB making almost as much.

            • Rob Staton

              My opinion is — 53 man roster makes it incredibly difficult to operate with. And all it’ll do as a consequence in the context of the NFL is lead to players seeking pay increases every year or two.

              I think the NFL way of doing things at the moment is pretty much spot on.

              • Coleslaw

                We’ll see. No matter how good things work now, the players have leverage. They can strike like they did a while back. I believe the NFL is not in a good position for the 2020 negotiations and see a long battle. Like I said, may not be fully guaranteed but it will absolutely be higher.

                • Hawk Eye

                  I doubt they have a long strike that results in big changes.
                  The problem with a strike from the players perspective is they have the shortest careers of the major sports. And most of the old vets make good money and don’t want to lose 1 of their last years. There are guys that don’t care and guys that spend more than they make and need the cake. The younger players don’t have the experience or credentials to lead. And the union leadership has never been developed.
                  The owners can play the long game and they know most players can’t.
                  Now when Richard Sherman retires and runs the NFLPA we may see a different result. He is not afraid to take a stand and has the credibility to get the players to follow him.
                  I do expect a strike in 2020, but I doubt it lasts too long.

                • Rob Staton

                  I don’t see any evidence the players have leverage. None.

  30. Georgia Hawk

    Supposedly Prosise is fully healthy and is in line to get a heavy load this weekend. Over/Under on how many play Prosise is on the field for before he gets hurt again?

    Interesting variables to keep in mind:
    No Penny
    No Davis (maybe)
    He stands a good chance to get cut if he can’t stay on the field

    With that in mind I’m setting the over under at 17.5.

    Full disclosure, I like Prosise and think he can be an incredible bonus to the offense as he has shown in flashes. The problem is he can’t help anybody if he can’t stay on the field. I definitely don’t wish him to get hurt, just haven’t seen the ability to stay on the field. At some point you just have to cut your losses and move on.

  31. Logan Lynch

    I’ll say the same thing I always do…Prosise is on a cheap contract for the next 2 years. There’s absolutely no reason to cut him until he gives us a reason to (being hurt for the rest of the preaseason could be such a reason). Now, if we could get some trade value for him that’s another story. If SEA was into cutting their losses for injured players, P-Rich would’ve been gone after his first two seasons. Let’s just see what shakes out over the rest of the preseason.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s as simple as this. He’s on the brink because he literally cannot stay healthy. If he plays the rest of the pre-season he’ll be fine. But he’s probably yet another injury away from being out the door.

      • Logan Lynch

        Yup. I just get frustrated when I read the “We need to cut Prosise now!” comments. There is literally no reason to make a decision about him until the end of the pre-season.

      • Shadow

        $5 says he gets hurt once or twice more, we cut him, he goes to another team, miraculously manages to stay healthy, and ends up being a Pro Bowler.

  32. Aaron

    Per Adam Schefter…

    “Patriots’ first-round pick, OT Isaiah Wynn, tore his Achilles vs. the Eagles and he will be out for the season, per source. The worst of the preseason on display.”

    This was one of the favorites on the blog leading up to the draft so I thought I’d mention it here. Man, why is it so easy nowadays for an NFL player to rupture their Achilles or suffer a torn ACL or MCL? Seriously, these injuries are way too common. Preseason still has a place, but such a shame to see injuries like that so early on.

    • Rob Staton

      Horrible news

    • FresnoHawk

      They had him at RT last night

    • Hawk Eye

      i wonder if there are more of the ACL/MCL injuries now than there were in the past.
      If there are, I would think that PED’s play a role. Players are bigger and stronger now, and the NFL does not really want to catch anyone and there are new designer steroids out every month (you need to know what you are testing for to catch it). That s what Edleman got nailed for. They could not identify what was in his system, but it displayed the characteristics of a PED. Thank god the TB12 trainer threw him under the bus and said he was disappointed. Can’t throw shade on an icon.

      what happens when you have unnatural muscle growth is that the supporting tendons and ligaments do not increase in strength and have unnatural stresses on them. You literally outgrow your support system and frame. Adding more than 8 pounds of muscle per year is pretty hard to do without PED’s. Adding 20 pounds of muscle in 2 months with PED’s is no problem. Pocic gains 20 pounds of muscle in the offseason????? Sorry fans, it either was not muscle or not natural.
      for every action, there is a reaction, and since steroids have very few clinical tests the other effects are not studied and known. But there has to be things as a result of the PED’s, blowback if you want to call it. And if you think the NFL does not have a PED problem, you need to check out guys like Victor Conte and listen to them talk about it.

      • mac

        Steroids are a small part of the equation, all pro athletes use gear. A combination of peptides, steroids, insulin injections and exotic drugs. The players still work hard on their bodies and gear has good benefits for recovery. The NFL doesn’t have a PED problem, ALL sports do. At the end of the day, consumers want to see bigger, faster and stronger players.

        • Hawk Eye

          I think you are right on all counts. Steroids/PEDs work, that is why so many guys use them. They help guys recover much faster. I just wonder about the other effects as muscle is just part of the body and what happens to things such as tendons and ligaments and how are they affected. I had a growth spurt when I was 15, grew almost 8 inches in 1 year. developed shin splints after that. Went to all kinds of doctors and specialists to cure it, even had operations on both my legs. 2 different massage therapists asked me 20 years later if I had a growth spurt, as they had seen it before and they understood how the other body tissues were affected by it. Solving one problem can often lead to a different problem.

          • mac

            Well it takes place in hollywood too, movie stars gain 30 lbs of muscle to play superheros for millions. Personally, I would recommend staying natural bone spurs, stress fractures, diabetes, hormonal dysfunction etc. can result.

            I had an achilles injury that took a good 6 months to heal and the other one started acting up from all the pressure I put on it.

    • Volume12

      Awful. Those ain’t easy for O-lineman to come back from either.

    • DC

      Sad to hear that. Wynn was my draft crush this year. Hope he recovers.

      S. Barkley has a hammy strain and is sitting out this weekend’s game and possibly longer.

    • Josh Emmett

      Guice and Wynn both out for the year! Wow. Both of those dudes were talked about a ton on here as the hawks first pick in the draft. I hope they both make full recoveries but I can’t help how devastated the Seahawks fan base would of been if they drafted either of those guys and they got injured. I honestly thought when the hawks used the pick at 27 it was going to be Guice. Interesting

      • Pedestrian

        Too many injuries are mounting across the league for sure. At least we aren’t in as bad shape as the patriots. Their first two picks are out (not sure when Sony returns).

  33. Volume12

    How do the Steelers get these receivers ever year? There is no better team in the league at identifying wideouts that fit their scheme and who’s talents translate over.

    WR James Washington is the next one right off the production line.

    • Volume12

      Speaking of WRs, S. Carolina’s Deebo Samuel. Was a favorite of mine last season and I like him even more. Another guy I could see Seattle take a liking too.

      Pitbull. Good, tough blocker. Damn good route runner, physicality in his game especially in contested situations. STs standout. Electric. Touched the ball 19 times in 2.5 games last season and scored 6!

      Deebo Samuel vs Mizzou(2016):

      • Sea Mode

        Yes! We’ve been talking about this guy all last season!

        Love the story and the talent, he’s just gotta stay healthy this whole season.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness they just pick good players in value rounds. Time and time again. They always seem to be the team that stops the fall for a good WR.

  34. Gohawks5151

    Here’s an interesting article as we all wait for tomorrow night’s game. Everyone seems to know the value of Earl but to put it in these terms is good to see. The perspective on longevity is good i think, especially considering his worst injury year came from friendly fire. I know it comes down to money and the market. However, if we don’t use the money to make an impact at a weak position (D end…) and simply give raises and fill out the roster I’ll be a bit disappointed.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally I thought the piece was well wide of the mark. In the first paragraph he frames his argument around a bogus claim — that the Seattle media is actively talking about how Earl will lose his speed soon. Nobody has said that to my knowledge. On the contrary, the talk has been almost exclusively based around a very accurate point — that the Seahawks were burned on third contracts for Bennett, Lynch and Chancellor and are wary of history repeating for a fourth time.

      Plus, Thomas wants mega money. Compounding the matter.

      There’s also a very clear movement from the Seahawks to change the culture of the team. Many former key players have moved on. They seem to want a return to the togetherness and ‘band of brothers’ culture we saw from 2011 onwards. Thomas’ contribution to that? To stay away because he wants more money and a longer deal.

      He then lays out a case for why Thomas can or will play for many years to come. Yet he makes no reference to the fact Thomas flirted with retirement just 18 months ago at the first sign of a moderately serious injury.

      That’s not to say the info he provides on longevity isn’t interesting. But I’m not sure how useful that piece is in the grand scheme of the Thomas debate.

      • cha

        “Seattle media is actively talking about how Earl will lose his speed soon. Nobody has said that to my knowledge.”

        Very confusing in a piece that has linked statements why Forbes didn’t link this statement to any credible sources saying what he is claiming. Because there aren’t any?

        I just find it funny – ‘Earl will lose his speed’ is a bogus argument as the Hawks are running out TT and his 4.6 40 and are really pleased with him.

        This has the feel of an article placed/bought by ET’s agent to stem some of the damage from silly missteps ET has made on social media.

  35. Hawk Eye

    Marcus Smith released.

    need more pass rushers

    • SebA

      Very weird, I would have thought nothing would make the team get rid of DEs right now.

  36. Coleslaw

    I’m actually really excited for Prosise tomorrow, so long as he doesnt pull his hammy getting out of bed. Dude has bones of glass. I hope he proves us all wrong but I’ll believe it when I see it. If he did stay healthy, Carson, Penny and Prosise would be amazing!

    • Hawk Eye

      really, really, really hope the kid can have a full year and be healthy. Also, prepared for it not to happen
      So much potential and like you said, those 3 would be a real weapon.

      feeling cautiously excited about this years draft and seeing some of the kids from the last 2 also emerging this year. Hoping for a “2012” kind of year with lots of young talented kids making their mark.

      • Coleslaw

        I’m really in love with our rookie class. Home runs with Penny and Rasheem. Getting Green in the 3rd was an absolute STEAL. Then the whole rest of the class is showing good signs early, McGough being the exception.

        9/10 of our 2018 draft picks looks like really good picks imo. That draft class lived up to the hype for sure!

        • Coleslaw

          If you put Poona Ford instead of McGough, that would be a perfect draft imo

  37. CharlietheUnicorn

    The banter on 710 ESPN locally is that the Seahwks should absolutely smash the Chargers front 7 in the rushing attack. They (Chargers) are missing one and perhaps two starters….. and are especially small sized at LB. Very interesting to keep tabs on this aspect during the game.

  38. icb12

    Holy crap.

    That mahomes pass… Kid has a cannon!

  39. Coleslaw

    The DL looking like it is what we thought it was. Although this is a very good Chargers offense, it’s likely a reality check and a good measurement for us to see where we’re really at.

  40. Coleslaw

    Yes! As soon as you get Allen on Griffin it’s incomplete. Love that kid. Good, smart play. Sky is the limit for him.

  41. Hawktalker#1

    Anybody remember why we didn’t have any interest in Geno Smith as a back up? I thought he was available at one point.

  42. vrtkolman

    Pretty excited about the running game this year. Carson’s fumble was a fluke. As soon as Fluker went out the offense stalled to a halt, sound familiar? Same thing happened to the Giants last year. Fluker is key.

    I’m done with Ifedi. He hasn’t improved at all.

    • Ocotillo25

      Zero effort from Ifedi. He looks like he doesn’t want to be out there.

    • Coleslaw

      You’re in luck, next years draft has a good amount of awesome OT prospects. We could probably get one as long as we stay in round 1

      • Rob Staton

        D-line next year. They’re not going to keep drafting O-liners until the end of time.

  43. Rik

    I watched Ifedi pretty closely this game. I was a fan of his when he was drafted, but I don’t think he’s an NFL right tackle. He was pretty bad today.

    • Pedestrian

      Seeing him get blown over tonight does not have me confident in our right tackle spot. Roos did OK at RG, but I wonder if Ifedis play made his job a lot harder.. I’d like to see Fant get more work at RT. Would be happy if we got a decent RT for earl Thomas

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