Thoughts on Barkley, Griffin III and Jones to come

I had tape access of USC’s win at Oregon and Baylor’s game with Oklahoma. Both games went down to the wire and featured highly ranked quarterback prospects eligible for the 2012 draft (Matt Barkley, Robert Griffin III and Landry Jones). I’ll be compiling a piece on the three quarterbacks tomorrow, but for now we’ll use this as an open thread for people to debate both games. We’re also hoping to have game tape on Barkley. Stay tuned.


  1. Jarhead

    First thing I would like to say, despite some of his mechanics needing retooling, I would love to see Robert Griffin in Seahawk blue. He represents the competitive toughness that should exemplify our club. Barkley, from watching tonite, is obviously the more finished product but his price tag will in the end be much higher. Both of these guys will be out of reach with natural draft order, so let’s hope the FO is willing to roll the dice and pay the high price for one, or extremely high price for the other. Either way I feel we will be making a good move. These guys make all the throws we would ever ask of them, so now it’s just getting down to getting them

    • Ryan

      Agree wholeheartedly

  2. Colin

    Man, what a great day of football. I didn’t get to see much of the Baylor OU game, but I saw the USC Oregon game. Barkley once again elevated his play and would have throughly beaten Oregon if not for a couple of turnovers.

    RGIII was the magic man again for Baylor on that final drive. I agree with Jarhead, I’d be happy with RGIII, Barkley or Luck. They are the top 3 without a doubt.

  3. JS

    I agree. Either Griffin or Barkley would be an exciting addition. Both guys had great games tonight. Barkley has terrific receivers but he really carries that team. Griffin’s athleticism is incredible, and he always seems to have little more zip on his passes than I expect. I think it’s because he’s a bit lanky. It’s looking like they’re going to have to move up 6-8 spots to get one of these guys. What does that typically cost to move up in the draft from 10-12 to inside the top 5?

    • Rob

      It really depends on who wants to trade down, how keen they are to move down and what competition there is to trade up. New York traded from the 10-20 range to #5 overall for Mark Sanchez, and it cost them a R1, R2 and some players. Atlanta traded from the 20-32 range and it cost them multiple first rounders.

  4. JC

    If Griffin doesn’t measure in a 6′ 2″ on the button could that scare off some teams? I did a quick check of recent drafts and Christian Ponder is the only 6′ 2″, or shorter, QB taken in the 1st Round. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s still widely thought of as a huge desperation reach.

    Guys like Andy Dalton (6′ 2″), Colt McCoy (6′ 1″) and Jimmy Clausen (6′ 2″) were picked outside of Round 1. Yes, I know they’re not very good either, but they did have their cheerleaders too.

    • Rob

      I think the key thing is – Griffin looks 6-2 (at least to me he does) and is an extreme playmaker and athlete who can score six points any time he has the ball – something Dalton, McCoy and Clausen were not. That has to have an impact, because he’s not limited physically like your McCoy’s and Clausen’s.

      • Jim Q.

        RG-III is a very exciting player to watch. If the Seahawks can manage to draft this guy I think we are all in for a treat on every future Sunday. Intelligence and mental processing wize, I believe he is the best QB available in this draft.

        Barcley also looked good, he gives me the impression he could start year one with his experience in pro style offenses.

        Tannehill didn’t look too bad this week either. He seems have good tools and a lot of potential based on his quick rise as a viable QB. He must be a fast learner, so it may take him a year on the bench to get the NFL game down. But, if the two above aren’t available when picking or by trade, they could do worse than Tannehill IMO.

  5. TJ

    Last night was an amazing night with all 4 of the top guys on TV. Other than Luck, Barkley seems to be the best fit with the Seahawks. I am so impressed with him week after week. He is very polished, and along with Luck seems to be the most NFL ready. RG3 was very impressive as well, and could become the #2 QB on some teams boards based on his potential (like Newton last year). He would look good in a Dolphin uniform… I also have to say, although I haven’t been all that impressed with Landry Jones this year, despite his huge numbers, he threw the ball like an NFL QB last night. I was particularly impressed with his accuracy, his arm strength and his quick release. He threw several frozen ropes into tight windows and seemed very decisive in his delivery. Admittedly, I only saw the final half of the 4th quarter. The guy I didn’t watch was Luck, simply because I think the odds of Seattle drafting him are non-existent.

  6. Ryan

    Miami up 21-3 over the Bills. WIN, Dolphins, WIN!

  7. Chris

    I’m starting to seriously consider that Barkley will decide to stay at USC for his senior year now.

    That USC team will finally not only be bowl eligible but should be National Title contenders as well. If he stays another year he will probably be the #1 pick next year as well. With Luck around this year there is no chance of that.

    Perhaps if the Hawks are in good position to draft him that will entice Barkley to declare so he can be reunited with Carrol? It will be very interesting to see what happens this January with Barkley.

    Landry Jones is another guy who may decide to stay another year as well. I am going to assume Griffin III declares though but you never know. Its amazing that all of these guys are Juniors.

  8. Tom

    I hope we draft RG3. The guy is going to be a stud! The next Warren Moon with wheels and unreal playmaking ability. That’s the guy for Seattle!

  9. James

    QB’s always shoot up the draft board in the final weeks, so we can assume that Luck, Barkley and RGIII will go in the top 5 or 6 picks. The Seahawk’s #1 pick will fall later than that, so this could be the year the Hawks have to trade up, as expensive as that will be. A couple of teams in the top 5, Minnesota and Carolina and maybe more, have QB’s and might be willing to trade down. It might cost the #1 this year and next, plus this year’s #2, to get Barkley. Before people say this is too expensive, remember that half the #1 picks don’t pan out (Aaron Curry), and the same with #2’s (Golden Tate), so this price for a projected elite QB is not too high, in my view.

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