Thoughts on Pete Carroll’s future & Seattle’s ‘Denver’ pick

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  1. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hey Rob, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. Any idea when we’ll see an updated horizontal board from you?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably not until the Senior Bowl. I don’t want to post tweaks — it needs to be more significant. I might post one pre Senior Bowl and then one after as a comparison

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        I hear you. Anxiously awaiting it. Thanks for the reply!

  2. Romeo A57

    I read through that Joe Fann tweet and replies. It just shows how delusional most Seahawks fans are. These were the same people who said that Russ would never get traded.

    The belief that the Seahawks are one draft and free agency period from being contenders is hilarious. The run game being so poor shows that they need to upgrade players on the offensive line. The entire starting defensive front seven probably needs to go and both starting safeties need to go immediately. You aren’t going to fix all of this in one offseason.

    If Carrol takes an honest look at this roster, he would have to acknowledge that they are at least 2 offseasons away from potentially being in contention. Who is going to be the Seahawks QB in 2 years? I find it hard to believe that Geno will still be the Seahawks starter in 2 years due to age, injuries or just being lucky in 2022.

    Does Pete want to hang around for a small chance that the Seahawks might be good in three years? At least half of his opening day starting lineup needs to be replaced.

    I am not saying Pete would retire after this season, but if he is able to view the current roster realistically, he may realize that this is a multi-year rebuild and not want to hang around for more losing seasons.

  3. HOUSE

    It would be interesting to see if Carroll is around in 2023 or if he retires. I was thinking about the potential of Jonathan Gannon coming over. I was curious what your thoughts of potentially signing Javon Hargrave would be. 30 years old, provides a good pass rush from the interior DL and could help facilitate Gannon’s defensive install.

    When the movement at the top of the draft, I think a QB should still be the answer with the pick we acquire from DEN. Also, watching this NYG/WAS, seeing the Commanders using their WRs is impressive. They even mentioned during the game that the draft of Jahan Dotson and having a solid 3WR is smart and a must for teams to have.

    As always, amazing work and I look forward to what you have on tap this week

    • Brennan

      Jonathan Gannon would be an intriguing name. Would love to see that aggressive Eagles defense here in Seattle. Another name would be right in our division……..DeMeco Ryans….bring that defensive mentality back up I-5 to the PNW.

      • HOUSE

        I agree 100%. DeMeco Ryans would be a solid coaching move as well

  4. Peter

    I’m starting to lean trade the broncos pick.

    Just wasted too much time looking over the top 5 picks from 2012 to 2019.

    Honestly it is a mess.

    Short of Carter being quinnen Williams I’m not sure we’re missing the chance to draft anyone that will change this franchise.

    The only thing I can meaningfully glean is you need to have the right plan in place.

    There’s a few truly great players. A whole bunch of overdrafts guys who stayed in the league for some time. And a ton of busts. A ton of them. Worryingly there are a few great players who were even extremely good and didn’t move the needle. Clowney borders on a bust because top pick spent, but not retained and the team went nowhere because of him. Brandon Scherff awesome player but…washington…

    If they keep the broncos pick I’d almost swing for something you wouldn’t consider. Like a freaky WR, a TE, or a ridiculous center. It’s free money.

    Btw excluding Luck the bust rate for the qbs selected in that time frame is 100%. Including Kyler Murray who with zero coaching change has his team battling for a top five pick and has done exactly nothing in the league thus far.

    • Simo

      Well you just outlined the problem every team faces Peter. There’s lots of uncertainty in every draft, and every team is going to draft some players who turn into busts, even near the top of the draft. Also, every team will occasionally hit on diamonds in the rough in the late rounds (Brady, Sherman, Woolen, etc). Poor drafting is certainly not exclusively a Seahawks problem.

      I do think there’s more uncertainty though the farther into a draft you go, which would be a case against trading a top 5 pick. Sure, you might swing and miss, but you might also draft the next Josh Allen or Aaron Donald. It’s not near as likely to draft this type of top talent late in drafts. So, you better get a hell of haul if you’re trading a very high pick. The recent trade packages for teams trading these picks is pretty steep, so you can make an argument that this could be worth the gamble. It all comes down to who you select with the picks, and who’s doing the selecting.

      • Peter

        My thought is not so much bust rates. Rather it’s I believe more is better. I’m sure I could crunch through the draft and perhaps find a sweet spot in the draft order ( on a very rough look 9-16 or so actually looks to be better….but that’s very rough.)

        Some of that is the team. Bad teams that cook up their own native top five pick are usually going through staff changes and have to reach for players. I also don’t think football executives are immune to pressure, group think, and myriad other factors. This is completely anecdotal of course but were it entirely untrue then mahomes, Donald, allen, etc, would all have been the first or second pick taken overall in their respective drafts.

        Seattle is in an extremely weird spot. Most likely they get a top five pick. A lot of folks here have turned to keeping track of that pick in lieu of well…having a team that is great. Additionally each week we go from playoff hopeful to watching our native pick drop closer to early teen.

        All this is a long way to say there’s no Garrett, bosa brother, luck that I can see. Thus were it me…I’d just trade the pick to the highest bidder for more “tickets,” in the second round and a future first or more.

        • Big Mike

          Great logic my friend. I don’t agree as I’ll mention but i definitely see where you’re coming from.
          Assuming we get the #3 overall (go Rams!), won’t that be the highest pick the franchise has had since the #2 overall after the first season in ’76? Considering the quantity of other picks the Hawks have in this draft, I just feel you can still really beef up the roster (if you draft well of course) while swinging for the fences at the QB position. Richardson if we resign Geno please, Levis if we don’t.
          I know others have suggested this approach and for the same reasons, I just wanted to throw oit my support for it as well. One thing I think we can all agree on is no matter how they ultimately choose to proceed, they definitely need to get close to picking as well in this draft as last year’s.

          • BK26

            I think right now the big knock is we don’t know where that pick will be. It’s much easier to speculate at #2 than anywhere from 3 to what, 7?

            I would rather stand pat and get either Richardson or Levis (praying that one is still there; maybe with a new coach, they would want to have the position shored up for years and worry about the rest of the team, have more faith on a new guy taking a qb than Pete). It’s just too big an opportunity. Get what you can and don’t take the risk of 2019 draft where they tried to outplay the draft and still take who they wanted.

            I don’t know the overall depth of the draft, I wonder if rounds 2-3 will be comparable to last year. Last year seemed better than normal.

            It’s a debate that we (hopefully) won’t have to worry about again, using such a high pick. At least this is a community to have a DISCUSSION and not a “I’m right, you’re an moron, shut up” conversation.

            Looking back at the 2019 draft….how is an undrafted player going to be better than our first 5-6 picks (Mone vs. everyone other than DK and arguably Barton)?

          • Peter

            You and bk26 make great points.

            I’m just thinking that if Pete stays do we really want him drafting and developing a qb over x years to be ready to roll when he’s 74-75 and tge team is finally ready?

            When they drafted Wildon the sparks were there. I live Levis still and am very intrigued by Richardson. But this team is not a qb away.

            I keep harping on this but if the defense was somewhere near middle of the road and so was the run game this team would be thinking about making noise in the post season.

            As I see it we need two drafts and as many options as possible.

            Now. If a new coach was here I’d change my tune because I wouldn’t know what they could do and maybe levis, Carter, or richardson could be the catalyst for a whole new era.

            • BK26

              Agreed. No matter what, it’s Pete still running the team (as of now). Some people will be happy with that, others will think that that is the biggest problem.

              We’re in a VERY weird situation with the team. What is stable? The owner? GM and coach? Quarterback? In 2, 3, 4 years they could all be gone and the team isn’t even remotely close to what it is now.

              It’s all so odd and unique that I go back and forth on what they should do vs. what I think will happen.

              I do think that no matter what, 2 drafts is what is needed.

              • Big Mike

                Agree about 2 drafts.

                Oh, and you said “At least this is a community to have a DISCUSSION and not a “I’m right, you’re an moron, shut up” conversation.”
                Isn’t it such a refreshing change from so many other places online and off right now?

                • Rob Staton


                  Proper conversation

                  Robust debate

                  Serious topics

                  • Roy Batty

                    I’ve been shouted down on so many sites, I just stopped pointing out facts and giving plausible scenarios and stopped posting.

                    Not worth the effort.

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              I totally see your point, but I guess the counterpoint I would make is, according to what Rob has said, the draft doesn’t (at this point) have a lot of top tier talent. This is their chance to get someone who could be really good. Hopefully this turns out to be a rare chance for them, but if they think “that guy” is there for the future, I’d prefer they take it. The way I am trying to look at it, is that the #3 – at the moment – pick is kind of a freebie since it isn’t their native pick. I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions though.

  5. Palatypus

    We need a paradigm shift. The Seahawks need to become the trendsetters again instead of saying, “hey, let’s borrow this Vic Fangio guy and use that.” in 2011 we started doing things that nobody did. Then everybody started doing them.

    • cha

      I’m afraid it is far worse than that.

      They need to commit to a defensive scheme, acquire players that fit it, and then properly train them in the scheme.

      You’re talking about leading the field. I’m afraid those days are done with PC at the helm. Best they can hope for is “be competent.”

      Gotta walk before you run.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Amazing finish to the Fresno St Bulldogs who started the season 1-4 then won an unprecedented 10 in a row to finish 10-4

    Sorry for the Cougs, but Fresno St was too much for them.

    Jake Haener is a good kid. Reminds me a bit of a young Drew Brees

    • Blitzy the Clown

      11-4 🙄

      • Big Mike

        As a Coug fan all I have to say is…….Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt!!

        At least Gonzaga made the day good by whipping up on a very good Alabama team before that WSU debacle.

  7. TJ

    Hey Rob, What are your thoughts on Michigan C Olu Oluwaitimi? Some of the talking heads calling Michigan games have said he’s the best center in CFB. This is an area and position in which Seattle needs an upgrade. Where does he project and might he be a fit in Seattle?

    • Palatypus

      He accepted a Senior Bowl invite.

    • Rob Staton

      If you type his name in the archive search I’ve written a few bits about him, or Google his name and Seahawks Draft Blog

  8. Trevor

    Rob you have talked about this extensively over the years but this team desperately needs and infusion of leadership and toughness. As you put it they need some BAMFs.

    Last year you did a great job of identifying two guys Micheal Clemons and Daemon Pierce as those type of guys. Despite not going early in the draft both guys appear to be exactly what you thought and big time additions to the Jets / Texans.

    Have you identified any of those type guys in this draft class? I know you mentioned the Florida LB Miller earlier in the year but questioned his athleticism. Just curious if you had any names to check out. Thanks

    • swedenhawk

      Not Rob, but according to Kirby Smart Georgia RB Kenny McIntosh is a BAMF.

      • Trevor

        Would love to see the Hawks take Macintosh. Perfect compliment to Walker.

      • Rob Staton

        JL Skinner

        I’d need to check my board again

        • cha

          John Michael Schmitz

  9. Al U

    Benjamin Allbright has tweeted this morning that he John Schneider has wanted to work with a different HC for a while now. Interesting wrinkle.

    • Matt

      Wouldn’t shock me. Has to be frustrating as a GM to draft a pass rusher high only to see limited snap counts in favor of a journeyman, and playing a role you didn’t play in college.

      *Just as one example

    • Big Mike

      I’m skeptical but guessing it is possible. But if he wasn’t happy, why did he sign a new deal? Was his stock low because of how things have gone here? Maybe. Did he hope Pete would retire (like maybe this year)? Maybe. Did Jody promise him full personnel control when Pete leaves? Is there already and agreement in place with Jody where Pete coaches though this season and retires and that’s why we’re getting smoke around that possibility now?

      • Al U

        One of my frustrations with this regime is their unwillingness to draft any player who doesn’t meet their set physical ideals, ie CBs with sub 32″ arms, O linemen who don’t test well in TEF, running back size & weight profile etc. I wonder how much of that is Pete and how much of it is John. They must have passed up on a lot of talented players due to this, which wouldn’t be a massive factor if every draft was bringing in Shermans, Chancellors, Wagner etc, but when it’s been almost a decade with them predominantly drafting the likes of Delano Hill, Pocic, Tedric Thompson, Vannett, Darboh, Brooks, Collier etc you have to wonder. If Pete has been a driving force behind this philosophy then I’d be frustrated too if I were John. If Schneider is the behind this philosophy then I would quite like to see him replaced too, given that he doesn’t seem to be great at trades or free agency either.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, they’ve gone against those rules plenty of times. Most recently with Collier, Cross, the cornerbacks and others.

          And to be fair there’s a reason why you have ideals. They tend to match what works in the league

    • Rob Staton

      Well… 👀

      Somethings going on

      Doesn’t mean Carroll will go but this doesn’t start being talked about for nothing

      • Big Mike


  10. Trevor

    RD # 2

    JL Skinner
    John Michael Schmitz

    RD #3

    Kenny Macintosh

    I would be pretty excited with that on DAY #2 of the draft.

    • Matt

      You could argue Day 2 is just as important as Day 1.

  11. Ashish

    Thanks Rob for the solo podcast.

    Interesting point you made on Geno’s future and up coming games for hawks this season. With KC upcoming and Jets defense is good enough to win against Hawks. Note Tyler will be also missing games so it will tough overall. Having said it might be great opportunity to give last or last 2 games to Drew Lock to see how he plays. This will give Hawks confidence to resign him cheaper and wait on Geno.

    • Peter

      Doubtful with the hawks still on the bubble Pete would take the ball out of Geno’s hands.

      Though I get the reasoning conversely shouldn’t the team see how geno plays out to see if he should get a new contract?

      Being able to hold his own w/o Lockett against the chiefs and then the Jets feels like a prerequisite to determine his value.

      If lock were to play and just be so-so then you don’t know if you should retain Geno, his real worth,or if you can both draft and start a new qb.

    • cha

      That is fan logic but not NFL logic.

      Geno hasn’t been spectacular in the recent stretch but he is still the best thing the Seahawks have going.

      They won’t bench him for Lock.

  12. Trevor

    My end of 2022 prediction for the 2023 NFL Draft.

    -Rams own Russ and beat Broncos who go winless rest of year. Bears beat a Vikings team that has clinched and is resting starters. Hawks end up with #2 and #14 in the draft.

    -Levis is the star or the Senior Bowl and Richardson wows at the combine. They end up being QB 1 and 2 on most teams draft boards as Young’s size comes into focus during the draft process.

    -Texans have a place holder QB in Mills so decide to go with Rickardson and his massive upside at #1

    -Hawks get SDB favorite and the guy Rob interviewed last year before most draft enthusiasts even know his name. Will Levis goes #2 to the Hawks and we have our QB of the future.

    -With the second pick it Rd #1 at 14 the Hawks take a flier on Brian Breese and his massive potential to finally get that elite interior pass rusher.

    Hawks Draft Day #1 and 2

    #2 Will Levis
    #14 Bryan Breese
    #35 JL Skinner
    #50 Jean Micheal Smitdz
    #81 Kenny Macintosh

    • Peter

      Not bad.

      Hard pass on Breese he looks more and more the most dominant guy in High school.

      Switch him for Clancey and I’d take that. No fliers on dline. Been there done that. I want a guy who has produced. Not a guy we are hoping on. I know you never know until you know but this dline can’t afford projects.

    • cha

      I like all this but I would be more inclined to take Calijah Kancey at #14 if the Seahawks wanted to go the ‘take a chance to get a really good interior DL’ route.

      Proven production, technique, motor and skills consistently demonstrated but not NFL prototype size are easier for me to bet on than ‘unbelievable upside but has yet to live up to it.’

      Take that with a grain of salt, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for Kancey since early this fall.

      • cha

        I think I would also prefer Tyree Wilson at #14 if he was there as your “incredible measurables and upside” guy. He can play edge and move inside on pass rush downs if needed so there is some versatility.

        • Matt

          I am so torn on Wilson. Love the upside. Hate the program and admittedly I’m so jaded by Jordyn Brooks and the fact TTU produces almost zero defensive talent in the NFL.

          Still…that size is unteachable.

        • Trevor

          I prefer Wilson as well but don’t think he gets out of the top 10.

      • McZ

        Kancey is a little small to play IDL, IMO. He offers nothing you cannot get in mid rounds, taking Mazi Smith.

        If we go DL in R1, I would see them going for leadership skills. Isaiah Foskey is the prototype Eagles defender, something to be considers if Gannon comes to town.

        As long as the PC train hasn’t officially left the station, I prefer taking a shot at a CB, a selection that would work with any HC. I think, Christian Gonzales can play press and zone coverage. He would be the perfect complement to Tariq Woolen, would fill a premium position for some years.

        Oh, and IMO, if we get the chance to draft Richardson, we should take it. The absolute blowout the Oregon State Beavers were dealing to Florida exemplified, how big an factor Richardson was.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll be surprised if three of their five early picks are on offense

      • Trevor

        If they think Geno is the answer at QB and sign him long term I agree they will likely focus on defense.

        • Rob Staton

          Well it doesn’t even have to be down to that. They could go QB first. But then they would need to go defense heavy

      • cha

        I think you have to entertain the possibility.

        I run the PFN mocks regularly just as an exercise to disabuse myself of being bent on a certain strategy, a certain player and a certain position.

        I’ve run the whole draft myself and also just picked the Seahawks as my selecting team. Many times I found myself with an “offense heavy” draft or a “defense heavy” draft, simply due to the players available at the time I picked for the Seahawks.

        Given the needs the team has, it hard to argue with “just come away from the draft more talented than you entered it” as a strategy.

        Granted, talent and need intersected nicely in the draft last year. That may not always be the case though.

        • Hoggs41

          I feel if they sign Geno the focus could possibly be Richardson. If they dont it could be Lock and Young/Stroud/Levis. Trevor, you crack me up as you do one of these a week. Love it.

  13. GoHawks5151

    CBS mock giving us Will Anderson at 3 and Anthony Richardson at 15. Wouldn’t hate that. Any chance the league views A Rich like Lamar and he drops to 15?

    • Rob Staton

      Lamar Jackson had a car crash of a draft season. Refused to do any workouts, barely arranged any meetings because he used his mother as an agent. Turned teams off.

      • cha

        Still is. He’s out of contract at the end of the season.

        Ownership has practically begged him to sign an extension.

      • GoHawks5151

        Well here’s to Mrs. Richardson.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I think Florida’s bowl game showed AR’s value. If he was playing, I am sure they put up more than 3 points.

      • Hoggs41

        Carter/Anderson and Richardson would be a dream scenario. Seahawks and Lions might be best spots for AR15 to land as he could develop. Lamar wants a fully guaranteed contract like Watson and he will never get it from Baltimore.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          That would indeed be a haul. I am starting to suspect that Richardson will go top 10 because he might be the next Josh Allen. If Seattle keeps sliding toward the end of the season they may have a realistic chance to nab him there if they want.

  14. Matt

    I think we end up with Pick 5…what a wild position that could be. No obvious candidates. QB probably makes the most sense. I feel confident 2 or 3 is definitely not happening.

    I think we end up with Picks 5 and 16.

    • Hoggs41

      If we ebd up at 5 it will be interesting. I feel the Bears will be 2 and trade out. If it goes QB-QB then Carter/Anderson we are looking at a decision. Take a QB or another player. For me I would want to “try” and trade back.

  15. dand393

    Im not even looking at the top 3 picks I’m thinking we’re going to be picking any where between 6-9 and 12-16 for our pick, all this talk of Carter or Anderson is going to be irrelevant if I had to guess

    • Rob Staton

      The Broncos would need to win out

      It ain’t happening dude

  16. Jabroni-DC

    The Thursday night game was the first I’ve seen all season. Something that stood out glaringly to my eye was how slow our defense looked. “I feel the need…the need for speed.”

  17. dand393

    So your saying there guaranteed a top 5 pick I’ll just have to agree to disagree the broncos could very possibly win 1 if not 2 of there games especially since 2 games are division games and anything can happen in division games plus a game vs the rams just my opinion I wouldn’t say it ain’t happening for sure

    • Rob Staton

      The Broncos play the Rams, Chiefs and Chargers.

      They have virtually no shot of beating the Chiefs in Kansas City, irrespective of how poorly the Chiefs have played recently (they’ve still been winning). I covered the Chargers/Titans game yesterday for national radio in the UK. They are not beating the Chargers with LA taking a big step forward on defense.

      So that leaves the Rams, a winnable game provided Aaron Donald doesn’t play.

      Add in the fact that Denver’s roster is decimated with injury.

      There’s no basis for you predicting they’re going to finish the season on a tear

  18. Blitzy the Clown

    I think Rob mentioned what Jon Gannon has been able to get out of Haason Reddick this year

    • Rob Staton

      Haason Reddick was a big-time blog favourite back in the day

      He was showing this on tape in college

      Jonathan Gannon is helping him have the best year of his career

      I am very intrigued by Gannon as a potential candidate for Seattle. I’m ready to see something new and he’s an interesting person to listen to. His results in Philly speak for themselves too.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        FWIW Allbright mentioned again today he thinks Gannon is the likely candidate to replace Carroll if he calls it a career

        Would be interesting to see what Gannon could get out of Mafe and Taylor

        • Rob Staton

          It certainly would be. Would be fascinating to see if he could get a tune out of them.

          And take this however anyone wants to take it — I am not a reporter, only passing on — but what Allbright is suggesting about Carroll — I’m led to believe there’s something in it. Doesn’t mean he actually will call it a day. But there’s talk out there around the league. So we’ll see what happens.

  19. cha

    They’re happy in Buenos Aires

    Now that’s a victory parade!

    • Rob Staton

      I refuse to watch that video

      I am a terrible loser. Didn’t watch the semi’s or final. I hate watching other teams celebrate.

      • Jabroni-DC

        I understand how you feel & the closest thing I can comp is Super Bowl XL. I’m still bitter about it. Because we’ve won it all now, I can rest in peace as a Seahawks fan but I will never accept the outcome of that particular game.

        That said, I purchased my first television in 20+ years & was able to watch the quarters, semis & finals. As someone with no skin in the game it was a great tournament. Couldn’t ask for a more entertaining bunch of games. My daughter picked the winner of each game. She would watch the first couple of minutes before selecting her team of choice. I’m in the ABB club…anyone but Brazil (& sometimes Germany).

      • cha

        Soccer was my first sports passion as a kid.

        The World Cup is one of my favorite sporting events.

        Mainly because I can just drop any rooting interest or analytical studies and just enjoy the pure athleticism.

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