Thoughts on what the Seahawks do at tackle

I wrote yesterday about my preference for the Seahawks in this draft.

The options are so good to add defensive players with special qualities and that should be the priority.

Plan A would be taking an edge rusher like Jermaine Johnson or Kayvon Thibodeaux. Plan B would be selecting Devonte Wyatt or Derek Stingley Jr.

To me there’s a stark difference between this quartet and Charles Cross and Trevor Penning. They’re not bad players by any stretch. I’m just not convinced they can be great or impactful.

It is worth nothing, however, that after recording 29 reps of the bench press at his pro-day today, Penning registered a TEF score of 3.06. His weighted TEF is 99.5. It makes him an explosive tester to go along with a 4.89 forty and increases his chances of going early (potentially to the Seahawks).

In round two I think you have to take a linebacker because the options are so good. You also have another high second rounder.

As much as I like Johnson and Thibodeaux there is something very appealing about tapping into Georgia’s outstanding defense. If you take Wyatt as your long-needed interior disruptor and then select Channing Tindall in the second round, that would be an understandable approach. You could then target an edge rusher at #41 or #72.

Either way, the draft is stacked with defensive talent. This feels like an exciting opportunity to create a young, dynamic unit that can carry this team forward as it seeks a long term future at quarterback.

However — the inability so far to add at the two offensive tackle positions is problematic. The Seahawks have a tendency of letting needs linger into the draft then forcing picks.

I hate the idea of reaching on an offensive tackle at #9. And I do think Cross or Penning would be a reach.

This is why I was rooting for Trent Brown to sign. Not because I necessarily coveted him as a player, or felt he would elevate the Seahawks to new heights on the O-line. Really it was just about filling a void and decreasing the chances of any temptation to force an O-line pick in round one.

It’s interesting though that so far they’ve shown only interest in Brown — best at right tackle — and reportedly they retain some interest in bringing back Brandon Shell (also a right tackle). Worryingly, it does feel a bit like they’re not actively seeking a left tackle. Until they do, I fear they’ll pass-up the opportunity to add a great defensive talent with their top pick.

They could of course target someone like Tyler Smith — perhaps in round two or by moving back into the first where he’s getting some buzz (I don’t think he should go that high). If they’re going to do that for a tackle, I would much prefer them to go after right tackle Abraham Lucas.

He is probably the only player I can get excited about as an early tackle pick. His stock has never taken off and if they take him in round two, I’d have no issues with that. It would be a selection to celebrate.

If Johnson and Thibodeaux come off the board before pick #9 — theoretically you could still take Wyatt (either at #9 or after moving down), take Tindall at #40 and maybe Lucas is there at #41? Then you could use #72 on a pass rusher like Dominique Robinson, DeAngelo Malone, Amare Barno or Jeffrey Gunter.

That would make as much sense as any other plan. If you prefer to swap out Lucas for Smith or Rasheed Walker — that’s an option too. I’ll just be a little bit surprised if they decide to go young and experienced on the O-line after years of trying to become more experienced up front.

It all calls into question Seattle’s decision to pay, handsomely, existing players on their roster. A true rebuilding team without any connection to Quandre Diggs, Will Dissly, Al Woods, Quinton Jefferson and Rashaad Penny might’ve thought that money was better spent elsewhere. Instead Seattle has used almost all of its cap space to retain a fairly average core that Pete Carroll clearly likes.

The coach speaks of competing and not rebuilding yet it’s impossible to look at Seattle’s roster and think this is anything more than a bad football team in the making. Even with their cluster of picks coming up.

Carroll might be best served embracing what this is and toning down his language. It could get ugly for him if he constantly talks about ‘going for it’ and then the losses stack up.

In truth it’s probably best to lean into a rebuild. Start your younger players — such as Stone Forsyth and Jake Curhan — and if you end up with a top-three pick in 2023, so be it. You won’t have to move up for a quarterback at least.

At the moment though I’m a little anxious that Carroll isn’t thinking this way at all. He’s thinking if he can plug a gap here, plug a gap there — they have a roster. Decisions made in April should be with 2023-2028 in mind, not 2022.

That’s why creating a dominating front seven through this draft should be the aim. It’s a realistic aim, too.

What if they do take Trevor Penning at #9?

I should be clear that I don’t dislike Penning as a player. I think he’s worthy of a first round grade. His profile determines he is for sure. I just don’t think he’s ‘special’ and that other players on the defensive side of the ball can be future stars.

If they draft him at #9 I think you still have to aim to take a linebacker in round two. With your other pick you consider Sam Williams, perhaps — or maybe one of the other edge rushers drops into range. There are a lot ranked in the top-50.

The Dominique Robinson, DeAngelo Malone, Amare Barno and Jeffrey Gunter group lack the star-quality of the top players and all require some refinement and development. Clint Hurtt called for a game-wrecker and all of these four are more ‘project’ than anything else. There is a lot of potential with this quartet, though.

Chris Simm’s take on Matt Corral

Say what you want about Simms but over the years he’s been quite good at correctly predicting which quarterbacks are best served to succeed at the next level.

Today he revealed his 2022 rankings with Ole Miss’ Corral at the top.

Have a listen.

He suggests Corral is the only player worthy of being considered in the top-10 and he has high praise for a player who was famously snapped having a meet-and-greet with Pete Carroll at the combine.

Brady Henderson reported today that there’s a feeling the Seahawks are not sold on the top quarterbacks in this draft. We should also remember the Seahawks have been very good at steering the local media over the last 12 months (see: Wilson will not be traded).

I don’t think the Seahawks will take Corral at #9. I do still think there’s a chance they could trade back into the #20-32 range to get him though.

Lane Kiffin loves Corral and Carroll trusts Lane. They’ve drafted a Kiffin quarterback before (Alex McGough). They might be inclined to keep taking shots until they find a guy.

The Browns are stuck with Baker Mayfield

He wanted the Colts but they clearly wanted someone else. The Saints have re-signed Jameis Winston. The Falcons added Marcus Mariota. The Panthers are already paying Sam Darnold $18m.

There’s nowhere for the Browns or Mayfield to go here.

This is why all the talk of day two picks a few days a go was nonsensical. The Browns have no leverage. This was nothing like the Carson Wentz situation or Darnold a year ago. Why? Because the Browns leaked a quote to ESPN calling Mayfield a child and then traded the house for Deshaun Watson.

It is impossible for Mayfield to be in that building when everyone gets together for OTA’s or camp.

They have two choices. Cut him and spend $18m for him to go away. Or they trade him with zero leverage to whoever will take him. They might need to eat most of his salary anyway or offer a draft pick to take on the money.

Either way they’re going to have to bite the bullet at some point. It seems to be taking them a long time to realise that but I suspect reality is biting now that other teams have shut down their options.

If the Seahawks want Mayfield — and I suspect they do — they’ve played a blinder here by being patient. They will probably get their ‘shot to nothing’ opportunity and will approach this ‘second chance’ as their 2022 answer to the Marshawn Lynch trade.

If not, it’s no big deal.

Something to remember…

When the Packers were preparing for life after Brett Favre, they selected Aaron Rodgers in the first round in 2005. Three years later, with Favre still playing, they selected Brian Brohm in the second round.

John Schneider is part of that Packers DNA. He admitted this week they’ve not done a good enough job drafting quarterbacks over the years. He’s right too. It’s particularly frustrating given the mid-round quarterbacks available a year ago, when the writing was on the wall with Russell Wilson.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Seahawks drafted one quarterback early and one late this year. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they took one early this year (either in round two or after trading up) but left the door open to draft another early in 2023.

When you don’t have a franchise quarterback, you’ve got to throw a lot of darts. I do wonder if they’ll start that off in this draft.

Given Brady Henderson’s report — if they don’t take a quarterback early, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the two players they’ve got their eye on are Jack Coan and Kaleb Eleby.

That, I think, would still be my preference above any Baker Mayfield project or high draft pick. Coan and Eleby have talent and traits you can chuck into the mix for 2022, while you build up your roster and plan for a potential high quarterback pick next year.

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  1. Tomas

    According to Aaron Wilson of Pro Football News, Brandon She’ll is expected to meet with team officials in Denver “in the coming days.”

    • Tomas


    • BobbyK

      Good. I’d rather have him in Denver than Seattle. He’s nothing like Jake Curhan as a run blocker.

      • lil’stink

        They did bring in Trent Brown, but perhaps we’re underestimating how much PCJS like Curhan at RT. I wonder if we didn’t top New England’s offer because it was 1) simply too much or 2) PCJS are content to roll with Curhan given the other options available. Especially since Curhan graded out fairly well as a run blocker.

        • Scot04

          Sounds like NE just matched our offer.

  2. UP Hawk

    I wonder if the Dissly money represents a much larger anticipated role in base offense. If they do go Curhan/Foresythe as the tackles, you play 90% of your base with a TE staying in pass protection and use a lot of rollouts and bootlegs to hide your poor tackle play.

    • J

      Not necessarily poor tackle play. Both those guys have potential.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I think Pete saw a winning strategy in the Titans last year that could have taken them all the way if not for Henry’s injury. Plus, Pete always coveted running, physical style of play. From a 30,000 foot view, the Titans displayed our desired offensive philosophy. The good teams right now can all pass and get after the passer and are usually just ok at run defense. If we can run, run, run with 4 yards a pop and semi regular chunk plays with Penny’s ability, it will be difficult for teams to stop. Of course, that would require at least adequate QB play to prevent defenses from putting 8-9 men in the box. And regardless, a top 5 defense is probably needed to make this offensive approach viable.

      Short answer, yes, Dissly was paid because he is valuable in run/pass blocking . He’s a couple years out from his injury. Hopefully feeling as close to 💯 as he ever will.

  3. Rob Staton

    Quick heads up — I’ll be on 750 The Game in Portland tomorrow from 3:30

    • GoHawks5151

      Making your way south huh? Can’t wait!

      • lil’stink

        Is that with Canzano?

        • Sean-O

          Yes it is. Canzano moved to the 3:00-6:00 slot a month or so ago.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Rob, you gotta get a TikTok account so I can start referring to you as “Rob the influencer”.

      I’m at my stupidest when I try to be funny (points to whomever knows where that line came from)

      Happy see a growing regional presence. I don’t know a journalist who deserves it more than you.

  4. CaptainJack

    Raiders signed ex-blog favorite Kyler Fackrell today. Would have been a nice signing to bring him aboard, he had 10.5 sacks in 2018.

  5. Matthew

    The content is just can’t be matched. Thank you Rob. One thing of not, when I’m listen got the Rebuild on Apple’s Podcast the artwork has a white band at the bottom, FYI. Looking really nice otherwise. Cheers.

    • Matthew

      Typing on my phone, auto correct mutilated this post. My bad!

  6. GoHawks5151

    I am of the mind to let Curhan and Forsythe play. I’m still hoping for Lucas with 40 or 41. I know there is a pull to believe what PCJS are saying in press conferences, but honestly it is Smokescreen season. Seattle has obvious needs and anything to create doubt in teams drafting near them is a plus.

    So far this off-season there seems to be a far more obvious and traceable plan on defense. Nwosu, Burns and Harris all fit Hurtt and Desai’s past defenses. When Clint says they need a game wrecker I believe him. If JJ or Wyatt is there I don’t think they hesitate. The ghosts of the 2019 draft won’t let them miss out again

  7. line_hawk

    Agree that they should go defense heavy. But, I think stacked college defensive lines never pan out in the NFL. The Clemson d-line of 2019 or stacked Alabama d-lines of the past few years have underwhelmed in the NFL compared to where they were drafted.

    I would rather take JJ or Kayvon than Wyatt, Walker or Jordan Davis. Would be interesting to do a review of why the Clemson 4 haven’t panned out as much as they were hyped.

    • Rob Staton

      So because Clemson’s line hasn’t been amazing, avoid the Georgia lads??

      That makes no sense.

      And FYI — Jonathan Allen & Da’Ron Payne are pretty awesome.

    • GoHawks5151

      With respect to those guys, none of those names can touch Davis or Wyatt athletically. College success, good tape and athletic traits will always be gambled on

    • CaptainJack

      Ferrell is the Clemson guy who comes to mind as a bust…

      Are Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence considered “busts” at this point? Wasn’t aware of that. Wilkins had 89 tackles and 4.5 sacks at dt last season in Miami, those aren’t “bust” numbers. 89 tackles is incredible for interior dline.
      Dexter Lawrence had 54 tackles and 3 sacks last season. Very good numbers for a nose tackle.

      Jonathan Allen is decidedly NOT a bust. 62 tackles and 9 sacks as a DT are excellent numbers. Payne has been good for Washington as well. Dalvin Tomlinson is known as one of the better run stoppers in the league.

      So in short, your narrative isn’t based on reality.

    • Cover2

      I think defensive schemes also play a part into why a few of them haven’t had great sack numbers. If a team drafts a DT that has great quickness to be disruptive in the backfield, yet their defense has that explosive d-lineman 2 gapping, its a like asking Jamal Adams to drop into coverage.

  8. Brett in AZ

    I’m surprised the Dissly contract has become such an article of faith talking point about how bad the FO manages the team. When it first came out, everyone assumed it was 8-10m per year and freaked out. Turns out it’s like $4.5m in 2022, making Dissly ~20th or so on the current TE pay scale…with some extensions and signings still to be completed.

    It’s almost like we’re so committed to the narrative that we’re not trying to suss-out what they’re doing.

    It’s hard to get all worked up about that, especially given Seattle’s recent history running the ball. Back in the Marshawn-ish era, we latched onto Zach Miller and used him as an integral part of the run game, especially on pulls and outside runs. Though principally a blocker in our scheme, the fact he could run and catch made him a real threat, and helped out a young RW when he got in trouble.

    It seems they might have similar plan for Dissly. If they’re thinking about starting two young tackles, this could make some sense. As could having 4 sets of good hands in 12 personnel. a DK-Tyler-Fant-Dissly-Penny backfield would present some interesting problems for defenses, match-up wise.

    My point here is that we shouldn’t lose all sense of patience as we attempt to see where the ‘Hawks are going. Cha said the other day on the podcast that he was uneasy and would feel better if the FO would tell us what the plan is. Right there with ya’ Cha… but seriously, do we really want them to spell it out? For the entire NFL?

    We’ve already correctly surmised they’re going to more of a 3-4.

    This still feels very much like a 2-3 year rebuild, so it’s difficult to get all bent when very expensive, above average FA’s go off the board. Other than to Rob’s point about giving yourself flexibility to draft a more BPA approach, I’m just fine seeking up-trending younger players, testing out what we have, and trying to land some violent, scary draft picks. That’s the heart Seattle needs to replace.

    • Rob Staton

      Turns out it’s like $4.5m in 2022, making Dissly ~20th or so on the current TE pay scale…with some extensions and signings still to be completed.

      It’s almost like we’re so committed to the narrative that we’re not trying to suss-out what they’re doing.

      Not really. I still think it’s too much. I think it was a wholly unnecessary signing and that his role can be filled on the cheap in this draft.

      It’s hard to get all worked up about that

      Who’s getting ‘all worked up’?

      It seems they might have similar plan for Dissly. If they’re thinking about starting two young tackles, this could make some sense.

      I’m sure they had a plan for many of their TE’s over the years. And they’ve never been able to execute it to make the investment worthy.

      My point here is that we shouldn’t lose all sense of patience as we attempt to see where the ‘Hawks are going

      Who is losing all sense of patience?

      I think you’re in danger of assessing fair and valid questioning of their moves so far as some kind of frothing at the mouth angst. Which it isn’t. From me or anyone else really that I’ve seen commenting.

      And frankly — they don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt if people do want to critique more strongly. Carroll and Schneider need to deliver.

      Other than to Rob’s point about giving yourself flexibility to draft a more BPA approach, I’m just fine seeking up-trending younger players, testing out what we have, and trying to land some violent, scary draft picks. That’s the heart Seattle needs to replace.

      But you assume that’s what they’re going to do.

      What if they use the draft to fill holes as they’ve been prone to do, bypassing superior talent?

      • Brett in AZ

        I’m referring to post article comments, not your writeup.

        I wouldn’t say ‘assume’, more like hope. And track with a critical eye but an open mind. We’ll see where they end up.

        And I’m all for holding PCJS to account… thought I’d made that pretty clear. As I’ve said several times if they really blow it this year they’re likely gone. Fine.

        But I’ve read comments over the last 4-6 weeks including things like PC will die soon and both PC and JS are idiots, and if you disagree with x-y-z you’re a dolt. Just one guy’s opinion, but this distracts from otherwise excellent content on the blog.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure but it’s the internet. Best just to ignore those remarks.

          • Brett in AZ

            Heh. Touche.

            I’m curious Rob. Are you seeing indications in what’s played out so far that the Coordinators and Scouts/GM seem to have more sway this year than the last 2-3?

            I know it’s early and acknowledge the possibility that PC could always swoop in and nix something good. So I won’t hold you to it if changing circumstances dictate.

            • Rob Staton

              Are you seeing indications in what’s played out so far that the Coordinators and Scouts/GM seem to have more sway this year than the last 2-3?

              None at all based on what they’ve done so far

      • CaptainJack

        I have issues with the Seahawks off-season moves.

        Giving Dissly 4.5 million for next year to come back isn’t one of them. People forget how effective of a receiver he has flashed to be. I actually view him as being a major upside receiver and a mediocre run blocker (pretty much the opposite of how mainstream narrative views him). When Dissly , DK , Fant, Lockett, Carson and Penny are ALL 100 percent, that’s a very dynamic group of playmakers. Only player I’m not sold on who is supposed to play a major role in the offense is Eskridge

        To me, Fant is WR3 and Dissly is WR4. Tiny Eskridge is limited to be a gadget play guy. Swain is jag at wideout but a solid special teams asset. Big lumbering Colby is the exclusive blocking tight end. (Yes you can be a receiver at 6’7 over soft pac 12 dbs, his game won’t work in the league)

    • BSLBobby

      I can see what you are saying RE: Dissly for this year’s cap hit, but any way you slice it, he’s making $8M AAV. There’s $16M guaranteed, so either we cut him after two years and he makes $8M AAV or we play out the contract and he makes $8M AAV. It may be back loaded, but it’s still an overpay.

  9. Seattle Person

    Non related to this post but I want to go back to a player from the last topic/post. Thank you to the person that brought up this player. Pitt’s CB Damarri Mathis. How is he not talked about more? I wasn’t aware of him. The more I dug into him and his film, the more I like.

    198 lbs
    31.5 in arms but 77 in wing span (That will do it for the Seahawks)
    43.5 Vert
    4.38 Speed

    The tape shows an ultra aggressive approach. He looks extremely sticky in man coverage. Outside/inside versatility. His footwork is choppy but hopefully he can be coached up. Nagy approves of him. He seems like someone Pete would love!

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Thanks for shout out. I just took a look at him. Could be a valuable asset covering the slot. Sounds like he’d need quite bit more development to be more than special teams + nickel CB, but that is still valuable. Looks like he’ll be a late rounder or possibly UDFA.

  10. doug

    It feels like the best tackle options at this point might be via trade. Can you see Seattle going after Dillard, Tunsil or Becton? How they feel about Metcalf’s upcoming extension might be the key as the Eagles, Texans and Jets all could use a talent like DK.

    • Rob Staton

      Dillard’s just a bust at this point. Tunsil would be very expensive. Becton might be available but no idea on price

      • Denver Hawker

        I’ve turned myself around to be okay with a Forsyth/Curhan year. Might as well see what you’ve got. Perhaps they draft camp competition.

        It’d most certainly make for an ugly year, but that might be a given anyhow with the rostered QBs. Trent Brown wasn’t going to tack 10 tds on Drew Locks stat sheet.

        That said, I’m with you on preferring Wyatt over a trade back for a tackle.

        Who are the “special” players they should take at 9- are there even 9 in the draft?

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve turned myself around to be okay with a Forsyth/Curhan year. Might as well see what you’ve got. Perhaps they draft camp competition.

          Well, I don’t think the Seahawks feel that way. And that’s my concern for the draft.

          • Jake

            Does anyone remember the 49ers trade comp for Trent Williams? I think it was something totally manageable.. a 5th in the current round and a 3rd in the following year. Wonder if we see a trade like that during the draft.

      • BobbyK

        Would love to be the team that got Becton.

      • Mr. Bitter

        Doug beat me to the punch with the tackle trade option question. Assuming Seattle doesn’t sign D. Brown or Fisher, buying low on a reclamation project could be their best pre-draft option to avoid painting themselves into a corner with Cross or Penning at #9.

        Do you see any hope for other trade candidates like Jawaan Taylor, Austin Jackson, or Tytus Howard?

        • Rob Staton

          The Texans, as far as I’m aware, like Howard. I can see the Dolphins bailing on Jackson if they sign Armstead but the problem with all of these discussions is any trade means giving up picks in a great draft. I don’t want to do that.

          • Mr. Bitter


            You’ve suggested that you like Ekwonu as a guard. If he somehow slips through the cracks and is available at #9, would you still prefer Johnson/Thibodeaux?

            • CaptainJack

              I think Ekwonu is pretty much the consensus most “plug and play” ready linemen in the draft. Neal might go earlier due to insane measurable.

              But neither Neal or Ekwonu will be there at 9. Cross … Maybe. But unlikely

              • Mr. Bitter

                Ekwonu is unlikely to be there at 9, but nothing is set in stone. Never forget Tyson Jackson.

                This draft class is a jumble at the top, with as many as twenty prospects that could realistically go top-10. A few “consensus” top-10 guys are bound to tumble. Neal and Ekwonu are very good prospects, but aren’t “can’t miss” guys. They have their warts. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few teams have Penning or even Cross at the top of their OT board.

                I think Ekwonu is plug-and-play as a guard. If a team like Carolina drafts him expecting a Rashawn Slater-type rookie season at LT, they’re going to be disappointed. Ekwonu is miles away from where he needs to be with his pass pro technique.

            • Rob Staton

              100% yes

      • Cover2

        I’ve read the Texans fans perspective on Tunsil. They think he is an elite pass blocker but a horrible run blocker.

  11. Forrest

    Watch Drew Locks’s college highlights. Do you honestly see a QB in this class who looks better?

    • BobbyK

      When NFL scouts liken him to Jay Cutler and Jeff George – color me unimpressed.

    • BSLBobby

      He certainly has the arm, but I think he might just forever be a spread offense QB especially after his supposedly poor development with the Broncos. I know that’s a common refrain for a majority of college QBs, but the knock on him is his mental game, not his cannon.

    • Rob4q

      Watching that and seeing the deep ball he throws, you can see why Pete & John might like him. He definitely has some physical tools.

      And Lance’s comp for him during the draft was Matt Stafford, so that’s a bit better than Cutler or George.

      • Seattle Person

        Lock actually reminds me more of Cutler. They both have great arms and can escape the pocket. The problem is both tend to get sloppy with their footwork and air it down field no matter what.

        Remember Lock played in an air-raid offense in college. He’s used to chucking it everywhere and not reading defenses.

        It does seems like Lock’s attitude is better and he wants to play within the offense. I do want to see what he looks like in a Goff like role.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Well it sounds to me like proper coaching could make the difference with Lock. I am willing to give him a chance.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            100% agree. Lock is the quintessential mismanaged QB over his first 3 years. Changing OC after 1st season is SO EFFING STUPID when your rookie QB showed real promise in year one. That was a big blunder on Denver’s part imo.

            Also agree with prior comments that he must get his footwork under control and cut out the errant throws when plays break down. IF he can minimize his flaws, his upside is capable of making all throws one would expect from an NFL QB.

            I’m hoping a new scenery with coaches who will manage him more effectively especially his confidence — these young QBs just have a ton of weight on their shoulders.

    • Denver Hawker

      His highlights are incredible- he has great tools.

      Missing are the mashups of the low-lights which mostly involve bad decisions. His game-speed processing just isn’t sufficient. I think a lot of good QBs struggle with this part of the game though. It just strikes me as very difficult to develop. He’s logged quite a few games and has yet to show improvement.

      When Teddy got injured and Drew came in against the Bengals (a game I saw in person), he instantly made some quick throws and helped drive the ball toward a score in a close game. He then did this:

      It was a bad call to overturn the Cincy fumble (refs said defender was down?!?), but 1) he stared at the edge defender staying home and chose to run at him, 2) tried to make a move and gave the ball away. The defender made a great play as well, but this was a defining moment in the game. Instead of getting points on the drive, the turnover led to a quick Cincy TD and the game was over.

      He will make a few throws that make you say wow- then he will do something like this that will cost the team the game. That’s Drew Lock. If we’re headed for a Top 5 pick this year, might as well see if the Hawks can help him, but I’ve already seen this show and don’t believe the ending will be any different.

      • Spectator

        Say what you will about the bad decision to run it and being poor with ball security, he also competed after the mistake to cause a fumble. Something to be said about that.

        He may not be the answer, but he’s not Cutler like some seem to be saying. I see and hear someone that at least what’s to compete. I’ll take Lock over a lot of QBs for a shot, and he has tools that could surprise us. Problem is, he is not going to have any favors with the line.

        • Denver Hawker

          I think the Cutler comp is quite apt, but I’d also be pleased with that this year.

          • Derek

            Here’s a highlight mash-up of his rookie year, which he says he felt the most comfortable and ran a similar offense to Waldron’s


            I can see similarities in the offense and even the player but only time will tell. I do think it’s worth giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  12. Canadian Hawk

    With all the holes the Seahawks have and JS history of trading back, I think hanging onto #9 would be a long shot.

    Also, sounds like the meat of this draft are rounds 2-4.

    My question would be what could #9 fetch?

    A decent haul could solve a few problems.

    • BobbyK

      It will be interesting. On one hand, they whine and complain about never having a top 10 pick and yet trading down this year could prove worthy with all the day two talent that will be available.

      • Big Mike

        And if they do trade down after all the whining and complaining, none of Pete’s lapdogs in the Seattle media will even question them on it.

  13. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I am thinking now the only option for Seattle to secure a starting OT is to trade. Perhaps DK? Perhaps our best Safety in the nation will secure an OL?

    • CaptainJack

      Dear god no.
      I think Carroll loves Becton’s game but still… no

    • Big Mike

      No one will trade jack squat for the peacock, not with the very obvious yearly injury threat and the insanely exorbitant salary he was paid. Only way he’s traded would be for a low round draft choice and with Seattle paying most of the salary. Carroll’s ego is such that he won’t ever do it because he will continue to try to justify the worst trade in the history of the Seattle Seahawks.

      All just my opinion of course………….

      • UkAlex6674

        I’m willing to give Adams a chance under the new D set up. If they can figure out how to use him we got a player.

        • Peter

          There’s a case to be made that this has been one of the worst choices of this regime.

          If he can’t play a full season this year Jamal Adams will be the biggest bust in my 44 years of fandom in yerms of worth vs. cost.

          I get hope springs eternal for hawks fans. But who is the last player who was consistently hurt and/or underperformed who miraculously after given several seasons snapped to and performed at a high level? ….and before anyone says penny let’s see how next year pans out (btw penny was only the 26th ranked rusher last year,)….I honestly hope I’m wrong and JA balls out and plays 17 games i just have huge doubts it’s a coaching/use thing.

          • Stoptherun

            Davvin cook had 2 season ending injuries back to back his first 2 years in the league of I remember correctly

  14. D-OZ

    Watched the highlights. Boy, Lock can really hit those seam routs. Hmm…

    • God of Thunder

      Laughing (not at you) because of all the talk of trading DK.

      I’m not against trading DK either. But it would be ironic if Lock’s best skill is routes DK can run.

      • Jordan E

        Im with ya. Its ok to have some superstars and pay them fans… lets not trade away our young and potentially only superstar on our roster.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Seams and back shoulder throws are about to show just how good DK can be.

    • BSLBobby

      Go earn that money, Uncle Will.

      • GoHawks5151

        More likely cousin Noah

        • God of Thunder

          Both! Uncle Will underneath.

  15. samprassultanofswat

    When the Hawks made the trade with the Broncos I just felt that Lock was a throw in. Now I am at least willing to give him a shot.

    Ist pick in the draft has to be defensive lineman. For the first time in a long time. The Hawks can add a legitimate pass rusher early in the draft. You never know this might be their only chance to get a premium pass rusher. 2nd round offensive tackle and another defensive player. Unless they are really high on a QB.

    One thing that gets me optimistic is that the Hawks release/or cut Carlos Hyde/Benson Mayowa/ Kerry Hyder. It appears that they might be going DL early in the draft. Also with both offensive tackle positions available they might be going in that direction. We will see.

    Please!! No more Malik McDowell or L.J. Collier types.

  16. Henry Taylor

    I have found myself more convinced by Corral as the process goes on, the Chris Simms stamp of approval helps that. Maybe it’s just desperation to find a guy but I do love his personality, he has flashed the arm talent to drive it deep and has the athleticism to extend. But his release in the short game is genuinely Rodgers-esque. I think top QBs need to have a ‘super-power’. With Wilson it was his play extension and deep ball, Matt Corral’s release is his.

    • Ben

      It’s a pretty good super power for the spread too. Seems like the offense would compliment him well. Lots of movement from the pocket, can throw deep, and if it’s just a lot of predetermined reads it’d help him. Seems like in bad QB drafts the highest upside is more likely to go first if teams are trying to justify it…

  17. Sea Mode

    Doug Kyed
    · 3h

    #Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny: one year, $5.75M contract with $6.5M max value.

    $4M signing bonus

    $5.070M total guarantee

    $1.070M fully guaranteed salary

    $40k per game roster bonus

    Up to $750k rush yards, receiving yards, TD incentives

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Win-win contract. Happy he turned down another reportedly larger contract offer.

  18. Nathan

    Is Baker really that much better than Mariota?

    Is there a reason we weren’t after him? And what’s more, he’s better in a run the ball, don’t turn it over’ offense which is exactly what Pete wants

  19. Big Mike

    Rob said: ” it’s impossible to look at Seattle’s roster and think this is anything more than a bad football team in the making. Even with their cluster of picks coming up.”


    • Sea Mode

      One Peter Carroll begs to differ…

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I disagree. I see 7 to 9 wins as most likely with equally less likely for either 10+ or 5 and fewer wins.

      10+ would mean we have a QB who is legit good and probably also Penny playing like a stud.

      5 or fewer wins, to me, means the defense shit the bed. While not looking great now, I think our D is at least as good as last year with the draft hopefully providing much needed improvements and deoth on the D-Line, LB and maybe CB.

      • Rob Staton

        I have absolutely no idea why you think this

        • MyChestisBeastMode

          Fair. Impossible for me to be succinct here. Please read and debate as you see fit.

          TL;DR: Our roster has a ton of upside/unrealized potential. The only real losses we suffered are Russel and to a lesser degree, DJ Reed. Some of the roster is better (TE, interior Dline) and most of the roster is either as good, has potential to be as good, or only marginally worse than the counterparts that have moved on. Obviously, with big questions about LT/RT that have yet to be addressed in free agency.

          My more complete analysis:

          1. Outside of Russel, we cut a lot of dead weight in players who have little significance on our W-L record. Starting with Defensive Backs. One could argue DJ Reed to a lesser degree is a real loss, but he’s solid, not a world-beater. Sydney Jones with time in our system and another offseason removed from nagging injuries has as much potential as any CB to be solid or better. Remember, Jones was very highly touted prior to his injury pre-draft. He’s played in 3 different systems and been somewhat injured in all. Now, he’s as healthy as he’s been in the NFL. There’s real upside there. Tre Brown showed enough for me to be a real get, and again, if healthy could be a Pro-Bowl talent. Sticking with the injuries theme, Marquise Blair can play if he’s healthy. The only DB I’m worried about is one Jamal Adams. When healthy, he can be a real disruptive force even if a below average coverage guy (I am NOT trying to justify his trade and contract). Even if his shoulder doesn’t hold up, which would be the shits, Ryan Neal was adequate in most ways and even better in coverage. If Neal is Adam’s hedge, then it’s not a downgrade from last year. I can’t speak to Artie Burns, but hope there’s something there. Overall, DB’s are at worst a marginal downgrade, but just as likely to be a better overall unit as youngsters get more acclimated and healthy within our system.

          All other losses – BWagz, Dunlap, Hyder, Mayowa, Everett, OLine (D. Brown and Shell who are still available making this presumptuous) are not game changers at this point in their careers or are on a downward trajectory and will never be better than what they showed last season. Their current replacements on the roster are mostly unproven, but have shown in limited snaps to be better in some aspects and certainly nothing more than marginal downgrades overall — and all with youth and potential to be as good or better than the older veterans they’re currently slotted to replace.

          Currhan: better run blocker than Shell. Young. Very cheap. Lots of potential.
          Stone: Very few snaps, but against very good competition. Looked promising. I would still like to hedge him at LT with D. Brown or Quessenbury if Brown is not an option.
          Barton: No noticeable drop in play compared to Bwagz when Barton filled in late last season. No drop off in quality. I would like Tindall or Chenal as potential upgrades.
          Dissly: We saw flashes in year 1 pre-injury. Everett was good but not great. Dissly will be healthier now than he’s been since the start of his rookie year. Better blocker and great hands, just maybe not as fast/agile. Not a downgrade imo.

          Plus, if we stick to some semblance of a draft plan that Rob has beautifully outlined (PLEASE JOHN SCHNIEDER — READ THIS BLOG AND DO WHAT ROB SAYS), the Hawks stand to markedly improve their Dline with the pass rush. There’s also no evidence to suggest our run D has been downgraded, and one could easily argue its better now with the likes of Shelby Harris. Also, Nwosu is more than capable of at least producing, if not outproducing the pass rush stats of the trio of DE’s we just released. Again, another rookie stud rusher, either inside or EDGE might be the move to make this Dline near elite this season, more likely solid, but at least certainly better than the Dline showed last season.

          2. We have studs at WRx2, TE in Fant, DE in Taylor, and a RB in Penny with potential to blow the top off the league if he can manage to stay healthy. These key positions cannot be underrated. Teams will have to account for them. We have more offensive weapons than opposing teams can consistently cover. With the draft, hopefully we will have enough weapons to make it difficult for teams to consistently block our defensive rush. Ultimately, we have real talent, with intangibles of size and speed that can create mismatches on virtually every offensive play and enough to think that our DVOA top ten defense can at least be replicated, but more likely improved — even with suffering through the lumps of youth and inexperience with rookies (Hopefully rookie DE, LB, RB who can contribute year 1).

          3. Lastly, the big elephant – QB. We’ve got Lock. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m pumped. But I also am not going to discount how horribly his career has been mismanaged or deny his physical toolset as anything less than potential to be an above average QB in the NFL. I think he comps closer to Kirk Cousins than Cutler. Obviously, he has something to prove before giving him the keys in the form of a contract and trust to lead this organization.

          He has flaws that are coachable. Pure and simple. I do not agree he make slow reads as some have said. He does make stupid decisions as most of us have seen. Work on his footwork and design plays where he has a good idea of where the ball is going pre-snap, and if it works, then we’ve got a killer. If not, we’re drafting a killer rookie next year.

          Lock’s arguably better than any rookie QB this year. Maybe Mayfield could outplay him, but I’m not sold that it’s a given if they did have the opportunity to compete. While I’d love to have a HoF QB, I think a Tannehill-esque quality at QB is more than adequate to get this team to a competitive place this season. Still, my goal is not to win it all this season — fat chance, but to be in prime position to have a real run in 2023. If Lock can play, then the draft capital and cap room for 2023 makes a championship contender a reality. If Lock doesn’t pan out, then I still think Geno ‘what are time zones’ Smith is capable of getting this team to 7 wins – IF they draft well.

  20. Big Mike

    One wild card to me in the Mayfield situation that absolutely no one has mentioned is Miami. He might be a step up from Tua whom they aren’t wild about. Just a gut feeling on my part. I’ve got nothing else to base it on.

    • TomLPDX

      I get the feeling they are all in on Tua this year. They brought Bridgewater in as his backup and mentor. They’ll give him his shot and if he fails, move on.

      • Big Mike

        But with that owner as a wild card nothing’s for sure. You’re very likely correct tho.

  21. Roy Batty

    Rob, what is the Tackle situation for next year’s draft? They’ll have two firsts (one of them probably in the top 5), and will likely use it on a QB. The other is dependent on Denver, but it could be paired with a day 2 pick to move up and grab a tackle.

    If they make no further moves to secure a good tackle this year for more than a one year rental, might they be focused on defense this year and concentrate on offense next year? Pick up an FA tackle and draft one.

    I’m grasping for any type of coherent plan.

  22. Todd

    I would love it if they picked up Mayfield with a late pick and force the Browns to absorb some salary, then take a flier on EWU QB Eric Berrier (sp?).

    • Big Mike

      Rob’s never mentioned anything about Barriere (sp?). Anyone have any idea what his scouting report is like?
      I’m interested because my nieces are both EWU grads.

      • Peter

        One of a many FCS qb’s especially at EWU who put up big numbers. Coming in as a priority UDFA I can see it.

        One of the posters here brings him up as a poor man’s Wilson but he’s pretty far away in accuracy and pro readiness.

        If “the plan,” is role the dice on next year he’s no better or worse than any other option.

        Slight frame. But not really a runner more of a guy that moves around in the pocket.

        • Big Mike

          Thank you!

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Didn’t stand out at FCS, why would he contribute at NFL. ?

    • Peter

      Pretty interesting write up. Sort of interesting watching one trend down and one trend up.

      I hope to whatever that they don’t draft a CB in the first round. I see a lot of hawks related platforms talking about those two. I’m pretty down on top drafted corners who have this pretty long run of being great yet not really effecting the material outcomes of their team.

      Champ Bailey, patrick peterson, revis. The washington football team, cardinals, and jets while those three guys were freaking awesome to watch play weren’t significantly impacted towards greatness for having selected them.

      It’s like nose tackle. If Seattle had a pass rush worth it’s salt i think you could consider a NT or CB top ten.

  23. calgaryhawk

    I’m not sure Seattle keeps the #9 pick but I would love to see them trade back for extra picks in next years draft. My thinking is simple, I feel that next year will have a better overall draft class for QB’s. That gives the Seahawks this year to see if Lock is the man and if not, they would have an extra pick or two in case they want to move up to draft a QB prospect they like.

    How far back should they trade back? Well, the player I would like to see them target is Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum. Some think he is the best center to come out in years, some even go as far as to say he is the best center they ever scouted. I feel he will go in the 15 to 23 slot but management has a much better read I’m sure. I’m not against building the O line from the inside out.

    • Roy Batty

      The problem with getting more picks for next year is that this year is loaded with defensive talent, and the Hawks are in desperate need of defensive talent.

  24. HOUSE

    I thought a lot about the Baker Mayfield situation and I think that Seattle could continue to sit back and wait until after the draft. Potentially offer a 2023 conditional pick for him to come in and compete with Drew Lock. Cleveland would have to eat a lot of his salary and I think a 5th rd pick could do it. As time passes, CLE loses.

    • Ben

      Yeah, if they don’t need the cap space now their best move would be to tell him to stay home, and wait for an injury in training camp.

      Honestly keeping him around to be a distraction for the media for a while might be better than the distraction of “great” guy they acquired…

      • HOUSE

        I kind of think that’s what could happen now. Watson’s salary is only $1.035M and a bonus of $8.99M. Call that $10M and change coupled with Mayfield’s $18M and other teams have much more invested in QBs

  25. JJ

    Fred Johnson was just waived by the Bengals and can be claimed off waivers. Started a handful of games over the last few years. Worth a shot?

    • Mr. Bitter

      Fred Johnson. This is what it has come to.

      • JJ

        At this point just looking for bodies so hawks don’t have to force the issue at 9.

        • Mr. Bitter

          I know. Just bustin’ balls.

          Johnson was re-signed by the Bengals.

          • Sea Mode

            He was, but then was now re-released after they just signed Lael Collins.

            Adam Schefter

            A unique one: Bengals now waiving OL Fred Johnson, per source. Johnson recently signed his restricted free agent tender, but after signing OT La’el Collins, the Bengals have decided to waive Johnson, who can be claimed on waivers. So teams and players can, and do, change minds.

            • Mr. Bitter

              Huh. Okay. Still…Fred Johnson.

              • Dregur

                Might as well make a waiver claim.

                • TomLPDX

                  If you get him off waivers it will cost $2.4M since he signed his tender. If you wait until he becomes an UFA you can set your price.

  26. Palatypus

    You all better just embrace the new drinking game.

    When the quarterback gets sacked you…

    1) Stand up
    2) Pull your pants down to your ankles
    3) Spin around three times yelling, “Bailey Zappe makes me happy! Bailey Zappe makes me happy! Bailey Zappe makes me happy!”
    4) Chug a beer,

  27. Jackson

    Personally, I would be quite happy with a Cross pick at #9. I can understand the disappointment with all the tantalizing defensive talent potentially available at that spot, but I think Cross has elite pass pro upside at the left tackle position. He’s definitely a little rough in the running game at this point, but I’d much rather have that be the skill where he needs to be coached up versus the other way around.

    Also, it’s not really a stretch to think that, especially with the Ojabo injury, all of Hutchinson, Thibodeaux, Johnson, Walker, Neal, Ekwonu, and Gardner are gone by the time we make our selection.

  28. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson

    Quinton Jefferson (Seahawks) two years, $9.5M, $5.175M gtd, $4M signing bonus, $1.175M (gtd), $3.645M; $20K per game active roster bonus annual, $750K playtime, sacks incentive annual, $750K playtime-sacks base salary escalator 2023

    • cha

      Thanks! Did anyone post Diggs’ numbers?

      They really went aggressive in 2022. Only $5.8m

      The cost though, is 2023’s number is $18.1m. Ouch.

      So they are at $16.5m of room according to OTC and will get $5.1m more once June 1 rolls around for cutting Dunlap.

  29. Happy Hawk

    The roster says “tank” but the HC says “title run” hope the roster wins out. This article suggests 2-3 year rebuild, save your picks, and convert your horrible 2022 season into a high draft pick and future QB without using your draft capital to move up.

  30. Ukhawk

    Cool post Rob, 2 thoughts:

    “As much as I like Johnson and Thibodeaux there is something very appealing about tapping into Georgia’s outstanding defense. If you take Wyatt as your long-needed interior disruptor and then select Channing Tindall in the second round, that would be an understandable approach. You could then target an edge rusher at #41 or #72.” Maybe if they go this route, they’ve shown interest in D Beavers who may be a “poor man’s” JJ that they look at in a middle round. He maybe isn’t a sub 1.6 athletic but he brings versatility and toughness ?

    On the subject of OL, I think it is really a deep group. PFN isn’t gospel but it’s predicting Rosenthal, Walker, Eze, Toms go in the 5th and later which means that potentially these positions can be filled after defenders are taken earlier. Just a thought.

  31. Palatypus

    So, Cha, if I am reading this right there is no cap savings for the Browns for waiting until June 1st to cut him. Apparently, the 5th year option was picked up in April of 2021 so his roster bonus is fully guaranteed.

    So even if they cut him the Browns have to pay that?

    • cha

      Yes. Everything you said is correct except the money is fully guaranteed salary, not a roster bonus.

      The Browns are up a creek.

      Here’s another sneaky tidbit that just came to mind: Baker had offsets in his original contract, but the last I recall, by rule the 5th year option has no offsets.

      So if they outright cut Baker, they’re on the hook for the whole $18m and if a team signs him for any amount, it doesn’t reduce the Browns’ liability one penny.

      • jed

        The Browns should have just kept their fool mouths shut.

        They can afford Mayfield and Watson this year with the way Watson’s contract is designed. Watson will probably get suspended for most (if not all) of the year. They could have gone into the season with Baker and told him that this is his chance to prove he’s a starter and get Kirk Cousins money as a FA next year if he played well.

        • Ashish

          Correct, this is more like Brown being Brown. As soon as they saw better QB which watson is just football skill wise they didn’t handle Baker situation well. Baker has opportunity to do himself a favor to improve his career playing well if he get chance to play with Browns ignoring noise. Other teams will see him being mature and having ethics to do things right.

  32. Mr. Bitter

    Hey Rob, what is your take on the “Thibodeaux will slide” narrative? I’m not sure if I buy it.

    From what I’ve gathered by watching his interviews, Thibodeaux’s only sins are being a bit of a know-it-all and maybe a little too forthright for his own good. These strike me as hallmarks of brash youth, not overly concerning character flaws. When Thibodeaux’s Richard Sherman-type cockiness is weighed against his tape, I can’t see how it would even be an issue to any team in need of an impact EDGE.

    Thibodeaux’s speed-to-power conversion is remarkable. Best in class. He regularly puts big boys on their ass. His motor runs hot; more so than Hutchinson, IMO. What am I missing?

    Forgive the non-Seahawks specific questions. I’m a Jets fan, but have lurked here for years for the unparalleled draft content. Most other draft “experts” offer little more than empty carbs in comparison. I like to pick your brain when I can.

    • Hawk Finn

      Not Rob, but in my opinion all fans are welcome provided they engage in respectful and (somewhat) intelligent discourse. Welcome and thanks for your contribution.

      Regarding Thibs, I tend to agree with your analysis but wouldn’t object to the top 8 giving him a little side-eye. He’d make an excellent partner for DT. Toss up between him and Double J for me.

      • Mr. Bitter

        Thanks for the welcome. I’ll try my best to keep it respectful and intelligent. You know how we Jets fans can get. Forgive us – we’ve been hurt.

        If Thibodeaux falls into Seattle’s lap, that’s the steal of the draft.

    • Sea Mode

      Thibodeaux has the incredible burst off the snap, and Jermaine Johnson has the heavy hands. I actually might lean Thibodeaux if we somehow had the privilege of choosing between them.

      IMO talent will win out over rumored “concerns” in both cases.

      BTW, we are the only ones “bitter” around here about the Jets fleecing us in the Jamal Adams trade…

      • Big Mike

        Who’s “we”? Just the folks here?
        I don’t frequent any other Hawks fans sites. If you do, are there not people on them that are pissed?

        • Hawk Finn

          Hey Big Mike, he’s just being playful with the name Mr Bitter. Meaning only Seahawks fans are bitter about the trade.

          • Sea Mode


          • Big Mike

            Ah I’m slow but sure
            Can I use being old as an excuse?

            • TomLPDX

              Yes you can.

      • Mr. Bitter

        Thibodeaux would be the ideal pick for Seattle. It blows my mind that the possibility is even up for discussion.

        LOL yeah, I get a kick out of the Adams refrain around these parts. I’ll gladly take him back in exchange for knowing what it feels like to have your team win a Super Bowl in your lifetime. You can’t even begin to understand REAL suffering, Junior!

        The last few weeks have been especially interesting around here as you guys have worked through the post-Wilson stages of grief. I’d forgotten that the prospects of a rebuild could be invigorating – before it became more frequent than the Olympics for the Jets.

        • Ukhawk

          Great post. Makes me almost ecstatic to be a hawks fan even now

  33. Sea Mode

    Pete’s on now:

    Bob Condotta

    Pete Carroll appearing on @SEASports710. Will pass along a few notes. Says of Wilson trade that “I had no intention of making a move at all” and that “I fought for the logic of that for a good while” until it didn’t “seem meaningful” to stick with that.

    • Sea Mode

      Wants to re-sign Geno for the experience he has in the system.

      Says if Lock were available as a prospect in this draft he would be seen differently.

      • cha

        Thanks for the notes. I can’t get it at the moment.

        Pete talked like Geno was still on the roster in his last press conf. Not unlike he did with Al Woods at the combine. Should shock no one that Geno comes back.

        • Ashish

          We had our fair share of Geno, like we say some QB can’t win SB Geno can’t win a game. I will try any other QB as Geno got his fair chance.

        • Big Mike

          So that may mean drafting Corral doesn’t happen? I mean why would they have both Lock and Geno along with Corral?
          Suppose they could cut Geno?

          • Ashish

            did we sign Geno? He also involved in some police case. Rebuild please including backup QB, because who knows backup can be better from starter.

          • Henry Taylor

            Didnt they keep 3 QBs in Russ’ rookie year?

          • Sea Mode

            Salk said in his outro right after the PC interview that Geno is Tarvaris, Lock is Flynn, so who will be the next Russ…

            The point is, they are going to start taking their shots until they find someone.

    • D-OZ

      Just got done listing. Still talking about bringing Geno back, really talked him up. No mention of Mayfield. Thank God!!!

      • Jerry

        Why would they mention Mayfield? Even if they were very interested in adding him, talking about a player controlled by another team is not something that teams ever do.

  34. samprassultanofswat

    Not interested in Matt Ryan. Also not interested in Baker Mayfield. I don’t want to WASTE draft capital on QBs that are not going to get to the Big Dance.

    I go back to what Brock Huard said. Drew Lock is better than any QB in this draft. Brock Huard knows more about QBs than I do. By a long shot. I am all for giving Lock a chance. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Scott McCloughan give these QBs in the upcoming draft a low 2nd round to 3 round grade?

    • Big Mike

      Not sure Chris Simms would agree with Brock on that. Different people have different perspectives.

  35. ElPasoHawk

    As much as I would love for the Hawks to acquire Mayfield, I just don’t see it happening with their cap space and needs for OT. Looks to me like Geno, Lock , and a rookie. Not sure who they have their eye on as QB in the draft but if he’s there in round 2 or can move into round 1 they’ll pull the trigger. Otherwise I think they would have pulled the trigger on Mayfield and let he and Lick battle it out.

  36. Robbie

    hahaha, I did my first mock draft of the season on profootballnetwork. I was all excited for my first pick then I got presented with this trade offer. Colts want #9 willing to give me 42nd pick, 73rd pick and a 2023 1st and 2nd round pick….uh. Okay. I took it! I debated it for the sake of wanting to draft someone but damn. that was an aggressive offer, hard to turn down having 3 1sts, 3 2nds in next years draft. So ended up with this.

    40. Boye Mafe EDGE Minnesota
    41. Travis Jones DT Connecticut
    42. Channing Tindall LB Georgia
    trade icon
    72. Bernhard Raimann OT Central Michigan
    73. Kyler Gordon CB Washington
    trade icon
    109. Dameon Pierce RB Florida
    152. Jack Coan QB Notre Dame
    153. Mike Rose LB Iowa State
    229. Emeka Emezie WR North Carolina State
    2023 IND 1st
    2023 IND 2nd

    • Big Mike

      What did they take with that 9th pick Robbie?

      • Robbie

        Charles Cross – unrealistic I know. But it was fun anyway!

        • Big Mike

          Yeah if it would have been a quarterback of the future it would have been a little more realistic

    • D-OZ

      WOW! Ilike it. Nothing like setting yourself for next year’s draft… Mafe would be great. There are others in that range that would fit their new scheme.
      I have been pouring over the linebacker’s the last couple of day’s. What a deep class this year. That JR. from Cincinati is a sleeper,really like him. Will fit our OLB spot to a T. ( Darrian Beavers ) Very heady and instinctive player.

    • Jordan

      Just tried it … lol yep! Those trades are super tempting..

      24. Jermaine Johnson
      40. Devonte Wyatt
      54. Abraham Lucas
      60. Kyler Gordon
      85. Quay Walker
      109. Cole Strange
      138. Rasheed Walker
      2023 Dallas 1st rounder
      2023 New England 2nd rounder

    • cha


      I dare the Seahawks to send Walter Jones to the podium with three cards and an extra large pizza and just stay up there grubbing in between picks.

      • TomLPDX

        I love the visual of this happening!

        • Roy Batty

          Better yet, send up Walter, Hutch and Shaun.

          The visual would make me weep. Tears of joy.

  37. Julian L

    A great read and listen again Rob, I thought you listing what the Seahawks have done with Free Agency through listing the players that have left against the arrivals in the same positions was genius, makes the situation so clear… and depressing.

    It’s impossible to predict what this front office and head coach will do or are planning, if they know, I’ll be surprised. So really all projections become fantasy and IMHO.

    Of course, I would be sooo out of my depth as a GM, can’t really get my head around the difference between Cap Hit and Dead Cap for a start, but FWIW, my fantasy free agency based on contracts done, would have panned as such;

    Quandre Diggs
    DJ Reed (according to overthecap, his cap hit for 2022 is identical to Will Dissly’s)
    Sydney Jones
    Artie Burns (I’d cut Ugo Amadi, like for like salary)
    Uchenna Nwosu
    Rashaad Penny
    Tyrod Taylor $2.5 mill cap hit in 2022 – 2 yr deal
    Duane Brown projected $8 mill salary in 2022

    I don’t really see what the other players given deals really add at this stage. I don’t really see them as starting players, so waiting to add back ups at vet minimums would have been a wiser course of action I believe. I’m on board with the cuts they’ve already made.

    Duane Brown should be in to cover the LT situation as discussed. In the bigger picture I project, Stone Forsythe to be a swing tackle, and I can see Jack Curhan being moved to guard.

    Finally I think a vet like Tyrod Taylor for 2 years, would have been the perfect QB for now (assuming he’d come on a similar contract, a little more would have been doable). No reaching this year in the draft for a QB and he has a higher floor than Drew Lock. A later round pick in the draft could still have been brought in to compete. But more importantly, he could have been here to set up a Matt Flynn style training camp competition for a high ceiling drafted QB in 2023. Whose going to be here next year to offer that edge?

  38. Blitzy the Clown


    Za’Darius Smith has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings, per source

    • Big Mike

      But we got 30 million dollars tied up in safeties so we’re good

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Couldn’t afford him if we wanted at a reasonable ~$15m APY

        Adam Schefter

        Here is the deal for Za’Darius Smith in Minnesota: 3 years, base value of $42 million, worth up to $47 million with incentives.

        • Hawk Finn

          Does this blow the doors open for a Danielle Hunter trade?

  39. Sea Mode

    Canales is at Liberty pro day. If Ian puts out anything on Russ in the upcoming days, this might be where it’s from:

    Billy M

    The Seahawks QB coach seems to be having an interesting convo with RapSheet

    • Sea Mode


      • cha

        Let’s play Spot the Tomlin.

        I recognize that smile. It’s like Pete’s face when DK came in the room shirtless.

        • All I see is 12s

          It’s being reported that Tomlin had dinner with him last night

      • lil’stink

        I really, really hope Carolina draft him. His tape is all over the place. Not sure if he’ll be the next Lamar Jackson, or the next Colin Kaepernick.

        • Jerry

          Both Kaepernick or Jackson would be really good outcomes. Kaepernick was good for his rookie contract, and was forced out of the NFL for political reasons.

          • Mr drucker in hooterville

            I dispute that rendering of Kaep history. He didn’t want to pkay anymore. Saw his career was tanking so played the bictim and scored millions of CCP money. He could make more as an antiAmetican than as a QB. Teams tried him out and he stunk.

  40. Sea Mode


    Matt Miller

    Hearing Charles Cross was amazing at his pro day today. Did a lot of work at RT—which could benefit a team like the NYG in the top 10. That’s if he makes it to them. Cross is very much in the mix in the top 5 picks.

    Teams love his versatility and some see him as a LT while others want him at RT. One scout who last saw him in-season told me he’s “MUCH” improved in his run-game technique and power.

    • Rob Staton

      Top five?


      We’re in that silly season now where people like Miller have 17 players going in the top five

    • Ashish

      Let’s hype it, if someone takes him top 5 we have chance to get DE.

      • Palatypus

        We could hack John Clayton’s twitter account and report it there.

        You can’t sue the dead.

        • TomLPDX

          Yer so bad

  41. samprassultanofswat

    Rob. Tell me if I am round. But from your postings you probably wouldn’t got 1st or 2nd round for an offensive tackle.

    • Rob Staton

      There are tackles I would consider in that range

      • Jerry

        Hey Rob,

        Wondering about your take on Ekwonu and Neal. If there is a rush of EDGE/DL, and one of those two slid, would they be a good use of the #9 pick?


        • Rob Staton

          They will both be gone

          I think Ekwonu is overrated personally. Will be a good guard though. Neal also a guard. Not special but will be solid.

  42. Jabroni-DC

    Question #1
    Are Pete Carroll’s statements regarding the 2022 Seahawks,
    A. Delusional
    B. Political
    C. “Fired Up”
    D. All of the above

    • samprassultanofswat

      I think Pete Carroll is delusional.

      • TomLPDX

        But he is “Fired up!”

        • Palatypus

          His bong is fired up.

  43. Jabroni-DC

    Spitballing here.

    DK to the Jets for Mekhi Becton & the Jets 2023 1st round pick.

    The Jets get instantly better. They can probably draft another LT at #10 this year.

    We get closer to having our pick of the litter at QB in the 2023 draft, don’t have to deal with paying a WR contract that will appear insane to me & add a potential cornerstone LT though he is an obvious health risk.

    Not saying it’s a good idea but it does potentially address 3 concerns.

    • Rob Staton

      You need a pick this year for DK

      Otherwise the value is way off

      • Jabroni-DC

        Throw in the Jets’ #38 to the above deal.

      • Spectator

        Wouldn’t Becton act as the defacto pick for this year? Which would really allow us to ensure we go defense heavy. Or do you see Becton as not having that kind of value and we should add say, a 3rd or second into it.

        Trade is unlikely to happen I know, but i could see the possibility and wouldnt be surprised. A first next year, Becton, and even a 3rd sounds really enticing.

        • Rob Staton

          Becton has been a massive disappointment.

          The Jets think he’s looking like a write-off

          • Hawk Finn

            So what you’re saying is…Mekhi deserves a “second chance”. 😉

          • Spectator

            I did not realize he had been that poor. Their version of Collier?

            • Rob Staton

              Tony P reported multiple times they think his effort stinks, his weight is too high and they could part ways

          • Whit21

            Ya.. but second chances rob.. becton just needs a second chance!

            • Rob Staton


              Sounds like he’s had too many second chances (to return to the buffet)

              • Whit21

                If its that bad.. he might have shut the buffet down all by himself

    • Jabroni-DC

      DK’s current contract is so digestible that his trade value will never be higher. Lots of teams would be interested. Just some that pop up who are at least playoff contenders & their early 2022 draft picks.

      Green Bay, #22 #28 #53 #59 #92
      LAC, #17 #79
      Baltimore, #14 #45 #76 #100
      Dallas, #24 #66 #88
      Cincinnati, #31 #63 #95
      Buffalo, #25 #57 #89
      Minnesota, #12 #46 #77

      Then some lower tier teams set at QB who would still want him.

      Jets #4 #10 #38 #69
      Jaguars (#1 off limits) #33 #65

      Pete’s ‘buy high, sell low’ philosophy might not allow this type of trade to occur.

      • Spectator

        Add philli. Really any team that is thinking of going WR this year, should be considered a trade candidate for DK.

  44. Tomas

    The podcast is stellar, right on the spot. The real rebuild, very unfortunately, won’t begin until PC/JS are swept into the dustbin and replaced … when, a year from now? Two years, three? Until then, may God save the Seahawks, because Pete and John surely won’t. And though it may have been a more descriptive title for the new podcast, I fully understand why Rob wouldn’t wish to call it “The Tire Fire: a Seattle Seahawks Podcast.”

    • Big Mike


  45. jdruaint

    Gregg Bell


    Salary-cap charges this year for new Seahawks deals, per overthecap
    Uchenna Nwosu $6.3M
    Quandre Diggs $5.8M
    Rashaad Penny $5.5M
    Will Dissly $4.6M
    Austin Blythe $4M
    Sidney Jones $3.6M

    SEA down to $16.5M in cap space. Really $9.9M counting draft picks.

    And still need a LT, RT(!)

    • jdruaint

      He forgot QB, CB, DE, LB, C to go with LT, RT… 🙁

    • CaptainJack

      Nwosu is feeling like a big over pay
      So are Blythe and Sid Jones.

      Ok with Dissly and Penny. Wish he had moved on from Diggs.

      • Julian L

        The team still needs some experience and leadership even in a rebuild. Diggs offers that. He’s not the Safety that’s being paid too much.

      • Jackson

        I think the Nwosu deal is perfectly fine. He won’t be 26 until the end of December and has a good bit of pas rush upside. Only $10.5 million in fully guaranteed money in a cap that rose to $208.2 million is perfectly reasonable, especially when you look at some of the other pass rush contracts that have been handed out this offseason.

  46. CaptainJack

    Malik Willis seems like a likeable and easy to root for player. Wherever he goes, I hope he finds success. But I really hope it isn’t Seattle. I don’t think this is his best location for success by a long shot.

  47. Rob Staton

    If there’s one thing I hate about the draft

    It’s people overreacting to pro-days, where a guy in shorts with no defense on the field throws it as far as he can under no pressure and everyone gets excited

    • JJ

      Reminds me of Uncle Rico….Back in ’82 I use to be able to toss the pigskin a quarter mile.

      • Rob Staton

        Pretty much.

        Twitter has decided Malik Willis is the #2 pick today because of a throw he made on an empty field wearing a pair of shorts

        • Roy Batty

          And a comfortable nights sleep in his own bed, eating his preferred meal, with no miles travelled leading up to the spectacle.

          Pro days are hilarious compared to the combine. Night and day.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        Speaking of…..Whats Gardiner Minshew up to ?

        • Rob Staton

          Eagles backup and they have no reason to trade him

      • Olyhawksfan

        If Willis had a mountain to throw over at the pro day, he woulda dun it.

        • Mr. Bitter

          Then he would rescue a kitten from a tree and an old lady from a burning building on his way back to the dorm.

          The kid is special!!!

          • Sea Mode


            Which both, of course, “happen” to be captured from several different camera angles (on his smartphone) by a “random” passerby who also happens to be an NFL insider.

    • Mr. Bitter

      The Kyle Boller Effect

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        But he made that throw on one knee!

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Not to mention that in that bomb thrown by Willis, he’s left both his feet and is falling down. More impressive that the receiver could track the ball and pull it in over his shoulder, honestly. Let Tomlin have Willis, and good riddance.

      • Mr. Bitter

        I’m glad someone said it. My first thought as he launched that pass was, “Geez, his mechanics are awful”.

    • Ashish

      May be someone want’s #9 badly to get QB?

      • Rob Staton

        They wouldn’t target 9. They’d want to be ahead of the QB needy teams

        • Ashish

          I hope atleast one spot is taken by QB, so we have better chance to get DE

          • Mr. Bitter

            I think at least one QB gone before #9 is a solid bet. It seems none of the very few remaining veteran QB options are interested in going to Carolina, so Rhule could be homing in on Pickett at #6.

            • J

              I think two if not three QBs go before we pick.

              • Rob Staton

                I think zero

                • Mr. Bitter

                  The only way I see that happening is if the Panthers trade down, acquiring a few day two picks, then flip one of those picks for Garoppolo. Rhule can’t go into next season with Darnold under center. He just can’t.

  48. Ashish

    Since free agency we lost starting QB and got 3 new players as a part of the trade. We had just 1 team ahead of cap space and we have not signed any big player but out of cap space. How are going to improve this team now without Russ? Draft ? – as last few years I’m bracing myself for disappointment.

  49. Ralphy

    Ill bet each day that Rob can’t wait to open up SDB and read everyones mock drafts from pro football network 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      It’s my oxygen 😬

      • no frickin clue

        I was just propositioned by the Rams for the #40 overall pick, in exchange for:

        2023 2nd rounder
        2023 3rd rounder
        2023 4th rounder
        2023 7th rounder

        I normally reject the Rams’ entreaties in PFN out of hand on general principle, but the idea of completely gutting their 2023 draft was pretty appealing, so I went for it. They took Ojabo at #40.

    • Robbie

      Oh come on it’s all in good fun 🙂 Rob gets us all hyped on guys and we do a mock where we can snag some of them he likes. I’m here for it!

      • TomLPDX

        Sure seems that the PFN draft gadget is a bit off this year though. No Frickin Clues’s trade scenario is just crazy! Is there anything out there that is a tad more realistic???

  50. Silly Billy

    Did anyone hear Pete slightly suggest in today’s interview they may use next year’s draft capital to go get guys this year?

    Not sure how good of an idea that is… but is there anyone in this draft that is worth “go-getting” for?

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he was just reflecting on a chance to load up through two drafts, not use next years stock

    • D-OZ

      Didn’t hear that…

  51. Dubb

    Looks like the Hawks will go young at OT. Maybe that’s why Dissly was a priority. A good blocking TE to help young OT’s in pass protection.

    Does anyone know whether the Hawks can carry forward unused cap money to next year? Maybe part of the plan is to have huge cap flexibility next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes they can

      But why carry over money when you already have 90 odd million to spend

      • Dubb

        Thanks Rob.
        I’m just trying to understand or justify their spending or lack of spending this year.

      • Big Mike

        So you can sign a couple of more middle of the roster vets to contracts that are much too large?

        • TomLPDX

          Baker Mayfield…Come On Down!

  52. Mr. Bitter

    Why won’t Malik Willis run a 40 yard dash?

    • LB

      Guys like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray and Malik Willis often don’t run the forty because they want the focus to be on the growth they’ve achieved over an off-season of QB work. If there’d been more questions about Justin Fields passing traits he probably wouldn’t have run the 40.

  53. LB

    Good article Ser Robert,

    I think there’s a third option for the Browns that could prove a win-win for all involved. It’s a fairly low probability outcome but it exists all the same. With Mayfield very much being a child and Watson almost certainly being suspended for a portion of the season Cleveland could play to Mayfield’s ego and sell its the disgruntled former savior on an opportunity to repair his value.

    He doesn’t need to be a full season starter to restore his stock and perception around the league. Remember Jimmy G was traded on the back of a two-game audition all those years ago. Watson’s probably out a minimum of four games and could miss as much as ten by my hunch (I’m no La Confora so do with my prediction what you will).

    If Mayfield plays well during Watson’s absence he becomes an appealing mid-season replacement when Carson Wentz, Drew Lock, Marcus Mariotta, etc. fall on their faces or Carolina’s chosen rookie quarterback proves ill-prepared for the NFL. Even if Mayfield doesn’t become trade bait he should in theory be fine with deactivation since his value on the open-market will be easier to establish with fresh tape. If he doesn’t play well then he can’t complain about being back on the bench where he is now. In both scenarios Cleveland can theoretically recoup the comp pick without him throwing another fit.

    With all that Mayfield is very much the lion with the thorn in his paw. He will probably ignore the opportunity and choose to be disgruntled for no other reason than that seems to be who he is. He’s always the guy with the problem, the one slighted. It was fun in college but in the pros it’s just petulant.

    • Hawk Finn

      Browns already signed Brissett to back up Watson. Mayfield is a goner.

  54. Gaux Hawks

    If you were Philly, what would you realistically offer for DK?

    16 + R3 2023 + Dillard ??

    Honestly, I don’t like it…

    • Mr. Bitter

      Maybe the Lions would consider trading Taylor Decker and picks for Metcalf. I’m sure Detroit is more than happy with the Decker/Sewell situation right now, but that situation may not be financially tenable before long.

  55. cha

    Panthers tap out

    Jeff Howe
    Update here: The Panthers don’t intend to pursue a trade for Browns QB Baker Mayfield at this time, according to sources.

    • no frickin clue

      Are we setting up for Brock Osweiler, part deux?

      Browns offer a 6th rd pick to us if we take Mayfield, 50% of his salary, and a bucket of practice balls? 🙂

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Assuming PC/JS would take Mayfield, I’ll bet they’re not willing to pay more than $4-5 for his services. Meaning Browns would have to eat $13-14 of his $18mil contract. Still, it’s better for the Browns than eating all $18.

        I love it. Browns are gonna Browns.

        • Big Mike

          I’m not sure anyone (Seattle) will take him for a 4 million cap hit. Browns leverage is less than zero.

          • MyChestisBeastMode

            I agree with you and see no need to reach for him at a price higher than that. He’s got upside, but I cannot see him as more than competition.

            I would have a good chuckle if the Browns gave us a draft pick (6th or 7th) and Mayfield at $3mil or less.

            • TomLPDX

              I would actually take that deal and run with it!

              • MyChestisBeastMode

                Oh, I would too.

            • GoHawksDani

              Wouldn’t it be better for them to just cut Mayfield at that point? Not sure if 3m CAP space worth a 6th or 7th round pick (depending on how you spend of course)

              • MyChestisBeastMode

                Maybe. Maybe not. That’s up to the Browns front office.

                I think saving $3-4 mil against the cap is compelling and better than the alternative.

                Is a 7th rounder worth saving $3-4mil? Imo, yes. Chances are a value FA signing would be a net benefit compared to losing all $18 mil and taking a flyer on an unproven 7th rounder who is unlikely to make the roster.

  56. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Crazy Out There Thought.

    If Thibedoux and Johnson are there at #9, what say we package a 2nd, 3rd plus one of next year’s 1sts to acquire pick #10 from the Jets. Then, just take both and never worry about pass rush again for the next 4 years.

    We’d still have a 2nd this year and one 1st rounder next year.

    • Ashish

      We already gave enough for our #10 and you want to give more ? If we get one JJ or Thibedoux will be happy we have enough roster spots to fill.

    • no frickin clue

      I think in that scenario I would be satisfied with one of those two pass rushers at #9, keep the extra picks this year, and keep that extra #1 as ammo in case we want to trade up for Will Levis.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        Ya, I agree that using future ammo to acquire a QB in next year’s draft would be the biggest obstacle. Also, to be fair, I have no idea if the offer I proposed would even be compelling to the Jets.

        This whole thing is a fun thought exercise for me. Playing devil’s advocate:

        Maybe Lock is decent. Maybe Mayfield can be had for pennies on the dollar and could be decent. Maybe there’s some other “2nd chance”, #2ndchance,… QB out there who is capable of leading this team that we haven’t pondered yet.

        Still, Thibs, JJ, and Chenal/Tindall with an adequate QB play doesn’t sound bad to me. It would sting the most to miss out on WSU’s RT with one of the 40/41 picks given up in this scenario, if he’s even available.

    • Spectator

      I love DK as said before, but id be really looking to move DK for the 10 if that situation arises. We could even get another pick in return. Jets are likely to take a WR in that spot anyways.

      • MyChestisBeastMode

        If the Hawks don’t see DK in their future then go ahead and trade him. Hopefully two 1sts like Joey Galloway got, but at least a 1st and 2nd.

        If it were my choice, we extend DK for hopefully no more than $25 aav. He’s got too many intangibles to give up on. Plus he’s young.

        As for potential negatives, I am not as down on him for his outbursts last year as others. For one, I do not think he liked Russel. Secondly, he has been great this offseason in being open and expressing how he is proactively addressing his mental health. If someone can put the shame associated with anxiety/depression aside, as DK has in openly discussing his treatment and coping strategies, then they’ve made big strides to getting to a place where they may more effectively manage or mitigate the disruptive symptoms. At the very least he projects publicly that he is taking it seriously; which is important imo.

        • TomLPDX

          It is important. If DK wants to be the best that he can be then he needs to realize that he can only control himself and nothing else. DK has a ton of potential in front of him and if he keeps his eye on his personal prize he will succeed.

        • Spectator

          I don’t see many talking about attitude on here as being a reason to trade him. I agree with you on that I don’t think him and Russ got along. 25 average just seems like so much to be giving him. And a first this year, if it’s jets 10, has a lot of value. Alone is more than what Green Bat got for Devante.

          I would love to keep DK, but is he worth 25 mil to this team? Is his health going to remain? Let’s remember why he dropped to the 2nd for us to pick in the first place, he had a serious neck injury.

          • MyChestisBeastMode

            Devante is 29 and had Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best QB of our time, throwing to him. I think highly of Devante, and his stats were inflated because of Rodgers’ ability.

            DK is 24. He is as valuable and I’d bet many teams would think he is more valuable than Devante. He’s bigger, faster, stronger, and younger.

            $25 is a lot. We’ve got $90 next year. With DK, we’d have $65. I am A-O-K with that.

  57. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    · 29m
    The #Packers are signing DT Jarran Reed, per source. He was there on a visit today.

    • TomLPDX

      Sure hope he likes cold weather…so done with Reed.

  58. Sea Mode

    Let’s hope “right price” means paying us a draft pick to take him off their hands…

    Mary Kay Cabot
    · 40m

    ICYMI: Baker Mayfield’s 1st choice, the #Colts, filled by Matt Ryan; landing spots drying up. Reported here yesterday that the #Panthers weren’t interested but that the #Seahawks could get involved at the right price

    • Sea Mode

      Hyping up Lock already paying off, lol

      Ben Standig

      Baker Mayfield’s future was a popular topic at Willis’s pro day. Nobody had a simple resolution. One executive with another team dismissed Seattle, believing they buy into Drew Lock. Some wondered if Browns get Osweiler’d — having to include a pick with Mayfield. Yikes.

      • cha

        Well the Browns got a future 2nd round pick from Houston for taking on Osweiler’s $16m. Turned that pick into Nick Chubb.

        • Spectator

          Browns don’t have a 2nd, but man if they have to give up even more because of the Watson trade, gonna be funny.

          • yimba

            The Browns have 6 draft picks this year:

            Round 2: pick 44
            Round 3: pick 78 and 99
            Round 4: pick 118
            Round 6: pick 202
            Round 7: pick 223

            if Schneider can get pick 44 or pick 78. id be happy.. highly doubt we get 44 unless the browns are desperate.. but 78 seems possible .. imo .. hopefully im wrong and we can somehow get 44.. but im not hold my breath

      • downtownjewelrybryan

        😂 they’re gonna have to pay someone to take him

  59. Shane B

    First time post. This site is addictive. I have enjoyed the analysist over the years I just wanted to say Thank You. If Tackle- Evan Neal somehow slips to #9 is that worth the pick.

    • Scot04

      If all 4 edge rushers are gone I’d take Neal at #9

  60. Mr drucker in hooterville

    The post Willis workout makes me think Willis will be long gone and #9 will allow a stud defensive pick.

    • Seattle Person

      I hope so. The Panthers are in a bad bad spot. They have the #6 pick and won’t select again until the 4th. Will they trade down and risk a QB that they like being gone?

      Other teams knowing that, will they jump ahead of Carolina? I hope it’s not the Seahawks. It’s pretty interesting.

      • Sea Mode

        I think they will 99.9% trade down with their need for picks and Scott Fitterer at the helm.

        • Hawk Mock

          Be funny if the pick the Browns have to give us(assuming it isn’t too high of a pick) to take Baker was included to move up and get our game-wrecking DE.

  61. dand393

    Hey Rob I saw Dan Orlovsky said Willis is a top ten lock after his pro day how much stock do you think the scouts actually put into the pro day after essentially just throwing and not doing any other drills, it seems crazy that would make him a top ten lock, but then again Olovsky has no awareness as he is the QB who ran out the back of the end zone for a safety

    • Rob Staton

      how much stock do you think the scouts actually put into the pro day

      If they’re smart, very little

  62. Palatypus

    Random thoughts of the day…

    1.) Baker Mayfield is to quarterbacking what Mark Wahlberg is to acting.
    (See: Mark Wahlberg talks to animals by Andy Samberg on SNL.)

    2.) Drew Lock + Malik Willis = Neil O’Donnell + Kordell Stewart.
    Sure we could get to a Super Bowl…AND LOSE IT !!!

  63. Duceyq

    Seems like the Seahawks are truly into giving Lock a shot at QB 1 this season. Noah Fant being included in the deal wasn’t just to fill the eventual departure of Everett but to provide this QB with his support blanket.

    After moving on from Hasselbeck in 2011 and signing Tavaris Jackson they immediately signed his WR 1 from Minnesota, Sidney Rice. This feels like the same MO as before but just through trade and not FA.

    I fully expect them to resign Geno and go DL/LT with their first 2 picks and take a flyer in the later rounds and look to next years QB class if Lock doesn’t show promise.

    They nailed Okung and ET in that 2011 draft but I’m more worried they reach in one or even both DL or OL spots. I truly believe their DL target was Michigan’s Ojabo before the Achilles tear and may still take him in the 2nd or 3rd round if he falls.

    Lock has a prove it year. This front office doesn’t change its stripes too often in their methodology.

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