Three mock draft simulations for the Seahawks

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  1. Guillermoman

    I gave the simulator a whirl and I definitely agree that it is quite fun, even with the limited draft capital. My three attempts:

    Draft 1

    SEA 67. Javonte Williams RB North Carolina
    SEA 129. Dayo Odeyingbo EDGE Vanderbilt
    SEA 141. Bobby Brown DT Texas A&M
    SEA 147. Adrian Ealy OT Oklahoma
    SEA 250. Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M

    Draft 2

    SEA 100. D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan
    SEA 129. Bobby Brown DT Texas A&M
    SEA 137. Shaun Wade S Ohio State
    SEA 149. Adetokunbo Ogundeji EDGE Notre Dame
    SEA 166. Michael Menet OC Penn State
    SEA 190. Tre McKitty TE Georgia
    SEA 218. Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State
    SEA 229. Chris Evans RB Michigan

    Draft 3

    101. D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan
    SEA 102. D’Ante Smith OT East Carolina
    SEA 129. Dayo Odeyingbo EDGE Vanderbilt
    SEA 137. Shaun Wade S Ohio State
    SEA 145. DJ Daniel CB Georgia
    SEA 176. Benjamin St-Juste CB Minnesota
    SEA 244. Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M
    SEA 250. Chris Evans RB Michigan

    • Trevor

      I don’t think it is realistic but if they could pull off any of those 3 drafts I would be pumped and they would be as good as any they have had in recent years.

      • BC_Hawk

        You and me both Trevor! The ability to snag a top end talent at WR or RB, while still addressing Future/Depth OT and even CB would be superb.

        Option 3 is my favorite based on haul, but drafting Javonte @ 67 would be a dream

  2. Mick

    I like that you try to stay realistic and don’t pick players that likely won’t be there. I like your second simulation best, because we cover our needs in the trenches, D and O. But if I could I’d get more of the players on your list, you picked them for the right reasons. Brady Christensen was an option a couple times in your simulations, made me wonder why you didn’t get him.

    If I’m John Schneider and I know I’m trading Wilson next summer (big if here), I try to trade next year’s picks for picks this year. But even without overdoing it, PFN gave me a deal #56 and next year’s 3rd (we can live without, we have two 4ths) for this year’s 61 and 93. Next I went down 61 for 62 and 166, which to be honest is a bit of a bargain, and I got:

    # 62. A center. Dickerson was there so of course I took him, if we’re too scared of his injuries, Myers could be an option, he was also available.

    # 93. D’Ante Smith, because Duane has no backup.

    # 129. One could go CB, but I want to win games by scoring, so I get a WR with this pick regardless what I do with the others. Best options were Schwartz, Shi Smith and Cade Johnson. I like Shi Smith but I went for Schwartz.

    # 166. Here I went for CB. St.Juste was available, but he won’t be in the real draft. Went for Camryn Bynum.

    # 250. Here you pick best player available – RB (Evans), LB (Buddy, KJ Britt, Hilliard). I went for a guard because I want to gather a bunch of guys that played together for a long time. Hutcherson is there, but if he’s gone Tommy Kraemer could be an option.

    • Sea Mode

      I also wonder if the Hawks won’t likely be very interested in Christensen: unprecedented explosive athleticism and positional versatility. Sounds like right up their alley.

  3. Rokas

    Could not believe Rob almost passed on Quintin Meinerz for some 2022 stock, I even paused the video hoping that he will change his mind, and sure he did :))
    Thank you Rob for the entertainment you bring week in and week out.

  4. Sea Mode

    Here’s what I was able to get.

    One of the centers has to last a bit longer, either Green or Dalman, which let’s me take the rare tackle prospect first and still get an upgrade at center.

    84. D’Ante Smith, OT, East Carolina
    116. Kendrick Green, C, Illinois
    129. Dayo Odeyingbo, EDGE, Vanderbilt
    135. Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
    150. Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M
    211. Gerrid Doaks, RB, Cincinnati
    250. Racey McMath, WR, LSU

    Really love the Dayo and Wade stashes you propose, if they do indeed drop. We need to play the long game this draft.

    • Trevor

      I would love that draft!

  5. Thomas

    I think I liked your second draft the best.

    Which players would you not trade down for if they were there at 56? I want the Seahawks to have picks but what if they have a strong grade on someone who falls to 56?

  6. no frickin clue

    Dayo come and we hope he get home


  7. cha

    I can’t help myself. I could use some positivity with so little stock so I didn’t fight the PFN rankings.

    101. D’Ante Smith OT East Carolina
    129. Cade Johnson WR South Dakota State
    153. Benjamin St-Juste CB Minnesota
    161. Divine Deablo S Virginia Tech
    228. Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M

    2022 CHI 3rd
    2022 CHI 4th

    A project tackle, a Tyler Lockett, a lengthy CB, a heavy hitter and a LB to pair with Brooks, and some future stock.

    Seahawks would have a 2nd, two 3rds, and three 4ths in 2022. Well positioned to draft or make in-season trades for some serious veteran talent.

  8. Rick

    Seattle Seahawks – SEA
    106. – Spencer Brown – OT Northern Iowa
    111. – Paulson Adebo – CB Stanford
    126. – Marquez Stevenson – WR Houston
    128. – Ambry Thomas – CB Michigan
    129. – Bobby Brown – DT Texas A&M
    140. – Jamien Sherwood – S Auburn
    148. – Cam Sample – EDGE Tulane
    152. – Michael Menet – OC Penn State
    223. – Jack Anderson – OG Texas Tech
    243. – Cary Angeline – TE North Carolina State

    • Jordan E

      Maybe 3 or 4 of those guys can make the roster.

  9. Paul Cook

    Ho-hum. Any rumors floating around worthy of attention?

  10. MorePicks

    Rob, what is the range for Benjamin St. Juste, in your opinion? Early third round, minimum?

    • Rob Staton

      I would say so but that’s just my take

  11. no frickin clue

    Draft-day trades:
    1. Traded #56 and #250 to the Broncos for #71, #114 and #237
    2. Traded #71 and a 2022 7th rounder to the Saints for #98, #105 and #218
    3. Traded #105 to the Jaguars for #106 and #249
    4. Traded #106 to the Raiders for #121 and #167

    Yielding 8 picks:
    3rd round – #98
    4th round – #114, #121, #129
    5th round – #167
    6th round – #218
    7th round – #237, #249

    Here’s what I got:
    #98 – Brady Christensen, OT, BYU
    #114 – Ambry Thomas, CB, Michigan
    #121 – Dayo Odeyingbo, Edge, Vanderbilt
    #129 – Osa Odighizuwa, DT, UCLA
    #167 – Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota State
    #218 – Larry Rountree III, RB, Missouri
    #237 – Israel Mukuamu, S, South Carolina
    #249 – K.J. Britt, LB, Auburn

  12. Crosljam

    Far from an expert but ended up with below

    106. D’Ante Smith OT East Carolina
    135. Shaun Wade S Ohio
    137. Adetokunbo Ogundeji EDGE Notre Dame
    145. Benjamin St-Juste CB Minnesota
    176. Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M
    177. Noah Gray TE Duke
    197. Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State
    205. Feleipe Franks QB Arkansas
    217. Racey McMath WR LSU
    242.Chris Evans RB Michigan
    244. K.J. Britt LB Auburn
    246. Mustafa Johnson DT Colorado
    250. Jalen Camp WR Georgia Tech
    2022 WAS 5th

    What would be really interesting is if the PFN simulator recorded results of when players were picked and moved people up and down their ratings boards each time

    Somebody consistently picked higher gets a higher rating and therefore goes higher in future simms

  13. McZ

    After lots of trading I don’t want to detail here, the results:

    94. Brady Christensen, OT, BYU
    105. Elerson Smith, EDGE, Northern Iowa
    148. Aaron Banks, OG, Notre Dame
    174. Marvin Wilson, DT, Florida State
    182. Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest
    192. Kene Nwangwu, RB, Iowa State
    197. Olaijah Griffin, CB, USC
    218. Dax Milne, WR, BYU
    236. Ian Book, QB, Notre Dame

    Somehow wished, I took Thomas Graham at 197.

    • McZ

      Another try…

      87. Milton Williams, DT, Louisiana Tech
      131. Drew Dalman, OC, Stanford
      140. Demetric Felton, WR, UCLA
      150. Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia
      154. Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota
      184. Tre McKitty, TE, Georgia
      224. Cornell Powell, WR, Clemson
      226. Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

      Very happy with this one.

  14. JimQ

    In this mock, my goal was to accumulate as many day 3 picks as possible thru trade downs, in an attempt to show as many late round – potential – gems as possible that may be of some interest to the Seahawks. To get to 11 total picks, obviously I had to use some 2022 picks to facilitate trade downs. Unrealistic but possible if the Seahawks do some major player trades (RW, Adams, et. al.) next year to get draft capital.

    85. D’Ante Smith, OT, East Carolina, –A future OLT/ORT with coaching should be a great pick.
    124. Marquez Stevenson, WR/KR, Houston, –Fast & shifty, Kid does it all well, just watch his exciting tape.
    126. Khalil Herbert, RB, Virginia Tech, –A decent potential RB-2, that could develop beyond that.
    129. Divine Deablo, SS, Virginia Tech, –A SS that hedges an Adams trade or holdout (coming soon!)
    163. Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota, –Coach him up PC, he’s your perfect CB to get pro ready.
    171. Derrick Barnes, LB, Purdue, –Steady, fast, productive, old style banger with some pass rush chops.
    218. Simi Fehoko, WR, Stanford, –Tall fast, put him opposite Metcalf for “twin towers/pick your poison”.
    232. Jason Pinnock, CB, Pittsburgh, –A toolsy developmental CB for addition to DB room.
    246. Zach Davidson, TE/Punter, Cent. Missouri, –a fast TE, Check his ++ stats, a move TE of the future.
    255. Tommy Kraemer, OG, Notre Dame, –Steady OG from a good program, coach him up.
    259. Isaiahh Loudermilk, EDGE, Wisc., –A long EDGE that needs coaching, some potential is there.
    UDFA’a: Sign a boat load of them —-Including (among others):
    WR-Jalen Camp; WR-Racey McMath; OT-Calvin Ashley; OG-Kayode Awosika; RB-Gerrid Doaks; RB-Caleb Huntley; CB(slot)-Brandin Echols; LB-Nick Niemann; LB/SS?-Zayne Anderson; FS/CB?-Tyler Coyle.

  15. DK

    I went Rob’s route and did three drafts, here are the results:

    Draft 1
    71- Joe Tryon, EDGE, Washington
    129 – Shaun Wade, DB, Ohio St.
    173 – Kylin Hill, RB, Miss St.
    178 – Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M
    191 – Dan Moore, OL, Texas A&M
    214 – Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida St.
    250 – Darrick Forrest, DB, Cincinnati
    Draft 2
    88 – Brady Christensen, C, BYU
    116 – D’Ante Smith , OT, ECU
    129 – Shaun Wade, DB, Ohio St.
    141 – Shi Smith, WR, S. Carolina
    163 – Israel Mukuamu, DB, S. Carolina.
    251 – Chris Evans, RB, Michigan
    259 – John Bates, TE, Boise St.
    2022 NYG 4th rounder

    Draft 3
    69 – Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia
    109 – Kendrick Green, C/G, Illinois
    132 – Bobby Brown, DT, Texas A&M
    147 – Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota St.
    149 – Divine Deablo, DB, Virginia Tech
    177 – Landon Young, OT, Kentucky
    242 – Noah Gray, TE Duke.

    I tried to go more with where Rob thinks guys will go, but you just never know. Let me know what you think.

  16. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Teams struggling to get accurate medical information on prospects due to absence of this year‘s combine. Even though there were medical exams in Indy this month given to 150 players, teams not pleased. There’ll be last-minute decisions based off medical info still trickling in.
    9:21 AM · Apr 26, 2021

  17. cha


    The Seattle Seahawks were less comfortable with their ability to fully evaluate players headed into the 2021 draft, and it was one of the reasons they traded two first-round picks to the New York Jets last July for safety Jamal Adams. As one Seahawks source told ESPN’s Brady Henderson, the uncertainty around the pandemic made Seattle GM John Schneider believe “if there’s ever a year to go for it” with a blockbuster trade, this was it.

    • Qoolio

      Different risk levels and preferences for different people, I guess. Personally, as a GM, I would have leaned the other way. If 32 GMs all have the same, perfect information, then the draft will have fewer surprises, reaches, and fallers. Everyone knows everything.

      When there is asymmetry in information, then opportunities arise. Yes, teams may get burned with medical, fitness or character issues, but plenty of solid players fall each year, only to have people say “Why didn’t we pick them?”. Plus, Day 3 picks are more of a lottery, and it can pay to have multiple selections to take that chance.

      Let other teams trade out or take safe picks. Give me 12 or so chances to pick high-ceiling guys that may turn out to be solid players or maybe even cornerstones. Certainly seems like a better long term building strategy than have 3 picks and leaning into safety.

    • Big Mike

      So is this a spin in an attempt to lessen the sting of what appears to be a shitty trade as they prepare to extend Adams? Is it priming the pump to justify trading Adams in the next couple of days knowing they have no chance of getting back what they gave up? (hoping so)

    • Rik

      This is exactly the kind of short-term thinking that makes me want a new, younger GM and head coach.

      Just look at what Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski have done with the Cleveland Browns for a stark contrast. And yes, I know they’ve benefited from higher picks in the recent past, but they’re winning playoff games with Baker Mayfield for crying out loud.

      • Big Mike

        Look at what KC has done this offseason with lower down the board draft picks.

    • DC

      If that were the case to “go for it” and you need a pass rush, then why not trade for a legit pass rusher? Pretty sure they probably could have gotten Von Miller for just 1 first rounder which I would have been ecstatic about. Or how about Ryan Kerrigan? Literally so many better options we could have gotten and gave up less draft capital.

    • bmseattle

      Gee… next year is kind of a question mark as well.
      Maybe we should trade next year’s 2nd and 3rd pick, too?

      If that is truly their justification for *overpaying* for Adams, then that is one of the most infuriating excuses I can imagine.
      Talk about not trusting your scouting process.

    • Jordan E

      Makes sense. Medicals, drills and interviews are huge. If they weren’t there wouldn’t even need to be a combine. You could just use the tape.

  18. Sneekes

    Tried to avoid copying others homework, and avoid drafting players who won’t be there (failed on that front with Deablo).

    What I learned:
    – there are going to be some good guys in the 100-150 range.
    – the drop-off at Centre is severe
    – There are going to be gaps on the far side of this. I fancy our chances of plugging in a vet at WR or LB more than I do at OT, C or CB

    94. Kendrick Green, OG, Illinois
    109. Bobby Brown, DT, Texas A&M
    129. DJ Daniel, CB, Georgia
    131. Marquez Stevenson, WR, Houston
    150. Divine Deablo, S, Virginia Tech
    159. Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State
    169. Dan Moore, OT, Texas A&M
    178. Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia
    250. K.J. Britt, LB, Auburn

  19. Henry Taylor

    All high risk high reward draft…

    79. Landon Dickerson, OC Alabama
    First round talent, medical concerns cause the fall. A risk worth taking at this point.
    80. Milton Williams, DE/DT Louisiana Tech
    ELITE athletic profile, I still can’t get over his 3 cone, plus he got a 3.91 TEF fwiw. If only he had longer arms. If he’s there at 80 I’m taking him and kicking Green to the curb (maybe we could get a 6th for him? see further down).
    129. Jaelon Darden, WR North Texas
    Like brushing your teeth… Incredibly productive and shifty player, can return kicks and be a solid gadget type for Waldron.
    192. Israel Mukuamu, CB South Carolina
    Rob said it best, the man just looks like a Seahawks corner. I also like that he is opportunistic with INT chances, we can teach a man to play the technique but the nose for the ball is more of an inherent trait imo. I had to give up next years 5th to grab this selection but I’m happy to do it for a needed corner project (unless we can get that pick for Green).
    250. Chris Evans, RB Michigan
    In keeping with the mock’s theme, why not take a super explosive player that didn’t work out in college.

  20. The0ther

    Seeing some nice mocks here, we seem to all be in the same ballpark (largely thanks to Rob, I presume).

    Here are several iterations I went through, trying some different approaches:

    Draft 1)

    108. Brevin Jordan, TE Miami
    129. Dayo Odeyingbo, EDGE Vanderbilt
    148. Cade Johnson, WR South Dakota St.
    152. David Moore, G Grambling St.
    191. Dan Moore, T Texas A&M
    237. Buddy Johnson, LB Texas A&M
    239. Darrick Forrest, S Cincinnati
    250. Marquiss Spencer, DT Mississippi St.
    255. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

    Jordan obviously a wildcard pick, wanted to see what I could do later if I took a shot there. Tons of depth here, imo, but lacking immediate impact perhaps.

    Draft 2)

    118. Marquez Stevenson, WR Houston
    129. Drew Dalman, C Stanford
    135. Dayo Odeyingbo, EDGE Vanderbilt
    137. Shaun Wade, S/CB Ohio St.
    169. Benjamin St-Juste, CB Minnesota
    179. Landon Young, T Kentucky
    211. Dan Moore, T Texas A&M
    218. Israel Mukuamu, CB South Carolina
    245. Buddy Johnson, Texas A&M
    250. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

    If we can get this many picks this seems a reasonable Seahawks approach. Three high-upside DB’s, two explosive future tackle prospects, competition for starting C, your WR3, your SAM, and your RB3.

    Draft 3)

    77. Brady Christensen, C BYU
    97. Tylan Wallace, WR Oklahoma St.
    172. David Moore, G Grambling St.
    175. Landon Young, T Kentucky
    180. Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE Florida St.
    18. Israel Mukuama, CB South Carolina

    Here I pulled the trigger early on the top Center left on the board, sacrificing depth later. Wallace an impact WR3 (in my esteem), two intriguing OL prospects (Young with a terrific TEF for a mid-round LT), and a couple shots at physical profile with Kaindoh and Mukuama.

    Draft 4)

    95. Tylan Wallace, WR Oklahoma St.
    100. Kendrick Green, C Illinois
    114. D’Ante Smith, T East Carolina
    129. Dayo Odeyingbo, EDGE Vanderbilt
    176. Benjamin St-Juste, CB Minnesota
    237. Buddy Johnson, LB Texas A&M
    250. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

    This might be my favorite. Impact playmaker in Wallace, explosive starting C in Green, competition at RT and potential future LT in Smith, potential future impact rusher in Odeyingbo, a stud Seahawky CB (if he lasts this long), an athletic starting SAM, and a RB3 with upside. The only area of need might be DT, and I was sorry not to come up with Brown, but I doubt we could irl, and it’s a position we may ignore in the draft.

    What do you guys think?

    • The0ther

      Draft 5)

      93. Walker Little, T Stanford
      98. Tylan Wallace, WR Oklahoma St.
      105. Kendrick Green, C Illinois
      133. Shaun Wade, CB Ohio St.
      138. Divine Deablo, S Virginia Tech
      174. Landon Young, T Kentucky
      250. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

      I did trade a future 6 and 7 to enable this maneuvering.

      • The0ther

        Draft 6)

        56. Quin Meinerz, C Wisconsin-Whitewater
        151. Shi Smith, WR South Carolina
        176. Landon Young, T Kentucky
        217. Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE Florida St.
        222. Israel Mukuamu, CB South Carolina
        250. Racy McMath, WR LSU

        A Meinerz projection. It costs us down the line, but once he fell I had to see what it would look like.

  21. Noah

    Traded pick 56 and a 2022 5th to NO for Picks 60/98/229.
    I then traded Pick 60 to TB for Picks 64 and 95.
    Then I traded Pick 95 for 100 and 232.
    Finally trading Pick 100 and a 2022 7th for Picks 123 and 150.

    Picks were:
    64- Dyami Brown, WR, North Carolina
    98- D’Ante Smith, OT, East Carolina
    123- Dayo Odeyingbo, EDGE, Vanderbilt
    129- Shaun Wade, S/CB, Ohio State
    150- Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M
    229- Chris Evans, RB, Michigan
    232- Mustafa Johnson, DT, Colorado
    250- Racy McMath, WR, LSU

    Its probably on the more optimistic side because I’d be incredibly pleased with this, and we’d definitely need to tap into the veteran market after, but it would be interesting to see what others think about this.

  22. Gohawks5151

    Prepping myself for Friday night when we don’t end the day with Smith, Wade and Odeyingbo…

  23. Rick

    Second draft.

    108. – Elerson Smith – EDGE Northern Iowa
    113. – Royce Newman – OG Ole Miss
    119. – Ihmir Smith-Marsette – WR Iowa
    143. – Adrian Ealy – OT Oklahoma
    149. – Anthony Schwartz – WR Auburn
    151. – Cam Sample – EDGE Tulane
    154. – DJ Daniel – CB Georgia
    163. – Shaka Toney – EDGE Penn State
    165. – Shakur Brown – CB Michigan State
    168. – Jamie Newman – QB Georgia
    179. – Nick Eubanks – TE Michigan
    190. – Kayode Awosika – OT Buffalo

  24. Rick

    Very interesting that nobody mocks a QB in their drafts.
    I am guessing that the quality is really lacking in the position and is sacrificed to add quantity in the picks.

  25. Rick

    Draft 3 – Decided to take a QB since I noticed it was lacking in the projections.

    77. – Davis Mills – QB Stanford
    109. – James Hudson – OT Cincinnati
    129. – Anthony Schwartz – WR Auburn
    154. – Shakur Brown – CB Michigan State
    158. – Divine Deablo – S Virginia Tech
    178. – Shaka Toney – EDGE Penn State
    186. – Benjamin St-Juste – CB Minnesota

  26. cha

    Bob Condotta
    The Seahawks will hold their annual pre-draft press conference with Pete Carroll and John Schneider Wednesday at noon. First time either has spoken since Carroll talked two days after the end of 2020 season.
    10:24 AM · Apr 26, 2021

    • Anoetic

      Go Hawks!

    • Big Mike

      “Pete tell us about how awesome it is to have Bobby Wagner as your defensive captain.”

    • Rob Staton

      Aren’t we blessed

  27. Julian Langdon

    I took a QB, but as a potential TE convert, see where his higher upside is?

    #67 Payton Turner – Edge
    Can’t have enough rushers, this guy has a ceiling high enough to takes Dunlap’s cleats in a year

    #129 Bobby Brown – DT
    He has all the measurables of an offensive tackle. Don’t mention it to Pete!

    #134 Cade Johnson – WR
    Got injured on his Pro Day, otherwise he’d be gone. Separates better than Larry King.

    #145 Benjamin St-Juste – CB
    Can turn on a dime, but a slightly slow 4.55 40 and a deep CB class might see him go here? hmm

    #195 Robert Hainsey – OC
    6ft 4in and short arms, he’s a centre, but powerful with 32 bench reps and steady agility numbers.

    #199 Feleipe Franks – QB/TE
    Quite the athlete as a 234lb QB, and girth with a 83 inch wingspan. A 4.61 40 and 7.16 3 cone, maybe a switch to TE?

    #214 Dan Moore Jr – OT
    Consistent, 4 year starter. Probably looking at a Jamarco Jones replacement, but you never know.

    #250 Darrick Forrest – S
    PFF flagged him up, been better at Cinci than James Wiggins, his measurables off the charts, better than Earl Thomas – his measurables that is. Does anyone know anything about this guy?

  28. Tecmo Bowl

    team logo
    77. Spencer Brown
    OT Northern Iowa
    trade icon
    118.Drew Dalman
    OC Stanford
    trade icon
    129. Marquez Stevenson
    WR Houston
    133. Shaun Wade
    S Ohio State
    trade icon
    166. Shaka Toney
    EDGE Penn State
    trade icon
    185. Ta’Quon Graham
    DT Texas
    trade icon
    205. JaCoby Stevens
    S LSU
    trade icon

    232. Chris Evans
    RB Michigan
    trade icon

    250. Tre Nixon
    WR UCF

  29. Nick

    Don’t overthink it PCJS. Invest in the O-line. Win in the trenches. Give Russ a solid interior OL to battle against AD.

    • Tomas

      I concur, Nick – further bolster the OL as priority #1, for cryin’ out loud. But I expect PCJS to focus on the defense

      • Nick

        Ethan Pocic simply isn’t good enough. Really hope C is addressed with a plug-and-play prospect.

  30. Roy Batty

    I gotta say, people, this is the reason I love Rob’s site. So many of you actually doing your own mocks and posting them for all to review. Other fan sites only have the article writer showing their mock and then the resulting flood of commentary from the masses criticizing the picks.

    It all begins with Rob and we are fortunate.

  31. Mark

    This mock simulator is addicting…
    56 traded for 94, 104, 131 with ravens
    104 and 7th round 2022 traded with WFT for 124 and 163

    Here was my 1st mock for today.
    Pick 94 D’Ante Smith
    Pick 124 Dayo Odeyingbo
    Pick 129 Bobby Brown
    Pick 131 Benjamin St-Juste
    Pick 163 Tammarion Terry
    Pick 250 Chris Evans

  32. Rob4q

    I went the other way with this one…what if they feel Meinerz can come in right away and compete at OC? And be an anchor on the line for the next decade? Had to give up a lot to make this happen, but didn’t leave the cupboard completely bare for next year. But that was a loooong time in between picks!

    SEA Received: Pick 39, Pick 151
    CAR Received: Pick 56, 2022 SEA 3rd

    HOU Received: Pick 129, 2022 SEA 6th
    SEA Received: Pick 147, Pick 158, Pick 203

    NE Received: Pick 147
    SEA Received: Pick 177, Pick 188, Pick 242

    SF Received: Pick 188, 2022 SEA 7th
    SEA Received: Pick 194, Pick 230

    39. Quinn Meinerz, OC Wisconsin-Whitewater
    151. Derrick Barnes, LB Purdue
    158. Ta’Quon Graham, DT Texas
    177. Israel Mukuamu, S South Carolina
    194. Robert Hainsey, OG Notre Dame
    203. Tamorrion Terry, WR Florida State
    230. Josh Ball, OT Marshall
    242. Jason Pinnock, CB Pittsburgh
    250. Gerrid Doaks, RB Cincinnati

  33. Sea Mode

    Field Yates
    · 1h

    The Seahawks are trying out free agent RB D’Onta Foreman. He entered the league as a third-rounder in 2017 with the Texans and spent 2020 with the Titans.

    • Rob Staton

      My two takeaways…

      1. They know their RB depth is crap

      2. D’Onta Foreman aint changing it

      • Ryan

        No problem, there are a bunch of really good high-upside RBs expected to go around the area of our third round pick. Easy peasy. 😉

  34. Sea Mode

    Haha… I love draft season! Mina’s reaction…

  35. Sea Mode

    Seahawks PR with the heavy lifting lol. Don’t want to set the bar too high…

    Seahawks PR

    Since taking over the @Seahawks in 2010, only 10 of 105 John Schneider and Pete Carroll draft selections did not play a game in the NFL. #GoHawks

    • cha


      Seahawks PR
      Replying to
      Thanks to the Darrell Taylor mention, make that 13 of 105 draft picks. Left out Taylor, Alex McGough and Demarcus Christmas. However, all three are on an NFL roster as of today. #GoHawks
      3:33 PM · Apr 26, 2021·

    • bmseattle

      Yes… as long as they play “a game”, were good!

      • Big Mike

        Go Hawks! (posting the eye roll emoji if I knew how to do that here)

  36. no frickin clue

    Here’s an ‘All Beef’ mock draft. The top 4 picks are all focused on the OL/DL.

    #60 – Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama
    #118 – D’Ante Smith, T, East Carolina
    #140 – Cam Sample, Edge, Tulane
    #150 – Jaylen Twyman, DT, Pittsburgh
    #189 – Camryn Bynum, CB, Cal
    #195 – Simi Fehoko, WR, Stanford
    #224 – Gerrid Doaks, RB, Cincinnati
    #240 – Zach Davidson, TE, Central Missouri

  37. jujus


    Rondale Moore
    WR Purdue
    trade icon

    D’Ante Smith
    OT East Carolina
    trade icon

    Bobby Brown
    DT Texas A&M

    David Moore
    OG Grambling State
    trade icon

    Shaun Wade
    S Ohio State
    trade icon

    Chris Evans
    RB Michigan

  38. Nathan M

    Rob, you really talked a lot in those sums about planning for next year, which makes a lot of sense. They’ve hedged strongly across the board with low cost vet FAs.

    It feels a long ways away, but would an NFL FO be ranking some of these needs against next years draft class? ie Do they pick Buddy Johnson at LB expecting next years class is poor or plan to squeeze one more year out of KJ knowing next years class is deep.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly but it’s hard to assess next year given what happened in 2020

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    I really enjoy these video mocks. The pfn simulator format makes them so watchable.

    I did two and my only trade-down restriction was no trading 2022 picks.

    68 – Dyami Brown WR UNC
    108 – Kendrick Green C/OG ILL
    129 – Dayo Odeyingbo EDGE VB
    182 – Israel Mukuamu DB SC
    250 – Chris Evans RB MICH

    69 – Elijah Moore WR MISS
    129 – Bobby Brown DT TAMU
    135 – Buddy Johnson LB TAMU
    149 – Jason Kaindoh EDGE FSU
    175 – Israel Mukuamu DB SC
    214 – Noah Gray TE DUKE
    250 – Chris Evans RB MICH

    • Big Mike

      Good point about the format Blitzy. Really a good watch while Rob makes trades/picks.

  40. TomLPDX

    Chris Evans keeps showing up in these mock drafts as a RB out of Mich in the 7th round. Is he like the next Chris Carson or something?

    • The0ther

      No, he’s just a guy Rob highlighted in his draft preview as someone with traits and upside. I’m not keen on spending a much higher pick on a RB with all our other needs, according to the simulator he’s always there, the cherry on top. Apparently he was regarded as “the next big thing” but it didn’t happen at Michigan.

  41. Rob Staton

    Someone’s going to get a good player…

  42. Rob Staton

    New prospect interview about to drop in a new blog post by the way…

  43. swedenhawk

    In what may be Russell Wilson’s last year as a Seahawk, the team is in win-now mode and does what it can to support its disgruntled HOF quarterback.

    74. Kendrick Green
    OG Illinois

    124.Cade Johnson
    WR South Dakota State

    129. Kylin Hill
    RB Mississippi State

    246. Buddy Johnson
    LB Texas A&M

    250. Ian Book
    QB Notre Dame

  44. Poli

    Would DK, Julio, Lockett be the best trio ever?

    • Poli

      Even with Julio’s $15M ca hit, and likely 3rd rd pick to get, would be so much fun to watch.

      Would probably have to trade Adams though, which is fine by me.

  45. Mark Dickinson

    I let the trades go were they went counter any next year pick for one close to value this year.
    78 Walker Little OT Stanford
    108 Trill Williams CB Syracuse
    119 Jimmy Morrissey OC Pittsburg I don’t believe I reach here considering I couldn’t get a trade
    142 Jonathon Marshall DT Arkansas
    173 Kayode Awosika OT Buffalo
    214 Simi Fehoko WR Stanford
    it was different.

    • Mark Dickinson

      2nd draft
      77 Walker Little OT Stanford
      116 Trill Williams CB Syracuse
      129 Jimmy Morrissey OC Pittsburg
      151 Jonathan Marshall DT Arkansas
      152 Shakur Brown CB Michigan St.
      185 Simi Fehoko WR Stanford

    • Mark Dickinson

      3rd draft
      76 Walker Little OT Stanford
      116 Trill Williams CB Syracuse
      129 Jimmy Morrissey OC Pittsburg
      196 Simi Fehoko WR Stanford
      250 Mustafa Johnson DT Colorado

  46. swedenhawk

    In what may be Russell Wilson’s last season as a Seahawk, the team starts planning for life without its disgruntled HOF quarterback.

    79. Kellen Mond
    QB Texas A&M

    113. D’Ante Smith
    OT East Carolina

    129. Shaun Wade
    S Ohio State

    159. Cade Johnson
    WR South Dakota State

    167. Marvin Wilson
    DT Florida State

    250. Gerrid Doaks
    RB Cincinnati

  47. Ashish

    Rob, thank you so much for the interview and finding some late round gems. It is so depressing to see 3 draft picks, but appreciate all your hard work and dedication for studying draft prospects. Now I hope atleast we get 2 good player from the draft.

    • Rob Staton


  48. DK

    Just for fun I did another simulator and ended up with 10 picks, and only gave up a 2022 7th rounder to the Giants along with pick 64 and received picks 76 and 116.

    Went heavy on the o-line with a couple project tackles, but I like this draft quite a bit.

    76 – Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa – DT not the top need on the draft board, but the Value of Nixon at 76, and he brings some athleticism to the DT spot and can provide interior pass rush.

    119 – Drew Dalman, C, Stanford – Dalman comes in to compete right away with Pocic, fit what the Hawks look for in O-Linemen.

    133 – Shaun Wade, DB, Ohio St. – Wade is a guy that can play multiple DB spots and fits the profile to get a shot at playing corner.

    137 – Ihmir Smith-Marsette, WR, Iowa – Good size, can start off working in the slot and as a return guy. Good at getting up field after the catch, key to Shane Waldron’s offense.

    150 – Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Minnesota – Another CB, with none of the 4 CBs on the roster signed past 2021, Wade and St-Juste add needed depth and two potential starters.

    184 – Landon Young, OT/OG, Kentucky – Brown and Shell are both free agents, Young could potentially be a replacement for Shell at RT or a replacement for Jamarco Jones.

    209 – Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M – Johnson adds athleticism to the LB spot, great run and chase LB, playing down hill.

    218 – Dan Moore, OT, Texas A&M – Project Tackle uses hands well, could always bump inside as well.

    229 – Chris Evans, RB, Michigan – Five Star recruit, has talent, the last 7th round RB the Hawks drafted turned out well.

    240 – Noah Gray, TE, Duke – Adds depth to the TE spot, only Parkinson is signed past this season.

    Let me know what you think

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