Three players I’m adding to my ‘possible R1 watch-list’

Abraham Lucas — get him on your radar

I’ve been down on the 2022 draft class and for good reason. There are a small pool of quality players who deserve to go in the top-10. Then, there’s a lot of unknowns. I think the combine this year will be more important than ever. There’s going to be about 60 players who are all graded very similarly. A great workout will be a difference maker.

Yet when I watch the players below, it gets the juices flowing again…

Bernhard Raimann (T, Central Michigan)

There are few things more exciting that seeing a highly athletic, aggressive left tackle capable of playing with agility and light feet, yet willing to mix it up in the power game.

Raimann shows very athletic footwork. It allows him to recover and counter when things don’t go entirely to plan. He handles the speed rush with a good kick-slide and he’s capable of being a ‘dancing bear’ to seal off the edge.

He’s able to bench-press on contact by getting his hands inside to stone speed-to-power rushes. His powerful hands connect and lock-on vs the bull rush and he can plant the anchor against bigger rushers. Raimann’s a finisher, too. He’s not hanging on before eventually the defensive end releases and breaks to the quarterback. A lot of tackles do that. They’re trying to delay to buy a quarterback time. Raimann’s mindset seems to be he’ll block until the end of the quarter if necessary.

The other really attractive aspect is his willingness to get to the second level in the running game. He explodes from the snap, radars in on a linebacker and executes.

Raimann’s ideally sized at 6-7 and 305lbs with room to add more weight if required. Reportedly he’s capable of a 4.60 shuttle, a 33-inch vertical and a 9-8 broad jump. He’s been timed at 1.56 in the 10-yard split and he can press 450lbs. Numbers like that get you into the high first round mix. He’s a former Austrian exchange student who has been working with NFL O-line coach Paul Alexander to develop his skills for the next level.

Along with Northern Iowa’s brilliant Trevor Penning, the two best offensive tackles in this class could be smaller school prospects. Evan Neal is usually projected as the top tackle, thanks to his status at Alabama (starting as a true freshman) and the fact he led Bruce Feldman’s freak list this year. I have some reservations about Neal. I’m not sure whether his best position is actually guard and whether he has some agility limitations to stick at left tackle. It didn’t take long for Las Vegas to shift Alex Leatherwood to guard, after all — and he tested very well.

In terms of attitude, aggressive nature, skill and athleticism — I think Penning and Raimann might be the best tackles on the board. At a time when Seattle’s two tackles are both free agents in the off-season — and with the increasing prospect of major changes across the board — the emergence of these two players is extremely encouraging.

If you are of the mind to desire major change in the off-season and want to see the O-line revamped with high picks — these two names, along with Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum, Mississippi State’s Charles Cross (who I think will kick inside to guard in the NFL) and Alabama’s Neal might be the names to focus on. There’s one other name to mention that I’ll come on to later…

Trey McBride (TE, Colorado State)

The tight end position is arguably more dependant on specific traits than most others. The top players all test extremely well in terms of agility (three-cone, short shuttle) and I’m always hesitant to go ‘all-in’ on a tight end until we see these results.

Yet watching McBride on tape — I couldn’t help but envisage a role as a poor-man’s Travis Kelce.

Again, let’s make the qualifier that athleticism matters. Kelce ran a 7.09 three cone and a 4.42 short shuttle. The Kelce family genes are utterly remarkable. McBride is going to have to test at a certain level to justify any comparison like that.

Yet he’s similarly sized, is a good mover at the second level and he is used as basically a #1 target in much the way Kelce is. You’ll see him in the slot, at H-Back, as an orthodox in-line TE. He attacks the seam with long-striding acceleration but can also run corner routes adequately and he challenges defenders with a competitive spirit when the ball’s in the air. He’s a sure-handed and reliable catcher even in traffic.

His YAC ability is seriously impressive — as he drives through contact and finishes runs.

What usually separates players like this going early or in the mid-rounds is athleticism and blocking. We’ll see how he tests but there’s no doubt about his willingness to block. He’s not the biggest at 6-4 and 260lbs but he gives everything at the LOS. His footwork enables a strong base, he keeps his feet moving to drive on contact and there are flashes of violence where he buries opponents into the turf, playing until the whistle.

He sometimes exposes his chest affording for a loss of leverage in the hand-battle — but he’s a tight end. He’s not going to win every 1v1.

McBride has every opportunity to become a QB’s best friend in the passing game and a coaches dream because he can stay on the field for any play-call.

If he has a good combine, the sky’s the limit for him. Based on what I’ve seen, he’s a fringe first rounder. Test well and he confirms an early grade. If he’s an average athlete in terms of agility, he’ll stick until the middle-rounds. He has the talent though to be a big X-factor at the next level.

Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)

When I first watched Lucas, I was stunned why he gets so little attention on a national level. Purely from the eye-test alone — he’s 6-7 and 320lbs and just screams ‘NFL offensive tackle’. He has an ideal long frame with great athleticism.

Watching him control and handle Kayvon Thibodeaux was enough to have me sold but the more I watched the more I liked. I don’t think I’ve seen a right tackle since Tyron Smith look so comfortable operating in space, blocking 1v1 in pass-pro.

His footwork to handle stunts is incredible and he reads them well. He doesn’t get too deep in his drop but he’s athletic enough to be able to stick with top speed rushers and contain. So many players are terrified at facing a player like Thibodeaux that they cede so much ground off the snap and invite pressure. They’re playing defense. Lucas is an offensive-minded tackle who backs his own physical profile to win on the front-foot.

This should be no surprise. At SPARQ he ran a 4.30 short shuttle. Let that sink in. A 4.30 short shuttle. He also added a 5.03 forty yard dash.

It’s no wonder his agility and light-feet are so evident on tape.

Not only that, he manages to avoid over-extending with his arms and just controls his blocks. He complements his big frame and length with agility to create an impossible situation for pass rushers — who can’t get into his frame to attack because he holds them off but they also can’t attack the edge with speed because he’s too quick.

His kick-slide is patient and he chooses the right time to engage and attack. Lucas handles any inside counters well.

As a run blocker I’ve seen more than enough to believe he can be a success there too. There are examples where he locks on to a defensive end and drives them downfield. He’s not quite as aggressive as other tackles in the run game but I can live with it given his outstanding athleticism and pass-pro qualities.

If he has the kind of combine he’s capable of, Lucas could fly up boards. He looks like a player with firm first round potential.

And one name to watch for 2023…

Will Anderson (DE, Alabama)

Wow. Just wow.

Before I even talk about his game, I want to talk about his attitude. I think he is a player you can build a locker room around. His effort, energy and passion are clear.

I don’t know if he wears #31 because he’s a fan of Kam Chancellor. Yet he plays with the same intensity and approach. He’s an alpha, an absolute dog on the field. He is someone with the ability to set the tone.

It’s a bonus that he’s also incredibly talented.

His get-off is superb. He flies out of the traps and challenges tackles with his first-step quickness. Anderson is incredibly difficult to block 1v1 and will likely ask questions of opponents week-to-week in how they approach defending him.

He’s only listed at 6-4 and 245lbs but it’s amazing how capable he is of disengaging with great hands. You’d expect him to be smothered at his size if he tried to mix things up in a physical battle. Yet he can connect and disengage, then explode to the quarterback. These are vital qualities for the next level where the path to the QB is going to be challenging week-to-week.

I think he can line up off the edge but if you want to drop him into space as a SAM or 3-4 OLB, he does an excellent job to string out run plays. You will not find it easy running to his side if he plays off the LOS.

Anderson has a relentless motor and if his first move stalls — he’ll keep fighting to work to the passer. He sifts through traffic, keeps the legs churning and plays with superb balance. He can combine speed and power to vary his rushes and counter when required. His bull-rush is, again, superb for his size.

In one game this year he split a double team from the right tackle and guard to force a pressure — at 245lbs. Against Miami he connected with the right tackle and threw him off to make a play on the running back. He presses against blockers to keep his frame clean to read running plays.

His build is ideal with long limbs, a powerful lower-half and a lean pass-rusher’s frame.

He has an incredible 13.5 sacks and 26.5 (!!!) TFL’s for the 2021 season.

I don’t feel like it’s an overreaction to say this is exactly the type of player Seattle needs. I get the sense that Anderson is destined for an incredible pro-career where he not only develops into a pass-rushing sack-master but also helps set a culture for a team and quickly establishes a role as a big-time leader.

Roll on 2023 to see where he ends up…

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  1. no frickin clue


    I seem to recall you liked Davis Mills coming out of college. Assuming Russ forces his way out of town this offseason, would he be worth taking a flier on via trade? Or do you now think either (1) he actually isn’t that good, and/or (2) the Texans have ruined him?

    • God of Thunder

      And Mond.

    • Rob Staton

      No way to judge him starting as a rookie for that trash organisation.

      I feel sorry for him being drafted by them.

      Not sure I would trade for him but you could do worse I think.

      I would call Minnesota first about Mond

  2. Dan Carpenter

    Love the call on Abe Lucas Rob. WSU Cougar fan here and I can say with certainty he is one of the most under-appreciated players in the PAC-12!

  3. Call Me AL

    Great write up as always identifying talented players Rob, but its hard to get excited about the draft while my focus is on what happens after the season is over. Until there is some resolution their, the draft just feels so far away.

    Unfortunately, I believe Russel Wilson will ask to be traded after the season is over. I think he is demoralized playing on this team that just keeps progressively getting worse talent wise each year, he’s tired of Pete ball, he’s getting older, wants to be great and realizes this team is headed nowhere fast! He knows what its like to be on a great team, he was on one of the best teams in the history of the NFL his first three years in the league!

    Whats it say when your QB would rather play for the Bears of all teams, rather than the Seahawks. It says he has completely lost confidence in this franchise as a whole to do anything remotely close to building a competitive team.

    What it means is unless someone, ownership, JS if he stays, maybe a new head coach, can take on the insurmountable task of convincing him to stay, he’s as good as gone at the end of the season.

    Why would he even consider staying? He’s done his best to make this situation work here, given it his all, played through injuries, been a complete professional and a team player. Throughout it all, he’s been allowed to drive the car, but not trusted enough to be given ownership. That has to weigh heavily on him at this point in his career.

    And if Russell Wilson walks, so will a lot of Seahawks fans…

    • Tallyhawk

      If RW and so do a lot of Seahawks fans then they weren’t /aren’t Seahawks fans and they can go fly a kite.

  4. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    A surprise: The #Texans are cutting RB Phillip Lindsay, source said. He heads to waivers.

    Why not. Just keep Seedman away from him and you’re golden.

    • TomLPDX

      He can’t be any worse than our current RB lineup. Go get him…probably would cost next to nothing as well.

    • Roy Batty

      Is he good at pass pro?

      He came into the league with a real fire in his playing style. I wonder if playing inTexans purgatory has derailed that fire.

    • UkAlex6674

      Got to be worth a shot, he’s shown he can play in the league.

    • WallaSean

      Yes please, I have always liked this guy.

    • Ashish

      I remember asking Rob about UW Gaskin draft range as I liked him while watching college football. He is doing lot better than same six rounder Homer. Homer is avg 3rd down player but Gaskin doing lot better.
      Phillip is undrafted but lot better than many first rounder running back. That means Hawks will not claim as per trend.

  5. cha

    These are great writeups Rob. Thank you very much! With the season nearly in the tank, it’s great to look at some prospects.

    Any thoughts on if Lucas can/should make the transition to LT? You mentioned Tyron Smith which made me think about that.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he could, for sure, with his frame and athleticism.

  6. Henry Taylor

    Cheers for this Rob, with the season a wash and the draft looking poor there’s little to look forward to. So some encouraging reports are welcome.

    I’m still of the mind that you do everything to keep Wilson this offseason. But if you were to trade him for multiple picks, building up the Oline should be the goal, especially if that looks like a strength of the class.

    Finding the next QB becomes a lot easier if that unit is solid.

  7. Big Mike

    Chris Simms on Russ in particular and the Seahawks in general (and some review of the most recent game).

    • no frickin clue

      Yeah he pretty much covers it. Sigh.

      Hate to say it, but I think we need to end up with something like a 4-13 season so that there’s absolutely no sugar-coating it and pretending to yourself that you were just a play or two here or there from a string of victories and a totally different season outcome.

      Pete is an eternal optimist and he will always talk up the positives, unless he can’t do that because there aren’t any. I used to think he was constantly gaslighting all of us when reporters would tepidly bring up negatives in recent seasons, but now I think he really is just wired differently. Russ on the other hand, to me at least he is still absolutely gaslighting us and I would sooner believe a vendor hawking gold jewelry in a Cairo bazaar than get any insight into what he is really thinking.

      • BobbyK

        But how demoralizing would be be to give a top 3 pick to the Jets for one of the biggest pile of crap players in franchise history (in terms of what was given up to get him via draft picks and salary cap space wasted on his worthlessness)?

        • cha

          It would be a weird bookend if PC is done this year.

          He received an extra first round pick from Tim Ruskell. He leaves NO first round pick for his successor.

          At any rate, I’ve accepted the sting. Wherever the pick lands, it’ll sting and hopefully stand as a practical lesson to never give up so much of your franchise’s future for a player who could not possibly live up to the cost.

          • BobbyK

            Yes. I’ve thought that many times (who they got two 1st round picks when they took over and how they’ve screwed over our recent/future 1st round picks for the future).

          • BobbyK

            I would actually support a deal like that if we were truly 1 player away from being Super Bowl favorites and the said player filled a need like LEO or DT… a spot where a guy brings pressure on an OL every play and dominates in the trenches consistently. But we got a Peacock.

            • God of Thunder

              I hate the trade, not the player (not saying you would disagree!).

              I think a lot of top athletes are “peacocks”. Adams is an excellent athlete, but thff we cost was nuts and he’s not right for our scheme.

              • BobbyK

                I actually hate Adams. I don’t know if I’ve ever hated a Seahawk more. When I was at the Minnesota game earlier this year, I totally had eyes on him and he strikes me as a cocky guy (you’re right, many are) who nobody likes. Many guys talk to others and this and that, but that guy had nobody I saw ever approach him or anything like that. I think that’s telling.

                • TomLPDX

                  I hate him too. I watched him the entire game vs. AZ and he made a LOT of business decisions…he SUCKS!

                • Rob Staton

                  He is annoying

                • Andrew M

                  Hate is a strong word. I dislike Adams immensely and I would trade him for a peanut draft pick quickly. But don’t forget about Jeremy Stevens, that guy was a great player on a Super Bowl team, but he did some terrible stuff that just had to go along with a great Seahawk team.

                  • Andrew M

                    What could a decent GM get for him anyway? His contact is too big so the team would have to offset that. Maybe get a player, low-key safety in return and a 5th round pick?

                • cha

                  I sat about 10 rows behind the Steeler bench for the SNF game. The amount of time Adams spent jawing at the Steelers that the TV cams don’t catch is shocking. With the new taunting rules I’m shocked he has not been flagged yet.

                  • Roy Batty

                    I would love to see teams implement a hurry-up snap as a loudmouth like Adams is strutting behind the LOS, causing a 5 yard offsides penalty. Then pulling a Rodgers and heaving up a bomb for a receiver.

                    Have him explain THAT at his presser.

        • no frickin clue

          Jamal Adams is a sunk cost. We lose our 1st-rounder no matter what our record is.

          If we do terrible, we get a high 2nd rounder, a high 3rd rounder, etc., along with the laughter of Jets fans in our ears. If it’s any consolation, since it’s the Jets we’re talking about here, they will probably blow the pick.

          If we string together some wins – let’s say we finish the season on a 5-game winning streak (mostly by beating bad teams with a few good wins sprinkled in), end up 9-8 overall and miss the playoffs on a tiebreaker. Then we run the risk that Pete thinks he’s righted the ship and we continue with this highly predictable style of play on both sides of the ball in 2022 and are no closer to making the real change this franchise needs. And our first pick will be somewhere around #50 overall, instead of maybe #37 overall, so if John does want to trade down for volume, our first choice is a less attractive chip for someone else to buy.

          • 12th chuck

            to be honest, I don’t think our track record is all that good with 1st rounders as well

            • BobbyK

              That’s when you KNOW FOR A FACT decision makers need to be fired. When people don’t care about high picks because they’d blow them anyway.

              Picks should be cherished because you know that they’re lottery tickets and you have a chance of winning big, not thrown away like garbage because you think you’ll never win anyway.

              I don’t play the lottery that much but there’ve been plenty times where I’ve won a $1 or $2 or $5-$10 prize. It might not seem like much, but if we’re comparing it to the NFL Draft it’d be like getting a guy who may not be a Pro Bowler but is a quality starter on a rookie contract. That’s worth something but our Seahawks just throw too many of those opportunities away. I’m sick of that and sick of them burning our highest picks/chances at the big lottery winnings.

              • bmseattle

                I totally agree.
                If we are honestly ok with not having first round picks because we never utilize them properly, then we need different people making those picks.

              • TJ

                I completely agree too. I would add that its not just high picks, its pretty much all picks, with a few notable exceptions. Hitting on what feels like one player every other year is a hell of a way to build a roster. To compound the problem, their ability to bring in impactful free agents is just as pathetic. Trades turn out even worse. Time for an overhaul starting at the top.

                • Peter

                  If you go to “sports reference, ” or similar site it’s much worse than hitting every other year. If you count Griffin a succes and i do not based on him starting and playing basically the whole time he was here but….not still being with the team and add to that trades for Sheldon Richardson and Clowney for rentals, so another set of wasted picks….

                  It’s more like the team over five plus (because the adams trade will bring us into six years,) drafts coming out with a very good WR, a maybe good Guard. Two dlinemen in Taylor and Robinson that we don’t know about yet, poona ford who is solid and great value and no hyperbole here, all the other picks even those on the team could be upgraded.

                  For me they have almost completely blown five straight drafts with replacement level players.

  8. BobbyK

    It’s easy to get fired up about a guy like Will Anderson, but then it also sucks because the only way the Seahawks can get him is under scenario 1 of only 2 scenarios below:

    1. Seahawks trade Russ and are terrible in 2022. Then they’ll have a high pick, but they won’t have a QB. QB is always priority #1. You either have one or you don’t. A dominant defensive player like Cortez Kennedy can never make up for bums at QB. Only a Ray Lewis led defense can do that – 1 time.

    2. The Seahawks keep Russ and unless he gets hurt, they’ll be picking too far down to get a chance at him.

  9. JJ


    What are your thoughts on Haener from Fresno State?

    • Rob Staton

      Seen one game. He played well.

      Can’t judge him off that but not convinced he has the physical tools to do much in the NFL

  10. Robert Green

    I curious… What do you think DK would bring in a trade for 2022 draft picks… I’m thinking Philly might be interested with their 3 #1 picks plus a lower round selection…

    • God of Thunder

      1) What do you think DK is worth? I’d say a first and a third/fourth. But a high first.

      2) I’d only trade him if it’s a full rebuild. But in which case, buh bye.

      3) I’d hate to be the GM who traded away DK, considering that if he’s used correctly, DK has a chance to be an elite WR for another 8 years.

      • BobbyK

        If I were a GM for another team, I would give up my #12-15 overall pick, a later round pick AND a future 1st round pick. That’s with the understanding that my receiving core was underwhelming but the rest of my team was ready to compete at an elite level.

        If I had a top 8-10 pick, I would trade that pick, a later round pick, and perhaps a future 2nd and/or 3rd round pick. Again, DK would need to be a guy I felt was going to be a difference maker who would take the team to a new level of competitiveness (and I’d have to feel awfully good about the top 8-10 picks). I would have to feel extremely confident my team was going to make the playoffs the following season. Not just acquiring DK and hoping to be good.

        If I had a pick somewhere in the mid-20s, I would obvious try to get DK but since my pick was so mediocre in the 1st round… I don’t know if I’d realistically have the ammo to pull off such a deal.

        Now, if I’m the Seahawks — I listen to DK offers but there’s no way I’d deal him unless we got multiple 1st round picks AND a mid round pick as well (think Adams, Jamal) and if some team had two 1st round picks coming up in the draft but both were late-20s, the other team would definitely have to throw a few more picks my way, including a 2nd rounder.

        No way I’d give DK away. An insulting offer for him would be some team offering a late 1st and late 2nd. That would be pointless because one of those picks would have to be used to replace DK and then there’s no way that player/high pick would be anywhere close to as good as DK.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If I were a manager I would give up a high second round pick for him. Lots of potential but he can’t get separation and you my as well rename him Mr. Drop the ball again. Sorry, but remember it only takes one team to bid higher and you can move him.

    • Scot04

      Tough to say, but atleast he plays at an impact position and is young. 2 1sts seems fair. It makes 0 sense if trying to keep Wilson though.
      If totally blowing it up for picks then yes.
      I know one thing; I don’t want PC or JS involved at all.
      If blowing it up, blow it all up.
      My preference just build around Wilson with a new GM and HC.

  11. Peter

    Rob pretty excited you’re getting into draft coverage a bit.

    Not a first rounder but will be watching osu vs oregon to keep an eye on him.

    Regardless of seahawks type and he’s listed at 205 pounds 5’11” an I really enjoy runners with his ropey, patient then hit the hole style. Allegedly had 4.37 speed in high school and I like his workman style demeanor. Yes get he sat so why didn’t he start but jemar jefferson for the beavers was no slouch. I get he’s older but sadly for RB’s they are good for 1.5 contracts of real effort before they start to drop.

  12. Big Mike

    In a shock to absolutely no one, the Seahawks at the Niners on Sunday the 5th of Dec. has been flexed from Sunday Night Football to 1:25 PM Pacific time.

    So for Rob, there is one small positive to Seattle having such a crap season. He won’t be up til 5:00 AM his time that day/night.

    • Big Mike

      By the way, replaced by KC vs. Denver

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Flexed out of prime time and into irrelevance. I remember when we used to be flexed in.

      But at this point, this has to happen.

      This is the way.

      Also, fantastic article. Love the prospect profiles. Especially the small school ones I’m not at all familiar with.

      • Peter

        Yet another sign that the team needs changes. Gone are the days when the NFL coouldn’t flex the team into enough games. I live in Oregon and I’m getting pretty excited (sarcasm) for the stations to start bumping Seahawks games for Dallas, Greenbay, or where i live if the niners were better than average Seattle would get bumped for every one of their games.

    • Rob Staton


  13. Starhawk29

    I’ve been hearing rumors that Fangio might be fired by the broncos. Would people be interested in him being our wade Phillips to the new coach’s Mcvay?

    • TomLPDX

      +1 from me!

    • Rob Staton

      Yes. 100%

    • Denver Hawker

      Fangio is hated here because he’s clearly not a HC. He’s a fantastic DC and still runs the Broncos like a DC.

      Separately, Denver just locked up Sutton/Patrick and has Jeudy/Hamler/Williams on rookie deals. The offense is loaded and defense only needs a few patches. GM has basically built a team ready for the next incarnation of Manning to take over. I’d imagine they’ll made a very hard trade push for Rodgers or Wilson.

      • Peter

        It’s weird that Seattle and Denver are about the same size with the nearly the same number of sports teams and similar levels of success yet the Denver media minus 1.5 over 10 years ago when everyone and their mom lost their minds over Tebow has a much more “big city,” feel withthe media questioning their teams/coaches/ players than Seattle which feels like a college town by comparison.

        • Denver Hawker

          Night and day difference in media coverage, quality, etc. Local sports radio is one of the best in the country IMO. Half the radio guys also do Regional/National game calls so they bring good perspective.

          Broncos are a more successful franchise in terms of Super Bowls and the 98/99 teams loom large still, any performance short of that is scrutinized. Fans feel worthy of greatness with the Broncos and the media reflects that.

    • Big Mike

      I’m in

    • Scot04

      I’d be on board with this

  14. Matt

    I see Seahawks Twitter is all aboard the Jalen Hurts bandwagon. If they hate RW’s inability to read defenses, etc…boy, are they gonna “love” Hurts.

    I’m amazed how many of these people want this yet have never actually watched Hurts play beyond a rushing highlight on ESPN.

    • Rob Staton

      Seahawks twitter:

      “OMG the Backstreet Boys are so hot”

      Two weeks later

      “The Backstreet boys are so lame. OMG N Sync are so hot!”

      Two weeks later

      “N Sync are so lame…”

      • no frickin clue

        In the medical journals I believe this is referred to as SNOS – Shiny New Object Syndrome.

        Side effects from SNOS may include jealousy, rapid mood swings, and keyboard warrior-itis. If you feel unbridled optimism over a mediocre quarterback for more than four hours, please consult a physician.

        • Sea Mode


        • Big Mike


    • Scot04

      Philly fans are why the F*** would we trade our three 1st round picks for RW.
      Continue to build around Jalen.
      I remember Chicago fans saying similar things before the GM made us an offer with three 1sts and 2 players.
      3 1sts may sound great, but hey the 49rs got Trey Lance with three 1sts.
      I’ll pass thanks and build around RW.
      These Seahawks twitter fans for trading Russ are crazy.
      Seahawks should do everything they can to keep him.
      Then if he still demands a trade, you do what you have to do.

  15. Call Me AL

    Some things to consider,

    Pete Carroll is believed to be making $11M this season, trailing only Bill Belichick and (reportedly) Urban Meyer. Pete is under contract through 2025 so it’s likely that he has about $44M remaining on his contract.
    Its probably safe to assume if he retires he would forfeit the remaining amount owed on his contract, but would most likely negotiate a settelment. It has been noted by many that Pete Carroll is not the same old energetic Pete of past seasons and appears to not be enjoying himself given the teams performance. While a lot of knowledgeable people feel he may retire, one has to wonder, given he would be not only walking away from 44 million at 70 years old, but also a situation where he has total control of the franchise. That is a lot to walk away from.

    Its believed John Schneider is making in the neighborhood of 5M per year, making him one of the highest paid GM’s. He is signed through the 2027 NFL Draft and probably has more than $25M remaining on his contract. He obviously likes his situation in Seattle as he had the opportunity to leave prior to signing this contract. There is speculation that if Pete Carroll leaves, that John Schneider may go as well. Again, I have to wonder if that is the case, given that if Pete Carroll leaves, control of the franchise most likely falls to John Schneider. Which of course may have been the entire reason for him signing the long term contract in the first place.

    There are several different scenarios that can play out here.

    Pete and John both stay. Nothing changes and the team most likely remains on its current trajectory.

    Pete leaves, John stays. The good, Pete leaves, and given John’s knowledge of the league and experience as a GM, theres a good possibility that John makes a good head coach hire and that person is someone he can work well with. An important consideration. The bad, no ones quite sure just how big a part John has played in terms of bad drafting and trades, but either way many feel he bears some amount of responsibility in the matter. The unknown, its possible with Pete no longer in the picture that John flourishes and rebuilds the Seahawks into a contender. It could also mean that the first thing he does is trade Russell Wilson as some have speculated and many feel that would leave the Seahawks in a bad situation for many years to come.

    Pete and John both leave. Just to many unknows to speculate, but I’m sure that at least initially things will be very interesting!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      44 million at 70 years old, but also a situation where he has total control of the franchise. That is a lot to walk away from

      First, the $44 million on the table assumes that if Carroll stays beyond the end of this season, he’s going to stay to the end of his current contract. Notwithstanding the seeming noninvolvement by ownership, I sincerely doubt they would tolerate another season like the current one, let alone 4 more. In other words, even if he did stay into 2022, I sincerely doubt he’d last to 2025.

      Second, as you point out, he has total control of the franchise, so there’s nowhere for him to hide, nobody for him to hide behind when it comes to the failures of this franchise. In other words, the failures of the franchise are HIS.

      And finally, I don’t get the sense that Carroll is motivated by money. And don’t forget he was the highest paid coach in college football for a decade, then went on to be one of the highest paid pro coaches for the last decade. He’s not hurting for money.

      Bottom line: I am convinced Carroll doesn’t want to do this anymore. I base that on about 20 years of pretty close observation of him from USC to Seattle.

      Schneider is altogether different. I don’t have any read on what he wants to do. Part of me wonders, going back to the 2012 draft, when it was reported that JS really wanted to draft Wilson in the second round, but Pete insisted they wait until the third. Yes they got lucky and got their guy in that instance. But part of me wonders how many other prospects JS wanted to draft since then, but PC insisted they wait, only for that prospect to be drafted by another team. IF, and that’s a big if, that’s the case, then maybe JS wants the opportunity to be the final draft day decision maker.

      • Big Mike

        “I sincerely doubt they would tolerate another season like the current one, let alone 4 more. In other words, even if he did stay into 2022, I sincerely doubt he’d last to 2025.”

        I’m not so sure of that Blitzy. Reportedly she has not fired the GM of the Blazers (I have no doubt you know she owns them as well) because they are seeking a way to fire him for cause (possible, eventually) so as not to have to pay him for the years left on his contract, To me that smacks of someone who’s nearly entire focus is on the bottom line. Based on that, I think Pete stays for 4 more years unless he retires and forfeits the money. Same goes for John.

        • Big Mike

          “Bottom line: I am convinced Carroll doesn’t want to do this anymore. I base that on about 20 years of pretty close observation of him from USC to Seattle.”

          This I will absolutely take your word for. I sincerely hope you’re right.

  16. cha

    Stacy Rost: “Whether you not you agree with Rob Staton, you have to admit he’s entirely honest and he gets straight to the point.”

    Don’t know you could ask any more than that.

    • TomLPDX

      Post a link if you have one, Cha.

    • Sea Mode


    • Big Mike

      Someone please post the link to the full interview?

      • Rob Staton

        I will start a post with the embed when it’s available.

        • Big Mike

          Thanks. Looking forward to the listen. Didn’t get to live.

        • TomLPDX

          Awesome! Thanks Rob.

        • Ashish

          Just joined but looks your section is done will wait for recorded session. Just curious how did it go?

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    If Wilson decides he wants out regardless of what happens with Carroll or Schneider, then I wonder if there’s a way to trade some of the picks Seattle get for him to the Vikings for Kellen Mond.

    It’s far from ideal. Mond is still almost entirely potential at this point. He may never pan out as a pro QB. But of all the QB prospects from the last couple of drafts (or any in the upcoming draft) that could reasonably be considered attainable for the Seahawks, he’s the one who intrigues me the most.

    Minnesota has a solid starter in Cousins, under contract through next year. Wouldn’t take much to extend him and keep him a Viking into 2023 and beyond. And maybe the Vikings would appreciate the opportunity to exchange the early third round pick they spent on Mond in 2021 to a mid/late first round pick in 2022.

    Just a thought exercise in case Wilson decides he’s out. Sort of a break glass in case of emergency plan.

  18. Rob Staton

    Tony Pauline:

    “But the biggest wait-and-see debate will be the hand size of Kenny Pickett. Most teams downgrade a quarterback who does not have at least nine-inch hands. Pickett’s are reportedly a fraction over eight inches.”

  19. cha

    PC very somber start to his press conference. No energy whatsoever.

    • Ashish

      That’s great, couple of L may force him to retire soon. I’m worried if we win couple of games he will back thinking he can turn this team.

      • cha

        He was asked about his relationship with Russ and if a 3-7 start would cause him to maybe think about his future with Pete and the Seahawks and Pete on the dime: “Not as much as a 7-0 finish would”

        Asked about how he’s doing with Russ personally “as close as we’ve ever been, as connected as we’ve ever been.” Did manage to express disappointment that Russ hasn’t played at a high level in first two games back from the finger injury.

        • Rob Staton

          Some good questions today

          • cha

            Agree, but I think they’re more low-hanging fruit with Depressed Pete. Asking a tough question when things are sunny but with big, black, ugly storm clouds on the horizon is a whole nother level.

            • TomLPDX

              He was definitely a humbler Pete. He needs these moments and he needs to recognize that we DO love him as our coach and honestly as a person. But sometimes you need to change things up and bring in a new perspective and direction. Hope he does the right thing.

    • TomLPDX

      He sure seems to be a man without answers at this point.

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