Thursday notes: Paxton Lynch going very early?

Paxton Lynch will go higher than people think

According to a report in Sports Illustrated, NFL scouts expect Memphis’ Paxton Lynch to be the first quarterback taken in the 2016 draft. It’s something we discussed a few weeks ago on the ‘3000 NFL Mock Draft’ podcast and noted here. For me it’s not a question of whether Lynch will be the first quarterback taken. It’s how high will he go?

There are two things to consider. Firstly, Lynch will not be the best overall player in the class. That honour will go to somebody else. It could be Joey Bosa. It could be Laremy Tunsil. Don’t be shocked if Baylor’s Corey Coleman really emerges as a big favourite too (more on him in a moment).

That said — any team needing a quarterback will look at Paxton Lynch and feel like they can win with him. He’s a very accurate passer with tremendous size and poise. He throws with touch and doesn’t turn the ball over. Despite being a big, strong quarterback he’s also surprisingly elusive and will make plays with his feet. He isn’t Cam Newton. That doesn’t mean he can’t be used in a similar way.

Importantly he’s also making an unfancied Memphis team competitive. They’re ranked. They’ve beaten Ole Miss (who beat Alabama on the road). In that game he made several outstanding plays. One example was a four-read progression before an accurate dart to the outside for a third down conversion. His third score was a beautiful (yet safe) deep-ball to the back-shoulder.

Lynch is making Memphis relevant. He’s elevating that squad. A bad team needing a lift will like that aspect.

If the franchise picking first overall needs a quarterback — Lynch could be in play. Believe it. At the moment Detroit, Baltimore and Tennessee are set to pick first, second and third. If it stays that way — it’s unlikely those three teams go QB in round one. Cleveland are at four and Houston at five. The Texans in particular are trending downwards largely because of their lack of an effective and consistent passing game.

Even if Lynch isn’t the top pick, he could easily find a home in the top five with the task of changing the fortunes of a slumping team. GM’s and coaches will look at his flaws and feel they’re fixable. They’ll love his upside.

Watch out for Corey Coleman

West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen recently called Baylor receiver Corey Coleman the best player in college football. Presumably he forgot about Leonard Fournette, but he still raised an interesting point.

There just aren’t many players like Coleman in the NFL, let alone in college.

He’s gaining headlines for a ridiculous stat line in 2015. He’s scored 18 touchdowns in seven games, adding 962 receiving yards. He’s virtually sewn up the Biletnikoff Award for this year and we’re not even into November.

When you watch the tape — you see his success isn’t purely down to a well-drilled, prolific passing offense.

Coleman is a perfect blend of competitiveness, attitude, skill and speed. He’s incredibly quick into his breaks creating separation almost immediately and often appearing wide open. Teams are petrified of his speed over the top and offer such a soft cushion that he’s nearly always open in the short-range passing game. He’ll go up and snatch a pass out of the air, he’ll make the tough grabs. He’s had a couple of ugly drops but it doesn’t appear to be a reoccurring issue.

He’s a thoroughly dynamic playmaker. He speaks well and doesn’t appear to be a diva. He looks the part of a new age wide receiver making it in the NFL. He’s only 5-11 and 190lbs. He’s just so explosive — not unlike Odell Beckham Jr. at LSU and Antonio Brown currently at Pittsburgh. That’s not to say he’ll have their success — he’d need to land on a good passing offense for a start. The potential is clearly there, however.

There are some issues too.

Coleman has a knack of giving up when he knows the ball isn’t coming his way. If it’s a run call, for example, he frequently lines up and just doesn’t do anything off the snap. No attempted block. No route to throw off a defense. He’ll just stand still or walk around. On a couple of occasions a running play has broken off to this side of the field and with a greater effort he could’ve made a downfield block.

At Baylor it doesn’t really matter. They’re so explosive most teams get blown out of the water by half time. At the next level he’s going to need to up the ante and the work rate. He can’t be taking snaps off when it’s a run. He can’t saunter through plays when he’s not the primary target. I suspect he’ll know and appreciate this — it’s just strange to see a player so lethargic on the field when he’s not getting the ball. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it before.

That aside he has the potential to blow up the combine (he’s a junior and eligible for next years draft). Don’t be shocked if he ends up going as early as Tavon Austin in 2013. Players like Coleman with mass production and insane athleticism always rise and rise. He could be a top ten or fifteen pick.

An elite group emerges

Opinions are still pretty varied but for me a clear handful of players are separating themselves as the best crop eligible for 2016:

Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
Robert Nkemdiche (DE, Ole Miss)
Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU)
Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)
Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)
Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor)
Jaylon Smith (LB, Notre Dame)

There’s also a good looking second tier that arguably includes:

Cameron Sutton (CB, Tennessee)
Laquan Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)
Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State)
Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
Jalen Ramsey (CB/S, Florida State)
Tyler Boyd (WR, Pittsburgh)

Obviously I haven’t seen every player yet — this is just based on my own personal thoughts so far.

It’s hard to figure out how Ezekiel Elliott fits into the class. He’s a very talented running back but doesn’t possess a unique skill set. He’s reasonably sized, pretty fast and doesn’t go down on first contact. A good back to build a running game around and a possible feature runner. Is he going to transform a team, carry the load and have an instant impact? Debatable. Todd Gurley he aint. It wouldn’t really be a surprise if he went in the top-20 or lasted into round two. His stock is wide open.

Jared Goff is equally confusing. He throws a prettier deep ball than most quarterbacks in college football. He can be very accurate, he can win games on his own for California and he’s helped make an average looking roster somewhat respectable. He’s also very skinny, prone to head-scratching errors and a five-interception game at Utah wasn’t pretty (not all the picks were his fault, but there were two ugly ones).

He could easily be a first round pick. He could also face a similar fate to the likes of Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater. Teams will like Goff. But do they like him enough to make him a high first round pick? Is a GM or Head Coach going to tie himself to Goff with the big investment? The difference between pick #15 and #35-40 isn’t that much — but it offers much more wiggle room for a team to save face and ultimately move on if it doesn’t work out.


  1. BrianH

    I’m going to assume Coleman is out for the Hawks. Receivers have to block in this offense.

    Given that you have a bunch of elite names (over 1/2 the first rounds worth) do you think this might be the years the Hawks pickup a solid first round immediate contributor?! Maybe even trade up to find someone! As opposed to trading down because “their guys” are already gone.

    • Rob Staton

      I listed two tiers rather than a big group of elites. I think the first list of eight names looks pretty solid. The next group are a step behind. Both lists will fluctuate because it’s still only late October. It’s too soon to determine whether Seattle should move up.

      As for Coleman — his blocking (when he does it) is pretty good. It’s not a lack of willingness. It’s a case of understanding that at the next level he has to be on it every snap. Even if he isn’t getting the ball.

    • John_s

      I think Coleman is out for the Seahawks because he’s not going to fall into the range Seattle is drafting. I can see him going top 15.

    • RealRhino2

      I want to get better at WR, but honestly I’m not even sure Jerry Rice would be worth a high 1st for us at this point. Nothing I’ve seen has shown me that Russ and this OL could effectively take advantage of a great WR, anyway. Guys are open enough, Russ can’t/doesn’t see them. Baldwin gets open all the time underneath, Lockett gets open deep, doesn’t much matter.

      Until we shore up our OL and Russ gets better at reading the defense and making better decisions, a good to great WR just isn’t going to help much, IMO.

      • Nathan

        I agree about the receivers.

        It’s no longer the part of the roster that needs work.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure it doesn’t need work.

          Kearse is a free agent in the off-season. Doug Baldwin’s contract expires after the 2016 season. Paul Richardson has to prove he can stay healthy after two serious knee injuries in his career. Ricardo Lockette, Chris Matthews. They’re not getting much there.

          The one piece you really have nailed down long term is Tyler Lockett. So receiver is likely to remain a consideration. I just think it’s unlikely to be in round one given the huge needs on the O-line and the possible need to replace Okung. But, if Okung re-signs, the Seahawks pick earlier than expected, some of the other O-line options go early and there’s a player staring at them they just love — you never know. It’s likely to be OL early though. It seems inevitable.

          • RealRhino2

            I agree, I think we need to do some work at receiver. We could upgrade at Kearse, Matthews and Lockette. My point is that our team is better off getting a little better at 1-2 of those spots using 3rd-round type picks, preserving our top picks for the lines or the back end of the defense, than we are using our top pick for a WR.

            A great WR does us no good if the OL is so bad and Russ makes poor decisions and misses open guys so much.

            I think there are enough WRs in the draft better than Kearse/Matthews that we could go something like OT, CB/DL, WR, C, in the draft and be fine.

            • cha

              At this point, I can’t imagine both Kearse and Baldwin leaving. Maybe one of the two.

              RealR, is getting ‘a little better’ than say Kearse worth sacrificing RW’s comfort and trust to rebuild with a new WR? Not to mention Kearse’s less-tangible value to the team like downfield blocking?

              RW needs to make huge strides to get to a point where the team can plug and play with WR’s, Aaron Rodgers being the current supreme example. He needs some continuity with his guys.

              I’m not advocating paying outrageous $ for Kearse, if he gets something similar to what Tate got, more $ and more touches, good for him. We’ll take the nice comp pick and say thanks for all those incredible clutch catches. But if he’s affordable and agreeable to staying, I’d say sign him to a modest deal and keep the continuity. Lynch is nearing retirement and the OL will likely be reworked this offseason. Retooling a third position group (WR) might be too much to ask at this point.

              • Tien

                I can’t imagine Kearse getting a big FA contract, or even one at the level of Golden Tate. Kearse has been valuable for the Seahawks but he’s still never been the #1 or even #2 threat on the team, like Tate was, and talent wise, he’s still probably only a #3 or #4 WR on any team. I think it will depend on how much Kearse wants and the talent available at WR in the later rounds.

                Totally agree with RealRhino that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Hawks to spend a high draft pick on a WR at this point. We need to improve the OL so that Russell has more time in the pocket and he needs to improve his reads and getting the ball to open receivers before it’s worth the draft investment in a high WR pick.

              • red

                I think 3 -3.5 mil is the most seahawks should spend on Kearse and I think that is his market so I can see him coming back. Also would not be surprised if Baldwin gets extension next year helps the cap out for 2016 and you want him going forward so thats a win win.

              • RealRhino2

                Agree with not losing both Baldwin and Kearse. Think they’d try to keep ADB; he’s an average to above-average inside guy. But yes, getting a little better than Kearse is worth losing him.

                I think continuity and comfort have almost zero value and is just something people say to explain why people suck. You don’t need to play with somebody for two years to know where they are going to be on an out route, and if you do, they should be gone anyway because they aren’t running it right.

                I’m actually a Kearse fan, but he’s below average. He won’t get anything close to what Tate got. It won’t be a retooling to add a guy. The way I’m imagining it we’ll still have Graham, Lockett, Baldwin and PRich.

          • Thorson

            This isn’t a new thought, but JS seems to draft at least a year in advance of need. That’s why I think Sweezy might be gone, because they have Glowinski and Sokoli waiting (and presumably learning) in the wings. They don’t seem to have another LT on the roster, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the resign Okung. Also, they may like Kasen Williams, another UDFA from UW, as Kearse’s replacement. To an extent, that allows them to draft best player available, in case someone surprising falls to them. Having said that, I definitely feel they do need to upgrade the OL. I would imagine all statistical measures of QB efficiency increase directly in proportion to each additional split second a QB has to throw. A RT early would be a good place to start. I think they have enough weapons at receiver currently, particularly when you add JFG to the mix. Shore up the trenches, JS!

    • Hoberk Unce

      I’d like to think Coleman isn’t an option because Tackle/Guard is such a need. But there’s a lot that can happen between now and April, and free agency may be a better way to shore up the line.

      It seems, in the past, that the Seahawks have traded down when they thought there was enough positional depth that they could get a good fit rookie and an extra pick or two. That philosophy cost us Bitonio, so maybe they’ll just pull the trigger and take a guy like Conklin if he’s there.

      • C-Dog

        They got to get stronger in the trenches. OL or DT in rounds 1 and 2 or bust. I would imagine they probably like Kearse enough to resign him, and his market probably won’t be that high.

        If Seattle does not shore up the OL at RT, C, and possibly LG, even with retaining Okung and possibly Sweezy, and is breaking in another highly picked rookie WR, I will scream, unless that rookie in a bonafide stud, which is almost always a gamble in R1 (See Sammie Coates). I would rather see Paul Allen $ going to Okung, possibly Sweezy, add another piece or two high, and then look at WR in the 3rd.

        Ditto for DT. I’t an area I’ve been wanting to see Seattle draft relatively high there the last few years, and it seems like it’s been a position the have been just out of range (they supposedly were into Dante Jones a few years ago, and Dominigue Easley recently). This year, if they don’t make the playoffs, they could be in good position. Any version of Robert Nkemdiche, Adolphus Washington, Andrew Billings, A’shawn Robinson, Jareen Reed, DeForrest Buckner, Kenny Clark in rounds 1 or 2 would make me giddy. Any vision of Jonathan Bullard, Sheldon Day, Sheldon Rankins, Chris Jones, Anthony Zettel in rounds 2 through 3 would be dandy as well. Would love to find someone who you can plug and play inside there on a rookie deal. I think Nkemdiche, Billings, Washington, either of the ‘Bama boys, Kenny Clark, and possibly Rankins could step in right away as starters. The others are probably more rotational players with upside by retaining Mebane and or Rubin, which makes sense, as well.

        I think it would be great to the team to build depth at DT on rookie deals instead of continually dipping into free agency, and spending bigger $ on middling vets instead of using that $ on the OLineman they have developed in their system. Would be nice to finally see them flip the switch there, if this is the year to do it.

        • Volume12

          Billings has said he’s returning to school. Not sure a 2 down player is worth a 1st round draft pick,

          • C-Dog

            I would think that if the Seahawks draft a DT in the first round, they would probably view him at the 3 down player. Although, they did draft a 3rd down RE in R1, and eventually moved him to LOLB, so you never know.

            • Volume12

              I’m with ya about a DT needing to be more of a run-stuffer if Seattle is to target one in the 1st, but Billings, Robinson, Clark, and Reed aren’t pass rushers at the next level. You can get pure run-stuffers later on, even into day 3 and UDFA.

              They also took Bruce, a 3rd down DE, when they were stil putting this team together. They were nowhere near as complete as they are now.

              • Rob Staton

                I’m almost certain Seattle will never draft a run stuffer early.

                • Volume12

                  Could not agree more. Been trying to say that going on 2 years now. And I learned that from you.

                  • C-Dog

                    I think we all agree Seattle would not draft a purely run stuffer only early. I think if we go off history, Coach Pete and the Hawks were enamored Aaron Donald, Datone Jones and Dominique Easley, and likely would have drafted them high if they were there, or traded out of the first round for Percy Harvin. All potential 3 techs and pass rushers. So it’s a given that’s what they value inside.

                    However, I got a slight wrinkle in the tea leaves I can’t look past. I think Coach Pete was also genuinely very high on former colleague NT Jesse Williams, and had hoped he could get past his injuries to evolve into a starting caliber 3 Tech. I distinctly remember when he was asked bey reports about the two young rookies in Jordan Hill and Williams, he seemed much more fired up with the potential of Williams, probably hoping they landed the steal of the draft. He said right off the bat he could compete at 3 tech, not something he did in college. Because of this history, I wouldn’t be so quick to right off certain players coming out of these college programs that don’t run the 4-3 under, and aren’t playing the outside corner of the guards for 3 downs, if they feel they got the genuine goods to do that in their scheme. Williams was an athlete freak they were looking to mold. If he was injury free, it probably wouldn’t have made it out of the first round.

                    So while the likelihood of the elusive Seattle first round pick of a DT is probably Robert NKemdiche, Adolphus Washington, DeForrest Buckner or bust in most of our eyes, I think the scouting word on the street sounds like while Andrew Billings plays Nose in the Baylor scheme, he is pretty athletically disruptive, making plays behind the line with his natural strength and quicks, Clark is versatile ( something that would probably appeal to Seattle, playing End, DT and NT) and can beat the gaps, Robinson plays both the run and pass disruptively with balance and strength and intelligence. Probably of a second round option but I think there seems to be growing talk that some who feel Jarran Reed might be the better athlete of the two Bama boyz.

                    Anyhow, yeah. Obviously, I would love to see my Hawks add some youth inside with upside. It’s dream. They will probably draft a WR. Then a RB. Then a LB. Then an OT that will be better served at OG, but they will try him at RT because they still don’t have the answer there. Then a DT that nobodies heard about but his SPARQ score was AMAZING, won’t make the team but they will squeeze him onto the practice squad, only to cut him the following year. Then a safety who won’t make the team or the practice squad. The another LB who actually will beat out the early drafted LB for Bruce Irvin’s spot. Then maybe a Guard who they actually like a lot. Probably a fullback in there as well.

                    Go Hawks!

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  Rob nailed it. The value of drafting a run stuffer in the 1st round isn’t right. You can get “essentially” the same guy in round 4 or 5. Now, if we start talking about guys who can also pass rush, then that might change the 1st round pick equation for DE or DT for Seattle.

                  • Volume12

                    Wasn’t Jesse Williams a 5th round pick?

                    There just isn’t an Easley or Donald this year. Not that I’ve seen. If you can get a guy somewhat like that in the mid rounds, even better. A 1st round selectiob does not guarantee instant impact.

  2. Volume12

    If Seattle doesn’t take a WR before round 4, they might just wait until UDFA where they’ve had sucess. But, the class is looking deeper and deeper every week, so they may take one after the 4th.

    I do think receiver is a need, but not a great one.

    TCU WR Kolby Listenbee interests me. Not unlike P-Rich, but might be a better athlete, believe it or not.

    • red

      With WR I think alot depends on which Juniors declare.

      • Volume12

        Absolutely. The junior class will actually determine everything.

        I like Listenbee who IMO wilk have a fantastic combine, I think teams will dig his character, but with all the WRs Seattle has worked out this off-season, I think they want more size there. At least a Kearse sized target.

        Look for the guys that account for around 30-35% of their teams passing offense. Seattle targets those guys basrd off their 4-5 year draft model they now have in place.

  3. Volume12

    What a scramble by Boykin. How do you defend that?

    By the way, that’s the right joystick on Madden.

    • Volume12

      Boykin is going to be a guy NFL teams will drool over. He’s impressed me more tonight than he has in the past year and 8 games.

      Get that money kid!

      How about TCU C Joey Hunt? A top 10 C prospect on draftscout.

      • Volume12

        I like Dana Holgersen. Dude looks like Gene Wilder on a ‘caine binge.

        • icb

          Ha! love it.

          Did you see him hi five Boykin after that insane first down??
          Seems like a good coach and a pretty classy dude.

          • Volume12

            Yeah. That’s what I meant. ‘Real recognize real.’

            Entertaining HC. And your right. Seems like a classy dude and guy kids would love and do love playing for.

            That DT W. Virginia has, #95 or #85 maybe looks like a stud. Say him standing up and rushing and dude hasta be 290 lbs. Really good power too.

        • David M2

          For those of you who missed it…

          Also, you gotta love Holgorsen’s quotes. This guy is becoming a quote machine (read the article).

      • bigDhawk

        I asked Rob about Boykin on the previous thread and he said he expects Boykin to go late. If that’s the case I’d love to nab him if he’s there in the 6th or later and let him learn the NFL passing game behind Russell for a few years. He will need a lot of time to transition from a pure spread college offense to the pro’s, and we can give him that time.

        • Volume12

          Dude will be a steal if the right team takes him.

          He keeps playing and making throws like he did last night, I could see him getting into the 4th round.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Boykin is exactly what Seattle exactly needs. Someone who is dynamic as a back-up developmental QB. Let him learn a year or two… then go from there. Hell, the worst that can happen is that Seattle decided the guy can play another position and make a switch. Round 5 or later, I’ll take that dynamic athleticism everyday and sunday.

          • bigDhawk

            Also if we get him late and let him flash in preseason for a few years we could turn him into a first or second round pick via trade.

  4. Ed

    Bug needs:

    OL and DT

    However, would love a draft of:

    1st Coleman (OT)
    2nd Doctson (WR)
    3rd Allen (C)

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’ll be fine with the 1st and 3rd round picks, how about RB in second instead…..

      • Volume12

        Can’t see them not leaving the draft without a RB.

        Arkansas RB Alex Collins and UCLA’s RB Paul Perkins are the 2 I have my eye on.

      • Wall UP

        They tried the Michael experience already. They were more successful with UDRs like Rawls & Smith. They’ll probably go there again or @ 7th Rd as the highest slot.

        RDB is still the venerable spot in the backfield. They may need to move up to get him in the 3rd Rd. But, Mills fits the bill.
        He has good cover skills, will stick in his nose aggressively on running plays. The trait that stands out though are his ball skills. He’s a ball hawk. Keeps his is head on a swivel as he tracks his man. Has a tendency to keep his hands on his man as a feeler when eyeing the QB. Doesn’t impede progress though. They will fine tune it if & when they get their hands on him. He also use a similar slide kick back technique well. DB U.

        He’s been playing FS with Adams, a good looking sophomore @ SS. He played CB his first year @ LSU. I think it’s his natural position, though he can do both. He also displays patience at the line. The 4.4 speed helps him knowing that he won’t lose his man. He’s listed as 6-1 195lbs. If given a opportunity, he could start as a rookie. I just don’t see Williams & Simon as the answer. Lane is a different story. I hope he stays.

        Sherman would have to keep following the opponents’ best receiver with Simon & Williams. Mills can hold his own with big & small receivers.

        I have Allen @ Rd4. They also have the 99th 3Rd Comp pick for Maxwell. He could go there, but it would be a bit of a reach. Around 120-135 would be more like it. I have Nakonque @ 99th pick. He can fill the void for Irvin whom they just won’t be able to keep. He give them another high Comp pick next year.

        That’s (3) starters Mills CB, Allen C and Nakonque DE/OLB filling their needs @ those positions. What is picked @ 1 & 2 could fill the other needs @ OT & DT. Who would that be

        • Wall UP

          The consensus of most is that Coleman is a 1st Rd pick. I’m sure you too have scoured various rankings to see how high he’s listed to no avail. Judging that he’s off the radar of most, you would assume a drastic jump up in the rankings as a high 1st Rd 10-15 pick may be highly unlikely.

          l don’t recall any prospect rise out of seemingly nowhere to secure a high 1st Rd selection. Assuming that history does repeat itself, Coleman may rise to the 15-25 range. If that range does come to fruition, is it possible or go get him? By All Means!! That could happen. How so?

          Based on the selections made previously (2) 3rd Rds & a 4th. The 1st & 2nd could be used in exchange for a pick of Coleman @ the 18-20 range. The 17-15 range would require an additional 3rd Rd, which would mean missing out on a starting CB and staying with Williams contract and play. DTS. The 1st is the most likely scenario is to get Coleman no higher than the 18th pick. If they don’t make the playoffs he’s all theirs. That will never happen, right?

          Only Down side to this is they’ll miss out on the potential starting 3-tech DT in Adolphus Washington. But, you get your man. Then you fill that void later in the draft.

          With Okung re-upped & Coleman you will probably have one of the better book-ends in the league. They will be set for the next 3-4yrs until Okung’s and the rookie contract ones out, both having the same length of time. Coleman then is extended 3-4yrs and moves to LT. With another RT up next.

          The alternative is not to go after Coleman and select Adolphus @ Rd1 & Hawkins @ Rd2 with a trade dn included to help pick up Mills @ the 3rd Rd. This would also be a viable option. Hawkins will do well @ RT and follow the same course as Coleman. Obviously not @ the same level, but very serviceable for their scheme. Which direction should they go? By the end of the season we should have a clearer idea.

          • Rob Staton

            “l don’t recall any prospect rise out of seemingly nowhere to secure a high 1st Rd selection.”

            It happens nearly every year. Nobody thought Cam Newton was going first overall (well, apart from one particular blog…). Nobody thought Greg Robinson would go second overall (well…). Blake Bortles too. You can pretty much go through every draft and note late risers.

            • Wall UP

              All those mentioned were ranked in the top 10 of everyone’s board of the 1st Rd. What I was alluding to was someone that is eligible is not even being mentioned on some draft boards to rise up to the top 5-10.

              Don’t get me wrong. I’m not discrediting such a high rating. I do believe it is warranted. What I am stating is that such a bump from not being rated at all, to jump into the top 5-10 at this stage of the season would be historical. By now he would be somewhere on everyone’s boards and beginning to climb up the rounds eventually into top 5-10. You don’t see that now.

              That’s the logic for a possible 15-25 ranking. Of course that all can change in a few weeks or next month and we see him on everyone’s board. Then, more than likely he’d be out of reach for the Hawks.

              Do you not agree, the less we see or hear of Coleman, the greater the odds he can become a Hawk?

              • Rob Staton

                “All those mentioned were ranked in the top 10 of everyone’s board of the 1st Rd.”

                No they weren’t. They weren’t on the national media radar at all.

                • Wall UP

                  Well, obviously the timing of when the prospects became known & slotted on boards is up to debate. I’m not trying to debate anything. I’m hoping Coleman falls to the Hawks.

                  The point I was striving to make is the longer he is off the radar, the more likely he doesn’t climb to the top 5-10 slots in the 1st Rd. Does that make sound logical sense or am I missing something?

                  It would be of interest to go back in time to document when and where the prior 1st Rd on boards before the higher rating. I’m sure can re-create that for us. But, why bother. If and when he does become slotted, we can only hope it is no time soon. Right?

                  • Wall UP

                    Hey, you’re not MAD BRO? Just kidding. I enjoy the freedom of expression that is allowed on your blog. It’s always good to hear from others & share ideas’.

                    I guess a computer is a good time machine. It could even give the odds for whether Coleman would fall to the Hawks. That’s a lot of work. I’m not going there.

                    So, are we cool?

              • sdcoug

                The problem is, you’re equating media mocks and draft boards to the work done by NFL front offices and scouts. Just cause Coleman isn’t yet grabbing media ‘attention’ in no way means he is escaping attention from those that matter

                • Wall UP

                  That’s true. We can only hope. That is what’s so intriguing when one person has a high opinion of a prospect and another discredits his ranking to a lesser degree. FOs very as well.

                  As I was explaining to Rob. I DO feel that he should be slotted in the 5-10 range. I was hoping few would have the same opinion, but in a lesser degree. One can only hope.

          • Volume12

            Rod Smith was nothing. Gotta disagree man. When a team signs a 34 year old RB and picks up Bryce Brown it signals to me the want another back.

            Just becaused they missed on C-mike means they’ll never go RB again? That’s irrelevant.

            • red

              Get Dixon in the third we can start him out as the 3rd down back, guy has great hands great receiver for RB plus runs hard I like him.

              • Volume12

                Dixon wold be a good 3rd down back.

                I like Rawls as their C-mike type of back. Target a Turbin or Freddy Jackson this year, and next year get your ‘Beastmode’ guy.

                Alex Collins would be fantastic in th 3rd round with our comp pick.

    • C-Dog

      I agree with OL and DT. They got to get stronger in the trenches, and hopefully they get Okung signed.

      R1. OL or DT
      R2. OL or DT
      R3. WR, or RB, or LB, or CB

      Load up on a couple big war horses early, and stop relying on drafting projects in the mid rounds. So far the only mid round DT the Hawks have hit on has been Jordan Hill.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s also not a lot of options, most years, that are interesting at DT. It’s a bad position to draft early unless you get a top talent like Sheldon Richardson or Aaron Donald.

        Can’t see any DT’s I’d want to take in R1 or R2 so far.

        • sdcoug

          Feel like we could use a big run-plugger in the middle. I know push to collapse the pocket is ideal, but we are prone to being pushed off the ball several yards on obvious run plays. Seems every year those guys, being a bit more one-dimensional (or less sexy), are available in the 2nd/3rd.

          Our DEs are also prone to rounding the edge, leaving room for the Bradys and Rodgers to simply step up in the pocket. Without a delayed blitz up the middle, which is so rare for us, maybe having the big rock anchoring would be a real benefit.

          • Rob Staton

            I think you’re right but this team has gradually moved away from that type. I’d like to see a veteran big body come in. Tony McDaniel IS a loss.

  5. Ed

    Rob, your thoughts. Best case scenario?

    -Resign Okung
    -Sign a FA G (Boone/Brooks) or RT (Massie/Harventstein)
    -Sig a DT (Melton/FairleyWalker)

    With how OL get overvalued early (assuming Coleman and top 4 OT are gone), would CB be a better value in mid to late 1st? You say DT is slim this year too, so the Hawks 2 biggest needs could put them reaching in the 1st and 2nd. Would CB and WR be better values in late 1st and 2nd?

    1st Apple (CB)
    2nd Doctson (WR)
    3rd Allen (C)
    3rd Gotsis (DT)

    Okung/Britt/Allen/Glowinski/Boone A nice mix of young and vets (although no young OT).

    • Rob Staton

      I think a best case scenario (truly best case) is you find a way to keep both Okung and Sweezy and then draft a right tackle in round one. It’ll be harder the later Seattle picks in R1 because the tackles will go early. But if we’re talking best case — keep arguably your best two linemen and then a talented book end tackle. It’s a start.

      If you keep Sweezy and Okung it’s harder to sign a veteran guard. So I’d probably look to draft one in rounds 2 or three. You’re going to have to do that anyway if you let Sweezy walk and sign a veteran, unless you want to trust a Glowinski to start. If there’s a chance to get Boone I’m all for it. Great, gritty, attitude.

      I like Eli Apple a lot. I like this cornerback group a lot.

      • Wall UP

        Now your Talking! I agree wholeheartedly. You have continuity on line a little veteran presence in Okung with Coleman & Allen as skilled Rookie additions that line will take the offense where it needs to go. With the Captain @ C, I firmly believe that he will stabilize the middle of the line. He will keep Sweezy & Britt on point.

        Then the offense will really take off. Potentially, this could end up as one of their better drafts with (2) key parts or the OL.

      • WALL UP

        A little look at Eli:

        Has good feet. He’s a 2017 Pick. Rd 3?

        • Wall UP

          Could have tighter coverage @ the end zone. The slant was wide open. That can be corrected with technique adjustments. The skills are there. He’s quicker on film than his listed 4.52.
          If they get Mills, which I hope that they do, I doubt they go there. Mills has the same measures, but plays bigger which is why he’s listed as FS. And of course his ball skills are off the chart.

        • WALL UP

          Jalen Mills, S, LSU:
          He’ll go get the ball. They need to go get him. It’s all about the ball.

        • WALL UP

          Jalen Mills, S, LSU:
          He’ll go get the ball. They need to go get him.

          • Wall UP

            The Dup was not intended. Sorry about that. But, anyway he’s worth a 2nd look.

            • Volume12

              Safety and corner class is deep this year. That might play into Seattle’s plans.

              • Wall UP

                That and a little baggage with the DV incident. I could be there.

  6. nichansen01

    How about we startvtalking play offs, or at least nfc playoffs. Panthers and Packers are both undefeated, Green Bay seems to be the stronger of the two teams. I would say that greenbay is almost a lock for the number 1 seed, I see them going 14-2. Panthers have to play the falcons twice but other than that their remaining schedule is easy. 14-2 is a real possibility for them, but i think 13-3 is more likely. Falcons look like a wildcard lock unless they can sweep the panthers. I see carolina as the better team. Minnesota is 4-2 right now and could very easily manage 11-5, locking up the other wildcard. This makes things very tricky for seattle. Their best bet is to go undefeated. NFC east is wide open right now, but it doesnt look like any team will earn a wildcard in that division. Rams are a dark horse, and the cards SEEM like a lock for the nfc west… far from the truth. Rams could quite easily threaten their spot, as so the seahawks. If the seahawks go undefeated through the rest of the season, getting ahead of the cards in a lock, but a wildcard or a division crown are both uncertain. Rams could still go 12-4 and win the division with a better nfc record, though knowing the rams this seems highly unlikely. Minnesota would have to sweep greenbay for the hawks to miss out on the wild card at 12-4 but it again seems highly unlikely that minnesota could pull this off. Sweeping the cards should be possible, they lost to pittburghs third string qb and they lost to st. louis, and were close against a 1-6 baltimore team. Beating the rams at home will be crucial. Beating pittburgh at home and minnesota on the road are also crucial games.

    Can this team go undefeated the rest of the way? It will be challenging, but should get us into the playoffs. Unfortunately, a first round bye is all but impossible at this point. The panthers, falcons and packers would all have to collapse in the second half of the season for this to be possible. Going undefeated would involve pual richardson making an impact, jimmy graham being a weekly impact in the redzone, jordan hill remaining healthy for the rest of the season and jeremy lane giving us good nickle play upon his return. Russel Wilson HAS to throw more tds and lynch will have to have a 100 ypg average for the remainder of the season. It can be done. The talent is there for wilson to take off. Baldwin, Lockett, Richardson, Matthews and Graham are all quality play making options to cultivate a consistantly explosive passing game. Marshawn Lynch can be great when the blocking reaches a level of at least league average. Pass protection has to improve. The defense has to communicate. It can be done. This team could go 12-4, but if they keep playing the way they have been they could also easily go 7-9.

  7. Trevor

    For all those who hope we dont re-sign Okung looks might we might get a glimpse of the OL without him this weekend. Looks like he is doubtful.

    The strength of the Cowboys D is their pass rush and frankly I have genuine concerns about Wilsons health for the first time if Okung is out and we have Left side of Bailey, Britt and Nowak.

    I know everyone loves Cable but to allow a championship caliber team to have an OL like this is a disgrace. The fact that he thought this group would develop into his best group yet is down right scary. JS deserves some of the blame as well but it seems Cable convinced everyone of his genius and PC/JS bought the snake oil.

    Look at the Pats offense. As much as I hate them. They loose a LT in Solder and don’t even miss a beat. Thier ability to adapt a game plan based on their personal and opponent is truly a thing of beauty and I believe that coaching staff is so far ahead of the rest of the league including the Hawks it is scary.

    • Ed

      Agreed. On offense they can throw 50 one week and throw 20 the next. On defense, they always take away your best option. They will be known as cheaters, but they also do a wonderful job of gameplanning.

      Which is why it bothers me so much that the Hawks keeping banging their heads against a wall, hoping the results change.


      Regardless if we keep Okung and Sweezy, if Lynch decides to leave, the Hawks would obviously need a back, but it would also free up some money. Would it be beneficial to the cap, if we restructure Bennett after the season to make him happy. What running back would be obtainable in the 1st/2nd?

      • Trevor

        I know when you see how the best coach in the NFL is willing to adapt week to week and even in game it is kind of frustrating that the Hawks refuse the adapt their system to prevent TEs and slot receives from killing us on D and the offense is running the same stuff it did when WIlson entered the league. We have gotten by with superior talent and athleticism perfecting a basic system. Unfortunately the rest of the league has found some cracks and know we are not going to change. Darwins line adapt or die is so true in the NFL.

        • Tien

          I think one reason why the Patriots offense seems like such a smooth functioning machine (and yes, I hate them too!), despite having a not great OL, is that at this point in their careers, Brady is a much much better QB than Russell. He reads the defenses and make adjustments better and gets rid of the ball quicker and more accurately than Russell, which helps greatly when the OL is not great at pass pro. Russell hopefully will get there one day but…

    • Volume12

      Actually he’s been upgraded to questionable. PC says he’s a game time decision. I guess he rolled his ankle in practice the other day?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He was banged up in the game I think

    • John_s

      Count me as one who doesn’t love Cable. The list of OLinemen that he gives PC and JS to draft have given us nothing in return. Okung has been injury prone since day one, Britt was switched off OT and is barely passable as an OG, Sweezy is vastly overrated and he’s the one who is brought up as a Cable success. Moffit, bust. carpenter was IMO the best lineman that was drafted next to Okung. That is not something to brag about.

      • Volume12

        How do we know the list of O-lineman he’s given them aren’t good? I’d be willing to bet that a fair amount of those names went before we could get to them.

        Man, if people hate Tom Cable now, what are they going to say if he’s our HC after PC hangs it up

        • John_s

          You’re talking about using a 1st on Carpenter, 2nd on Britt and a 3rd on Moffitt. I’m sure he had guys on the list that were gone before Seattle had a chance to pick them but based on the draft position they were very likely guys that were on all oline coaches list. Plus who cares about the guys on the list who Seattle never had a chance at all? I’m worried about the guys who Seattle had a chance at.

          Carpenter like I said above was probably the best pick next to Okung.

          The Britt selection, Cable said there were a couple of guys he had on his list around the time Seattle drafted. Mewhort was picked right before Seattle and they didn’t want to gamble that the other guy would be gone. That was Britt. Morgan Moses was picked a couple picks later and is considered a stalwart at RT for Washington. Moses was talked about a lot on this board and was thought of as a late 1 or 2nd rd pick.

          Moffit was strictly a Cable pick. Moffit couldn’t break 5.5 in the 40 but he was a mauler which Cable wanted.

          This year. Poole drafted as a guard didn’t even break camp on the active roster. Glow I think will he a good player. Shaq Mason was drafted one pick after Poole. You couldn’t tell me today that you would prefer Poole over Mason. Mason started for the Pats this year before he was injured and he was doing well as a run blocker. Max Garcia was also drafted after Poole. A center we need.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Moffit was a good player and solid pick, but his personal life fell apart. You can blame scouting for that one, but sometimes guys just lose the “will to be great” at football after CFB.

          • Volume12

            Agreed we need a C. They thought they had something in Nowak and don’t. Oh well, ya move on.

            Shaq probably didn’t fit what they like or look for. This team does have parameters and guidelines in place for nearly every position. You know that. Something they didn’t like about him is why they passed I’m guessing.

            If ya don’t care about the guys we didn’t have a chance on, why care about the guys we did? What’s done is done.

            Morgan Moses was flat-out awful last year and rumored to be lazy. Some of these ‘had a chance at’ wouldn’t of fit for what RW does and is. Drafting a guy purely because he’s rated high by most or just to have one, but doesn’t fit what you do, is just as bad as not taking one at all.

            The O-line will never be the strength of this team.

            • Trevor

              Vol 12 I agree with you about Moses he was awful last year but he has been really solid this year and has definitely turned the corner. It shows what a difference an OL coach like Callahan can make. He turned the young Dallas OL into the leagues best unit and is already paying dividends with Washington.

              • Volume12

                Moses has been better this year, but my point was he’s stiff and wouldn’t of fit what Seattle wants to do offensively having RW at QB. Make no mistake about it, having a guy like Russ dictates what kind of O-lineman they’ll take.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m not blaming Bevell for the fact that in the last 3 drafts they have only found 2 players in the first and second rounds. That is 2 out of 6 chances. Of course they gave traded away their first round picks or traded back. But 2 out of 6 is pretty bad for any team, villains are John Schneider and Pete Caroll. I hope Graham was worth it.

          What I will blame Bevell for is the poor offensive line play at the beginning of each season. That is just not good enough when Green Bay and New England look like they are ready for the playoffs.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Bevell or Cable

            • Volume12

              The villians are JS and PC? Wow. At a loss for words there.

          • Trevor

            Villians might be a little harsh for a front office that has assembled the most talented roster in the league over the last 3 years. I think most fan bases would gladly take them in a blink.

    • bigDhawk

      The problem with Okung is it seems like we get a glimpse of what our OL is like without him every season. A big glimpse. There is no reason to think the rest of his career will get any better in that area. Probably worse.

      As for NE, game-planning gets a lot easier when you hear your opponents’ defensive and offensive play-calls in your headset.

  8. Volume12

    CHAWK, I saw something today saying Stanford O-lineman Kyle Murphy-OT and Josh Garnett-OG are rising up draft boards. Thought that was interesting/exciting since we’ve discussed these guys, moreso Murhpy, in depth.

    I know their Stanford lineman and most haven’t fared well, but with Stanford being a little more physical in the run game this year than they usually are, IMO these 2 cats are different.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Joshua Garnett, Stanford, +28.2

      Perhaps the hottest player in the nation right now, Garnett has graded at +22.1 over his last four games and +28.2 overall. He’s given up only six hurries on 198 pass block attempts, but it’s his +22.6 run blocking grade, that has paved the way for a powerful Stanford running attack.

      • Volume12

        Wow, those are some impressive numbers. Dude’s a mauler that moves very well. I’m wondering if this guy could play RT? He ain’t built much differently than say, ‘big Carp’ or Bowie.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Good question. He’s certainly big enough – listed at 6’5″ 320lbs.

          • Volume12

            I think he’s got the foot speed too. Does he have the arm length though?

            Still high on Dahl. IMO dude would be a great convert over to the C spot.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          BTW PFF is still high on Dahl – only one hurry on 72 dropback attempts vs Zona. Only 13 total pressures on 436 pass block attempts this season.

  9. Volume12

    Rob, do you think WR or a DE/OLB (if Bruce isn’t re-signed) is more of a need for next year? If the answer is a wideout, where do you see them targeing a pass rusher?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will draft a receiver at some point and a linebacker. I think unless there’s major work in free agency they’ll make the O-line their first round priority and I’d expect at least a couple or picks to go on the OL. I’m not sure they’ll draft a pass rusher with Bennett, Avril, Marsh and Clark signed up. Possibly a late rounder type or an UDFA to add to the competition. Someone with upside.

      • Volume12

        That’s what I was kind of thinkng, because they seem pretty well stocked at pass rusher. And they got LEO Ryan Robinson red-shirted, so he may be part of that group come next year too.

        Sorry if I confused ya. I’m in agreement that an OT will or shold be the 1st overall selection, and by no means was I insuating that WR and DE/OLB are the two biggest needs after that, but more of mid-late round needs or wants.

        When you say you think they’ll draft a LB at some point, are you talking SAM/OTTTO or a WILL kind of dude?

        • Rob Staton

          I wasn’t convinced with KPL vs Carolina. It was a concerning performance. They could go as early as R2-3. Eric Striker might be an option.

          • Volume12

            So, a guy that can do a little of both in other words? Not that Striker will ever be a ‘hand in the dirt’ guy. An athletic, chess piece kind of LB?

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            LB was one of the positions I think Seattle has to take a good look at in the draft. Maybe the DE/LB hybrid type. I think it could potentially be a weakness next season unless they have a few players step-up by the end of the season. Irvin might have his detractors, but he has been pretty solid this year. His ability to pass rush and cover will be richly rewarded in the offseason, forcing Seattle to look at the draft and FA for some depth.

            Some Examples (if available when Seattle picks)
            Jaylon Smith, ILB/OLB, Notre Dame
            Scooby Wright III, ILB/OLB, Arizona (if recovered from his injuries)
            Terrance Smith, ILB/OLB, Florida State

            • Volume12

              Scooby is a nice college player.

              Terrance Smith has been very ‘meh’ this year.

              Jaylon Smith I love. Can’t see him slipping past 12. He’s a top 10 kind of cat.

              • Volume12

                I’m picking up what Rob is putting down. Bruce has been much more effective lined up at DE this year. They’re pretty loaded there with Clark, Bennett, Avril, Marsh, possibly Robinson, and a late rounder, UDFA, or even a cheap FA.

                They’re missing that Jamie Collins kind of guy. Even a Deone Buccanon. Sure Striker for examole is undersized, but he bears all the markings of an athletic, dynamic, playmaker that can rush with speed and leverage and play the pass well too.

                • Volume12

                  Perfect example is STL switching Mark Barron to LB.

                  The game is speeding up and teams are spreading ya out. You need versatility and undersized guys that can make plays in space, cover slot receivers and TEs, and get pressure off the edge.

  10. Nathan

    How about this for an absolutely off the charts idea.

    Trade a 1st rounder to Cleveland for Joe Thomas, you’ve hit a certain home run on your 1st round pick, the argument against it is the money, but we’d have to pay it to Okung anyway, then pocket a comp pick for Okung.

    Outrageous I know, Cleveland would have have to be mad to do it, but given their history, is it beyond the realms of possibility?

    • Rob Staton

      “Cleveland would have have to be mad to do it”

      Therein lies the issue really. Thomas is the one of two genuine elite tackles in the league and doesn’t miss games. They’re probably as likely to deal him as the Giants are Odell Beckham Jr.

      • Ed

        On the subject, is there a Graham type move this offseason and if so who?


        All players that have value and could get value (some obviously more than others).

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Bennett is the guy to really watch. I could see him being sent packing for a variety of reasons. He would command some serious draft capitol in return.

          Kam is more valuable to Seattle than any other team, there is not reasonable value in return. It would be a 6th or 7th rounder at best imo.

          Raiders are the only team I could see sending Seattle something decent for Lynch, but I seriously doubt it. He will either retire or play next year, doubt there will be a trade.

          • Alex H

            And if Bennett leaves, there goes 40% of our pass rush. The memories of Super Bowl 49 is still fresh in my mind when Bennett was the only player could could generate consistent pass rush (especially after Avril was knocked out for concussion). He was THE player that elevated the our defense from great to historically great from 2012 to 2013.

      • Ed

        Speaking of Cleveland, they have nothing, so maybe Kam and 1st for Thomas. My real question is, what happena to Gordon next year. Still under contract with Cleveland, or FA?

        • John_s

          He’s under contract. He doesn’t get an accrued year for this year

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The simple answer is, no…. Cleveland has an outstanding tackle. They will not trade him for anything less than a 1st + 2nd or 2x 1st rounders. Even then, the cap consequences would make this very unlikely. He would be a large cap hit for the Browns…. and they need cap space to rework that roster ASAP.

      • Nathan

        Not true regarding the cap hit.

        No dead money at all for them.

  11. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Would Seattle consider Brian Poole, S/CB, Florida?? He is 5’10 210, but he has the “ET feel” to him. Extremely fast in coverage and has good athleticism. In the 2016 draft, I think a back-up safety is also a need for Seattle. Hell, this guy might be a good slot CB in a pinch as well….. and if he is as fast as some say (low 4.4s) sounds like a solid add to me.

  12. Old but Slow

    A question for you, Rob. What is with all the English commentators on NFL football. Besides you, I know of Drew Boylhart and Paul Emery who both seem to spend a lot of time evaluating draft talent. Do you interact with them? I noticed that Emery is suddenly high on Lynch. Is he following you or is he just aware?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d never heard of those two individuals. Who do they write for?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think they’re both with The Huddle Report

  13. WALL UP

    It appears others are beginning to take notice of Coleman: “He has an ideal physical skill-set with his frame and length, sitting in his stance to stay balanced, extend and keep rushers in front of him. Coleman needs to do a better job controlling the point of attack with his strong hands instead of just jolting his target, but he has a quick punch and recoil and always keeps busy,” Brugler wrote. The former five-star offensive tackle has filled in nicely for the former Auburn talent Greg Robinson, while making a name for himself. No longer is Coleman just the Auburn lineman who beat cancer, but a prospect that is looking like a possible first day selection. Brugler adds that Coleman could be a “candidate to leave Auburn early for the 2016 NFL Draft.” Oct 20 – 2:09 PM

    Like Bortles & other late entries into the 1st Rd the question was whether or not they would declare. The same holds true for Coleman. His lack of ranking on boards has a lot to do with that he’s yet to declare. We should have that announcement after the season with Coleman moving up quickly in the 1st Rd.

    • WALL UP

      I have a great affinity for his makeup, also being a cancer survivor.

    • WALL UP

      Here’s another rank for Coleman, but for 2017. This board misses often but they do have all the key players.

  14. CHawk Talker Eric

    Shon Coleman just made an amazing last ditch effort to keep his defender from sacking the QB off the edge. It came at about 6:18 in the 1st quarter. He was blocking his man easily when the defender made a speed move to the outside. Coleman lost the edge temporarily, but made it back by launching himself at the defender just before he was about to hit the QB and knocking him to the ground.

    He was beat then he recovered. Excellent.

  15. Volume12

    Illimois DT/DE Jihad Ward is a stud! Perfect guy to step in and fill the hole left by Tony McD. Great backstory too. Talk about a tough, resilient prospect.

  16. Volume12

    UCLA RB Paul Perkins is very interesting. Dude is in the top 5 in CFB for yds after contact and has some of the best ‘edge speed’ in the game.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I like him but I think he’s too slight for PC’s taste

      • Volume12

        He might be. Listed at 210, but who knows he could be lighter. Rawls was listed at like 210-212 IIRC.

        I like the fact he makes guys miss in tight spaces.

        Still thinking Alex Collins is the best fit. And I do like Booker, but am beginninig to wonder if he needs like 18-25 carries to be effective.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I hate to say it this way but Booker is a poor man’s Zeke Elliot.

          Collins is good. Prosise is better 🙂

          • Volume12

            We shall see my man. Prosise is rigjt there for me too though. So I can’t argue, but he does that Tevin Coleman and C-mike thing. Only carries the ball in one hand, no hand switching. That ish drives me crazy!

        • Volume12

          How about Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon for next year? Kid is a beast. Troubled past, from Oakland, CA. Am I sensing something here?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I think Perkins is closer to 195 than 215

          • Volume12

            Probably. If I remember right, the cut-off for Seattle is 210 lbs. Rawls, Bronson, and one other cat were that weight.

  17. Volume12

    ‘Bout to watch me some Eric Striker. Yeaah buddy!

    • Volume12

      Yannick Ngakoue ballin’ out today. Really like this guy, but he may be getting to rich for my blood.

  18. Volume12

    CHAWK, what game ya got on the tv buddy?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Sorry dude I had to do some other stuff so I can watch the game tomorrow 😉

      Just tuning into the end of ND-Temple and the start of Stanford-Wazzu

  19. Volume12

    Why is Clemson CB Mackenzie Alexander getting no love? Best CB in CFB other than LSU’s Tredavious White and the kid is only a R-SO.

  20. Volume12

    Here’s some Eric Striker for everyone. Watch this kid’s get-off, first step, and explosion. A truly unique player.

    This is some insight into his character and personality. Titled ‘Eric Striker, what’s in a name.’ It may be over to the right.

  21. bigDhawk

    2 RBs I’m liking today:

    Akeem Judd, 5-11/222, JR-RS, Ole Miss.
    His box score vs Auburn today won’t wow anyone, but what stood out to was his broken tackles and yards after contact. When on the field he was running right up the middle, often dragging multiple defenders for YAC when not making others miss. It was an impressive, physical running performance today by Judd. I was there for the three or four top-10 picks playing in this game, but Judd made an impression.

    Tre Madden, 6-1/225, RS SR, USC
    Every time I watch a USC game I can’t help but notice this guy. He is big. DeMarco Murray-big, and change. And like Murray, he often just seems to find the right crease to run through and is always falling forward for a couple extra yards when tackled. USC runs more of a power blocking scheme, but this guy looks like he has the football chops to be a solid NFL back in any scheme.

    • Volume12

      Great post/good eye. 2 intriguing backs for sure.

      No idea who Judd was, and your right, he was impressive. He ran hard.

      Madden I’m conflicted by. Really good looking back, good style, athletic as ‘all get out,’ but he’s always hurt or banged up. The conflicting part is this: C-mike was banged up a bunch in college, P-Rch too, they took chances on them. If Madden is used as a 2 or 3, his dynamic ability may be worth it.

      His ceiling being DeMarco Murray is a good comp by the way.

      • bigDhawk

        Madden always being dinged up is probably why USC alternates backs so much with Davis. Rawls actually has the same sort of scouting report – physical running with a lot of bumps and bruises. It’s probably too much to ask to replace a four-down, borderline HoF back in Marshawn Lynch with anything less than Todd Gurley-like draft capital, so having two capable backs like a Rawls and a Madden is probably how we are going to have to roll post-Beastmode, for better or worse.

  22. Volume12

    Arkansas RB Alex ‘Budda’ Collins is killing it today! Wow! 16 carries, 173 yds., and 5 TDs! Absolutely love this guy.

    bigD already saidTre’ Madden was exciting, Devontae Booker and CJ Prosise still to come, and I think Houston has a good one too.

    • Rob Staton

      Perkins at UCLA one to watch too.

      • Volume12

        Yeah me and CHAWK were debating him earlier today.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I like Perkins. He’s in my top 4 or 5. A smart runner with surprising quickness. Good hands, gets in sync with Rosen easily. Running behind a less than stellar OL.

          He just looks a bit slight to my eye. Can he be a feature back in the NFL, or is he a RBBC type?

          I wish I could’ve watched the game today (but the one tomorrow is more important).

    • bigDhawk

      Collins to the Dallas Jerryboys.

      First round.

      Book it.

      • Volume12

        I think Derrick Henry to Dallas might be just as likely. They like having a bigger back or two. Well, you know, you live in Dallas.

        • bigDhawk

          i just know Jerry. There’s a reason Darren McFadden is on their roster this season.

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