Thursday notes: Ten wins & C.J. Prosise frustration

How many games will the Seahawks win?

When I received this Tweet, I responded with a gut feeling and said ten wins while hoping for more.

It’s a comfortable answer but is it fair?

The Seahawks won ten games in 2016 despite a laundry list of issues. Russell Wilson wasn’t healthy at any point in the season after hurting his ankle in week one, Earl Thomas and Tyler Lockett suffered horrific injuries, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett missed time, the O-line was terrible and the running back situation was at times chaotic.

Having relied on Marshawn Lynch for so long, the Seahawks were suddenly leaning on Christine Michael, C.J. Spiller and Alex Collins in a key game against Atlanta. Michael, a cast-off from a year ago, was now leading the running attack until he was again cut. Thomas Rawls never seemed to be fully healthy after a week two setback and C.J. Prosise (more on him later) played six games.

Despite all of this, they were a blown week 16 home game against Arizona from claiming the #2 seed and a playoff bye. That’s pretty incredible really.

When you factor in the tied game against the Cardinals and the week two write-off in Los Angeles where Wilson could barely move, a more fortunate run with injuries could’ve easily led to a +12 win season.

As they start afresh with a healthier group, a (hopefully) improved O-line and Wilson looking very sharp — there’s little reason for a conservative prediction.

So why is it still hard to say more than 10 wins?

It’s probably fear of the same thing happening again. The Seahawks have been so snake-bitten with injuries in the last two seasons. No team had more players on injured reserve in 2016. They lost so many crucial contributors and were already nursing the likes of Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls back from serious injuries.

It’s an inevitable part of the game and players who were seemingly invincible were hurt for the first time. Earl Thomas hadn’t missed a game in his NFL career since arriving in 2010. Then he breaks his leg in the ‘year of the injury’. Wilson — so durable and elusive — was suddenly hobbled with various issues.

There’s also a bit of recency bias at play. Seattle’s potent running attack fell of a cliff in 2016. It was toothless — partly due to Wilson’s injury taking way the scrambling dynamic and partly due to the O-line and the running back injuries.

For the Seahawks to be at their very best they need teams to fear the run. Between 2012 and 2014 opponents probably spent hours trying to work out how they were going to handle Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. How do you guard the scrambling ability of Wilson, fill the second level with coverage and still keep the required eight-man box to defend Lynch?

They might not have Lynch any more but there’s no reason why the running backs on the roster can’t at least provide some balance. You only have to look at the offense with a healthy Rawls in 2015 for evidence of that.

Even if Rawls and C.J. Prosise continue to be perennially banged up, Eddie Lacy and Chris Carson are a better alternative than scrambling around for a C.J Spiller type or needing to lean on Alex Collins or Troymaine Pope.

And if the Seahawks can stay somewhat healthy and if they can run the ball effectively — then there’s no reason why they can’t be that +12 win team again.

After all, the 2014 season wasn’t a stroll in the park. They had to deal with Percy Harvin’s departure, growing unrest with Lynch, injuries to key players like Brandon Mebane. They had a slow start and were 3-3 and 6-4 before ending the season with a six game winning streak and earning the #1 seed.

Some strife is manageable, clearly. In 2015 and 2016, trying to move on from the Super Bowl defeat, the end of the Lynch era, the injuries — it ended up being too much.

And yet both times Seattle still eked out ten wins.

So while that feels right as a prediction for the 2017 season, it’s probably subconsciously an attempt to avoid tempting fate. Because unless the Seahawks suffer another miserable year of drama and injury — they comfortably have the talent to top ten wins and have the kind of season that puts them right in contention again.

Are the Seahawks running out of patience with C.J. Prosise?

Brock Huard had some very interesting things to say on his 710ESPN show this morning:

“Here’s what I know — and they won’t say it publicly — but C.J. Prosise, this organisation is getting frustrated with him. You’re just a tease right now. And that’s not the position you want to be in…

“…there comes a point, when you’re drafted in the third round, when these organisations say you’re just not durable man and you’re just not reliable and we cannot trust you. And for that matter, you’re fired. And I don’t know if that’s going to be in ten days. I don’t know if there’s going to be a real need and somebody else says I’ll take on some of that risk and I’ll trade, give you something in the fifth or whatever, but man. There comes a point of frustration where there’s a tipping point. It’s one thing when it’s a blunt trauma and you fracture your scapula, it’s another when it’s hamstring and it’s groin and you’ve got to be right.

“I played with guys like this. Dave Wyman played with guys like this. ‘Everything’s got to be right’. You’ve got to feel good like a track superstar that can fine tune every hamstring, tendon and every muscle in their body they just feel it. And he’s getting kind of close here to pushing that real line.”

Pete Carroll announced today Prosise will not play against Kansas City on Friday (qualifying that if it was a regular season game he might be involved).

Thomas Rawls is also out.

Both players are clearly very exciting running backs with a lot of potential. Eventually, however, they’ve got to put a season together.

Rawls is a slightly different case because his injuries (broken ankle, broken leg) were serious and incidental. He’s also an undrafted free agent whose issues are, if anything, a result of trying too hard and playing without fear.

Prosise is a third round pick. He had the broken scapula but has also missed a lot of time with little niggling injuries. Huard appears to be suggesting he’s the type of player — and they exist in every sport — who retreats into the background as soon as they don’t quite feel confident enough to go at anything below 90-95%.

You get the feeling Rawls would go at 20% if he was allowed to. Prosise is going to have to play through some discomfort, get out there and make it happen.

It’s probably too soon to consider cutting ties and making any kind of bold move (unless an interesting deal for an O-liner or interior pass rusher emerges) — but Huard’s words certainly suggest the Seahawks are running out of patience with their third round pick in 2016.

One final note for today — can you believe this was five years ago?

The Super Bowl winning season in 2013 was, of course, a fantastic year for Seahawks fans. There probably wasn’t a more exciting or interesting time though than the emergence of Wilson in 2012.

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  1. Ukhawk

    I would’ve said 12 wins before the Fant & McDowell injuries based on their strength of schedule. It may still be possible but as you say why tempt fate.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely UHawk. Both guys despite being young played key positions and had the potential to provide something the Hawks have not had in the PC /JS era 1)A quality young LT (Okung was close but too inconsistent) 2) A Freak Athlete at DT to provide early down pass rush and pocket collapsing potential.

      Both guys we far from locks to be dominant at their positions but the potential was certainly there and they do not have replacements on the roster for what either guy could bring.

      So agree completely 10 wins is safe, 11 is likely and 12 would have to be considered a great year and likely a 1st round bye.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m expecting the teams in our Division to be less competitive this year. Maybe Seahawks split with LA or Arizona, or maybe they win through out. I’ll be bold and predict they split with LA and win the rest of their games.

      Lets just say that the Seahawks win their eight home games, and beat Tennessee, Arizona, San Fran, and Jacksonville. That is a doable 12 wins.

      Losses would be to Green Bay in first game of season, LA Rams, Giants after the bye week, and Dallas late in the season. Potentially they could beat the Giants based on rest.

    • GeoffU

      Fant is a bad loss, McDowell probably wasn’t going to play much. Anything from him would’ve been a bonus. Still, extremely disappointing though, especially considering it was an off the field injury.

  2. cha

    Prosise’s continued injury concerns, Rawls and Lacy being FA’s next year, great preseason performance all seem to be pointing to Carson locking a spot down on the roster.

  3. Trevor

    I love Prosise upside and he is a true game changer when healthy but can you use a roster spot on a guy who plays 4-5 games a year and is not at all reliable.

    Truly hope he can right the ship and get back on the field on a consistent basis but his history has not shown that.

    • Dawgma

      Well, I mean, Richardson’s still on the roster. So, apparently yes!

  4. C-Dog

    When I first glanced at the schedule I saw what looked like about a 11-5 season. Even with the loss of Fant and likely McDowell I’m still seeing that.

    I still see better depth at OL, DL, RB, LB, WR, and in the secondary, and if RW plays for 16 games, that probably gets them to 11 wins, and probably another division title.

    With the emergence of Carson, and what’s been steady play from Mike Davis, I wouldn’t be shocked if Seattle is able to work a deal for Prosise, maybe for a player and Seattle builds a little more depth to the interior DL.

  5. Nick

    I have us going 12-4. Losing to GB, Rams away, Falcons at home, and DAL away.

    • Dylanlep

      Agree on the 12 wins, won’t venture to say where the losses come from. But considering all that happened last yr, take away just the Earl injury and I think they comfortably get to 12. He’s back, Russell is healthy, Jimmy starting fresh and not injured. Yeah, 12.

      • Nick

        We really need 7-8 wins at home and then if we can simply manage a 4-4 or 5-3 road record we’ll be right as rain.

  6. Rowlandice

    I think 11 wins is fair. It could go 12 if certain things like key injuries don’t deplete the team’s depth. It could also go the other way and we could have a repeat of last year and the team fights it’s way to 10 wins. As for Prosise, I think they give him this season as a “leash” and if the nagging injury bugs continues they could cut ties next year. Right now, he’s cheap and has great potential so you almost HAVE to give him this year to establish himself on this team.

    • H M Abdou

      Sounds fair (about Prosise). But I think they need to part ways with Alex Collins. Nothing personal, he’s just not a good fit. He needs a more straight-ahead, downhill running game.

      H M

      • MSL

        I don’t see any way Collins makes this roster.

        • Tien

          I agree with you because if I was making the cuts, I’d keep Davis over him. The bummer is Collins has enough talent that he’ll be snapped up by another team once he’s cut. We just have a lot of talent at RB this year!

          • MSL


  7. Aaron

    I’m thinking 11-5 with losses @ Rams, Arizona @ home, @ Packers, @ Titans, and a possible upset loss @ Jags. They have the talent to be 13-3 imo, but 11 seems more realistic.

    • MSL

      A loss @Jags would be very disappointing. Also, Fisher is gone…this is the year they shake off the curse of the Rams. Maybe we’ll get luck and Donald doesn’t play all year. I’m also sick of them losing to AZ at home. I’m calling for a division sweep!

  8. Adog

    It might be hard to cut Collins or Davis…good every down backs…and keep procise. I would bet on both lacy and Rawls missing 6-8 games between them. So this creates a vacuum at running back. I can see 12-14 wins for us this year. It will be Wilson having a career year and a refocused defense with Thomas and Sherman hungrier than ever.

    • Rob Staton

      In particular, IMO, Davis just looks like a guy you can lean on if you needed to. An ideal #3 or #4 on a roster.

      • Sean-O

        It seemed like they would keep four RB’s into the season (Lacy, Rawls, Prosise & Carson) but you’d have to think Collins or Davis might make the 53 now. It sucks because it means they won’t be able to keep another deserving player at another position.

      • Alex Higgins

        Totally agree with this perspective. Mike Davis is a solid and steady contributor who will play on special teams and stay healthy. We need him on the roster more than the potential of Procise. Trade him for a 5th to 7th rounder. He’s not reliable.

      • C-Dog

        If I were GM of this franchise that wants to run the ball, I would definitely find a way to keep Mike Davis on this roster.

        • Lewis

          I’d like to see him with the first string, but he’s been fantastic. I know everybody is high on Carson, but Davis strikes me as the one guy I absolutely wouldn’t let go of.

    • Bird

      McKissic may offer some of the same skillset as Procise and has real special teams value which could also play into the decision.

  9. vrtkolman

    Interesting thoughts on Prosise. Personally I think cutting him next year will bite us in the back. He’s a real game changer, and with our luck with ex players he will remain 100% healthy on his next time (like Unger, Carpenter, Okung).

  10. icb12

    Will Prosise ever play?

    I’d take whatever I could get for him right now. All the other RBs can catch. And the receiver room is also stacked. No doubt he’s talented. But he’s not irreplaceable, in my opinion.

  11. vrtkolman

    Laremy Tunsil looks awful at LT. That is crazy to me, I thought he was a sure thing.

    • vrtkolman

      Calais Campbell looks like the next player that went to retire in Jax.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s got the same stuff to learn as Ifedi.

      I wish one time someone would compare those guys.

      This guy who’s a sure thing and a guy who’s supposedly shit looking exactly the same.

      Both went from tackle to guard to back.

      Ifedi is definitely my preference. Tunsil is soft. I don’t like Ole Miss players much.

      Get a little taste of success and every damn recruit gets turned entitled and spoiled

      • Kenny Sloth

        I should say “I don’t like the entitled attitude of some recent Ole Miss players.”

      • pmoney

        I’m still holding out hope somebody will do an Ifedi run blocking breakdown.

  12. 503Hawk

    When the 2017 schedule came out, I thought if they beat GB in week one they have a good chance to go 13-3.
    That is such an important game for tiebreaker reasons. Realistically, 11-5 to 12-4. But I do think they can beat out GB, ATL, NYG for the top seed. Arizona is the team that will give us fits in the division, especially if “Hawk Killer Palmer” stays healthy.
    In the next two to three years I see us having a real shot of going back to the SB. Like with all teams, injuries will have a lot of affect.

    • All I see is 12s

      Please don’t call him the hawk killer. Last thing we want is some troll to run with it and then it becomes a thing. “Old man Carson” or “Avrils favorite target” will do just fine.

  13. House

    I think that 11-5 is pretty realistic. I think we’ll have no problem winning the NFC West and probably get the #2 seed in the NFC. I personally believe the NFC East will be pretty balanced. I think ATL takes a dip in the South and TB could make things interesting down there.

    The C.J. Prosise situation is frustrating. We all have seen him tilt the field. In a few games. It’s hard to keep a guy on a roster with knowing he will only contribute about 25% of the season. This situation personally reminds me of Percy Harvin with the Hawks. He only played a handful of games and while he helped in those games, not having him available all the time doesn’t help. I’m hoping he stays healthy and gets on the field. On a positive note, we probably wouldn’t have known how good Carson would be if Prosise was getting snaos.

    Watching that video and seeing so many different names shows how much this team has grown. Seeing the like of Anthony McCoy and Sidney Rice brings back high hopes I had for them. Seeing T.O. and Braylon Edwards was so crazy. We have definitely changed the type of WR we use…

    • Kenny Sloth

      Loooollll his throwing motion loool

      Or should I say thhhhrrrrooowwwwiiinggg moooooootttiiiiiiiioooooooooon

      I remember why I didn’t rate him before the draft now and also how much I’ve learned since

  14. Pran

    I feel Defense should not play for #1 title, they are stressing themselves 2 much in regular season to not play full healthy in post season. Coaches better manage snaps of core players. We can go 12-4

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Off Topic!

    Rob; one of the most promising young Americans in soccer is purportedly set to join Sheffield United on loan from Tottenham.

    The son of an American basketball player and British woman, he’s represented the US at various youth levels and is yet to be captied to the stars and stripes.

    This is exactly the move fans wanted to see, because, for all his athleticism, he’s yet to earn a senior appearance for either club or country. Hopefully seeing time with a decently competitive side will earn him a chance with Spurs or a move away to a more open squad with a path to starting laid out.

    I hate seeing Americans caught in neverending loan after loan from top English sides

    • Old but Slow

      His name?

      • Kenny Sloth


        So excited I forgot to mention

        Cameron Carter-Vickers

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah he’s signed for the season. Look forward to interviewing him (possibly on Saturday).

      • Kenny Sloth

        Whaaat! Excited to see what Wilder can do with him.

        Seems to really get the most out of players.

        Can you ask him about American stuff? Has he been in touch with Bruce Arena about a USMNT callup? If he keeps in touch with other USMNT players in England like Yedlin, Geoff Cameron, and Lynden Gooch or Emerson Hyndman at Sunderland and Bournemouth respectively.

        I understand you’re working, but there’s a big US contingency following this guy and we’ve been waiting for a loan spell for years.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He’s eligible to represent England. Is that on his mind?

          Does he like the Seahawks??

  16. Seahawcrates

    Twelve wins, Rob. Hawks have much better depth than last year, especially at running back. And they have been moving the ball fluidly. I see a big uptake offensively and the defense holding at least stable. Russell is in his prime and I’m more confident in his ability to thrive amidst adversity than at any other time in his career.
    Ten is too timid! Ha, ha, you can throw this back at me at season’s end but I’m sticking with it!

    • Seahawcrates

      Oh, and I feel much more confident about a huge uptick in special teams play.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    14 wins with Odhiambo at LT book it baby

  18. Pran

    Is Jeremy lane playing tomorrow. There is no buzz at all as if he is already being shipped out!

  19. Darth12er

    Rob, miss you on the podcast!! It’s not the same without you

    • Cynergy

      Completely agree. The guests that Kenneth has had on the last few weeks, fringe “famous” people who are fans of the upcoming opponent, seem nothing more than casual fans. I’m missing the knowledgeable Seahawk talk that I’ve become used to.

      • Darth12er

        Yeah, I’m not digging the new format.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m always open to podcast appearances — hopefully have something for you guys soon.

      • All I see is 12s

        Absolutely . Yours is the voice of insightful Seahawks analysis

  20. Matt

    I agree with 10 wins, but for a different reason. I think this is the year the defense really shows their age. I really don’t say this from a pessimistic angle, but rather from a practical one. Mike B and Cliff are getting older, as has the secondary. I like Griffin, but I think he has a long way to go. It’s still a great unit, but I think the “bite” will be greatly diminished this year. I still see a top 5-8 Defense.

    Regarding RB…man what a frustrating situation. Lacy has really not shown much, if anything and honestly; I wouldn’t be sad to see the team let him go in favor of Mike Davis, who has really shown a lot this preseason.

    I feel bad for Rawls, but the reality is (as you said) he’s a reckless player and is bound to get banged up. I absolutely love the kid and think he has a place on this team for a long time, if not just for the attitude he brings.

    CJ Prosise…I think you move on. Trade him for what you can get and just move on. I played with guys like this in college (baseball); these guys always find a way to not be available and beyond simply not being available to play; it can create some animosity that said player gets treated with kid gloves while the rest of the team battles through serious issues/injuries. Another year of being available for a handful of games will destroy his value. In all honesty, I’d rather keep Alex Collins, who has shown real heart and grit. He might be the least exciting RB on the roster, but I’d much prefer him over the Ferrari you can’t drive.

    Which brings me to Chris Carson…I really like this kid. I think he adds an element of explosive power that can help Seattle recreate their edge in the run game. He’s not Marshawn, but I think he can add a hint of what Lynch brought. More importantly, I’ve seen Carson do the little things really well. I think this is what intrigues me most about him. He has shown a lot of savvy and physicality in his blocking. The way a player does the little things tells you almost everything you need to know. Add in his physical talent and I’d love to see this team say “hey kid, if you want it, take it.” And let’s see what he can do.

    Great work per usual Rob!

    • H M Abdou

      Matt, I couldn’t agree more about your point that the defense will likely decline. I’ve been saying it (and seeing it) the past couple of seasons. Those guys are getting OLD. Very fast, too. Sherm has been getting burned much more often than I remember it happening in, say, 2013 or 2014.

      I’ve read and heard people compare Carson to CMike, that Carson is Michael but with more NFL IQ. While I’ve always been (and still am) a fan of CMike, that’s not unfair to say.

      H M

    • C-Dog

      I actually feel better about this defense than I have in the last couple years. I just see better depth at all three levels, and I can see a few players not make the squad and go on to play well elsewhere.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m going to agree with you on the defensive side. Adding Griffith was key to shoring up the other side from Sherman. Both safeties are back = and hitting hard. The defensive line seems about the same or better in talent. I’m unsure about linebackers but they have at least two starters back and the others seem to be playing well.

        Offensively it was always unlikely that we would see Prosise or Rawls before preseason game 4 just because of the injury issue. The main reason to put them in is to get some work, but that can be done in regular season. Lacey will continue to improve, so he will probably be the main back along with Carson or Davis at the start of the regular season.

        Another great question is if the new receivers will step up. It might pay to sit the veterans and just use rookies for a half – see how it turns out. Time to evaluate them.

  21. Sea Mode

    On Prosise, I think some are being a bit too quick to want to cut ties. Unless some amazing trade offer is tabled, we wait and see what he can do in a deep rotation of backs this year. He adds so many different dimensions to our playbook that even at 8-10 snaps per game and missing a couple games each year, it’s worth it for as long as he is on his rookie deal.

    Maybe it doesn’t make that much difference, but remembering that he just transitioned in his final months from WR to RB and had to spend last year building up his body for RB duties, that might have also affected him until he gets used to being a bit heavier. We’ll see.

    • Ukhawk

      I’m happy to wait on him. Great, tilt the field, change up guy who needs to learn how to become a pro.

      • C-Dog

        I could go either way. If it weren’t for the emergence of Carson, I’d probably much more inclined to wait on him. Before the preseason, I was actually talking myself into Prosise potentially winning the feature back role. Now I look at Carson and see him eventually in that position, plus the dude can pass block and catch.

    • Hawk Eye

      Richardson, Lane, Thurmond, Maxwell, Carpenter all had/have injury issues early on, yet the Hawks kept them all for their full first contract. You don’t give up on cheap, high end difference making talent, unless they have an attitude problem.
      And you have to be careful with a groin injury. I would rather he miss a game or two in preseason than make it a year ending injury.
      Never Panic

      • Ukhawk

        Here here

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          I thought it was “Hear Hear” as in listen? Is it “Here Here” as in I agree with this? An honest curious question? I attempt to use some British verbage/culturally vocabulary on this blog Brov!

          For example – The Seahawks are Brilliant!

          See I truly do care, English, Scottish, and Irish is 75% of my heritage. Though I’m just a Yankee, well actually I’m a Mariners fan Ha haha!

          Less than an hour till Gamr action! I’m so Happy!

          Go Hawks

  22. Alex

    I agree with those above that say 12-4 or even 13-3. I don’t see us losing in GB. And that will be a fantastic start. I also think we will beat Atlanta at home.

    Re Lacy – are there really comments about cutting him? That’s crazy talk. More crazy than cutting CJ. As the poster above correctly points out, why cut someone so talented while on a cheap contract? Let it and them play out. To say Davis should make the cut instead in ridiculous! The juice is definitely worth the squeeze on Prosise. Just dint squeeze too hard or he will be out for 4-6 weeks!

    Yeah 12-4 or 13-3.

    • MSL

      The talk of cutting Lacy or Prosise is crazy. Not going to happen in my opinion. Do people really think Lacy’s strengths are going to be showcased in a handful of carries in preseason? His superpower is being big and wearing a team down…not unlike Lynch. How many times did we see Lynch start slow, just to start gashing teams later in the game? Not only that, but Lacy looked just fine in the last game. All these questions at RB and guys are wanting to cut the only 1000 yard rusher on the team!? Come on now.

      Prosise has been frustrating, but he deserves more time. He’s had some nagging injuries unfortunately spaced with serious injuries that have kept him from getting going, but it’s way too early to cut ties. Source: Paul Richardson. Prosise has already had a bigger impact on the team than Richardson has in his time with the team save last year’s post-season.

      Maybe a few of you are right and the defense takes a step back, but if this thing is going to happen, it’s because the offense takes a big step up. I want to see the second half of 2015 again. The weapons are there, Russ is healthy, and the O-Line is no worse than it was then. It’s go time Russ!

  23. Ishmael

    There’s no way we would have beaten the Pats last year without Prosise. He’s a game changing talent. I’d give him at least this season, it’s a deep enough group of backs to stash him for a while. We’ve kept way less talented players around than him, just in case. If he can’t get his body right by the end of this season then I think cutting or trading him is probably fair enough, but this feels too early – at least from the outside.

  24. Nick

    To people’s points about the SEA defense aging and not performing as well—I think that is certainly a valid concern. But this past draft has done a great job of mirroring those areas on D where we are aging. CB is now restocked with some really, really exciting talent. DL, CB, S. They are all covered.

    • Sea Mode

      And not only young talent, but also veteran backup that has NFL experience and can be counted on (LBs, CB, S)!

  25. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Hello everyone who are some players you hope make the 53 who are on the cusp of our roster?

    For me

    1 – Tanner McEvoy – he’s a straight up football player. Plays WR for us but could potentially play TE, Strong Safety, and Emergency QB. Now that’s a keeper to me!

    2 – Teddric Thompson – some have pointed out that he’s had a rough preseason so far. He was the closest player on that 75 yard Travis Benjamin td and was close by on another td against the Vikings. He was a ball Hawk at Colorado and has an interception already in two pre-season games. I love his emotion and you just know that Earl and Kam are two of his biggest idol’s in football. I can see him overthinking the plays and trying to impress them, eventually he will become more comfortable and let his insticts do the reacting.

    3 – Jordan Roos – Coaches have raved about this UDFA offensive lineman who is incredibly strong. I believe he put up 42 on the bench press at 225 that’s around 10 more then your average strong lineman! Not only that but he’s a wrestler and we all know Tom Cable loves that about his players. He definitely has that LG mauler future potential!

    I also wish we could keep Kenny Lawler he’s got great hands and is that possession/ redzone receiver who has potential to be a very decent NFL player. I unfortunately have a feeling we will loose him I hope I’m wrong

    I just thought of this. What if we cut Kearse so he passes through waivers so we can keep that extra player whoever he is at whatever position. It’s very likely that another team will pick him up due to his contact. Then we can bring him back to the 53 the first game or however that works rule wise?

    Happy game day to all!

    Go Hawks

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Dang it, correction – It’s very UNLIKELY another team will pick up Kearse’s contact. As some of you know I’m one of the seemingly few Jermaine Kearse supporting fans. I don’t want to loose him I just was looking at it in a strategical way of waiting for every team to set their 53 and practice squad before bringing Kearse back and sending whatever player to the practice squad. I’m not sure of the rule’s if anyone can help sort our this concept it would be much appreciated!

  26. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Oops I got a thought and went off topic of the article I know that bothers some of you.

    Prediction 19-0 Superbowl Champions greatest Team ever.

    Number 1 Offensive
    Number 1 Defense

    Prosise is definitely a Seahawk this year. He’s way too exciting and his playmakeing ability is game changing. He just needs to stop buying his Underarmor in the kids department of the store.

    Go HAWKS

  27. Thy Hawk is Howling

    A whole half of Hawks football and not one comment?

    It was frustrating but The Chiefs are a great team with a probably top 5 Defense. We’re always a second half team and I believe they will make the proper adjustments, we shall see?

    I’m sad for Spencer Ware it’s probably an ACL/MCL tear hopefully not both.

    The way I look at it is, a kick off return for a touchdown is rare. It’s good it happened against us in preseason and they can learn from it.

    Defense played legit and it’s good to see KJ Wright back making his usual great plays!

    Go Hawks second half style!

  28. Thy Hawk is Howling

    David Bass with the sack on Mahomes to force a punt!

    I need more Bass!

    He just made the team he’s been a surprise to me!

    Go Seahawks Draft Blog!

    Where y’all at?

  29. KD

    As if Kasen Williams needs to add anything to his case to make the team, he turns a ST disaster into a 1st down. Nothing he could do about the subsequent play, but this guy is hungry as hell to make this team.

  30. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Kasen Williams again with a play. Fell on the blocked put of Jon Ryan’s that touched a chiefs player what a lucky break!

    Kasen just definitely made the 53.

    Boykin throws interception before I can send happy comment.

    Ah shucks, that sucks!

    • KD

      Have you noticed how Kearse has stepped it up too? I’d wager that’s Kasen breathing down his neck to take over his job. “The gallows doth wonderfully focus the mind.” – Dr. Samuel Johnson

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        They Doth indead!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          We’ll that sounds morbid.

          Watching while typing foolish error.

          “Tis Doth Indeed*

  31. Thy Hawk is Howling

    KD there you are, good to see a comment by you M8! Williams is definitely on the 53 he’s done it all this pre-season!

    • KD

      Thanks bro

      Isn’t it funny how some players are mediocre to good in college but are outstanding in the NFL. Richard Sherman for example. Some players just need that chance and the right coaching, and for some reason, it just clicks. Kasen Williams may just be that kind of guy. He was one of the top rated HS receivers, but was pretty average at UW, even when he wasn’t injured.

      In a lot of ways, i think football is similar to martial arts. Some people are phenoms and get it right away, but it takes most people years of training to master.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Determination, perseverance, intelligence, and passion is the answer. Talent can only get you so far. That’s Why Dougie and Richard are so damn good for example. That’s what separates them and why it took them to mature as Adults to reach their potential!

        Every individuals situation is an absolute circumstance of their path in this Life.

        • KD

          I don’t know if you watch Hard Knocks, but the coaches and veteran players always stress that it’s more about being mentally tough than physically tough. It does go back to the old Yogi Berra idiom that “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.”

        • KD

          On that note, it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from my favorite US President:

          “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            I get knocked Down

            But I get up again

            You’re never going to hold

            Me Down

            – CHUMBAWAMBA

            We’re dropping knowledge Bombs KD!

            • KD

              If the Seahawks really wanted to scare the hell out of players, Pete could always play Nat King Cole’s “Pick Yourself Up” during a practice. That would put the fear of God into a lot of players.

  32. KD

    As of right now, Boykin is 0-5 with an INT. Horrible night for him so far. Either force him to step up or start running the ball more.

    • KD

      However, Bradley McDougald quietly added 5 tackles, 2 solo.

    • KD

      0-6 with an INT, but i don’t think that Boykin is going to get demoted because of this. I think this team is more comfortable with him than Davis, and this may be chalked up to just having a bad night, but this kind of performance is not acceptable from Boykin.

      Here is what i like from the game:
      – Russ is scalpel sharp. He looks better than he has ever been.
      – Kasen Williams, Carson fit this team and they have to make the team. Just another testament to Seahawks scouting.
      – Competition has been fantastic
      – The running game in general looks tough, and can get back to being a tone setter.
      – Defense wants to hit people really badly.
      – Tons of explosive plays from from the 1st team.

      Here is what i did not like:
      – Fucking penalties

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I Knows KD on penalties they almost need to find a way to change the rules. Penalties and commercials are only good for people who smoke. I do and I still hate it, it ruins the flow and the fun.

        Boykin is still Russell’s almost perfect backup in alot of ways. Mobile and elusive Bevel can call the same plays if travesty strikes. He had a rough night it happens. He should get better over time learning from Wilson I just know it!

        I want McEvoy and Williams myself.

        Dorboh has not shown me much at all.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Agreed. If Darboh doesn’t get in the last preseason game and make a case for himself, he will probably be on the outside looking in and best case will be destined for the PS, but like Collins, probably won’t clear waivers and ends up somewhere else.

          A shame for me as I really wanted to see what he had to offer. Not sure we’ll get that chance.

          There will be some tough decisions at several other spots. What happens to:

          Bass (hope he makes it)

          Some very good players will be hanging out in the breeze waiting to get picked up.

          Who else might we need to cut to make room for someone PCJS want off waivers from the hundreds soon available after the 53 cut downs? Some hard decisions ahead . . .
          Grayson (one of my fav dark horses darn it)

          • Hawktalker#1

            I know I missed some others in there too . . .

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