Todd McShay on Cam Newton & the draft


  1. Cash

    I’ll start with the things that I do agree with. I think that he has work to do to improve his footwork. It almost looks lazy at times. I’m also interested to see how he’ll transition to a pro style offense and how quickly he can make it through his progressions. I really don’t see those as big negatives though. Footwork is an easy fix with the right coaching. I hate the Vince Young comparison as it relates to delivery. I think Newton has a much more polished delivery. I also don’t agree with the accuracy concerns. From what I’ve watched of him he seems to have very good accuracy and any issues that he does have will be midigated with footwork corrections. I don’t see those as “long term project” type problems.

    Rob, there is one question I have for you. I haven’t watched Auburn play a whole lot before Cam Newton. I noticed that they always line up and then Cam looks at the coach to see if they want to switch anything up. Is this just because the coach is a control freak or is it an issue of them not trusting Cam to audible at the line?

    • Rob

      Hi Cash – it’s just the way the offense works. He takes reads from the sideline the same way Sam Bradford did at Oklahoma. They line up, the coach looks at the defense and calls the play when the team are lined up. A lot of college teams run their offense like this and clearly anyone who works in this system has to adapt to the NFL where they’ll be expected to make their own reads, audibles etc.

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