Trades imminent?

Michael Lombardi is well connected. If he says trades are about to go down it’s worth paying attention.

So which players and teams are involved?

The pre-season has highlighted a number of glaring needs on multiple teams.

Carolina’s O-line looks like a train-wreck and it wasn’t a surprise Cam Newton picked up an injury against New England. Several other teams have major needs on the O-line — including Houston and the LA Chargers. With Trent Williams’ future in Washington a serious doubt, a big move to acquire him could be imminent.

Tony Pauline is also reporting Laremy Tunsil could be dealt:

The other big name that has been touted in trade discussions is Jadeveon Clowney. Joel Corry highlights some of the stumbling blocks to a deal in this piece. The complexities are clear and there aren’t many teams capable of pulling it off. The Seahawks have the cap space, draft stock and ambition to make it happen. Yet the short-term possibility of the trade and the difficulty of finding a compromise on compensation makes it one of the trickier deals to calculate in recent memory.

One other name that has been mentioned is Everson Griffen. This one makes some sense for both the Seahawks and the Vikings. Minnesota’s in cap trouble and need to find some relief from somewhere. Griffen hasn’t had an easy 12 months and his contract is structured so that he’ll likely be a free agent in 2020. Pete Carroll coached Griffen at USC and the Seahawks are badly in need of an experienced pass rusher. John Clayton mentioned earlier in the week Seattle showed some interest in Griffen at the start of the off-season. The only issue could be price. Are the Vikings inclined to trade him to a possible NFC rival on the cheap? And how much are the Seahawks willing to sacrifice for a 31/32-year-old defensive end who might walk at the end of the season?

Finally there are a cluster of teams needing skill players. We’ve already seen Duke Johnson traded but it won’t be surprising to see modest moves elsewhere (eg John Ross).

It does feel like the Seahawks will be active before the regular season begins. They’re banged up and lack quality and depth at cornerback and the defensive line (pass rush). There are big question marks about Ziggy Ansah’s ability to stay healthy and Jarran Reed will miss the first six games.

They’ve made bold trades before, even at this time of the year. Whether it’s lower level manoeuvring or a splash — something feels inevitable.

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  1. Coleslaw

    I think it’s Trent. That leak about NE offering a 1st was telling. Watch someone offer more.

    I think it would make real sense for Houston to back down with Clowney and offer him and say a 3rd for Trent.

    I also think it’s more likely that some team is offering a 1st + for Trent. A whole list of teams come to mind.

    • Rob Staton

      The talk of New England offering a first for Williams was rubbished by Field Yates. Said there was no truth in it.

  2. charlietheunicorn

    John Clayton mentioned today that he has heard from multiple sources across the league that CJ Prosise could net a 5th or 6th round pick from a team in a trade. I’m almost shocked that this would be true, but you never know if a player and pick get bundled, that something could go done.

    Now that Moore picked up a shoulder injury, I wonder if he will be IR’ed and that makes room for a rookie to make the team (such as Ferguson)???

    • Rob Staton

      I think Ferguson is destined for the PS. If Moore has to go on IR it’ll be a huge blow. But they can’t have Lockett, Brown and a bunch of rookies for receivers. They need at least one more guy familiar with the offense. If Moore can’t go it’ll be Malik Turner.

      • Kemoarps

        You think Turner over Reynolds? Is that more about body type/fit or what they’ve demonstrated? I thought Reynolds had been showing decently well.

      • king.

        Why can’t they just go with young high upside receivers in a ‘reset’ year? Why do we need low ceiling veterans on a team that is unlikely to contend? Wouldn’t it be better to give more talented rookies snaps? Hell they might even come into their own over the course of season and elevate the receiving unit to something dangerous. Why must we play it safe? What is the risk? We get a higher draft pick?

        • Rob Staton

          Because it’s not a ‘reset year’ and I feel like I keep repeating myself on this receiver issue.

          Those who think ‘just give the young guys a chance’ aren’t appreciating how difficult it is for rookies to have an impact at this particular position. How many times have we discussed already the need to balance development with players who know the offense, the quarterback and the league? It’s vital. The young guys can be just as easily ruined if you put it all on them early. They need guidance, time and the ability to learn with some snaps not necessarily while starting. Wilson also needs players he KNOWS will be in the spot at the right time running the right route. You can’t function without that, without some experience at WR. And not just Lockett either.

          Seattle might be a year away from being in peak challenger mode but you don’t just write off a year of Wilson. Let’s not keep repeating this debate.

  3. Brazilian Hawk

    The prospect of having a blue chip game wrecker entering his prime like Clowney is very enticing and I’d like the Seahawks to do it for the sake of excitement, but I’d enjoy Griffen over here a lot.

    I’m really high on Poona Ford and given what we saw from him last season, the trio of Poona, Clowney and Bobby should put clamps on every running game in the league.

    I also think Clowney is a better fit to Carroll’s 4-3 than to Texans 3-4, less LB duties…

  4. Kevin Mullen

    If we’re gonna rosterbat, can we offer Griffen & 2nd for Ramsey??

    • Rob Staton

      Do you mean Jalen Ramsey!?!?

      Don’t think there’s been any rosterbation here either to be fair.

      • Kevin Mullen

        No, you’re absolutely right. I didn’t mean to try to downgrade the article but the fact that Jalen Ramsey hasn’t been offered an extension from JAX, plus the taking him possibly moving on, I don’t see why SEA wouldn’t want to provide something better than what JAX could get than a 3rd round compensatory pick.

  5. cha

    Is Everson Griffen a pure EDGE or does he move around the line?

    • Rob Staton

      He’s about 275lbs

  6. Hoberk Unce

    Do you mean trade for Griffen then trade him away?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he means trade Shaq and a R2. That wouldn’t be anywhere near enough.

      • Eburgz

        You said the same about Marcus Peters a year ago. Someone you think (at least you though) is a better player than Ramsey. It’s hard to determine trade value.

        • Rob Staton

          Marcus Peters is a head case though. Kicked out of Washington, dumped by the Chiefs. Ramsey has a mouth but come on… does anyone really truly believe the Jags would trade him for Shaquill Griffin and a R2 pick!?!?

  7. Frank

    Moore’s injury might be a blessing in disguise, not that I ever want to see anyone injured and hope him a speedy recovery. If he was out for the first 8 weeks, it would essentially give the Hawks the next ten weeks to figure out the log jam at the receiver position. I personally think Ursula and Jennings have bright futures here, Dk and Jazz are boom or bust and Moore, Brown, have the upside of a Jermain Kearse which is ok for a run first team. I feel this based more on there careers college/pro and physical profile than two meaningless preseason games and practice.
    It’s hard to say who could be on the trade block for us, I’d have thought maybe Ifedi, Brown, Moore, Thompson, Prosise, Daborah, Fant but given the injuries don’t see any area of the team so flush with talent that we have much for ammo. Based on wins above replacement, do Clowney or Griffen either one actually make the Hawks substantially better? For a borderline playoff team, is the jump to being a Super Bowl contender one player, or the maturation of an entire rooster for another year more likely to produce more wins in the next three years? I don’t know the answer, but I’d be interested in everyone’s opinion including PC JS and of course Rob and Company.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s convenient for any of us trying to find a way to protect receivers who may otherwise get cut but certainly not a blessing. The Seahawks have two experienced WR’s and a bunch of rookies or guys with minimal experience. They couldn’t afford to lose one of the few who has been there and done it in this offense with this QB.

      It’s a troubling development and will put pressure on the offense.

  8. LouieLouie

    I hope the Hawks don’t trade big for Clowney. He has a lot of upside, but he may be just another prima-dona who will be more hassle than he’s worth. The Hawks are just recovering from their 2017 trades. And remember Percy Harvin. Tight End (WTF is his name) from New Orleans worked out just OK, but losing the Center we traded for him really hurt the O-Line for a few years.

    • Frank

      I love Clowney as a player, and have never heard anything about him being a locker room distraction. I just think he’s going to cost a bit in draft capital, and resign for a contract similar to Frank Clark’s. Frank Clark had an ugly pre Hawks history and some tweets as a Hawk that made it seem like he hadn’t really changed as a person. On the field and even in the locker room I love what Clark brought to the table, but never really trusted him off field. Not going to go into any type of personal attack, but given the money he wanted, a lack of trust to stay out of the limelight for the wrong reasons post getting paid, and the kings ransom the Hawks got in draft capital in return it’s hard to argue letting Clark go and replacing him with Clowney would be the ultimate win for JS and the Hawks IMO, especially if he could be gotten for a 2nd round pick and change. I like Griffin, but he’s 31 years old not 26.

      • LouieLouie

        Good point Frank. It all depends upon the asking price to get him to play for one year. Paying him the Franchise Tag money would be just fine. But how much future should the Hawks give up for one year?

    • Rob Staton

      Clowney isn’t a prima dona though.

      It might be a very complicated deal to pull off and I appreciate scepticism or even fear of wasting another high pick after previous bold moves didn’t pay off.

      But Clowney plays his tail off and has insane talent.

  9. Sea Mode

    PC Preseason Week 3 Friday Presser notes:

    In general:
    – Looking to play a better 2nd half on the road. Lots of young guys will play again.
    – Focus on limiting explosive plays is mainly just discipline. This week is the first time we have had Bobby, KJ, and Kendricks on the field at the same time. That experience brings an awareness that really makes a difference on the field.
    – Competition KR/PR: Amadi has good burst, Terry Wright fumbled the catch but showed good acceleration, David Moore did well, McKissic is back and was Lockett’s backup last year. Amadi will get chances this week. Penny is out of the mix. [Sounded like PC really likes Amadi. Was the first name that came out and then he circled back to him again.]
    – Gary Jennings has played a lot of snaps, but not a lot of targets. He will get chances the next couple weeks and it would be really good for him to make a statement.

    Injury updates:
    – Ansah has a chance to practice next week. Already running in pads, but no drills. Shoulder is 100%, it’s just the groin holding him back still. He’s completely up to speed on the system. Got lots of walkthrough reps.
    – Reports are good on DK’s recovery. Should be active next week and back quickly.
    – Jemarco Jones will not be played this week just to give him extra time. Was almost back this week, but just want to make sure. Hip flexor issue.
    – Shaquem not back yet this week. Day to day.
    – Marquise Blair’s issue was not back spasms like they initially thought, but a bruised back caused by where he landed on the ground.
    – Geno Smith looks good to go and needs to show this week.
    – Delano Hill (he prefers to be called “Lano”) will play. Important for him to make a statement about where he stands in the safety competition.
    – Scarbrough out this week.
    – David Moore hurt his shoulder on Thursday and he’s going to be out a while. [PC looked really bummed and said he would offer more details once he had them. Brady Henderson reports early indications are that Moore is not expected to require surgery.]
    – Mike Iupati has a shot to get some work next week and will certainly be back for the opener.
    – Collier is running, next week will start changing direction.
    – Fant is close. Won’t be pushed to play next week but will be back for the opener for sure.
    – Ed Dickson is still a ways away. Trainers are happy with his progress, but he’s not running yet.

  10. Sea Mode

    Here is a cool stat highlighted by Brady Henderson in his article reporting Moore’s injury. I know there had been some discussion the past couple weeks about how much Moore was really contributing.

    Moore, a seventh-round pick in 2017, emerged as a big-play threat last season while catching 26 passes for 445 yards and five touchdowns. According to Pro Football Focus, Moore generated the third-highest passer rating when targeted on go routes at 108.8, behind JuJu Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown.

    Yes, he still needs to develop and find some Moore consistency (sorry, couldn’t resist… 😉 ), but that kind of stat is promising, especially with a deep-ball thrower like RW.

  11. Sea Mode

    Of course, he may not have a choice in the business of the NFL, but with Everson Griffen it seems like he would greatly prefer to remain in MIN for the remainder of his career. The trust with PC is a good selling point, but keeping his current support structure that has helped him with his mental health issues may be the most important to him at this stage.

    So, not ruling it out, but just wanted to add another possible factor to the discussion.

    “With me, it was bigger than football,” he said. “I took it upon myself and my family to make the right decision to stay here because I want to be a Viking for life and it’s rewarding because I know the people here love me and they have my best interest in mind. I just wanted to come back here and finish what I started. It feels good to be back in this building and being a Viking and just being around all my boys. This is going on my 10th year and I’m very blessed to be where I’m at right now and really, I’m just happy. I’m just happy to be standing here in front of you guys in this place I’m in right now.”

    But to balance that quote out, he did also say that he agreed to a pay cut because he knew his game wasn’t at 100%, but otherwise he would not have taken a pay cut. And now he is supposedly back to 100% so he probably won’t be offering any reduced rates in his (likely) upcoming FA…

  12. Robeetle12

    Hard to believe all these injuries in camp. Unprecedented in all my years as a Hawk fan. This after hiring a new crew for strength and conditioning.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s that bad. They knew Ziggy was touch and go to be back and he’s always banged up. Reed suspended. Not ideal that Fant, Collier and Metcalf are banged up — as with a few others – but nobody is out long term other than possibly David Moore.

      • Robeetle12

        I guess you are correct but this is camp and halfway into pre-season and it just seems there are dozens of injuries. Take a look at the o-line backups. At least 3 of them are hurt. Iupati is hurt.

        I’m just wondering why so many hurt with non contact drills even before the first pre season game, it just seems weird.

        • Rob Staton

          A lot of people have been mentioning this and I think it’s a case of 2+2=5 simply because they changed S&C coaches.

          And yet a year ago Doug Baldwin was hurt from day one, Chris Carson had the whole ‘gassed’ thing in week two, Ed Dickson started the year on PUP, Fluker and Sweezy were variably banged up, Dion Jordan missed most of camp, K.J. Wright got hurt in pre-season and missed most of the year, Bobby Wagner missed week two, Jamarco Jones was hurt before the season started and missed the season, Amara Darboh and C.J. Prosise were hurt and then during the season the likes of Dissly, Earl, Simmons and Hill picked up fairly serious injuries.

          This isn’t anything particularly unusual.

          • Robeetle12

            One constant is Prosise. He has been injured so much that he simply is a waste of space. Prosise could fat and hurt himself, please cut this dude already.. People always get injured but it just seems worse this year.

            • Rob Staton

              But again, I think that’s just perception. I’ve not felt any real difference this year with injuries and in the last reply I listed all the injuries a year ago.

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