Trying to find solutions in the BAMF department

Jamal Adams might be more strong safety than free but he brings the heat

This has been BAMF week on the blog. I’m not going to keep going over the same subject but I do think this is a warranted discussion based on what we’ve seen after three games. The Seahawks have failed to impose their will on any of their opponents so far and they’ve essentially had a harrowing loss to the Saints and two narrow wins against a pair of teams with a combined 0-6 record.

They will always have the potential of an explosive, playmaking offense with Russell Wilson under center. What they’re missing is a compliment. As noted yesterday, the Rams pair a highly efficient offense with the game-wrecking ability of Aaron Donald. The Patriots have Tom Brady on offense and the greatest defensive schemer for a Head Coach.

Teams used to fear playing the Seahawks. Since the start of the 2017 season they’re only 11-7 at Century Link Field. That’s astonishing. It would’ve been unthinkable a few years ago.

They’re just not that scary any more.

They aren’t the bully. Not since Marshawn Lynch and Kam Chancellor, plus several others, departed. They need to get that back.

It’s still early in the season and things can change. Marquise Blair will, hopefully, deliver a fear factor to the secondary when he eventually comes into the team. He was drafted to provide hits. That’s badly needed right now.

Chris Carson hasn’t become a bad player overnight. He’s still a terrific, explosive and powerful runner. As long as he sorts this fumbling issue out he can deliver the running game required to help knit everything together. He also needs help from the O-line which has so far been more talk than results.

If things don’t change, however, the Seahawks will face an off-season where they have a haul of picks (enhanced further with the Nick Vannett-to-Pittsburgh trade for a fifth rounder) and an estimated $75-80m to spend in cap space.

Back in 2011 they needed free agency to give things a jolt. They spent big on Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery. The results were mixed but it was an act of aggression to add talent following the lockout. The Seahawks have enough money to similarly be pro-active in 2020 if that ends up being necessary.

I don’t want to jump too far ahead and understandably you might respond to this article by saying it’s too soon to have this conversation. A big win against Arizona on Sunday will right the ship and the mood in Seattle will flip completely if they’re 3-1 and preparing to host the Rams.

That said — I think a conversation like this after a game like the Saints loss can be a good thing. Who wants to linger on that game anyway?

I also wrote before the season started that the reset wasn’t complete. It felt like they needed another off-season to take a further step forwards. This could well be the step they need to take.

(If you missed it yesterday here’s my first 2020 mock draft of the season)

I spent last night trying to find safety’s in this draft who make big plays or deliver big hits and the options are severely limited. The best overall player in the 2020 class might be a safety (Grant Delpit) but after that it’s slim pickings. There are cornerbacks with major talent, ball-skills and physicality (Trevon Diggs, Jeffrey Okudah, Kristian Fulton) but they all might be high picks — and this is a position the Seahawks have traditionally avoided until later on.

If they want to enhance their physicality in the draft in the early rounds the best options might be on the O-line and D-line. There are a cluster of aggressive, large offensive linemen such as Isaiah Wilson, Tyler Biadasz, Prince Tega Wanogho, Lucas Niang, Tristan Wirfs and Trey Adams. There are also big, physical defensive linemen such as Derrick Brown, Raekwon Davis and Javon Kinlaw.

In terms of free agency and the trade market, I’ve been trying to find some options.

The Seahawks need playmakers and tone-setters in the secondary. Jamal Adams increasingly appears dissatisfied in New York. He was strangely benched after a misplay against Cleveland and there seems to be a growing disconnect between the staff and player.

A trade this season is a stretch but the Jets have a new GM/coach combo. They didn’t draft Adams and safety is one of the few positions where the Jets have some depth. They need to build around Sam Darnold and might be prepared to sacrifice a good player at the end of the year to get more stock — especially with a good looking draft class at receiver and offensive line.

Given Seattle’s need and the distinct lack of safety talent eligible for 2020, this wouldn’t be a bad consideration. It’d be costly — at least a first round pick — but Adams only turns 24 in October. He would offer the physicality and leadership they require and he was a significant playmaker at LSU.

The only issue is Adams is not a rangy free safety and is more suited to the strong safety role presumably saved for Marquise Blair. A combo of Adams and Blair is an intriguing thought though if they can be interchangeable. They’d certainly pack a punch.

If a trade for Jamal Adams isn’t possible, Oakland’s Karl Joseph is a free agent in 2020. I can’t recall seeing a bigger hitter in college in the 11 years I’ve been writing this blog. He was an absolute sledgehammer and a playmaker. He could also cover, lined up 1v1 against Sterling Shepard at Oklahoma and it wasn’t a surprise he ended up being a top-15 pick in 2016.

After a tough start to his pro-career he’s settled in with the Raiders. They drafted Johnathan Abram this year and it’s possible Joseph will move on. If that’s the case, the Seahawks could take a look. They need a bit of this…

The Seahawks need some dogs too. They need guys who are a little unhinged. Marcus Peters made a lot of headlines in Kansas City. He’s been a lot quieter with the Rams. He’s also a free agent in the off-season. He could be retained by LA — but would you be willing to roll the dice on his talent to get a player you know is a very capable playmaker at cornerback who brings the heat every week?

Everson Griffen will likely be a cap casualty in the off-season. He’s ageing but still effective and could provide a veteran presence if they don’t keep Jadeveon Clowney and/or Ziggy Ansah. Vic Beasley and Yannick Ngakoue are also free agents. They might be costly but could provide some complimentary quickness to the rush that is currently lacking.

If they’re going to keep any of their own free agents — the best bet remains Jarran Reed. They’re missing what he brings in terms of toughness and physicality. He might end up being an even more important player to keep based on what we’ve seen from the team so far.

The absolutely best possible move would be for the Jaguars to cut Calais Campbell in order to create $15m in cap space and for the Seahawks to finally fulfil their destiny and have Campbell anchor their D-line next to Reed, rotating in with Poona Ford.

Again, let’s hope Chris Carson gets back on track. He has the talent and running style to lead this team for years. Thomas Rawls was the future once, however. So it’s important Carson moves on from this difficult start.

The fact they spent a first round pick on Rashaad Penny also factors in. Does he get an opportunity to take Carson’s job if he doesn’t rekindle his best form? And can Penny stay healthy?

If — and I accept it’s a big if — they want to try and repeat the Marshawn Lynch trade, there are a couple of options.

It hasn’t worked for Leonard Fournette in Jacksonville. It seems he’s faced some of the same issues as Jalen Ramsey and a parting appeared likely at one point a year ago. Now he’s stuck in an offense that wiped away the running game in Minnesota in 2018.

Fournette was a incredible prospect at LSU and that’s why he went in the top five. In the right environment I still think he could thrive. Lynch’s face didn’t fit in Buffalo but he became a legend in Seattle. Could the same happen for Fournette?

It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with Melvin Gordon in Los Angeles. He’s not quite the physical force Fournette is but he’s had a lot more success in the league. A divorce with the Chargers seems unavoidable. It’s just a question of whether he walks as a free agent, via a tag-and-trade scenario or if he’s dealt before the trade deadline.

Hopefully neither move is necessary but it’s something to consider given the importance Carroll places on the running game and the struggles at the start of this season.

If they want to look outside for an offensive tackle, Jack Conklin is a free agent in 2020. He’s not lived up to expectations at Tennessee as a former #8 overall pick and the Titans declined his fifth year option.

Here’s how a NFC North scout described him pre-draft:

“That is a dude, right there. He was busting up Ohio State in the fourth quarter of that game not because he was more talented than those guys but because he just wanted it more. He’s tougher than old beef jerky. He fits in our division.”

If they move on from Germain Ifedi and/or George Fant and don’t draft a replacement, we’ve seen them take on reclamation projects in the past. Conklin could be an option.

The issue with all of the suggestions above is they’re all big names or former high draft picks. That’s not how the Seahawks built their Super Bowl team. They signed players who’d been disrespected or ignored. Players falling into the mid-to-late rounds of the draft, players left unsigned in free agency. The only real splurge they had was the post-lockout spend on Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and co.

I can write out names like this but the reality is they probably need to find some of the missing grit, determination and passion to prove people wrong. That might be as important as the need for physicality. Have some of their recent draft picks truly arrived on a mission to make it? They might be good players but were they pissed off for greatness, as we used to say about Richard Sherman and others?

The Seahawks have really good players. They have an exceptional quarterback. Whether they have the ‘edge’ to be great — that’s the big question.

If you have any further suggestions, let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Matt

    Excellent write up.

    IMO, Jamal Adams is exactly the type of guy they need, from a personality and leadership perspective. Him and Blair would be very intriguing despite neither being a true FS.

    I’d also be intrigued by investing another decent pick on a TE similar to Will Dissly and be able to run 2 TE sets while not sacrificing a ton in the passing game. DK and Lockett are major threats on the perimeter – I think another Dissly type could be devastating for opposing defenses.

    • Coleslaw

      Agree on another legit TE. Dissly and someone else would be awesome.

      Remember how George Kittle went like 1 or 2 spots ahead of us? What if we had Dissly and Kittle?!

  2. SandJuggler

    Rob – man, thanks for sharing the tape of Joseph. Made me fondly recall Kenny Easley (minus a little speed and hands) but every hit was with violent intentions and sent the ball carrier backwards. THAT is what the Seahawks need. I really like the Jets’ safety too when you’d suggested him originally. We need to get our SWAGGER back and J-Reed’s toughness inside with a hard-hitting sledge hammer at safety would be a great start. I wonder too if Blair can play FS? I’d heard he has the speed….

    Lastly, I haven’t heard the comparison stated elsewhere but curious what you think of the analogy: to me, Carson and Penny are like Watters and Alexander.

    Have been a silent but enthusiastic patron since the start! You’re one of the best in the business… keep up the great work (*you too community!)!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man. I hope Carson and Penny can achieve that status in the future. I’ll settle for a productive game against Arizona first!

      • Rando31

        Is Isaiah Simmons a BAMF caliber player? Looks an awful lot like Kam… Put Blair at FS. He ran a similar time as Earl Thomas at combine. Way faster than Macdougald.

        • Rando31

          Bradley mcdougald ran a 4.74 40

          Earl Thomas ran a 4.43

          Marquise Blair ran a 4.48

        • Rob Staton

          He’s not a soul eater like Kam. Has size and athleticism. More of a wrap-up tackler than a hitter. Some people think he’ll go top-15-20.

    • Simo

      I also loved the Joseph highlights, he clearly looks like the type of intimidating player we could use. Wondering though, if this isn’t the exact role that Blair was drafted to fill? Not that I would mind having Joseph on the team, as another tone setter like that would be outstanding!

      No doubt we could use better safety play, a BAMF even, but how about better CB play as well? Our starters seem to be just average players, and they certainly aren’t ball hawks or physical with receivers. Way to many free releases for WR’s and no intimidation. Despite other issues, our defense was at its best when Sherm and Browner were harassing and beating up receivers.

  3. john_s

    A couple of players in the draft i would love are

    Javon Kinlaw – 3T/5T
    Jonathon Greenard – LEO
    Darnay Holmes – Nickel

    • JimQ

      DE-Oluwole Betiku, Jr, Illinois (Formerly USC’s 5-star recruit) Minimal stats up until this season where he has a good start however, playing against Akron, UConn, E. Michigan & Nebraska. 3 of his TFL’s & 1 sack were against Nebraska, their toughest game so far. Listed at 6-3/250 – A Potential pass rushing LEO?

      So far this season: At or near the top of FBS stats in 4-games: 7 sacks, 10.5-TFL, 5-QBH. From Nigeria, came to USA at age 16 & he was a 5-star recruit and perhaps should be considered a “Late Bloomer”? Only a junior so he may or may not enter the draft however if he keeps these stats up he’ll likely come out. One I’ll be watching as the BIG-10 season progresses.

  4. cha

    At the moment I don’t have a player trade or draft suggestion.

    But part of a remedy might be Sunday. The Cards are #30 in rushing defense. You want to limit Kyler’s effectiveness.

    Bellore. Fant. Line up in jumbo formation and tell Carson this is his game. Pound the rock. Pound the snot out of them. Then line up and do it again. When the Cards’ D stiffens, tell RW to read-option and for God’s sake keep the ball. Break their spirit with a 9 yard scramble. Then play action some throws to Lockett and Metcalf.

    • Eli

      Arizona also has an average QB rating against of like 120. Russ is going to have a big day.

    • dcd2

      AZ is also terrible at guarding the TE (thus far). 100+/TD (twice) and 75/2TD last week. Hopefully great games for Will and Carson.

    • Simo

      Definitely understand where you’re going with this, but I also think the Hawks offense is best when we’re a little unpredictable. Sometimes it seems like Pete and Shotty repeatedly fall into the play calling trap of run on 1st and 2nd and then throw on 3rd. This is great if it works, and maybe that game plan will work perfectly against AZ. It doesn’t work against better defenses though, or better coaches and schemes designed to stop the main thing our offense is trying to establish.

      I really hope this game is a coming out party for Carson, but that the overall play calling is unpredictable and creative, keeping AZ off balance all game.

  5. Robeetle12

    Why in the hell do you make Collier inactive?…A first round choice that missed the whole pre season?…Get this guy out there every week. Get Blair into this line up. Let him get experience and HIT people. This secondary looks like a convelecent home. WEAK tackling and zero head for the ball. “Ball hawks”…NOT seeing it. T2….Nope…Hill…NOPE…..McDougald looked like a drunken sailor last week. Let the draft picks PLAY.

    • Ronni Bostromi

      It takes time for Rookies to adjust, especially when they missed valuable time before the season even started. If they were ready and were the best bets to help the team win right now, they’d be out there.

      Although our secondary isn’t phenomenal, it is serviceable. We didn’t lose last week on account of our secondary. Bridgewater had about 175 yards and he was hardly pressured.

    • Rob Staton

      I think after this start I agree. It’s time to get the young guys out there.

  6. Brett

    Not a shred of analytics in this next comment, but as BAMF names go, Tyler Biadasz is pretty good.

  7. cha

    Being reported that S Adrian Colbert promoted to the active roster and Gary Jennings has tweeted “God has never failed me yet” possibly indicating he’s the released player.

    • Rob Staton

      Seems that way. Interesting. They clearly didn’t want to lose Colbert. Hopefully he can provide a spark if he ends up playing.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Gary Jennings? That would be disappointing… WTF is our problem with R4WRs!??

    • cha

      Jennings not at practice today, seems to confirm that he’s been cut.

  8. Paul Cook

    A nice bunch of names and players and situations to entertain.

  9. mishima

    Jennings will get claimed. Bad move.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Possibly a bad move, but not based on his production to date.

    • WALL UP

      Waiving Jennings carries an element of risk, but I wouldn’t second guess JS’s calculations at this point. Even though it may be an unpopular decision, it’s the right decision. At this point in the season he just might slip thru waivers onto the P.S.

    • GoHawksDani

      Good decision. Jennings showed nothing. Being drafted at R4 means nothing. If their mantra is Always Compete, then act accordingly. It shows other players too: We don’t care who you are, where you came, you need to produce

      • neil

        Like Calitro

  10. Rob Staton

    Did anyone else notice in the piece… the Seahawks are 11-7 at home since the start of 2017. 11-7!

    That’s incredible for this team.

    • mishima

      Not surprising. Different town, different team, different fans…all soft.

    • TomLPDX

      I did and it’s sad. We used be considered the toughest venue to come to for a while and now…it’s Bruce’s home away from home.

      You guys know that this is typical seahawks. we aren’t even out of the first quarter of the season and we’ve gotten 2 first downs and then 3 and a punt. We all know that the Hawks get better as the season wears on…but unfortunately, it wears on us as fans. Hang in there guys!

      Go Hawks!!!


      It is stunning. What’s worse is we’ve actually gotten comfortable with it.

    • Matt

      Nobody worries about playing us. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  11. Robeetle12

    Well, the Hawks had a weird game so I don’;t think it’s time to go bizzarro world. But I like Penny and I think he can be the perfect COP back. Carson is a BAMF and has had 3 punch out “fumbles”. So what?….Those aren’t on him so much as to say instead of extending an arm to cushion your fall protect the ball.

    That is correctable and hopefully it won’t hurt his incredible ability to thrash tacklers.

  12. Sea Mode

    Kind of a boring presser from PC today. Here are the notes anyways:

    Head Coach Pete Carroll Week 4 Wednesday Press Conference

    On Cards:
    – First look at air raid system. New coach, new offense. First division game.
    – One big difference between college and pro air-raid is that in the pros, the ball is in the middle of the field more often.
    – Extremely athletic QB, bigtime RB, inside WR.
    – Larry Fitzgerald is blocking less that in the past but can still do anything you give him a chance to.
    – Tons of challenges for new coaches coming in and transitioning to pros. Game is similar, but you work with guys more extensively and the players are more opinionated.
    – 12s have travelled really well to Arizona.
    – PC doesn’t feel any special animosity or anything towards playing in that stadium (injuries, SB). Things happen there and could happen anywhere else too.
    – Jordan Hicks and Hasaan Reddick are fast and aggressive attacking off the edge.

    On Seahawks:
    – Luke Willson: fortunate to get a guy who knows our program. Techno Thurs. still on the block.
    – Steelers were after Vannett for some time.
    – Why isn’t Hollister ready to step in for Vannett? Different style player. His time is coming.
    – RE: Carson- “You’re going to see absolute support for our guy”.
    – Tre Flowers is better than last year, more confident. Been seeing the ball coming his way more because of how well Shaq has been playing.
    – Fant is used in many ways, could play on both sides, but we like his current role.
    – Maybe getting hit in the nose threw PC off last game, but coaching mistakes have been addressed.
    – Kicking coverage has been good except for the one big return. (4.5 hang time, 38 yds: we should have been able to cover it)

    On Injuries:
    – Penny will practice today.
    – Duane Brown will be rested today. He’s sore, but no serious injury.
    – TT will practice today in a limited fashion. One day at a time. Lano has played well and the competition is on for the spot.
    – Pocic is healing. Will get some work today and see how he responds.
    – Ed Dickson is working at getting back. To early to say.

    • Rob Staton

      All of the post-Saints stuff has been ho-hum. Very little that has challenged PC.

      • Sea Mode

        Maybe the coaching staff needs a little badassery injection itself…

        Dan Quinn was pretty awesome. Other than that, meh.

        • mishima

          Suggested similar just below.

          Looking forward to seeing how Rod Marinelli defends Saints/Kamara. Can’t do worse than Pete/Norton.

          Cowboys 38 / Saints 13

    • mishima

      Hate to say it, but kind of burning out on Pete.

      Wondering: Is Pete responsible for this crisis of bad-assery? Is the team just a reflection of the coach? Did we prematurely sacrifice BAMFs to better build the team in Pete’s image? Did we throw out the baby with the bath water? Has ego/culture complicated (bureaucratized?) what should be a simple game?

      If so, team needs to get clear from top down. Everything else will follow.

      • Submakerman

        The Sherman’s and Bennett and Earl maybe were too empowered and became distractions. Now the team has been remade. And all these new guys think they’re the next bunch of bamfs…because that’s who they replaced. But they’re not. McDougald is solid but wouldn’t start for half the league. The o line…has a few cast offs on it. Same as the d line…

        • mishima

          No problem getting rid of those 3, but their competitiveness needs to be replaced.

          • TomLPDX

            mishima, you kind of answered your own question above with this response. Those 3 were BAMFs yet you have no problem getting rid of them. I think Pete is going to be Pete, and that means letting people be themselves…remember he preached that for years. These 3 became belligerent towards Pete and his authority (as a figure) and he actually empowered them to be that way. I wish we still had Sherm and Earl and my Aggie bro MikeB, but we don’t. They grew up and left the family…good luck to them.

  13. Dale Roberts

    I think you’re overstating the importance of BAMF and underestimating what the Seahawks have in place.

    Let me see if I understand your argument. It’s not about BAMF in general but rather specifically for the Seahawks’ style of play. The Patriots don’t have BAMF yet they continue to dominate. Kansas City isn’t a team that beats you up but they should be considered a favorite for the Super Bowl. Your theory is that Marshawn and Kam were the equivalent of the NBA theory of a small group of unstoppable stars setting the tone and carrying the team above league parity.

    Everybody (except the Dolphins) has a talented team but to contend you have to add coaching, a stellar QB, a dominant defensive player, and execution.
    Pete Carroll… check.
    Russell Wilson… check.
    Bobby Wagner… check.
    Execution… uh, well no.

    You stated in a prior article that as good as Russell Wilson is he can’t do it alone and I certainly agree. However, superior talent at key positions isn’t enough and a team with superior execution will beat pure talent. I think what gets lost in the glitter of stardom is how smart the stars are, how well they use their superior talents to execute the game plan and play off of each other. The Seahawks just got Jadeveon Clowney who is undeniably a star yet he’s had minimal impact… why? The offensive line have Mike Iupati and DJ Fluker who have been BAMF type linemen yet they can’t seem to consistently open running lanes and extend drives… why? Russell Wilson has been great and Bobby Wagner has been Bobby so why has the team struggled?


    On defense Clowney, Ansah, and Reed haven’t played a single snap together. The defensive backfield is young and seemingly in constant flux. Leaving Kendricks in the game instead of going to a nickel is new. They just aren’t working together yet. Kam wouldn’t have been able to lower the boom if he wasn’t confident Earl had his back. Last year Bradley McDougald was taking out receivers with timely, big hits (think Kansas City). Where are those plays this year?

    The offense is it’s own worst enemy. The right side of the offensive line continues to blow drives with penalties and miss assignments. And then there are the fumbles. As good as Russell has been you can still see an adjustment to the receiving corp and Lockett’s modified position. How many points would we have scored against the Saints without the penalties, turnovers, and miss communications in the passing game?

    Even special teams and Michael Dickson have taken a step back in execution.

    Marshawn, Kam, Sherman, and Earl were transcendent players who had much more than BAMF going for them. Gronk said Earl delivered the hardest hit he had ever taken but being a hard hitter wasn’t his biggest strength. Face it, we got lucky and to Carroll’s credit he recognized what he had and ran with it. I don’t think we’re missing BAMF, I think we’re missing the execution that allows the stars to emerge. The Seahawks have traditionally been a team that gets better through the season. I believe we’ll see BAMF emerge as this reset team learns to play with each other.

    • Rob Staton

      “Let me see if I understand your argument. It’s not about BAMF in general but rather specifically for the Seahawks’ style of play.”

      The Seahawks want to play a physical brand of football and be the bully. They aren’t the bully. And since Marshawn and Kam departed they’ve lost the two individuals who helped set the tone and connected everything up. I believe they need that physical edge to compliment what they already have. I’ve never argued that every team needs a Kam + Marshawn to succeed. If you set out to be the toughest team though and you’re failing, it gets highlighted. That’s what I’m doing here. And yes it is about a lack of BAMF’s because if you want to be the bully you need those types. Seattle doesn’t.

      “The Patriots don’t have BAMF yet they continue to dominate. Kansas City isn’t a team that beats you up but they should be considered a favorite for the Super Bowl. Your theory is that Marshawn and Kam were the equivalent of the NBA theory of a small group of unstoppable stars setting the tone and carrying the team above league parity.”

      No. My theory is the Seahawks were the toughest team in the league and those two players were integral to that. Since they left they’ve lost the fear factor, intimidating presence that helped them become the best team in the league. They’re trying to build a team in that mould but they haven’t got anywhere near the players to make it happen.

      Other teams are built differently and there isn’t just one way to win. I’m not arguing that. The Rams win because they have a specific offense that is well schemed and executed and suits their personnel plus they have the best defensive player in the league who destroys games. Teams fear the Rams for those two reasons. The Pats have Brady and the greatest defensive mastermind ever as a Head Coach. Connected. Teams fear it like crazy. We’ll see if Kansas City do what they’re capable of. I suspect Mahomes alone won’t be enough. The Pats handled them in the playoffs. They need more on defense.

      Nobody fears the Seahawks and yet they set out to be feared. The defense doesn’t force pressure, doesn’t turn the ball over and doesn’t hit. All needed.

      Everybody (except the Dolphins) has a talented team but to contend you have to add coaching, a stellar QB, a dominant defensive player, and execution.
      Pete Carroll… check.
      Russell Wilson… check.
      Bobby Wagner… check.
      Execution… uh, well no.

      No team ever comes down to three guys and execution. It’s always more than that — even for the Pats. The Seahawks need more.

      I can address the rest here. Execution most certainly needs to be better. I wouldn’t deny that. But I can’t believe anyone looks at this Seahawks team and says yep… they have the dogs needed to play the physical brand of football they set out to achieve. They don’t. Nobody fears us in Seattle any more. 11-7 at home. We used to beat people up. We used to force turnovers and create pressure. The run game was consistent and fierece. Not any more. That needs to change.

      Just take the secondary for an example. You honestly look at that group and think it’s good enough? I think it’s miles away. They need more talent and yes — they most definitely one or two players who can provide this team with the physical soul it currently lacks that has teams dreading a trip to Century Link.

      • john_s

        This is true, there used to be a stat where teams who play the Seahawks, the next week they lose and lose by double digits.

        It took a while to recover from playing the Seahawks.

        This did not just include the star players it was guys like Heath Farwell and Jeron Johnson on special teams, Red Bryant and Tony McDaniel, Byron Maxwell, Clinton McDonald, JR Sweezy, Giaocomini, McQuistan…..

        • Rob Staton

          We used to mention it every week. Teams hated playing Seattle, were usually beaten up, then lost the following week.

          Not any more.

      • Dale Roberts

        Rob, your response validates my literary and analytical brilliance. LOL Actually I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to respond. Your response to our comments is the oil that keeps this community running.

  14. DC

    Would still love to get Calais Campbell on the Hawks. The dream is not dead…

    • Rob Staton

      It’s meant to be.

      If they’d been able to add him when he went to Jacksonville… that would’ve been a difference maker IMO.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Luke Willson back

  16. Eli

    Its too bad the Hawks drafted two LB’s this past draft, because I think Cal LB Evan Weaver would have been a great fit to add a rugged alpha-like type back to the defense. He’s basically BBK but bigger, and plays with a huge chip on his shoulder. Pains me to admit how much I admire him knowing he could have been a Dawg..

  17. charlietheunicorn

    Vannett out. Jennings cut.

    Bring back a fan favorite TE
    Would they bring back Jazz Ferguson onto the 53 man roster?

    This season started strangely, prior to the draft and has been ridiculous ever since with massaging the 53 man roster.. via addition and subtraction.

  18. Pran

    Here is quoting Dalvin cook

    / It’s part of our head coach’s identity,” Cook said. “That comes with the old-school rules. We know the type of defense we’ve got. If we can keep this thing close and keep this thing manageable for us to go win the football game, that’s part of running the football and taking big shots and making plays and just converting. That’s what Zim likes to do. I like it if that’s what Zimmer likes to do.” /
    This is Pete’s too. Unfortunately we do not have that level of defense yet resulting in inconsistency. Pete need to adjust or we should be patient for one more season.

  19. line_hawk

    Kris Durham, Chris Harper, Kevin Norwood, Gary Jennings- 4th round receiver trend continues

    It’s crazy how many mid rounds picks they have blown in the past 4-5 years.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Silver lining… they kept Ursua (R7)!!

    • Dale Roberts

      Following is a list of fourth round picks since 2000. The difference in the number of productive players acquired in the fourth round since John/Pete is striking. From 2000 to 2009 I only count four players who were productive. I count ten since 2010 not including Amadi and Haynes who will probably be significant contributors or Jennings who still has a chance. Glowinski and Howard became starters for other teams.

      —– 2000 thru 2009 —–
      Marcus Bell
      Orlando Huff
      Curtis Fuller
      Floyd (porkchop) Womack
      Terreal Bierria
      Seneca Wallace
      Solomon Bates
      Niko Koutouvides
      Ray Willis
      Rob Sims
      Baraka Atkins
      Mansfield Wrotto
      Red Bryant
      —– 2010 thru 2019 —–
      Walter Thurmond
      EJ Wilson
      KJ Wright
      Chris Durham
      Robert Turbin
      Jay Howard
      Kris Harper
      Kevin Norwood
      Cassius Marsh
      Kevin Pierre-Louis
      Terry Poole
      Mark Glowinski
      Tedric Thompson
      Will Dissly
      Gary Jennings
      Phil Haynes
      Ugo Amadi

      • line_hawk

        Yes, that 4th round list doesn’t look bad at all. Thanks for getting that list.

        Its the guys in 2nd and 3rd round that has me concerned. Usually, in these rounds, if you can draft some mediocre and a couple of stars, you will be set.

        Instead, they have drafted mostly mediocre with some absolute busts (Odhiambo, Darboh, Mcdowell, Nazair types) like guys out of the league in 2 years type.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not to pick on you, but can you name a single R4 WR picked by any team in the last 6 years that hasn’t been mostly a bust?

      Here are the names so you decide for yourself:

      2013: Ace Sanders (101), Josh Boyce (102) Chris Harper (123), Quinton Patton (128)
      2014: Jalen Saunders (104), Bruce Ellington (106), Shaq Evans (115), Martavis Bryant (118), Kevin Norwood (123)
      2015: Jamison Crowder (105), Justin Hardy (107), Vince Mayle (123), DeAndere Smelter (132)
      2016: Chris Moore (107), Malcolm Mitchell (112), Ricardo Louis (114), Demarcus Robinson (126)
      2017: Dede Westbrook (110), Josh Reynolds (117), Mack Hollins (118), Josh Malone (128), Ryan Switzer (133), Jehu Chesson (139), Chad Hansen (141)
      2018: Keke Coutee (103), Antonio Callaway (105), DaeSean Hamilton (113), Jaleel Scott (132), J’mon Moore (133)
      2019: Hakeem Butler (103), Gary Jennings (120), Riley Ridley (126)

      I guess Crowder and Westbrook aren’t bad, but then they were drafted at the opening of the Fourth, not at the end. Ryan Switzer? Meh, he’s ok but hardly an offensive weapon. But really nobody else.

      So like literally 2 or 3 WR out of 32? Fourth round WR busts are a League wide phenomenon, not a Seahawks/JS/PC problem.

      • line_hawk

        There are some solid players in that list (Dede Westbrook, Jamison Crowder, Josh Reynolds, Martavis Bryant), some ok ones who have contributed (Justin Hardy, Demarcus Robinson).

        Its not only that Hawks picks have busted but that they have been cut in less than six months after drafting. Chris Harper was the highest drafted player cut in 2013. Jennings might be this year if not for Jachai Polite.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I already said Westbrook and Crowder are ok and I’ll give ya Reynolds. He certainly has the size and stature, if not the production. The others aren’t good. Bryant had a decent rookie season but it’s been all down hill since to the point where he’s not even in the League anymore. Hardy and Robinson still are, but I wouldn’t take either over any of the current Seahawks WRs.

          I think Jennings was the roster casualty because that’s the position they have the greatest depth with. They needed to make room for Colbert and they obviously felt Jennings had the best chance to clear waivers and join the PS and/or losing him would have the least impact on the team if he got claimed. For me, I’d rather have Jennings than Brown, who hasn’t done anything so far this season. But I get why they prefer Brown’s experience. And I’m glad they’re protecting Ursua.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Meant to say, my point is that there are few decent WRs in the NFL who were drafted in R4, like literally 3 out of 32 in the last 6 drafts. For every 10 WRs taken in R4, only 1 will turn out to be a productive pro. So while SEA have missed on 4 attempts in the last 6 drafts, that’s not necessarily a Schneider/Carroll thing.

            And it’s not like SEA have struck out in R4 at other positions. Dissly and Amadi are two recent examples. Too soon to say for sure about Amadi, though he looks promising. But I’d argue Dissly is already the best Seahawks TE since Zach Miller, and at least at this point, better than any other TE who was drafted in 2018 before he was with pick 120, including Hayden Hurst (25), Mike Gesicki (42) and Dallas Goedert (49).

    • Dale Roberts

      Even the top picks at receiver usually don’t pop until year two. Jennings flashed at times. I remember an article where Shottsy said Jennings was borderline dominant in a stretch of practices during camp. To me it looked like his was just trying too hard and was overwhelmed. I won’t be surprised if he’s a serious contender to contribute in year two/three whether it’s here or someplace like Miami. I also won’t be surprised if he gets pulled back onto the roster when someone claims him either now or from the practice squad. If DK continues to impress good-but-never-special Jaron Brown becomes expendable. I think Jennings will make an impact if we can keep him around long enough to develop but that’s a big “IF”.

  20. neil

    Looks like a lot of players on the injury list again for this week. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the Hawks bring in a new conditioning staff two years ago? I understand you cannot account for twisted knees, torn ligaments, and such but hamstring, back and groin injuries should be held to minimum by proper conditioning, no?

  21. matt

    Rob. I read your first paragraph and immediately came here to comment. Oh and I did read your ‘Their not scary anymore.”
    My question would be who is? The saints front line was pretty impressive,for relevancy. There’s only one team on defense in the nfl that scares anyone,,, Yes, Chicago.
    Several teams have scary offenses. attributable to the offensive age we live in.
    But I think the thing you’re missing in your analysis and desire (which we all have) for a dominant defense fueled by BAMFS is the simple fact that that defense 2013 t0 2017was top 3 or 4 in the history of the nfl. 100 years of nfl.
    That ain’t replicated easily. So one it’s way to early to go there, two can or when will it happen again and three,you don’t have to be scary. What we need is for the defense to improve, the offense to get in gear, less mistakes and all parts to work together. That will win you chips this year or next. Go Hawks

    • Rob Staton

      I never said that my expectation is to recreate the legendary defense of 2011-14. That’s not the point I’m making at all.

      The point is, this is a team that has consistently and openly stated it is their desire to be the bully. To be the physical tone-setter. The GM has literally used the word ‘bully’ on the radio. The Head Coach’s philosophy is based upon having a team that is really unpleasant to play against.

      That is why I’m saying they need BAMF’s. It’s nothing to do with any other teams, how many are ‘scary’, there not being other ways to win. It’s purely to do with their stated aims and why they are not achieving them.

      I’ll also say — I think it’s about more than just a tweak here, an improvement there. I cannot watch our secondary and think it’s a game or two away from being at the level it needs to be. There’s almost no playmakers, no grit or intensity. They aren’t hitting anyone. Teams used to come to Seattle and look across at the sideline at Kam and Marshawn and think… oh no. Now I sense they look at our sideline and think… we’ve got this. And they’re 11-7 at home in the last 18 games. Not a coincidence for me.

      • Hawkster

        The desire to be the bully and the good fortune to be able to be a bully are seperate things. They wanted to be a bully and got a couple of legends, Lynch and Kam. Wanting to be a bully does not mean you are going to find another Lynch and Kam. The idea/recipe/want worked once, there is no reason to preseume it will work again … folks like Lynch are uncommon. If the recepie for winning depends on being a bully then winning will cvome occasionally and well when it does and be well-punctuated with pronounce dry spells becausethe fact is plenty of other teams whant to knock people around as well.

        They want to run the ball. If all of your RBs catch the wrong plane and are not availabe for a game, then what you want doesn’t matter. One works with what they have. I see a lack of flexibility in PC at times. Just when I think it has gotten over the top he surprises and adds a twist, but at the end of the day they depend inordinately on bullying and tight execution of a compratively simple offense and a comparatively simple defense – both that are played with few wrinkles , both the require in your face edge and execution. One needs to accept it often wont work.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know why you’ve framed it in this way. Firstly, the implication that the Seahawks were merely ‘lucky’ to be the bully the first time out. That they somewhat stumbled into Kam and Marshawn and well what do you know… we just happen to be the toughest, meanest, most physically punishing team in the league. That’s a very weird way to describe team building and the achievement of creating the type of team you want.

          Secondly, I have never argued the recipe for winning ‘depends’ on being the bully. People keep making claims that I or others haven’t stated. Let me make it clear again. If you publicly set out to be the bully and don’t achieve it then it is inevitable that a website like this will analyse how and why and discuss reasons to get that status back. Simple.

          Thirdly — you seem to be framing Pete Carroll as inflexible simply because he has identified a philosophy. Every coach has a philosophy. Pete’s has led to 100 wins in less than 10 years and a first Super Bowl for this city. How ‘flexible’ did he need to be when he built that team? You don’t throw everything out the window because of a rough start. Should they suddenly switch to an entirely different philosophy just because they’re in the middle of a reset? Of course not.

  22. Sea Mode

    Wrote it the other day but decided at last minute not to post: I think we could have taken McLaurin in R2 and still gotten Blair in R4 instead of Jennings. How good would Lockett, Metcalf, and McLaurin have looked…

    (Has little to do with hindsight on Jennings, whom we actually identified as a clear Seahawks profile, and more to do with my pre-draft evaluations of McLaurin and Blair.)

    Classic Seahawks who “overdraft” to get their guy IMO. Of course, I hope they prove me completely wrong on Blair now that he is a Seahawk. Maybe now we are seeing more clearly that his potential to bring any BAMF element whatsoever back to the defense was worth the “reach”. May it be.

    • Whit21

      No offense but we will never know where blair would have been taken if they passed on him in the second round. Just because the so called draft experts didnt have a second round grade, doesnt mean one of the other 31 teams had the same grade. only takes 1 team to want him. Case in point the raiders when Al Davis was still alive selected a safety that mel kiper didnt even have being drafted, and they selected him in the 2nd round.

      The only knock on the hawks is that while they “overdraft”. They go after guys they want, where they think they can get them. like any team, they dont want to settle for another guy because they waited too long.. If they did that with Russell Wilson, which was said to be a “reach” the eagles were waiting 3 picks later to get him.

      • Sea Mode

        No offense taken. It’s just my opinion. The R4 grade is based on what I saw and where I thought Blair would go, not what any other draft guys said. Of course I could be dead wrong and some other team could have taken him in R2 or R3.

  23. Gohawks5151

    Hard to dispute you particularly because Blair is yet to hit the field. I feel like he is on track though. Kam didn’t start at all as a rookie. Sherm took half a season. He has some things to clean up and being hurt early hurt his chances to see the field early but if you squint you can see why they think he will be a stud. I liked McLaurin too. He looks like a beast. But he may stand out more on a talent deficient offense that is willing to they’re the ball a ton. He is also a bit of overlap with Tyler and David Moore’s skill set. They like Moore a lot and he had a great first half past year. He is also still learning as he was a D-II guy when drafted. Our 2nd round rookie doing well also.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, definitely not trying to pass judgement on Blair. Like I said, I hope I’m proven dead wrong on my evaluation of him.

      Not sure about an overlap of skill sets at WR. Maybe a bit, but I’ll take the better speed, talent, and competitor over a slightly better fit. Certainly he’s gotten his opportunities with 24 targets over the first 3 games. But he’s turned those into 16 catches for 257yds and 3 TDs. And when your offense is otherwise a bit talent deficient, opposing defenses also tend to focus on you.

      If anything, we just need to get Ursua more snaps and see if he can’t take on more of Baldwin’s role. For now, as Jim Nagy pointed out, Dissly is the one filling those shoes as a threat down the middle of the field.

      • Gohawks5151

        True on Ursua. He has a good feel for soft spots in coverage and that same spring in his step as Doug. I feel like Dissly’s success may be part of why they let Jennings go. Jennings best skill was running down the seams. Not that Dissly is the homerun threat that he was but his deception running them from being an in-line tight end pops him open more often.

    • McZ

      If we want Blair to start, we should give him some snaps first.
      If you are high on a guy to pick him #47, then play him.

      Same goes for Amadi. This guy was a Oregon D captain, we need such guys. Give him the nickel spot.

      Or Ursua… RE has one weak spot, and it ‘s the 10-19yd range. If we could manage to route Ursua in the back of the LBs, which would lower the pressure to our line.

      I’m prepared to go 9-7, even 7-9 if we come out of this season with some reasonable amount of player development.

      • McZ


      • GoHawksDani

        Agreed. A bit strange that they always block their younger guys. OK, No rookie could take ETIII or Kam’s or Avril’s or Sherm’s spot. That is understandable. But Lano or McDougald? Taylor?
        Let them play. If they burn themselves then good, they can learn from it.
        I’m lost with this….other teams plays most of their 3rd sometimes even 4th round picks in their first year. Are Hawks rookies always injured in camp and it’s just bad luck or conditioning, or are they holding back them to further develop them? Last year a ton of rookies started. I have no exact number, but I feel there were at least 6-7 rookies that were used heavy in rotation or were the main workhorse. I know Penny had some injuries, but still. It’s down right laughable how they don’t use him heavily. They hold back Collier, Blair, Amadi.
        Yeah they played DK, but that’s more because of the need for the position in my opinion.
        Collier healthy? Good, use him a ton. Penny healthy? Good use him as nr1, because Carson needs to learn to hold the ball and Penny need more reps to gain exp. Use DK a lot (6-7 targets/game), put in Ursua to see if he’s legit or not. Start Blair. Play at least 50% nickel with mostly Amadi as the CB.
        Could Jamarco Jones be better than Ifedi? If you don’t plan on keeping Ifedi, and deep PO run is a longshot, use Jones as RT so he can gather experience.
        I know they’re using and used Dickson, Flowers, Dissly, DK. But all are/were positional needs. Who could you start as P? As CB opposing of Griffin? As starting TE? As 2nd/3rd WR? They only started using Green more. But he’s green (sorry), he didn’t have much game time exp from last year so basically he’s a rookie.
        They only push rookies to action when it’s a must, which make their development much slower

  24. Dale Roberts

    Why do people forget about one of the greatest Seahawk receivers of all time… Efren Herrera?


    Rob, there’s been a comment or two from PCJS that they really like Blair’s range and ball skills. With his speed I wonder if his best position might end up being FS. I loved how he was always around the ball at the catchup-point in preseason, in position to contest a lot of balls his way with a hit or a play in ball. Earl was a tremendous downhill tackler at times, coming all the way from centerfield on outside runs. What’s your take on his prospects there?

    • Rob Staton

      They might say they like his range and ball skills but I have absolutely no doubt his best positions is SS. He is not a rangy free safety. I’ve not seen evidence of that. There’s plenty of evidence that he can be a hammer.

      • GoHawksDani

        But still, Blair is a FS on the Hawks roster chart

  26. Mac

    I like Leonard Fournette, the guy is a sledgehammer. If we could get him, beef up our o line, and add some defensive talent; Our team could contend. We have some good pieces, I just miss Lynch smacking linebackers around, Brandon Browner jamming players and players who burned him got rewarded on crossers by getting demolished by Bam Bam. We had some inconsistencies, but we always tried to break our opponents will.

    We’ve had some failures in draft picks, but so has everyone else. The broncos used free agency in ‘14-‘15 to get themselves a super bowl but went into obscurity. Free agency is not as rewarding as building a core through the draft over the long haul. If we renewed our focus to building the bully, I would be able to accept defeats better, right now nobody fears Seattle.

    • Barry

      Unfortunately Fournette is Legarrette Blount 2.0. Only plays when he wants. Perhaps he’ll be consistent when he’s older and more mature as Blount was but then he’ll just bounce around the same.

  27. WALL UP

    One thing you can be sure of, is that the roster churning will continue on the P.S. With the addition of Carney, via a Polite subtraction, this indicates how detailed JS/PC & Co. are in their quest of finding “their guys,” those workmen like type of players that defines what it means in being a Seahawk. Malik just may be one of those. Apparently, Polite was not.

    I was hoping that they would take a flyer on Malik either as there late pick, or as an UDFA. Happily, they finally get their hands on him. Mr. Carney brings his lunch box with him. He’s ready to work. He reminds me of Cliff, but not having the same speed off the edge. But, like Cliff, he’s all about the ball. He gets after it. Needless to say, I love the addition. He’ll work his tail off while he’s there.

  28. Sea Mode

    The Pete Carroll 100

    It’s kind of strange watching this. Doesn’t seem like it’s already been 5 years since our peak. Maybe the fondness of the memories make it seem more recent in our minds.

    So similar to my favorite soccer club, FC Barcelona. Just like the Seahawks, they are still a good team, they still have their RW and Bobby, so to speak, (=Messi) but have struggled to replace some key figures around him and re-capture the magic of those great years with Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, (a coach who knew how to use them), and a ton of other role players who were very good at what they did. Even the big-name trident of Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suárez never had as much Champions League success as the aforementioned trio.

    Messi, Xavi, Iniesta – The Greatest Trio | End of an Era

    I don’t know if it’s just something common to sports that teams get too caught up longing for the glory days and trying to get back to what they had with a group of generational players. It wasn’t supposed to be about just those players, but about a style of play that could and would live on. But, honestly, it hasn’t really. Now newly-promoted first league teams come to play us believing that they can get a result. Sound similar to Seahawks football?

    I don’t know what/who the answer to the BAMF question is. Nor do I know how much we should adjust/tweak our style with the times and innovate as opposed to reinforcing the identity that has brought us success in the past. Just wanted to toss out this comparison between my two favorite clubs in the world.

    • Gohawks5151

      Time flies. Crazy to think about. Rebuilding/reloading is a task few actually do well. Hope we are on the exception side. A few observations:

      – Young Earl in the first few games makes me think they should take their lumps and put in Blair. Let him learn on the job. Amadi too at nickel. Lets see what they got

      – The D as a whole just seemed to be around the ball a lot more. Not just the LOB but Red, Browner, Hawthorne etc. Whats the difference now? Talent? Less man coverage? Has the way offenses approach us changed that much since 2011-2015?

      – No more offensive imagination or trickery. It seems like they used to do that stuff all the time. Its a little gimicky but we have given up the flea flicker twice already. At a simpler level, why doesn’t DK get at least a few bubble screen every game? They are backed off 10 yrds because of the speed and he is big and strong. An extension of the run game. RPOs?

      – Deon Butler was once a thing!

      • McZ

        Those players came from a team that was a laughing stock. They had every motivation to punch around.
        You cannot replicate this with a 10-6 team, I guess.

        PC seems to be sending a few messages right now, sending underachievers away. This is a good thing, and Vannett and Jennings can only be the start.

        • Sea Mode

          There is definitely something to be said for staying hungry, chip on your shoulder, and just flat out wanting it more than the other team.

          Both Seahawks and Barcelona are missing just that. As you say, it is hard to stay hungry when you have won everything there is to win (Barça) or are a consistent 10-win team (Seattle).

          Hopefully with only Russ, Bobby and KJ having won the SB our young guys will bring that edge back to the team.

  29. Sea Mode

    Dane Brugler

    Clemson’s Jackson Carman is one of CFB’s top up-and-coming left tackles. And he wasn’t shy in his praise for #Charlotte EDGE Alex Highsmith.

    “I’ve been playing football for 12 years and he’s by far the fastest off the ball I’ve ever gone against. Ever.”

    3:38 PM · Sep 26, 2019

    Dane Brugler

    His teammates call him Thanos.

    Dabo Swinney called him the best player Clemson has faced in 2019.

    Meet @CharlotteFTBL pass rusher Alex Highsmith – a former walk-on who has earned attention from NFL scouts.

    Jim Nagy

    Replying to @dpbrugler and @CharlotteFTBL

    Fan 🙋‍♂️

    9:34 PM · Sep 25, 2019

    Haven’t found much film, but will likely be a low 10-yd split guy. Is 6025, 244 lbs. Did seem to get pushed around in the run game a bit vs. Clemson.

    Here’s at least an example of the burst off the edge:

  30. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, I completely agree with you but thought we were excited about drafting a few new BAMFs this year… Collier, Blair, Barton, Haynes, Amadi – and maybe throw in Metcalf now?

    I still prefer describing our players and philosophy (physical, gritty, intense, selfless players with chips on their shoulders) as “Blue Collar” which I believe represented Seattle perfectly in 2012-13. It was more than a philosophy, it was our DNA.

    Then, along with our city, we started transforming into more of a “White Collar” team (selfish, entitled, faux hipsters softies). See home field advantage… 11-7!

    I hope we can reestablish our identity (on the football field), breed and cultivate that gritty, selfless intensity and draft some more BAMFs. I believe Chris Carson, Dissly, Fant, Haynes, our LBs, Collier, Ford, Flowers, Griffen, Blair, and Amadi already have that edge, Pete just needs to harness and exploit it.

    Then you sprinkle in RW3, Lockett, Metcalf, D. Brown, Clowney, Reed, Ifedi (at guard), and your 2020 draftees… we might just be set for a while.

    Priorities are Safety and DL.


  31. CHawk Talker Eric

    Oh my. Louisville LT Mekhi Becton is 6’7″ 370 lbs!

    Give him a look at RT

    • Volume12

      Was very impressed with him against ND week 1.

    • McZ

      Somehow, nobody talks about Trey Adams.
      Seems like his injury history keeps his stock low.

      • Rob Staton

        Well the injury history is massively significant. I don’t think there’s any mystery as to why very few people still consider him a R1 pick.

        • McZ

          It’s clear he is not a R1, because there are other guys. But he puts in a lot of effort, and he always was an all-in player.

          If we could get him with a R2 pick, I would not argue. Same goes for Throckmorton, and then there are a couple of under the radar guys in later rounds.

      • Eli

        Unfortunate for him since injury concerns are generally overstated. Would be neat if he fell a bit and we could nab him.

      • Barry

        What I’ve had the chance to see Adams still has the athleticism. Moved very well and light for his size. But the injuries and durability are huge concerns.

  32. Volume12

    Love when this happens. Watching LSU LB JaCobey Stevens, but someone else pops. Texas LT Sam Cosmi. Good lord what a talent. Blew me away.

    • McZ

      Cosmi to me is borderline R1. But then, a lot of guys are. Too eaely to judge.

  33. McZ

    Just stumbled over Tony Paulines summer draft grades for Cal Bears. He has Evan Weaver as a 5th round pick. Evan Weaver will be PISSED if projected in 5th round, and you don’t want Evan Weaver to be pissed.

    I also like Ashtyn Davis, S and Chase Garbers, QB. The latter could one hell of a sleeper QB. He has sound mechanics and decision making, and stays in control even under pressure.

    Like to have a 6’8″ OL fridge? Just watch the TarHeels, when they play Clemson next weekend. The fridge’s name is Charlie Heck, LT. He might be a little stiff to play LT in the NFL, but what about RT?

    Also interesting is Myles Dorn, S. On the road to a career season, recorded 51 tackles on 8 games in 2018, and fought his way through a nasty knee injury.

    Hopefully, Jason Strowbridge, DT plays.

    • Barry

      With weavers athletics I’ll take my chances. If all else fails I’ll just run away from him.

  34. Sea Mode

    Fournette with 2nd-fastest top speed in NFL Week 3:

  35. Sea Mode

    Taking a look at yet another nickel CB?

    Howard Balzer

    Seahawks visits reported Wednesday: LB Malik Carney (signed to practice squad); CB Linden Stephens.

    10:04 PM · Sep 26, 2019

    Tiny arms (29.25″) and wingspan (73.25).

    • Eli

      Pretty poor testing numbers on top of it

  36. Rob Staton

    I can’t believe Shaquille Griffin was asked at a press conference today about teams avoiding him more this year.

    The Seahawks aren’t making any plays in the secondary, Flowers has had a rough time on the other side and Griffin has three career interceptions.

    That line of questioning after a horrible home loss? Come on.

    • Simo

      There’s only so many ways to improve this deficiency of lack of ball hawks and BAMFs in the secondary!

      1. Go out and make a trade for Ramsey or Adams, as these guys seem to always play with an edge. Are there other quality pieces potentially available? This option costs a fortune in draft capital of course, but might be worth it.

      2. Play your new guys, including Blair and Amadi, maybe even Colbert. What do you have to lose really, especially if the feeling is that the current guys just aren’t getting it done well enough. Since there’s no real track record on these guys, this option could go horribly bad!

      3. Wait until next off-season, blow this thing up and bring in some free agents and draft some new players to be the next faces of the secondary.

      4. Hope for significant improvement from the current group of guys. Have the coaches already seen enough to know this group isn’t going to cut it long term?

      Which way do you go?

      • Sea Mode

        Definitely door #2: Play the young guys and just continue to monitor the Ramsey and Adams situations in case the asking price ever goes down. Ramsey in particular doesn’t seem to be one who will kiss and make up with JAX once his pride has been hurt.

        Blowing it up doesn’t make much sense at this point considering we just drafted/acquired a bunch of these guys. Gotta give them a chance to show what they’ve got before spending more money and draft capital on those same positions.

      • mishima


        Play Blair/Amadi/Colbert. Need more thump from SS and speed from FS.

      • Rob Staton

        Well I’m convinced there aren’t any big trades going to happen now. So #1 is out. I think they need to play Blair at least and consider Amadi if things don’t improve. I sense that will happen if they continue to struggle against Arizona and LA. But to the question of what have they got to lose — quite a lot actually. I won’t blame them if they stick with experience for the next two games, both divisional and both winnable. I don’t think they need to blow anything up, they just need to add certain types of players and talent.

        • Simo

          I don’t disagree that option 2 may be the best one, while at the same time being open minded to potential trades that could improve the situation.

          Are you convinced that McDougald is playing at above average level? What is his best position anyway, is he a better FS or SS? I’m just not sure. The other safety position is a black hole right now and definitely need some improvement there.

          Hopefully we’ll see Blair and Amadi mixed into the action more and more over the coming weeks. They have been getting their feet wet a bit so should be getting more comfortable.

        • Del tre

          I think Blaire needs a shot at free safety, I don’t see him as a prototype rangey free dafety but he was adequate in cover 2 and has more speed than Thompson. That being said I think they should move to more dime coverage on third down, putting Delano Hill put there in place of Wright as he has played well in coverage against tight ends. I haven’t been impressed by Amadi, but I’m hoping he’s just figuring things out, the fact that he is getting snaps means the coaches see something. Go Hawks, itd be nice to get a win with 2 or 3 turnovers forced by our defense.

    • cha

      Good grief.

      Sometimes I wonder if the local reporting gets hypnotized by the feel-good-ness of the team.

    • Sea Mode

      They really asked that? Wow.

      I imagine it is because PC insinuated something of the sort in his presser yesterday explaining away why teams are picking on Flowers.

  37. cha

    Gregg Bell says Jennings is back on the team and a roster move is forthcoming.

    How odd.

    • cha

      Now we’re hearing it’s Mone they waived and not Jennings. Very strange.

      • cha

        Schefter says the Hawks ‘rescinded’ their wavier claim of Jennings and waived Mone instead.

        • cha

          Sounds like since they put the waiver in after 1pm, it wouldn’t take effect until the next day. They had time to rescind the claim and make the change.

          I wonder if it was a simple change of mind, or if a team low on the waiver claim list called and wanted to make a trade for Jennings that might interest the Hawks.

          • Sea Mode

            Hmmm, that last bit would be interesting. Another R5 incoming maybe?

    • Pran

      Jennings may have agreed to play DT or RB

      • Hawktalker#1


  38. astro.domine

    After rewatching the first half of the game, I was surprised by how good we played in the time between the punt return TD and then the Carson fumble (1qtr 12min –> 2qtr 7min). Great play by the o-line, and, when he didn’t slip, Carson was finding nice lanes; defense was solid. Remarkable how badly everything fell apart after that.

    • Sea Mode

      And their offense couldn’t do squat against us either in the first half.

      • astro.domine

        True, although we were fortunate they committed so many penalties

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          That works both ways though. The Hawks were so busy shooting themselves in the foot in every phase of the game that it got away from them.

  39. Awsi Dooger

    If the Seahawks want a tough guy on the cheap they should sign Vincent Taylor off the Bills’ practice squad. The Dolphins cut Taylor at the end of preseason. I’d say it was easily the most stunning cut from Miami in at least 5 years. Almost like intentionally trying to weaken the roster.

    Posters on Dolphins forums had been touting him as a potential star, and for a breakout season in 2019. That was always a reach but there’s no question Taylor is an NFL caliber player. Far superior to Dion Jordan, if you want that reference point. I think Taylor set some type of Pro Football Focus record for highest run stop percentage from a rookie. He always fared well in their evaluations.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting. Will check him out.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Could be a PS upgrade!!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        They’d have to sign him to the 53 man in order to acquire him from BUF

    • McZ

      If he’s a DE and he doesn’t come into VMAC wanting to take over someones job, he should stay in college.

      Same goes for Barton and BBK. Kendricks had three crap games in a row, and KJ is showing some age. Go, take their jobs. Work your ass off, be a MF.

      If Blair wants Hills job, he should gonto PC and tell him straight. Either PC agrees, or he will tell him what he has to do.

      WTF are these guys waiting for? The concept of competition doesn’t work for you, if you are second string arse wiper.

      • McZ

        Wrong post to answer

  40. cha

    Confirmed. They’re different people, not the same two guys living in alternate realities.

  41. John_s

    I think Beast Mode said it best

    • Rob Staton


      We need someone, somehow, to provide that attitude in the video above.

    • mishima

      The best.

    • DC

      “Run through a mother#*^ker face”

      Beast cracks me the hell up! Thanks for that.

    • Sea Mode

      “Then you don’t have to worry about him no mo…


    • GoHawksDani

      :DDD he might not be the sharpest knife, but Lynch is one of the funniest

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think Lynch is pretty smart. You don’t get into Cal unless you are, no matter how good an athlete you may be.

        • mishima

          Agree: Lynch is very smart. People confusing the brand for the man.

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    Interesting stat through 3 games: SEA lead the NFL in red zone scoring percentage at 89% (8 of 9), having not yet had to settle for a FG attempt inside the 20 (FYI, Myers has only 1 FG attempt so far in 3 games, a miss from 58 yards). That’s something we used to lament quite a bit on the Blog — the lack of red zone production, as well as lack of red zone efficiency and consistency. Remember trading a R1 pick for Jimmy Graham to solve that problem? Yeah well now they’re tops in the League at it.

    I think that’s a kind of badassery, to know you’re going to score a TD just about every time you get within 20 yards.

    About BAMF, I think there are guys who have what I would call BAMF tendencies, either in terms of attitude or ability, but they’re not true BAMF. For example, Chris Carson runs BAMF, but he’s not really a BAMF personality-wise, so not really a BAMF overall. Wagner is the best ILB in the League, but to me he’s more like a machine than a BAMF frothing at the mouth for greatness, partly because he’s just so damned efficient in his play, but also because he’s pretty reserved personally. Duane Brown is probably the closest the team has to a real BAMF, but he too lacks that “thing” and more walks softly while carrying a big stick, as it were.

    But when you have a true BAMF, like Lynch or Chancellor, that swagger they bring, it’s not only contagious, it’s reproducible by all those other guys who have BAMF tendencies, such that one Lynch/Kam can help a handful of others emerge as a solid BAMF core and thus a BAMF team. But absent that key player, that “Lynchpin” if you will, they’re somehow less than the sum of their competitive/athletic teamwork. I guess what I’m trying to say is that a true BAMF makes others BAMF too. I mean, what would the 300 have been without their Leonidas?

    SEA didn’t just have one true BAMF during their SB run, they had at least TWO, one on each side of the ball. Starting with Lynch and Chancellor — you could argue Sherman was a true BAMF too, though for some reason he never struck me as being as motivational to the rest of the team as either Lynch or Kam — they made guys like Thomas (a great player but not really a BAMF by himself), Clemons, Bryant, Breno all part of a BAMF core, and thus a BAMF team.

    Even Russell and ADB had a bit of that BAMF thing going on in their respective games those seasons. Russ was doing stuff the League hadn’t seen before extending plays like a Cirque Du Soleil act and Baldwin established himself as one of the best possession receivers in the pros, not to mention outspoken.

    I think there are the makings of a BAMF core on the current team, just like there was in 2013-2014, but as yet no true BAMF who exudes the play and swagger that make others BAMF. But I don’t know how you create something like that. I don’t know if you can — I mean I don’t think anyone would have been able to expect Lynch and Kam to make their team the BAMF of the League. Maybe it has to happen organically, especially since there’s such a crucial mental component to it. You can’t really engineer someone’s motivation — who or what or how they respond to things. I think the only way for someone to become the team’s next true BAMF and lead in the locker room, he’ll have to earn his swagger/cred on the play field first. Maybe that guy is already on the roster, or maybe he’s yet to be added. But I do think Pete Carroll naturally encourages that kind of teammate just in how he lets his players be who they are.

    BTW speaking of Graham, did anyone else notice how GBP lost the game (or rather failed to make a comeback win)? It was pretty much the same play that ended Super Bowl 49.

    • Sea Mode

      Really great points here, and I agree. Maybe we could refer to those other guys as “alphas” that are then juiced up by a couple real BAMFs doing their thing.

      The connect effect is definitely real, and PC has talked about the defense, offense, and ST all connecting in that way.

    • GoHawksDani

      Agree with most. But not sure we want BAMFs, I’d be fine with ETIII, ADB type of players, who are intelligent, ton of passion, but not huge trash talker dudes like Sherm. If a BAFM doesn’t need to be always load like Sherm or Ramsey, I think ADB and ETIII were true BAMFs too. ETIII had crazy eyes, he was always really passionate and cared about the game a ton (actually he still does just for another team). ADB has his “nickname” too. He was so passionate and caring that it made him angry with the coach, with other players. ADB broke ankles and was an awesome blocker. ETIII was able to close fast and lay some big hits too (Gronkowski for example).

      On this roster, I feel Carson has the potential, Blair could be one too. Bobby is kinda already is. On the offense DK has potential. Fluker has the size but he seems like a big teddy bear. Brown might be one too. We lack some, but we could facilitate some guys to be more BAMFy.

      I think the good thing about this team is that Carroll let players be themselves. But this is also a bad thing. PC is sorta anti-BAMF himself. So if players are not over-BAMFy, he will “drag them down” to be less BAMFy.
      Unless there will be some coaching changes we need a bit over the top BAMF guys. If the coaches change their attitude or there’ll be coach changes then I think some guys could emerge as BAMFs

  43. Barry

    For Jack Conklin I remember him pulling on a run play vs Wisconsin and getting knocked on his butt by a fringe linebacker. None of the games showed to me a large man with light feet or power.

    He then went as a top ten and I figured ok I missed something. I’ll stick by my assessment that he’s a decent player but nothing to pay much to.

    On a prospect side check out the corner out of Virginia, Bryce Hall. Apparently played more WR in high school switched due to so much depth. Everything I’ve seen and heard is Richard Sherman. – day two so far.

    • JimQ

      Bryce Hall could and probably should be a target for the Seahawks in the coming draft. His 21 passes defended last season led FBS, he also had some sacks, INT’s, FF’s & TFL’s and is indeed a well rounded DB. He’s listed at 6-1/200. On tape it’s easy to see how he is sticky in coverage and seldom makes mistakes. The Virginia game is on TV Saturday, so it should be a good game to watch.

  44. Robeetle12

    Turns out Jennings was NOT waived but Mone was…….

  45. Sea Mode


    Gregg Bell

    Brian Schottenheimer says his wife asks him after games, in the car on the way home, “why’d you call that on third and 3?!”

    So, yes, you have company, 12s.

    12:48 AM · Sep 27, 2019

    • Kenny Sloth


  46. Sea Mode

    Just as we are talking about BAMFs, Jim Nagy comments on a guy whom Volume 12 has been bringing up several times over the past year and whom I finally got a chance to check out a bit: Syracuse DE Alton Robinson.

    (Ok, so Nagy mentioned him because of the helmet, but whatever… 😉)

    Jim Nagy

    Replying to @JReidNFL
    Good player + bad-ass old-school face mask=Senior Bowl invite

    4:03 AM · Sep 27, 2019

    Alton Robinson 2018 Full Season Highlights

    Overall, I’m impressed and think he has a lot of tools to work with. True DE size, length, and elite burst off the snap. Just those three things will win you a lot of snaps on the outside. Seeing his frame with hand in the dirt and then his get-off gave me Frank Clark lite vibe on some plays.

    Bend is not great, but workable. Needs more inside counters and better hand-feet timing, but what college DE who is not a top-10 pick doesn’t…?

    Has overcome some adversity as well:

    (tl;dr Was a four-star recruit committed to Texas A&M, but a high-school incident at 17 years-old of him robbing some of his girlfriend’s possessions (her phone, which he returned the next day) in an altercation led to them rescinding their offer. He went the JUCO route for a year and, after charges were dropped, got an offer from Syracuse and was finally able to focus on football last year.)

    PC highlighted pressure % this off-season, and this guy led the ACC last year with 16.1% and 56 QB pressures. (17 TFL, 10 QB sacks, 11 TFL).

    • Volume12

      Sets a really hard edge and can also buzz the flats.

  47. RWIII

    I just want the Seahawks RUN the football. It’s time to start running the football. Man on man. Power football. Open up the ENTIRE run offense playbook. Draws, traps, reverses, double reverses, fake reverses. Power sweeps, zone blocking, mis direction, read option, bring in George Fant and go big. Be unpredictable. Run the football. Keep the Seahawk defense off the field.

    • McZ

      We had 35 to 25 min playtime vs NO. This is as “keep the defense off the field” as you can get,

      We don’t have the RBs to play that book. You need to be a really fast BAMF to play that book. Isn’t Jay Ajahi a FA?

  48. dcd2

    Sounds like Davante Adams has turf toe. I wonder if we’d deal Jaron Brown to the Pack?

    Seems like we are clogged at WR (7 on the 53). Considering we waived Jennings and then changed our mind, it seems like a position we spare someone, but don’t want to deplete for free.

  49. Sea Mode

    Really cool watch and gives an insight into 1. how much needs to go on upstairs for these guys to play at a high level 2. how underrated KJ still is.

    K.J. Wright Breaks Down Reading Keys, Staying Off Blocks, & More | NFL Film Session

  50. Sea Mode

    Right back to the player highlighted in the piece. I like this guy…

    Jamal Adams Breaks Down How to Use Pre-Snap Reads to Make BIG Plays | NFL Film Session

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ha! I just watched that Adams vid after the KJ one and thought the same thing. Cool perspectives thanks for sharing them.

      Also agree with your BAMF vs alpha analysis. That’s a really good way of differentiating.

  51. Gaux Hawks

    I think a few of our guys just need one BAMF play to become a BAMF. One play can change the season.

    I agree with the comments above that we have the makings of a great team, but maybe we just need that one guy to make that one play to ignite this team.

  52. Volume12

    Say what you will about the guys no longer here, but they all had something in common besides a mindset. When things were good with the Sherman’s, Bennett’s, Lynch’s, ET’s, Kam’s (he doesn’t fall into what came later)they were contending for world titles. When they got bad and stopped buying what Pete was selling, it came close to causing a mutiny and they had to go. Infectious personalities and leaders.

    • Volume12

      Accidentally hit submit.

      At the end they stopped becoming leaders and that still hasn’t been replaced IMO.

    • Sea Mode

      It’s definitely a delicate balance with PC’s approach between letting guys be themselves and keeping things under control.

      The one obvious thing is, as you mention, winning covers up a lot of problems.

      I couldn’t bring myself to do so before in the wake of the SB defeat, but I really do admire now BB’s style. It’s his own weird thing. When he gives instructions to a player or sometimes even just compliments them, he gets a firm “yes, sir” in return. Doesn’t even celebrate TDs. Such a night and day between him and PC. Once again, though, players don’t care because they are winning.

      Bill Belichick Mic’d Up vs. Dolphins Is Everything You Want it to Be | NFL Sound FX

      The 2:36 mark is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while…

  53. Volume12

    Gotta give Bama OT’s Alex Leatherwood and Jedrick Willis some love.

    Anfernee Jennings: They got that dog mentality. They ain’t just your typical line up and block- they’re grimy, they’re dirty. That’s always helpful when you got dog mentality lineman.

  54. Sea Mode

    I’ll believe it (Ziggy) when I see it…

    Pete Carroll told KIRO Radio 97.3 FM that Ziggy Ansah is expected to play Sunday at Arizona despite missing Thursday’s practice with a back issue that limited him Wednesday. “We think he’s going to be OK,” Carroll told Dori Monson. “It’s just something we had to take care of and make sure it didn’t fester to the weekend.” Other injury updates from Carroll’s weekly radio show: Rashaad Penny (hamstring) will be a game-time decision: “He’s close. We’ll figure it out.” Duane Brown (biceps) will be “fine.” Tedric Thompson (hamstring) “had a really good week” and will play. Ethan Pocic (neck) is out.

    Brady Henderson, ESPN

    At least it means maybe, hopefully, that LJ Collier will be active and get some more action.

    • Matt

      Still early on Ziggy and Clowney…but man am I getting the Sheldon Richardson feeling in my gut on this one. We really need those 2 to player to their ability (also get and stay on the field too).

      • mishima

        Not expecting anything from Ansah. I think he’s done.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think that’s just the tiniest bit unfair, but only just. Big prove-it game for him against an athletic young QB and a bad OL

  55. Rob Staton

    Moved a step closer today guys to being able to tell you what I have planned for this blog and my own personal career.

    Will share more details soon.

    Again, I appreciate everyone who supports this community and I hope you will continue to support the next step that I’m going to take with this.

    • cha

      Can’t wait!

      • Rob Staton


    • Kenny Sloth

      Bless. I’d be a different person today if I hadn’t found this site 8 years ago

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks for being part of it all man. Was great to meet you in Seattle too.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Flashback to Rob getting carded for a soda in the bar at his hotel #babyface 👶

          • Rob Staton

            I definitely don’t have a baby hairline these days!

    • Sea Mode

      Excited for you, Rob.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man. I am nervous, hopeful and excited.

    • Denver Hawker

      Congrats Rob- sounds a big awesome step.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s nerve-wracking and exciting. No idea if it’ll work out. But I’m giving it a go.

        • Sea Mode

          We’re all behind you, brother. “Whoooose got my back….?”

          • Rob Staton


            • dcd2

              Legion of Blog!

    • Ukhawk

      Excited, big fan, no doubts here given your track records

      • Rob Staton

        Appreciate it pal

    • Aaron

      Excited to see what you got in store for us Rob. It’s totally fine to feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness, I think that means you’re human.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man

    • Chawk Talker Eric

      If past is prologue, it’ll be a unique experience for Seahawks fans. SDB is one of a kind.

      Super excited for the next stage. Excelsior!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man

  56. JimQ

    I’m trying to come up with a definition of BAMF, and I’m not sure I have all of the qualities listed here.
    –Shows a lot of “swagger” on and off the field
    –Nasty, controlled anger on every play, and he never quits
    –Will not take ANY crap from opposing players
    –Trash talker, can get into opponents heads
    –Relentless in executing his assignments & looking for more work
    –Physically imposing, size/strength -and/or- speed/agility
    –Plays through the whistle on every damn play
    –A tone setter that can and will take over a game
    –A player that has to be “game planned for” by opponents
    –Highly respected by his peers on his team, in the league and in the medias
    –BAMF status and respect confirmed by the medias, fans and his teammates
    I’d assume that a true BAMF would meet many if not most of these qualities, anything missing?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they need to trash talk. Marshawn and Kam did their talking play to play. I think it’s someone who plays with physical brutality and strikes fear into the opponent. They have to be an alpha. A player that defines the group with their playing style. Someone who becomes the soul of the team.

    • Volume12

      A tone setter encapsulates it pretty damn well.

    • Sea Mode

      I also don’t think that many are necessary. Lynch and Sherman were not respected in the media. Wagner has to be game planned for. Everyone is expected to play through the whistle and execute their assignments, etc.

      I would just combine the most essential of yours and end up with something like:

      “A player whose relentless, physical, and intense brand of football both sets the tone for his entire team and strikes fear into the opposing team.”

      Other ways to describe it could be “intimidation factor” or “win getting off the bus”. Someone who when you watch highlights you don’t say “wow, what a great play” but rather, “whoa, that was badass”.

      Kam’s big hit on Demarius Thomas comes to mind as the perfect example. From the very first snap, it sent a clear message to both teams: “this is how it’s going to be playing against us today”. From a scoreline or statistical standpoint, it wasn’t a determining play at all. But it set the tone.

      John_s (the real Schneids…?) absolutely nailed it above with this clip of Marshawn:

      I also like Rob’s “soul of the team”. (Seattle’s Ray Lewis)

      • James

        Kam dumping an OLiner and then smashing the RB against AZ a few years ago stands out. I recall Raible shouting “Kam made the whole play!?” Or the “he’s still on his feet, they cant bring him down!” Run against Texas, where Marshawn was visibly laughing while running over HUMANS… we just don’t see that right now. BAMFS strike fear into the opponents because of the supreme confidence they have to dictate the flow of the game. I think that’s the key though, confidence. Marshawn and Kam were so scary,, the grass was afraid.

        I think PC/JS identified the right quality to look for, guys who love the game of football and are confident. But I do feel it’s rare to find passion, talent, clutch, confident, and that lil something extra X-factor in a single package. Our two legends checked the boxes. I’m excited to see who emerges in the remainder of the PC/JS era.

        • Gaux Hawks

          It took time and PC’s efforts for Kam to become a BAMF. One play from our new guys can instantly change the trajectory of this team.

          • JimQ

            As I recall, Kam was the “understudy” his first season & learned a whole lot from Lawyer Malloy who had taken him under his wing & mentored him. PC was likely behind that move.

    • All I see is 12s

      Have you guys seen his YouTube highlights? I know it just the good stuff but he looks like what we need…

      • Sea Mode

        Spot on. Should be a step in the right direction of the BAMF department.

        Adrian Colbert Rookie Highlights

        Really surprising we didn’t draft him. Maybe we were convinced he would come as a UDFA.

        • Sea Mode

          Even has the backstory we look for a lot:

          Adrian Colbert — Overcoming adversity

  57. icb12

    Eno Benjamin with a fantastic run into the endzone. I like this kid.

  58. Eburgz

    I haven’t read a lot of comments but I feel like this Colbert signing is going under the radar in some ways. I think it signals a lack of confidence in the FS position and T2 in particular. Who really has a center field skill set besides Thompson on the roster?

    Hoping that between McDougald, Hill, Blair and Colbert we have two decent safeties. I think short term McDougald and hill might be the guys but long term Colbert and Blair take their jobs. Also hoping Amadi can own the slot CB with versatility to play up high.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they just liked him, identify the need for more at safety so they’re taking a closer look.

      He’s still a former 7th rounder who the Niners cut a few weeks ago after two years in the league. I hope he makes it but not getting my hopes up.

      • millhouse-serbia

        I think it signals that high pick for safety is real posibillity for 2020. We could see 2nd round pick for safety 2 years in a row.

        • Rob Staton

          Based on need I’d say you’re right but I can’t find a safety at the moment other than Grant Delpit or Isaiah Simmons who’s worth a high pick. It looks incredibly thin. If they want to add a safety in the off season it’ll more than likely need to be a FA, trade or a rough diamond drafted later on.

          • millhouse-serbia

            Did you watch Kyle Duggar?

            • Rob Staton

              No not yet but not going to get hopes up that the solution plays for Lenoir-Rhyne.

              • millhouse-serbia


                Do you have chance to come to Belgrade for Red Star vs Totenhem?

                • Rob Staton

                  Would love to… as long as someone was willing to pay me to cover it!

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Is that your favorite big 6 club, Rob? I’ve always liked Klopp so Liverpool is probably mine, but I mostly watch Bundesliga esp Schalke or any game that’s got a yank in the first team

                    • Rob Staton

                      I don’t have a favourite top six club. No connection to any of them.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Respect! Most English folks I talk to say the same. Decent showing from Sheffield v LFC earlier they’ve got a nice chance to stay up if the chips fall their way!!

                    • Rob Staton

                      Yeah I left the BBC in Sheffield right before Sheffield United got to the Premier League which is typical.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Wish they had managed to purchase Cameron Carter-Vickers from Tottenham but he doesnt really have a PL ceiling.

                    Haven’t seen Eric Lichaj with Hull City yet but it’s cool when Americans captain English sides

                    • Rob Staton

                      I’ve interviewed Lichaj a few times. Good player too.

            • Volume12

              I did. Unless there’s something else out there besides that 1 game and a highlights clip where everyone looks good, this is the guy that ran a 4.4, 40″ vert, sub 7 3 cone, over 10″ broad, etc.?

              He’s so much bigger than everyone else he plays yet I didn’t see him impose his will once. Actually, didn’t see really much of anything.

  59. CHawk Talker Eric

    Joining this ASU/CAL game late and what a strip sack by CAL OLB Cameron Goode!

    Caught only a bit of the Duke/VT game earlier but thought Duke LB Koby Quansah and S Michael Carter flashed.

  60. Coleslaw

    I think DT is a good place to target for the BAMF convo. Some nice prospects and possibly Calais Campbell.

    Who would yall rather have? Calais for the rest of his career or Jalen Ramsey for the next 4 (till hes 30)? Ramsey you obviously have to trade for though.

  61. Coleslaw

    Wow. Tyler Lockett is 1 of 2 players with 2 10 catch games so far. His highest before that? 7 in 2015! In that Minnesota game where russ threw 5 TDs

  62. Coleslaw

    Crazy to think that game was 4 years ago..

  63. Eli

    I can’t comment on what will happen with our running back group in the off-season, but if we’re looking to add to it I’ll throw my hat in the ring for Cincinnati RB Michael Warren II.

    Dude is quick, extremely agile, has great vision, and seems to break the first tackle every time. His nickname is “The Truck”. He’s become a solid receiver out of the backfield and even plays some slot receiver. I like the way he sorta just glides around.

    Here’s a reel:

    • Sea Mode

      Quick feet on those little jump cuts. Will keep an eye on him.

  64. Nathan W.

    Tough loss for Cal at home.
    HUGE recruiting win for the Dawgs with 5 star OLB Sav’ell Smalls staying in Seattle!

  65. Volume12

    Oklahoma DT Neville Gallimore is a dude. Great get-off.

    • JimQ

      Watching Oklahoma/Texas Tech, QB-Jalen Hurts, WR-Lamb and WR-Rambo – all having great days for Oklahoma.
      Hurts seems to have a lot of positive attributes, Lamb & Rambo are pretty damn good too.

      • Volume12

        Lamb is special. LB Kenneth Murray’s athleticism jumps off the screen.

    • Sea Mode

      Holy smokes…

      • Volume12

        Thought the same thing watching him today. He made a handful of plays l I’m ke that.

  66. Volume12

    Help me out guys. Maybe much like my wrasslin’ this game is starting to pass me by. In what world was the Derek Barnett hit dirty? Is that where we are now? Can only wrap up? Is ‘hit’ becoming offensive like everything else with outrage culture?

    • Sea Mode

      The one on Jamal Williams was 1. illegal: helmet to helmet and 2. completely unnecessary since his forward progress was completely stopped and he was already wrapped up by 3 other defenders. Barnett should have gone for the ball. Probably should have been ejected IMO since it was completely voluntary or at least gotten a warning.

      The one on Davante Adams was a clean football hit. I’m assuming that’s the one you are referring to. Shoulder to shoulder, actually even a bit lower, shoulder into his side. Never mind that the other defender was clearly face-masking…

      I’m posting this for the slow-mo of the Adams hit. Ignore the guy’s stupid take:

      • Volume12

        Yes. Davante Adam’s is the one.

  67. Eli

    Late round/small school EDGE player to monitor: Montana State DE Bryce Sterk. 6’5 260 lbs., former UW recruit who transferred to get playing time. Had 8.5 sacks last year, already has 8.5 this year through 4 games.

    I can’t speak perfectly to his athleticism, but in high school he ran a 50.14 sec 400m and 39.97 300m hurdle, which are both outstanding at ~225 lbs (his size in high school). In his redshirt year at UW he earned the “Dirt Dawg” award, which goes to the team’s grittiest workout warrior. Reportedly has really good character on top of it all, very vocal leader on the field.

  68. charlietheunicorn

    “I don’t think they need to trash talk. Marshawn and Kam did their talking play to play. I think it’s someone who plays with physical brutality and strikes fear into the opponent. They have to be an alpha.” Mr Rob

    This is what you want. A guy who shows up to work and lays the wood on the opposition. I’m not a big fan of the “talkers”, but I’m a big fan of the “walkers”. Oddly enough, I was talking with a coworker about Gronk getting laid out by ET (Kam with an assist) in the one game a few years ago. We were talking about what Seattle needs on defense. That is essentially what you want, in a nutshell.

  69. Volume12

    Seahawk scouts @ the S. Carolina game today. My guess is DT Javon Kinlaw.

    • Volume12

      Also Kentucky DL Calvin Taylor. (6’8, 300 lbs.) He has more pressures, 20, than any other player in the SEC so far.

      If they liked Marcus Davenport, gotta think he’ll intrigue them.

    • Rob Staton

      Hope so.

  70. Volume12

    Can Najee Harris please just get North-South for once?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I cooked for World Cup winners today #ShePlaysHere

  71. Kenny Sloth

    “You don’t play MIKE, why would you line up there?”

    Philip Rivers calling out opposing defenses is pure gold. 😂

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