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ESPN reports that Cam Newton will conduct a full work out at the combine. The quarterbacks will run through drills on Sunday.

Tony Softi at ESPN 101 St. Louis is dragging up the Ryan Mallett ‘drug’ speculation again. It’s a tiresome story now because everyone was already aware of these rumours. Now it’s up to the teams to do their homework and get on with deciding how true they are or how much of a concern it is.

Gil Brandt believes Newton will be the first overall pick. I agree. In fact, I’m beginning to believe it’ll be a near certainty.

Mike Mayock doesn’t think Robert Quinn will suffer a draft day fall, as I reviewed in my latest mock draft.

Bucky brooks says the combine will be crucial for this year’s quarterback class.

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper preview the combine in their latest ‘First Draft’ podcast.

Mel and Todd also run through their ‘final analysis’ in the draft lab. We’re still waiting a logical reason as to why they’d be discussing the draft in a laboratory.


  1. Jim Kelly

    The only reasons I can think of that they may be doing football analysis in a lab are tongue-in-cheek, or that they want to appear smarter then they truly are. Every time I see the chemistry equipment, all I can think of is that they are making fun of the performance enhancement issue.

    • Rob

      I also love the way Mel and Todd roll their sleeves up to look ‘busy’. Maybe next year they’ll also incoporate a slightly looser tie.

  2. Kip

    I hate to say it, but it wouldn’t shock me if Mallett sinks like a rock on draft day. He could go in the 1st to Seattle or an earlier team that moves down, but if he reaches the back half of the 2nd round, I’d start to get nervous for him.

    I’m a fan of Mallett, but there will be teams who scratch him off their boards completely because of the drug rumors. There will be teams who scratch him off due to lack of work ethic. There will be teams who scratch him off for personality issues (he NEEDS to interview well at the combine). And there will be teams who scratch him off for lack of mobility and mechanical issues. Among the teams that remain, there might be some who hesitate until the mid-rounds because of Bobby Petrino’s glaring lack of success at preparing his QB’s for the NFL. Brian Brohm was a pretty good prospect who fell farther than expected for that reason.

    If Seattle decides not to draft Mallett at #25, it could be because there is a very real chance he may still be there at #57.

    • Rob

      A great point Kip and one I’ve been thinking about this week. I drafted a second round mock and looked at where prospects could go. Obviously Mallett hasn’t been in round one of my last few projections. I tried to see where he may fall and I wondered if there was a chance he’d fall to #57, or at least to an area where a small move up the board could secure him.

      At the same time – you’ve listed the things that will put teams off. He isn’t overly mobile. Does he fit the ‘all in’mantra that Pete Carroll preaches? Is he a fit for this team that is actively looking to get younger? I’m completely unconvinced. I’m a big fan of Mallett’s and personally I’d need a significant reason not to draft him at #25. His football IQ, his ability to read a field, his physical strength throwing the ball, his improved accuracy – he can be a top NFL QB. I get the Petrino point, but Mallett is five times the prospect Brohm was. But as high on Mallett as I am, I really don’t think he’s going to be an option for Seattle, which is a shame IMO.

      • Meat

        It is a shame Rob that he won’t be an option for Seattle. At this point I like him over Locker. No reason to discuss Newton or Gabbert-who both will be picked top 10… Seattle will never see, nor get the chance to draft them. On one of the ESPN local radio broadcasts they were discussing Locker may go to the Angles,-since he was drafted by them10th rd, if he does not get drafted as high as he expects. I don’t know where they got that statment, and if it is even accurate, but if it is I felt a little disgusted hearing that, now I don’t like his accuracy and liked Mallet over Locker to begin with, but that statement appeared childish. Even if he falls to the 2nd round going to play baseball may be a better and safer option for him. I understand that piece.. How many concussions happen in baseball. 🙂 not many. But is that just his ego??? Or is it money?? If it is money, why didn’t he elect for last years draft?? I might have missed some of ESPN’s converstation so there may be more to it than what I heard, so how accurate it is..I have no idea…

  3. Ralphy


    What do you think of Dowling? He does seem like the type of value pick the Hawks may go after based on what they did last year.

    • Rob

      He’s on the radar as a relevant scheme fit. The thing with him is you never know how bad the injury situation hurts his stock. Does he fall into round three? Round four? Later than that? Teams always have an idea of these things but rarely can we project exactly how much it hurts a guy on what little evidence we have. But absolutely Dowling is an option. I had him down as a R2 pick at the start of the year so there’s a chance he’ll be their with the second pick in round four.

    • Cliff

      I like Dowling as well. He plays well in a zone defense, he has the height liked by John Schneider, and attacks the ball fairly well. The combine’s 40 time will be important for him.

  4. Matt

    Hey Rob,

    We are just warming up to the 11 draft, but what is your gut feel regarding what the Hawks do? Position, player, trade up, etc.

    I can’t help but look at what might be available at 25 and think we are just going to idly sit where we are at. I fully expect a big move for a QB. This whole Hasselbeck process doesn’t seem too decisive which leads me to believe they would like to have him back, but don’t see him as a franchise changing guy.

    • Rob

      I’ll go into greater detail later this week on where I think we’re at right now (in my opinion anyway). I think quarterback has to be the priority and probably will be. Do they make a big trade up the board? I think it’s very possible in essence, but Seattle doesn’t have a lot of good stock to make that move. Someone would really have to want to trade down, which may be unlikely now that a rookie pay scale is in the pipeline.

      I think the Hasselbeck situation is predictable right now. After the season I think too many media types assumed a deal would happen quickly. I’ve always suggested the opposite. Why sign a guy set to be the oldest starting QB in the league to a new deal when a.) nobody else can sign him b.) he wants to stay and c.) we don’t even know there’s likely to be any football in 2011. Say you sign him up to a 2-year deal, you’d be paying for absolutely nothing in 2011 if there’s a lockout. And for what reason? He can’t sign anywhere else.

      This gives the team a chance to sum up their options, do a draft and see where they are.

      If QB isn’t forthcoming in the draft then the depth is mainly on the defensive line. We have to be prepared for someone to fall – I think Julio Jones is someone to monitor there. Falling to #25 is still a very steep drop and may require a small move upwards. They are the two areas I’m concentrating on – QB and DL, looking at need and who is likely to be available.

  5. Cliff

    A lot of mock drafts have the Hawks taking a OT/OG in round 1. If we’re going to be a run first team that does make sense but i’m with you that you dont need to have high draft picks on the OL to have success in the run. Does someone like Orlando Franklin make sense for us at the OG position? not sure what his grade is but i’d think in the 3-4 range and hes a great run blocker. Any OL come to your mind that you think we could pickup in the 4th round+ ? I know you’re high on James Carpenter.

    • Rob

      Joseph Barksdale is another I like later on and at some point I’d look at Demarcus Love as a RT if he falls. Franklin is definitely going to be an OG, his stock will be interesting to judge over the next fortnight.

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