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Michael Lombardi has some interesting draft thoughts available via NFL.com, but they’re preempted by a warning. “As the NFL draft draws closer next week, understand that this is when we will begin hearing about teams wanting to trade up or down, or targeting a certain player or position. To which I say: Believe none of it.”

Lombardi also discusses why Ryan Mallett may be an option for Washington at #10.

I’m representing the Seahawks in a community mock for NE Patriots Draft. Take a look at the picks so far.

I also recently took part in another Q&A with Dan Kelly at Field Gulls.

Brandon Adams makes the case for the Seahawks drafting Ryan Mallett and perhaps even trading up to grab him.

Peter King has been touting in his MMQB column that Seahawks GM Jon Schneider is desperate to trade down. That maybe so – he admitted as much himself yesterday. In truth it means absolutely nothing – it could be a calculated ruse to throw teams off the scent of their actual intentions.

Evan Silva has an updated mock draft with the Seahawks taking Corey Liuget of Illinois.

Danny O’Neil makes the same pick for the Seahawks in NFL.com’s beat writers mock. I’m not convinced Liuget will make it to #25.

Blaine Gabbert takes his turn to meet Jon Gruden:


  1. Derek

    Have you see the second video with Newton? His ability to digest a NFL playbook should really be looked at. And also, without a new CBA, what is the rules regarding draftees and the coaches? Will Newton only be able to receive his playbook once a new CBA is agreed to? If so, I think it becomes very unlikely he makes any impact in year one.

    Also, is Colin Kaepernick lined up to do one of these? I can’t wait to see Mallet call out some plays.

    • Derek

      This also got me thinking, the owner will surely be in the draft room and if he feels that a CBA is not close, then could this deter them from drafting a QB? Because if they do draft a QB this year but he is unlikely to play or be effective because if the rules regarding the CBA, then Carolina should be the number 1 choice to be picking number 1 overall again next year, and then have their shot at a true QB like Luck or Barkley. I know depending on next year’s draft is always borderline ridiculous, but you have to figure next year Carolina will be playing next year with Clausen or a veteran, even if they draft Newton. So that could put them in place to where either Clausen does pan out and they won’t need a QB next year, or he does suck and then the most likely will have their option of Luck or Barkley if he declares.

  2. Bostonhawk

    Just curious Rob… when you were looking to trade back into Round 2 in that mock draft, who were you thinking of targeting?

    • Rob

      Phil Taylor, Jarvis Jenkins or James Carpenter.

  3. Kip Earlywine

    It must have felt nice getting Mallett/Sheard at #25/#57.

    • Matt

      Haha and very realistic!

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