Tuesday notes: Thoughts on the Rams game, Luke Falk

Why it won’t be the end of the world even if Seattle loses this week

A quick look back at 2014 should be reassuring (it’s not often we say that as Seahawks fans).

The Super Bowl was contested between New England and Seattle. The Patriots started the season 2-2 and in week four they were trounced by the Chiefs 41-14. After the game there was talk about the end of Tom Brady’s career and whether Jimmy Garoppolo should start. Bill Belichick coined his ‘on to Cincinnati’ catchphrase.

The hammering in Kansas City acted as a turning point. New England beat the Bengals 43-17 the following week to launch a seven game winning streak. They finished the year 12-4 and won a Championship.

Before that game in Kansas City, the Patriots lost handsomely to the Dolphins in week one (33-20) and slipped by the 3-13 Oakland Raiders (16-9) at home.

Brady had four touchdowns and two picks after four weeks, leading to the ill-judged ‘quarterback controversy’ talk.

Also in 2014, the Seahawks had a mixed start. A comprehensive week one win against Green Bay preceded a comprehensive week two loss against San Diego. They beat the Broncos but nearly blew it at the end. Seattle sauntered past Washington on Monday Night Football before losing badly to the Cowboys (I was there, it was horrible) and the 6-10 Rams.

3-3 after six weeks only told some of the story.

This run included the Percy Harvin fall out and trade, a lot of talk and rumour about Marshawn Lynch threatening not to board the bus to St. Louis and a report from Mike Freeman where he declared:

“My feeling on this — and it’s backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players — is that some of the black players think (Russell) Wilson isn’t black enough.”

It was borderline chaotic.

By the time they lost to Kansas City to drop to 6-4, things felt pretty bleak. Suddenly, something changed. The old Seahawks returned. Physicality, explosive plays, great defense. A six game winning streak to steal the NFC West and #1 seed away from Arizona. Another Super Bowl. Nearly another Super Bowl Championship.

Both teams faced adversity early in the season.

In comparison, the Houston Texans got off to a good start. In week five they were an overtime possession away against Dallas from going 4-1. They ended the season 9-7 and missed the playoffs.

Arizona had a 9-1 start to the season before losing four of their last six. They surrendered the #1 seed, the NFC West and were dumped out of the playoffs against 7-8-1 Carolina in the wildcard round.

Sadly none of this guarantees the Seahawks and Patriots will go on an imminent tear and meet in a glorious Super Bowl rematch at the end of the season. It does offer some perspective though on the disappointing starts both teams have endured.

And even if Seattle drops to 2-3 this week, falling 2.5 games behind the Rams in the division, there’s plenty of time left for a fight back.

The offense has to take the rhythm it found late in the Indianapolis win and run with it. Everything fit together late in that game. The offense was moving the ball and scoring points with explosive plays. The defense had a lead to defend and the opponent had to force the issue.

I watched Los Angeles’ week two loss to Washington and there are flaws to exploit. LA’s defense is not playing well, even with Aaron Donald’s return. The run defense is struggling mightily.

Look at how they rank compared to the rest of the league:

Alternatively in that Washington game, the Rams offense benefitted from some huge whiffs, such as a blown coverage on the tight end who ran nearly the length of the field to set up a touchdown.

Taking Jared Goff out of his comfort zone is vital. If he has to play from behind and attack Seattle’s defense, advantage Seahawks. Todd Gurley is going to get his yards/plays. He’s too good. If they have to play from behind, however, they might not be able to lean on the running game.

If the Seahawks lose and drop to 2-3, a fortnight of hand-wringing and debate will likely ensue. Remember, though, that the Seahawks still have six home games to come and an appealing schedule after the bye.

This is a big game on Sunday but it won’t decide Seattle’s season.

Thoughts on Luke Falk vs USC

It was particularly interesting to hear Pete Carroll reference how often they’ve watched Washington State recently. He made a similar comment last season before the Apple Cup, stating they’ve watched Wazzu a ton. It’d be interesting to know why. Is it a player or players? Is it to study offensive schemes and see how they can incorporate some spread concepts?

After all, Mike Leach has been able to consistently produce big time offensive production without big time recruits. He nearly took Texas Tech to a National Championship and he’s turned around Washington State’s fortunes. There might be something they can use.

I remember the last time I really watched Luke Falk was against Colorado last season. His passes fluttered, he lacked the big physical tools and despite a decent stat line, it was a disappointing game overall for Wazzu. I can’t remember if this was around the time that he was injured or playing hurt — that might’ve had an impact.

Against USC I thought he looked a lot better. You see the usual barrel load of passes into the flat and bubble screens. These extreme spread offenses that rely on a high number of players, widening the field and tempo are often difficult to judge. It was encouraging to see Falk throwing with accuracy and zip over the middle and down the seam. On one play he stood tall in the pocket, knew he was going to take a monster hit and still delivered an accurate pass over the middle for a third down conversion.

His arm strength looks better than I recall. He was able to throw downfield, including a nice 61-yard completion on a blown coverage.

On a scramble to the right hand side, under pressure, Falk delivered a brilliant pass to the back corner of the end zone. The receiver dropped it under no pressure and it should’ve been a touchdown. You clearly see Falk scanning the field, correctly feeling the pressure and extending the play. His throw, made just as he was about to be sacked, is inch perfect.

His interception was just a good play by the defender, batting down one of his passes at the LOS and having the athleticism (even as a defensive end) to catch the ball and turn it into a pick.

There are things to like. You see evidence of him going through progressions. You see accuracy and the occasional flash of mobility. He is elevating his team and winning big games.

Overall this was an impressive showing. I can see why there’s a feeling Falk is destined for the NFL and on this evidence he deserves a shot at the next level. He seems to have a balanced character and you can imagine him leading a team. His college résumé is impressive.

He’ll get a chance. It might not be as an especially high pick but Kirk Cousins was a fourth rounder, Russell Wilson a third rounder. That might be his range too. The Seahawks haven’t had a solid backup quarterback option since Tarvaris Jackson left. Investing in a player like Falk could be a possibility if he lasts into range.

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  1. Kenny Sloth

    Helluva scouting report on Falk

  2. Jason

    I am a coug and my biggest concern is the amount of hits he has taken. Medicals will be a big deal for him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Id be more concerned with the ducks he throws

      No weight on his touch, his lobs sail

  3. JimQ

    Rob: The only mention you’ve made about Oklahoma QB-Baker Mayfield I can find is: “”Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield staked his claim in beating Ohio State last week.”” several articles ago. Now that you’ve reviewed Falk, maybe you could give your impressions on Mayfield? He is currently rated #85-overall at drafttek.com and as a round 3-4 prospect on draftscout.com. MAYBE? – the Seahawks pick him up in round 2/3/4 of the draft? ( I, for one, would be pretty happy.)

    I’ve been following Oklahoma QB-Baker Mayfield, 6-1/220 for a couple seasons now & he’s been putting together a pretty strong 2017 season so far. I know he comes out of a system at Oklahoma that may not directly convert to NFL systems, but this kid is a pretty darn good QB – IMO. For those that aren’t aware of his overall performance, his current stats are as follows:

    —2017: (4-games) 76 completions in 101 attempts for 1329-yds, 75.2% completions, 13.16-YPA with 13-TD’s and 0-INT with a 228.3 (#1) rating & Adj. QBR=93.3. He also has rushed 21 times for 17-yds so far. Mayfield may not be a big time scrambler like RW, but it’s hard to argue with his career 16-rushing TD’s. Mayfield seems to be a decent enough runner and his accuracy and his demonstrated steady improvement may be the biggest strength of his game.

    —Year to year Career, to date: (38-games)
    2013: (8-games) 218 of 340, 64.1%, 2315-yds, 6.81-YPA, 12-TD’s, 9-int. + 87-186-rush, 3-TD’s.
    2015: (13-games) 269 of 395 68.1%, 3700-yds, 9.37-YPA, 36-TD’s, 7-int. + 141-405-rush, 7-TD’s.
    2016: (13-games) 254 of 358 70.9%, 3965-yds, 11.08-YPA, 40-TD’s, 8-int. + 78-177-rush, 6-TD’s.
    **(Notice the steady improvement in accuracy, yards, YPA and TD’s?)

    —CAREER-TOTALS so far, (38 games):
    817-comp. in 1194-attempts, 68.4% comp., 11,309-yds, 9.47-YPA & **101-TD’s/24-INT’s.**
    327 rushes for 785-yds, 2.4-YPC, & **16-TD’s.**

    • Rob Staton

      He played well against Ohio State. In the piece you referenced I believe I discussed him as one of a number of QB’s who could work their way into the R1 discussion. Based on that performance it’s possible. In an earlier game this year I thought he compared to Mason Rudolph in terms of talent level. I think Rudolph is a mid-rounder at best. I’ll no doubt get a chance to watch Oklahoma again before the end of the season.

  4. cha

    “Taking Jared Goff out of his comfort zone is vital. If he has to play from behind and attack Seattle’s defense, advantage Seahawks”

    Feels like a prime time for Sheldon to have a breakout game.

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but Falk is going low 1st round / early 2nd.
    If he continues to grow this season and continues to deliver, he may sneak up to mid 1st round.
    I had thought this was crazy talk (by talking heads) before the season, but so far, it looks like this prediction might just come true.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I highly doubt that.

      • Travis

        QBs always get drafted higher than they should, and he has the talent to go late 1st. You could make the system QB argument but Goff played in the same system at Cal and went #1 overall. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Luke drafted by the giants, steelers or Chargers.

        • Preston

          Agree with Travis. Steelers would be a great fit for falk. I’m a cougar, and would love nothing more than to cheer for falk playing for the Hawks. But he’s a pocket passer, and darn good one. With continued development I can see him doing a lot of the things Big Ben and Brees do so well. Unfortunate he doesn’t fit Hawks scheme. And what a shame to stash that talent as a backup.

          Rob, maybe Pete is looking at Alex Grinch and his speed D. Seems very atune to pete’s style of football. Maybe snagging Grinch as D coordinator? I hope not though, he’s done so much for our defense. He’s got freshman playing at high level. A lot of players to like that could fit. Would love to know your thoughts of any cougar they could be eyeing. Had a strong feeling they wanted luani last year, glad to know he’s been impressing with the raiders.

          • Hawkfan086

            I just want to add that I couldn’t in my right mind make a case for drafting Falk in the 1-3 round.

            • j

              The case is: Jared Goff went number one overall, and Luke Falk is better than Jared Goff.

              • Nem Beselek

                The deal is we are at least five years away from needing to devote significant draft capital on a QB, barring injury of course. For at least five years, and probably more like eight to ten years we can continue to strengthen every other position on this team and know that we’re covered at QB.

                If Falk somehow falls to the end of the sixth round, then consider spending draft capital on him. Drafting any QB high without also planning on trading DangeRuss for multiple players/picks would just be a waste of resources.

          • Mac

            I want us to sign Alex grinch, draft mataafa and O’Connell. I don’t think we’ll have a shot at falk but I would like to see the hawks draft a qb in the later rounds.

            • AndrewP

              – Yes on Grinch if Richard gets a head job
              – Mataafa screams 3-4 OLB to me
              – O’Connell is too slow to make it in the NFL

              • Mac

                Mata’afa might be a good fit, sometimes we run a 3-3-5 for our nickel. I would definitely want to see more of this formation too, we saw it much more with Irvin. I agree on O’Connell’s speed, but I want to see him test out, he already has a massive amount of body mass and might be able to lose a good 30 or so lbs.

        • Kenny Sloth

          If Jared Goff went 1st overall, Falk can totally go round 1. Good point

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe Pete was scouting the coach and the QB.

      • Ty the Guy

        AlaskaHawk….. I’d make Leach the OC just for the press conferences.

  6. neil

    I agree with all that was stated in the article. The only problem is that the schedule is pretty daunting. After the Rams they go to NY off a bye. Over the last 10 years, with a couple of exceptions, they have not played well off the bye. We will know more about the Giants in two weeks. They are not as bad as their record, having lost their last two games in the last 5 seconds. Add to that the east coast jinx, and the game is not a gimme. Houston could be a big problem. Who knew this kid Watson may be another RW, and who is going to block JJ Watt? Add to that Atlanta, Philly, Washington, Rams, Arizona home and away and Dallas away that is a challenge. IF they make the playoffs this year they will certainly deserve it.

    • Hawk Eye

      if they beat most of those teams, then they deserve to go to the playoffs. Some tough teams.
      If they cannot beat them, then they are not as good as we think they can be and have no business in the playoffs. The beat 2 bad teams, lost to 2 good ones. To be great, you have to beat them all.
      All we can do is watch and hope (and sometimes complain)

    • Brandon

      The Giants are not better than their record, their o-line has struggled mightily, and Eli has not aged well. OBJ is not right and Marshall has been awful, and defensively they have not lived up to expectations. Houston is at home, I don’t care how well Watson has played, he has feasted on some bad defenses, good luck against this defense at home. Arizona is not the same, they just lost Golden and Palmer is almost corpse back there, Washington and Atlanta are at home and Atlanta is missing Shanahan big time, Philly will be tough and I’m not sure about Dallas.

      Seattle has some things to fix, but this is a favorable schedule, not to mention their only 10 AM game is against Jacksonville.

  7. C-Dog

    It’s interesting that you bring up Cousins because Carroll was supposedly a big Cousins fan, and I’ve kinda thought that’s who Falk sort of reminds me of. I’ve assumed that if Seattle were to look at one of these QBs, it would be someone with more of Wilson’s skill set so that they could keep those facets of the offense together. Maybe they’d be willing to adjust their scheme to fit a rhythm passer like Falk, if he’s a round 3/4 target.

    I agree. I think his arm is showing more zip this year.

    • Volume12

      PC never wanted RW a according to Scot McCloughan. Had to be talked into it.

      At USC, he always had pocket passers with a little bit of mobility to extend plays.

      I like Falk as a backup or developmental type. Dude is made with spare parts. Every time he gets hit I cringe. Its a testament to his toughness though.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, if I’m a GM looking for a development project to ride the pine for a bit, I probably don’t touch Falk until well into the 3rd or 4th round.

        It seems like with the advent of RW, Pete has shifted his views at the QB spot with how they have earnestly tried things with Boykin, and for a while BJ Daniels. That’s why I feel that if Seattle were seriously looking for any sort of heir apparent in this draft, it might be Baker Mayfield.

        • Volume12

          You could be right.

          Take a look at Miami QB Malik Rosier. Hate to use the comp, not as big, but very Dak Prescott like.

  8. Hawk Eye

    anyone look at the “rankings” out there this week.
    Everyone seems to have the Hawks in the middle of the pack.
    Should we/they be insulted? Or is that a “rose coloured glasses” approach and that is where they belong? Is it better if the Hawks feel disrespected? Or should we dismiss these same “experts’ that said Pats would go 16-0, Jets would go 0-16, Rams and Bills would stink, etc?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t read a power ranking since 2014.

      They stop being fun when you’re not the upstart team anymore.

      • Hawk Eye

        I find them entertaining, always curious to see how the “experts” think. Most refuse to call NE an average team, even though at this point they are. But it also speaks to our instant gratification society. Most people want an immediate response to the last game. I take records and stats seriously in the 2nd half of the season when teams have enough games to establish who they really are

    • Mark Souza

      I think the downgrade is deserved. Our offense is on life support and our defense doesn’t look particularly Seahawky. We’ve given up a lot of big plays this year. Our two wins have been against bottom of the barrel opponents at the Clink. There’s nothing there to base a higher ranking on.

  9. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, how would you grade Pocic pick if he never playes as a C? Do you think that he can be beter G than Feeney, Dawkins or Moton?

    • Rob Staton

      I wasn’t that impressed with Pocic in pre-season. I hope he can develop into a starter, can’t say I’m hugely optimistic at this point. Not being able to really get into the mix with Aboushi or Glowinski at RG was troubling. Maybe they feel he needs a year?

      • C-Dog

        Carroll was quick to mention him as someone that they feel fortunate to have on the roster, though, that could be called into service, if needed.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I thought he looked really strong against backups, but wasn’t seeing what everyone else was at the other positions.

        He could be really good, but he seems like a good kid that i working hard. Hopefully he’s ready to jump in when his time comes.

        I don’t think its a case of not beating anyone out, Rob. Aboushi didnt beat out Glowinski. Pocic made the roster so obviously they were comfortable putting him in if their hands were forced. Maybe he’s not ready, and he’s not alone on this OL, but I can’t wait to see what the Hawks saw in him. He was putting guys on their asses from Center in preseason.

        • C-Dog

          I thought he looked good in pass pro and not as strong in his run blocking. My hunch is that he was spending so much time at RT competing with Ifedi, that his late switch to guard/center didn’t give him much time to settle into the competition. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start somewhere on the line next year.

  10. Logan Lynch

    Rob or anyone else who has been able to watch the Rams-

    Has Aaron Donald’s usage changed in the transition to a 3-4 defense under Wade Phillips? He seems to be the prototypical 3 Tech in a 4-3, so I’m wondering if the new scheme has had an effect on him at all.

    • C-Dog

      Having glanced at them a bit, I think the whole unit is adjusting to the switch, and should probably be judged more towards the end of the season. While Donald might be ideally a 3 tech, given that other DTs of his build have transitioned to the 34 (Mike Daniels, Jurrell Casey), I think Donald should excel in it just fine. The holdout probably didn’t do him favors adjusting, but when most of these defenses shift to nickle they shift to four man fronts and he’s essentially a 3 tech at that point anyways. So, yeah, Donald is still going to be a wrecking ball inside for Seattle.

      This is a matchup where it is probably better to have experience inside with Joekel and Aboushi, even if they are more towards JAGs. Last year against, Glowinski and Ifedi? Ugly.

      • Logan Lynch

        Makes sense. He’s too much of a special talent to not excel in any scheme. Maybe it’s in our benefit that we’re facing them earlier in the season while they’re still adjusting a bit?

        Looking for all the positives I can before going up against them!

  11. Sea Mode

    So, we snagged Q-Jeff back off of the Rams practice squad just in time to play against them. I like it. (Obviously has to do with depth after Avril injury)

    • Hawk Eye

      I thought there was a rule against that, taking a player from a practice squad when you play them in the next game. Probably a Bellichek rule, Roger may have called it the Patriot Act…..

      • Mark Souza

        There isn’t, and why would there be. When you pluck someone of another teams practice squad, you have to add them to your active roster. So there’s not much of that you can do – unless you truly suck and other teams’ practice squad players are better than what you have.

  12. vrtkolman

    So, Joeckel has had back to back pretty good games. If he keeps it up the signing won’t look bad at all. Compare that to Matt Kalil or Russell Okung’s big money deals.

  13. Volume12

    Anyone watched Texas A&M HB Keith Ford? 5’11, 215-220?

    Runs with a ton of power. Good balance and even better vision, doesn’t have great burst. Has a chiseled physique, and for his size he shouldn’t he able to move and accelerate the way he does. Interested to see how he tests.

    He’s an NFL back that’s gonna get overlooked, be drafted on day 3, and end up as a starter or a #2 for some team. Incredibly underrated right now.

    Runs like a guy currently on this Seahawks roster.

    Here’s a little sample:

    Keith Ford vs UCLA (2017)

    • Volume12

      2 impressive runs.


    • Logan Lynch

      Vol, I know he’s only a true Freshman, but what do you think of the Badgers Jonathan Taylor? Fits the specs at 5’11” and 214lbs. Love the way he runs so far.

      • Volume12

        Like him a lot. He’s already one of the better backs in the country as a FR.

  14. AndrewP

    Rob- Someone mentioned him above, and I would love a scouting report on Coug DL Hercules Mata’afa…

    He seems like an ideal OLB in a 3-4 scheme to me, but, PCJS will always look for what a guy can do, not what he can’t.

    • Volume12

      I wonder if they’re looking at OT Cole Madison (6’5-6’6, 315-320). That dude screams NFL RT. Just nasty.

      • AndrewP

        I think Dillard has NFL potential as well. I love Cody, I just don’t think he makes it at the next level. I hate to give Kimmy Grinnolds any credence whatsoever, but, in this case, I think he’s right about CO’Cs feet (at least in regards to the NFL)

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I remember thinking that very same thing.

  15. Derron James

    Cliff Avrils career in doubt? Yikes

  16. Mike B.

    Although I expect the 2017 Hawks to play better and finish with at least 10 wins, there are obviously a few key differences between this squad and the 2014 one that reeled off 6 straight wins (8 straight if you include the playoffs):

    – 2014 team had a much better offensive line, especially when it came to run blocking
    – 2014 team saw the final year of vintange Beast Mode and a much stronger running game, including Crazy Legs Russ (849 yds rushing, 6 rushing TDs)
    – 2014 team had the NFL’s best overall defense, #3 in DVOA vs the pass and #2 in DVOA vs the run
    – 2014 team had Byron Maxwell, who led the team in passes defensed
    – 2014 team’s defense was younger and more explosive (and finished with 37 sacks)
    – 2014 team was +10 in turnover differential; 2017 squad is just +1 so far (which should improve)

    Here’s what I like about the 2017 team:
    – Sheldon Richardson has a good shot at reproducing/surpassing what Jordan Hill did in 2014
    – Jimmy Graham, who should improve (2014 team had a major TE void)
    – More weapons on offense than in 2014; Prosise and McKissic should be a dynamic duo
    – Better passing game
    – Bobby Wagner is peaking and looks better than ever

    As for the Rams game, I really hope that the Hawks can exploit their porous run defense. I don’t expect to get major pressure on Goff, so hopefully they can at least prevent big passing plays and not let Gurley run wild.

    • 503Hawk

      Concerning game against the Rams:
      LOW 80’s

      I just hope we “pull a rabbit out of the hat.”

      • Hawk Eye

        hoping for the best
        bracing for the worst
        may watch with one eye open….

      • Kenny Sloth

        When one of your worries bout a team is their punter

        Time to not be so worried about that team.

        • Del Tre

          Well, at no point have the rams faced a complete defense, the only one that came close was Washington and I’d say Washington pretty well shut them down. A team that give up 39 to the 49ers and beat the Colts before Brissett. I’m not exactly blown away by anything the Rams are offering up.

      • Volume12

        Not the fact that Avril, Sherm, Graham, ET, Joeckel, Baldwin, Prosise, and Wilhoite are all banged up?

        • AlaskaHawk

          I don’t want to Jinx the Seahawks with an injury bug = but they’ve gone through two left tackles, and two running backs already! Hope they all come back in good health before the Superbowl 🙂

          • GerryG

            Superb Bowl?

            More optimistic than I.

            Right now I am just hoping they can pull it together and make the playoffs. I’m not doomsday, but like others have said, not too impressed with the strength of their victories.

    • Mark Souza

      Mike, I hope you’re right, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think we’ll be lucky to get in as a wildcard this year. The offense is the worst I’ve seen since Wilson’s rookie year, and the defense is no longer the dominant crushing force it once was.

  17. Ishmael

    Anyone got any thoughts on Wyatt Teller? I thought he held up pretty well against Clemson, at least as well as anyone can be expected to.

  18. AlaskaHawk

    Got some idle time so I thought I would ask people: Who is your favorite teams (other than Seahawks) to root for this year?

    I really like Buffalo. I thought there coaching was excellent last year with a lot of offensive formations and differing plays to keep defenses guessing. Their defense was solid with a lot of players no one knows.

    This year Tyrod Taylor is playing well and I just like that they are a well rounded team. And I like an underdog. Go Buffalo Bills!!

    • Mike B.

      I’m rooting for Buffalo. I’m a fan of Tyrod and that defense. It’s clear that Rex Ryan’s system did not work there–it was too complicated (or just a generally poor fit). Sean McDermott has them on track, and boy do I hope they can pull off a stunner and win the AFC East. My projection still has the Patriots winning 10 games (NE’s schedule is tough), but it’s possible for Buffalo to match that total and win the tie-breaker.

    • Volume12

      My 2nd favorite team is KC. Has been forever. So I root for them every year in the AFC and am a little prejudiced when it comes to the Chiefs.

      Seattle was god awful back then and QB Joe Montana, HB Marcus Allen, WR Willie Davis, DE Neil Smith, OLB Derrick Thomas (my all time favorite defensive player. Offensive player is Barry Sanders), and CB Dale Carter was just so damn appealing. What a fun team that was.

      • Volume12

        * OL Brian Waters

    • AlaskaHawk

      I have to say that there are a lot of similarities between Seahawks pre Superbowl and the Bills right now. Tyrod Taylor is a running QB, that they seem to be playing conservatively. They have a top no-name defense – like the best defense in first four weeks.

      So it is interesting to see them develop. Now Tyrod is getting roughly 15-18 million a year and is only locked down through 2018. I see a lot of my thoughts about conservative coaching of the Seahawks in counterpoint to a different view of play calling at Buffalo.

  19. j

    I would disagree that Falk doesn’t have highly recruited targets. WR wise Isaiah Johnson Mack (most of the SEC was recruiting him), Tavares Martin Jr. (until he ran until legal troubles he had offers from everybody in the country even Bama), and Jamire Calvin were all highly recruited.

  20. j

    Tavares Martin Jr. isn’t getting as much love as he should IMO.

    Had offers from everybody (take a look at his offer sheet it is legit), got arrested for burglary. Lost all of his offers except WVU, but only if he fought the charges. Instead plead guilty and was looking at JC. A family member knew someone at WSU, WSU extended a walkon invite which he accepted, just got a schollie this past season.

  21. Nem Beselek

    The deal is we are at least five years away from needing to devote significant draft capital on a QB, barring injury of course. For at least five years, and probably more like eight to ten years we can continue to strengthen every other position on this team and know that we’re covered at QB.

    If Falk somehow falls to the end of the sixth round, then consider spending draft capital on him. Drafting any QB high without also planning on trading DangeRuss for multiple players/picks would just be a waste of resources.

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