Two possible profiles for Seattle D-line targets

1. The Seahawks might want more DL size
Speaking to Brock and Salk this morning, Pete Carroll made reference to Seattle’s D-line: “We’re not very big, we’re just fast and really really athletic and it showed up last night.”

It’s pretty obvious, given the personnel moves the Seahawks have made over the years, that they love twitchy, fast pass rushers. It’d be wrong to think they’re suddenly going to deviate from that.

However, the recent addition of 359lbs John Jenkins was maybe a sign that they do want some extra bulk in the middle. Interestingly, when Jenkins was signed Carroll talked about boosting the interior rush.

When it comes to the off-season, it’s at least worth considering players with a big frame that are also disruptive. That could mean the Seahawks show interest in the Washington D-liners if they enter the draft:

Vita Vea: 6-5, 332lbs, 5.5 TFL’s, 4 sacks
Elijah Qualls: 6-1, 321lbs, 5 TFL’s, 3 sacks
Greg Gaines: 6-2, 318lbs, 8 TFL’s, 3.5 sacks

The Seahawks don’t need a 10-sack monster inside. They really just need to replace the 6.5 sacks collected by Clinton McDonald in 2013 and Jordan Hill in 2014. If not in terms of pure numbers — at least in terms of pressures.

It’s worth noting Tony Pauline’s report this week. He suggested Qualls will turn pro but Vea will not (he didn’t mention Gaines).

It’s why it might also be worth repeating that Dontari Poe is a pending free agent and Kansas City are in a bit of a difficult cap situation in 2017. With only around $4m to spend at the moment they’ll need to create room to re-sign Eric Berry. It could mean Poe hits the market. He’d provide a nice compliment of size and athleticism. At his combine in 2012 he ran a 4.98 at 346lbs.

2. The Seahawks would love a 4.6 runner at three technique
At the end of the same piece on ESPN 710, Carroll noted Aaron Donald’s speed and made reference to Henry Melton. The Seahawks reportedly tried to sign Melton a couple of years ago, although his value (and subsequent performance) diminished after a serious knee injury.

Melton was initially a running back at Texas before converting to defensive tackle. At the Longhorns pro-day in 2009 he ran a 4.64 at 6-3 and 269lbs with a 34.5 inch vertical and a 10-1 broad jump. It was an incredible performance.

At the 2014 combine, Aaron Donald posted a 4.68 forty at 6-1 and 285lbs. He had a 32 inch vertical and a 9-8 in the broad jump. His 10-yard split was a 1.59.

Both players are rare — but by the sound of Carroll’s enthusiasm and the specific reference to Melton when discussing Donald — it’s worth keeping an eye on any players (early round, late round or UDFA) that post a 4.6 forty in that 270-285lbs range.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many out there.

In 2016 only three defensive lineman ran under 4.7 at the combine — Charles Tapper, Emmanuel Ogbah and Kamalei Correa. Two managed it in 2015 — Danielle Hunter and Owamagbe Odighizuwa. None of these players are interior rushers.

In 2014 four D-liners ran under 4.7 but only two possible interior rushers — Jadeveon Clowney (the #1 overall pick) and Aaron Donald.

There’s probably some flexibility here. For example, given the opportunity to draft someone with Cameron Jordan’s physical profile (6-4, 287lbs, 35 inch arms, 4.74 forty, 1.64 split, 31 inch vertical, 9-9 broad) they’d probably seriously consider it.

There’s a nice collection of defensive linemen in this upcoming draft. It’ll be interesting to see if any fit this kind of physical profile. Length, probably a 4.6 or 4.7, 275-290lbs and preferably good results in the explosion tests and 10-yard split. Quickness might be the key though.

Michigan’s Taco Charlton is listed at 6-5 and 277lbs. He has some nice length. He could be someone to watch at the combine. UCLA’s Takk McKinley would be another — but he appears destined for the top-15.

At the 2013 Nike SPARQ combine Stanford’s Solomon Thomas actually had a good workout overall. Yet he posted a 4.95 forty at 261lbs. He’s now listed at 273lbs. Some aspects of his game are appealing — but he might not be quick enough.


  1. HawkFan907

    I’d love to get Poe… but I fully expect the Chiefs to cut Jamaal Charles and have money for both Poe and Berry this off-season. What about Nick Fairley? He is an UFA this year? I know he has had off the field stuff but you think he would consider it?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. He just seems like one of those guys nobody really rushes to sign. And there’s usually a reason for that.

      • Tien

        I agree on Fairley. He’s had plenty of years and has been on more than one team to show that he’s an impactful player and in many games, I don’t even remember that he was playing. I would love to get Poe as a FA because that would give us more flexibility in the draft!

        And Rob – Here’s my annual note of Thanks!! for all your great informative articles that you post on this blog! I found your blog 3 or 4 years ago and ever since, I’m no longer shocked by any of the Hawks picks and have gotten used to seeing guys that were discussed here on this blog later drafted by the Hawks or signed as undrafted free agents, thanks to you and the community here!


        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man 🙂

      • Kenny Sloth

        Sounds like he could be a steal then, yeah?

        Ala Mike B

  2. 503Hawk

    w/ KC’s Johnson rupturing another Achilles wont his contract be off the books?

    • Rob Staton

      They have ways to make room but Berry is going to get paid big time

  3. Donald

    Thanks Rob.
    How about Demarcus Walker (DE Florida State) ? He seems quick twitch and fast, and reminds me of Aaron Donald. Would he qualify in this category?

    • Trevor

      I love Walker but think he is more of an inside / outside guy rather than a pure 3 Tech. Would love that pick though.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Walker but want to see his official weight and then his workout. He might be lighter than FSU seen listing.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    RT was a disaster in the game yesterday. Perhaps that would be the better pick, but I’m not convinced the right OT will be available to be a sure-fire fit at that draft pocition. A front line DT would be a safer pick imo. I’ll admit, I do not follow CFB much, but Vita Vea is incredibly intriguing. Good size and production from the numbers. I’m not fully convinced he is a sure-fire 1st round pick, but maybe the bottom of the second round would be too far to wait on him….. I however can see a fit on Seattle. Worth keeping a close eye on in the combine / SPARQ.

  5. Trevor

    Rob do you find it surprising that Pete would even mention the 60 yd time for an interior lineman? I would have thought the 10yd split and explosion test (vertical + broad) as well as the agility tests would be more important tests for an interior lineman. Do you think he mentioned the 60 time because it was something the listeners could relate to or it is truly an important # for them?

    • Rob Staton

      Forty is still a good way of judging speed and athleticism especially when you’re 280lbs

  6. Volume12

    Speaking of that PC interview today, how great was that? I love listening to PC and he was much more straightforward today.

  7. Frank

    Looks based on this that there are 2 needs: 3tech and run stuffer. Macfarlane’s days are numbered and Jefferson is an outside shot to fill the nickle role like Hill or McDonald. Would any of these Huskies kill 2 birds with one stone?

    In hindsight, Ifedi is the raw prospect many here thought he would be, and Chris Jones for the Chiefs has been everything the Seahawks have needed, and still do.

    • bobbyk

      Can you imagine the Seahawks OL being just as bad as it is now or even more terrible if the team had NOT drafted Ifedi in the 1st round? Can you imagine Rees playing RG as a 3rd round pick and at a level even under Ifedi up to this point?

      I think Reed was a great pick. I’ve liked him this year and he’s going to be a legit stud year two and beyond. He’s our new Mebane in terms of the physical presence we need but the guy who will never have the flashy stats. He’s a rock for us now and moving forward. Regardless, I do agree they need that inside presence, too.

      • bobbyk

        In terms of rushing the passer. And maybe Jefferson will be that guy. Who knows. He hasn’t shown enough to make one think he’ll be that guy though.

      • Frank

        I like Ifedi’s potential but let’s be honest with ourselves he has been part of the problem so far, seems like he’s out of position every play lunging at someone… Reed too, we need to be patient with these guys and see what we have. No guarantees from their performance this far.

        • STTBM

          Bobbyk, I do not want to imagine a line worse than this years. This has been nothing short of a debacle. Im no O-line guru, but perhaps Ifedi would make a better RT than a G? Sometimes happens that way; some guys just arent up for the instant contact/close quarters playing G requires. Look at Britt–terrible at RT, worse at LG, suddenly plays very well at C. Some guys cant play multiple positions yet excel at one.

          Odhimabo was simply raw. He’s come a long way since Game One, as evidenced by Seattle apparently making him the swing backup the last few weeks. I remember his kick-step in college and the hope when he was drafted that he could play T someday. So the future has some hope.

          Its Fant and Gilliam/Sowell that bogs this line down. While every player aside from Britt has struggled at times, I think if the T spots were manned at even an average level, this line would coalesce and be functional. And with RW, thats all this line has to be–functional.

          On another note, watched the Cowboys line vs TB, and was disgusted. I cant help but want that kind of protection for RW and watching Elliot get 4 yards before contact on many plays was infuriating. Gawd, I hate that team lol!

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s review the two players in two years. I think they made the right choice personally.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I agree,

        “If you don’t draft Germain Ifedi you have no idea what you’re doing” -KSU AD

        • Kenny Sloth

          He has maybe the third greatest potential of any rookie OL from this class.

      • Frank

        That could be, we’ll find out in time… in two years though the SB window might be closed.

        Do you think Pete was referring to the DTs specifically? Or D Line as a whole. Maybe they’re looking into bigger D- ends. It wouldn’t occur to me that Rubin, Reed, Mc Daniel are quickness guys.

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t think why they’d want bigger DE’s personally. And the signing of John Jenkins suggests it’s an interior issue.

          • Frank

            Could be one or the other or could be both.

            Average weight for a DT in 2013 was 310. Rubin is over 330, Reed is 311, McDanie 305, none of them to my eye have been particularly quick this year.

            Avg. weight for a DE was 283. Avril weighs 260, Clark 273, Bennett 274, all of them are quick.

            • Frank

              Marsh 269

  8. Clayton

    Rob, wondering if you took a look at Daylon Mack? He perfectly fits the two profiles described in your piece! If only he had one more year of eligibility!

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t — but will add him to the list

  9. Coleslaw

    Charlton really just looks like he could pass rush inside, his size and quickness look elite to my eye. Reminds me of Frank Clark but Taco’s bigger, just as quick off the line

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t mind Taco based on what I’ve seen so far but Clark was much more explosive IMO.

  10. Trevor

    Just saw that Joe Mixon video. Brutal!

    He is a potentially great RB and I love the talent but take him off the list for me. He would be undraftable. I had heard she assaulted him first and used racial sluts so wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Be he followed her into the place and had every chance to just walk away from that situation. I know people deserve second chances but that would be a hard one to stomach for me as a father of two young girls who will likely go to university on thier own someday.

  11. Trevor

    That should have read racial slurs obviously sorry for the error.

  12. 503Hawk

    I heard that the video of the Joe Mixon assault was released today. Apparently it is brutal (I’ll take their word, have no interest in such viewing). Interesting to see how it affects his stock.

  13. C-Dog

    Outside of Hill and Jefferson, 6-3 310 to 320 with athleticism seems to be something they like to target in the draft with Reed, Jaye Howard, Jimmy Williams and Jimmy Staton. Jaleel Johnson could really be one to watch.

    It was interesting John Jenkins was inactive against the Rams. I suppose they thought they’d take advantage with the speed players. Jarran Reed had the most snap counts of the three DTs.

    Nothing would get me more excited than Seattle signing Poe, but there could be some interesting second tier DTs on the market, as well.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Those these physical profile posts.

    Makes scouting and projection way easier.

    It would be nice to see every positional preference they have in one spot. That’s kind of hard with the wildly varying target players attributes.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Love these*

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, how do you like the idea of kicking the tires on Matt Khalil?

    Do you think Minne resigns him or is he allowed to test the waters.

    Any must-have free agents for you?

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t hate it but only because I trust PC and he knows Kalil.

      • bobbyk

        Kalil would be a good choice. I have a definite feeling he’s going to get paid more than people think he will. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not going to get a huge deal because of his injury concerns – but he’s going to get more than a bargain basement price that some are thinking right now.

  16. Ishmael

    For people thinking about watching the Mixon video, I strongly recommend you don’t. It’s a brutal punch that did devastating damage. Your life won’t be improved in any way by watching the girl have her face rearranged. I’d have a very, very, hard time supporting the Hawks if they drafted him.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely and it was a situation that could have so easily been avoided. Sickening really.

      • LordSnow

        Agreed and although the NFL can’t risk collusion, you wonder if quietly the word would go around not to draft him if they really want to make a statement with women’s issues.

    • Tien

      Thanks for sharing guys. I was in the camp of giving Mixon a chance if the assault incident was one of those circumstantial things (heat of the moment and not an intentional punch) he’s cleaned up his act and had no other incidents but if the video is as brutal as you guys are describing, I agree, we can let another team draft him.

      • Ishmael

        Without the rest of the video, sound, etc. I don’t want to read too much into things – because the video is largely without context. And it’s not being helped by the spin both sides are putting on things – she’s arguing there were homophobic slurs thrown, he’s arguing there were racial slurs thrown. But basically she gives him a push, he fakes a massive punch, she throws a little slap that gets him in the neck, and then he demolishes her with a right.

        He seriously steps into it, smashes her back and down onto a table that’s maybe a metre away. She goes down like the proverbial sack of potatoes. He then turns and walks out. She weighs maybe 120 pounds at the most, and was left with fractures in her jaw and cheekbone that meant her jaw needed to be wired together. Even if you want to make the argument that she’s an idiot for slapping him, which I would, his reaction is grotesquely disproportionate.

        And he has had another ‘incident,’ although it’s not breaking the face of a young woman – got suspended for basically being a dick to a parking attendant. Now the parking attendant didn’t have to go through an eight-hour surgery, or get by on a liquid diet, but it’s still not a fantastic look.

        He can go to some other team where they don’t give a shit about women being beaten like the Giants, Ravens, Cowboys. I’d rather the Hawks drew a line in the sand. The Frank Clark incident is still… Well, we’ve covered that in the past.

        • STTBM

          Ishmael, I agree. Unless he was being attacked with a weapon and in fear of his life, there was no reason on earth to do what he did. Im going to be livid if Seattle gives this jerk a shot to be on my favorite team. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not just a job, an done this guy flat doesnt deserve.

  17. LeoSharp

    I’ve been reading up on Oklahoma state’s Vincent Taylor DT 6’3 310. 44 tackles, 12 TFL, 6 sacks, 2FF, 1 PB, 4 blocked kicks. Can only find game highlights of him but his stats do look good. He’s a rJr so might not declarer this year without the right grade. According to Walterfootball he’s projected to run a 5.09 40 which would be faster than Jordan Hill. He’s also a hurricane Katrina survivor and appears to have gone through a lot of hardship, In an interview he talks about being 10 and having a gun aimed at his face so probably has the mental make up to fit in Seattle. Seems rather intriguing but doesn’t have a great deal of draft buzz

    • Volume12

      He’ll start getting buzz very soon if he comes out. One of my favorite DT prospects this year.

      Long, explosive, works through double teams very well.

      Yeah, he was a Hurricane survivor kid. Him and his dad drove around homeless for awhile until they settled in somewhere in San Antonio.

      Him and WR James Washington are OK St’s 2 best pro prospects.

  18. Coleslaw

    Ricky Seals-Jones is interesting. 6-5 240 lb receiver. Red shirt junior, still pretty raw but has good speed for his size and good hands. Not afraid of contact either and capable of trucking. Projected to go rounds 3-4

  19. Vista

    The Mixon video is interesting in my view, especially after reading what the attorneys claim. I just wish that the shop had cameras outside of the establishment as well. That would clear up some of the confusion with the case.

    And for those who desire to watch the video but don’t want to hunt it down, here it is. But I would strongly advise against watching it.

    • rowdy

      Based on the video where she pushed and slapped him before he hit her I’m willing to bet that what his attorney said happened out side. You should never hit a girl but a girl should never get violent with a man either. Hopefully they both learned a lesson.

      • Vista

        Let’s hope. It is something teams will really have to look into to say the least.

      • LeoSharp

        Totally agree. They both appear to be guilty in the way the situation erupted. I think the biggest factor is that she’s a woman, If a man had done exactly the same actions it would be a completly different story. Regardless I don’t think he has the physical running style that we need in Seattle, would probably compare him more to Prosise than Rawls

  20. Dumbquestions

    Dontari Poe would be perfect. But he’ll have lots of suitors.

  21. Ed

    FA Get one (Poe/Campbell/Short/Pierre-Paul/Sheard)
    FA Get one (Kalil/Bell/Zeitler)

    Trade back

    2nd DL
    2nd RB
    3rd LB
    3rd OT

  22. Volume12

    Rob, have you heard of this OT Daniel Brunskill kid from San Diego St.?

    Supposed to be one of the best ‘sleeper’ tackles in this class. He’s not a TE either. Interesting story.

    Another sleeper is RT Zach Golditch from Colorado St. Was hit in the neck with shrapnel from the Aurora theater shootings in Colorado. Again, supposed to be another ‘sleeper.’

    Nebraska S Nate Gerry. This kid is an animal. Violent physical specimen with great ball skills. Complete safety that does everything you want in one. Bo Pelini recruit. Him, Colorado’s Tedric Thompson, and Wazzu’s Shalom Luani are the 3 most underrated safeties in this class.

    • Volume12

      Shoulda mentioned that this is Brunskill’s 1st year as an OT. He was a TE. Plays a little high leverage wise, needs to add weight, and you can see some of his weaikneses technique wise, but man is he long, moves well, looks very athletic too.

      He’s exciting because of how much he has to offer being that this is his 1st year playing the position.

      Only allowed 1 sack all year.

    • Vista

      I was watching the Nebraska v Iowa game and I think I need to take a closer look at Gerry. His size is intriguing especially considering what the Hawks seem to like.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t — will check him out. Is he on DB?

      • Volume12

        Brunskill, watch the Donnell Pumphrey tape.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Love Pumphrey.

          Two concerns; his size and the scheme.

          I think his speed and vision translate well, but I’m not sure of his range.

          He and Elijah Hood are my two favorite backs not named Leonard Fournette.

          Was Buzzkill the left tackle or what?

          • Volume12


    • Ishmael

      Gerry is a kid I’m really excited about, reminds me a lot of Harrison Smith. A serious DBs coach like Carroll or Zimmer would have a lot of fun with him.

  23. DC

    Kind of bizzarely funny that Steve Sarkisian is now the OC at Alabama and his first game in that position is against Washington. Thanks for bringing us back from the dead Sark but don’t score any points on offense. ‘Bama hasn’t really needed them anyway.

    • rowdy

      To me it shows their scared of Peterson and are d and trying to do anything to throw them off

  24. Volume12

    Solomon Thomas might not be quick enough, but he has 3-tech written all over him even though he plays/lines up everywhere.

    This kid is gonna be a star wherever he ends up. Upside for days.

    Has a great physicality to his game. Competitive. Kind of reminds me of a defensive version of RW or Tyler Lockett in a certain way. High character type, but flips that switch in pads.

    Explosive, long, his hands never stop, generates a ton of power. Quick off the ball. ✔

    I saw someone comp him as a taller, leaner Jurrell Casey.

    Right now, the best 3-techs appear to be ‘Gama’s Jon Allen, Solomon Thomas, Iowa’s Jaleel Johnson, Auburn’s Montravius Adams, and one other guy who’s name I forget.

    Does not appear to be a deep class at this particular position currently. But, the combine, pro days, and bowl games will hopefully unearth some more.

    • Volume12


      • D-OZ

        I like Solomon Over Walker. Hand strength and grit win out for me. I have seen him make some awesome goat-rope tackles. He get’s his hands on you, your down.. This D-line class is more loaded than what you may see in the media and draft pundants:) Lets see who declares for the Huskies and USC…

    • Kenny Sloth

      Jaleel Johnson is screaming ‘Seahawk’ to me. He’s a dog, bro.

      You can bet on him as a pro.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I’m big on the Jaleel Johnson bandwagon.

        • Volume12

          Toledo DT Treyvon Hester. He’s the other guy. Scouts said he’s the next Ahtyba Rubin.

  25. JT

    4.6 doesn’t exist for 3-Techs. Melton was too small to be a 3T when he ran 4.64. He was a nickel interior rusher. Donald was only 285 lbs and perhaps the freakiest athlete in the NFL, and his 4.68 is in the 99th percentile for interior DLs. Fletcher Cox at 4.79 was 97th %ile. So even trying to get below 4.8 eliminates 97% of prospects.

    Ideally the DT they draft would be a mold of both models. A DT with 3T size on base downs who is twitchy enough to be a productive rusher in nickel. Rankins and Chris Jones were the poster boys for that last year, and there might not be any that talented in this draft besides Jonathan Allen. We already have big run stuffers (Rubin/Reed), and inside out DLs (Bennett/Clark).

    Also there’s been some discussion on the importance of the 40. IMO, the 10 yard split, the 3-cone, the vert and broad jumps are all more important for interior D-Linemen.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody would dispute that — but PC himself mentioned the 40. And you can be a 3T at 285lbs.

      • JT

        The 3Ts that small who can defend the run well also are so few and far between, and are always athletic freaks. Donald – 285, Atkins – 293 is kind of close to that. I don’t know of any other full-time 3Ts that size who can defend the run well also. Malik Jackson? He’s more inside-out tho. If the player that size can’t hold up against the run at 3T on base downs, they’re either a nickel only rusher or have to play inside-out.

        I’m not opposed to another inside out player like Walker, as the nickel pass rush would be amazing, but I’d prefer a full time 3T with versatility against the run and pass. I know how tough that can be to find.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not disputing they’re hard to find. I made that specific point in the piece.

    • Trevor

      You are dead on IMO. I don’t see a Rankins or Jones in this draft class. I loved both guys coming out last year and really thought Jones had a chance to be the pick in Rd # 1 as he had the perfect profile for the position with the length Pete loves.

      OL was clearly the bigger need so the went that route. The thing is guys with that physical profile are so rare that when you get a chance to pick one I think you almost need to do it. Almost inevitably they become pro bowl type players as I think both Jones and Rankins will be as well.

      In this draft only Johnathan Allen stands out to me as that type of player and he should be a top 3 pick. Maybe there are some small school guys with the athletic profile guess we will find out come draft season.

      • Trevor

        Still think Ifedi is going to turn out to be a great pick by the way.

        • JT

          I sure hope so man. That’s all I have to base it on at this point – hope. His performance has been scary and he needs massive development. His IQ at RG, balance, coordination and hand use are all really behind the curve at this point. Even in the phone booth he’s getting smoked in pass pro. I think he’d be better off at RT since he knows the position better, and his size/length is ideal for the outside.

          At least he bulldozes some guys in the run game when he gets into them squarely.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He actually played guard in high school and as a freshman. His guard tape was arguably his best, anyway.

            Rob has always comped him to Osemele, but his versatility is a plus.

            • Volume12

              Solomon Thomas is a much better player than DeMarcus Walker, and I like Walker a lot.

              Thomas got no help. He was a one man wrecking crew.

              • D-OZ

                That’s weird V12 I posted above and there you are in a condensed version. You know what the say?

                • Volume12

                  What’s that?

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Great minds think alike

                  • Volume12

                    Damn. I should’ve known that. ? Stupid me. lol.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    -_- y’all corny at hahahah

              • Rob Staton

                Walker does a much better job getting off blocks IMO.

  26. Trevor

    Rob I was thinking about it last night and I think of all the Free Agents that have left in the PC/ JS era the only two real losses that have hurt are Tate and Clinton McDonald.

    In fact I would argue that McDonald has been the biggest loss as he really was able to provide solid intentior pressure and splash plays. He wa only a rotational piece but they have never been able to replace him except for an 8 game stretch by Hill.

    Is there a rotational guy on any of the good DLs in the league whom may be available?

    • JT

      Fairley. He can’t defend the run and I suspect he’s a bit of a locker room problem, but he can get to the QB. Dunno if he’d be worth signing, even on another short term prove-it deal

      • Volume12

        Pass on Fairly. He’s a JAG.

        • D-OZ


  27. Wall UP

    Inside push from the draft with strength and quickness at NT could be found in Derrick Nnadi. Also, there’s an increasing buzz for DE Tanoh Kpassagnon 6-7 290 that can potentially be the heir apparent to the T-Mac role at 3Tech. Could these two fill the need at DT, along with Reed, Rubin, Jefferson? MikeB, Avril, Clark, Marsh would remain the DEs for the 9 DL total. If they’re able to have 10, Moore has played well when healthy and appears to be good fit.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been reading up on Kpassagnon, really intriguing player, physically, kinda reminds me of Kaufusi. One thing that has a bit on the fence might be his laid back So Cal attitude. Apparently he was quoted as saying he hates playing in the cold and the rain.. Hmm. May not be much, but might be an indicator on his level of dog. I think PC wants dogs on this defense.

      • WALL UP

        He seems to do well in Villanova’s cold climate in Pennsylvania. Kpassagnon recorded 45 tackles with 21.5 for a loss, 11 sacks, one forced fumble and a pass batted in 2016.

        Most players don’t like playing in inclement weather but still performs in it. His length and quickness can’t be taught though. He should do well to buy in when placed in that locker room.

  28. C-Dog

    I think this might be my dream scenario getting back to being the bona fide bully, and away from the glass cannon. Seattle decides to ride the defense, making the strength stronger, makes one big FA splash in Dontari Poe (the player I wanted Seattle to draft in the worst way in 2012). This actually kinda fits the Ron Wolf philosophy that JS subscribes to in that if their is a special player out there that immediately impacts your roster, you try to get him (See Reggie White to GB). Seattle might also kick the tires on Matt khalil or another OT vet if they can get them in on a swinging deal, but essentially it’s going big on Poe. Maybe Kearse becomes a cap casualty to fit both players in. It might mean they won’t be able to afford Willson, Morgan, and others.

    Then the draft goes something like this:

    28: R1P28

    60: R2P28

    92: R3P28

    135: R4P32

    207: R6P28

    214: R6P35

    225: R7P7

    The Poe signing give Seattle some obvious draft flexibility. I wouldn’t be shocked if Zach Cunningham is still on board, Seattle doesn’t go after that kind of playmaker for the defense. Cunningham is physical, athletic, and a smart student of the game. He can set the edge, cover, tackle, and play any of the LB spots. Imagine a front seven consisting of Avril, Reed, Poe, Bennett, Wright, Wagner, and Cunningham.

    Seattle has been watching USC very intently, I have a feeling the player they are into could very well be Chad Wheeler. I think he ticks a lot of Tom Cable boxes, physically. Seems to be projected as a day two player, so Seattle may not want to mess around in R2 not going OL.

    Sam Perine is the Seahawky back left on the board at this point. I think they want a tough, physical, no nonsense, workman like inside runner to mix up with the playmaking of Rawls and Prosise. Perine seems to fit that mold.

    I think WR is going to be a likely target, possibly to replace Kearse. I’d like for them to again try to land a taller redzone target, and Dupre could be that guy.

    With OL, RB, and WR dressed, I like them to go after developmental depth players for the defense. Wise Jr another long 5 Tech type, Witherspoon another long corner, and Gerry a big physical safety would all fit the mold of players they like to grab.

    Not drafted, QB, TE, OG, DT, FS.

    With the practice squad players on futures contracts competing in 2017, the roster could look something like this:

    QB: Wilson, Boykin

    RB: Rawls, Prosise, Perine, Collins, Pope

    FB: Cottom

    WR: Baldwin, Lockett, McEvoy, Richardson, Dupre, Lawler, Williams

    TE: Graham, Vannett, Sommers, Lucas

    LT: Fant, Khalil

    LG: Glowinski, Odhiambo

    C: Britt, Hunt

    RG: Ifedi, Pericak

    RT: Wheeler, Myers

    RE: Avril, Clark, Marsh

    DT: Poe, Reed, Rubin, Smith, Hamilton

    LE: Bennett, Jefferson, Wise Jr, Jenkins

    WILL: Wright, KPL

    MLB: Wagner, Palacio

    SAM: Cunningham

    CB: Sherman, Shead, Lane, Elliot, Witherspoon

    FS: Thomas, Powell, Desir

    SS: Chancellor, Gerry

    • D-OZ

      Sorry can’t get on the wheeler bandwagon.:(

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Wheeler is an intriguing LT prospect. Nice length, decent size, plus athlete, plays with a mean streak.

        But he’s been riddled with injuries – concussions, ACL, plantar fasciitis. And he had a rather major dust up with LAPD last year so there’s some off field concerns.

        Personally don’t see him as a R2 prospect. Not with the injury history and off field issues. Also, he looks like a straight up LT (not a versatile OLer), and SEA seem to like Fant and they also have Odhiambo. I think they’re looking to add a RT and/or LG.

        • C-Dog

          Fair points. The off field issues have always been my main concern with him, but I think he has an aggressive playing style that fits what Cable wants at OT and that actually might transition well to the right side. Watching a few Trojan games, I’ve thought he’s looked like their best O’liner. Particularly against the Huskies, I thought he took it to their vaunted DTs.

  29. Volume12

    Marshawn Lynch loves this Donnell Humphrey, RB, SD St.

    He might he the toughest back in the country, poiund for pound.

    • Volume12


      • Kenny Sloth

        So do I!!!+

      • WALL UP -Intelligent young man. Watch out for NO & NE drafting him.

        • Volume12

          He’s a cool little player. Very versatile. Runs so tough for his size and is actually quite good up the middle between the tackles too.

          Vision, patience, speed, great pass catcher.

          He broke Ron Daynes record.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Did you see his 2nd half TD run vs HOU in the LV Bowl today? Good vision, nice burst, strong finish.

            • Volume12

              Yeah I was excited to watch this game because I love CFB and was disappointed my Saturdays weren’t gonna consist of it.

              That’s how I stumbled on their RT Daniel Brunskill.

              IDK if Marshawn Lynch is related to him, mentoring him or what. They have a connection though, so I figured I’d study him a bit more. And then of course because of the Bowl game today.

              He does not play like he’s 180-185. Grit personified. Looks like he has the frame to add more weight too.

              • WALL UP

                i’m sure he’s is one of the many that have attended his camp in Oakland.

          • WALL UP

            To bad the role he would play is filled with Procise, Lockett & Doug.

            • Volume12

              Yup. Probably.

              I’m not even saying he’s a potential Seahawk necessarily, I’m just a fan of his game.

              • WALL UP

                Me too!

  30. WALL UP

    “I wouldn’t be shocked if Zach Cunningham is still on board, Seattle doesn’t go after that kind of playmaker for the defense. Cunningham is physical, athletic, and a smart student of the game. He can set the edge, cover, tackle, and play any of the LB spots.”

    I’m all in on Zach Cunningham!! Even if he’s close to their pick they should go get him.

    I personally don’t think Poe will be affordable for having that much cap space given to the DL, with MikeB & Avril getting extended. I think they take care of their own in terms of a high cost acquisition on D.

    The T-Mac, K-Will & Rubin type of acquisitions are how they fill that DT slot with a 1-2yr deal. Poe is looking to get paid.

    I really like Derrick Nnadi at NT/1Tech. He’s like a baby Mebane. I’d have Rubin(5Tech), Nnadi (1tech), Reed (3Tech) & MikeB at (DE) against the run. That DL could take care of the Dallas OL and others looking to run on 1st-2nd downs.

    This will leave Avril, Clark, Marsh, Jefferson & others fresh for 3rd dns as their Nascar package.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I really like Jaleel Johnson from Iowa at 1-tech.

      I thought he looked much shorter than he was listed. Reminds me a lot of Mebane as well

      • WALL UP

        Jaleel reminds me more so of Reed. Both play more with upper strength rather the lower leg drive. Nnadi carries some junk in his trunk like Mebane. At 6-1 312, he can give that low push when needed. Mebane was special at that. He would also be available with the 2nd pick.

        • C-Dog

          I agree Jaleel is more like Reed. I think he might be a bit more athletic though. It will be interesting to see what he does at the combine. I thought he kinda took over the Michigan game late in the season. I’m pretty high on him.

          As for Poe, I agree that it’s a long shot, for what it’s worth, I think it’s also a long shot they trade up for Fournette. The thing that makes me think they might be aggressive for a both these type of players is that they were aggressive going for Graham and Harvin. Volume 12 mentioned the other day, they were pursing a trade for Cameron Jordan. So we never know.

    • JT

      I doubt the Hawks go back to using a DT at 5-T against the run, like they did with Red Bryant. Bennett destroys the run from that spot, while Avril & Clark are solid vs the rush on the other side, and they need their pass rush ability on base sets. I’d actually like to see Clark take more snaps from Avril in 4-3, since he can be a real playmaker in the backfield vs the run.

      • WALL UP

        The change from the Red days was due to the opponents. If you recall Denver was the opponent that merited a pass rush due to their passing attack when Red was bench for Avril.

        There greatest opponents would Dallas & Carolina which are run heavy teams. When GB & ALT are opponents that should change back to Avril & MikeB. It’s wise to keep those two fresh though.

  31. Volume12

    Toledo on next.

    RB Kareem Hunt, DT Treyvon Hester, TE Michael Roberts.

    • JT

      Man I got around to watching some Kareem Hunt tape. Wow…. I’m really impressed. Let us know how he looks today.

      • Volume12

        Will do ?

        • Volume12

          Roberts is a 6’6, 270 lb TE with 16 TDs this year.

          Lost his brother and grandma within months of each other in HS.

    • Sea Mode

      You guys beat me to it on RB Kareem Hunt. I was literally just going to post about him!

      Anyway, I finally got a chance to watch a bit of most of the RBs just now, and Hunt is hands down my favorite for a mid-round pick, followed by Perine. This is assuming we are not going to spend big on Fournette and are looking for a tough yards back to complement Rawls, Prosise, and yes, Alex Collins, who I think will break out next season.

      I know the big knock on Hunt is inferior competition, but he dominated it like a player who belongs in the NFL is supposed to. So not a huge deal for me. Rawls was at Central Michigan… same conference (MAC). Hunt rushed for over 100 yards in 15 of 22 games as a collegian, including 11 straight and 15 in his last 16. Production, check.

      1. No career lost fumbles. None. In 760 career carries. Wow. It’s all about the what in Seattle again…?

      2. Beyond the measurements (6-0, 225), he just has that squat RB build and fully looks the part of a tough runner. Meets the eye test.

      3. You want to sum up his best quality in one word? No doubt: BALANCE. This guy just doesn’t go down, sometimes near unbelievably, as is best exemplified in these 2014 sophomore highlights:

      4. Good vision and patience, and good top speed for his size (should be in the 4.5s like Rawls). In his own words, he is a “solid 4.5”, with his personal best at 4.49 as of 2015. Oh, and he can “squat the house” (500lbs).

      5. Attitude wise, his is a guy who prefers to play for the underdog and prove himself without looking for the spotlight. “I’m just working to try and get better, and if people don’t notice that’s fine to me. “I just love playing the game and love when our team wins.” Had light interest from Ohio St. and real interest from others but preferred to stay close to home at Toledo where he knew he would actually play (grades also factored in here). Here’s an article for more on his personality and story:

      6. No significant injuries. Missed three games in 2014 with an ankle and three in 2015 with a hamstring. Played the full slate in 2016. There was also a 2-game suspension in 2015 for violating undisclosed team rules, which in other comments one is led to believe probably had to do with grades.

      Anyway, he’s my favorite until you guys help me see otherwise. I’ll take him in Rd. 3! Let me know what you think and how he does in today’s game.

      • JT

        Great summary. He might be my favourite RB in the draft when it’s all said and done, relative to prevailing opinion. Last year it was Prosise and Dixon, who went rounds 3 & 4. If we can get Hunt in round 3/4, I’ll sleep easy about our RB situation

      • Trevor

        I like Hunt and Perrine as well with our 3rd rounder or 3rd round comp pick. Either guy would compliment Rawls and Prosise nicely.

        • Volume12

          22 carries, 120 yds, 2 TDs. He’s carrying his team here late in the 4th quarter.

          35 yds alone on this drive.

          • Volume12

            He’s not much different than Elijah Hood. Hunt is a better receiver and more creative. But, a heavier workload.

            • Volume12

              Looks like the type of back the Ron Wolf tree will like.

              Seattle’s JS
              GB’s TT
              KC’s Dorsey

              • D-OZ

                I’m on the Hunt band-wagon!!!

            • Sea Mode

              Absolutely. Forgot to mention the soft hands. Not a route runner at all, but good with the screen and outlet passes.

  32. Volume12

    DaMontre Moore done in Seattle huh?

    • WALL UP

      He may have a history that might suggest that he’s gone. If not, then perhaps suspended for NFI.

      *Donnel Pumphrey* alright.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • WALL UP

          Arrested for DWI & driving with a suspended license.

          • WALL UP

            DUI – DWI same thing.

            • Kenny Sloth


            • Vista

              Just different BAC levels

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Saw he was arrested for DUI but haven’t read about any reaction from SEA.

  33. Coleslaw

    Anybody know if Seattle is scouting this Eastern Washington vs Youngstown game?

    • Volume12

      How are those 2 pass rushers from Youngstown St looking?

      Avery Moss & Derek Rivers.

  34. Ed

    Would love to get one of (Poe/Short/Campbell).

    Also want to give Bennett/Avril/Kam more money, but not really extend them. Maybe just more guaranteed money in their final years (2018 for Bennett/Kam and 2019 for Avril. So basically give them a couple an additional 2 million or something. So in my scenario, additional $4 million total in 2018 and $2 million in 2019. I know it’s affordable, but is that a nice reward that shows you play hard, you get taken care of.

    Graham and Richardson expire 2018 as well, that’s another $12 million off the books.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Campbell is past his prime. Short is not leaving the Panthers, no way. They have to spend some money in 2017, why not on him? As for Poe, he might be available as a FA, but what are you willing to pay him (and also lose a 2018 comp pick). I think he will be too expensive for Seattle.

      • Ishmael

        Campbell is still pretty damn good, and I guess we’ve seen that the Panthers aren’t necessarily inclined to give out monster contracts – see Norman just last year. If Short wants big money in the Suh, Watt, Cox, range they might balk.

  35. Volume12

    Miami G Danny Isidora, Senior bowl, is a dancing bear. This kid can flat-out play.

    • Volume12

      I’m also very excited to watch Forrest Lamp at the Senior Bowl.

      His tape against ‘Bama showed 3 big things.

      Handled speed rushers- Tim Williams
      Power rushers- Ryan Anderson
      The hybrid interior rushers- Jon Allen

      Side note: ‘those names on ‘Bama read like a group from the ’70s.

  36. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Donnel Pumphrey Breaks Record for Most Rushing Yards in FBS History.

    On second thought, if you can add a dynamic play making RB to the team….. do it!

  37. Ishmael

    Anyone watch any of the Dolphins – Jets game? Suh really in an absolute monster, Wake too. Got Bryce Petty with a brutal shot. And speaking of Petty, he’s just bad. People complain about Boykin but I’d take him over Petty every single day and twice on Sundays.

    Couple of picks for Tony Lippett, a WR turned CB, who we talked about a bit here last season.

    • Trevor

      Yeah Lippett has tremendous upside IMO and is going to turn out to be a steal. Was really hoping we were going to get him. Could have been a Sherm type clone.

  38. Sea Mode

    So, I mentioned Kareem Hunt earlier for RB. Now I’m taking a good, hard look at RB James Conner, Pitt. since I saw he declared for the draft.

    Watching him on tape, I kept going back and forth about whether he was “sneaky fast” or just slow. The more I watch, the more I buy into the latter. His running form is so strange, almost like he is scoots along. Makes me think of Luke Willson. But I think it works to his advantage because his feet are almost always on the ground and it keeps him low to the ground.

    He has vision too. Not to mention the great backstory of overcoming cancer and a torn ACL to come back healthy this season. Well spoken in interviews. Just plain “Seahawky”.

    As Rob has reminded us, PC’s ideal back is 6-2, 240 and runs violent like Rawls. Well guess what: he is exactly that, if nothing a bit heavier (some sites have him listed at 250). A tad slower than Rawls, which is obviously fine at his size, but maybe not that much as ESPN even has his 40yd time at 4.52 (other sites say high 4.5 to mid 4.6, which seems more probable).

    Ceiling could be The Bus 2.0. Bettis was 5-11, 255 and ran an estimated 4.7 40yd. I think the Hawks might be quite interested if what they are looking to add to the rotation is a hammer back. Cause this guy fits that mold perfectly.

    Pass blocking is also excellent and he even shows some decent hands in the passing game.

    I always watch highlights first to see what a player CAN do, then go to some game tape. If you want to watch a game, I would recommend vs. Virginia Tech:


    • Volume12

      Did you know there’s 18 rushers who lead their team in rushing that weigh below or as much as 215 lbs (give or take 3 lbs.) currently in the NFL?

      Size is great and whatnot, but statistically, its unpersuasive to career length.

      And I’m not saying your saying that. Just something to keep in mind. The NFL is changing.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the discussion, as always. Fair points. Although being the third guy in a rotation and not a workhorse back should mitigate a fair amount of the risk of an overly short career.

        Also, I’m not all-in on Conner quite yet either. I just liked some of the stuff I saw on tape wanted to throw him out there for consideration so we don’t end up talking about a ton of other backs and then kick ourselves when they draft him saying “duh, we should have known” because he fits exactly the physical profile they have said they wanted and has a super-“seahawky” backstory.

        Seattle wants to be the bully and pound the rock. He is certainly not a complete back, but the fact is this 250lb. dude will pound you and could be exactly what the Hawks need when they are on the 1 yd line or facing 3rd and short situations, or just to wear a defense down in the 2nd half to set up Rawls and Prosise. If he only costs a mid to late round pick (Rd.5?), might be worth it to have a guy for that role.

        • Volume12


          And Seattle does value/place a premium on the run game more than a majority of the teams.

          I think they’ll get a good back to add to the stable no matter what.

  39. Trevor

    Vol guess that answers our question about the impact of APs return. Put a fork in the Vikes.

    • Volume12

      Oh yeah. Their done.

  40. Trevor

    GB and Dal really are the only two teams I think have any shot to beat the Hawks and we would get to play GB at home.

    Really hope we can get Prosise back and some semblance of a run game over the next 2 weeks before the playoffs begin. That Bye week would be huge to let our D rest up. They have played a ton of snaps this year.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Green Bay is looking a little more human playing Chicago today. Man the Seahawks stunk up that game! Might want to try some new offensive formations as Green Bay knows our plays better then the Seahawks do! But seriously, that was a bad game with a lot of bad breaks. The scary part was that Seahawks fell behind and couldn’t grind it out.

      • Jon

        Russell and our receivers made that GB secondary look unstoppable. If Russ hadn’t missed those wide open throws to Baldwin and Graham for easy TDs/big gains, that would have been a very different game. It’s tough to come back from a game when the turnover margin is -6. The key is if Wilson can stay healthy and play better, which leads to him having better footwork and mechanics. I think those injuries earlier in the season are still affecting him somewhat and he’s abandoning his mechanics in order to compensate for them. If he returns to form, this team is primed for another deep playoff run.

      • Sea Mode

        Have to figure out how to get a pass rush going even when Rodgers is using his infamous hard count!

  41. CHawk Talker Eric

    Which team would you least want to face in the postseason? For me it’s NYG.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      If I was a Giants fan I’d be thinking 2011.

      • Volume12

        Giants or Packers.

        Dallas does not scare me.

    • Rob Staton

      Green Bay

      • Sea Mode

        Might not have to worry about them at all if the Bears can complete this comeback.

        • Sea Mode

          So much for that… sigh…

          • Volume12

            Did Giants corner Janoris Jenkins get hurt today?

            • Vista

              A back injury from the looks of it

    • Kenny Sloth

      Green Bay and Kansas City

      • DC

        Green Bay, Atlanta & NYG.

  42. Volume12

    Just me or does anyone else see similarities in Oregon RB Royce Freeman and Chicago RB Jordan Howard?

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, I think their running styles are quite similar. Kind of one-speed, but very smooth and subtle change in direction at full speed takes away defenders’ angle on them, which they can then use their size/speed to run through the arm tackle.

      BTW, has Freeman announced yet whether he plans to declare? Any rumors on that?

      I looked at some of his tape today when I was going through the RBs. There is a lot to like about him, but I wouldn’t describe him as a violent runner. Actually saw a stat somewhere that he is at or near the top in making defenders miss, which is definitely a great trait. He does it with vision, not with quick cuts ala Paul Perkins Rob highlighted last year.

      So the vision is there, sets up his blocks well, but I would like to see him use his size to finish more aggresively. To me it seems he doesn’t really use the big frame to his advantage. Rarely did I see him lower his shoulder at the end of a run. That’s one difference between him and Jordan Howard.

      If Rolls Royce does declare, I’m still not sure if I would put him above Kareem Hunt on Seattle’s board. Royce certainly is bigger (even if he doesn’t take full advantage of it), looks and carries himself in interviews like a full-grown man (Hunt looks and sounds like a nice, quiet kid until he puts the pads on, even though he is actually 6 mos older), and has the production vs. better competition, plus he would likely require the Rd.2 pick instead of a Rd.3-5 where I see Hunt going (unless he blows up the combine).

      Help me see what I am not seeing.

      P.S. Sorry if I seem obsessed with RBs today, it’s just I was finally able to catch up with you guys and look at some tape for myself. =)

      • Volume12

        No, I wouldn’t describe him as a violent runner either. And he does need to take advantage of his size more.

        I like the fact that for his mentioned size, he can do everything a smaller back can. Great observation about him erasing defenders angles because that’s one of his strengths.

        My notes on him are are:

        -Love his short area agility and can make defenders miss in small spaces
        – a lot of what Oregon asks him to do and scheme wise, is running horizontal to the LOS. But, he has the power in his lower body, balance, and explosiveness to square himself up and get upfield quickly with sharp cuts
        – one of the better jump cut moves I’ve seen from any back this year and it allows him to make defenders miss in the hole
        – speaking of that, once he sees a hole, he’ll explode through it
        -with his agility and COD he can move anywhere on the field at any time during his runs
        – He does have the power to run through tackles, but its something I’d like to see more out of from him
        – good receiving ability

        New HC Willie Taggart is trying to convince him to stay.

        I do think he’s a late 2nd-late 3rd type of prospect or value

        Don’t worry about it man. RB is one of their biggest needs and I know I’m one of many that love the discussions, debates, and breakdowns.

        • Sea Mode

          Thanks, Vol. Agree with your notes (though the nice jump cut I noticed more in Perine) and enjoy digging into the different options out there for Seattle. Makes me appreciate the draft so much more!

          Here’s where I stand at the moment at RB on my imaginary draft board for Seattle. Main requirements are good size/build, elite vision, finishing hard, and complementing the other backs on the roster for good draft value:

          1. Samaje Perine: has great vision. His strength is literally his strength. He should blow the combine records out of the water on the bench press. I think most of the extra weight is in the upper body, but that’s fine. Very sharp in pass pro and seems to take pride in it. Runs the hardest of any in the group I would say and has the most burst and a nice jump cut. Underrated agility. In the end, just does whatever it takes to get the job done, and that has value. As such, might be the most “seahawky”. 6 fumbles, 5 lost in his 3 years.

          Mature beyond his years, and he’s a fun interview:

          Overcame adversity as a sophomore in HS (MCL and LCL in left knee), then a chronic ankle issue he picked up in HS and played through and finally had repaired before this season. Says the injuries taught him to get extremely low when taking on contact.
          Stories on him:

          Would be happy to have him in Rd. 2-3. I’m putting him above Kareem Hunt now because I think he is more NFL ready and durable, and more of an alpha dog when you see the way his teammates talk about him. Just has that little extra something.

          2. Kareem Hunt: great, compact build with powerful legs. Not only lowers his shoulder and punishes defenders but somehow manages to keep on his feet after doing so. Has never lost a fumble (put just 1 on the ground in 4 yrs). Complete back with soft hands. Did track in HS and it shows once he breaks free (high knees and arm swing). Similar to Rawls in just about everything except lateral agility, which he doesn’t need for his running style.

          Hard to get much on his personality, though he is generally described as a quiet, hard worker who is constantly getting better:


          Good value in Rd. 3-4.

          3. Royce Freeman: obviously, we don’t even know yet if he will go pro this year. Love how he sets guys up to miss and has the plus size that he can learn to use. Just 3 fumbles and one lost in 28 games over 2 seasons. Tons of forced missed tackles (80 in 2015 alone) and yards after contact. Offers potential as a receiver as well.

          Comparing to Alex Collins, who I still believe in, one thing stands out from Collins NFL draft profile: “Credited with just five broken tackles over his last 475 carries. Has 17 career fumbles with nine lost.”

          Value is not as good as one would probably have to use the Rd.2 pick to get him and I’m not fully convinced he’s the right guy for the Hawks.

          4. James Conner: just unique in his size and could add great value if all they are looking for is a specific role of hammer back to take some of the pounding off of Rawls and Prosise’s shoulders.
          Best value as he should land in Rd. 4-6.

          I don’t feel that D’Onta Foreman has the level of vision we are looking for. I have ruled out Joe Mixon (unfortunately, cause otherwise he is really great), as I am near certain the Hawks will have done the same.

  43. Volume12

    Got the 2 seed!

  44. Sea Mode

    Oooh, CMike with a wicked stiff arm on 42yd TD

    • Ishmael

      PCJS must have been tearing their hair out watching that! Ah well, can’t win them all. The Packers gave him a crease and he managed to keep his feet for once. He only got three yards on his other three carries though, so who knows.

      • Sea Mode

        Actually, I think they are more likely to have been toasting to regaining the 2nd seed and first round bye!

        Anyway, I highly doubt they have any regrets at all. The knock on CMike was always the same and he never got over it: just as you say, maddeningly inconsistent. Capable of 40yd run one play and then a total bonehead on the next, not making the correct reads, executing the wrong play, etc.

        • rowdy

          Sounds like your talking kearse lol

      • STTBM

        Yeah, havent seen a hole open like that for Michaels since the SF game…that was a sweet stiff-arm.

  45. AlaskaHawk

    There it is.
    Goal one: Seahawks beat Rams and Watch Detroit lose. Check
    Goal two: Finish the season with two more wins and take the #2 seed for a bye week.
    Goal three: Win throughout the playoffs.

    Easy Peasy 🙂

    • Ishmael

      Ha simple game, love it!

      If we get home field advantage teams are going to be scared. Don’t have to be anywhere near perfect this year, just good enough.

  46. Vista

    Bortles never fails to dissapoint

    • Ishmael

      He’s absolutely rubbish. If he wasn’t tall and white he would have been benched months ago.

      • icb12

        What does that have to do with anything?

        Both their other qbs are tall white dudes too.

  47. Trevor

    How do the Bears not go for the win on the 4 yd line with one minute left. What did they have to loose? Play to win or you loose. They made a great comeback then loose like that. GB and Rogers are going to be tough in the playoffs.

    Can’t believe how easy it was for the Bears to move the ball today. Make our offensive struggles on the road look even worse.

    Wish we had taken Howard as our big power back instead of Collons. Whitehair has been great as a rookie too.

    • Volume12

      He has.

      Even though he didn’t play today, Kyle Long was who I wanted Seattle to draft the year we traded for Percy. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, we possibly could’ve had him and kept Golden Tate.

      Division rivalry. GB and Chicago know each other well. I was so hoping for the upset. I don’t understand why Chicago let that 60 harder happen. We all knew it was coming. He does it at least once a year.

      • Trevor

        That is why Rogers scares me in the playoffs they are never really out of a game with him.

    • STTBM

      Because John Fox is old-school conservative. He just wont take risks.

  48. AlaskaHawk

    Green Bay is just one 60 yard pass away from winning any game. Scary!

  49. Ishmael

    Atlanta’s offence is SO explosive. Incredibly fun to watch. Grass is always greener etc. but I’d love it if Bevell could start introducing some of their concepts. They make 8-9 yard plays look so easy. And they just do it over and over and over again.

    They can’t defend for shit, but they do have some interesting pieces there. I really like Neal, Jones is very much the modern cover LB, and I just saw Beasley chase down Kaepernick from the backside of the play.

    • STTBM

      Losing Trufant really hurt them, and they need someone opposite Beasley to provide pressure. But they are amassing pieces on D…

  50. Volume12

    Sounds like this is gonna be Calais Campbell’s last home game as a Card.

    He said he’d have some tears today.

    Campbell really is the ideal FA. Still productive, the FA market will be flooded with DTs this year, his age will drive his market down, and Seattle seems to like adding veteran DTs anyways. D-lineman don’t tend to fall of a cliff as they get older either. A lot of it is strength, technique, hand usage, and IQ.

    • Ishmael

      Yes please. Dude’s a leader as well, he’d fit in just fine. Would open up some opportunities in the draft as well.

    • C-Dog

      Would be a very solid addition, no question.

    • Trevor

      I agree Vol I just have no idea why Arizona would not do everything. Did he say it was his last game?

      • Volume12

        No, just implied it ‘might’ be and I’m kinda reading between the lines here.

        Its entirely possible that Arizona does and try and keep him. But, this is an aging team here. If they feel like they got one more run in them, then yeah I could see him coming back. It’ll really depend on what direction they go this off-season. Will Arian’s retire? Do they try and get younger on the D-line?

        • Radman

          D line do fall off a cliff age wise – and it’s usually in that 32/33 age. Positions that rely more on strength tend to have later age peaks than positions that rely more on speed, but it seems to be only about a year or two later.

          Campbell on a two year deal would probably be fine if historical data is our guide.

  51. Sea Mode

    And Gus Bradley is done in JAX. Wonder if he could help us in any way.

    • 503Hawk

      I feel bad for Gus. Good guy. May be a better DC than a HC

    • STTBM

      With more Prevent D when up by 1 with less than 2 minutes?! No thanks! Now Quinn would be a different story…

      Can we trade Kris Richard and our first round pick for Quinn lol?!

  52. Trevor

    Can someone please explain to me how our offense can go into Foxborough and move the ball at will against the Pats but basically get shut out against GB and TB? Did Prosise really have that big an impact when he started that game?

    • STTBM

      1) Pats had no pass rush from their front 4 vs us, and refused to blitz or even run stunts! 2) NE may have been keeping it close to the vest in case they play us in the SB. 3) NE has since found out how to get pass rush out of Ninkovich and Flowers etc and are much better getting pressure. 4) Seattle is a flat mess on both sides of the ball right now, scheme-wise AND performance-wise.

  53. Trevor

    We know Pete loves big WR. Could Alson Jeffery be our big FA if they decide to focus on OL / DL in the draft again?

    • Elliott Atkinson

      That would be awesome, but I doubt he comes to Seattle.

  54. KyleT

    Off topic – Why Bevell drives us and the Seahawks Defense nuts:

    Bevell is a great OC. Which is why he’s still employed by the Seahawks. His offense is multiple, his play calling unpredictable and his play design creative. He checks all of these boxes, so why does he drive us nuts? Why does he drive Sherman nuts?

    Bevell rarely takes a strength or a mismatch and attempts to exploit it and keep exploiting it. Just like he couldn’t do the obvious thing in the Super Bowl on the 1 yard line or again in the Rams game. The style of this team is created by the defense which lines up in a base look and just beats you. The running back who embodied the personality of this team didn’t run around you, he barreled into you. This team says here we are, here’s what we do and we are going to beat you.

    Now Bevell is more like Vizzini in the Princess bride in that great scene with the cups of wine. Bevell does this with play calling. For example: “The obvious thing to do would be to run the ball, which means you will expect that so we can clearly not choose the wine in front of me” or “Since you know that I know that you expect me to run the ball, and you will be expecting the classic 1on1 Jimmy Graham mismatch, I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.”

    Let’s throw a fade to Kearse.

    It sometimes takes Bevell many plays to really get into a rhythm of calling plays you won’t expect, so you can just imagine him quoting Vizzini once more to say “Wait until I get going!”

    And many of cannot wait until he gets going…packing that is to a different job.

    • Elliott Atkinson

      You bring up some good points, especially agree with the princess bride analogy.

    • RealRhino2

      To me, Bevell is more like the player in Pictionary who draws something, puts down the pencil and then just wants his partner to guess better with every wrong guess. First wrong guess, he grunts and points at what he’s already drawn. Second wrong guess, he gesticulates wildly and jabs with the pencil at what he’s already drawn. Third wrong guess, his eyes bug out as he silently and furiously implores his partner to guess better. And as his partner screams, “Draw something else! Think of something else!,” Bevell drops his pencil, looks at the timer and folds his arms, as if to say, “I’ve drawn all you need to get it, you just need to guess better.”

      Does it mean fire Bevell? Of course not. But when Mike Holmgren says the playcaller isn’t giving his struggling offense/QB much help, I tend to believe it. It’s as if he has a plan for how he WANTS to be successful, and would rather sometimes fail in the attempt rather than deviate from the plan.

      • sdcoug

        love this Rhino

    • STTBM

      Yes, and sometimes Bevell is entirely too predictable, using a play till it fails repeatedly. But the play that ruined the SB wasnt a bad call because it was a pass, it was a bad call for these reasons:

      1) Wrong WR. What the hell made them put Lockett on the field rather than Matthews?!
      2) Wrong routel. NE had noticed we ran that play out of similar formations several times during the season and actually practiced it very carefully because they KNEW Bevell would run something he’d run before when the chips were all down.

      Throwing a pass when the other team is in Bigs isnt insane. But calling a route you’ve used multiple times in similar situations to your FIFTH WR and not even having your best WR in that game onfield is ridiculous.

      Bevell is also saddled with Cable calling the run plays and the blocking scheme. And its not working.

      The thing that bugs me the most is Seattle wont throw the ball between the hash marks in the end zone to their tall WR’s/TE’s. Saw TB do it last night, skinny post for a TD…Seattle MUST be more aggressive in the Red Zone, and throw high posts/skinny posts, Slants, etc to their big guys. We have a 6′-7″ TE and a 6′-5″ TE and a WR who is 6′-5″ but we dont ever take advantage of their height in the End Zone because Carl Smith and company are too afraid of turning the ball over.

      • 503Hawk

        Agree that a pass play wasn’t necessarily wrong. I would add this… Why didn’t Bevell put Matthews out wide on one side, and perhaps Baldwin on the other and throw a fade against man-to-man coverage? It’s either a touchdown, or an incomplete. Throwing inside, there is so much more traffic.
        I believe both Lockette & Kerse were the wrong WRs. Lockette for obvious reasons, Kearse got jammed badly which allowed Butler a straight path to the ball.

        • Volume12

          Every team calls all the same plays.

          Only thing different, and we hear PC say it all the time, is the verbiage.

          There’s only 9 routes in a route tree, only 3 runs in a ZBS, etc., and etc.

          • STTBM

            There are hundreds and thousands of different combinations, and the truly well-coached teams always have some new tricks up their sleeves for situations such as that. The ones that arent do exactly what worked before–like a FB draw on fourth and one for the ninth time in a season vs Atlanta…remember how that went?!

            NE practiced that exact play and we went ahead and ran it. We got out-coached and out-executed on that play, but not because it was a pass play, but because it was OBVIOUS to our opponent what play we were running, and we ran a play that calls for a big tough WR who can take a hit with Ricardo Lockette, no ones idea of a physical WR.

            • Volume12

              NE is no different than the rest of the league. Its not a special, complicated scheme. They just happen to pay attention to all the little details and execute.

              • STTBM

                They adapt in-game better than any other staff in the NFL. They also change what they are about from game to game based on their opponent better than any other staff in the NFL. And they take away an opponents strengths on O and D better than any other staff in the NFL.

                Thats why they are often the best TEAM in the NFL, even when they dont have the most talented roster.

                And thats why Seattle, though likely the most talented roster in the NFL for four years now, has only been the best TEAM one year. Because they arent the best staff, the best gameplanners, or the best at adapting in-game.

        • lil'stink

          Agreed. It wasn’t the decision to pass that bugged me, but the personnel they used. Split Matthews out wide left where Baldwin was and you either 1) take Browner out of the play as he slides over to cover Matthews or 2) You have a height advantage with your hot receiver against a smaller cornerback.

          We were simply completely out coached on the that last play, and it cost us the game.

  55. CHawk Talker Eric

    Surprised by the TEN-KCC result. Sorry to see your Chiefs lose at home V12.

    • vrtkolman

      Mentioned it before, but this is why no one is scared of KC. Andy Reid and Alex Smith blew it.

      • Volume12

        My AFC team. That was a tough one. I think they beat them last year at Arrowhead too.

        This Tennessee team is gonna be dangerous for the foreseeable future.

        Has a team ever won their division and got a top 5 pick in the Sam year?

        Alex Smith yeah, but Andy Reid aka ‘the Kool-Aid man’ is one of the best HC’s in the league.

  56. Ed

    So close to TB beating Dallas and Hawks getting a little closer to home field all the way. But at least Hawks are back to 2nd and a bye.

    2 points behind NE for fewest points allowed. NE faces Jets and Dolphins. Hawks face Cardinals and 49ers. Really looks like the streak may be over, but let’s hop the Dolphins and Jets surprise us.

    • STTBM

      IF Seattle’s D plays as it should, there should be no way they let the Niners score. And they should be able to keep the Cards to 17 or less. NE will likely destroy the Jets, who have simply packed it in for the season, but the Dolphins are doing really well the second half of the season and should put up some points. But yeah, The Streak may well be over. Honestly though, given Seattle’s struggles on D with Kris Richards playcalling this year, they kinda dont deserve to win the Points Allowed thing. Seattle’s D isnt the best in the league, or even the second best this year.

  57. vrtkolman

    Dolphins are good and always play NE tough, I could see them putting up 17+. Can’t see Arizona or SF doing much against our D. Offensively they aren’t good in general, but at this point of the season? They don’t have anything to play for.

    • vrtkolman

      Meant to reply to Ed above, doh.

      • Ed

        I think if we can give up 14 and 6, let’s hope the Dolphins and Jets can put up 25 and hand the Hawks the title for 5th straight year (or 6?).

        Bradley gone. Hope he comes back to coach LB or DL and be assistant D coordinator.

    • 503Hawk

      Personally, I just want them to win out. Seems like many of the posters are looking past ARZ. Didn’t they just put up 40+ against NO?!

  58. vrtkolman

    After watching Dallas’ O line tonight, there has to be something to refs calling games based on reputation. Other teams think our DB’s hold on every play and don’t get called for it, primarily because of the LOB rep. I just watched Dallas hold their way to a victory, with some of them being pretty blatant. Their LT Tyron Smith was the worst offender, yet was just called for holding once. Makes me wonder considering Seattle’s OL has gotten called for some pretty ticky tack holding penalties the previous 3 years.

    • STTBM

      I saw those holds too. But the league is not calling offensive holding anywhere near as often this year, and its the same for every game, not just in a game or two for favored teams. However, Ive seen enough ref BS this year to know if Seattle faces Dallas in the NFC Title game, we’re gonna have to destroy them to win; a close game will be thrown Dallas’ way by tilting the calls.

      • Volume12

        Division rivalries are different man.

        Both teams call all the same plays they have before in all of their previous matchups except for probably a handful of variations.

        • STTBM

          Not true. Most teams run 100-150 plays in their gameplan EACH week. They may practice others as well, and they occasionally call plays in-game that havent been practiced for weeks or months. And while many playbooks are around 300-400 plays (with variations such as blocking scheme, etc), some guys go BIG–like Norv Turner, who reportedly had a playbook over 700 plays.

          • Volume12

            Variations, variations. There well may be hundreds of plays. Only diffence again, is verbiage. What those plays are called.

            Which would fall under ‘variations.’

            If you don’t think all NFL OC’s don’t know all the same plays, I’m sorry. Don’t know what to tell ya.

            As for Norv Turner and his 700. Maybe that’s why he’s never done anything? Are 300 of those from the early 90’s. His scheme wouldn’t be too complex would it?

            • STTBM

              No, not variations in verbiage, variations in formation and routes for WR’s etc. Which makes it a different play.

              Norv has too many plays, thats a fact. No one can remember all those plays and variations, not even him. Turner has been a fine OC though, just not a great HC.

  59. Kelly

    Just was thinking about a pass rushing DT. Seeing Easley in a Rams jersey last night after signing him after the Patriots let him go earlier in the year made me think back to one of your articles on the draft that year. Didn’t you say it was speculated that once the Patriots picked Easley the Seahawks draft staff looked disappointed and packed up shop? Seeing as how he will be a free agent maybe he could be a target by the Seahawks this offseason if they truly had interest in him that draft. Despite what issues the Patriots had with him off the field wise or locker room wise.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Easley will be a RFA in 2017, and unless I’m mistaken, that means SEA would have to give up their R2 pick in the 2017 Draft if they were to sign him.

      • teejmo

        Restricted free agency is all based on the team’s qualifying offer. If a team offers $2.8 million to a player, it takes a first round pick for another team to sign him; $2 million is a 2nd, and $1.3 for whatever the round the player originally was taken.

        That being said, I don’t think Easley will be a RFA next year. When he was released by New England in April, nobody picked him off waivers, which made him a free agent. I’m pretty sure RFA’s are all coming off their rookie contract.

    • Sea Mode

      I looked into this when the Patriots released him and he was still looking for a team and posted my findings here and on Field Gulls:

      Long story short, I am not interested.

  60. CHawk Talker Eric

    What a tool!


    • Volume12

      He is just the worst isn’t he? I love watching Shannon Sharpe give it to him every Monday morning.

    • STTBM

      Dude is a narcissist and a complete wanker.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Just looked up the definition of “Wanker” Always thought it was British slang for Arsehole. It actually means what it is literally. We all wank from time to time, Laughing to myself. Especially Skip Bayless.

        Go MF Hawks

        • STTBM

          You crack me up!

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I can’t stand Skip Bayless, he’s proof life ain’t fair with all the attention and money he get’s to be a douche. I don’t like to be mean but he really get’s on me, I completely avoid anything he’s associated with.

      Go Hawks

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Just googled Skip Bayless is a douche. I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought so!

  61. CHawk Talker Eric

    I really liked David Irving in the 2015 Draft, notwithstanding his off field red flags that no doubt caused him to be a UDFA (KCC) and ultimately end up on the Chiefs’ PS. But there was no mistaking his SLA (Size, length, athleticism). I was disappointed DAL signed him early last year.

    Tonight he had 9 hurries, 5 QB hits, 2 sacks and a deflected pass – in the 2nd half.

    @NFLDrafter: #Cowboys David Irving tested in the 100th tFREAK (best since 1999), 92nd SPARQ, and 100th SLA percentiles among DL.

    • Volume12

      Agreed ?. I was gonna say, what a freak, but you covered that.

      I wanted him and Frank Clark so bad. Ah well. One out of 2 ain’t bad!

      And I’m not sure we’re talking about Frank Clark enough and how special he can be.

      • Trevor

        I remember you guys talking about him prior to the draft and remember thinking he might be another UDFA for the Hawks given his athletic profile. One thing for sure is he looked like a beast last night and legit pass rusher for Dallas which really sucks right now. That is the last thing we needed them to find.

    • John_s

      CHawk. Take a look at Tanoh Kpassagnon and let me know what you think of him. I think he’s got a huge upside. Granted he played against lesser competition but he looks like a freak athlete.

      • John_s

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Oh yeah TK has a ton of upside. Looking forward to watching him at Senior Bowl, see how he does against top tier competition. And also his Combine.

          I think Villanova used him only at DE and often out of a 2 point stance. I’d like to see how he fares inside with his hand in the dirt.

  62. DC

    The NFC playoff picture is pretty interesting this year in that it wouldn’t surprise me to see any one of these five teams in the Super Bowl,
    Green Bay

    • AlaskaHawk

      How about AFC side? New England is strong, but they will be challenged by Oakland and Pittsburg.

      • DC

        Actually, the team that tends to give NE problems is the Ravens. The Patriots don’t enjoy getting punched in the face. Will the Ravens make it in though?

    • STTBM

      My money is Dallas and NE. Its the outcome Goddell and the NFL want, and they will Make it So…

      • AlaskaHawk

        They do have the best records. Not sure if Gooddell wants New England, but someone should sue him for going after Brady and New England over deflated balls, and then ignoring that issue when it was brought up by teams this season. At the least New England should get their first round draft pick back.

        Speaking of draft picks, how do you like college players who are potential first rounders sitting out their bowl games? First Fournette and now McCaffrey. Are the college slaves revolting against their capitalist college masters?

        • Volume12

          The media will make more of this than it should.

          Teams have seen all they need to from Fournette and ‘Run CmC.’ Is 1 game gonna affect they’re overall body of work? Nope.

          • vrtkolman

            Nope but it will affect the ratings of the already poorly performing bowl games.

          • AlaskaHawk

            To often the teams are playing weak opponents in their regular season. As a fan I want to see the best of the best going against each other – and see how that prize running back performs. Is Fournette really that good against strong opponents?

            If he blows it out of the park with a big game then that increases his value. If he doesn’t perform well or gets injured his value may go down. I suppose from that viewpoint the risk is all his and it is mostly downside for him as he will be a top 5 pick.

            If you are a first round pick, and especially top 15 pick you can get some pretty good kaching. The rest of the players are just happy to get a shot at making an NFL team.

          • STTBM

            I think it stinks for the kids on the team who busted their ass to get to the bowl game, only to have their star sit out for fear of injury.

            That said, its the NCAA’s own damned fault, paying College Coaches and staff Millions while bitterly refusing to pay the players who risk their long-term health so the Coaches and Staff can get rich…The NCAA’s hypocrisy is maddening.

            Cant blame Fournette nor McCaffrey for their decision. One need look no further than Jaylon Smith’s bowl game injury to see the sense in their choice. And this will start a flood of similar decisions from many more players in the coming years.

            • Ishmael

              Seriously. They’ve got nothing left to prove, and everything to lose. There are millions of dollars at stake for these kids, in a position with a very limited shelf life. Coaches openly talk about running RBs into the ground and then picking the next one up off the pile.

              If the NCAA was willing to pay its athletes even a fraction of the revenue they bring in it might be a different story, but they don’t sooo. Some of the takes are just insane.

        • lil'stink

          It’s the Jaylon Smith effect. Pretty much the exact opposite of the Seahawks mantra of “always compete”.

          • Volume12

            Completely disagree about them competing less than others.

  63. smitty1547

    Sokoli activated by Colts as a DE today

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I wish him the best. But there was a reason SEA tried to turn him into an OL. Despite his insane athleticism, he has no teeth as a defender. In 4 years at BUF he had a total of 15 TFL (a seasonal average of about 4) and just 2.5 sacks (all in one season too).

      • STTBM

        If Cable thought he was worth trying to convert to OL by teaching technique, then he surely was worth a team lacking in DL talent like the Colts taking a flyer on him and trying to teach him NFL DL technique, which he should be able to pickup more quickly given his DL experience in college.

        I wish him well too.

        • STTBM

          Plus, what Cable taught him as an OL should really help him when he plays DL–like playing WR helped Sherm be a better corner.

  64. Donald

    The Hawks are now ranked 2nd in defense in points allowed. I know being ranked #1 in points allowed is very important to the defense, since they have held the #1 ranking for the past 4 years, and want to continue that trend to be considered one of the best defenses in history. Seattle has given up 235 points so far, and NE has given up 233 points, with two games remaining. I don’t know if the Hawks can make that up with NE playing against the Jets and Dolphins.


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It looks pretty even to me. ARI (24.3 ppg) and MIA (22.5 ppg) can score, whereas SF (18.9 ppg) and NYJ (17.3) not so much.

      SEA are capable of shutting out SF (or holding them to a FG).

      • DC

        Being the #1 scoring defense is nice and all. Winning championships is what gets and keeps you in the “greatest” conversation.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Totally. But it’s nigh on impossible to win championships multiple years in a row. So having the #1 scoring D for multiple years is still a notable and laudable achievement.

  65. Pran

    Hawks let go Guard Jahri Evans, playing lights out with Saints!

  66. Volume12

    Some good stuff from Tony Pauline.

    He said several scouts see Troy OT Antonio Garcia as one of the top 3 tackles in the draft. One team said he’s the best SR OT prospect.

    Miss St. OT Martinas Rankin. Teams feel he’s a top 75 pick if he declares.

    I’ve also heard that Miss St OT Justin Senior is very good and highly underrated.

    • Volume12

      *Garcia will be in the SR bowl

      Rankin is a former JUCO product that only gave up 1.5 sacks while going up against the likes of LSU’s Arden Key, Ole Miss Marquis Haynes, Auburn’s Carl Lawson, Texas A&M’s Daeshon Hall, ‘Bama’s Jon Allen, Tim Williams, & Ryan Anderson.

    • JT

      Lol i just came to post a comment on Pauline’s update on these guys to add them to the list of potential targets.

      Gotta get up early to beat V12 to the punch.

  67. AlaskaHawk

    I’m wondering how many more violations Sheldon Richardson with the Jets would have to rack up before the Seahawks could get him on a 6 million dollar per year deal. He already has a substance abuse violation and was caught street racing at 140 mph. Would one more violation be enough to make him dirt cheap or two violations?

    • Nathan

      Doubt it, someone who has the cap space will pay.

  68. Logan Lynch

    Also worth noting that they drafted Greg Scruggs, who would fit this profile if we relax the parameters a little bit. 6′ 3 3/8″, 284 lbs. Ran 4.76, 10 yd split of 1.71, 34 1/2″ vert, 9′ 10″ broad. They’ve been looking for this type of player for a while, but haven’t quite hit one yet. Scruggs was actually flashing pretty well during his rookie year if I remember correctly and then went down with that knee injury which seemed to limit his explosiveness when he came back. Interesting side note is that he’s now a TE for the Patriots.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for getting back on the topic of the article. Good eye on Scruggs.

      I also noticed both DTs acquired this year had amazing short shuttle times, were near the top in quickness drills, but lacked explosiveness in the jumps.

      B. Bryant…..: 6025, 289, 31.250 arm, 4.88 40yd, 1.64 10yd, 4.35 SS, 7.27 3C, 38 bench, 28 vj, 9’3″ bj
      Q. Jefferson: 6037, 291, 33.375 arm, 4.93 40yd, 1.69 10yd, 4.37 SS, 7.95 3C, 24 bench, 29 vj, N/A bj
      (Sh. Rankins: 6011, 299, 33.375 arm, 5.03 40yd, 1.73 10yd, 4.59 SS, 7.44 3C, 28 bench, 34.5 vj, 9’10” bj)

      I put Rankins there just for reference. That’s one reason Rankins was such an amazing prospect. He has similar agility considering he is 10 lbs heavier, but blows these guys out of the water as far as explosiveness goes.

      I am surprised the Hawks gave up on Bryant so quickly. I remember a strong upper body, great effort and violent hands. Might have been a casualty when they grabbed Garrison Smith (going for option one, more size). Bryant’s short arms might have also been a deal breaker. Plus, they probably figured they could grab him back later anyway if they really want to. He has been on the Jets practice squad since October.

      No DT at all ran in the 4.6s last year. In fact, I only have one guy at all in the 4.7s, a small school guy. Two-time high school state champion (SD) in the long jump. Used that to block 5 kicks in 3 college seasons. Signed as UDFA with the Raiders and recorded 4 tackles and a sack in 3 preseason games, but didn’t make the final 53:

      Drew Iddings: 6053, 290, 4.74 40yd, 1.6 10yd, 4.64 SS, 7.78 3C, 20 bench, 32.5 vert, 9’8″ broad

      Just goes to re-state the obvious: the guys that fit option 2 are few and far between!

    • Sea Mode

      Oops, those numbers got a bit out of whack above. Let’s try that part again:

      B. Bryant…..: 6025, 289, 4.88 40yd, 1.64 10yd, 4.35 SS, 7.27 3C, 38 bench, 28 vj, 9’3″ bj
      Q. Jefferson: 6037, 291, 4.93 40yd, 1.69 10yd, 4.37 SS, 7.95 3C, 24 bench, 29 vj, N/A bj
      (Sh. Rankins: 6011, 299, 5.03 40yd, 1.73 10yd, 4.59 SS, 7.44 3C, 28 bench, 34.5 vj, 9’10” bj)

      • DC

        So Soloman Thomas 40 time in the 4.9’s doesn’t look like a singular disqualifier when viewed vs Rankins’ time of 5.03, assuming Seattle would have drafted Rankins.

        • Rob Staton

          Sheldon Rankins ran his 5.03 at 300lbs. Solomon Thomas ran a 4.95 at 261lbs. That’s 40lbs difference.

          • DC

            That’s understood.

  69. Ishmael

    I was just having a quick think earlier, about drafting and Super Bowl ‘windows.’ Be interested to see what you guys think.

    Do you reckon it’s better to constantly replenish the cupboard, never really going ‘all in’ on a season, or to go stockpile pieces and go all in on a couple of seasons? Guess the two models for this would be the Patriots – who have been able to rely on Brady, Belichick, and a weak division to always be in contention; and the Cards who over the last two seasons have traded for guys like Chandler Jones to try and take them over the top in order to win now.

    I lean towards the first, but Superbowls are rare enough that I could be persuaded that sometimes you just have to go all in on a season.

  70. DC

    It’s certainly critical to draft well and manage your salary cap. If you’re one of the few teams that possess a great QB on your team then the “window” seems to stay open.

    Seattle traded for Harvin & signed Avril & Bennett prior to winning it all. If that’s going all in then based on the result it worked.

    • DC

      That was for you Ishmael.

  71. Nathan

    Looks like Bruce Irivn is carving a nice season for himself as Khalil Macks offsider.

    I haven’t seen it, but by the reports he had a big game Sunday.

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