Tyler Wilson (QB, Arkansas) vs South Carolina

There are things I like about Tyler Wilson, and things that bother me. He might not have completely enjoyed being coached by Bobby Petrino, but he has a technical level only bettered by Matt Barkley thanks to that experience. He’s more mobile than you expect and can scramble, he’s got above average arm strength and in many ways he’s a solid prototype NFL passer.

At the same time, he tends to get happy feet in the pocket. Sometimes he could just be a little more composed and set – let the play develop and deliver. As soon as he senses pressure he looks for space and I’d like to see him stand tall in the pocket a bit more. He doesn’t have a classic release – it’s slingy. That hasn’t been a problem for a guy like Philip Rivers but it has for others. It’s not the kind of thing that’ll put you off a quarterback, but at this early stage we can highlight it. Wilson also blows hot and cold and I’d like to see him have more complete games where he just flat out dominates – he’s capable of it.

Essentially that’s why he’s going back to Arkansas, for another year as the starter in preparation for likely being a first round pick. I think teams will love this guy, especially if he can lead his team to the SEC title which isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. He’s the best quarterback in that conference in 2011 and alongside Barkley and Logan Thomas a legitimate candidate to go #1 overall next year. I also think he’s good enough to shine despite Petrino’s departure. It makes him one of the more intriguing players this year and why I ranked him at #7 on our top 40 watch list.


  1. Vin

    His receivers sure didn’t do him any favors. Hes inconsistent, but definitely has an arm. I still prefer Barkley, and even Logan Thomas. Thanks Rob.

    • peter

      Agree it’s embarassing how inconsistent his recievers are/were….Aso the tape above doesn’t do him any favors as a whole, since S. carolina, just coem safter him all game, so every other play is a roll out, it’s hard to see him going through progressions. It just appears that they have designed psses, to mitigate teh pressre form S. Carolina’s defense. And at times he just throws to a spot with out tinking if his reciever is really open…again that seems to be on his Recievers more then him but I’d like to see him stand around in the pocket or move forward as it collapses around him.

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