Updated mock draft: 10th February

The mock draft page in the title bar will be fixed this weekend but for now I’ll post the latest projection here.

Before I get into it here’s a few of other mocks to check out: ESPN’s Todd McShay has posted his third update with Jake Locker (QB, Washington) going to the Seahawks. Wes Bunting at the NFP thinks Seattle goes with Nate Solder (OT, Colorado) and Chad Reuter at CBS Sportsline has the Seahawks drafting Corey Liuget (DT, Illinois).

Updated mock draft

#1 Carolina – Cam Newton (QB, Auburn)
The Panthers need to study hard and ask themselves ‘can any of these quarterbacks be the future of this franchise’? If the answer is yes – they could still draft a QB first overall.

#2 Denver – Da’Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson)
The Broncos weren’t ranked #32 for defense because of their secondary. They need defensive line help in a bad way.

#3 Buffalo – Marcell Dareus (DT, Alabama)
They could go in a number of directions, but that defensive front needs some beef. Dareus is scheme flexible.

#4 Cincinnati – Nick Fairley (DT, Auburn)
The attitude and personality might put off a few teams – but it won’t put off Cincinnati. Will they be forced to consider a quarterback?

#5 Arizona – Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU)
Quarterback remains a huge black hole in Arizona but would they take Gabbert, Locker or Mallett here?

#6 Cleveland – AJ Green (WR, Georgia)
The Browns need a playmaker on offense who can produce quickly and Green fits the bill.

#7 San Francisco – Cameron Jordan (DE, California)
He’s always been a potential top-10 pick. Locker, Gabbert or Mallett don’t strike me as John Harbaugh draft picks.

#8 Tennessee – Blaine Gabbert (QB, Missouri)
He’d need to get past Arizona and San Francisco, but Tennessee can’t let him drop any further.

#9 Dallas – Jimmy Smith (CB, Colorado)
He is a top-ten talent and you’ll start to see him rise in a lot more mock drafts very soon.

#10 Washington – Jake Locker (QB, Washington)
Talk about a drop as much as you want, sometimes things aren’t logical. This fits need, scheme fit and the coach likes the kid. They will draft a quarterback.

#11 Houston – Robert Quinn (DE, North Carolina)
They’re switching to a 3-4 defense and Quinn can help Mario Williams get this defense rolling.

#12 Minnesota – Tyron Smith (OT, USC)
The best offensive tackle on the market with huge potential.

#13 Detroit – Von Miller (LB, Texas A&M)
This is too high for me – but don’t underestimate the value of draft hype.

#14 St. Louis – Julio Jones (WR, Alabama)
The Rams need a go-to receiver. I’d love to see Jones fall to Seattle, but it seems unlikely.

#15 Miami – Mike Pouncey (C, Florida)
Pouncey is locked into the mid/late teens. Miami needs a center in a bad way.

#16 Jacksonville – Prince Amukamara (CB, Nebraska)
He’s over rated but he can only fall so far. Amukamara’s future could lie at safety.

#17 New England – JJ Watt (DE, Wisconsin)
Solid football player who fits the New England mantra.

#18 San Diego – Mohammed Wilkerson (DE, Temple)
Growing draft stock after a ten-sack season.

#19 New York Giants – Nate Solder (OT, Colorado)
I have them taking Solder over Akeem Ayers and Mark Ingram – but it was close.

#20 Tampa Bay – Aldon Smith (DE, Missouri)
I think he fits best in the 4-3 despite not having elite size for a right end.

#21 Kansas City – Ryan Kerrigan (DE, Purdue)
The Chiefs want character, leadership and production.

#22 Indianapolis – Corey Liuget (DT, Illinois)
Could probably go higher than this but for a lack of 4-3 teams needing interior help.

#23 Philadelphia – Akeem Ayers (LB, UCLA)
Corner or offensive line appears to be an alternative option, but Ayers might be BPA.

#24 New Orleans – Mark Ingram (RB, Alabama)
Another big time playmaker for the Saints offense.

#25 Seattle – Phil Taylor (DT, Baylor)
Depth and size up front for the Seahawks’ defensive line.

#26 Baltimore – Jon Baldwin (WR, Pittsburgh)
Could be the receiver they expected Anquan Boldin to be.

#27 Atlanta – Adrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa)
Unimpressive this year but worth a look here.

#28 New England – Ben Ijalana (OT, Villanova)
The Pats may consider drafting an offensive lineman in this area, but who’d bet against a trade down?

#29 New York Jets – Justin Houston (OLB, Georgia)
Rex Ryan loves pass rushers.

#30 Chicago – Torrey Smith (WR, Maryland)
Cutler’s arm could make Smith a star.

#31 Pittsburgh – Brandon Harris (CB, Miami)
The Steelers’ biggest need.

#32 Green Bay – Anthony Castonzo (OT, Boston College)
He needs to have a good combine work out.

Some thoughts…

– There’s an almost witch hunt mentality surrounding Ryan Mallett at the moment, which is unfair. Most of the people discussing his future haven’t watched him 8-10 times during college and appear unwilling or unable to discuss the positives with wild rumours doing the rounds. I think he’s a first round talent absolutely. However, you can’t measure the impact of a negative press. He’ll need to be spectacular in combine interviews to repair his stock. The Seahawks would need to be thoroughly unimpressed to justify passing at #25.

– People are going over the top when they discuss Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett dropping into round three. It’s sensationalist reporting designed to draw attention. Both have their faults, but nobody is considering why they could still go in round one – and early at that. A bit of perspective is needed. I still believe a Locker and Shanahan partnership is destiny and I think if Mallett does fall, he’ll find a home early in round two.

– We’re no closer to guessing what Carolina will do with that #1 pick. I wouldn’t rule out Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Marcell Dareus, Nick Fairley or Da’Quan Bowers. I think the choice will come from that group. The quarterbacks still have the edge in my view due to the importance of the position. I think Newton and Gabbert warrant greater praise because they are both talented guys – people are looking for problems and not looking for potential. If they aren’t interested in the quarterbacks, defensive tackle is the teams big need.

– The depth at defensive tackle overall could further encourage Carolina to draft a quarterback first overall. The Panthers don’t have a second round pick though, having traded it during last year’s draft for Armanti Edwards (perhaps another indicator that they might make an unconventional choice first overall).

– There’s some nice offensive line talent that should be around in round two. I suspect some of the offensive tackles will be available (Sherrod, Carimi and possibly Castonzo). I rate James Carpenter higher than most. Danny Watkins and Rodney Hudson will give teams an instant impact at guard (or center in Hudson’s case).

It was also Cam Newton’s ‘media’ work out today in San Diego. Trent Dilfer was impressed:


  1. Alex

    Just to pass some info.

    I recently read a report that 6 teams have Cam Newton at the top of their Big Board over the likes of PP, AJ Green, etc. If this is true, chances are he won’t get pass the top 10 since one of those 6 teams is probably in the top 10 (just based on chance).

    Miami is inquiring about Cam Newton.

    I continue to hear offensive lineman for Dallas from Jerry Jones. I know they have a need at LT ever since the Flozell went to the Steelers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tryon Smith or Nate Solder is selected at #9.

    I’m hearing that Denver is enamored with Patrick Peterson at #2 despite what you wrote.

    Obviously, what I’m doing here is more of a Mel Kiper Jr stuff where he does his mock more based on what he hears rather than evaluations.


    • Rob

      There’s a lot of talk right now and it’s hard to get a grip of what’s real. I’ve seen the Dallas/OT talk, but I also saw a report that said they would trade up for Patrick Peterson and if no deal was forthcoming, they would select Brandon Harris at #9. Their two big needs for me are corner and left tackle. I wonder if Tyron Smith is big enough for Dallas, he’s certainly talented enough. Solder is maybe more likely but does he warrant a pick that high? I’m sold on Jimmy Smith deserving that grade.

      In my first mock after Andrew Luck chose not to declare, I had Cam Newton as my #1 pick. I went away from that in the last three projections (Fairley x2 and Gabbert). Right now I would say it’s between Newton, Gabbert, Dareus, Fairley and Bowers. Newton needs to be discussed as an option and for me he has the edge based on his talent and his position.

      Denver may well grade Peterson highly and draft him at #2, but I hope for their sake they realise that they currently own one of the NFL’s best corner’s and he couldn’t stop their defense ranking last in the league. As good as Peterson is, Fairley, Bowers and Dareus are just as talented and more worthy of the choice at #2. But I wouldn’t rule anything out – including Denver drafting a quarterback.

  2. Patrick

    So, do you really think we would pass on Mallett at #25? No offense to Taylor, but I’d be pretty depressed if we passed on Mallett. I doubt we’ll find a quality QB at the end of round 2 and then we don’t pick until round 4!

    Walterfootball.com is one of those guys who has Locker dropping to the 3rd. He has us taking Greg McElroy in the 5th round. I wouldn’t hate the pick but I know A LOT of people would.

    • Rob

      I would dislike that pick because I don’t think McElroy has any chance to become a starter in the NFL.

      Do I think they would pass? I think it’s possible. It’s based on things I could never hope to learn without inside information, other than perhaps he doesn’t fit what they want from their QB/scheme. I would guess that they think drafting a QB is more crucial than maybe some people are projecting. My opinion based on no information other than a ‘hunch’ is that they will make it their #1 priority in April. That could mean moving up. It could mean accepting that if a Mallett falls you take him. I wouldn’t rule anything in or out at the moment.

      I understand the concerns with Mallett, but I’ve tried over the last seven days to look at the positives with him too because I’m not seeing any other draft site/pundit who’s doing that at any level. It’s all too negative for a guy who deserves more than that. He’s a talented kid. The concerns with his footwork are over blown and nothing Joe Flacco hasn’t mastered. The character thing is the crucial matter and will determine his stock. You can’t underestimate a bad press though and that could send him into round two.

  3. Matt

    Just curious are you saying that you feel this is the pick Seattle will make , or are you saying selecting a DT at 25 is the most likely to happen ? I personally don’t mind the pick if it’s what happens but if mallets on the board I really feel you have to take him, I mean people say last year was a rebuilding year but we won’t start rebuilding in my opinion until we draft a quarterback. Seattle the past years has seemed to be procrastinating with finding a quarterback, the time is now to draft a qb not next year. You can find good talent at most other positions later in the draft but you won’t likely find a starting qb, look at mebane, Dexter Davis, obomanu , hawthorne , forsett, now try and make a similar list of contributing qbs not taken in round one.

    • Rob

      I suppose what I’m saying with this mock is – I like Mallett but I can see why he might fall and why also Seattle may go in a different direction. At #25 if they’re faced with the option of Mallett at QB or other positions, they may consider other options. Taylor would be able to play two and maybe even three positions on the defensive line and depth there has been highlighted as an issue. I agree with you on the QB situation and Mallett and they would need a very good reason to justify passing on Mallett. It’s not impossible however that such a reason will actually exist.

      But really the Seahawks should’ve been drafting a first round quarterback in 2009, let alone 2011. The longer they leave it, the tougher the situation becomes. It’s the team’s absolute #1 need and it’s not even close.

  4. Turp

    McElroy is kind of terrible. He’s gotten by on surrounding talent his entire life.

    I would be disappointed if we don’t take Mallet at 25. This team won’t be going anywhere without a new quarterback.

    Rob, wouldn’t Mallet be considered to be a better fit for the Hawks now? If we are a Tom Cable run-first offense, Mallet should work pretty well with play action.

    • Rob

      One of Mallett’s key strengths is with play action – he sells it very well. I’m not sure how much changes on offense – the appointment of Cable and Bevell shows that the team want to re-focus the run. Carroll came in saying ‘we will run – it will define the offense’ yet it never happened. This is Plan B, but is it a ‘back to basics’ or a revolution? What they look for from their quarterback may be no different and how does the QB fit into the zone offense?

      In some ways picking at #25 limits Seattle’s options because QB’s may be off the board. At the same time, it also creates an environment were the risk is considerably less. I would gamble on Mallett if I felt everything about his character was geared towards being a great QB. I can’t answer whether that is the case. With some guys (Luck, Bradford) you can just tell. Others it’s less obvious. But he’s a big time playmaker with that arm and if you protect him and give him some good weapons (including a good deep receiver, something Seattle does not have) then he can make plays.

  5. plyka

    I don’t think the hawks take mallet at 25, and I think that’s a huge mistake. He is an incredible talent. Watching the posted game tape gave me an even bigger appreciation for mallet. Some of the throws he was making were very impressive. Mallet may be the only qb in this class who can start from day one.. the problem is Pete. I think he has been clear all along. He still believes in CW, as do I, and Matt is his starting qb. This makes selecting a qb in round one a nonstarter. A waste of a pick and resources. I don’t agree but Pete is usually pretty transparent, and this seems to be his position.

    • Rob

      I disagree there Plyka. I don’t think this team sees drafting a QB as a non-starter, in fact I think it’s maybe the opposite. The move for Whitehurst was bold, but showed they appreciated the drastic need there. It hasn’t worked out so far and they may give CW time, but he’s not a young guy. Hasselbeck cannot go on forever. I think this team will keep looking until they find their guy. It doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily draft one this year, but I don’t think they view it as a non starter.

      • plyka

        The way Pete was talking, Hasselbeck is the unquestioned starter on this team. He also said, basically, that he has very high hopes for Whitehurst and that CW will become a VERY good starting QB in the NFL. He has also stated that the Oline and Dline will be the major area of concern in the draft.

        Putting these things together, I just don’t see that they are even considering selecting a QB at #25. Would you pick a QB at #25 to be the third string behind CW? Pay Matt $10m per year for who knows how long, pay CW millions and then pay the high salary of a 1st round pick? A lot of resources and cap space tied up in 1 position.

        Especially when taking into consideration the amount of holes on the team. I think you’re right on with your mock drafts, they will most likely go DE in the 1st. It pains me to say it, but i just cannot see them taking a QB in the first round, unless Hasselbeck is not re-signed.

        • Rob

          What is he suppposed to say though Plyka? Matt’s a bum and Whitehurst is a bust? He still brought in Whitehurst at a price when Hasselbeck was under contract and the unquestioned starter. Hasselbeck is now out of contract and will be 36 this year. Whitehurst hasn’t pulled up any trees and has one more year on his big deal. Teams don’t tend to show their draft card in an end of season press conference. Of course they are considering a QB at #25 – doesn’t mean it will happen but they will absolutely be considering it and it could easily happen.

          • plyka

            I definitely hope you’re right.

        • Charlie

          Why would pete show his hand? theres absolutely no benefit to telling the media what your desperate needs are…

  6. Ryan

    I think Mallett may be the best qb in the draft. The way I look at it he is really the only qb out of this draft that could turn into a Peyton Manning or an Aaron Rodgers. Locker and Gabbert? Yes they’re better leaders and would be a great locker room presence but that doesn’t put points on the board. I still think that Newton will be solid but will lack the ability to take over a game with his arm. If Mallett is avaliable at #25 I think it is a must to take a shot at him but I have a grueling feeling that there going to duck the qb situation again.

  7. Bush

    I saw an interesting idea on the NFC west blog on ESPN.com. Drew Plommer mentioned making some serious moves defensively and I kinda liked it. Just wanted to get your opinion. What if Seattle tried to trade Clemons and Tatupu for picks (tough with Tatupu I know..). Then moved Curry to the Leo, Bryant and Mebane to ends with Cole at NT. Draft a beast ILB and a rush LB and ran a 3-4! Ridiculous? I like Mallet a lot, but honestly if there are any real character issues I don’t want another Ryan Leaf (and that’s coming from a coug…). I understand we need a QB, but I don’t mind finding someone later in the draft they love and leaving him behind Charlie/Hass for a year or two and bolster the O/D lines or the defense in general. Offensive and Defensive lines aren’t flashy, but win you football games.

    • Rob

      It’s Madden stuff unfortunately. Trades like that rarely happen and with no CBA likely before April, no team will be able to trade players for picks. Curry is never going to work out at the LEO because he isn’t quick enough off the edge.

      I also believe personally that the time has passed for Seattle to satisfy themselves with late round projects at QB. They needed a big splash at QB two drafts ago, now it’s a critical situation. Defensive and offensive lines can help you win football games, but nothing wins you games like a franchise quarterback.

    • Charlie

      If we ran a 3-4 there wouldn’t be a leo position.

  8. Jeff M.

    I really think that Mallett could be the Seahawks’ saving grace this draft.

    I know a lot of people were ambivalent about winning against St. Louis and dropping from #8 to #21. I don’t think anyone regretted for a moment beating New Orleans, but it dropped us further to #25. It wasn’t just the first-rounder either; we dropped a corresponding distance in round 2 (doesn’t really matter for the rest of our draft, since we don’t own our own 3rd or 4th-round pick).

    It seemed like picking at #8 we could get a potential franchise QB, and then still get a starting OL/DL/CB high in round 2. At #25 we wouldn’t have any shot at a top QB and would just have to go BPA there, and hope we could get a steal on another guy who could contribute at the end of the 2nd.

    But Mallett absolutely is that potential franchise guy. He’s not an athlete-first/QB-second like Newton or Locker, but he’s definitely in the Carson Palmer/Peyton Manning pocket passer mode. Prototype size, prototype arm, reads defenses and goes through his progressions, makes all the throws. Sure he’s got a little bit of a windup that you’d like to iron out (not any more of a hitch than Aaron Rodgers’ or Philip Rivers’ release, though), and sure his footwork needs to improve, but the upside is undeniable.

    As far as I’m concerned, getting him at #25 means the Seahawks didn’t suffer at all from their playoff appearance (since I would have been perfectly happy to take him at #8), and would have pretty good odds of looking like as big a steal as Rodgers a few years down the road.

    • plyka

      Of course it’s a little bit of hyperbole to say that Mallet may be the next Rodgers, but i agree with your overall point. The Seahawks MUST use this pre-draft anti-hype to their advantage. I’m a trader, and the biggest saying with investors is buy low sell high. Forget for a second that i don’t believe this in the trading/investing world, I do believe it in the drafting world. Use the emotional rollercoaster of draft status going into the draft to your advantage. “Buy low” on a guy like Mallet, since he really should be a top 5 draft selection, were it not for these “unsubstantiated rumors.” Don’t buy high on a guy like von-miller whose draft status has gone through the roof due to hype, etc.

      Let’s just hope that Pete agrees with us.

      • Matt

        Couldn’t agree more Plyka. Well said.

  9. ed

    Give clipboard a year. He is 1-0. Stick to that type of plan (pound the ball with the beast and throw 20 times to BMW) i.e. ravens. If he stinks, draft qb next year. If he doesn’t, continue building the team around him.


    1st DL
    2nd OG
    4th CB
    5th OT
    5th DE

  10. Matt

    I hate to look like I am over reacting to one workout, but Newton has always intrigued me. I can’t help but think if he somehow falls past Tennessee (which he could thanks to Vince Young), I would love to see the Hawks move up and get him. Yes, he is rough, but I don’t think he gets enough credit as a passer. In my eyes, he is significantly farther ahead than Locker and still possesses more upside as well. You wanna talk about jumpstarting an offense, well, put this guy on the field and collect the pieces around him and I think you can make something special. Obviously you’d like to build an offense to his immense skill set.

    Once again, I’m not trying to rush to judgment because of a t shirt and shorts workout, but this guy might be “under rated” due to the perceptions about the offense he came from and his athleticism. As much as I like Gabbert, I can’t help but think what Cam Newton can become. There are really no comparisons for him, but I think it’s somewhat foolish to automatically right him off as an Athlete first. I am starting to see a QB with amazing athleticism, rather than an athlete playing QB (ie Locker).

    • Matt

      Similar argument can be made for Mallett regarding “character” issues. And I agree with what Plyka has been saying about using that to our advantage. Let someone over draft the Von Miller’s of the world, while we draft a guy significantly lower than what is talent shows.

  11. Matt (Myster)

    I know this might be getting out of scope, Rob, but if the Seahawks do end up taking Taylor this year (and with Mallett still on the board), how do you think they will deal with the QB position?

    1) Try to trade their 2nd and next year’s first to get back in this year’s late 1st?
    2) Assume Matt and Charlie will be the guys again this year?
    3) Take a flyer on a later round QB?
    4) Other?

    • Matt

      In all honesty, I think there’s a very good chance that Taylor is off the board by the time we pick. I still cannot see how a team would take Carimi, Costanzo, etc in front of a guy like Taylor. It is so incredibly difficult to find human beings that size with those types of movement skills.

      Assuming that to be the case, I can really see Mallett or Locker as an option at 25. I am starting to believe now that Locker will slide. I understand and respect the Shanahan connection, but there is just so much negative publicity around Locker, and personally speaking, I am not sure he is intelligent enough to make it in the NFL as a QB. I’m not talking Wonderlic intelligence, but simply deciphering information quickly and making a good decision. As much as I love Locker, he simply has not shown any sort of quick decision skills. Now, I am not giving up on him yet, but he needs serious time otherwise he will get eaten alive his rookie or even sophomore year.

    • Rob

      Really a tough question to answer. When I wrote the mock I looked at the situation and asked myself the same question. Seattle has to do something at QB. If you want to win consistently every year it’s the one position that needs security. You need to know who your quarterback is. The team can always look to address a need in free agency, but you can’t fudge the QB position. I still maintain that if they truly believed in Whitehurst he starts the New Orleans game after beating the Rams. He starts when Hasselbeck was struggling badly during the season. The answer won’t be found later on in my opinion. Mallett at #25 makes sense, it’s what I would recommend based purely on tape. The risk is limited at the cost. It’s the same kind of gamble as Whitehurst – you aren’t crippled financially if it fails. Whitehurst is actually more expensive in pure of salary and he wasn’t cheap in terms of draft stock either.

      I still think there’s a chance Seattle will make a big splash, perhaps via trading up. But at the moment I’m not sure anyone can answer what their intentions are. I do think they will see it as the big need though.

  12. Overdraft

    Ryan Mallett will not be selected any sooner than Round 4. He has the physical abilities but his personality is more that of Ryan Leaf. Check out some of his interviews online. I also believe the “character concerns” are drug related. In this scenario the Seahawks would have to be looking at either Adrian Clayborn or Derek Sherrod here.

    • Rob

      The concerns are there, but round four is too far a drop for me. I don’t think he’ll last any longer than the early-mid second round.

  13. Caleb

    Mike Pouncey!!!

    If he falls that far he is a must!! Put him at guard next to Okung and you have a pair of very young, day one starters who can change this team. Look at the 2005 seahawks, they made it to the superbowl with big walt and hutch manhandling the left side, allowing shawn alexander, who was not that great of a running back, to have a fantastic couple of seasons!!! We have the tools with marshawn, why not give him something to run behind?? Our main failure this year was our multiple three and outs, innablity to control the clock and the frustrating number of 1or 2 yard gains(which only happened because marshawn took negative gains back to the line of scrimage in the first place.) Why take a gamble on a sub-par qb class like this year, and instead take the obvious and immediate impact mike puncey would bring to an oline that is going to be coached by one of the best in Tom Cable. Once the run game starts, less pressure on the QB-> can make the plays we want rather than dial up out routs on third and 8 all the time.

    Then DT because pressure on the great QBs we will be playing this year will be far more detrimental to their accuracy than a better cb, assuming CBA gets worked out.

    • Rob

      I had Pouncey leave the board at #15 to Miami.

      • Caleb

        but don’t you think, given the probability of a lockout and no FA, that the dolphins would address their biggest need of RB, especially with the talent of leshoure and Ingram on the board. Both are big backs, the same prototypical Miami RB. plus, attendance numbers for the dolphins have been falling, and the addition of a flashy player like above RBs would for sure intrigue fans.

        • Rob

          You can always find good backs outside of round one. Secondly – they have an absolutely huge hole at center which was a problem for a lot of 2010. Pouncey won’t make it past Kansas City at #21 even if lasts past Miami.

  14. CReid

    Good stuff as usual Rob.

    I was looking at a draft point value chart earlier today and I began to think of the scenario where either one or both of Locker and Mallett were still available, meaning that at least a few of the teams in the 5-15 pick range passed on them early- a combination of an early-mid 2nd round pick and a 3rd would roughly add up to the value of the Seahawks 25th pick.

    Given all the needs that Seahawks have at other positions and the relative depth of some of those positions in this draft, I could see that being an attractive option if the draft shakes out a certain way.

  15. Scott

    Rob, I realize the discussion on this board is about the draft. However, by my calculations the Seahawks currently have the lowest player payroll in the league at about $50 million. The NFL average is $110 million. We have alot of holes on the team because we have alot of guys playing for minimum wage. Once the CBA is signed I expect we will be big players for some top talent. This could certainly affect the draft day thinking. We have the ‘cap room’ that alot of others teams will struggle with the next couple years. Some very good players will be available at bargain prices.

    I would forget about a QB in round 1. Whitehurst and Nate Davis will do with maybe a fourth guy in round 4. I would fill the hole at LG with Pouncey if he is available, else go DL. In round 2, I would turn it around and get either a OL or DL depending on what we did in round 1. This is a deep draft for DL help and we need to take advantage of it. Pick up Kaepernick or Dalton in round 4.

    • Rob

      Hi Scott,

      I think we’re closer to a lockout at the moment than we’ve ever been. I previously felt they’d get something down August time, but now I think we’re unlikely to see football in 2011 which obviously means no free agency. Part of the payroll decrease is in anticipation of that I feel and the main reason guys like Peyton Manning weren’t franchise tagged immediately. It’s not looking good.

      We can’t forget about QB in round one because it’s the teams #1 need. We should never put ourselves in a position where such and such will ‘do’. Davis is a guy released by a division rival who is in desperate need of a quarterback. Whitehurst couldn’t beat out a struggling Hasselbeck and none of the mid-round options are attractive. I see very little possibility that Pouncey is there at #25.

      • Scott

        Our Diretor or Player Personnel Scot McCloughan came from SF so the Hawks know what they are getting. San Francisco wanted to keep Davis. They did not release him. We signed him off their practice squad which means we have to put him on our active roster. Watch his tapes. He has the strongest arm of any Seahawk QB ever.

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