Updated mock draft: 14th November

Despite some difficult moments this year, a quarterback like Matt Barkley could still go #1 overall

The draft is a slightly different animal since the new CBA was signed. The rookie wage cap has revolutionised the NFL, making the #1 pick a worthwhile possession rather than a hindrance. Sam Bradford – the final #1 overall pick before the new rules kick in – signed a contract worth $78m with $50m in guarantees. With an updated CBA in place, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck both agreed deals worth a fully guaranteed $22m. Teams don’t need to fear a JaMarcus Russell-style titanic mistake anymore.

With that in mind, there’s scope for a bad team to do whatever it takes to get a kick start. Indianapolis choosing Andrew Luck was pretty much a no-brainer. Carolina drafting Cam Newton? Not so much.

The Panthers had the #1 pick but no quarterback. They could’ve gone in many different directions. Lot’s of pundits had them taking Nick Fairley, a defensive tackle. Or Von Miller, a pass rusher. Or Patrick Peterson, a cornerback. In the end, they decided they needed a quarterback at all costs. They went through the list (four quarterbacks were taken in the first twelve picks) and chose Newton. That was point one of the rebuild. Like many teams, the Carolina Panthers were going to build around a quarterback.

Which team would’ve taken Newton had Carolina gone with, for example, Von Miller? I would guess he’d still be on the board at #8 where Tennessee took Jake Locker. He may have survived beyond that.

I think there are similarities between 2011 and the forthcoming draft in April. There are a handful of really talented defensive prospects. There isn’t a clear ‘superstar’ quarterback gaining rave reviews like Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. If the Kansas City Chiefs have the #1 pick they’ll be in the same situation as Carolina. They’ll face a choice of best player vs a launch pad quarterback. And I suspect they’ll take a quarterback.

The question would become who do they take? Newton was an easier choice in 2011 due to his outstanding physical talents. Matt Barkley, Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson etc don’t boast those same qualities. Yet anyone watching the Chiefs recent defeat to Pittsburgh can identify where Kansas City’s problems lie. They don’t have a terrible roster. They’ve got some nice pieces on defense and some playmakers on offense. They compete in a pretty open AFC West division. They just need a quarterback who can bring everything together.

While I accept none of the quarterbacks eligible for 2013 probably deserves to be the #1 overall pick based 0n performance this year, I think it’s stll likely to be the direction Kansas City goes if they have the choice.

When we get into December I’ll start the weekly mock draft updates and we’ll run through different alternatives for the Seahawks. For now, I’m sticking with the same pick as last time. This offense continues to utilise the run as its focus and that will always be the case with Pete Carroll as Head Coach. He appears to want a big strike passing game and Darrell Bevell is becoming increasingly creative to make that happen. Across the board they like multi-faceted athletes who can contribute in a number of different ways. So the pick once again this week is Tennessee’s Cordarrelle Patterson.

Receiver is considered less of a need nowadays, but the Seahawks could still use another playmaker. I did consider Arthur Brown (LB, Kansas State) – a player Carroll is familiar with. I also considered the remaining defensive tackles, Robert Woods, the two Stanford tight ends and cornerback Jonathan Banks. However, I do think they’ll look at ways to aid Wilson’s progression in year two. A receiver in Seattle might only make two passes in a game, but he’ll come away with 50-60 yards and a touchdown. That’s the big strike passing offense for you. Patterson has got the potential to be a home run hitter – to make two big plays in a game if not the 10-catch performance we’re unlikely to ever see in this system.

I’ve included a round two at the bottom. Please don’t read too much into the selections there – it’s really just a review of the next tier of prospects.

Updated first round mock draft

#1 Matt Barkley (QB, USC)
Watching KC’s game against Pittsburgh, it’s obvious this team needs a quarterback. They need to identify which is the best and draft them.
#2 Damontre Moore (DE, Texas A&M)
He’s been incredible this year and leads the NCAA with 12.5 sacks. The Jaguars have no pass rush.
#3 Jarvis Jones (DE, Georgia)
Explosive playmaker but there are some concerns about his health following the injury that led to his departure from USC.
#4 Sheldon Richardson (DT, Missouri)
Prototypical three technique interior pass rusher. The Panthers run a variety of 4-3 and 3-4 looks but Richardson can adapt to both.
#5 Geno Smith (QB, West Virginia)
Buffalo’s GM keeps telling the media Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t a franchise quarterback. So it’s not hard to guess what they might do here.
#6 Chance Warmack (G, Alabama)
The Raiders just need to start drafting good football player. Warmack will be a top NFL guard in year one.
#7 Luke Joeckel (T, Texas A&M)
He’s played well enough this year to move into top ten consideration.
#8 Jonathan Cooper (G, North Carolina)
The Eagles need to sort out their offensive line. Cooper is athletic enough to play tackle or guard.
#9 Barkevious Mingo (DE, LSU)
If the Jets do go defense here, Mingo makes a lot of sense. They need a great edge rusher.
#10 Alec Ogletree (LB, Georgia)
Incredible athlete with untapped potential as a pass rusher. Ogletree could be great. There are some off-field concerns.
#11 Star Lotulelei (DT, Utah)
Huge upside but he can be very inconsistent.
#12 Manti Te’o (LB, Notre Dame)
Great player with a few lingering off-field concerns. On the field though he’s a leader and a playmaker.
#13 Dee Milliner (CB, Alabama)
Anyone who gets Dee Milliner outside the top ten is getting the steal of the draft.
#14 Bjoern Werner (DE, Florida State)
He needs to add weight again. At his 2011 size he’s a J.J. Watt clone. That’s his ceiling.
#15 Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers)
If he declares (big if) he’ll be by far the most talented receiver in the 2013 draft.
#16 Ezekiel Ansah (DE, BYU)
Ansah will test well at the combine and work his way into the top-20 picks.
#17 Jake Matthews (T, Texas A&M)
He could be better than team mate Luke Joeckel, but doesn’t get quite as much credit playing right tackle.
#18 Dion Jordan (DE, Oregon)
Amazing athlete who’s still learning to become a rounded pass rusher.
#19 Bradley Roby (CB, Ohio State)
He’s gradually overtaken Jonathan Banks as the #2 ranked corner in this class.
#20 C.J. Mosley (LB, Alabama)
It’s the same thing every week – C.J. Mosley making big plays for Alabama.
#21 Matt Elam (S, Florida)
Top-15 talent who lasts this long only due to a lack of need earlier. Elam’s a true playmaker in the secondary.
#22 Cordarrelle Patterson (WR, Tennessee)
Multi-faceted playmaker who will score touchdowns in many different ways. He’s also 6-3 with electric speed.
#23 Zach Ertz (TE, Stanford)
The Steelers can afford to draft a tight end here and Ertz is getting a lot of top-20 talk at the moment.
#24 Jonathan Jenkins (DT, Georgia)
If you need a guy to build a 3-4 defense around, here’s you man.
#25 Johnathan Hankins (DT, Ohio State)
Secondary is a bigger need but the value doesn’t fit here. Hankins is scheme diverse.
#26 Sylvester Williams (DT, North Carolina)
He’s only still on the board due to age. Former JUCO transfer approaching his mid-20’s.
#27 Robert Woods (WR, USC)
He’s a better player than this placing. Expect Woods to land on a good team that can look for value.
#28 Jesse Williams (DT, Alabama)
Williams is the kind of player that belongs on a team with attitude.
#29 John Simon (DE, Ohio State)
Blue collar player that’ll boost Baltimore’s pass rush.
#30 Dallas Thomas (G, Tennessee)
Thomas was so impressive against South Carolina and Jadeveon Clowney. He could play tackle or guard.
#31 Tavon Austin (WR, West Virginia)
He’s a playmaker and Houston could shoot for value here.
#32 Levine Toilolo (TE, Stanford)
Putting a 6-8 red zone threat alongside Julio Jones and Roddy White makes sense to me.

Possible round two

#33 Jacksonville – Taylor Lewan (T, Michigan)
#34 Kansas City – Jonathan Banks (CB, Mississippi State)
#35 Carolina – Xavier Rhodes (CB, Florida State)
#36 Buffalo – Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee)
#37 Philadelphia – Sam Montgomery (DE, LSU)
#38 Washington – Arthur Brown (LB, Kansas State)
#39 New York Jets – Eric Fisher (T, Central Michigan)
#40 Cincinnati – Giovani Bernard (RB, North Carolina)
#41 St. Louis – Oday Aboushi (T, Virginia)
#42 Tennessee – Kenny Vaccaro (S, Texas)
#43 San Diego – Brennan Williams (T, North Carolina)
#44 Miami – Keenan Allen (WR, California)
#45 Dallas – Tyler Wilson (QB, Arkansas)
#46 Arizona – Tyler Bray (QB, Tennessee)
#47 Detroit – Jordan Poyer (CB, Oregon State)
#48 Cincinnati – Chase Thomas (LB, Stanford)
#49 Tampa Bay – Shawn Williams (S, Georgia)
#50 Minnesota – Shariff Floyd (DT, Florida)
#51 New York Giants – Tyler Eifert (TE, Notre Dame)
#52 Seattle – Gavin Escobar (TE, San Diego State)
#53 Miami – Corey Lemonier (DE, Auburn)
#54 Pittsburgh – Cornellius Carradine (DE, Florida State)
#55 New England – Markus Wheaton (WR, Oregon State)
#56 Green Bay – Jawan Jamison (RB, Rutgers)
#57 Denver – Khaseem Greene (LB, Rutgers)
#58 San Francisco – Alex Okafor (DE, Texas)
#59 Chicago – Bennie Logan (DT, LSU)
#60 Baltimore – Eddie Lacy (RB, Alabama)
#61 Houston – T.J. McDonald (S, USC)
#62 Atlanta – Kawann Short (DT, Purdue)


  1. Thomas

    I don’t think Jarvis Jones goes in the first round. His disease sounds serious enough. It seems like you might only get 5/6 years play out if him. That could force teams to lower him down their board. Marcus McNeill had to retire at 28 with the same problem and had issues his last two seasons. I could see a fall like DaQuan Bowers a few years ago.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s definitely a possibility. The guy is so talented that right now in November it’s hard to project that type of fall. But it’s reality. And if teams do the medical checks and see the same kind of concerns the doctors at USC saw, then he’s not going to be a high pick unfortunately.

      • Michael

        Down in round 1? Sure. But if you are already a superbowl contender, wouldn’t you be willing to spend a late 1st rounder for 5-6 years of Jarvis Jones? I sure would.

        • Rob Staton

          I probably would’ve said the same for Da’Quan Bowers in fairness. Teams will look at his medical records and have to make a decision.

          • James

            Rob, very nice article on Field Gulls Saturday morning. I agree that an elite Will LB would help the Seahawks D get off the field on 3d down. However, if I had to bet on it now, my bet would be Williams, the DT from North Carolina.

  2. Bobby Cink

    I’m an Oregon fan in addition to being a Hawk fan. Do you think Dion Jordan could transition to WLB? I’ve read that he does well dropping into space, but that is obviously completely different from working mostly in space and occasionally rushing the passer.

    • Rob Staton

      I see him exclusively as a pass rusher going forward. His movement skills lend well to the 3-4 OLB position, but I can’t see a full time switch to 4-3 linebacker.

      • Bobby Cink

        Would he fit in well as a LEO in our system then? Obviously, it isn’t very likely that we would take another LEO considering we have Clem for another couple years and now Irvin. Regardless of that, would he fit well with us? If he fell to us in the 20’s (provided we are there because we made the playoffs) do you think we would take him as BPA?

        • Rob Staton

          Possibly. He’s quick enough to play the LEO. I’d want to see his 10-yard split before committing.

  3. Bobby Cink

    If we don’t sign, or are not able to sign, Jason Jones to a long contract, which of the DTs you listed would be able to fit in our defense as a pass rushing 3-tech? It seems like this draft has a lot of 3-4 DE type players at the top. However, the advantage to that might be pushing some other players down the board that fit our scheme better.

    • Rob Staton

      Sly Williams is a very good fit for that role. Could also look at Bennie Logan and Kawann Short. Or even Chris Waley coming out of Texas if he declares.

      • Bobby Cink

        How would you compare those guys to the folks currently on the roster? I know that Jaye Howard was drafted in part because our former D-Line coach (Wash, I think his name is?) who is currently coaching at Florida highly recommended him as a fit for our line. Would these guys be a better fit than him? Are they just better? I guess I should also ask just how necessary you think it is that we re-sign Jones to a deal? And what kind of deal would that look like? A lot of folks at Field Gulls really want to re-sign him, but how sustainable from a cap perspective would it be to have that many big contracts on the line (literally on the D Line) between Clemons, Mebane, and Bryant?

        • Rob Staton

          Dan Quinn is the coach in Florida. I actually really liked Jaye Howard coming into the draft. Good athlete for his size. Untapped potential. He could grow into a role eventually. Sly Williams is a more polished, finished article. But I wouldn’t write Howard off yet. As for Jones, I guess it depends what his market is. He didn’t get a ton of interest last off-season and really his value is at it’s highest in Seattle rather than anywhere else. Unless he explodes the rest of the way, I think he could be kept around. And it probably wouldn’t break the bank.

          • dave crockett

            Yup. Everybody’s better off with Jones taking a reasonable deal in Seattle.

            I’m also excited to see what Howard can eventually do. I know he’s been battling some injury.

  4. Bobby Cink

    You’ve listed two tackles in the top 32, but quite a few more in the top 64. Is this simply because the amount defensive talent far outweighs the amount of talent at the T spot? Or is this just a very poor Tackle class? I guess another way of putting it is do those Tackles in Round 2 deserve to be in Round 2, or should they be higher but aren’t because the D talent is that good.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not crazy about the tackle class. I like Brennan Williams at UNC. Not totally sold on Lewan at Michigan. I’ve seen one game of Eric Fisher and he showed well against MSU.

  5. shams

    Keenan Allen dropping to the second seems unlikely.

    • Rob Staton

      Season ending injury, not shown explosive downfield speed, living a bit off reputation. Unless he looks really sharp at the combine, he’s not going to be the pick many people think.

      • shams

        Didn’t realize he was injured.

  6. kevin mullen

    I think you made the right pick for KC, though not as decorated and hyped as Luck, Barkley in my eyes is the clear top QB in this class. They have above average playmakers, all within their primes and could be a “Russell Wilson” away from being a playoff team. If they can only make Dwayne Bowe happy…

    Interesting you have the ‘Hawks going WR and TE with their first two picks, with Branch and Jones on 1yr contracts as with Hill, I would think that they’d split the difference and go both sides of the ball.

    • Rob Staton

      Obviously it’s still early and the R2 pick was more of a case of trying to fit second tier guys into the piece rather than saying, “I think this will happen.” A lot will depend on what happens with the interior defensive line.

      • kevin mullen

        Yeah, probably would help if I read that last paragraph.

        But it is interesting as maybe it might be a Freudian slip, I think deep down you want the ‘Hawks picking WR and TE with first two picks. Its not bad but my eyes, I’d rather go get Ogletree, create some havoc from that second level, and maybe trade our 2nd in the process. This FO has done wonders in their mid rounds that losing a 2nd to get a guy like Ogletree would be worth it. That’s my Freudian slip.

        • Rob Staton

          I think if I could have anyone from this draft class – assuming Brandon Coleman doesn’t declare in the end – it’d be Ogletree. He’s the one player that really sticks out to me that could help take the defense to yet another level. Sheldon Richardson would be among my top five, along with Dee Milliner.

          • kevin mullen

            I’d love to see a top32 players ranking by you. Maybe do a “stock up, stock down” commentary and see where it goes. So we got 4 of 5 players in top5, whose missing?

          • SHawn

            Richardson or Milliner would be amazing, but I just can’t see them falling to us in the (hopefully) mid 20s. I really value DT and CB this year since Branch is expendable (IMO), and Trufant /Browner are already 32/29 next year. Thats pushing the limit of a JS roster.

            Ogletree is awesome but Mike Morgan has done VERY well in KJ’s absence.

            With the way they have drafted since their arrival, I can see that they set a goal before the draft on what areas to address in the early rounds. (2010, LT and S; 2011, OL; 2012, front seven). They have consistently looked for mid-late rd help in the secondary and on the defensive line. Maybe this is the year we target those areas early.

  7. Ely

    Ogletree to the Rams! Yikes, that would suck! I’m on the bandwagon for that guy or anyone that would help the 3rd down woes that have plagued the Hawks so far. I don’ t consider it as big of a problem as it is but wouldn’t mind steps taken via the first round of the draft to fix it. As for your pick, Cordarrelle scares me for the Hawks. He seems like one of those high ceiling low floor guys, on the other hand they need a playmaker that can really take the top off an opposing defense. It still baffles me that they let Ricardo Lockette go, it really must have been slow progress with that guy given his speed size and how Carroll raved about him early on.

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is the issue with trying to project later in round one. The pool becomes smaller as you take players off the board. It’s still early days so we’ll see what happens. A word of caution on Ogletree – a player I rate very highly – he could go back for another year at Georgia. So could Jarvis Jones actually, and Aaron Murray. So if they don’t achieve what they’re hoping to this year – eg SEC title – they might go back for another try in 2013.

      • Bobby Cink

        Hopefully they do declare after learning their lesson from Barkley…

  8. Jlkresse7

    What are your thoughts on LB Jonathan Brown from Illinois and WR Quinton Patton from LA Tech as later round option?

    • Rob Staton

      Not seen any Illinois tape this year unfortunately but will take a look if I can find some. I like Patton later but not really as the solution to Seattle’s to need at receiver.

  9. James

    A team picking in the lower part of round one doesn’t often get a shot at a DT like Hankins or Williams, so it will take a very special WR to go ahead of those 3-Tech guys. Is Patterson that good…and that much better than a WR they could get in round two?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not crazy about Hankins. He’s a lazy player for me who doesn’t max out his potential. Williams I like more. And yes – I think Patterson is better than the options in R2 to justify the pick.

  10. Stuart

    Rob, if WR Brandon Coleman did come out and was still available after the top 10 picks, do you think the Seahawks would trade up for him, if so what might something like that cost?

    My other dream choice in the first round would be LB Alec Ogletree. If both players were available to the Hawks, which one would you choose and why?

    Using the same scenario with Alec Ogletree as with Brandon Coleman, if Ogletree was still available after the top 10 picks, is it likely the Hawks would make a move up for him?

    It’s fun to think about these scenario’s.

    • Ely

      I would think given the depth of this class that if any team really fell in love with a player that fit their scheme that it wouldn’t be too hard to move up. A second round pick this year would buy you a lot of spots up the board.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be a tough call between Ogletree and Coleman, Stuart. They would be my #1 and #2 picks for Seattle if available. I’m struggling to answer that right now. As for trading up – I could see it for the right player. And trading up is becoming cheaper these days – there were a lot of moves in R1 last year that didn’t exactly break the bank.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Now that our team has improved enough to be playoff contenders, the early round picks seem more valuable to me than late round. In the past Pete Carroll has been more likely to go the other way, trading down for more late round picks. Maybe this year he will trade up? Or find some value in Flynn with a trade.

        I would love to have two number ones, or two number two picks. Given two number ones we could have WR (Patterson) and a good nose tackle (Jenkins or Williams). We would probably have to give up a 2 and 3rd round choice for an extra first.

  11. Snoop Dogg

    I agree with you that I would want a dominant 3 tech over just about anything. Jonathan Hankins and Sheldon Richardson both sound boss.

  12. Soggyblogger

    I’d be interested in an article on draft scout strategies. I notice a lot of the same teams represented in the first round or two. More than statistically reasonable. Good teams make everyone on the team look better. I wonder how much that is the reason for so many Georgia and Alabama players being represented here and everywhere on mock drafts. For instance, both LSU DE’s are highly rated. Playing against them, offenses can not game plan using two double teams. One of those guys gets to go against single blocking. On other teams with a single standout DE, opposing teams can double team to make his job much more difficult. To what extent do scouts take these factors into account? If at all.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they take it into account, but it’s also worth noting the reason the big SEC teams are represented a lot is because they have the ability to recruit a lot of the better players. Georgia have an excellent crop of players on defense, while Alabama and LSU have been loaded with talent over the last few years. Sure, they all benefit from each other. But the SEC has become so powerful now we shouldn’t be surprised to see more and more players from those schools involved in the first round.

  13. MJ

    Good stuff Rob.

    As far as Barkley is concerned, I wouldn’t be shocked if he was the #1 overall pick or slips to Round 2. That’s a wide range, but I imagine some teams will love him and some will want no part of him.

    I am really curious about Keenan Allen and Robert Woods. I think both are overhyped, and I think in your scenario, Woods is a perfect fit in Green Bay. In all honesty, I think GB would be the only team to consider Woods in R1, as he fits their style.

    I still am pretty sure of myself when I say I really hope the Hawks give little consideration to Woods. I think he’s much like Golden Tate as a guy that doesn’t profile well to the NFL in a traditional way, but can have a little niche. Tate has some crazy playmaking ability but can’t be relied on for consistency. Conversely, Woods will probably be the ultimate 3rd down guy, but will struggle to be an outside guy in the NFL do to his lack of physicality and frail build.

    So, in this case, I think Allen would be a better option for Hawks as he profiles as more of a traditional WR. Minus the hair, I actually think Allen and Sidney Rice are pretty comparable. Bigger guys with good, not great speed. Perhaps not a true #1, but can be a consistent threat.

    All of this said, I’d be thrilled with Patterson and Escobar with the first 2 picks. Escobar has crazy upside and I think Patterson has the ability/upside to offer a similar package to Julio Jones, albeit not as consistent. I really think this is a great year to load up on weapons. Not just offensive, but defensive as well. There are some freaks in this draft that are real gambles, and I think we are in position to swing for the fences a few times.

    • AlaskaHawk

      We need speed for separation, and good hands to catch the ball. Patterson has shown both. Tavon Austin might slip to the second round and would be a good choice there.

  14. matt

    #12 Manti Te’o (LB, Notre Dame)
    Great player with a few lingering off-field concerns. On the field though he’s a leader and a playmaker.

    What exactly are the off field concerns?

    • Rob Staton

      Not going to go into too much detail. Just stuff behind the decision that led him going to Notre Dame instead of BYU. As long as he stays clear of certain clique’s he will have a long and prosperous career.

  15. AndrewP

    Rob- If Tate’s performance of late turns out to be an emergence and not just a fluke, what are your thoughts on the Hawks passing on WR in RD in lieu of taking a chance on a gifted yet issues-ridden (raw, off-field, etc.) WR in RD2 and let him grow up ala Golden himself and be the eventuall replacement for Sidney?

    That way, the D-Line and or linebacking core can be the primary focus early on.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s all about the prospects available. If the talent at WR is superior to the DT’s and LB’s on the board, then I would answer no. It’s really a case of not reaching on any of the areas and letting the talent dictate the pick.

  16. Mark

    Before yesterday I would have said Coleman, Ogletree or one of the three-techs. Now I just want Zlatan Ibrahimovich. My goodness…

    • Rob Staton

      Ha ha, specialist punter…

  17. Jlkresse7

    What if you flip flop picks and go Levine toilolo first then hunter or T. Williams in the second? The hawks scouts seem to have a knack for finding defensive talent later in the rounds so I’m comfortably picking a LB or DT in the third or fourth

    • Jlkresse7

      Another quick question, what about da’ Rick Rodgers in the second or third?

      • Rob Staton

        Character concerns should keep him out of the first two rounds.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly – Hunter was off the board and I’m not a huge fan of Williams at Baylor. And I like Toilolo, but I’m not sure this team is going to spend a first round pick on a #2 tight end in R1.

  18. James

    Russell Wilson is the Truth, and we are now freed of any more talk of drafting a QB in 2013 R1. Already the Seahawks field the best quarterback in the NFL for half of their games (Russell has the best QB efficiency rating in the league for home games). It is only a matter of time before he takes his show on the road. …Normally, the Seahawks would go WR in R1 this year, since John & Pete have a proven history of drafting for need (see previous picks at DE, OL and S). However, this is a somewhat weak year for WRs, and a strong one for DLs, so I expect the Seahawks to go DL then WR in the draft. If we listen closely, Pete will tell us who they will be picking…we just have to believe him. Last year, he told us he was going to take the fastest pass rusher in the draft, and no one believed him.

  19. Rymong

    I don’t think there is any way that two OG’s go in the top 10. Just due to the value of the position, I don’t think either will go before 15, and maybe not before 20. Iupati went at 17, DeCastro at 24. Hutchinson went at 17.

    • MJ

      It would be a rare scenario, but IMO, DeCastro is nowhere near Warmack in ability, and he has 3 years of amazing tape in the SEC. Cooper , on the other hand, (as Rob has said) is about as elite as an athlete that you will see on the O-Line. He has freakish athleticism. I made a point to pay attention to Cooper on Friday, and his movement skills just jump off the screen.

      Don’t get me wrong, DeCastro was a great priospect. All that said, I thought he was overhyped. PAC-12 has really piss poor D-Line play/talent, especially when discussing what interior O-lineman face on a regular basis. Different case for OTs, because it is a heavy passing league and routinely are challenged in Pass Pro.

      Just my opinion. I doubt either goes top 10, but I don’t think either gets out of the top 25.

      • Rob Staton

        I have Cooper projected here as a tackle for Philly, as noted in the blurb.

  20. Higuya

    What about Andy Murray? From Georgia? At least 2nd Round.

    • Rob Staton

      Andy Murray is the current US Open tennis champion. Aaron Murray – if he declares – is an intriguing one. Could be a second rounder. Not great physical qualities (size, arm) and has had some ugly games in his career. Russell Wilson was shorter but had a rocket arm, unique work ethic, ideal mobility and he didn’t have bad off days at Wisconsin. Murray has had some off days.

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