Updated mock draft: 21st March

The dyamic within the top ten picks is constantly shifting and could be manipulated further in the final month leading up to the draft. Four teams in particular will have a big influence on who the Seahawks pick at #12:

Jacksonsville Jaguars
The big question mark here is whether Shahid Khan will allow his GM Gene Smith to have full control over the draft. The Jags were right in the mix for Tim Tebow before he was dealt to the Jets earlier today. Smith hates distractions and Tebow – through no fault of his own – would’ve been the ultimate distraction. Having traded up for Blaine Gabbert a year ago, Khan’s interest in a local hero somewhat undermines the man he employs to build the roster. Is this a sign of things to come? Will Khan put pressure on his front office to go for a more exciting draft plan than Smith has used in the past? Or will the team’s GM be allowed to get on with the job of building around Blaine Gabbert and trying to make this a relevant franchise under a new coaching setup? It’s a bit of a mess at the moment.

Miami Dolphins
Speaking of franchises that are a mess, let’s move on to the Dolphins. Having struck out on Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning and even Matt Flynn, Miami resembles an avalanche of destruction which will probably end up crashing into whoever has the misfortune to be the #1 pick in 2013. They have a new coaching staff, but don’t appear to have any ambitions to build around their vision. The quarterback situation is a joke and they may be forced into drafting Ryan Tannehill at #8 just to appease the masses. Ideally, they would’ve signed a player familiar with Joe Philbin’s system (Flynn), added a pass rusher in the draft and some more talent at receiver to take a methodical approach to rebuilding. They may well draft a defensive end anyway and look elsewhere for a quarterback (Brandon Weeden? Kirk Cousins? Brock Osweiler), but either way expect the Dolphins to get this wrong. A precedent has been set.

Carolina Panthers
Defense has to be the order of the day in Carolina, to support an offense led by blossoming superstar Cam Newton. Ron Rivera could sample with 3-4 looks in 2012 before making the permanent switch, putting scheme-flexible players like Dontari Poe and Fletcher Cox on the radar. Poe could easily line up at three-technique and could shed weight to play the position, but at 345lbs he’s also that rare athletic nose tackle teams drool over. Cox’s best fit is at the five-technique but can play some interior rush – although his run defense isn’t ideal playing inside in the 4-3. More importantly in terms of the impact on Seattle, let’s not rule out the Panthers drafting another pass rusher. Even with bigger needs at tackle and cornerback, Quinton Coples and Melvin Ingram are both local guys who could be on Carolina’s (and Seattle’s) radar.

Buffalo Bills
It’s fair to say the Bills’ threat to Seattle is diminishing and they won’t be competing for the same prospects. Signing Mario Williams to a mega-deal made it less likely Buffalo would add a pass rusher at #10, but the news today that Mark Anderson has agreed a four-year contract with the team shows that the draft priorities will lie elsewhere. It’s impossible to look beyond the offensive line and they’ll have a shot at the #2 ranked offensive tackle after Matt Kalil. Riley Reiff and Jonathan Martin are both good fits. The Bills have offered a contract to Demetrius Bell – the team’s starting left tackle in 2011. However, the offer comes a week into free agency and hasn’t been accepted to date, which suggests Buffalo are ready to look at alternatives. And let’s be honest here, what’s the point in having a great pass rush if your own quarterback is being equally pressured by much weaker opponents?

So what about the Seahawks?
By adding Matt Flynn and Jason Jones, it’s very clear what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are looking to get out of this draft. They still need a pass rushing compliment to Chris Clemons (the defense will never reach elite status without a much improved pass rush), they need to fill two holes at linebacker (although it’s still possible they could re-sign David Hawthorne and Leroy Hill) and finding a quality partner for Marshawn Lynch in the running game is a must. With a month to go, I fully expect the Seahawks to target a combination of – DE, LB, RB – in the first three rounds.

The popular choice for Seattle in a lot of mock drafts at the moment is Luke Kuechly, but I’m not buying into that. For starters, improving the pass rush has to be the priority and that’s something Kuechly won’t do. He’s a pure MLB who will make plenty of tackles at the second level, but isn’t going to cause too many problems behind the LOS. He added size for the combine (appearing at 242lbs) but is likely to have a playing weight of around 235-240lbs. That’s a concern and people wondering whether he’ll have a Brian Urlacher-type impact in the league have to remember Urlacher is 20lbs heavier. A better comparison for Kuechly would be Sean Lee in Dallas – a fine football player, but also the type that doesn’t cost a top-15 pick.

Great leadership is another reason quoted to justify Kuechly to Seattle, but the Seahawks already have a vocal and emotional leader on defense and just gave him a $35m extension. While a hole remains at MLB, it’s also worth remembering that David Hawthorne was an UDFA and the front office did a good job plucking KJ Wright from round four last year. Without doubt the MIKE spot will have to be filled if no free agent is signed, but with prospects such as Mychal Kendricks available beyond the first round, there’s no real need for the Seahawks to avoid drafting an impact pass rusher with the #12 pick should the opportunity present itself.

As for Seattle’s choice in this week’s mock, Quinton Coples gets the nod with Courtney Upshaw and Melvin Ingram off the board. Some team’s will avoid Coples due to his disappointing senior tape and the question marks that come with that. Other’s will believe they can tap into his upside and get the best out of an undoubted physical talent. Pete Carroll is the kind of coach that will thrive on a challenge like that. However, some teams out there are concerned about his run defense and for the Seahawks to invest their faith in the UNC lineman, they’d need to see that as an area he can improve.

Updated first round mock draft

#1 Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford)
The inevitable.
#2 Robert Griffin III (QB, Baylor)
The inevitable part II.
#3 Matt Kalil (OT, USC)
Minnesota won’t waste any time calling Kalil’s name. He has elite potential. The inevitable part III.
#4 Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama)
The Browns have to find someone on offense to build around. Richardson would be the wise choice here.
#5 Morris Claiborne (CB, LSU)
The biggest spenders in free agency, Tampa Bay could still use a stud cornerback.
#6 Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State)
The Rams know this is now a three-draft plan so they need to take whoever is highest on their board with this pick.
#7 Courtney Upshaw (DE, Alabama)
If Gene Smith is still calling the shots by April 26th, Upshaw is the kind of player he likes to draft
#8 Ryan Tannehill (QB, Texas A&M)
Is this Plan C? Or are we further down the alphabet by now?
#9 Melvin Ingram (DE, South Carolina)
Carolina could consider adding another pass rusher here before drafting for DT and CB.
#10 Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa)
The Bills are going to draft an offensive lineman here, the only question is which one will they choose?
#11 Dontari Poe (DT, Memphis)
Nose tackles who weigh 345lbs and move as well as this guy don’t last long in round one.
#12 Quinton Coples (DE, North Carolina)
Pete Carroll would certainly back himself to get the best out of Coples, but some teams are concerned about his run defense.
#13 Jonathan Martin (OT, Stanford)
Whoever is playing quarterback for Arizona next year, the Cardinals simply must draft an offensive tackle.
#14 Cordy Glenn (OT, Georgia)
The moves made in free agency will allow the Cowboys to target Cordy Glenn or David DeCastro at this spot.
#15 Fletcher Cox (DT, Mississippi State)
One team will fall for Cox’s athleticism and ensure he’s taken early in the first round.
#16 Vinny Curry (DE, Marshall)
A potential riser as we get closer to the draft, Curry could go earlier than this even.
#17 David DeCastro (OG, Stanford)
Cincinnati will want to make sure one of their first round picks is a corner, but DeCastro is hard to pass here.
#18 Dont’a Hightowe (OLB, Alabama)
With the top offensive lineman leaving the board before the #18 pick, San Diego may fill another big need here.
#19 Michael Brockers (DT, LSU)
Trading for Brandon Marshall will allow Chicago to concentrate on the best lineman available at this spot.
#20 Peter Konz (OC, Wisconsin)
There’s always a shock in round one. Konz is good enough to justify a pick this early and will play in the league for a decade.
#21 Stephon Gilmore (CB, South Carolina)
Gilmore’s performance at the combine has seemingly done enough to cement his place in the top-25 picks.
#22 Kendall Wright (WR, Baylor)
Cleveland needs to keep adding playmakers and could see Wright as a nice compliment to Greg Little.
#23 Whitney Mercilus (DE, Illinois)
The Lions have built up their interior defensive line, but could look to add another edge rusher here.
#24 Mike Adams (OT, Ohio State)
There are some legitimate concerns about Adams’ play, but Pittsburgh may take a chance.
#25 Doug Martin (RB, Boise State)
This is now the Peyton Manning show, and he needs a running back who does it all, including catch the ball and pass-protect.
#26 Michael Floyd (WR, Notre Dame)
There are still some lingering question marks about his character that could limit his stock in round one.
#27 Stephen Hill (WR, Georgia Tech)
Josh McDaniels saw something in Demaryius Thomas. He could make a strong case for another Georgia Tech wide receiver.
#28 Andre Branch (DE, Clemson)
The Packers are running out of options to improve their pass rush and could consider Branch in this situation.
#29 Dre Kirkpatrick (CB, Alabama)
Having attacked the receiver market in free agency, San Fran could draft Kirkpatrick to play corner or safety.
#30 Luke Kuechly (LB, Boston College)
A smart, blue collar player who will have a solid career. But he falls because how many teams drastically need a 240lbs MLB?
#31 Devon Still (DT, Penn State)
His ability to line up in multiple spots could attract the Patriots, who are looking for more pass rush.
#32 Zach Brown (LB, North Carolina)
Brown is full of potential and could go earlier than this. New York would be a nice landing spot.

Round two

#33 St. Louis – Kevin Zeitler (OG, Wisconsin)
#34 Indianapolis – Coby Fleener (TE, Stanford)
#35 Minnesota – Mohamed Sanu (WR, Rutgers)
#36 Tampa Bay – Bobby Wagner (LB, Utah State)
#37 Cleveland – Nick Perry (DE, USC)
#38 Jacksonville – Reuben Randle (WR, LSU)
#39 St. Louis – Jerel Worthy (DT, Michigan State)
#40 Carolina – Jayron Hosley (CB, Virginia Tech)
#41 Buffalo – Ronnell Lewis (LB, Oklahoma)
#42 Miami – Mark Barron (S, Alabama)
#43 Seattle – Mychal Kendricks (LB, California)
#44 Kansas City – Kelechi Osemele (OG, Iowa State)
#45 Dallas – Jared Crick (DE, Nebraska)
#46 Philadelphia – Bobby Massie (OT, Ole Miss)
#47 New York Jets – Alshon Jeffery (WR, South Carolina)
#48 New England – Shea McClellin (DE, Boise State)
#49 San Diego – Brandon Brooks (OG, Miami OH)
#50 Chicago – Chandler Jones (DE, Syracuse)
#51 Philadelphia – Brock Osweiler (QB, Arizona State)
#52 Tennessee – Kendall Reyes (DT, Connecticut)
#53 Cincinnati – Lamar Miller (RB, Miami)
#54 Detroit – Brandon Boykin (CB, Georgia)
#55 Atlanta – Josh Robinson (CB, UCF)
#56 Pittsburgh – Casey Heyward (CB, Vanderbilt)
#57 Denver – Brandon Thompson (DT, Clemson)
#58 Houston – Josh Chapman (DT, Alabama)
#59 New Orleans – VOID
#60 Green Bay – Brandon Weeden (QB, Oklahoma State)
#61 Baltimore – Harrison Smith (S, Notre Dame)
#62 San Francisco – Dwayne Allen (TE, Clemson)
#63 New York Giants – David Wilson (RB, Virginia Tech)
#64 New England – Lavonte David (LB, Nebraska)


  1. Vin

    Thanks again, Rob. As much as I like Upshaw, I wouldnt be too disappointed with Coples @ 12, as long as Upshaw is off the board. Still really hoping for Kendricks in the 2nd.

    On another note, I remember you being very high on Dwight Jones earlier, but he appears to have taken a Vontaze-esque nose dive. What are your feelings now….and do you think the Hawks should draft him if he’s available in the 4th or lower? Vontaze is another guy I wouldnt mind taking n the late rounds…..I think he fits the profile of players that JS spoke of…..punch you in the mouth! Thats assming we dont get Kendricks. It would be so awesome to have a smashmouth D that brings the pain every sunday (minus the bounty of course….HA!)

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Rob – I like your picks, but it’s a little sad to see one of the great bromances end when Upshaw is courted by another team! ha ha

    Seriously I would be happy with Coples and I think PC will get the best out of him. If he slacks off – I’m sure Big Red will plant a forearm in the back of his helmet!

  3. David

    I think Bryant would be a good motivator for Coples. I just have serious reservations about North Carolina Lineman. Quinn and Balmer both haven’t panned out and people seemed to be high on both. Granted Quinn still has some time to prove he is not a bust. And the whole Branding thing on his arm I don’t like. I guess all that really doesn’t matter if he turns into a monster but it doesn’t make me any less leery leading up to the draft of him.

  4. Colin

    I’d disagree about Robert Quinn, David. The guy was pretty good in spot duty for the Rams last year with 5 sacks as a rookie. There was also a number 1 draft pick from UNC at DE several years back: Julius Peppers. I’d say he’s turned out alright.

  5. James

    Rob, a well-reasoned mock draft. The Seahawks defense would be a brute force by adding Coples and Kendricks. Coples has physical ability on par with Mario Williams and Julius Peppers, and Pete will know how to reach him. Coples’ salary as a #12 pick will not be enough to cause him slack off. He will be using his incredible talent to earn a huge 2nd contract down the road. Even if Ingram, Upshaw and Coples are all availble at #12, I believe John/Pete would go for Coples. Kendricks would be explosive in the middle. If the Seahawks can add Bush as a FA running back, then they really can use the pick in round 3 on best available athlete.

  6. Turp

    Tebow to Jets might not happen –

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the NFL has encountered “hangup language” that could nullify the Jets’ trade for Tim Tebow.
    Schefter doesn’t have finite details, but the deal has not been approved by the NFL. Per Schefter, the Rams “could wind up getting back into play” if the trade is nixed. The Jaguars and Packers also had interest in Tebow. Stay tuned.

  7. andy

    I would be very happy with those two if it shakes out like that and…… Is there a chance that Kendricks goes before that?????

  8. David

    Colin- Spot duty for a 1st round pick is really not acceptable on the D-Line. Agree to disagree on Quinn so far. I think the Jury is still out on him though, I by no means made a definitive statement about Quinn’s play other than I don’t think he projects to the player people thought he was so far. And bringing up Julius Peppers, what year was he drafted? Were there questions about him being motivated and having a good work ethic coming out? My whole point is that those two players from NC were over hyped and questionable and for that reason Coples doesn’t sit well with me with the same reputation, not anything more.

  9. Stuart

    Rob, I love your mocks. They are time consuming and thought intensive I am sure. Is it possible as we get closer to the draft that you could go beyond 2 rounds? Maybe instead of doing full rounds you could project your top 3 choices in order for the Hawks each round after Round 2, just a thought and wishful thinking. It gets sketchy after R-4 for accuracy but it would be great to know your thoughts.

    Today Bleachers has a updated 7 round mock for the Seahawks and Mocking the Draft has a new one out too. Thanks again Rob!

  10. RJD

    Sounds good Rob!

  11. AlaskaHawk

    There is a chance that Kendricks goes sooner, but he is one of those light speedy LBs so he will probably be available. I like the idea of getting the Pac 12 defensive player of the year, or anyone else named defensive player of the year.

    Coples will be fine once he hits the big stage. Between PC, his teammates and the promise of a good salary in the future, he has every incentive to play. That vs a college system that benefits the schools and bowl committee.

  12. Misfit74

    Nice! Couples!

    FWIW, Charlie Casserly is another to have Upshaw falling out of the 1st-round entirely. I’m beginning to think top-10 is unlikely – not just from this – but from a variety of concerns around the league in reports. I don’t know.

    Gene Smith has done a nice job of drafting and should be even better now that Del Rio is gone. Maybe he’ll finally get his team a viable WR besides Laurent Robinson? I also have to think Gene Smith keenly remembers both Quentin Groves and Derrick Harvey.

    I think your top-6 picks are virtual locks.

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see Dont’a Hightower slide right out of the first round.

  13. Darin

    David, the one thing you have to remember is that defensive end is one of the positions that can take a year or two to adjust to the NFL, and that not all young pass rushers are going to have the impact that say, Von Miller did.

    Robert Quinn in by no means ready to be labeled a bust, but he does have room for improvment.

    I’ll say this about Couples, he is an athletic freak, but he makes me super nervous about his work ethic, I don’t care if Carroll sees it as a challenge to motivate him, what happens in 4-5 years when he wants more money, does he get the big contract and then fizzle. Work ethic questions are something that make me worry, because some guys get paid and then take their check to the bank and don’t try to back-up why they are getting paid that much money.

    With that being said I’ll take Couples before I take Melvin Ingram, Ingram to me, looks like he gets engulfed at the line of scrimmage too much, and doesn’t use his hands well to get off blocks. He is a pure speed rusher and could excel in the LEO spot, but I think at 12 a total package defensive end would be a better choice.

  14. Rob

    Vin – It sounds as if he’s had some issues off the field which is a shame because he’s incredibly talented. And yes – the Seahawks absolutely should consider him in that range if he’s still there.

    Stuart – I will include a R3/4 Seahawks pick in the next one.

    Misfit74 – Some teams will love Upshaw, others will feel very differently. It’s trying to work out which ones like him enough in the top-15. But there’s a reason why I’ve been mocking him to Seattle for so long, let’s just say that.

  15. thebroski

    By the way, the Ravens pick before the 9ers. That’s what ESPN says, anyways.

  16. Darin

    Rob, Sounds like you are confirming what I have been thinking for awhile after taking a good look at Upshaw. This kid is a Carroll/Schneider type of player. Scheme versitile, and good pass rusher, and just a straight up hard nosed football player.

    Out of the three pass rushers, I want Upshaw to be wearing Seahawks blue, he fits the bill for what they need. Might not be a workout warrior, but with the pads on he brings it every play, uses his hands well and is always around the football.

    Anychance the Hawks go defensive front 7 on pick 1,2 and 3? I guess I just want to build a nasty defense and then grab a RB in round 4, well unless Chris Polk is sitting there in the third, then I would be tempted to bring in another do it all type back in the mold of Beastmode.

  17. David

    Darin- While that may be true plenty of examples of D-Lineman having successful first years. Would you rather have 14th overall pick last year or the 37th Pick last year? Tackles 23 55
    Sacks 5.0 8.5
    Fumbles 1 5

    I think Quinn was like 9th in his draft class in Sacks so in my mind I am not just comparing him to Von Miller. I am looking at what his value was/is as a top 15 pick and I think the Rams could have done better with their pick.

  18. Ed

    I think that top 10 players (maybe not in that order) are spot on. With this dream scenario (in my opinion) would you see the hawks looking at dallas/san diego/cincy trading up for that 3rd oline (decastro/martin) and the hawks still getting lb (kuehly/hightower). Kuehly dropped a lot for you, any specific reason?

  19. Phil

    Ingram/Upshaw I like — Coples not so much. Just on principle, I don’t like rewarding a guy for playing his senior season like he didn’t want to get hurt. Carroll has more important things to do than spending his time baby-sitting an over-rewarded underachiever.

    I’m all in on Kendricks. We’ve got to find a way to get Doug Martin, though.

  20. peter

    Rob it seems some Hawks fans after hearing the news about Gallery/King are talking up the idea of Decastro….

    With out delving into too much are there any OL’s later in the draft that you think Seattle should look at?

    I like Decastro, but I would prefer if they didn’t go Oline again.

  21. Rob

    Ed – He plays a position of minor importance. There’s not a great demand for 4-3 MLB’s and the truly elite players in that role who impact games you can count on one hand. He’s a solid player, I like him. But his stock is incredibly limited and he’s a major ‘flavor of the month’ player.

    Peter – O-line is incredibly unlikely in R1. I haven’t spent a lot of time studying the OL prospects because I guessed Seattle were sorted there. In round two I like Kelechi Osemele a lot and Kevin Zeitler. However, I think they’ll plug McQuistan at LG and avoid the OL until later on.

  22. Darnell

    It is kind of shocking that Miami hasn’t declared a “total purge” like PC and JS did. They’re stuck in this middle ground, which as we learned, was a terrible place to be.

    I imagine they’re gonna have to admit what’s up and redo it. That could mean unloading assets, if I’m the Hawks I’m kicking the tires of what it would cost to get Cam Wake. Considering that he was a CFL free agent that played in 2.5 hours away in BC I’m betting he’d be a Hawk if PC/JS had shown up 1 year earlier.

    I’d be cool with Coples. He’ll be playing to get that second contract. Slacking off with this defensive group would seem like a death wish around Red,Clem,Sherm,ET et all.
    In all walks of life a lot of people do the bare minimum to scrape though University then turn it up in the real world.

  23. Ryan in Seattle

    Oh, Rob… apostrophes!

    Thanks for the mock and everything else. I too was wondering what ever became of Dwight Jones…

  24. Doug

    Finally! no upshaw. There just has to be something about this guy that the rest of the world just doesn’t know about…. I dunno…. 7th overall? While everyone else has him tumbling? I think we go
    1) DeCastro
    2) Upshaw
    3) Polk
    4) LB
    5) LB

  25. Rich

    Rob, this would be a great draft if it falls this way. I’ve also been trying to resign myself to Upshaw but Coples would be my first choice. His heart may be in question but not his physical talent. Kendricks would be great even if we do resign Heater. It sounds like he can play two positions which would make him even more valuable.

    Still don’t see how the Hawks can go into the season with Mquistan and Jon Piere as the starting guards though. If they do, they’ll definitely need to pick up depth later. If Schneider can find an all pro quality corner in the fifth then hopefully he can also find a guard or two later on. At this point isn’t Mquistan the back up LT, starting LG, and backup RT?

  26. Rob

    Doug – define ‘everyone’. He’s still 17th on McShay’s board, having been 15th last week. He’s 15th on Pauline’s board and 18th on Kiper’s. If that’s considered a titanic fall, then the guy must be doing something right. Too many over reactions to the post-season work outs. People love seeing a guy running around in his underwear so much and the tape just gets washed away. The combine should always be used as a means to spark interest to provoke further tape review. Having seen double figure games of Alabama/Upshaw, he’s in the range he is in this mock with good reason. Some teams love the guy. And if Jacksonville trade for Tebow in the next 24hours, it seems like he’ll be back at Seattle’s pick in next week’s mock. DeCastro a complete non-starter, they aren’t going OL again.

    Rich – They’ve added Omiyale today. There’s some decent depth there and don’t rule out Carpenter moving to LG and Giacomini playing RT. I wouldn’t panic too much, the MVP of that offensive line stands on the sidelines during the game.

  27. Rob

    I’d also add – this is Kiper’s justification for dropping him to #18:

    “(Upshaw) Has dipped ever so slightly on board because of “tweener” fears; I think some teams now question how he fits in a 3-4. Has strong pass-rush skills, violent hands and a great motor. Great pad level, and battles against the run.”

    I don’t know about you, but I think Pete Carroll would love a guy with strong pass-rush skills, violent hands and a great motor, great pad level, and battles against the run

  28. Rich


    Didn’t see the Omilyale signing before posting today. That does make me feel better. If they can settle the oline without any major picks spent I’ll be really happy about it. I’m expecting Carpenter and Moffit to be on the PUP for the first five games.

    You make a great point though. The MVP is the coach on the sidelines. I forget how lucky we are to have him sometimes. I hope he has a capable understudy.

  29. Jeriod Klovas

    I have my fingers crossed for Coples. The one player I want more than any other. He has the potential to be great. We need pass rushers, and although they tend to take time to develop, last year with Von Miller and Aldon Smith both having great rookie years, you never know. I like the idea of grabbing a LB in the 2nd round, still feeling burnt over Aaron Curry, so no more 1st round LBs. I think we should take a flier on Burfect, he is a little, well quite a bit unpredictable, but has the tools to be great also. Not sure if the 2nd round is too early though.

  30. Doug

    Robert, I just like to rib you on the guy. I actually love the guy (but not in your mancrush way), and would be thrilled to have him. I just didn’t want to see him on YOUR board every week is all.
    I love the term “violent hands”.
    I actually would be just as happy with him as Coples (well almost), as I think he will be pretty good.

    But, I really am concerned about the oLine now, and if we don’t grab a FA, then I see a big need to grab a LG in the draft.
    My quandry is that I see an equal need between a front 7 and an LG. So the question is can a better rd2 player be had at which position? Which position is more crucial to team success?
    Is there a pool of “real good” LG’s available after DeCastro? I don’t want to draft an OLiner early, but I think we learned the lesson last year. A weak OLine will just kill ya.

    A good offense is your best defense…
    Is there a LG that can play day 1 like Decastro could?

  31. Colin

    I have no worries about taking Upshaw at 12. Him and Curry are so far apart it isn’t funny. Curry was granted sainthood thanks to his physical nature and number of tackles.

  32. Rob

    Doug – it’s not a great year for the OL in terms of depth but then I’ve not spent a ton of time reading up on it because I don’t anticipate it being a target area. I think the key thing is Seattle does have some depth and they like McQuistan and Giacomini. A good offensive line needs familiarity, consistency and experience more than anything and the best lines in the league are not reliant on multiple first and second round picks. The Seahawks have a great OL coach and some good guys, they performed well in an injury crisis (not sure about your reference to last year and a weak line – they were consistently good from what I remember). Eventually we just need to move on, we can’t keep stressing about every position on the OL needing to be filled with a stud first round pick. There are two key areas holding this team back from being great – one is the pass rush, the other the most important position on the team. In just over 12 months, we should’ve seen those needs addressed.

  33. Jeff M.

    Where does Coples play in our front? Unlike Upshaw and maybe Ingram, he doesn’t project as being able to play any snaps at LB. He can obviously play across from Clemons on third-and-long, but is that it? He has the size to rush the passer as a 3-tech, but we have Jones for that now. It looks to me like he’d be a situational guy only until he potentially becomes the long-term replacement at LEO.

  34. Hawksince77

    The thing that concerns me about Coples (and pretty much the opposite of Upshaw) is his character. Posters say he will play for a second contract, or Red will set him straight, etc. etc. The fact is, if he doesn’t have a passion for the game, doesn’t conduct himself as a professional, he will fail.

    He complained about moving inside because he thought it would hurt his draft stock; he kicked-ass during the senior bowl to prove a point. He says he has grown, changed. If so, great; but he hasn’t shown it on the field as of yet.

    One of the most difficult things to judge in a college player, and one of the most important aspects of making the leap to the pros, is pure character. Coples team-play has raised legitimate red flags. No amount of athletic ability will overcome a poor competitive attitude.

  35. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- The issue with Upshaw is why wouldn’t he work out at the Combine or Pro Day? What’s wrong with him? Considering we have had three starting linemen go down with injuries, I would be concerned about drafting anyone with shaky health. He is probably okay, but why did he introduce that doubt? It is unsettling and cause for any team that wants him to ask for a physical.

    Coples will play DE, right where Ingram or Upshaw would play. Upshaw might get labeled an outside linebacker, but he will always be playing up tight for the run or pass rushing. There is no way any of them will be dropping back to cover a tight end.

  36. Rob

    Jeff M – I think they’d find a way, and essentially that’s what we’re looking at here. Who can we get, how do we get him rushing the passer? Upshaw and Ingram leaving the board would be a difficult one to take, but if you run down the list of next best available, then Coples would have to be up there. Then they’ll find ways to make it work.

  37. Matthew Baldwin

    Love Coples at 12.

    Lukewarm on Kendricks at 43 with Lamar Miller on the board. As much as I like Kendricks, Miller is a better value at 43 IMO.

  38. Rob

    Alaska – I think we need to avoid getting caught up too much in what happens in post-season work outs. It wouldn’t bother me if Upshaw didn’t work out publically at all between Jan-Apr because the tape explains all you need to know. He worked out at the combine but didn’t run (not a shock) and then didn’t work out at the pro-day – and neither did Richardson or Barron – due to a minor injury. Which is his perogative, in fairness, because he only gets one shot at this. But really all teams need to know is whether the guy will be ready when it really matters.

    And let’s not forget, he did the job lot at the Senior Bowl… better than a lot of his rivals too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q0-v5fvECqU

  39. Belgaron

    Dave Tollefson is visiting Thursday and Friday. He had 5 sacks for the Giants last year as a part timer and could replace Raheem Brock nicely. Tollefson, Jones, and a speedy OLB would help a lot with sack total this year. These additional threats could also set up Mebane and Red for huge years. Hawks still could be in on Lofton as well at MLB; he’d be a good get, especially for red zone.

  40. Hawksince77

    As far as Keuchly goes, I find it strange to under-rate a position that serves the captian of the defense, the guy that makes sure the right call is made on the field against the particular offensive call, the guy that gets guys in the right formation and the right assignments. All this Keuchly promises to do; by all accounts he is a student of the game and works his ass off watching film. If he is truly elite (and I don’t know if he is or not – only a scouting professional can make that call) than as a Seahawk fan with the team in need at the position, I don’t see the hesitation.

    Twelve too high? Is any Seahawk fan disappointed at selecting Thomas (another low-value postion at safety) at 14? No, because Earl makes everyone on defense better. If Kuechly is all he is cracked up to be, he will do the same.

    Seattle already has starters at the front four, and just signed Jones to start/rotate in the front. Will Kuechly improve the pass rush? Perhaps, depending on how well he solidifies the line.

    The best pure pass-rusher in the draft is probably Bruce Irwin, and given his recent legal troubles could probably be had in the third. He would be the Leo (or back Clemons up) and play the Brock role in passing downs.

    Making the right calls on defense has to be worth something. Kuechly also fits the criteria of being fast and long.

    I continue to question how Seattle can improve their pass rush with the first pick. None of the guys considered would replace Clemons/Bryant/Mebane/Branch in the front four. Upshaw is a LB (and I can see how he improves the defense as any upgrade in the LBs would).

    Richardson I can see; DeCastro as well (in that he would start immediately and be a substantial upgrade at guard). Claiborne if he fell. It just seems like if Seattle is going to draft rotational/back-up guys, the first round is not where to do it. We should see an impact starter from day one (and again, I see how Upshaw could fit that criteria-just not Coples or Ingram).

  41. Hawksince77

    Last comment on Kuechly – if he is NOT an elite talent, the point is moot. Wouldn’t consider him at 12 if not (and I have read posters elsewhere insist he is not that good).

  42. Kip Earlywine

    Tebow to the Jets is official now.

    Rob, I’m glad you had Vinny Curry all the way in the mid 1st round. It’s bewildered me how for months most people have had him as a 3rd round prospect while putting inferior players like Nick Perry as high as #12. Vinny Curry may not deserve to go #16 overall, but after watching a few of his games, I think he does deserve to at least be considered in the first round, especially given how weak this year’s pass rush field is.

    I wonder if Coples chances of going #12 have diminished now that Seattle had added Jason Jones. Obviously, in this draft scenario Coples would be the last pass rusher left, but I’m thinking it would take an extreme scenario like this one for Coples to be a Seahawk at this point since a lot of his value comes from playing the kind of role Seattle signed Jason Jones for.

    Would Seattle take Kendricks over Lamar Miller? In fact, the temptation to go BPA at #43 could be strong considering some of the names that are drafted between #43 and #64. Like you, I suspect they will go LB at #43, but there are some really good names Seattle would be passing on to do it. Should be interesting to see how they handle it.

  43. Doug

    We just picked up an OLine FA, from da Bears, Frank Omiyale…
    Depth.. good deal

  44. Kip Earlywine

    Regarding what someone said earlier about Dwight Jones, his drop is justified. After watching just two games I was blown away by his size, route-running, and polish- he basically looked like a bigger version of Greg Jennings. But since then, I’ve caught a couple more games, and his drop problem was horrendous.

    He’s since had a very weak offseason. The guy proved to have size and speed, but his hands measured below average, which really hurts given that he’s widely perceived as drop prone. He also exhibited poor effort in drills. What is it with North Carolina players and lack of effort, anyway? There is a laziness pandemic over there apparently.

    It’s gotten so bad that only one team (Broncos) watched Jones at his UNC pro-day workout yesterday. To be fair, he worked out separately from the rest of his team-mates, including Quinton Coples and Zach Brown, so that probably had an impact.

    GMs tend to over-correct sometimes with players and it wouldn’t surprise me if Jones went in the round 4-6 range now. I must admit that my grade for him has dropped sharply as well, although I’d still race to the podium for him in the 4th. Matt Flynn throws a very soft, catchable ball which could help with Jones with his drop issues, and there is a chance that Pete Carroll’s motivational ability could turn Jones into more of a high effort player.

  45. Micah

    I was just talking to my brother about how Doug Martin could go in the first round to Denver, because they are right in the range where he should go, and he may end up being the best back in the draft, so the value is there. Stop reading my mind, our close proximity in England is not an excuse!

    I’d be happy with a Couples pick, but I still want to trade back and pick up ammunition for next year. I would also be happy with Upshaw, but it needs to be made clear that no one sees him as a linebacker, so we are talking about a 6’1″ short armed DE. Couples has more measurables, and therefore higher upside, and showed it at the Senior Bowl.

    Assuming no trade, this is what I’d like to see:

    1. Couples
    2. Kendricks
    3. Chris Polk
    4. Bruce Irvin

    If we traded back, I could see us picking up a 1st next year or a second for this year, maybe both if we are lucky. Wouldn’t that be nice? A trade back could also mean a shot at Doug Martin. I really think he is going to be special.

    With an extra second I would hope to look at QB, or a CB (Brandon Hardin, maybe), or someone like Shea McClellin. If we sign Michael Bush, I doubt we pick Chris Polk, but maybe we take a flyer on that Bryce Brown kid that Field Gulls is talking about in the later rounds.

  46. Doug

    What’s the best thing about the Jets with Tebow?
    Now they have two high priced QB’s that can’t pass…. hahaaaahahahaha

  47. Stuart

    Rob-My preference would be Upshaw over Couples and Ingram. It makes way more sense. Alabama was the #1 team in the nation and Upshaw was the #1 player on there loaded defense. My question is how does Uphaw compare to DeMarcus Ware on Dallas?

  48. Jon

    I hope that the hawks do sign Hawthorne or Hill back to the team. It will be important so that they are not forced into a direction. With so many LBs in round 2 I want them to select not because they are forced to a specific person. This obviously would depend on the ability to get Lofton for me.

  49. mattlock3


    Thanks for mentioning the Jones/Coples comp and saving me the typing 🙂 In fact, Greg Cosell actually compared the two and said that Jones is “quicker laterally” and a “better pass rusher,” while Coples is stronger at the POA. This makes me really wonder if the Seahawks would draft Coples after adding Jones.

    If Seattle does end up signing a lower-tier pass rusher like Tollefson, I’d see that as an indication they’re hoping to move down and focus on adding pass rush via LB (Mychal Kendricks, Bobby Wagner, Ronnell Lewis, Shea McClellin?) and/or pure rushers (Andre Branch, Vinny Curry, Jake Bequette, Bruce Irvin?).

    This draft is just so deep from 20-80 (in some positions, at least). I really hope Seattle can draft more than twice in that range.

  50. Steve

    I watched some of the Shea McClellin film, and that guy is awesome. If Ingram isn’t available in the 1st, I would take McClellin and and play him at OLB on Red’s side. I think KJ is going to be next years MLB. A Couples/McClellin draft would make me happy. Clemons wouldn’t be starting, but after the rookies had a half a year under their belt, our pass rush would be strong.

  51. FWBrodie

    Coples cOples Coples
    -No “U”


    Carroll is a motivator, but where do you balance that with how much he values competitors and guys who breath football? Serious question. I hear the “competitor” talk non-stop from both PC and JS, but when have they made big commitments to questionable competitors? The BMW thing has been hit and miss. Do we see Coples slapping the “I’m in” sign and meaning it? I believe they’d pass, but I’d like to hear the arguments against me.

  52. Steve

    p.s. I enjoy this blog quiet a bit. Very smart. Along with Prospect Insider (baseball), a nice balance to the SB NATION.

  53. Steve

    I think Coples (no U) has been messed with by being moved around on the field at UNC. I have been moved around in my job, and it always takes a couple of years to settle in and see the big picture – then excel. I have this gut feeling that he will find his ‘spot’ once he gets to the NFL, and then be a dominate pass rusher. He seems toolsy – to use a baseball term – and I like that in my pass rushing DE.

  54. Aussie Rich

    I know this is being picky, but GB won’t take a 28 yr old in the draft, with such a good record of developing QB’s why pick an older guy? They don’t need that instant impact, that he would bring. I can see them taking Kirk Cousins and developing him, but not Weeden.

  55. Rob

    Hawksince77 – I think a lot of the qualities you speak of have been nulified by the microphone in the helmet we see these days. In the past having a guy who can organise the defense was crucial – and it’s why Tatupu was so valuable. Now a coach pipes in instructions from the stands… and it’s taken away that side of the game.

  56. Donald Duck

    Rob, why not Whitney Mercilus instead?

  57. Tarry

    Rob/Doug – Why all of a sudden is everyone so high on DeCastro? He’s the best G in this class granted but G is our deepest position on our OL. McQuistan, Moffitt, Jeanpierre, Carpenter likely playing there when returns, we just signed Omiyale who can play G and T, Fanaika and Barbre… if we draft OL it will be Jonathan Martin to play RT. DeCastro wouldn’t be on their draft board.

    I had been locked into DE, but still think another choice is possible here. Now that we have Flynn an offensive weapon like Michael Floyd might get consideration here, unlikely yes but interesting option… Chandler Jones in 2nd if we do in fact go elsewhere in the first.

  58. The Ancient Mariner

    So there’s no U in Coples — but there’s definitely an I in Quinton . . .

  59. Hawksince77


    Good point about the headset. Something I forgot to consider, and as I do, I recall something about Lofa not liking it. Am I remembering that right?

  60. Ben2

    I think everyone is so high on DeCastro because they view him as the second coming of Hutchinson and, that by drafting him,we will somehow end the evil curse Ruskell and the Vikings put on our franchise….thus allowing us to once again return to the Super Bowl!

  61. AlaskaHawk

    If we were going to pick offense in the first or second can we pick a game changing running back or receiver. There are plenty of great ones we could get like Doug Martin , Floyd or Stephen Hill.

    I want another ol but we can get them in layer rounds.

    I’m all in for Coples or a linebacker in the first. Also saying the coach whispers in the lbs eat is only part of the story. The lb as captain makes sure people are lined up properly and he calls pass or run.

  62. Darin

    I’m not getting where this Hutchinson comparison is coming from for DeCastro, he isn’t the rip your head off mauler that Hutch is, he is a technicion. DeCastro isn’t the guy who fires off the line a rips the guy he’s blocking head off, he anticipates where the defender is headed and uses technique to beat him, where as Hutch seeks, Destroys and buries the defender and want to inflict pain on them.

    The Hawks are loaded with guards and guys who can play guard, like Tarry said, if they go OL in the first from Stanford, my guess is it would be Jonathan Martin, he can step in at RT, and has the ability to move to left tackle if Okung has to miss time. Cordy Glenn is another kid who fits the bill as well.

    At the same time, like Rob said, an offensive line doesn’t need to be loaded with first and second roung picks to become elite. Look at the Hawks 2005 line, 2 first round picks in Big Walt and Hutch, A center who was an undrafted free agent, who the Hawks signed from the Falcons, in Tobeck, an fifth round pick in Gray and a third round pick in Sean Locklear. Three first round picks on the offensive line would be nice, but it doesn’t mean that the continuity will be there which is the most import thing up front.

    Thinking about it if the Hawks were going to go Oline, I’d rather them move back, land Peter Konz, who is going to be an All-Pro center, play him at guard for a year then see what happen with Max Unger. But I won’t go into how pissed I was at Ruskell when he should’ve moved back to land Alex Mack, who was without question the Best Oline prospect in that draft, that kid had All-Pro written all over him coming out of college.

    The focus in the first few rounds should be the defensive front 7, LB is a huge need, and Carroll and Schneider both want to get more athletic, bigger and faster in the linebacking corp. Plus, the pass rush has to be improved, adding Jones and Tollefson doesn’t improve the pass rush enough, the Hawks have to add a dynamic pass rusher whether it be insode or off the edge. They need a guy who can get after the QB like Chris Clemons does, and I think Upshaw is that guy because he brings it every play.

  63. MJ

    Floyd is going to fool a lot of people with his 40 time. He doesn’t play at that speed. Kendall Wright looks twice as fast on the field and their times are comparable on a stop watch. I’d only have interest in Blackmon or Stephen Hill (trade back) as far as WRs in round 1.

    I also don’t think DeCastro is as good as claimed to be. It makes me nervous when a guy comes from the most dominant O line in college…how much of that is his talent over cohesiveness and talent of the overall unit. Not to mention, the PAC 12 is not known for any sort of D line talent. Not saying he is not good, but they never played against big boy DL, like Hutch had to in the Big Ten.

    Another guy I’d like to avoid is Luke Kuechly. I actually much prefer Dont’a Hightower, as he is much bigger and can rush the passer. I am just afraid that Kuechly is another AJ Hawk. Not a bad player by any means, but not what you want in a top 15 pick. Hightower can put his hand on the ground and has a much more physical presence.

    I’d like us to stick to pass rush, and if there is no one on the board at 12, I’d love to see us snag Fletcher Cox. He’s a mad man with absurd potential.

  64. myjackrebel


    With the Jets trading for Tebow, I wonder if they could have been the team that had the Manning/QB trade lined up with the Seahawks. Do you think Sanchez is now available?

  65. Meat

    @AlaskaHawk- I love the playmakers/game changers you just mentioned. Doug Martin, Floyed! Hill’s speed. I hope Doug martin is sitting in the 2nd so Hawks must pick him up. I can invision the first round up to 15 going just what is posted by Rob this week.

    I hope Lofton is signed and Heater is brought back. That way LB in the third makes some sense. DE, RB(game changer WR), LB, QB, WR, OL

  66. Meat

    Sanchez is not available. I would be sad to see him in a Hawks uniform just as much as I am sad to see Tebow going to the Jets.

    Tebow will be used as back up and Wildcat plays. He may be the best Wildcat option in the league!

  67. Darin

    MJ- I’m with you if all the pass rushers are gone, but I’m thinking taking a gamble on Michael Brockers over Fletcher Cox. Brockers, is younger and I think his combine numbers could be a product of him being 20, 6’6″ 320 lbs, he is still growing into his size. When John Chavis says that Brockers is one of the best D-tackles he’s coached, that says a lot to me, after that guy has coached, John Henderson, Albert Haynsworth, amoung others.

    Brockers to me could be an better version of Alan Branch, and generate a little more pass rush from the inside.

  68. john

    Get the pass rushers early
    R1 Upshaw/Ingram
    R2 LB Kendrick/Spencer/Irvin
    Look for later round options like the Big Back out of Baylor Ganaway, WR Miami Streeter/Toon/McNutt. I think Burfict LB ASU could be risk reward option very late.

  69. allen k

    Hey Rob,
    Do you see Coples or Upshaw having the ability to take over at the leo? With Clemons being a free agent next year and being over 30 even if he has another good year I could see this FO letting him reach free agency and not making a hard push to resign. I am guessing they are looking to have a replacement in the wings for next year from this draft not unlike what they did with the Miloy to Kam move.

    Great blog always enjoy reading it!!

  70. jason

    You dont trade down when the team is as far along rebuilding as we are…..you take the best guy that fits you at 12……….PERIOD

  71. Colin

    Fletcher Cox… yuck. Michael Brockers… blah. No DT thank you. We have plenty of depth and starting capability there. Let’s roll with the edge rush and Linebackers and add a bruising back to help Lynch. I’m bummed Michael Bush went to Chicago.

  72. CFR

    ^ So is Matt Forte. He tweeted about it, could get ugly down in Chicago. I think a holdout is imminent.

  73. Dave B

    ^^ Ya I saw that. Pay the man, he’s worth it!

    I will be happy as long as we address pass rush asap — preferably from LBs — then add a 3/4rd rb/qb like Polk/osweiler if he falls. From there I trust JS/PC/FO to find guys the help build depth and add speed, strength and toughness to our rebuild.

    And again, good stuff here at sdb.com

  74. Rob

    Donald – Mercilus is a tough one to work out. Great production in 2011, but a one-year wonder and doesn’t explode on tape. Real boom or bust type.

    Tarry – Classic hype. People love offensive lineman, there’s no getting away from it. Every year there’s a guard or two who gets blown into the next all-pro. The best interior offensive lineman in the last few years for me was Alex Mack and he got nothing like the hype some of these guys get. DeCastro is a solid player – a technician. Mobile. But he’s nothing like Steve Hutchinson. I’m not convinced he will be the best guard to come out of this class, even if he’s the first or second taken (Cordy Glenn could go first). Seattle won’t draft a guard at #12.

    Hawksince77 – I can see why Lofa wouldn’t like it because he’s a guy who loved to be making things happen on the field. It took away one of his key jobs. I wish they could just scrap headsets but for the initial play-call.

    MJ – absolutely correct on Floyd. I’m not a fan and the tape still bothers me.

    myjackrebel – NYJ won’t trade Sanchez. He just signed a new deal.

    allen k – Not really, I don’t think either fit the criteria for the LEO. Really I think the idea here is to find someone who can compliment the LEO for years to come rather than replace Clemons. I also think CC has a few years left in him yet (2-3 at least) and that give the team plenty of time to find or groom a long term replacement.

    Colin – Agreed. Defensive tackle has a lot of depth and investment now. Time to find an edge rusher.

  75. peter


    You’ve presented some great prospects all around and I’m sure you will tip us all off to more….the question I had in particular is about Dough martin…..

    I’ve seen some tape, a few games, read the hype then sort of nerded out on the internet and stumbled on Ian Johnson, how is was the best WAC rb after Faulk, projected on SI.com and espn to go in the 2nd round, but up nearly identical measurables (not identical, but not so far off as to make you wonder)…..what separates a guy like Martin into a second round, now some people are even saying late first round?

    Just throwing it out, because both went to the same school and had nice solid hype moving towards the draft…

  76. Rob

    Hey Peter,

    Martin has a much more compact frame at 5-9 and 223lbs (Johnson was around 6-0 and 217lbs), he’s a do-it-all type of runner with a shifty running style and he looks a lot like Ray Rice on tape. I didn’t scout Johnson too much in 2006-08 so can’t offer much of a comparison in terms of why one guy will probably be a R1 and why the other – despite running the best 40 in 2009 among RBs – was an UDFA.

  77. peter

    Just curious…I feel like I’m slowly being able to see things differently on film then simply “Whoa, let’s draft guy X, because he HURDLED so and so etc, etc.” if you can catch my drift about how newbies to watching game tape think everything looks amazing.

    Martin does look the part to be sure it’s unfortunate our teams needs and his rise up the boards will almost certainly not intersect…

    I do like the Mock this week, but I am intrigued ot see your thoughts for the Hawks in round 3-4 when/if you get a chance….

  78. bobk3333

    Trade down two or three spots and get DeCastro.

    True, we drafted a few O-linemen the last couple of years and it’s true that we could stand to strengthen our pass rush, but the offensive line, imo, still needs more work than the defensive line. The D-line has plenty of solid, experienced players, while we are still patching the offensive line with marginal players and hoping our recent draft picks will work out.

    DeCastro will stabilize the offense for the next fifteen years.

    The Seahawks made a mistake with Steve Hutchinson a few years ago. I hope they don’t make a similar mistake by whiffing on DeCastro. If the Hawks don’t get him, Harbaugh and the 49ers could trade up to get him.


  79. Doug

    I’m not sure who is thinking DeCastro is the next Hutch. I didn’t see anyone make that comparison. I think the only thing they have in common is the LG position.

    Decastro will never be confused with Hutch, who’s face you see in the dictionary when you look up nasty OG. But, Decastro will be an efficient solid player for years. But we have picked up a FA OL, so that helps.

    My point in possibly picking him up was if all the “big 4” were gone at out choice. We could certainly do worse than to pick him up, and so whatever…

    My original pick at the beginning was Coples, and I got a lot of crap so saying so, but a lot of people now are hoping we get him now too. But, I still don’t see him falling to us, we aren’t that lucky, but Upshaw will be one hell of a consolation prize…

  80. bobk3333

    >I’m not sure who is thinking DeCastro is the next Hutch.

    There is no college player who you will ever say is the next Hutch — not even Hutch when he was coming out of college. Like DeCastro, everyone knew Hutchinson was good, but not *that* good. He was , chosen #17 in 2001, behind Koren Robinson, who the Hawks drafted at #9.

    Most teams go after tackles in the top end of the draft (no interior lineman has been drafted in the top-10 in over a decade) but interior linemen can also be just as valuable, as evidenced by the value of Hutchinson to the Seahawks (although we had already had a pretty fair player at tackle.)

    I remember Hutch in 2001. DeCastro looks every bit as good now as Hutch looked then. If the Seahawks can get DeCastro at approximately the same spot (maybe trade down to #15), it could stabilize their o-line for years.


  81. bobk3333

    I’m surprised at how many people assume we are set at offensive line.

    We aren’t.

    I know — we’ve drafted a lot of them, but we still aren’t nearly set there.

    Offensive line still has much bigger needs than defensive line, imo.


  82. Fargo

    These are the 2 players I would love to see in Seattle blue next year. They would add much needed speed to the front 7 and would make immediate impacts.

    Love it! I would take Coples in a heartbeat.

  83. Rob

    bobk3333 – I’m not sure people believe the Seahawks are ‘set’ on the offensive line or couldn’t make further improvements. Really it’s about weighing up the situation. Can the line function with Paul McQuistan at guard? Probably. They can make it work. The line still allowed Marshawn to rush for all those yards when it lost key guys. However, the pass rush remained anaemic. And that’s the point – how do you make the team overall better. Because Seattle with better QB play and a better pass rush than last year wins the NFC West IMO and is a pain in the ass to meet in the playoffs. Seattle with the same pass rush and same bad QB play but with a better left guard is still a 7-8 win team.

  84. John

    I’m really a big fan of Ingram, and to me he is the better prospect than Coples, especially for our system, I see Ingram being a more impactful player, and able to be used in more schemes. Coples talent is definitely outstanding, but with Clemons and Bryant at DE, unless rumors of Bryant moving to DT are a possibility(which I personally don’t see happening, at least not full-time) I can’t see Coples being as successful standing up. The one thing Coples would do, is allow us to rotate our ends, and possibly approach a system with our DE’s like the Giants have done. Still, I think Ingram can be just as successful as a pass-rusher, if not more, due to him being able to play standing up. We have a larger need at linebacker, and Ingram fits that mold better than Coples but can still give us added pass rush.

  85. John

    Also, on Coples, having watched film on him, there isn’t the explosive burst you see from Julius Peppers or even Mario Williams. He does a good job stacking the line and can definitely GET pressure on the QB, but he doesn’t showcase elite pass rushing skills. Ingram to me is clearly more explosive, and will be able to play more snaps for us than Coples. You can play Coples at DE and put him inside at DT in pass rush situations due to his strength size and quickness, but the Ingram was also played inside in college.

    To me, Ingram showcases more explosive pass rush ability, and his versatlity to be played inside at DT in rare occasions, spell Clemons/Bryant at DE or leave on the field as a OLB or LEO make him a better pick. We already have a dominant run stopping DE with Bryant, and Ingram could play behind him and eat tackles up and get to the QB while blockers are pre-occupied with Bryant and Clemons.

  86. Jarhead

    I know this is just a mock, but this move by the hawks could possibly disappoint me even more than the flynn signing. He’s just so unspectacular. I just don’t want another player with no internal motivation- I mean to say he will be motivated by Thomas and Bryant? If he’s a professional, a true professional, he shouldn’t NEED to be policed and motivated to play hard. It should be intrinsic. They are other players who would give their all and be much more impactful than this clown. I see absolutley zero impact on the league from this man. I really hope Seattle sees through some size and hype. Pass

  87. Hawksince77


    You are a hoot – I love reading your posts. Whatever you do, don’t hold back – tell us what you really think. 🙂

  88. genax

    i would really like to know his iq and how he does on interviews.

    one thing i like about coples teams really try not to run towards his side. he’s excellent at contain. when he plays he has essentially two move. gets off block pushes lineman out of way. or gets of block and tries to run around outside shoulder. he still somehow manages to succeed? how?

    his work ethic is sour. he has essentially no pass rush technique.

    potential: like everyone say’s skys the limit.

    if he can develop more technique. or just show a strong work ethic. he might succeed simply by getting off the block and smashing over lineman?

    hey rob what player can he amount to?

  89. Earl Starker

    why is no one mocking michael floyd to the hawks? make the new qb’s job easier and then trust pete and schneider to figure it out in the later rounds like they’ve done the past 2 drafts on D. their offensive picks have been questionable so far, minus okung…get a play maker while you can. a-rodge had jennings, give flyyn somebody to help him be successful

  90. MeatWad

    I think your right Earl regarding the need to get a playmaker and someone on Offense, but pass rush is anemic and may be more of a need than another WR. But again, Floyd is pretty awesome and tough. I wish I was more confident in Seattle’s receivers. I am also bummed Bush was signed with the Bears, and the interest from the Hawks points to drafting a RB for sure in the first few rounds, but we knew that anyway.

    Clayton started talking up DeCastro as of late and expressed his talent may warrant a pick in the middle of the first despite his belief interior lineman shouldn’t be drafted that high. His stance has changed and this will bring more hype to draft a guard.

  91. peter


    I mentioned it elsewhere but the Seahawks were spotted talking to Cody Fleener, Stanfords, super tall super fast TE at their Pro-day….perhaps he may be an offensive playmaker to help Flynn, or Tjax…

  92. Jarhead

    @’77- Haha I just love these crummy Hawks. And I find something they do I really like, or dislike, and I just let it fly. 20 years (or more) of cheering for this nutty franchise will make anyone a little crazy I think. Hahaha

    As for getting flynn or whomever weapons- this offense is in no way going to be predicated on flynn being successful as paramount. The offense will be about rushing consistently and ball control. The D will be the foundation and will always be a priority because our D heavily influences our O and even special teams. I say get weapons for flynn sparingly because he will not be able to make effective use of them. With solid run blocking from the line, multiple power backs who are durable, and exanguinating run defense that is able to rush the QB and blanket in pass coever on 3rd down is what will make this team successful. So I say continue to acquire hard running backs; big physical d lineman and LB’s who are scheme versatile; DB’s who can play bump and run are sure tacklers; and technically sound O Lineman who are dancing bears great in run blocking will be what takes us to the next level. We get that- and we pop Barkley in as the linchpin and we are going to be a new force

  93. Turp

    Strangely, I agree with Jarhead. That is probably how it will all go down. Where’s my thermometer, something’s wrong with me…

  94. Misfit74

    Earl Starker – Rob Rang mocked Floyd to Seattle recently. He must have been reading my blog posts (lol).

  95. rc

    i don’t think u can pass on decastro if he is available..he is probably closer to hutchinson as a nfl ready player than any of the defensive ends or linebackers out there. defensive people will be available later in the rounds and you could always trade decastro for a defensive lineman later.

  96. Rob

    I would argue DeCastro and Hutch are very differnt players RC.

  97. MJ

    It boggles my mind how so many Seattle folks are dying for DeCastro when Walt and Hutch (arguably the best LT/LG combo ever) won us how many Super Bowls?

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