Updated mock draft: 5th March

Scroll to the bottom for a few notes on this week’s projection…

#1 Blake Bortles (QB, UCF)
He’s elusive for a 4.93 runner. He extends plays. Bortles is a creative quarterback who can be productive at the next level. Houston’s offense is set up for a big rebound year.
#2 Greg Robinson (T, Auburn)
Hang your hat on this guy. He’s the most exciting offensive tackle prospect to enter the league in years.
#3 Johnny Manziel (QB, Texas A&M)
When the Jaguars met with Manziel at the combine, he needed to prove he was the ultimate competitor. I bet he succeeded in doing that.
#4 Jadeveon Clowney (DE, South Carolina)
With the top two quarterbacks off the board and this insane talent still hanging around, they make the pick and wait on a signal caller.
#5 Sammy Watkins (WR, Clemson)
The best receiver prospect to enter the league since A.J. Green and Julio Jones. You can build around a talent like this. Get a quarterback later.
#6 Jake Matthews (T, Texas A&M)
If the Falcons can grab a pass rusher in free agency, this looks like a great match. They need to protect Matt Ryan.
#7 Khalil Mack (DE, Buffalo)
The Buccs need an edge rusher. Mack is versatile and can line up in multiple positions. This is a vital need.
#8 Aaron Donald (DT, Pittsburgh)
Teddy Bridgewater isn’t a Norv Turner quarterback and Aaron Donald will remind Mike Zimmer of Geno Atkins. He deserves to go this high.
#9 Taylor Lewan (T, Michigan)
Some believe he’s a bit of a phony tough guy. Others really like him. It’s worth a shot here.
#10 Marqise Lee (WR, USC)
People are down on Lee because of a 4.5 forty. Don’t sleep on this guy. He’s immensely talented and would be the perfect, fiery compliment to Calvin Johnson.
#11 Teddy Bridgewater (QB, Louisville)
Ken Whisenhunt is not endorsing Jake Locker. He’s keeping all of his options open. In this projection they put their faith in Teddy.
#12 Mike Evans (WR, Texas A&M)
Really talented, ideal big man who will compete for the ball in the air. Eli Manning needs a target like this — especially after last seasons pick-fest.
#13 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (S, Alabama)
The Rams will keep adding talent where they can. A rangy safety at the back-end makes a lot of sense here. Some people think he’s the real deal.
#14 Ra’Shede Hageman (DT, Minnesota)
Chicago’s defense was a shambles at times last season. It all starts up front, especially if they lose Henry Melton. Hageman has unreal upside.
#15 Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Florida State)
The Steelers don’t have a big man on the outside who can be a threat in the red zone. It’s not their only hole, but it’s a viable option here.
#16 Kony Ealy (DE, Missouri)
His three cone drill at the combine was among the best in recent history. He can play inside and out. Dallas needs to rebuild its defensive front.
#17 Odell Beckham Jr (WR, LSU)
He does everything well. Flawless character. Insane competitor. HUGE hands. He absolutely deserves to go this early, if not earlier.
#18 Brandin Cooks (WR, Oregon State)
A 4.3 forty and massive 2013 production puts him in the top-20 range. Some of the Steve Smith comparisons a bit odd. He’s more of an all-round playmaker.
#19 Zack Martin (G, Notre Dame)
An absolutely superb tackle in college, but expected to move to guard in the NFL. Could play left guard next to prospective free agent signing Brandon Albert.
#20 Anthony Barr (OLB, UCLA)
There are 2-3 logical left tackle options in free agency they can go after. Presuming they sign one, Barr comes into play as an outside rusher. Possible bust.
#21 Eric Ebron (TE, North Carolina)
Perhaps not quite ‘can’t miss’ enough to go in the top-15. He’d excel in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers. Very athletic but not out of this world.
#22 Darqueze Dennard (CB, Michigan State)
Physical corner who plays with an edge. Good blitzer. Philly wants tough football players on defense.
#23 Calvin Pryor (S, Louisville)
Andy Reid made sure he got a good look at the top two safety’s at the combine, putting his big sandwich down to sit in the stands.
#24 Ryan Shazier (LB, Ohio State)
Shazier’s vertical and broad jump were off the charts last week. Stunning athlete with insane potential. Needs to direct traffic better to make more plays.
#25 Stephon Tuitt (DE, Notre Dame)
They need more size up front. Tuitt can play end in a 3-4. Running a 4.8 at his pro-day this week helps his cause. Strong as an ox.
#26 C.J. Mosley (LB, Alabama)
Two picks on defense and no QB? Perhaps. They have the third pick on day two with Houston (Bortles) and Washington (RGIII) ahead of them. It’s entirely possible they stand pat and keep building that D.
#27 Justin Gilbert (CB, Oklahoma State)
He had an outstanding work out last week, but that’s not the whole story with Gilbert. There are a few concerns here. Reports say he was nearly benched by OKST last season.
#28 Xavier Su’a-Filo (G, UCLA)
They’re about to undergo a forced major rebuild on the offensive line. It wouldn’t be a shock to see one of their first two picks go on a tackle or guard.
#29 Brent Urban (DT, Virginia)
Missed the combine but we’re talking about major upside here. He could be J.J. Watt-lite. Belichick loves versatility up front.
#30 Jimmie Ward (S, Northern Illinois)
Aggressive, wiry safety. Would fill a need for the Niners. Didn’t work out at the combine due to injury.
#31 Chris Borland (LB, Wisconsin)
Denver needs a tone setter. A leader. A guy who flies around. This would be a smart move. You want this guy on your team.
#32 Joel Bitonio (T, Nevada)
Underrated, incredibly athletic tackle or guard. Versatile. Outstanding character. Tom Cable would love this guy. Can either replace Breno Giacomini or play left guard.

Mock notes

Seahawks take Joel Bitonio at #32

The options on the defensive line weren’t great in this projection. But they aren’t great anyway once the likes of Aaron Donald leave the board.

At receiver, six players go in the first frame here. I suspect we’ll see a rush like this, then a pause, before a further rush in round two. The six players I’ve listed seem almost certain to be gone before Seattle’s pick.

Overall Bitonio just seemed to be the best fit. He ticks all the boxes.

I wrote this article last week detailing my thoughts on Bitonio, but plenty of people are sleeping on this guy.

From a physical stand point he’s right up there with Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews. Check the combine numbers. Then go look at his tape against UCLA (Anthony Barr) and Florida State (BCS Champs).

We’re talking about a seriously underrated, versatile lineman who could play left tackle for some teams.

In Seattle, he either replaces Breno Giacomini or starts at left guard.

I’ve not been a major advocate for taking an offensive lineman in round one this year. With Bitonio, he’s just too good to pass up.

He looks and sounds like a Tom Cable protégé.

If teams genuinely see him as a guard convert only — as Tony Pauline reported — he’ll continue to fly under the radar.

He’s a classic Carroll/Schneider pick. Gritty, competitive, insane athletic ability, under-appreciated and he’s a finisher.

Round two for half the league maybe, but round one for the Seahawks.

Justin Gilbert at #27?

After a combine, it’s easy to assume those who performed well will fly up the boards.

That’s not always the case.

There’s so much to like about Justin Gilbert’s length and speed. I can see why he’s gaining momentum as a prospective top-15 pick.

But there are other things to consider too.

Bob McGinn’s scouting notebook provides some of the best insider information you can get pre-draft. Here’s what he reported about Gilbert:

“He’s very perplexing to me,” said one scout. “Big knock on him is ball skills. He’s a big, long athlete that can run. He didn’t play real well last year. They were even going to bench him because of inconsistent play. I just don’t think he sees the ball real well. He has first-round talent but he’s just up and down.” The track record of Oklahoma State CBs in the NFL isn’t stellar. “Gilbert gets beat all the time,” a second scout said. “He’s got some interception production, but when you see the picks they’re not really legitimate ones.”

He has a ton of athletic potential, but he’s someone I want (and need) to do more work on.

Running well and having ideal length is not a precursor to going early in the draft.

Not if scouts think you’re a liability who’s going to get beat frequently at the next level.

And it’s worth remembering — for all of Seattle’s length and speed at corner — they’re also well coached, incredibly prepared and among the most technically gifted corners in the league.

It’s not just about running fast and having long arms.

Marqise Lee the #2 receiver

The knee-jerk reaction to make after the combine is — “Lee ran a 4.5? He’ll sink like a stone.”

He’s not big. He’s not tall. He’s not an elite speed guy.

But you know what? Nobody competes like Marqise Lee. He’s relentless. He makes impossible grabs look easy. He’s a stunning playmaker. He has special teams value.

Not every team is going to feel this way, but a lot of people will LOVE his tape. And it’s easy to forget just how dominant he was when completely healthy.

There’s no reason at all why he won’t be a top-15 pick.

Either way, he’s one of six receivers who won’t last long.

Sammy Watkins, Lee, Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Odell Beckham Jr and Brandin Cooks will almost certainly not make it to #32, severely limiting (and possibly ending) any hopes Seattle has of taking a receiver in round one.

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  1. vanisle1

    What about Donte Moncrief? Tough, fast, apparently hard-working. 6’2″, 220. His energy makes him look like a Seahawk. Can they get him in the second? Is he worth their first? Why is Bitonio (who looks great) more likely to work out than Carpenter has (so far)?

    And congrats on last year’s final mock being so accurate. I just found a draft comparison site.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Moncrief goes in R2-3.

    • Madmark

      I got him as my 2nd round pick.
      Donte Moncrief WR Mississippi 6’2″, 221lbs., 32 3/8″ Arms, 9 1/8″ Hands, 4.40- 40, 13 Reps, 39.5 vert, 132″ Broad Jump, 7.29- 3cone, 4.30 shuttle. He’s a way better version of a Chris Harper.

      • Brad

        What about Jeff Janis? Is he a small school stud or a workout warrior? His measurables are chart topping, his sparq numbers are probobly better than any of the guys mocked in rd 1. I tried to watch the YouTube on my phone, couldn’t see much of anything. Has anybody taken a close look at this guy? Pre combine he was projected in rd 4-7.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He’s on my short list. I’ve been reviewing the old guys lately. I might give up scouting for lent. Just cuz.

        • Phil

          The only knock I’ve read about him is his 9″ hands. But, he seems to catch everything thrown his way.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m really high on Cody Latimer, much moreso than Donte Moncrief. Latimer is definitely a target if I’m the Hawks. He’s the possession receiver we lack. Not sure really of his grade. Like mid third. Could you see us trading our second and fourth for someone’s high third and fourth?

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Let the drafting games begin!

    Seriously, you got this out fast today! I’m excited about our possibilities, though I suspect we could win the Superbowl again with the team we got! Lots of players never even saw the field last year.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    A couple of random Rams thoughts (and one Hawk question):

    1. Another updated mock that shall remain nameless has STL taking Jake Matthews at #2 because (and I’m paraphrasing as accurately as I can) “Fisher has history with the Matthews family”. Matthews is a fine and relatively polished OT prospect to be sure, but he has nowhere near the upside of Robinson. I just don’t see how any coach (or FO for that matter) would take the lesser of 2 prospects based on family history.

    2. With the #2 and #13 picks, STL could conceivably draft both Manziel and Evans and reunite them in the pros. Regardless of how unlikely a scenario that may be, I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.

    3. In a mock where SEA takes an OL: Su’a-Filo or Bitonio?

    • Colin

      My thoughts EXACTLY regarding Matthews- he isn’t anywhere near the dominant force Robinson is, but the name will stick in everyone’s mind.

      I think Manziel and Evans in this division with the Rams might not be that bad. I’m just not sold Johnny is a franchise guy; I think there’s too much ignoring of the negatives in the name of “look at what they can do, not what they can’t”.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Manziel is an exciting player but he is not the most accurate QB out there. He needs to be paired with a receiver like Boldin who will fight for the ball. Evans would be a good addition from mid first round.

        I have also wondered why getting a good QB for St Louis hasn’t gained more traction. I know they love Sam Bradford, but you need to have a backup plan. Why not Manziel? With the talent they have, St Louis may never get another pick in the top 10.

        • Michael (CLT)

          If I was drafting for the rams, I would take Greg Robinson and never look back. Guy reminds me of Walter Jones. Give it to Stacy and let Sam view the field.

          The rams, being the rams, will most likely trade down and draft Matthews, who I see as a middling prospect.

    • Rob Staton

      Bitonio for me.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think Mike Evans would struggle to do anything against us. We’re built to stop those kinds of guys. It’s the Wes Welkers that get us.

      • SHawn

        Except in the Super Bowl

  4. Javi

    Rob, Joel Bitonio or Morgan Moses in 1rd? I think is good

    And WR in 2rd, Matthews, Robinson or Coleman.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a big fan of Matthews, but would be open to the other two if they’re there.

      • CC

        What about Tiny Richardson – Bitonio over him as well?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Definitely for me.

        • Rob Staton

          Better player, better athlete and no injury concerns.

  5. Dan C.

    Crazy thought…Cowboys could release Demarcus Ware. You have been touting Jared Allen, but do you think Ware could be a fit for both position and price? I know he plays a 3-4, but he could put his hand in the ground and still be a beast.

    • Arias

      Don’t know about that. Jerry has seemed strongly adamant about keeping him around. Furthermore, they now have the cap space to do it.

  6. Emperor_MA

    If Cleveland does not select a QB in round one, there will be a flurry of trade activity when they leave the podium after #26. The Seahawks could benefit, although I’d think a team wanting to get back into round one for a QB would not want to wait until #32, preferring to go up to #27 – #31, instead.

    Something to watch if the draft shakes out like your latest mock, Rob.

    BTW, I am good with the Bitonio pick. Dude is a baller and just screams “Seahawk” to me. RT, LG + Okung insurance policy is a versatile pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it could go either way with activity at the end of round one. After all, nobody traded up in 2011 to make sure they got Dalton or Kaepernick. Cincy sat tight and got their guy. San Fran moved up in round two. But I think NE at #29 is a good spot for anyone trying to get back into the first.

      • Emperor_MA

        I agree with you about NE @ #29 being the most likely trade partner. We all know Bill B. likes to Wheel & deal, especially when he can secure more picks.

        If Cleveland does not take a QB in round one, they almost certainly will in round two at #4. You also have J’ville at #3 (if they don’t select one, and I doubt Gus will), Oakland at #5, TB at #7, and, let’s not forget the Rams at #2, who just might make a splash move if they really like what they get with their first two early round one picks. That is a lot of suitors all bunched together for what may be one or two QBs worth picking. One may just decide to move above the rest comfortable in the knowledge that Bill B. and PC/JS like to trade back and gather picks.

        Two other wild card team no one seems to mention are Tenn and Cinci. The Titans could be ready to move on from Locker and the Bengals might just send a very loud message to both Andy Dalton and the rest of the NFL that they are serious about winning with a move back into round one to pick a guy like Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo.

  7. Rock

    If we can find a guy that can kick Carpenter off the roster, it will have been a good draft. I am not sure whether that guy is Bitonio or Sua Filo. I am leaning a bit toward Sua Filo, a pure guard, rather than a tweener that can play guard, too. When we selected Hutch, we took a player that was clearly the best guard to come out of the draft in many years. I am not sure either of these guys will reach that level but they may be the best options this year.

    Carpenter started off as a RT and has failed now at two positions. I hope we do not go down that road again.

    • Rob Staton

      Bitonio isn’t a tweener.

      Su’a-Filo’s the guy who jumped from tackle to guard in college. Bitonio played left tackle.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Bitonio isn’t a tweener. Remember, Su’a-Filo also played LT. Measurements wise, the two are very close.

      Bitonio’s arm length isn’t super long. That tends to ding him on the franchise LT conversation. Seattle doesn’t have that issue — we already have a pro bowl LT. Bitonio’s length is suitable for the outside.

      Bitonio’s pass pro on tape is really quite good. What he doesn’t have in length, he has in lateral quickness and balance. He shadows very well. And when DE’s hit the corner, he shows excellent core strength to push them off the corner and wash them out of the play.

      He’s an OT in my estimation. But his excellent athleticism allows him to be considered at OG. I wouldn’t say he’s a tweener. This is a guy with very good lower body/hip drive and that coupled with good footwork and balance means he is a hard guy to get by. He doesn’t typically reach and get off balance like a lot of shorter armed tackles typically do.

      I have referred often this offseason that Seattle should consider a swing tackle. Mainly because it’s hard to find OG prospects who can succeed as a backup LT. Bitonio is pretty unique in that regard and having a LG/Swing LT is actually a more preferable option for me, as Bailey/Bowie look like either could man the RT/OG backup positions. And Bailey could improve to be the primary backup LT already. Where we saw disaster without Okung last season, we could be incredibly deep at LT options next year.

      I’d feel very comfortable with at Bailey/Bitonio/Unger/Sweezy/Bowie lineup if we suffered a similar disaster on the OL like we did last year. That’s like a whole new starter capable lineup.

      • Robert

        Well then, maybe he is not a Tweener, but a Both-er!

  8. Robert

    Carp has been injured during both of his off seasons. This is his 1st healthy off season. I have no doubts that PC sat him down, told him he was at the fork in the road and gave him a rigorous off season program that will cause him to realize his massive potential. I predict he shows up in fantastic shape with much quicker feet. He has the chance to be a dominating LG on a team that has legacy in their sights. Or he can just eat and hang out and fail. I believe in PC’s ability to inspire him to work for greatness and seize his great opportunity!

    • Robert

      I intended to Reply to Rock…

    • plyka

      It sounds so easy when you type it out. And I agree withj you. If you or I were in his position, we would work our asses off and come to camp ready to fire and become one of the best offensive linemen in the league.

      Carpenter on the other hand has not shown anything even resembling drive and dedication. So I think much more likely is that Carp comes into camp fat, massively overwieght, and just plain out of shape. Sometimes you just are who you are.

      • Radman

        Exactly, plyka. Even with injuries, there’s no reason he should have been that out of shape. Even his ‘healthy’ rookie offseason, reports are that he could not even run a single lap. The holdout is the excuse there. Always an excuse for being in horrible shape with him. Carp is basically a fat slob. Absolutely zero confidence he’ll show up in camp in any kind of shape. Just doesn’t have the motivation to be great.

        • Roberet

          That’s what we have all seen and it’s very disappointing. But on a team made up of outcasts and longshots, I am entertaining the possibility that Carp decides to be great and puts in the necessary work and discipline this off season. Either way, I expect the Beast to rumble for 1500!

      • Ben2

        I’m with you plyka…..my favorite fable is the scorpion & the frog….I won’t relate it here but the moral is we act according to our nature…..and Carp just isn’t pissed off for greatness. It’s not in his nature.

    • Madmark

      The one thing about Carpenter is that he is a good pass protector only allowing 1 QB hurry in 25 snaps. The problem is he such a bad run blocker and this team runs all the time.

      • Rob Staton

        Carp also owns Justin Smith. Starts every time vs San Fran.

      • Colin

        Carp is a bad run blocker???

        • Madmark

          He doesn’t have the athletic ability to get to that 2nd level. When you watch tape on Seattle’s offense he just doesn’t have that quickness to pull out of the line and make it to the spot he needs to be to make the block. I was all for letting this guy go but he has a year left on his rookie contract and if he gets beat out by Joel Bitinio then he becomes an experience back up we can look to fill.

          I don’t understand it either Rob, For some reason he does have Justn Smiths number for sure.

  9. red

    Wisconsin pro day Dezmen Southward SS NFL draft scout put a 7th RD grade on him 4.37 forty 40 inch vertical 6’0 211. Maybe nice sleeper pick could use some depth at SS.

    • SHawn

      Thanks for the heads up on this guy. Im in the camp that believes we need to find a solid backup for Earl this draft. Ive been only looking at early rd prospects so far, but this guy sounds pretty good. Have to read up more on him. With a 4.37 and a 40 inch vert he sounds a bit more suited to play FS in our scheme if he has the instincts.

    • Ted

      I live in WI and can tell you he is an absolute liability in coverage. Maybe he’s got athleticism, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 40 foot pole. Not a great tackler either. Just watch the bowl game against SC from this year, he got beaten repeatedly deep by TEs.

  10. Ben

    If we don’t get Odell, then I pray to God we get Jarvis Landry!!! Just as good minus the return game. In fact, he has better hands despite them being smaller than ODJ!

    • red

      Landry has bigger hands than ODJ Landry biggest hands at the combine for WR 10 1/4 ODJ 10.

      • Don

        Jordan Matthews hands are 10-3/8″. I was skeptical of Matthews at first because of speed, but at the combine he ran a 4.46. He is faster than Colemen and Laundry.

        I am now a hoping the Hawks get Matthews. He catches everything.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s a misconception that Matthews catches everything. He really doesn’t, has his fair share of drops.

          Very overrated player IMO.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He drops as much as Marqise Lee.

            • Rob Staton

              Lee had some drops. He’s also on a different level in pretty much every category you can list.

              • Radman

                I appreciate that you’re still high on Lee despite his less than stellar 40 time. Smart. He may drop. If so, he’s a great value.

                • Michael (CLT)

                  Lee looks so injury prone. He’ll, he hurt himself at the combine diving for a ball. I would pass. Lee looks to have a major regression physically.

  11. Stuart

    Good point Robert. I am sure that a week before the draft, Carpenter will be evaluated again by PC/JS. He either is or isn’t getting it together.

    If he is, then late round OL looking for the next Bailey/Bowe types.

    If he inst, which I believe is more likely, then OL could definitely happen as early as R-1.

    I am not unhappy about the selection of Bitonio at all but I think he will be availability in mid R-2 so if he is the man PC/JS are locked in on, trade down in R-1.

    Based on how this front office has done with their first round picks lately, personally I would be fine trading away next years 1st rounder. It will be at #32 again anyway. Not only that but we will likely have between 4-7 extra picks from the supplement draft (draft picks for free agent loses).

    If they waited until R-3 for Russell Wilson, they can wait for Bitonio in R-2.

    • Madmark

      I don’t think he’ll last to 64. Remember everyone was at the combine and saw what he did and there probably waiting quietly hoping he could drop in there laps. I like the pick of Bitinio in the 1st, resign Breno to a 2 year deal and hold on to Carpenter for another year and this Oline will look pretty good. We have Okung ,and Bailey at LT, Bitinio and Carpenter at LG, Unger and Fat Rabbit at C, Sweezy and someone at RG, and Breno and Bowie at RT. Sounds like a pretty good line that actually not to expensive and would probably be better than last year.

  12. Steve Nelsen

    It is interesting to see how the unexpected availability of some very good free agent left tackles can shake up the first round of this draft.

    No Carr in the first round. I think he slips in some where if you believe the reports about how many teams have him ranked above Manziel.

    Nix, Jernigan, Ford, Van Noy, Verrett and Roby all slide out of the first round. I can see several of these guys sliding between now and May. You may be setting the trend.

    Do you think your understanding of the way Seattle evaluates talent is changing the way you evaluate “SeaHawky” players when you consider picks for other teams?

    I can see Seattle easily going WR and OT in the first two rounds unless a stud defensive lineman slips to them. My first guess at rounds 4-7 is:
    4 G Gabe Jackson
    5 DE Trent Murphy
    5 CB Phillip Gaines
    6 TE Jordan Najvar
    7 DE Adham Talaat

  13. Kenny Sloth

    I know you want to keep it fresh, but if Coleman falls to us, do we actually pass on him?

    What is the difference between Marqise Lee and Jordan Matthews?

    • Rob Staton

      Marqise Lee is a potential star, Jordan Matthews looks like a #3 receiver.

      Lee hugs the sideline and makes the impossible possible. He’s incredibly savvy with his routes, has explosive breaks going into his cuts. He can fly downfield despite his 40 time — we’ve seen him get away from a defense. That’s as much about setting up a defender as it is running in a straight line. He’s fiery — the ultimate competitor. He’s also a great red zone threat over the middle and he can high point a ball.

      On the other hand, Matthews spent most of his snaps it seems in the slot. He’ll run over the middle and find a nice little soft part of the coverage to try and make a play. He’s not overly physical and I wouldn’t want him using the touchline to shield a corner and make a tough grab. He doesn’t play or look like a 6-3, 4.4 guy on the field.

      • Radman

        Spot on. Lee is a much better football player than combine performer.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeaah, I just went back to the tape on Lee and came away real impressed. I guess I would agree about Matthews. Maybe he’s a workout warrior. He certainly has the ability to be producctive at the next level, for me.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I will say he is not a Punt returner at the next level.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He looks like a 4.5 runner, but in a Jerry Rice way, you know?

            • RadMan

              Yep. If he dropped ( ala woods or Allen last year) and the hawks grabbed him, I’d be thrilled – even though he doesn’t fit the notions we have of a body type. Outcome is what matters, and that kid can play.

  14. Ben

    Yeah but when you compare ODJ to Landry length vs. width, ODJ has him beat by a mile lentgh-wise!!! Landry has a bigger circumference around the palm! Basically what I’m trying to get at is that they are both equally comparable receivers! ODJ also has him beat at big-pointing the catch.

  15. williambryan

    Rob, I heard recently that John Clayton expects the hawks to cut Miller and pursue Jermichael Finley. Miller getting cut has been talked about enough. But how do you feel about Finley? If this scenario came to fruition, how does that change draft for the hawks?

    • Kyle N

      National pundits don’t understand the Seahawks and are constantly predicting them to do “conventional” F.O. moves.

      Yes Miller doesn’t catch a lot of balls and makes a lot of money. No that doesn’t mean we are going to dump him and trade two first round picks for a Joker TE that can’t block and doesn’t at all fit the mentality mode for most players on the roster. It also doesn’t mean we are going to cut him and pursue a very inconsistent commodity (despite the fact that he played with the greatest passing QB in the league) that is coming off a serious injury. Take everything you hear about the Seahawks with a grain of salt, especially if it comes from nation guy who don’t closely follow the Seahawks.

      • drrew

        I don’t think this is that far fetched, especially if McCoy is healthy.

        Jermichael Finley is a match-up nightmare (admittedly when healthy) and if you can turn Miller/Willson/McCoy into Finley/Willson/McCoy for less money, I think you do it.

      • williambryan

        Clayton is not like the other national guys though. He lives in Seattle, works from there, has history there and is tuned to what’s going on there way more than any national guy.

        • Madmark

          Since I live in the Tacoma area I hear him all the time on 710 Kiro radio which is owned by ESPN. He’s one of the few people that I actually listen too about this stuff.

        • Rob Staton

          He said Percy wouldn’t take kick returns in the Super Bowl.


          • Belgaron

            Clayton is wrong all the time, but that is partly because ESPN has this belief that you go bold or not at all. On almost all issues, he doesn’t beat around the bush and argue both sides, he just picks a side and goes with it. But he is very intelligent and well sourced around the league.

            He also carries like 6 mobile phones with him and spends all day talking to sources around the league. Guys that work for other teams are generally tight lipped about their own teams but they will play fast and loose with what they thing other teams like the Seahawks should do (like not let Percy do returns in the SB). So this is how he develops his opinions, sometimes he’s right, sometimes wrong but he is very well informed. He does his own radio shows on Saturdays.

            The biggest recent thing he was wrong on, in terms of the Seahawks, was that he was adamant that Russell Wilson was too short to succeed in the NFL.

            He should be taken with a grain of salt but he is far too entertaining to ignore. He talks a good game.

      • MRB

        FWIW, Clayton was the tribune’s Seahawks reporter before he moved to ESPN, just like Sando. He probably gets them, but stll has to make grist for the mill.i

        • Hay stacker509

          I wouldn’t trust a player with his neck issues at all. Finley is awesome but not worth the money due to the possibility of a career threatening injury. I felt the same way about the Payton rumors and him coming to Seattle. Both are great players but neck injuries scare me. I know if we got Finley there’d be a clause if he got hurt we wouldn’t be out too much but if he went down we’d be out our main TE… Not worth it in my mind

        • Kyle N

          I do trust Clayton more than most but he wasn’t exclusively covering the Hawks with the current front office and that’s what really matters. I honestly don’t see this Finley move making any sense unless we don’t cut a Miller (thus giving him a nice roster bonus) and getting Finley really cheap. Then letting them compete in camp. Even that sounds ridiculous. Ya, not feeling very likely to me.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know what Clayton is talking about. He’s been assuming Miller and Clemons will be cut for about three weeks now. It would mkae no sense to cut Miller and go after Finley with his injury concerns. Not just that, but it’s a terrible scheme fit.

      • Madmark

        It sounds like another story an agent throws out for there client trying to stir some interest. Much like a Jimmy Graham. Speaking of I’m think we need to keep Miller I’m not really liking this TE class. I like C.J.Fiedorowicz but I think I\he goes in the 3rd round and I’m not comfortable taking him at 64. Too many old used up TE’s in FA.

      • xo 1

        Spot on. The math also may not be compelling – saving $5 million by cutting Miller sounds good until you have to pay Finley most of the savings to sign. Obviously if the market is cold for him and you can pick him up on the cheap, that can change but you’d still have the much greater injury unknown with Finley. The good news is that the economic issue can wait to be sorted out – if Finely is begging for work in the summer and you can score a cheap contract, then the Hawks can assess the possible benefits and weigh the costs.

        As to Clemons, the same process applies. There is no reason to release him unless and until you’ve signed his replacement. Keeping him gives you optionality, so you can see if a Johnson is unexpectedly available to you. Or perhaps that could apply to Bennett as well, even though they aren’t position swaps. In theory, that applies to the draft as well, although it’s hard to see how any of the potentially available guys would be high enough conviction players that you’d cut Clem in anticipation of covering the LEO.spot

      • Madmark

        I like Clayton, but I don’t feel he’s infallible. He was in the dark just like ever one last year when we brought in Percy Harvin and signed Cliff Avirl and Michael Benett. One thing I do know is PC/JS will continue to surprise all of us.

  16. drrew

    Doug Farrar has Eric Ebron falling to 29 in his latest cnnsi draft. Is Ebron someone you would target at 32 if he were available?

    Your last few mocks had Bitonio, Tuitt, Lawrence, Hageman at 32. If Ebron were available along with each of those previous four, who is your favorite, and who do you think the Hawks would take (if those two things are different)?

    • Roberet

      I would go with Tuitt. His 2012 #’s were insane and his potential is off the charts. He would be a top 15 pick with his 2012 #’s. Hageman would be my 2nd choice. I would love to know Rob’s thoughts if both Hageman and Tuitt were available???

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think a lot of Tuitt’s production came from having Louis Nix flying off the ball. It was crazy how much penetration LNIII got from a 0 tech spot last year.

    • zh93

      IMO of stay away from Ebron. He isn’t a willing blocker from what I’ve heard and the little I’ve seen. He is a Joker TE in my book and the Hawks already have willson… Would be a wasted first round pick for me.

      • Kenny Sloth

        You need to watch more, because Eric Ebron is tenacious as they come as a blocker. He’s just not wide enough to hold up against DEs. Definitely a Joker type.

        • zh93

          I haven’t watched much tape but good to know. He is essentially a big WR blocking DEs then eh? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

          • Kenny Sloth

            you’ve got to put him in a position to succeed, for sure. But definitely a big receiver type.

    • Rob Staton

      My favourite from that group would be Bitonio.

      I highly doubt Ebron falls that far.

  17. AlaskaHawk

    All this talk about cuts. Maybe Miller, maybe Clemens. I want to save a buck as much as the next guy. Don’t you think the Seahawks have already cut everyone they intend to? I do. Both players I mentioned were important in a full season of wins. If they are cut and replaced by a free agent the savings won’t be that much. If they are replaced by a rookie, well PC already knows the capabilities of every rookie on the team and he hasn’t made a move.

    There may be some contract restructuring. I just think that if they were going to be cut Miller or Clemons it would have been announced already.

    • Belgaron

      No, not necessarily. Sometimes it hinges on other things. For example, why cut Clemons before you sign Bennett? And they may be getting a true feel for the TE market before cutting Miller. The first two cuts they made were guys that had a much diminished role on the team last year. Clemons and Miller weren’t as much in that category.

  18. Don

    I watched the Jordan Matthews highlights, and I know highlight films can be misleading because you only see the best plays, but you have to make the plays to begin with.

    But take a look at this video and tell me Matthew’s skill set is not good enough to be a Seahawk. He has 10-3/8″ hands, is faster than Evans, Lee, Coleman, Landry, and makes the tough catches with defenders all over him. It also shows him makng several one handed catches when the defender grabs his other hand. He is also been described as a good blocker, so that is a plus.

    He is 6’3 and muscular. He showed at the combine to be stronger than most WR on the bench press. A 4.46 is not blazing, but he is faster than other WR who are considered “better”. Take another look and be open minded, because I think he is a dependable catcher. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfoPwGsNhco

    • Don

      And no, I am not his agent ( but I am his cousin )


    • Rock

      I would be very happy if we ended up with Matthews. He makes plays. I could care less about a guys size or 40 time. Largent wasn’t fast or tall. When the guys number is called he has to catch the ball anyway he can. Tate does it. You see it from Baldwin and Kearse. Many of these WR’s look good at the combine but cannot catch or get separation. If they do not have reliable hands they become a QB’s worst nightmare. You don’t want RW3 worrying the ball will bounce off his WR. Matthews highlight reel is fantastic. He is going to need to be good to make our roster.

      • Don

        I agree, and you said it better than i did. The Hawks shouldn’t draft a WR because someone is tall, or fast, but because he can catch in traffic.

        Tate, Baldwin, Kerse were not drafted until later (or not at all ) because their measurables were not good enough and were overlooked. Yet they are very good WR because they catch the ball in traffic or tip toe their catch to make the play.

        I rather have a guy make the tough catches than someone who is tall or fast, and looking at Matthews video seems to me like he can make tough catches, and he is muscular enough to take the pounding. Anquan Boildin is neither tall or fast, yet he is considered one of the best.

        • Don

          I like Bitonio very much, but I am hoping being from Nevada he will be overlooked until #64.

          • Kenny Sloth

            What if San Fran takes him! The rich get richer…

            Is their oline as good as our secondary? Sometimes it seems like it. Inconsistent Quarterback and Veteran Tailback that can get to the holes inevitably available.

            Fantastic coaching. They do remind me of the Legion of Boom.

          • Rob Staton

            He’ll be long gone by #64.

        • Rob Staton

          Catching in traffic isn’t a plus point for Matthews.

      • Rob Staton

        “Highlight reel”

    • Rob Staton

      Highlight videos cannot be trusted.

      I’m very open minded about Matthews. That’s why I’ve watched double figure Vanderbilt games the last two years. I’ve tried to do a lot of work on him.

      Very overrated by us fans.

  19. Austin

    Honestly can’t see them taking a right tackle in the first round. I think if they lose Tate they will want to bring in an offensive weapon that can start and/or be a major contributor from day one. I’ve been wrong before though. lol

    Great mock overall though!

    • Rob Staton

      Tackle becomes a big need if they don’t re-sign Breno.

    • Madmark

      He wouldn’t just be RT could be LG. If he doesn’t start he’d be McQuinstan who probably played more snaps on the OL than any other player because of injuries.

  20. Michael (CLT)

    Love it. While their is good quality lineman in this draft, they are expected to go quick. Once we get past the second round, I am not sure there is a lineman that upgrades the team. Right now we have no third round pick. At lit of o-line talent will go third round.

  21. Ray

    I have a sneaking suspicion that our man Rob is a little bit superstitious, he refused to have the hawks pick last in his pre- Super Bowl mocks, so I’m going out on a limb here and say that the guy he really covets and I think suspects the hawks end up with is none other then Brent Urban! I think he keeps mocking him to NE at 29 is his way of keeping him relevant and close without tipping his hand! I personally love this guys upside and think he is so, so seahawky!! Lol or I could just crazy

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s a fair point. I think Brent Urban flies way under the radar. No combine. Great at the senior bowl. Unique physical traits. Sounds like a Seahawk to me.

      I should find some interviews. See what his coaches and teammates say about him.

  22. House

    I am warming up to Bitonio, but the OL that I am really interested in drafting is Jon Halapio (Florida). The guy is aggressive and is exactly what we need at G. A great team player, hard-working, but not the most technically sound. Its the main reason he won’t go before the 3rd rd. It’d be awesome to see this guy develop and progress.

    I saw an interesting mock draft by Pat Kirwan on CBS. He has MIN trading with us and selecting Derek Carr. The interesting bit is HOU did not select a QB in Rd 1.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I like the Florida Center late.

  23. red

    Hi Rob

    Whats your thoughts on Willie Young from Detroit think he can be a Leo? Also you see his market over or under 5Mil a year. Also any thought on UFA TE Cumberland herd he was a solid run blocking TE with a some quicks.

    • Rob Staton

      Great length, nice athleticism. Ideal size really. Way under $5m for me because he only has six career sacks. Worth a look.

      • oz

        Great MOCK Rob!!!!! I think we could some surprise picks in the first two rounds.
        A lot depends on what happens with Tate, Breno and Miller. Free agency pick-ups to be considered also.
        I really believe Seattle will trade down in this draft.
        I like Mathews, I think he is a little raw and can be coached up. He is very coach-able from what I heard at the Senior Bowl. He could stand to add a little upper body strength.
        I am wondering if the reason we haven’t seen any moves on Miller and Clemons is they are trying to restructure. I think Clem may be slightly more of a priority per TE depth in this draft. There is a Miller outside of the first round.
        GO HAWKS!!!!

  24. Madmark

    1st Joel Bitinio G/T Nevada
    2nd Donte Moncrief WR Mississippi
    4th Keith McGill CB Utah
    5th Ed Stintson DE Alabama
    5th DaQuan Jones DT Penn St
    6th ?
    7th ?
    have some names for 6 and 7 but I haven’t gotten very far. FA Jared Allen. Seattle so patient in the FA and they never overspend. So until I see them move a little not only with other team players but also our own I really have no clue to what I’m mocking. Too many variables.

    • Hawks420

      Keith McGill is on my big board and I would really like him to fall that far. But I don’t think we could snag him if we had a chance in round 3. He’s too good and I think going in the top #100.

      • Matt

        We would be lucky if McGill fell to us in the second round.
        Allen would be intriguing if we cut ties with Clemons. Think Henry Melton could be had for similar deal that Bennet got a year ago, which would make our pass rush even scarier!

  25. Cysco

    good article on PFT about Allen where he’s quoted as saying

    “I think for my next team it will come down to a chance to win, a good organization, as well as getting a fair contract,”

    Welcome to Seattle Jarred!


    • Rob Staton

      Sounds good to me.

  26. EranUngar

    Can anyone explain why so many mocks have us drafting Yankey in the first ?

    Why would we???????????????????????

    • Kyle N

      It’s an absolute joke, but I actually really like that they do. It really helps me weed out the people worth reading their analysis and the people who are just regurgitating things they probably heard from other people (who heard that from other people, etc). Yankey could go early, but he CERTAINLY won’t be going early because the Seahawks take him.

    • Belgaron

      They are just looking at the fact that the offensive line ranked so low and they aren’t laying the blame on Okung and Unger. Its actually highly complimentary because saying that your biggest weak point is at offensive guard is a pretty good situation. If they don’t resign Giacomini and/or cut Miller, they’ll start mocking RTs and TEs at 32.

    • Rob Staton

      Because a lot of people still don’t ‘get’ the Seahawks.

    • Matt

      Yankey was a beast at Stanford, but we just don’t draft guys who don’t test well athletically…especially early. He’s a big name is why people are mocking him to the Hawks. Same as Amaro. They just aren’t the type of player that we target, and yes it’s a joke!

  27. Alex

    What do you guys think of Scott Crichton DT from Oregon State? Fieldgulls mentioned him the other day, and Rob Rang had him in the 2nd round.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a huge fan to be honest. I’d say R3-4.

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