Updated mock draft: 7th December

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Despite Sunday’s win over Carolina, I still have the St. Louis Rams winning the NFC West and therefore picking 21st overall. The Seahawks would own the 14th overall pick if the season ended today.

It was possibly the most challenging projection I’ve had to make for the Seahawks this year.

The top three quarterbacks were off the board, as were the top three corner’s. The two best WR’s and DT’s had been taken as had the best five-technique.

The best player left on the board was Robert Quinn – a player who’s not featured at all in 2010 who would play a position Seattle has adequatly filled this year with a journeyman scheme fit.

I gave strong consideration to Brandon Harris and Stephen Paea, but in the end went in a completely different direction.

It came back to the position I feel remains Seattle’s biggest draft need – quarterback.

I didn’t include Jake Locker in my last two first round projections due to serious concerns I have with his accuracy as a passer.

However, we’ve seen quarterbacks drafted in round one with similar issues in the past and we’ll see it happen again.

Just look at last year – Tim Tebow wasn’t very accurate. He also needed a complete re-work of his mechanics. His selection by Denver in round one was largely reliant on intangibles, work ethic, athleticism and attitude.

Locker’s issues with accuracy cannot be ignored. However – his similar work habits, great character and incredible athleticism will interest some teams in the first round.

By putting him back in round one this week, it doesn’t mean I necessarily think Locker deserves that grade or that he’ll be able to overcome his shortfalls in the NFL. It merely shows that it’ll only take one team to keep him in the high/mid first round.

I still maintain that the Seahawks are as likely as anyone to be ‘that’ team. He fits the scheme, the character criteria and the mobility. For those wondering if accuracy problems will put off John Schneider and Pete Carroll – a lot of Locker’s issues are similar to those owned by a certain Charle Whitehurst.

That didn’t stop the new regime making a bold move to trade for the former Clemson QB.

I’ve paired Seattle and Locker in the past and didn’t necessarily intend to bring it back to the table this soon. However – there’s no getting away from the situation. That much is obvious now.

However poorly Locker may have played at times this year – he will remain a possible top-20 pick. He will always remain a probable choice by the Seattle Seahawks given the opportunity, especially if they pick in the range expressed in this latest mock.


  1. darren

    Good point on the previous regimes decision to swap (prior to the draft if I recall) jpeterson to select curry at #4 with sanchez, crabtree (among others) still available. I guess curry would have went in the next couple picks based on the hype he generated at the combine, but linebacker wasn’t a need at the time for us. I love the new regimes approach ( I.e. taking a flyer on Konz in the 7th). It seems to me that pc places a premium on bigtime playmaking ability and size all around the perimeter (with earl thomas having exceptional instincts and ability), and round one is the best place to get those guys, be they Julio Jones, Cam Newton, Jake Locker, my three favorites in the first to hopefully be the guy, along with another big corner in rd2. Needs in order of importance, qb, cb, dt, wr

  2. Jay

    Damn I hope this draft dont come true. I don’t want to deal with Patrick Peterson and Janoris Jenkins twice for next fews years.

  3. Cliff

    What are some players you like for the Hawks in the second round? Any aggressive CBs or DL that stand out? What do you think of Jurrell Casey? I’m pretty sure he’s a 3 tech which isn’t our strongest need on the line with Mebane, but he could become a solid pro along the line. I think CB in the second round makes a lot of sense tho so who do you think would be the best option?

    • Cliff

      Also what do you think of Pernell McPhee as a 5-tech? I agree that besides QB, 5 tech is our most needed position so picking one up in the second makes good sense. Thanks.

    • Rob

      Hi Cliff,

      Aaron Williams (CB, Texas) and Ras-I Dowling (CB, Virginia) are two corners who fit the criteria. Dowling may be available later after the injuries. Casey is probably going to go in rounds 3-4 and Carroll will know about him. His greatest strength is against the run, taking on blocks. He’s an option. If we’re looking at five techniques – I don’t rate Cameron Heyward that highly, but he fits that role. He and Pernell McPhee are more traditional 5-tech’s and don’t have the size of Bryant. I think we need to distinguish that Bryant’s position is kind of unique. Neither Heyward or McPhee aren’t brilliant pass rushers and if you’re giving up size there, I’d want more of a pass rush threat. I’m not sure if we maybe should look at a guy like Christian Ballard (DT, Iowa) or Jared Crick (DT, Nebraska) who are closer to 300lbs and maybe could kick out wide to play the Bryant position.

      Other suggestions? Jeremy Beal (DE/OLB) could play the LEO role. Derek Sherrod and Demarcus Love are potentially good fits at RT. I’m a big fan or Rodney Hudson.

  4. Matt

    I’ve been critical of Locker throughout the season, but I am curious to know what this year might have gone like if he had any semblance of a Tight End on the team. Especially considering the UW runs a semi pro style offense (or did earlier). Tight End is such a huge part of the pro style passing attack and the guy that made a huge difference last year, Kavario Middleton, was kicked off the team. Subsequently, UW really had nothing at TE this year.

    Anyways, his accuracy is still a concern, but I think having a viable TE might have really boosted his accuracy % considering that’s always a safe option in the passing game. I love Andrew Luck, but I’m sure his numbers would be considerably different had the TE position been a black hole on Stanford. Just a thought.

  5. JJ

    i will be extremely dissappointed if the hawks take locker he has shown this year that he is overhyped and over rated i dont want him as a seahawk…PERIOD… there will be homers out there still willing to kiss his ass but he aint worth our first round pick… get defensive line or some help on the o line again or a taller corner… something to help us Jake locker is not the answer

    • Matt Q.

      Here are my picks for the hawks

      1st round = Von Miller
      2nd round = Any CB avalible
      4th round = James Carpenter
      5th round = Tyrod Taylor ( I think he might have a chance in the NFL)
      6th = BPA
      7th = BPA

      • Rob

        Thanks for those suggestions Matt. I particularly like the James Carpenter pick.

        Von Miller isn’t someone I’d recommend for Seattle. I’m just not confident about his ability to transition into the NFL. Someone will take a chance, I think more likely than not in round two rather than R1 – I’ve had him in R1 recently to acknowledge great production and the Butkus award. He’s small even for the LEO position. He’s not elite quick to make up for the lack of size. He might be a situational role player or a linebacker convert. If Seattle pick as high as #14, that would be a substantial gamble in my opinion.

        • Matt Q.

          Is stephen paea a 3-technique or Nose tackle?

          • Rob

            Three tech size, good against the run.

  6. Guilherme

    Rob, do you see Seattle trading down over and over again (like Cleveland when they picked Alex Mack)? I confess I don’t know how deep is this draft, but doesn’t sound like a bad idea adding some middle/late round picks with Carroll’s eye for talent awaiting on later rounds (Thurmond, McCoy, Chancellor…)

    • Rob

      I think there’s every possibility, but the same can be said for nearly every team. It’s impossible to tell what a teams intentions are. Denver moved down a lot last year and Cleveland did the same previously. Seattle may look to re-coup that lost third rounder or add another couple of picks later on. It’s too early to say what is likely at this point.

  7. Blake

    Round 2 looks to be STUFFED with corners, and this year has a substantial amount of large ones. Kiper only has 2 first round corners (Peterson/Amukamara) and thinks they’ll both go in top 10. I also have Jenkins and possibly Harris in rd 1, but the point is that at least 9 corners will go in the first two rounds. It appears to be the deepest position and it correlates with our need and scheme fit. I can’t imagine that the top CB availble with a 2nd rounder would be a reach. I could see Dowling, Burton, Brown, and Jimmy Smith all being availble when we get on the board in rd 2. Great, great value at that position grouping.

  8. Ralphy


    How would you feel about the Hawks trading for Kolb instead of holding out hope that one of the QBs drops to them? I know they don’t have a third round pick but what if the Eagles took a first and fourth round pick? Would you feel good about that or is it too much to give up? I know the Eagles want two first rounders now but that seems unrealistic.

    • Rob

      It’s an option. I’ve seen very little of Kolb but I get the impression his reputation goes before him based on the fact he’s played so little. The asking price is big. Philly will shop Kolb, but I can’t see anyone biting for a first rounder. A second round pick – maybe. We’ll see. I think Seattle would consider it if the price is right.

  9. Cash

    What would it take for the Seahawks to trade up for Luck(From either 21st or 14th)? I realize that it would take a team willing to pass on Luck but lets just assume that’s the case.

    • Rob

      I don’t think there’s any deal to be done with Carolina. Luck or two first rounders? They’d take Luck for me. He won’t get past the first pick. I can’t see a deal where it’s possible. Three first rounders? Maybe that’d do it.

      • Matt Q.

        Andrew Luck is not even going to enter the draft

        • Rob

          The only way he won’t enter the draft is if there’s a lockout – and that will neither be confirmed or denied before he has to make that decision. Andrew Luck will be the #1 overall pick next April.

          • Matt Q.

            he said he was coming back to stanford

            • Rob

              Prospects say a lot of things. Jonathan Baldwin has declared, stated he was staying at Pitt and seemingly left the door open for either decision all in the space of two days. Luck is on the record as saying this week he won’t make a decision until after the Orange Bowl.

          • Matt

            A friend of my second cousin heard from one of his friends that Luck is not going to declare…

            Just playing. As smart as Luck is, and witnessing the demise of Jake Locker, I’d be really surprised if he doesn’t come out. Coming back does nothing for Luck. It’s only a lose-lose situation. He’s already playing like a 5th year senior from the mental aspect, and that’s usually why guys stay in college.

  10. Blake

    Looking back at your status check, it seems as though there is not a prospect or two that seem to be perfect targets for the Seahawks, whether it be in the late teens or early 20s. Your top listed needs were QB, CB, 5 tech, G/C, and 3 tech. It seems as though your reasoning for DL was more due to the plethora of talent than the actual need. I tend to disagree that it is a need at all, and I don’t like the idea of spending a top 60 pick on a rotational linemen for a rebuilding team. Especially due to how specific each position seems to be. It seems as though unheralded players (Cole, Bryant, Clemons) can fit well on our defensive line. However, it is tough to deny the talent in this draft along the defensive front. We’ve also identified that no QB prospect is ideal value for our draft position (Luck and Newton too high, Locker too low). CB is so stuffed in rd 2 that it seems dumb to spend a rd 1 pick on a corner not named Peterson, Amukamara, or Jenkins. Pouncey appears like a realistic option, but I’m not a fan of spending a high pick on an interior lineman; they should be a dime a dozen for a rebuilding team. I also think Pouncey is overrated due to his brother’s success in the League.

    Does this show that trading around is likely to be our best option come draft day? Move up for a falling Amukamara, Jenkins, or Newton. Move down for Locker, Watt, or a RT prospect. Carimi, Love, and Sherrod are mentioned specifically by you, Rob. It seems as though your final product depended as much on what would be available as it did the actual team’s need for the position. That is the only logical reason why I think you put RT as #8 while 5 tech was #2. Regardless of who is available or unavailable, what do you think the actual top 5 needs are?

    • Rob

      Hi Blake,

      The reason I put 5-tech as the #2 need was purely down to the way the defense has dropped off in Red Bryant’s absence. Without him, the run defense has taken a significant hit (Cole’s absence is also partly responsible) and the pass rush has also suffered. Bryant has an injury history and I do believe the team could stand to add another guy with size (290lbs) who might be a little lighter than Bryant but a better pass rusher. That position, to a certain degree, has proved to be surprisingly crucial to this defense.

      I appreciate that people may disagree with that, but I do think it’s a key position in this scheme going forward. Whilst it’s usually the pass rusher, sack machine you look for as the value prospect – I think Seattle will be able to find LEO prospects without spending top picks. However, finding good quality at 5-tech, NT and 3-tech will be of greater importance. I do accept your opinion though that these could be rotational guys and that puts a knock on the value.

      I think the worst value may be found in that 12-20 range, which would be different to the last few drafts. I didn’t expect that two months ago, but then it could change again as we get closer to April. It may be that a lot of the top end prospects are gone in the teens, but that the talent difference between #30 and #12 is minimal at best. That does lend itself to movement, but then you need a willing partner. Seattle don’t have much ammunition to trade up.

      The biggest needs will evolve and change. We still have at least four games left. QB remains the #1 need and that probably won’t change in my mind. I still think DL is the #2 need, whether it’s that 5-tech or an interior guy. I see both sides of the argument on that, but the depth is so weak on the DL that we see when Cole/Bryant are out, it’s a unit that really struggles. After that I would list CB. I’m tempted to put WR in there with Williams and Obomanu both impending free agents. I would include OL too, but it’s hard for me to justify it in round one at RT or OG looking at what’s available. There are guys I like later on at RT (Barksdale, Carpenter).

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