Updated mock draft with trades: April 23rd

I wanted to do one more mock draft with trades with just over two weeks to go.

The trades in the graphic are represented by a letter ‘T’. You’ll find notes on all of the deals below the mock.

I’l warn you now — I haven’t spent a ton of time researching the value of these deals. You may feel some of these moves are unlikely. I just wanted to put together a mock that included a few trades to see what the options are at #32. Whether the deals are cheap/expensive isn’t really a concern.

TRADE #1 — Atlanta (#6) trades with St Louis (#2) for a mid-round pick
Thomas Dimitroff and Les Snead are close. The Falcons could be one of the teams rating Khalil Mack over Jadeveon Clowney. If the Texans take Clowney, a deal here could be mutually beneficial. The Rams don’t get a kings ransom like the RGIII trade, but they stash a mid round pick in a deep draft.

TRADE #2 — Detroit (#10) trades with Jacksonville (#3) for a mid-round pick and a high 2015 pick
Another deal that has some mutual benefit. I have a hunch the Jaguars will covet Johnny Manziel and they may feel they can move down a few spots and still get their man. The Lions have spent a ton of time with Sammy Watkins given they have almost no chance of grabbing him with the tenth pick. The deal includes a mid rounder plus a high 2015 pick (second rounder?) to enable the Lions to target a cornerback in round two.

TRADE #3 — Tennessee (#11) trades with #St Louis (#11) for a mid round pick
The Titans’ ‘support’ for Jake Locker has been completely underwhelming. You know what else has been underwhelming? Tennessee’s off-season so far. Considering they brought in a new coach, the Ken Whisenhunt era hasn’t exactly started with a bang. Maybe they move up for Bortles and gain some direction? Because right now that offense is full of question marks. The Rams, having seen Jake Matthews leave the board, happily trade down again for perhaps another third rounder.

TRADE #4 — New Orleans (#27) trades with St Louis (#13) for two second round picks
The Saints have one of the more active front offices in the league. Look over the last few years — they move up and down a lot and they aren’t afraid to be aggressive. They need a receiver to support Drew Brees and Odell Beckham Jr is a popular local product. They give up two second round picks — one this year and one next. The Rams move down again. By the end of day one they draft Zack Martin and Calvin Pryor and go into day two with three more picks to add to their collection.

TRADE #5 — Houston (#33) trades with New England (#29) for a mid round pick
The Texans will need to guarantee a quarterback with their second pick having drafted Clowney at #1. They may get itchy fit in the 20’s and look for a trade partner who isn’t demanding a loaded deal. The Patriots are always willing to consider a trade and flip picks with Houston for a fourth or fifth rounder.

Alternative deals
I can see Houston dealing the #1 pick and dropping into the #5-6 range before taking Blake Bortles. In that scenario St. Louis probably struggles to find a trade partner at #2 and takes Khalil Mack, Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews. I can see teams trading up for a shot at Mike Evans — potentially spending future first round picks to get into the top-10.

Seattle’s pick at #32
The options are pretty good here even with a rush on receivers taking the top prospects off the board. Joel Bitonio and Ra’Shede Hageman are both available. I went with Bitonio because it’s a bigger need. They can plug him in at right tackle or left guard. He can act as a backup left tackle too.

Other talking points

Arizona & Eagles go pass rush
Both teams take edge rushers in Demarcus Lawrence and Marcus Smith. Personally I think in a bad draft for pass rushers they deserve to go in the 30-40 range. And yet the Cardinals and Eagles know this could be their only opportunity to get even a solid impact player at the position. For two playoff contenders — this is a crucial need.

Cody Latimer in the top-15
The more you watch, the more you like. I’ve now watched six of his games and like Todd McShay — I’m yet to see a drop. He has incredibly strong hands, top-tier athleticism, fantastic leaping ability and he run blocks better than any other receiver in this class. He deserves to go in the top-20.

Kelvin Benjamin drops a little
For me Benjamin probably goes between 12-22. Yet when I put this mock together and with Latimer’s rise up the board — it was tough to find him a spot. I think there’s room for one of the big name receivers to fall — perhaps either Benjamin or Brandin Cooks. Yet their path to the Seahawks at #32 will likely be blocked by New Orleans (if they stay at #27), Carolina and San Francisco.

Concerning news for Seattle?
When we did that ‘worst case scenario’ mock over the weekend — be prepared because it could come true. If a host of receivers leave the board early don’t be shocked if Morgan Moses and Joel Bitonio are also gone before #32 too. Tony Pauline is reporting both players are high up on Carolina’s wish list at #28. If all the top OT’s and WR’s are gone — and there’s no unexpected fall for the top defensive players — it’s time to start considering those wild card options.


  1. Chris

    Holy crap.

    Russell Wilson getting a divorce.

    Did not see that one coming.

    • Kenny Sloth

      This ain’t hockey

    • CC

      And he filed – I find that to be interesting.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I can see it. They got engaged before he was even drafted. Now he’s got the pick of the litter. Hope he got a prenup.

        • CC

          IMO as a woman, if the man cheats on you – you file or for those women who still love their man, they stick it out. When a man files, usually it means the wife cheated on him. I’m not sure what happened here, but a guy who works all the time – a woman in her mid 20’s, who is attractive, wants attention.

          In King County, and the state of Washington it is no fault – so it doesn’t matter what someone does I expect this to be concluded quickly – 90 days is the earliest it can be finalized. A settlement and a decree – and RW will keep on working.

          • Philip

            Maybe she insisted on calling him “Russy” or calling his coach and GM Petey and Johnny. That would be more than enough to justify sending any woman packing. 🙂

            • CC

              But is more fun to call them Petey and Johnny! They are so serious – always thinking about football all the time – compete this, compete that… :o)

          • Arias

            Interesting CC. Yeah I thought it noteworthy that he filed too. Also in the context of how religious he is, it’s harder to imagine him filing unless it was a vow breaking issue. Also that the team released the statement to the press. Deadspin suggested it might imply he was trying to get ahead of the news on something. All speculative of course, just facets of the announcement today I found curious.

          • Brad

            She could be barren. Guys that lose their fathers often want to start families of their own.

  2. CC

    I’d be happy with Bitonio at 32!

    With Sidney back and who knows what we do with Pryor, Percy back – there could be some fun formations on offense. But you need an O-line that can give them time and space to do their thing.

    I can only imagine how Russell is going to throw himself into his work given his divorce.

  3. James

    Rob, with the news today that Seattle is unlikely to exercise Carp’s option for 2015, since the cap hit is $7 mil, OG is probably the way they will go, certainly if Bitonio is there. Other options would be Moses to OT if available, and move Bowie to OG. XSF is still their backup plan, in my view, though I know you differ. A WR appears unlikely at this point…. a good one may fall to #64, since the run will have come in R1. (Man, it would be hard to pass on Hageman, but necessity over-rides sparq.)

    • CC

      I won’t be surprised to see 2 OTs taken by the Hawks

  4. Layne

    Sep. 4

    Green Bay Packers (Thu)


    Sep. 14

    at San Diego Chargers


    Sep. 21

    Denver Broncos


    Sep. 28


    Oct. 6

    at Washington Redskins (Mon)


    Oct. 12

    Dallas Cowboys


    Oct. 19

    at St. Louis Rams


    Oct. 26

    at Carolina Panthers


    Nov. 2

    Oakland Raiders


    Nov. 9

    New York Giants


    Nov. 16

    at Kansas City Chiefs


    Nov. 23

    Arizona Cardinals


    Nov. 27

    at San Francisco 49ers (Thu)


    Dec. 7

    at Philadelphia Eagles


    Dec. 14

    San Francisco 49ers


    Dec. 21

    at Arizona Cardinals *


    Dec. 28

    St. Louis Rams


  5. Mark

    OK, about this article… I think in your #5 scenario, Houston would look to trade with SD to leap over Cleveland. I don’t know what QB each team will target, but Houston won’t either. Maybe Houston has a couple of guys they like and aren’t willing to pay the extra price to go up a few more spots.

  6. Darren

    Your right Rob it all starts in the trenches. I figured Carp will be better and Bailey/Bowie a year more experienced and boom…bring in a 2nd rounder to compete at RT..

    Still would love a Benjamin or Moncrief since both guys bring something we really don’t have. size and dynamic downfield YAC which we lost that with GT. Percy is an X and Pryor isn’t likely moving outside permanently. Slight move up here nets us moncrief or benjamin.

    Love Kearse and Baldwin but those guys are 2nd and 3rd receivers in my opinion. Too bad here.
    Sad seeing Moncrief go to the niners here. Hopefully they go in a different direction with boldin crabtree and patton already in the fold.

    To leave Hagemann on the board they must have faith in Scruggs, Williams, Hill et al.

  7. Darren

    Favorable schedule especially early on

    • OHawk

      First half does seem more favorable but we close out the year with a pretty tough going. Five of our last six are division games and the Iggles might actually be a tough game. Got that short turnaround to play the Cards then go down to the Niners on a short week to play primetime on Thanksgiving.

      On the other hand we don’t play the best team in the NFL. Except in practice.

      Also @Carolina again. What the hell NFL? At least make it a late game instead of 10 AM. Of course we get the Rams at home again to close out the season. Got to sacrifice some lambs before the playoffs I guess.

  8. Stuart

    I am totally shocked and saddened by the news of Russell Wilson divorcing his wife. It’s not common for someone with RW’s faith to divorce after only 2 years, unless there was infidelity involved. In any event, it’s still sad to hear. I will always remember the moment when Russell was selected by the Hawks, Russell surrounded by his wife, family and friends.

    Back to the field-The reality is that OT is this teams biggest off season hole to fill. Well played Rob!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I always thought he could do better (;

      Like maybe me, how about.

      He just became the most desired bachelor in Seattle, I think.

      • Daniel H

        He just became the most eligible bachelor in the world! And I don’t get why everyone brings up his faith. Yes he’s a Christian but with a 50% divorce rate, probably higher for couples that marry young, I don’t see why it is such a huge suprise. But I love hearing everyone’s reason for why they think he is getting divorced.

  9. Ben2

    I’d prefer Hageman – his SPARQ is insane….in a rotation to keep him fresh and our veterans to push and teach him he could become a terror. What did the ZBS guru say (can’t remember his name right now…)? That he could turn garbage collectors into guards?Better defensive line play had a big role in pushing us over the top into the promised land….more pressure made our ball-gawking secondary even better as opposing QBs had to make quicker reads/throws. I’d rather have Hageman and JaWuan James but even better would be Hageman, best WR at 64 (Bryant?) and best guard or tackle available in 4th rd.

    • Ben2

      – “hawking”

    • Kenny Sloth

      Alex Gibbs?

      • Ben2

        Yep. Thx.

    • Robert

      If Hageman is gone, but Tuitt is available…?

      • Ben2

        Bitonio vs Tuitt? Bitonio.

  10. jake

    I’d rather see Hageman than Bitonio. Defense over offense.

  11. House

    After the trade for Pryor (JS was reported to saying SEA hasn’t ruled out making him a “Slash” player) and then the report SEA is leaning towards not optioning Carp (doesnt necessarily mean he isn’t re-signed), I think OL has to be the 1st rd pick and Bitonio should be our guy. Maybe drafting Bitonio and having him immediately push for LG will be the best move for us.

    I personally think the new Wildcard is Easley. With Scruggs returning, DT may not be our biggest NEED, but stacking talent on the cheap is NEVER a bad thing. Having him eased into the system and not rushing him back from his ACL would be ideal. We’ll also have him on a 5-yr deal…

    On separate notes:
    1. As someone who has been so dedicated to their career and going through a divorce, I really feel for Russ. I wish him the best of luck through this challenging time.

    2. Marcus Trufant signed with SEA today so he can retire a Seahawk. Tru was another one of those guys that always played hard, but his body couldnt stay together. Tjanks for all the great play and memories Marcus

  12. Cysco

    RE: Russell’s personal life. It’s personal. He’s human. His wife is human. It’s none of my (our) business unless it effects his performance on the field.

    RE: The schedule. I’ve got us at 12 wins, which should get us home field throughout.

    RE: #32, I have to agree with Rob, Latimer is going to be long gone when the Hawks pick. Bummer. I honestly don’t think Bitonio is going to be there either. Just too much buzz around him. I actually think that Kelvin Benjamin has a realistic chance of being there. Kind of the opposite of Latimer and Bitonio. His stock seems to be falling.

    man, another two weeks to wait!?

    • David M

      That’s alright with me If Benjamin falls to us, I would still pick him up, he’s no slouch of a blocker either, I’ve seen him pancake a few guys.

      I believe he can be trained to be a great receiver for our system.

    • Ben2

      Yeah….RW is a public figure and all but I come here to talk/read/discuss football in general and the Seahawks in particular

    • Robert

      I would rather have Latimer or Hageman, but if they are gone and Moncrief and Tuitt are available, who would you choose?

  13. Thorson

    Interesting mock. I’d be happy with either Bitonio or Hageman.

    Rob do you know anything about Dezmen Southward safety from Wisconsin? Some eye popping numbers from his pro day – 6’1″ 212 lbs sub 4.4 40, 42″ vertical, 10’4″ broad jump, 6.50 3 cone. Was looking at pro day numbers as compiled at Fieldgulls. Southward sort of stood out.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t Thorson but I’ll check him out.

  14. Nolan

    @DavisHsuSeattle: Dominik, former Bucs GM, says JaWuan James going in 1st rd


    • CC

      I would hate to lose James, but it would mean some other player would be there at 32

  15. JeffC

    Scot McLoughan resigning. That is a huge blow for us.

    • House

      A lot of Seahawks news today… Russ’ divorce, Trufant’s re-signing and retiring and then this. The guy is a TREMENDOUS evaluator of talent and while losing him will hurt, I think we still have a good group in the FO that all seem to be on the same page.

      • Misfit74

        I also really like Latimer, but Moncrief is equally intriguing.

        Obviously, just one puzzle piece, but Moncrief can ball.
        6-2 / 221 LBS.
        4.40 (3rd fastest at Combine)
        39 1/2″ Vertical (3rd best at Combine)
        11’0″ Broad Jump (Tied for 1st best at Combine)
        4.30 Shuttle
        7.02 3-Cone

        • CC

          Thanks for the reminder on Moncrief! His vert and being 220 makes me think a faster Boldin kind of guy – which would be an asset for us right now.

          I really hope that Pryor is willing to adjust his view of the world and consider contributing any way he can. I understand he wants to be a QB first, but sometimes in life, we have to change our view of things. I figure if anyone can help him with this, it is the Seahawks team.

          • MattK

            It would be an asset if Moncrief actually played like Boldin. Moncrief plays softer and still struggles to catch the ball cleanly and run precises routes.

  16. Dumbquestions

    The projected scenario for the Rams in this scenario (granting its openly speculative nature) looks nuts to me.

    They take a guard and a middling safety (weak positions in this year’s pool) instead of the best tackle in the draft (Greg Robinson) and (for instance) Cody Latimer? In exchange for extra 2-round personnel? Really? Are they that stupid?

    I’m not scared of the 49ers and Arizona next year. But I *fear* the expletive Rams. Vulnerable secondary, but jeez, everything else. Pair Latimer with Tayvon Austin, let Robinson protect Bradford, and all he has to do is complete 22 passes and handoffs to Zach Stacy.

    • Rob Staton

      Guard is a need for the Rams, and Martin can just as easily play tackle (and they aren’t giving up on Jake Long). Some see Pryor as more than a middling safety. I think he’s a R2 guy. Others think top-20 to be fair.

      And they love to move down — did it in 2011 from #6 and did it last year in a big way before targeting Ogletree.

      • Matt

        The Rams have a track record of trading down and trading up. Yes they traded down for Ogletree last year, but that was after trading up for Austin. Personally I think the Rams need 2 high impact players thinking OT Robinson, Matthews, WR Watkins, Evans, LB Shazier.

        In this mock they fill 2 needs with quality players in Martin and Pryor, while adding more picks. This is the last year that STL reaps the benefits of the RG3 trade, so I think they’ll swing for the fences.

  17. EranUngar

    “If all the top OT’s and WR’s are gone — and there’s no unexpected fall for the top defensive players — it’s time to start considering those wild card options.” – I see the situation differently and probably wrong but…

    With the obvious depth of the current roster and the limited nomber of picks this year I think the hawks will want a sure thing on thier first 2 picks. They will want a potential starter at a position of relative need either immediately or with a view to 2015. I think that if the rush is on and the players they have on thier short list are getting of the board too quickly for a quality pick at 32nd – They will look to trade up a few places using 2015 picks to ensure they get a first round value pick rather then go wildcard.

    I know i said it before more then once but that is how i see it. I also believe that the LOS “next guy up” on offense and defense will continue to bring fresh quality to the roster due to experience and training and the benefit of playing on the side of proven sb champions. Add 2 impact players per draft and the foundation for long term quality play is set. Hidden late round or UDFA gems will continue to be targeted and found but the base is the current roster plus the quality picks. They won’t risk it.

  18. Darin

    If Hageman is there, I think a guy like that has to be the pick. The DL has lost some key contributors, and a guy like Hageman can come and play the three and five technique spots. Tuitt being another option if Hageman is off the board.

    If JaJuan James is going in the first round, Seattle could be a fit, they are looking for help at right tackle, and Cable maybe saw something in the kid when he worked him out at Tennessee’s pro day.

    Even if they don’t exercise Carp’s 5th year option, that doesn’t mean he won’t be back, they just aren’t going to bring him back for more money than they think he should be making. Maybe he shows he can play a a consistently high level this year, and the Hawks lock him up to a multi-year deal at a better price.

  19. oz

    I believe the 49ers will trade up in the 1st and take a CB. By far their biggest need. They have enough ammo to trade up again if they so desire. they will be movers on draft day. Just sayin….

    • Matt

      Absolutely! The 9ers could trade up for a CB and a WR…and I fully expect them to do so on day 1, 2 and 3. They don’t have many open roster spots, so why not go quality over quantity. See them targeting OBJ, Cooks, Lee or Latimer at WR in round 1, and Roby, Dennard, Fuller or Verrett at CB in round 2. Both would most likely require a big trade up in each round…and they have the draft capital to make it happen.

      Hageman and Nix could also be targets along their aging DL front.

  20. House

    This is what I put together last night

    032. Joel Bitonio (OL, Nevada)
    064. Marcus Smith (DE, Louisville)
    132. Brent Urban (DL, Virgina)
    146. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (OL, McGill)
    172. Dontae Johnson (CB, NCSU)
    208. Brandon Denmark (DE, Florida A&M)

    • oz

      I like the Denmark pick. I don’t think Smith will be there at #64. He is steadily moving up draft boards as is LDT.

    • Ben2

      Keith the dearth of edge rushers I doubt Smith is there at 64…but who really knows? I see you gave been reading the Fieldgulls SPARQ Articles too – the name “Denmark” popped out at me and I remember him being a crazy SPARQ guy…and edge guy – right? A Leo project in our scheme.

      • Ben2

        Keith = with

  21. Cysco

    So down here in dallas, there tons of buzz coming out of the Cowboys’ camp that Jerry is pretty dead set on getting Johnny Manziel.

    That would b a very Jerry move.

  22. hawkfaninMT


    We have all speculated that the Hawks draft with an eye towards comparing the draftee to the current start/depth on the team. With that being said, How would you grade Hageman to our current players at DT. How about Easely(when healthy of course)? If Hageman/Easely were in last years draft, would both have had a higher grade for you than Hill and Williams?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Easley, when healthy, is a top-20 lock. Hageman is a mid/late first rounder based on potential. I’d rate both way ahead of Williams and Hill to be fair. Easley in particular is a stunning prospect, very exciting. It’s just the injury concern that worries you. If he gets healthy he could be a top, top three technique. Dockett, Sheldon Richardson like.

      • hawkfaninMT

        So in your opinion, assuming health, both would be a huge upgrade to DT. I am of the same mind and that is why I feel like Hageman would be the pick over Bitonio if he is there. I feel like the upgrade at DT is significantly higher than Bitonio offers over Bailey/Bowie at RT, and Carp/Bowie at LG.

        I am falling further and further into Hageman/Easley first round, Coleman/Bryant/Landry 2nd round territory!

        • Rob Staton

          For me Bitonio wouldn’t just be a day one starter at guard or tackle, he’d be a beast for 10 years. Hard to pass on that.

  23. Madmark

    Joel Bitinio and Brandon Coleman or Donte Moncrief and a Ja’Wuan James

    • hawkfaninMT

      Bitonio and Coleman if I am picking between the two

    • CC

      I’d be happy with any of those 4 at 32 and 64.

    • Hay stacker509

      Or shazier coleman

  24. AlaskaHawk

    With the move of Pryor to the Seahawks I would think that Oakland is a prime candidate for a first round QB. Who else do they have, Shaub? They would have their choice of QBs if the draft goes the way that you have projected, and Tennessee would take the 2nd QB right after them. I’m thinking Manziel is perfect Raider material.

    • House

      I think Oakland will draft weapons and continue to work things OTHER than QB. 2015’s draft class has some promising names potentially (Winston and Mariotta) and with their rough ’14 schedule, they are more than likely drafting pretty high.

      They have several holes on both sides of the ball and getting IMPACT players will be their MO. They have Schaub under contract for 2 more seasons and also have Matt McGloin. BPA at every pick would probably be their best strategy

    • Rob Staton

      The Raiders are trying to win now, they aren’t thinking about 1,2,3 years down the line. They have a GM and HC on the hot seat in a big way. I think there’s almost no chance they spend a high pick on a player who won’t see the field before they potentially get fired. They need to win some games in 2014 which is why they’ve added a veteran QB. Now they need to get him some weapons and protection. They will add impact players early.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wouldn’t bet on Schaub winning a lot of games. Since QB is the biggest influence on the offense maybe they will draft Manziel and let him sit the first half season while he learns from Schaub. Then after they lose 2 or 3 games in a row they put Manziel in. The Raider fans go crazy!! The sun shines down and hope is restored.

        Should be an interesting draft!

        • Rob Staton

          I also wouldn’t bet on Schaub winning many games — but the Raiders have. He’s there guy. And they need to win now. I think they’re almost as likely to draft a QB in the first two rounds as Seattle. They’ll go for impact players.

  25. Collins

    What do you think it would take for the Seahawks to make a trade up in the draft? What if they tabbed Latimer as the WR they want. What do you think it would take to move up enough to get Latimer?

  26. Colin

    Still think Dominique Easley at 64 has to be a major consideration, assuming he is still there.

    • CC

      I agree with you – he is talented.

      The other guy I’m intrigued with at 64 if available is Kareem Martin – DE.

      • hawkfaninMT

        During Kiper’s chat today he very nonchalantly claimed that Easely is a 4th-5th round pick. Just another analysts opinion, but if Easely is there in the 4th for the Hawks I will do back flips!

        • me

          I can see that, totally depends on the medical evals. Even if he gets healthy it won’t be until year 2 and most guys blow up their second year….and the s still got two bad knees so how many seasons does he play before losing a step?

          I do find Kareem Martin. Athletically he’s Clowney like by SPARQ according to fieldgulls, just with less top end speed (similar 10 yard splits and agility numbers) and has similar size and question marks. He’s….inconsistent at best but hell do was Clowney and he’s getting a total pass on that because of his freaky athleticism.

        • Rob Staton

          The entire NFL will do backflips in that situation.

  27. James

    A quick review of where we are (one man’s opinion):
    > These guys are generally projected to go in the top twenty picks, but one or more could fall to #32:
    – Lee, WR (could be bumped by Latimer and Benjamin, in part becuase of knee concerns and pedestrian 40 times, but still an incredibly skilled playmaker whom Pete knows well),
    – Shazier, OLB (a rare talent who would take our D into the stratosphere, but who may not find a good team fit before #32),
    – Hageman, DT (crazy athletic 6-6, 310 lbs behemoth, near impossible to find DTs of this skill set, but inconsistent effort, and a surplus of talent at other positions, could cause a drop),
    – Gilbert, CB and Roby, CB (could be a surprise need for the Seahawks a year from now, and these two are pure R1 talents, but have a few flaws that could drop them to the bottom of R1);
    > And these guys are the usual suspects:
    – Bitonio, OT/OG and Moses, OT (probably the likely pick, especially in light of the news that Carp’s contract will not be optioned for 2015, but Moses is rising on the boards and probably won’t be there, and the same may be true for Bitonio, combined with the fact that he does not have Right-OT size),
    – Benjamin, WR, Latimer, WR, and Moncrief, WR (elite talents at a talent-laden position ….could Pete find his elusive SE at last, but of late these guys are being mocked before #32, alas),
    – that leaves the fall-back guys: Tuitt, DT, (the classic PCJS sparq pick), or Lawrence, DE/Leo (a surprise entry at a potential need position a year from now), or Su’a-Filo, OG (an elite leader and sound technician who could start day one).

    ….my pick of the day: Shazier. Come back again tomorrow.

  28. phil

    Rob — I keep thinking of Jeff Janis and his combine performance. He sure looks Seahawky to me. What round do you think he will go in?

    • Rob Staton

      Great athlete, small hands and very inconsistent catching the ball. I think R5-7.

  29. James

    Rob has used Mel Kiper’s rankings as a point of discussion and comparision, so I thought you guys would be interested in some highlights of his new top 100 prospects list, in particular, how he has down-graded some favorites of this blog (player and Kiper ranking):

    – Lawrence, Leo # 49
    – Bryant, WR # 65
    – Bitonio, OL # 67
    – Moncrief, WR # 76
    – Urban, DE # 89

  30. James

    In just a few days, it will be time for the QBs to jump up. It happens every year with about a week to go before the draft. The coaches and gm’s of the really bad teams realize that their multi-million dollar salaries will be over this year or next unless they find their franchise QB. They understand the risk of failure if they guess wrong on the QB, but taking the chance is better than the alternative, which is near certain failure without the QB. Manziel will go #1 to the Texans. Atlanta will trade up for Clowney, and then it will be a scramble between teams like the Jags, the Browns, the Titans, the Vikings, etc, to grab Bortles and Carr. Bridgewater might fall to later in the round. This will slide all the OLs and WRs down a few slots….where one good one should still be there at #32.

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