Video analysis of the 2023 QB class (so far)

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  1. Mark

    If the hawks somehow end up with the 1st pick, I would prefer they take a generational talent like Will Anderson over a QB.

    • Peter

      If they get the first pick….hopefully the whole FO gets sh-t canned and a new brain trust gets to complete the circle with an extra first from denver to kick off a new era.

      • Big Mike

        Jody pay people to not work? Surely you jest.

        • Peter

          Jamal Adams is actually a fan of this comment

    • Rob Staton

      You have to remember that Anderson might go #1 overall

    • Spencer

      Would definitely prefer they draft Anderson if they have the first overall pick.

  2. Cambs

    Many strong men have withered crawling after the perennial mirage of “not this year’s QB class but the NEXT one” but … 2024 with Caleb Williams, Quinn Ewers, Drake Maye, Jaxson Dart, (a ’23-eligible guy who stays in school), (Joe Burrow-like sudden emergency of someone … McCord?) might be the real oasis.

    Whether that matters for the Seahawks is a different story, of course. Certainly matters for the league after the way the last two QB drafts have gone.

    • Rob Staton

      Quinn Ewers — two starts in college

      Drake Maye — three starts in college

      Jaxson Dart — about nine college starts

      I don’t know why anyone is talking about these players in relation to the draft

  3. cha

    “There are good interceptions and bad interceptions” -Rob

    Pete what kind interception was the Deejay Dallas trick play?

    “The play worked, we just needed to throw the ball better”

    • Rob Staton

      I definitely should’ve phrased that as:

      ‘Some interceptions are worse than others’

      • cha

        Your phrasing was fine. Pete’s was not.

    • Ashish

      Pete – do you mean DJ Dallas needs to throw better? Why you want DL to be OL, Guard to be center, SS to pass rusher, RB to QB? Pete it’s time to retire and enjoy the money you earned.

    • Rob Staton


      • KennyBadger

        Let Geno Cook?

        I look forward to a menu of Turd Burgers and Shit Sandwiches.

    • cha


      -Trades RW
      -Drafts awesome bookend tackles
      -Publicly says the team needs to pass more aggressively

      This is all just so bass-ackwards

      • Henry Taylor

        They are gonna have to at least attempt to pass downfield more often if they’re gonna be able to run the ball.

        And DK is a vertical threat unto himself, if he’s going vertical you have to respect it even with Geno.

        “Unleash” is a ridiculous phrase to use regarding Geno though 😅

        • bmseattle

          It’s odd, because even last year, Geno was throwing the ball deep more, especially to DK.
          I’m curious as to why that hasn’t happened at all through two games this year so far.

          Remember when DK was pointing at Geno on the sidelines, after Russ had returned from injury…indicating that Geno should be playing?
          I wonder if we’ll see DK pointing at Lock soon. 😉

          • Roy Batty

            Last year’s two game ending turnovers probably had Pete doing his patented “revert to the 90’s” play style to start this year.

            I’m curious to see if DK begins a slow, steady meltdown on the sidelines if deep shots are not in the plan. Like, a full on meltdown at some point with some serious anger at the podium after the game.

            It’s also curious that they bring out attrocious trick plays near the goal line, yet can’t trust an all world physical WR to catch contested deep shots. For God’s sake, which of those two scenarios is more reliable.

            Running the wildcat with a rookie RB, then using a 4th string RB with thick gloves to pass to a double teamed DK?

            Un. B. Lievable.

            • Big Mike


      • Blitzy the Clown

        I get it but where do the awesome tackles come from absent trading RW?

        And yes, I get they’re supposed to come from better drafting, free agency acquisitions and cap management over the course of, oh let’s say the last 5-6 years.

        I’m so okay they traded Wilson. Love the player, would have preferred if Carroll moved on instead, but here we are and I’m fine with it. They had an excellent draft. That buys some confidence from the fans. The clear headed among us realize this is a multi year rebuild, so I’m pacing my expectations.

        But I run into the proverbial wall with crapspeak like this from Carroll. Unleash? What the hell does that mean Pete? Y’all have already run twice as many pass plays as runs so far through two games.

        • bmseattle

          If the first two weeks of the season are any indication, then Russ is a pocket passer now…not much of a threat with his legs at all.
          I guess we’ll see if he can perform at an elite, or near elite level, without having the threat of his mobility anymore.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Part of why I’m okay he was traded.

            I think of Wilson similarly to Matt Stafford. Stafford, while a really good QB, wasn’t good enough to elevate the roster around him in Detroit (would anyone have been?). Anyway, similarly Wilson — at least the 2021 and on version of Wilson — isn’t capable of elevating a poor tp average roster anymore than Stafford was.

            But I think if you put Wilson on a loaded roster like the Rams, he could very well have similar success because I think he’s of a commensurate level of talent as Stafford (in different ways of course).

            Which raises the point since the Seahawks roster is so poor (pre 2022 draft, although I’m not sure it matters) that if they had kept Wilson and moved on from Carroll, I don’t know that it would have resulted in an immediate improvement. But that’s all academic now.

            • Tallyhawk

              I think McVay calling plays would have a bigger impact than the talent around him, though the talent wouldn’t hurt. I also think RW’s unwillingness to run anymore also hurts him greatly. One of the biggest reasons he was so good earlier in his career was the threat of him running. Now those read options are anything but. The past couple seasons the hawks ran what are least appeared to be read options but he never kept them. This despite him keeping it was open for yards all the time. I didn’t need him running as much as he used to but 1-2 times especially early in the game. Enough to keep the end honest and from crashing down every time. Not to mention if he picked his spots wisely it would keep the chains moving which has been the O’s biggest problem the past few years.

        • cha

          I get it but where do the awesome tackles come from absent trading RW?

          Oh good night nurse…

          We’ve been talking about their misuse of cap & pick resources for years.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Which I noted in the very next sentence.

            And yes, I get they’re supposed to come from better drafting, free agency acquisitions and cap management over the course of, oh let’s say the last 5-6 years.

            Nice selective editing cha. Still doesn’t change the situation. Spilt milk and all that.

            • cha

              You’re right I missed that

              • Blitzy the Clown

                No worries

  4. TomLPDX

    KJ on Sherm’s podcast talking about Russ…enjoy!

    • cha

      Remember when you were 8 and your brother got a bigger piece of cake for dessert than you did?

      No? Neither do I.

      Because we don’t talk about it every few weeks.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      KJ is very relatable I can see him coaching

    • Rob Staton

      I couldn’t be more bored of these same people going over the same boring topics over and over again

      “They didn’t call Wilson out enough in team meetings”

      Jesus wept. First world problems eh?

      I am so ready to move on from all of this bollocks

      • jed


        QB’s have been getting preferential treatment from everyone at every level since the forward pass became part of the game. Get over it.

  5. cha

    PC press conf

    [q] Jamal Adams surgery? “Surgery went well, resting at home, be there for a while, rehab. Pleased.”
    How long out? “Don’t know”
    Fingers? “No, didn’t hear anything about htat. Already had work done.”
    Torn quad tendon? “Yeah, sounds pretty good.”
    Away from team? “Yes rehab”

    [q] Atlanta runs well? “Shifted emphasis where Marcus big part of game too. Difficult for us. Option football.”

    [q] Similarities with way you build, run & play D? “Yeah you’ve heard me, good way to go. Active on defense, challenging there. New dimensions of run game difficult.”
    Week 3 still sorting 1-2? “Adapting as we go. Figure out how it fits together. Guys may have stepped up and changed your outlook. Still there.”

    [q] Issues with run game offense? “49ers terrific job. Didn’t get spacing we were counting on. Stouter at OL. No negative plays.”

    [q] Damien Lewis? “Walk through today. Thigh bruise, more done than we thought. Good indication though. Easy today go from there.”

    [q] Ken Walker reps? “Didn’t get observations made. Not enough opps to see what we wanted. Go at it this week.”
    Make out of game OK? “yes, fine.”

    [q] Shelby Harris practice? “No. Family thing working on. Not here today.”

    [q] DK hand and back injury? “Fine today. Bounced back fine.”

    [q] Did you learn last season just stopping the run not enough? (laughs) “We always try to pass rush. Didn’t learn anything last year to this year.”

    [q] Al Woods 3 TFL? “So big and strong, very productive.”

    [q] Why Red Zone defense good? “Background good success. New look been effective. Right now people dont’ know what we’re doing, haven’t got tape yet.”

    [q] Mariota play? “Always liked him. Looks like a starter to me. Athletic, can do many things. Good attitude, aggressive with runs. Making most of opps. First two weeks play to his strengths. Coaches transitioning from different makeup of QB.”

    [q] Diff from 2021? “Wasn’t much concern Ryan running the ball, classic pocket QB. Quick transition.”

    [q] Cordarelle Patterson? “Remarkable player. Process to put him right spot. Phenomenal returner. Settling in at RB spot. Looks different from other RBs. Tall, fast. Nice mix.”

    [q] Kyle PItts threat? “Throwing go balls to him. Big statement, they really like him. Finding ways to get him the FB. Looks like a WR.”

    [q] Daryl Taylor play? “Learning. Adjusting. Figuring out how best to use our guys. Working at that. He can do everything, but we particularly like him as a rusher. He’s learning, we’re learning.”

    [q] Darrel Johnson? “Natural FB player. Technician at LOS. 3, 9, can do it all. Long arms, aggressiveness shows up on ST. Shows up in game too. Positive impression, will play him more.”

    [q] Cody Barton starter? “Taking to it. PIcking his time, taking shots. Will continue to show up. Backfield, perimeter. Good ball instincts, former DB. Good transition, owns the spot.”

    [q] Dee Eksridge low snaps? “Takes time. Missed so much time. Want to play him, want him out there. Case of don’t do too much too early. Dying to play more.”
    He ok? “He’s fine.”

    [q] Justin Coleman OK? “Not practicing today.”

    [q] Geno explosive, what did you see on film? “Didn’t find explosions in game. No reason not to go more. Not gonna wait for 3-4 more weeks to see what Geno looks like. Practice, in game, very comfortable, poised, accurate. No reason to worry about him at all. Coaches feel better about it too. 80% passes complete weeks.”

    [q] Josh Jones play? “Good. Nice job. Real productive, lot of confidence.”

    [q] Team response to Sunday loss? “See today, and Thursday. Finally a regular week. First week feels like normal sequence. Take advantage.”

    [q] Cross and Abe two weeks in? “Holding their own. Attentive to coaching critique. Nothing holding them back. Seen some darn good guys already. Build a reservoir of experience.”

    [q] Coby Bryant play vs SF? “Solid play. Understanding officials calls, allowed and not. Four deep balls called, all over it with our CB, 3 penalties. Couldn’t cover tighter. Find way with finesse at end of play. Not panicking, in control.”

    [q] Sidney Jones fit in competition? “Third spot. Ready to go. Pushing guys to keep rolling. Sid’s ready to go. Frustrated by that. Mike and Tariq nice job.”

    [q] Artie Burns back? “First practice today. Take a look.”

    • cha

      [q] Tre Brown? “Not close. Not ready yet.”

      [q] CB penalties? “Not talking about this. Not draw attention of officials to call. Looking back one thing. Work our way through that.”

      [q] Send play back to NY? “Sent a lot of stuff back. Yeah.”

      [q] Interior OL Gabe and Phil play? “Consistency. Pass pro leakage there. Generally good but plays to clean up. I think we’ll be really solid Pass Pro wise. Tackles grow and learn, work with guards, anticipate improvement.”

      [q] Biggest D change Sunday? “Penalties out of the way. 4 first downs gave them. Dont’ have to do anything else different. If there was one thing I could clean up, that’s it.”

      [q] More pass rush? “Different styles of QB. Anxious to see us cut loose in coming weeks. Uchenna big factor in everything. See if we can get Quentin going, Mafe and Darryl. Keep them fresher too.”

      [q] Mariota similar to Lance? “Yeah.”

      • TomLPDX

        Thanks Curtis! I can never hear the reporters questions and only hear Pete’s response. Makes it hard to follow. Really appreciate you get the questions down.

        Really bummed about Tre Brown. He was so dynamic last year before he got hurt. Would love to see him play at 100%

        • Big Mike

          Yeah me too Tom and throw Eskridge in there too. I mean is the guy ever going to play and be part of the offense?

      • Hawkdawg

        Pee’s answers about Adams seemed even more vague and evasive than usual to me. Wonder what the real deal is….

        • Hawkdawg

          Pete, that is….

  6. Robert Las Vegas

    It’s unnatural for me to root for other teams in are division but gotta tell you that I will be rooting for the San Francisco 49ers to beat Denver this Sunday night.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I am rooting for every team to beat the Broncos, no matter who they are. After this your I don’t care what they do, but this year I want those sweet, sweet high round picks. And I am not going to lie, there would be a wee bit of schadenfreude if the Broncos had a worse or equal record to the Hawks.

      • JimQ

        Sounds like the Bronco’s head coach is warming up on the “coaches’ hot seat”, maybe that Bronco’s 1-st rounder will be a lot better pick than many expect.

        • Rob Staton

          Hackett is trending towards a one-and-done for sure

          Keep an eye on Sean Payton for that gig

          • Ashish

            Oh.. no I want PC to go and Sean to come in for Hawks for top 4 picks in 2 rounds.

            • Jordan

              Now there’s a guy who got a loooong rope in New Orleans. 2006-2021, with Drew Brees for most of it and last made the Super Bowl in the 2009. Bountygate. Was allowed a run of 3 straight sub .500 seasons from 14-16 with a HOF QB. Pete won the NFC twice and the Super Bowl once in the time since Payton last got there.

              • God of Thunder

                Nice. Well remembered. I’d forgotten how long a leash he had.

                • Big Mike

                  Keep in mind they would’ve gone to a 2nd Super Bowl if not for one f the most egregious pieces of officiating ever………..likely the worst no-call in NFL history considering what was at stake

                  • Rob Staton

                    And let’s not forget the Minneapolis Miracle

        • cha

          That sequence Sunday vs Houston with the playcall and 3rd and 1 and then the delay of game on 4th and 2 was just as looney as his try for a 64 yard FG to win the Seattle game.

  7. Rob Staton

    Heading to 🇮🇹 on Thursday

    Will be back on Saturday to watch CFB

    Blog will be a bit quiet between now and then

    • bmseattle

      You have a gelato preference, Rob?

  8. Chawks1

    Did anyone else know that Bryce Young played HS ball for the LA Valley Seahawks???

    It might be destiny. 👀

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    Clint Hurtt on Darrell Taylor today…

    Q: What have you thought of Darrell Taylor’s first 2 games?

    Hurtt: You know, I addressed that stuff accountability-wise with him privately. What I’ll say is obviously there’s things he wants to play better. We have to continue to coach him better and clean up some details for him. We expect great things out of him collectively as a group and there’s things, there’s plays that he’s made. But we need the consistency to be right.

    • GoHawks5151

      Man, I like Clint. Hoping he and Desai can get some things established during this season

      • Peter

        Most of us like Hurtt. That comment though could be cut and copied for nearly every player at any position for the last few years.

        It’s always about “clean things up.” Taylor was starting to shine last year. What are they doing differently this year than last that has turned promise into a liability?

        • Big Mike

          Is he having to set the edge in the opponent’s run game mu h more often rather than just rushing the passer?

          • Peter

            The main thing that stands out to me:

            Nwossu: 80% of snaps
            Taylor: 76% of snaps

            Mafe: 30% of snaps

            I wonder what the reasoning behind this is? None of which have been in this system for any more time than any one else. Seems that leveling out snap counts could help all three.

            Sacrilege I know but if Seattle gets a very high pick and one from Denver might be time after a decade to really go after an interior dline that gives pressure or absorbs a ton of protection over another edge rusher. Like the guys they have but none if which are players you could call a force on the dline.

            • Rob4q

              How about Brooks comments about the 49’ers game:

              “It starts with the film first, then practice,” said Brooks, who had 11 total tackles but was also part of a miscommunication that led to a passing touchdown in the first half. “It just wasn’t there during the whole week, so it wasn’t a surprise that I played a bad game and that we didn’t play well off each other.”

              “Being a leader of the defense, it starts with me,” Brooks said. “I’ll make sure I’m better this week and everybody just follows suit and we’ll be better for it.”

              The young players need to learn what it means to have accountability as a pro. Bobby and KJ are not there anymore the keep these young guys focused. It’s sink or swim time…

            • cha

              I wonder what the reasoning behind this is? None of which have been in this system for any more time than any one else. Seems that leveling out snap counts could help all three.

              Taylor and Nwosu have been overused for sure.

              Some of that is the injuries to Alton Robinson and Tyreke Smith.

              Some of that is not wanting to overwork Mafe so early in his career, and getting Darryl Johnson up to speed in the program.

              For what it’s worth, PC has identified this as an issue and has said they need to even out the snaps. Granted he’s said that for years. We’ll see how important it is to him this year.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            The “clean up some details for him” part makes me think they still don’t know how to use him yet.

            In another part of his presser, Hurtt responded to a question about whether the shift to a 3-4 was causing some of the problems by pointing out that distinction doesn’t really apply (3-4 vs 4-3) because they mostly run an under front, which is essentially a 4 man DL with the 3T lined up on the half of the LOS away from the TE (or from the designated TE if an offense is in 12 or 13 personnel) and the SAM lined up opposite the TE/designated TE. If I’m not mistaken, in Seattle’s defense, the MIKE designates the strong side TE when necessary.

            His looking lost on a lot of plays could be explained by this and it is correctable.

            I appreciate how Hurtt acknowledged the obvious — Taylor isn’t playing well, let alone progressing. Even if he hemmed and hawed a little after that, at least he didn’t duck it, like another unnamed Seahawks coach would.

            • cha

              The “clean up some details for him” part makes me think they still don’t know how to use him yet.

              His looking lost on a lot of plays could be explained by this and it is correctable.

              I think a fair amount is more growing pains and coaching than scheme.

              Last year it felt like every time he blew a run assignment because he was flying to the QB, the Seahawks pulled him off the field. They didn’t “live with the mistakes” and coach him up as much as they probably should have. Benson Mayowa got a million snaps and did nothing but at least PC knew what he would be doing. They sacrificed development time for some kind of comfort.

              Now this year, he’s going from 50% of snaps in 2021 (with a 80% pure pass rush situation) to 70-80% of snaps in 2022 (with about only 50% or so pass rush situations).

              It shouldn’t be a galloping shock that he isn’t sparkling in the run game yet.

  10. samprassultanofswat

    Concerns about Bryce Young. Yes, I understand he won the Heisman Trophy. However. I would like to point out that Young only weighs 195 pounds (According to Wikipedia). Kyler Murray looks small/thin. And yet he weighs 207. As fragile as Murray is he still outweighs Young by 12 pounds. Also praying for Alabama, Young’s offenses are loaded with star power talent. When you are the QB at Alabama you have been given the keys to the Ferrari. You should perform well. Until Tua had a 6 TD performance on Sunday Alabama QBs have not played well in the NFL.

    • vbullen65

      Good point about Alabama QB’s. Only exceptions I can think of are Namath and Stabler and that’s going back a long time ago.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Tua is listed at 6-1 and 217 pounds. He looks small compared to other quarterbacks, and indeed he has been injured alot.

      I just don’t see a long future in the NFL for Young. Maybe he will defy the odds, but my prediction is he will spend a lot of time on the injury list.

      Look what happened to Herbert last week. One hard hit to the ribs. He’s 6-6 and weighs 236 pounds. The smaller quarterbacks will not last.

  11. Rob Staton

    KJ Wright here, saying what I said in my video last week:

    • Tyler

      You called it.

      Also, KJ has been a great addition to Brock and Salk.

      • Peter

        Kj is great on air.

        Part of me wonders how he’d be if he got in the coaching ranks. I always think that and I believe most smart fans know that he was a much more important part of keeping that defense amazing than many others realize.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          He has said that at this point he does not want to get into coaching. It is too time consuming and takes time away from his family. Maybe at some point down the road we may get to find out but it sounds like it may be a while til that happens.

        • VanHawk

          Totally agree, KJ is amazing on Brock and Salk, just wish Salk wouldn’t obsess so much about Wilson, visavis his questions to KJ and his unrelenting drive to get KJ to throw dirt on Wilson.

          Find it really cringe worthy and cheap.

  12. Palatypus

    If we are picking at, say, number eight and the quarterback that we want is not there, I would rather trade down at that point and get an extra first-round draft pick in the 2024 draft. Two of these quarterbacks would be much more NFL-ready at that time and this roster still needs a lot of work.

    • Peter


      Maybe they trade all their picks to first rounders in 2025 so a new regime can call it what it is…a rebuild…and get on with it?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Thats a decent idea. If they trade properly they may own half the first round in 2025.

      • 509 Chris

        That’s actually brilliant. Unfortunately it’s not the fans decision, it’s on old punt carrol and he’ll blow those picks I fear. 2 good drafts in a row would shock me from this front office.

        • Peter

          This year looks like the slog a lot if thought it was going to be.

          But if they hit on a second draft maybe this team can shortly be something great to watch again.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    This is a follow up to the first comment made here about picking Will Anderson, pass rusher as the first pick.

    Seriously, when was the last time that the Seahawks developed a rookie defensive pass rusher? It seems like the rookies keep busting or move on. I’m not sure which.

    The only pass rushers I can think of are Bennett and Avril and they were veterans who already had the moves. They may have helped them develop further but they didn’t start as rookies with the Seahawks. Has there been any rookie of note that became a decent pass rusher?

    • Palatypus

      It might be this year.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Frank Clark turned out ok, but you are correct. They don’t seem to have much of a track record developing DEs.

      • Palatypus

        IIRC he was one of many players that didn’t do much of anything his first year. I think it was an injury in training camp that retarded his development.

    • Seattle Person

      I get the reservations but if Will Anderson is there, I have no worries or problems with the Hawks picking him. I won’t be worried about the team not being able to develop which positions. In the state of the team, you still try to collect the best and most talented players. At least that’s what I hope the team does.

      • Rob Staton

        You might need #1 to select Anderson

        • Seattle Person

          No doubt. He’s that type of talent. I’m just pushing back on the idea that we should ignore certain positions because we don’t develop them well. Not sure any organizations think like that.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I didn’t say it’s a bad move to pick him. I was just wondering if they have the coaching skill to develop him. I guess he will be elite enough to figure it out. I would rather he was on the Seahawks team than some other team.

  14. Palatypus

    A few things on my mind.

    1) I don’t normally do this, but I made a youtube comment on a Seahawks film breakdown of Geno Smith posted by Top Billin’ Found here:

    I wrote:

    22:34 mark. You are wrong. DK Metcalf is wide open in the middle of the field. Lockette is releasing away from the coverage and not open yet.

    His response:

    “Who the hell throws an out route right when someone is open? Tell me you never played without telling me you never played. That’s an anticipatory throw that he’s clearly going to. You throw it before they break not once he does break. And Wtf is there to be “wrong” about? He was going to Lockett and would’ve completed the pass had he not been sacked. This isn’t rocket science”
    And then another response:

    “And Metcalf is running a drag with an underneath defender sitting right there. Lmmfao.”

    Well, how about anticipating that Metcalf is going to be there and then have him go kill that defender? Just a thought.

    2. If I was Queen of England, I would have been buried in a Spitfire. Also, I wasn’t there but I just know that when everyone had to kiss King Charles’ ring he said something terrifying like, “My name is Chucky and I’ll be your friend ’til the end!”

    3. Election season in Florida means lots of polls. Here’s a poll question in the format of one I did for Florida Power & Light, who jacked up our rates even though we have solar panels.

    You should never trade multiple first-round draft picks on a player unless it is a quarterback, left tackle, edge player, or shutdown corner.

    1-Strongly Agree
    2- Somewhat Agree
    3-Somewhat Disagree
    4-Strongly Disagree
    2-Somewhat Agree

    • Seattle Person

      DK was running open in the middle but 2 LBs were also lurking in those zones. Honestly I don’t know if Geno threw there it would have been the correct decision. Geno would have needed to release the ball around the 21:20 mark. You still have the other LB lurking. He could have tipped it, picked it, or blow up D.K.

      The decision to throw the out-route was sound and a much safer throw.

      • Palatypus

        So DK on a linebacker is not the matchup you want? He looked really open to me. Sure, something bad could happen when the LB tries to catch the bullet train to Tokyo, but he could also go Cookie Gilchrist on his ass.

        • Seattle Person

          D.K on a LB is a great matchup. This was not DK vs a LB though. They were zoning up. D.K crossing the middle with a LB’s eyes on the QB waiting to pounce is not a good thing. Those windows close really quickly in the middle. DK might have caught that caught that. Chances are he gets blown up by a breaking LB trying to make a play.

          It’s understandable why Geno decided to look towards the out route. It was one-on-one coverage and the sidelines can be used as protection. Plus it’s a deeper timing route so I doubt Geno was looking D.K’s way in the first place. He was probably the outlet pass. DK didn’t even look up for the ball because he knows it’s a deeper QB drop back.

          I’m sure they’ll look at this again and hopefully they find a way to execute better.

          • Palatypus

            Let me put it another way.

            Would you throw that pass against Cody Barton?

            • Seattle Person

              Sure. Maybe? You aren’t fully understanding the full context here though. I agree with you that DK is slightly open for a bit. I’m just telling you what I see and trying to explain to you why Geno is looking towards Tyler instead of D.K. It’s a combination of what the defense is playing and the offensive play.

              It’s really easy to cherry pick and say a player is open after the play. It’s much harder to explain what’s actually going on within the play. Analyze fault and thought-process. So you’re right, D.K was open for a bit. But try to understand why the ball didn’t go to him. It’s not always as easy as the QB missed it. Sometimes the play is designed to go somewhere else. Not trying to pick a fight with you. I love the conversation though.

              • Palatypus

                No, I get it. It’s like that time Joe Montana didn’t throw to Jerry Rice on the crossing route because David Fulcher was lurking.

        • Big Mike

          Nice Cookie Gilchrist reference Palatypus. Your age is showing man, but then so is mine cuz I watched him play too.

    • Rob Staton

      Mr Top Billin sounds like a bundle of joy

      • cha

        -Fiercely pro-Seahawks. Every Seahawks move is the greatest move in NFL history and destined to set the league on fire.

        -Just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

        -Fiercely argumentative under the guise of ‘not afraid of telling it like it is.’ He goes looking for arguments. Not above name calling (‘Jamal Adams haters are stat nerd virgins’).

      • Palatypus

        Top Billin’ so Illin’ he needin’ Penicillin.

    • Big Mike

      The coffee cup called. He does NOT like your poll. I on the other hand, do like it.

    • Julian L

      Not sure I’d trade multiple 1st round picks for any player other than a Quarterback. Better ways to build a roster.

  15. cha

    OMG Pickens

  16. icb12

    I will never forgive PC/JS for not drafting Nick chubb. Can’t do it. I can see the reasoning and arguments for a lot of their other miscues/mistakes/perpetual idiocy over the years. But penny over Chubb is simply unforgivable.

    To blow such an obvious choice. Ugh.

    • Peter

      We’ve argued about many things but I’m here in full support of this comment.

      Amazing to have missed that pick of a player so built for this team.

      Fans hang on the hope of penny, meanwhile chubb does penny’s “breakout,” games like it’s no big deal for him game over game.

      • Seattle Person

        Quite a list of players I thought for sure the team was going to pull the trigger on based on what they needed and how great their physical attributes where. I thought for sure about these players. Then the Hawks turned around and broke my heart…

        2017: T.J Watt: I couldn’t believe the team passed him up. I thought he was a good fit for the Irvin role of playing SAm and rushing on passing downs. I was pretty upset that they traded down and got McDowell instead. I thought Watt was the biggest steal of that year.

        2018: Chubb obviously. I was again wondering what gives? I thought Chubb fit the Hawks to a tee other than his health concerns. Another player I really wanted was Jesse Bates but we still had Earl Thomas at the time. Then again…I thought the team should have traded Thomas and target Bates as a replacement.

        2019: I wasn’t as upset but I thought we need to continue to plan ahead and build up quality depth. I thought Byron Murphy would have been a very high upside nickle CB. I also thought for sure they were going to target Montez Sweat but no…

        • Big Mike

          Eskridge instead of Creed Humphrey. I’ll never understand their pretty obvious disdain for the Center position, particularly considering they play against Aaron Donald 2X a year.

          • Ashish

            Stop rubbing it Mike … 🙁 🙁 Dumb ass Pete

        • Peter

          The stranger thing to me about not selecting Watt and going after McDowell is that since losing Bennett and making one horrible blindfolded pinata swing at McDowell they have since nearly abandoned the idea of either an inside out player or a dline presence that is a factor. Two weak trades where nearly player remains on contract doesn’t contact as trying.

          You would think if it was so important to take that swing then they would have tried again at least one or two other times….I don’t mean nazir jones or q Jeff. I get its easier said then done but they haven’t even tried to draft a dlinemen who can sort of get after the passer.

          Hopefully this draft with the early picks that changes. Though early money is on a third reciever and a safety.

          • Big Mike

            There you go Peter, never too many Safeties.

            • Peter

              Just doing my own calculations they signed a good but wrong side of the age timeline vet to a ton of money so he should be getting cut with no ceremony soon ish.

              And then the other guy……

    • UkAlex6674

      Or Jonathon Taylor who even said he wanted to come here……

      • Peter

        Head in hands level decision making process

  17. Big Mike

    This weekend will be the first of several games I don’t bother watching this season. Mrs. and I are going up to Anacortes for the Oyster Run which is a large motorcycling get together. Bought a new bike a month ago and really looking forward to “showing it off” and checking out the other bikes and people. Hasn’t happened for the last 2 years cuz Covid and the weather is going to be quite good for that part of the world. Six or seven years ago I wouldn’t have even considered missing a Hawks game. Now I don’t even care.

    • Peter

      Big Mike-

      Hopefully that ride is amazing. Anacortes is great when the weather is right.

      I’m with you. Just got back from a vacation abroad. Followed this site at Rob’s time. Beyond the shellacing what did I miss?

      From around 2002 to about the empty seat season I wouldn’t have missed a game for nearly anything short of birth or death.

      If I had to I’d diligently dvr it and gladly put my feet up in the evening to enjoy it.

      My internet provider doesn’t do TV anymore (small rural fiber optic company) and I’m legitimately more bummed I can’t watch College GameDay than easily watch hawks games. When I lived in Colorado and was borderline broke I ponied up at the time a ton of cash to get direct TV to watch the burgeoning lob/wilson era.

      I’ve said it before. There’s just no juice with this team. Even if one thing was different it might be a different story. If the run game was amazing or the defense was balling out….but both units are carbon copies of last year.

      Hopefully this week Walker can get rolling. Hopefully Mafe and that rotation gets sorted.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      This is where I am with this team, but I got there last year. When the fall weather is nice in the PNW, I just can’t sit inside watching bad football when I could be outside doing something. I don’t mind losing if the team is fun to watch, but for the last couple years – and this year – they are just not fun. Even when they win. Even if the next coach they hire is a bust, I cannot wait for someone besides Pete. Oh to watch an offense that is not from the 70s.

    • Big Mike

      Agree with you guys about the weather. If it’s 45 and pissing rain, fine I’ll watch. Sunny and 65, nope.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Whatcha ridin Big Mike?

      • Big Mike

        2019 Road Glide Ultra
        Had a Road King for 13 years and just bought the Glide a month ago. Had 450 miles on it, no BS.
        It’s like riding a Cadillac. I travel every summer and was ready for this one.
        Thanks for asking my friend.

  18. cha

    Brady Henderson
    The Seahawks list Justin Coleman and Shelby Harris as non-participants for the second straight day. Austin Blythe goes from limited to not practicing, so it’s looking like it could be Kyle Fuller at center Sunday vs. Atlanta.

    Well that’s just brilliant. Ask me the one player on the Falcon defense we need to handle and it’s Grady Jarrett.

    • Mick

      If Blythe is out we’re gonna end up trying out more than one player at C. Fuller will start and fail, maybe D. Lewis or even Curhan will get snaps there.

    • Big Mike

      Center is not important. Pete’s actions told me so.

      • bmseattle

        The fact that Fuller is still on the team after last year’s debacle, says everything you need to know about how Pete evaluates the center position.

      • Gaux Hawks

        sad. true. anxiety. purgatory. ugh. gin. ice. humphrey. headache.

      • Ashish

        Come on, new long snapper can do the center job no big deal. Take it easy.

    • KD

      Sometimes it feels as if they really are deliberately trying to tank the season :/

  19. Old but Slow

    Trying to figure out what it would be if Blythe is out, From Bad to Worse, or out of the frying pan into the fire?

    I wonder, can Bellore can snap the ball?

  20. Tanner

    Rob, Aaron Wilson of PFN seems pretty plugged in to the agents of the league and breaks a lot of news. His Insider Notebook goes over a lot of injury reports for this upcoming week, but I thought his blurb on Levis and Anthony Richardson from a former scout on the record was interesting. This community sees Levis as being farther along than Bryce Young and not as robotic as Stroud, but how does the league view him?

    “He has got a huge arm,” David said. “Throwing the football is really easy for him. The biggest thing out of watching his film is that he can make every throw. He’s got big-time arm talent. His accuracy needs improvement. He’s not seeing the whole field particularly well right now. There’s a lot of half-field reads. He’s struggling to get past that half-field read even when well-protected a couple of times. In the Florida game, he never got back to some of those reads. He’s got more arm talent than anybody in last year’s class.

    “He has some Trevor Lawrence type of qualities going for him. If he basically goes through the year the way he is right now, he’s an early second-round pick because of the talent that’s there. I wouldn’t feel good good drafting him super high, but he’s an intelligent kid. There are steps to where he’ll see the full field, but he hasn’t shown it yet.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’m struggling to reconcile a comparison to Trevor Lawrence with a second round grade.

      Also, you can see him go through three progressions on tape. Most college QB’s don’t do that. Most don’t also work for the Rams current OC and then a Shanahan disciple.

      This half read stuff. Tell me which college QB is doing consistent full field reads?

      Paralysis by over analysis

  21. Happy Hawk

    Watching the game last night with Trubisky and Brissett ( both clearly in the have not camp) and thinking about Geno and Lock also both clearly have nots and the Hawks future. They may need to draft multiple QB’s and in consecutive years to hit on a “have” for the future. It is such a crap shoot. Levis at pick #1 and Van Dyke with the second first round pick?

    Don’t want to dip into the veteran QB market – Flacco, Ryan, Wentz, Winston, Marriota Cousins, Jimmy G, Tannehill, etc.
    Not sure about the young but not successfull yet QB’s: Fields, Mills, Mayfield, Darnold, D Jones, Tua, Z Wilson, Love, Lawrence, M Jones, Lance etc.

    The new rookies: Pickett, Willis, Ridder, Corral, Zappe seem like longshots to hit

    Looks like we must get our QB in the draft – worried that we may be in the “have not” world for some time.

    • Rob Staton

      I never understand the idea of spending two firsts on QB’s. If you spend a R1 on a QB he needs the whole camp to get ready. Or you sit him and redshirt him (and then give him priority snaps). If you have two guys needing this treatment, neither will get the necessary development time.

      The only way you can do multiple QB’s is if you are in a position to draft someone clearly superior a year later and/or the original R1 pick has shown to be crap. Eg — Murray/Rosen

      • Happy Hawk

        Good points. Just do not want to be in QB purgatory for extended years.

      • DC1234

        It did work out for Washington when they drafted RG3 1st round and Kirk Cousin in 4th round in the same draft. But I wouldnt spend two 1st on two QBs in the same draft.

        I think now since Russell is no longer here, Seahawks should draft QB at lower rounds every year until they find a franchise QB. You never know if you hit on one. Or they can be a good backup or trade bait.

        • Rob Staton

          Well that’s different though

          That’s a R1 and a day three pick

  22. Adog

    I’m wondering what Cooper Rush brings to the table. Have not watched him play really…but maybe he’s a qb to keep an eye on for the hawks. I like the offensive philosophy that Dallas runs…would fit in great with dks attributes. Perhaps they flip a second for rush and hire kellen Moore as the head coach.

    • Rob Staton

      We can’t go down that road

      They’ve got to draft someone to be the future

  23. Jabroni-DC

    Seattle vs Atlanta is exciting for 2023 Draft positioning, lol.
    Is there such thing as a head to head tie breaker for the draft or is it all strength of schedule?

    • Rob Staton

      Strength of schedule

  24. Romeo A57

    I hope I am worrying for nothing, but what are the chances that Pete would trade away some of the high draft picks in 2023 to try to make the current roster a little better.

    This team will probably start to pile up a bunch of ugly losses. If that happens Pete may figure to get fired if the record gets too bad. Since there doesn’t seem to be any guardrails in place, what would stop him from trading away the future?

    A total different situation, but he left USC in a shambles.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see any chance of that

      Pete knows they need the stock

  25. Gary

    “We didn’t get done what we wanted to last week”.

    This tired refrain could be the epitaph for Pete Carroll’s tenure.

    • Sea Mode

      “Just gotta clean a few things up…”

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