Thurmond signs for the Giants, Melton in Dallas

Walter Thurmond has agreed a one-year deal with the New York Giants, per Adam Schefter.

The Seahawks stayed in contact with Thurmond but never made a big push to keep him.

Jason La Canfora says he’ll earn $3.5m in 2014.

He flourished with extra playing time last season, but he’s also suffered a catalogue of injuries and a late suspension at the end of the year could’ve been costly.

Pete Carroll preaches putting the team first. That suspension won’t have been easily forgotten.

And if there’s one position the Seahawks can re-stock, it’s cornerback.

Meanwhile Henry Melton has now left Seattle and is taking a visit with the Cowboys, according to Ian Rapoport.

Reports last night suggested the Seahawks were negotiating hard with his agents. And yet he’s still taking the trip to Dallas.


This appears to be the latest…


  1. oz

    Just glad it wasn’t the Whiners he signed with. Good for WTIII. It’s looking DB in the first for Whiners.

    • Chris F

      La Canfora says the contract is for $3.5M. I’m sure nobody else even came close.

      • CC

        Agreed – that is a lot of $ especially with the risk that he might do something stupid.

        • diFuria

          My understanding that it is easy to avoid a positive test for the sacred herb. Given the consequences, I can’t imagine that he (or Browner) are gonna flunk that test again this year. Neither is the league, given those contracts. I think with Thurmond, the real issue was injuries.

          • plyka

            From what I heard it’s easy to avoid a positive test if you’re not in the program –meaning you have never tested positive. Because they schedule the tests and you know when they are coming.

            However, if you have tested positive, then they are random tests and plenty of them. I believe Browner tested negative a few hundred times since his time in the NFL, but failed 1 of them, which caused him to be suspended for a year.

            So it’s not longer easy for Browner and Thurmond. Now they have random tests and they come often.

            • Arias

              sounds a lot like real life too. Once you’re in the system it’s very hard to get the benefit of the doubt. You can get away with a lot moreif you keep your rap sheet clean.

  2. kevin mullen

    After having doubts about Maxwell due to lack of playing time, Thurmond and Browner being in the last year of their contracts, Simon being IR’d, and Lane’s lack of physicality, I would have pegged CB as a bigger need than most realized. I was definitely rooting for an early pick CB. Now seeing how well Maxwell performed in relief of Browner, I feel a lot better of the situation and that it’s still probably the strongest unit of our team. If JS drafts a CB and we had satisfied needs of WR and DT, this guy would get my vote. He looks like he already belongs on the LOB. Dan Quinn should have insider info!

    • Michael M.

      He’s got the length with 32 3/4″ arms, but he would probably be the slowest (4.61) and weakest (6 reps) player in our secondary.

      • kevin mullen

        Maybe so, but he’s got a nose for the ball. You really can’t teach that trait, but you can put him the weight room for an entire offseason and I’m sure he could double that rep.

        Quinn used him a lot on CB blitzes in 2012, in which Thurmond was our CB blitzer from that Nickel spot in 2013. It would be interesting to see who Quinn sees that can do that with our current secondary.

    • Chris F

      The two guys I like are Walt Aikens and Phillip Gaines. If you have the time check them out at Draft Breakdown. I hope we draft at least one of them.

      • Arias

        Walt looks very promising and precisely the type of player that the Seahawks draft in past years in the fifth or sixth round. Even though he’s from a small school I’m not sure how under the radar he is this year though. He sounds like something straight out of a Pete Carroll manual on cornerbacking with the ideal psychological profile.

    • CC

      Dontae Johnson and Jaylen Watkins are the guys in the draft at CB I’m interested in. Sherm was mentioning a guy on our practice squad – was it Akeem somebody who he said is a guy that will be ready next year. With Simon and a few of these other guys, I have faith we’ll be okay.

      • bigDhawk

        I like Auguste to see serious competition for the slot CB position this year. I’m also wondering if he has the ballhawking chops to be a backup at FS, sort of an ET-lite.

      • Michael

        Will Blackmon still is unsigned to my knowledge as an ufa I’m wondering if he come back for cb depth.

        • williambryan

          Blackmon resigned with Jacksonville

    • SHawn

      Keith McGill

      • Chris F

        Akeem Auguste

        • CC


    • Kenny Sloth

      Purifoy probably won’t make it in the NFL. He doesn’t have the recovery speed or agility to keep up with receivers. Also, he was bullied by Kelvin Benjamin. Very limited player.

  3. Chris F

    And Henry Melton is currently flying to Dallas.

    • Eli

      Enjoy being a Cowboy Henry.

      • Eli

        Enjoy being a Cowboy Henry. It’s time to move on, let’s bring in Alex Carrington and Corey Wooten for a look see.

    • bigDhawk

      I kind of have a bad feeling about this guy. With his recent injury and criminal history, he has train-wreck potential. One year prove-it deal tops for him here, or let him go run off the track for someone else on a long term deal.

      • Chris F

        Pure speculation here, but I think the Seahawks were willing to sign him to a multi-year contract. I think the sticking point, given the risk you’re alluding to, was likely the amount of the guarantee.

  4. AlaskaHawk

    I don’t see any strong need for another free agent on defense. We already have the most awesome defense out there. Mostly the Hawks just need to lock up Earl Thomas and possibly extending Avrils contract.

    With the resigning of Zach Miller, the offensive line becomes our weakest link again. I wouldn’t mind a few free agent tackle signings. Bowie and Bailey are capable of filling either guard spot and possibly filling right tackle. So I’m not even worried about the line, it’s just the one area that we could improve the most. I think they will use 2-3 draft picks to add depth. One in the early rounds for a tackle and two in the late rounds.

    Overall I am really pleased that we haven’t lost more players. Tate was a blow that would be worse if we passed more often. As it is we still have 3 good wide receivers and a bunch on the practice squad that want to move up. The greatest puzzle will be which big receiver wins the spot and who fills Clemons shoes at right defensive end.

    • CC

      If the price would have been right, fine, but Johnny isn’t going to over pay and I appreciate that. Though it is hard to watch our guys leave and not have some name signings. I have to believe they think they have guys on the team already or will pick them up.

      Petey had to do this at USC – lose great talent every year that he has to replace.

      • Arias

        this is the last year pete has his built in advanced-scouting-from-his-usc-days advantage though. next year he goes into the draft naked and blind like all the other coaches save Chip Kelly.

        • CC

          I’m talking about the process more than the actual college players – he is used to replacing talented players and developing talent. I’m also not so sure that he now doesn’t know about the new players coming up/ – remember would have likely looked at freshman and sophomores for advance scouting. I think he also is a great evaluator of talent based on the schemes they run at college.

        • Ray bones

          Not exactly true Arias. Dan Quinn was a college dc as recently as 2012. I’m sure his connections and inside knowledge are going to plat a big role.

    • Michael

      Im sure Pete drafts a linebacker or two this year aswell. Im not sure we take 3you olinemen to maybe fill 1in hole. But depth at the lb position with KJ Wright soon to be gone is needed.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    I don’t see any strong need for another free agent on defense. We already have the most awesome defense out there. Mostly the Hawks just need to lock up Earl Thomas and possibly extending Avrils contract.

    With the resigning of Zach Miller, the offensive line becomes our weakest link again. I wouldn’t mind a few free agent tackle signings. Bowie and Bailey are capable of filling either guard spot and possibly filling right tackle. So I’m not even worried about the line, it’s just the one area that we could improve the most. I think they will use 2-3 draft picks to add depth. One in the early rounds for a tackle and two in the late rounds.

    Rob you are showing a new zest for posting – thanks for keeping up with all the signings.
    Overall I am really pleased that we haven’t lost more players. Tate was a blow that would be worse if we passed more often. As it is we still have 3 good wide receivers and a bunch on the practice squad that want to move up. The greatest puzzle will be which big receiver wins the spot and who fills Clemons shoes at right defensive end.

    • Robert

      You can say that again…oh, wait…LOL. I like the stable of young guys on the roster. They aren’t just cruddy players to be called into duty like a disaster contingency plan. PC and company have been methodically and strategically developing them. They are ready to compete and a few will step up and contribute; a couple will probably blow us away by ascending to greatness! It happens EVERY year on this team!

    • EranUngar

      I find it very hard to agree with your statements.

      I won’t pretend to be the expert that knows what it is we need more but i can see what the FO is doing and understand what they think is needed.

      There is zero interest in OL players. No rumors, no visits, no tire kicking. That can not be an indication that they see the Oline as the weakest link in need of 2-3 out of our 7 picks. It is just the opposite. It is an indication that they feel we are more or less ok with the guys we already have.

      On the other hand we keep hearing and seeing repeated interest in DL and WR. This is not some elaborate trick to hide their true intentions. It is what the FO thinks we should address first from FA. Again, i’m not stating my opinion, i’m just pointing out what our FO is doing.

      I do not think we’ll see more then 1 OL pick in the draft before the 7th/UDFA pics. If they can’t find their Milton in FA they will draft one on the 1st or 2nd round. With the clear interest in receivers one will be picked in those first rounds as well unless we have some last minute impact sinning.

      Sometimes things are just what they appear to be and this FO appears to be on the hunt for a quality DE/DT.

      • Beanhawk

        You are correct here with regard to free agency Eran, but I would also add to their comfort with Bailey, Bowie, etc. the likely interest in OL high in the draft. I would agree that we don’t need to make 3 OL picks come May, but my guess is that one of the first two picks will be an offensive lineman.

        I think they think less of the DL available in the draft (or at least where they are picking) – much like last year with the Bennett and Avril signings.

        All this said, Pete and John have about 17mil in cap space or thereabouts, and I hardly think they have given up in free agency with regard to the DL regardless of what happens with Melton.

      • Arias

        there’s only no interest in offensive line players because the draft is chock-full of them. very talented and full of depth.

        no way PC and JS pass up grabbing an offense lineman in the draft.

        • CC

          The draft is deep for OL – why wouldn’t you grab an OT and an OG if there are guys that fit your system.

        • EranUngar

          I agree.

          If they get their DE/DT before the draft – They will get 1 OT/OG in the first 2 picks. If they fail to get their guy now i would not be surprised to see a DE/DT in the 1st and then WR, OL, etc.

          Gibbs said that given a year he can turn a garbageman into a ZBS Olineman. Or was it TC?

          We’ll see what we get from FA and speculate later.

          • Kenny Sloth

            That was Gibbs. Lol. My favorite coach. I’d like to model my coaching style after him. Kinda hard when you’re working with 10 year olds.

  6. Robert

    I am still holding out hope Melton signs for a reasonable price. But I know PCJS are expecting a discount because of the ACL. And Dallas might be dumb enough to overpay despite their dysfunctional CAP. It seems clear that we low-balled Thurmond, at least according to his lofty value of himself. But he broke the Protect The Team rule and if he pees THC again, It’s an immediate 1 year suspension, I believe. If so, then PCJS demonstrated Protect The Team by not signing him for anything more than THEIR discounted price. Richard Sherman was singing praises for Akeem Auguste, who was tearing it up at the Nickel spot in practice late last year…

    • CC

      Thank you! I couldn’t remember Akeem’s last name! I think he and Tharold Simon will be okay after a year in the system.

      The CBs in the draft could be okay too – I like Dontae Johnson and Jaylen Watkins. DJ is getting a little press as a 6’2″ CB but not as much as Gill and Jean-Babtiste (who I think will be overdrafted because of their size – in a copy cat league.)

      • Robert

        Too bad Simon was injured last year. But I am sure PC and co focused on the mental side and made a lot of headway on his indoctrination into the LOB!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Both McGill and Jean-Baptiste look awful on tape. Really stiff players.

    • Chris F

      Yeah, that “immediate 1 year suspension” is why nobody was going to sign him to a multi-year contract (although BB got one?). Anyway, throughout this whole process, I have to continually remind myself that I like how deliberate the Seahawks front office is and I thank God that John Elway or Jerry Jones are not our GM.

      • CC

        I really trust Petey and Johnny to evaluate team needs and player fits in the system. We are very lucky that they do not overreact!

      • Arias

        Brandon got 3 years but at the same time he’s not injured 70 percent of the time like WTF 3 is.

    • Beanhawk

      I also agree that Melton is not completely out of reach. It will be interesting to see how Dallas responds to their serious cap problems this year (probably the worst it has been for them). Do they learn their lesson and offer Melton a reasonable one-year deal or do they try to outbid Seattle to get a rehabbing Melton at all costs?

      It’s important to remember that Dallas even though Dallas has carved a little money out this year, they will still need significant money to re-sign Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant in the coming years (both of whom I imagine will demand impressive contracts). (That Brandon Carr signing is still baffling to me!)

      Though it appears less likely Melton will end up in Seattle, I wouldn’t count him completely out yet.

    • Geoff U

      Love Thurmond, but 3.5 million is waaaaaay to much for any team to be spending on their nickel corner. And I’m sure Thurmond wanted a good chance to start, which he’ll get in NY. This is a good deal for him.

      • bigDhawk

        Our nickel corners are other team’s starters. May this feeling of awesomness never stop.

  7. Ray bones

    Here’s a crazy thought …. The hawks are loaded at linebacker. Would they ever entertain the notion that one of their extra Sam’s could be converted into a starting Leo? Bruce Irvin’s already been tried their and DC Quinn insists he’s a linebacker now, but I’m referring to KJ. He’s 6’5″ 247lbs. He has the frame to carry 10 -15 lbs more, is already a superior run defender. Crazy?? What do you think?

    • kevin mullen

      I dig it, Wright can also drop back in coverage to the LEO should Quinn want to disguise a blitz or 4. Maybe cover the flat or 5-7yards straight back, cover2. It would be an interesting wrinkle for sure.

    • Beanhawk

      That’s an interesting idea, Ray. My concerns, aside from the lack of ideal weight for the line, would be that you might be moving Wright into a position that doesn’t play to his strengths. Wright isn’t particularly explosive player (something we demand from our Leos) and doesn’t have much pass-rushing experience in our system. His strengths are his instincts (which lead to tremendous run support and impact in the screen game) and actually his coverage skills in which he is able to use all of his 6’5″ and 247lbs. frame.

    • Robert

      Good thought…I sure wouldn’t put it past PC and his hentchmen. They moved Irvin to SAM last year and KJ to WILL…

    • CC

      Outside the box thinking! Exactly what these guys do – I like it! They take what a player does best and what he can do vs what he can’t do. I think they will work to the strengths of their team next year regardless of whether we sign any FA or not.

    • Belgaron

      Nah, KJ has habit of being assignment correct at the LB spots with elite length, and he lacks the type of speed they prefer at Leo. He’s not moving.

      Boatwright and Mayowa will get shot to back up Avril at Leo.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Pete said at the beginning of the year that they view all of their Sams and Leos as being able to play either spot. They said KJ can play Leo and all three LB spots.

      I think people are underestimating Cliff Avril’s ability to rush from the weakside. He’s not done it much, but I certainly think he could.

      Also, I really don’t like the idea people have been spewing about starting Michael Bennett at 5tech. That’d be a really weird spot for him. It dictates a double team. Yeah. They’d run right at him every time. I don’t see that working well for us. Big Homeless is crazy strong, but just isn’t heavy enough to withstand 600 lb.s + momentum.

      • Matt

        Agree that people are underestimating Avril’s abilities. With a shorter rotation looking likely Cliff and Bennett will get more opportunity to rush the passer.

        Carroll has a knack for putting players in a place to succeed. Agree that MB wouldn’t thrive in Big Red’s role and I’d bet PC and Quinn see the same thing. Jesse Williams has the look/size of Red if he can prove healthy maybe he can work his way into the rotation on early downs.

  8. Cade

    As free agency continues it is becoming more obvious how great of a deal we got on Bennett

    • CC

      I wonder if he has any regrets that he didn’t get more?

    • kevin mullen

      With how FA has shaped out, I’d trust my entire finances to JS, and not Elway.

    • Belgaron

      It’s clear he wanted to come back. He has kids in schools, doesn’t want to move them again. He likes being part of an overpowering defense. Having played on good and bad defenses, he clearly had a preference. The idea that he was only after top dollar was a bargaining position.

  9. cha

    Wow, with Thurmond getting $3.5m that adds another decent comp pick in 2015, or offsets an equivalent signing this year.

    It’s not in JS’ nature to trade up in the early rounds but if he sees someone in a strong 2014 draft that fits the ‘unique talent/skill’ mold it might make sense to make a deal, knowing a good chunk of extra picks are coming in 2015.

    • Belgaron

      Seahawks Compensation Scorecard after the Thurmond signing:

      Don’t get your heart set! There is still a long ways to go before they are awarded. Teams can earn a maximum of 4 compensatory picks. They are based on salary, playing time, and post season honors. The include any unrestricted free agents signed throughout the 2014-15 season. There are only a total of 32 compensatory picks awarded by the league and the Seahawks situation will be contrasted with the other teams before the picks are awarded for the 2015 draft.

      Potential comp picks by Average Annual Value (AAV):

      *****9-12M – end of 3rd round*****

      *****5.5-8.5M – end of 4th round*****
      +Golden Tate Detroit Lions 5yr $31M ($6.2M AAV)
      +Brandon Browner New England Patriots 3yr $17M ($5.67M AAV)

      *****3.5-6M – end of 5th round*****
      +Breno Giacomini to New York Jets 4yr $18M ($4.5M AAV)
      +Walter Thurmond III to New York Giants 1yr $3.5M ($3.5M AAV)

      *****2.5-4.2M – end of 6th round*****
      +Clinton McDonald to Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4yr $12M ($3M AAV)

      *****less than 2.3M – end of 7th round*****
      +Chris Maragos to Washington Redskins 3yr $4M ($1.3M AAV)
      -Taylor Price from Jacksonville Jaguars 1yr $0.57M ($0.57M AAV)

      • Kenny Sloth

        What does this mean? What are we likely to get?

      • Jon

        I think Browner could be a 5th because of the overlap, and Thurmond a 6th with the overlap. They are both closer to the lower round than higher. Browner closer to 5.5 then 6 per and Thurm right on the 3.5 bubble.

        Selections – Tate 4th, BB 5th, Breno 5th, Thurm 6th, McD 6th, Maragos 7th

        Guessing Melton would negate a 5th?
        Guessing Finely would negate a 6th?

        Also there is a min to the contracts. Price likely will not count on a league minimum contract. I dont believe league min contracts count for or against comp selection equation until they reach the .8m or above level. He also has to make the active roster in 2014 in order to count, which is entirely possible that he will not.

        If we sign Melton and Finely we would likely hold a 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Comp pick in the 2015 draft.
        Just Finely and we hold a 4th, 2 5th’s and a 6th.
        Just Melton we hold a 4th, 5th and 2 6ths

        It will be amazing any way you slice it.

        • EranUngar

          I think there is a limit. Max 3 compensatory picks per team. so it’ll be 4th, 5th and 6th.

          • Jon

            Max is 4 per

        • Belgaron

          The range isn’t just for salary. It also depends on how much they play, if they make all pro, pro bowl, etc, etc. Browner and Thurmond could go either way but Browner is at a disadvantage for playing time and post season honors with missing the first 4 games.

  10. James

    Hang in there, John & Pete….we’re behind you. Do not get swept up and overpay for these free agents. Keep your core. Don’t blow up your cap. Don’t fall in love with that shiny new car. Keep your eyes on the prize. Go Hawks.

  11. Mylegacy

    Someone owes me…owes me at least a few hours sleep. I was up way past my beddy time last night daydreaming of Henry. To quote Snoopy, “Curse you Red Baron.” To quote a long dead famous Chinese philosopher, “Sometimes sh*t happens.” Sigh…

    Then I got to sleep in my lovely cozy bed, just me, the wifey and Pedro my trusty Teddy…and the night horrors visited me…”Mylegacy – they wailed at me…Mylegacy – we’ve lost the Big Russian – Okung’s foot will never be the same, Unger sore chest will linger, Carp (Carp – what were you thinking!) how can you rely on the BBees? You can’t bring a BB gun to the OK Carroll…” Followed by much turning too and fro from yours truly and considerable gnashing of my pearly whites.

    This morning even my coffee tastes sour. Even my morning cartoons on the Kids Network are leaving me with a hollow feeling. Without our depth how can we win ALL our pre-season games?

    Someone owes me. Someone owes me big – even Pedro (my Teddy) knows I’m no good if I don’t get at least 10 hours of cuddle up time…sigh… Henry you bas*ard! Get your a** back to Seattle and sign our contract…now!

    Oh well – what’s up next? Oh yes, the Draft – bring it on! Pedro and I are ready to rock the draft! We’ve got six picks in the first round this year – don’t we? Sigh…

  12. Colin

    Melton isn’t signing in Dallas for a cheap deal, he’s looking for more $$$$. Jerruh will probably line the truck up for him, seeing as the Dallas DL is not existent.

    But we also thought Bennett was good as gone, too.

  13. Robert

    It’s hard to believe Melton would want to play for such a poorly run team as the Cowboys. Although he is from Texas. maybe his Rep is trying to drive up the price. But I am sure JS has made it clear that our offer is firm. Dallas’ D line has been decimated in FA this year. They will pressure Melton to play more snaps. Whereas the Seahawks will insert him into the rotation gradually acknowledging the ACL injury. Great opportunity for him to reestablish his value with the Seahawks. Hopefully his Rep does not screw it up for him. Either way, I have a lot of confidence in our young talent and expect significant contributions with the possibility of greatness emerging.

    • diFuria

      I think they end up matching Dallas’s offer regardless. A healthy Melton is Geno Atkins good. Remember when PC said after the Atlanta loss: we need more pass rush. I think the break open the piggy bank to keep improving.

      • Mylegacy

        diFuria – actually – we don’t match any offer “regardless.” The piggy bank (aka the Cap) is RIGGED – specifically to stop teams like ours from being able to financially support a dynasty. Henry will not be allowed to interfere with our KEY short term to mid-term plans…namely, over the next two to three years; signing our serious stars: Thomas, Sherman, Wagner and Wilson to long term contracts. Cable is just going to have to “coach up” several of Scruggs, Hill, Williams, Brooks, Boatright, Mayowa and the new Draft guys.

        Fortunately, if anyone can he can.

        • Robert

          Cable is the OL coach. I think you meant Dan Quinn and Travis Jones. But I agree that we will not increase our pre-determined price. And Melton is rehabbing from the ACL injury. There is risk with him because explosiveness was an integral component of his success and he may not be 100% for awhile or even ever. Our strategy is likely a “prove it” opportunity to play in a very talented rotation and vie for Lombardi. Dallas may just perpetuate their screw the CAP philosophy and hope for the best…

          • diFuria

            I’m no cap expert, but it just doesn’t seem like Dallas has enough wiggle room. We are in a unique position to take the risk. But I just read that Minnesota is in the picture which complicates matters. Sounds like they were very close to making a deal last night. Melton and Findley are the top two unrestricted agents left – I’d live to land them.

  14. Stuart

    As excited as I was that the cap increased, it will ultimately have a negative effect for our Hawks. There are GM’s/Owners who will always OVERPAY. While a player may love our city, fans, coaches etc., they need to maximize their earnings for the 2-10 years they play in the NFL.

    We will be fine with the current loses for next season because of our of depth, FA’s, draft, PC/JS. What about next season? With what we have seen, it seems prudent that we lock up the players we want to keep BEFORE they become FA’s.

    Here is a list of 2015 FA’s from

    I put a * next to players I hope we keep. What are your thoughts?

    Cliff Avril DE UFA SEA TBD 27 $9,250,000 *
    Earl Thomas S UFA SEA TBD 24 $5,473,215 **
    James Carpenter G UFA SEA TBD 24 $2,431,364
    Jeron Johnson S UFA SEA TBD 25 $2,187,000*
    Heath Farwell ILB, LB UFA SEA TBD 32 $1,666,667
    K.J. Wright OLB, LB UFA SEA TBD 24 $1,510,500**
    Richard Sherman CB UFA SEA TBD 25 $1,434,606**
    Anthony McCoy TE UFA SEA TBD 26 $1,350,000
    Tarvaris Jackson QB UFA SEA TBD 30 $1,250,000
    Lemuel Jeanpierre C UFA SEA TBD 26 $950,000
    Clint Gresham LS UFA SEA TBD 27 $887,500*
    Byron Maxwell CB UFA SEA TBD 26 $673,363 *
    Malcolm Smith OLB, LB UFA SEA TBD 24 $656,475 **
    Travis Beckum TE UFA SEA TBD 27 $570,000
    Jermaine Kearse WR RFA SEA TBD 24 $570,000*
    Ricardo Lockette WR ERFA SEA TBD 27 $570,000
    Deshawn Shead S ERFA SEA TBD 25 $570,000
    D’Anthony Smith DT UFA SEA TBD 25 $570,000
    Greg Van Roten G RFA SEA TBD 24 $570,000
    Bryan Walters WR ERFA SEA TBD 26 $570,000
    Stacy Andrews G UFA SEA TBD 32

    • EranUngar

      They missed Baldwin *

    • Jon

      Agree on most *.

      Thomas will get an extension and not be a FA (10-11 m/y)
      Wright will likely be kept (will be expensive maybe around 7 m/y)
      Sherman (I am giving him the franchise tag for now) (12 m/y)
      Gresham is likely to stay around for about the same price (under 1 m/y)
      Kearse will get a 2nd round RFA tender (2+ m)

      Avril will test the market or close to it just like Bennet (7+ m/y)
      Maxwell may hit the market (If he has another year like the second half of 13 he may be an 8m/y CB
      Smith will likely move on as we cant pay Wright, Wagz, and him as well. (5+ m/y)
      Johnson – a trade situation may be in the cards. If he makes it with this team until 2015 FA he will get 2-3 m/y

      • Kenny Sloth

        We’re not keeping Wright for 7 mil a year. I just want to shoot that down now.

        • Jon

          Wright will cost 7/y. He will be 25 or 26. Schofield was going to get 4 m/y from NY before derailed by his knee, how would Wright not get close to double that? If we are going to keep one of Wright or Smith it is likely to be Wright. Both will get over 5/y. Both may leave at that price, but they are not staying for some small amount.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I never said anything about his worth or value. I said he will not be here if that’s the salary he demands. It simply will not happen.

            • Jon

              Right, thats true though it hurts.
              Another player that will get a very large paycheck is Wagner. I did not realize that top end MLB get 8-9 m/y deals. Wow! truly cant keep them all huh.

              • Kenny Sloth

                But I also disagree that that is what he is worth (;

          • Ben2

            Wright won’t get 7/yr from the hawks. He’s not a pass rusher – I don’t think he’ll get 7 from ANYBODY

            • Jon

              Go check out 3 down LB contracts on Spotrac. 6-7 m/y for a 4-3 OLB is not uncommon. 3-4 OLBs get DE money more around 9-10 m/y

              • Kenny Sloth

                He also is not “elite”. His market is not going to be so active.

  15. Stuart

    Good catch!

    • bigDhawk

      As opposed to signing Melton, I presume? Well, I’m not sure I want Melton here on anything less than a frugal prove-it deal anyway. He has some issue I want to see he has overcome before we make any kind of commitment.

      As for Barnett, he is not the quickest twitch guy in the world, nor the most instinctive – it seems like he looses track of where the ball is a lot. He also plays too high, allowing blockers to get their hands inside of him and gain leverage, stopping him cold. And when he does get stopped he doesn’t show any refined hand moves to break off of blocks, often flailing around to little effect.

      That said, I like his motor. He always gives max effort and you never see him taking a play off. Even when he does loose track of the ball, he always hustles to get back in the play, and occasionally makes it back to clean up his own mess. Unlike Jordan Hill, who plays purely on motor and nothing more, Barnett actually has some functional strength and power. It just doesn’t look like he knows how to use it very well yet. I’ve kindasorta liked him for a while and would be happy if he landed here late on day three of the draft. He is somewhat of a Mebane starter kit, with a lot of assembly required.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Absolutely not as opposed to signing Melton. I love the idea of Melton here. Barnett will not be ready to play next year for all of the things you mentioned.

        That being said; he has great strength, a strong motor, and I would argue he is a quick twitch athlete from a DT spot. His get off is crazy. And he converts speed to power. He has a great build and tons of room to improve. He played two years in the JUCO ranks.

        He has so much growth ahead of him that I’m not entirely sure where his best fit would be at the next level. He would likely look great as a 1 or 3 for us in 2 years. Could definitely be a Mebane replacement.

        His ceiling is incredibly high, which is what we are looking for as scouts.

  16. cha


    Michael Sanders (@BigMikeSanders)
    3/16/14, 10:45 AM
    @FieldGulls Jared Allen was at my friends restaurant in Bellevue this morning for breakfast

    • CC

      As long as he doesn’t want $10m a year, I’d love to see Allen here.

    • Chris F

      Wow, when Danny re-tweeted this I thought it was pretty weak. Rapoport just confirmed that Jared Allen was indeed in Seattle this AM. He also said that he is now back at home.

  17. Rock

    Following Baltimore’s 2012/13 Super Bowl victory they lost 8 starters, 6 on defense. This year they finished 8-8. The Hawks look set to have about the same number of losses (9). Let’s look at who the Ravens lost and who they compare to on the Hawks.

    On defense:
    Ray Lewis, ILB (retired) = Bobby Wagner
    Ed Reed, FS = Earl Thomas
    Bernard Pollard, SS = Cam Chancellor
    Daniel Ellerbee, WLB = Bruce Irvin
    Paul Kruger, SLB = K J Wright
    Cary Williams, RCB – Byron Maxwell
    Ma’ake Kemoeatu, DT = Red Bryant

    On Offense;
    Michael Oher, LT = Russell Okung
    Matt Birk, C = Max Unger

    Additionally, they traded WR Anquan Boldin (Golden Tate) to San Francisco for a 6th round pick.

    Loses of Clemons, Bryant, McDonald, Thurman, Tate, Giaccomini, Maragos, Rice, and Browner hurt. But Maragos did not have a single tackle in the Super Bowl and Rice and Browner did not suit up. The Hawks had a deeper, younger and more talented roster going into the Super Bowl. The Ravens lost their top tier players. The Hawks kept the core guys and lost mostly second tier players.

    • Jon

      This is right. Seahawks have lost only Bryant, Tate and Clem who were starters at the time of the SB. Bryant (1/3 of SB snaps) and Clem were starters but rotational pieces none the less. Tate was a starter, but our passing game is used less than any in the league. Also another answer for Tate is Harvin (if healthy) is greater than Tate.

      They lost Oher this year though, not after the Super Bowl Run.

  18. Stuart

    Thanks Rock for posting that information, good to know!

    The losses took a toll not doubt for Baltimore but we have such a young roster. I think we are really close to being the youngest team ever to win a Super Bowl trailing only the 72 Dolphins.

    With the insanity that is FA for the players, it seems like a very prudent move would be to lock up a lot of young talent now. Today we are in the drivers seat with them but when next season end’s, the FA player is driving.

    Every year of course we want a great draft by PC/JS but the 2014 and 2015 drafts will define how long this ride will last.

    What are some of the teams that had sustained success with the draft in the era of FA’s? Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England, who else?

    • Rob Staton

      For me those teams had sustained success mostly because they kept a core of sensational players together.

      Baltimore — defense (specifically Lewis, Reed, Suggs, Ngata etc)

      Pittsburgh — defense (Polomalu, pass rushers, Dick Le Beau)

      New England — Brady, Wilfork, handful of other vets

      I wouldn’t say Pittsburgh have drafted well, or New England. Not recently, with a few exceptions of course. Baltimore draft well.

      The key for Seattle to match these teams IMO is to simply keep their core guys together — Thomas, Sherman, Wilson — while accepting we can’t win the Super Bowl every year.

  19. Kyle

    Hey Rob,

    What is your opinion on Jordan Matthews? And will you be doing a piece on him?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t have a very high opinion of Matthews — second or third rounder for me. I may write a piece detailing why I think he’s overrated over the next few days.

      • Kyle

        Good to know. Looking forward to your piece!

  20. Belgaron

    I think I’d prefer a 2 year prove it deal from Melton. He may not even get back to top form this year.

    • Ben2

      2 yr 12 mil with 6mil guaranteed 4 this year and 8 next year (2 mil prorated for next yr cap maybe) for Melton and sign ET to an extension- that would make my pre-draft offseason!

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