Washington situation could affect Seahawks

If the season ended today, the Washington Redskins would own the #9 overall pick – six spots ahead of Seattle.

They may have a significant impact on the Seahawks come next April.

Today’s news that Donovan McNabb will be benched in place of Rex Grossman almost certainly signals the end of his tenure in Washington. Despite signing a new contract only a few weeks ago – there’s an easy get-out for the Redskins at the end of this year.

In that scenario you would have to add quarterback to the list of probable options for Washington in the draft.

That could make life difficult for the Seahawks.

I mocked Jake Locker to Seattle this week. There’s a very good chance Washington will show interest in the Huskies quarterback. Many reports (including this onefrom Brock Huard) suggested Shanahan was ‘enamoured’ with Locker when the Redskins owned the #4 pick last year. He eventually chose to return for his senior season.

Jeremy Bates (Seahawks offensive coordinator) worked under Shanahan in Denver and both use a very similar offensive scheme.

It’s not just the quarterback position (or round one) where the two teams may be competing.

Washington have needs amongst their interior offensive line, at five-technique on the defensive line and due to their 3-4 scheme, they’ll take a serious look at outside rushers.

The Seahawks ‘LEO’ position is very similar to the more orthodox outside linebacker. The importance of Red Bryant’s role as a 5-tech has been emphasised in his absence. Seattle’s offensive line policy is almost identical to that used by Shanahan.

The Redskins final three games are at Dallas, at Jacksonville and at home against the New York Giants.

It seems almost probable now Grossman is starting that they’ll go 0-3 to complete the season 5-11.

There’s nothing the Seahawks can really do about it – but if the teams do end up picking in the same area on draft day with only a couple of spots difference – it might not be a good thing for Seattle.


  1. kevin mullen

    That’s not good news for Locker to Seattle crowd. Assuming Donovan gets cut, FA QB’s could look like this: Hasslebeck, McNabb, Tavaris Jackson, Alex Smith (someone will sign him) and (yeah right) Manning. Some of the top 10, like AZ, SF, and Minnesota could sign these vets to try to go for it 2011 and not draft a high priced rookie QB, honestly are just a QB away from playoff contention.

    Outside note, you see the ‘Hawks looking for a RB in the 2nd round? Marshawn’s not looking good with his 3.1yds/avg. as of late.

    • Rob

      I’d be surprised. This is a pretty awful class of running backs. Whilst Lynch has been a disappointment and I don’t think his struggles are completely down to poor run blocking, I also can’t see the team spending a high pick on the position with so few good prospects out there.

  2. Cliff

    I think recently you can see good value for a RB anywhere in the draft and even undrafted free agents. Arian Foster has been one of the best RBs this year. Chris Ivory in NO has been good. With so many needs i think we should focus on something else first until our team is more solid all around and then draft a good RB.

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