Week 10 review – Nevis impressive, Jones vs Peterson

It was Jones vs Peterson in Death Valley today

I’ve just finished watching Alabama @ LSU. It was billed as the Julio Jones vs Patrick Peterson contest, but another first round prospect stole the show. Drake Nevis (DT, LSU) is at #26 in my latest mock draft, but it might be time to re-consider that. He’s had a quiet few weeks after starting the season with four sacks in two games. He had a pair of sacks today, including a superb forced fumble on Greg McIlroy to seal the game for his team.

Nevis dominated the line of scrimmage, flashing the kind of athleticism and strength which will put him in the top-20 next April. Scouts might be slightly concerned about his consistency  but he stepped up against a big opponent in ‘Bama.

Stout against the run, he regularly took up two blockers creating space for others. He flashed a nice swim move and a burst to get leverage. He was regularly in the backfield to make a splash if not record the tackle. Nick Fairley (DT, Auburn) has received a lot of credit recently for some stunning display’s – but Nevis is right up there too.

So what about Jones vs Peterson? Personally, I think both come out of this well. Peterson gave up some receptions (something Jones didn’t manage in seven throws last year) but he restricted his ability to make the big play. However, with ‘Bama driving late on trying to get back into it – the receiver won out with a 9-yard slant TD. He got position and a step on the #1 CB prospect and McIlroy couldn’t miss. It flashed a better grasp of routes – a major improvement for Jones this year.

His hands are much improved overall but there was an ugly drop late in the game with ‘Bama in an impossible situation – that’s one aspect team’s will have to battle with.

Peterson gets some credit for keeping a lid on Jones overall and not allowing the big play. His stock will remain unchanged after this performance. However – Jones showed why he deserves to be a top-15 pick in my mock draft. Nine catches, 81-yards and a score despite shadowing from CFB’s best defensive back? Major draft credit there.

Every team will watch this tape when they do their evaluations. A team who can’t get at A.J. Green early but need a spark at receiver will consider Julio Jones.


Da’Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson) had two more sacks today in an upset win over ranked NC State. That’s 12 sacks in nine games this year. He also blocked a field goal today. I’ve had him going first overall in my last two mocks. Believe it.

Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State) missed OKSU’s last game through suspension after a DUI incident. He was back today showing why he should be in the Heisman talk. He had 13 more catches for 173 yards and a touchdown. He added a further score on a 69-yard rush. He doesn’t get talked about much, but he might be the best wide out available after A.J. Green and Julio Jones.

A.J. Green (WR, Georgia) had six catches for Georgia in a blowout win over Idaho State. He scored two touchdowns and topped 100 yards (103) again. He is without doubt a rare talent at his position who should be a top five pick. Routes, speed, control, hands. He doesn’t have elite size, but otherwise he’s the full package.

Cam Newton (QB, Auburn) put all the controversy behind him this weekend with another big game. For the second week in a row he was productive as a passer – albeit against weak opposition in Chattanooga. He completed 15/21 passing for 317 yards and four touchdowns. He rushed eight times for just 24 yards but a further score. Heisman winner.

I have Arizona/Stanford and Washington/Oregon to be broadcast tomorrow ready for viewing. I’ll have thoughts on those games – and more notes – on the blog tomorrow. If you’ve been watching a game or a specific prospect today let me know what in the comments section – who impressed or disappointed?


  1. Patrick

    Glad to hear everyone seems to be playing to their potential this week. Patrick Peterson has been pretty impressive to me so far in this Alabama game. Hopefully he keeps it up!

  2. Dan

    AJ Green is 6-4 and over 210lbs. What do you consider elite size?

    • Rob

      He’s a slim 210lbs. You look at a guy like Julio Jones who’s ten pounds heavier and there’s a difference. That’s how I would differentiate between good size and elite size. Remember – I’m not saying Green’s size is a negative here.

  3. 1sthill

    I’m kind of suprised to hear that Nevis was good at taking on double-teams. I like his quickness and abiltiy to get into the backfield but when I watched him vs. Mississippi he was a liablity against the run. I think you had him going to the Colts in the late 1st round of your mock and think that is a good fit team wise area of the 1st round.

    My impressive players,

    Texas A&M vs Oklahoma – OLB Von Miller is an incredibe pass rusher. Miller has an elite burst and accleration off the edge, the best I have seen this year. He is outstanding at dipping his shoulder, getting low underneath, and blowing past OT’s. The LT and RT had a difficult time with Miller’s quickness, a number of times the OT’s were lunging in desperation trying to slow him down, but he was just too quick. He has very good speed when chasing plays. He has great balance when rushing the passer. Miller is able to get o-lineman off balance with a jab step to the outside shoulder of the OT, then rushing inside. He looked good when he dropped back in coverage, he changes directions quickly and looks fluid out in space. He did not take any reps with his hand in the ground as a DE. Miller is listed at 6ft 3in 240 lbs, but I would not be suprised if he measured in at 6ft 1in at the NFL combine. I he is going to be 3-4 rush LB or a DE in on a Tampa-2 defense or maybe LEO on our defense in the NFL . I have a bunch of other notes on him from this game, but to summerize I would just say he looks like a late 1st round prospect.

    Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan is a good looking prospect, he caught Wisconsin LT Gabe Carimi off balance and put him on his back. He is good at stacking and holding the point of attack, but he could do a better job of shedding o-lineman. Good use of hands to fight off o-lineman. Does not have a great burst coming off the edge. This was the 3rd game I have seen him play and he looks like a late 1st – early 2nd round prospect.

    Disappointing players

    Oklahoma DE Jeremy Beal does not do any one thing great. I knew he wasn’t really a speed rusher but I thought he would be better against he run than what he showed vs Texas A&M. He was inconsistent at shedding o-lineman and is inconsistent playing with leverage. He looked like a 3rd round prospect yesterday.

    Oklahoma WLB Travis Lewis is a player who shows up in the first round of a lot of mocks, so maybe my expectations were too high for him. He plays with good speed, but he did not play to his timed speed (commentators said he runs a sub 4.4 40-yard dash). He blitzed a lot, but he is raw a pass rusher and he looks tentative when he does blitz. He had a sack yesterday but it was on a 6 man blitz and he was the third guy to get to the QB (the QB evaded the first two guys). But, the leads the team in tackles and I may have just caught him on a bad day (he left the game in the 4th quarter due to cramps).

    Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles is a guy I have seen in highlights prior to yesterday and again my expectations may have been too high. He is a small guy 5ft 11in 178 lbs, he is not quick off the ball and I couldn’t really judge his deep speed. He is a slot guy that is lazy running his routes and did not show the ability to dip his hips to get in and out of his routes. Small guy, not quick, lazy route runner, but is a productive player = a late 3rd round prospect.

  4. Alex Brown

    I was equally impressed with Drake Nevis. I have been cautious in my grading him and this game put him over the edge and into the 1st round in my opinion.

    @1st Hill I have followed Kerrigan through all but 2 games this season, and he has been without a doubt an extremely impressive prospect so far. Im betting a mid 1st round pick, but the ability to go within the top 15. Also Von Miller jumped off the tape from the OU game for sure. Top notch 3-4 rush OLB

    Also any insights on whether or not Blackmon will declare?

    • Rob

      Hi Alex,

      I think he will declare, although we’ve not heard anything definitive yet. We’ll have to wait until January. I think he could be a second round pick.

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