Week 13 notes

Landry Jones had another average day, failing to score a touchdown for the second consecutive week. Oklahoma defeated Iowa State 26-6 but Jones only managed 22/43 passing for 256 yards and six-yards per attempt. I left him out of the first round in my mock draft and I just can’t see a team willing to invest their faith in Jones being the future of their franchise.

Robert Griffin III left Baylor’s game against Texas Tech with a concussion and didn’t participate in the second half. It’s a worrying sign for a player not blessed with a physique that looks up to the task of being hit consistently at the next level. Hopefully Griffin makes a full recovery and this won’t be a long term issue that damages his draft stock. Prior to the injury, he’d scored three touchdowns in the game including two on the ground.

Rutgers lost 40-22 to Connecticut but Mohamed Sanu had another productive day. He managed nine catches for 133 yards, having already recorded over 100 receptions and 1000 yards for the season, including seven scores. The 6-2, 215lbs playmaker should be a first round pick considering his size, skill set, consistent hands and physical nature.

Dwight Jones also had another big day with three touchdowns, ten catches and 101 yards as UNC beat Duke 37-21. I’ve argued throughout this season that Jones is the #1 receiver in this class with a perfect combination of size, speed, control and great hands. Perhaps more importantly he seems to always be bailing his quarterback out by adjusting his routes to meet the ball. That could be an important trait for teams bedding in young quarterbacks and needing an adaptable wide out.

Quinton Coples is finishing the season strongly after a slow introduction. He’s starting to grow on me again, although I’m still struggling to work out exactly what his best position is in the NFL. Like Jones he had a productive day against Duke, recording two sacks and a forced fumble. He now has 7.5 sacks for the season and while that isn’t as high as people expected (he had ten sacks last season playing among the interior line) he’s making up for lost time as we move towards Bowl season.

Austin Davis ensured Southern Miss will face Houston next week in the C-USA Championship game. The Golden Eagles beat Memphis 44-7 with Davis adding three total touchdowns and passing for 277 yards. Last week they lost a game against UAB that should’ve been a banker, but it’ll be really fascinating to see how they cope with Case Keenum next week. Can Davis put himself on the map by sticking with the prolific quarterback?


  1. Alex

    We mind as well draft 2 QBs just to be safe. RG3/Matt Barkley and Austin Davis. Who knows, Austin Davis might become the next Kevin Kolb who can fetch us extra 1st rounders.

  2. Zach

    How bout Tyler Wilson? How does he fit in relation to our offense and what Carroll and Schneider are trying to run here in Seattle?

  3. Jarhead

    Okay, seriously here people. Anyone who watched that game tonite and saw what Barkley is capable of and DOESN’T want him on our team no matter what the cost is absolutely clueless. This kid is the answer. Whatever it takes, draft picks are meaningless in comparison to having a quarterback with his talent lead our offense. With the system, the foundations and weapons that we already have in place, he would flourish immediately. So let me make my proclamation of Barkley or Bust in 2012. I’m in, and I’m convinced. I know Rob is on board, so here’s to hoping the Seahawks FO and the rest of the fans join in as well. Seeing Barkley in that blue #7 jersey would look pretty satisfying. With any luck, this may just become a reality

  4. Don

    “With any Luck, this may just become reality” . Good one.

    I agree, Barkley or bust, I am on board. Whatever number of draft picks it takes to get the #2 pick (after Barkley declares).

  5. David

    unfortunatly i dont think he would be wearing number 7 since its Jacksons number, shame shame, haha jp but i would like to have Barkley or Griffin.

    I believe JS and PC will do whatever they have to do to get “their” guy wherever he is.

  6. Matt

    Rob, it’s true Jones hasn’t thrown a TD in the past two weeks, but last week he lead his team to near the goal-line multiple times against the Bears with great drives only to have the team put Bell in to rush for 4 TDs. Reading the play-by-play against Iowa State, it reads as though OU did the same thing, substituting Bell in for goal-line situation in a few different drives with him rushing 2 TDs. (9 total in 4 games)

    That Oklahoma’s “wildcat” goal-line QB switch they are running doesn’t make Jones’ number look good to a person reading the stat-lines, but people watching the games can see that Jones isn’t given as much opportunity because OU’s use of Bell in that situation is nearly unstoppable to opposing defenses.

    I am not an advocator of Jones to the Seahawks, but I do feel he deserves a 1sr rd grade. Plus, as an evaluator, if you’re are going to use TDs as a measuring stick of success, you should at least point out how OU has been using Bell.

  7. Aaron

    Southern Miss vs Houston to be aired on ABC next week. Finally we might be able to get game tape on Davis!

  8. Rob

    Hi Matt,

    I’m not measuring his performance purely on TDs – I watched the Baylor game twice and it was a poor performance. I spoke with someone who was at the OU, Iowa State game yesterday and he told me it was very similar again this week. He completed just over half his passes (22/43) and threw two interceptions. I’ve seen the guy play in double figure games now in the last two years, so while I may refer to this game as part of a week 13 look-in purely using numbers, I’m basing my judgement on much more. Bell comes in because he’s a preferable option on the goalline. I want to draft a quarterback in round one who’s the preferable option.

  9. Rob

    Hey Zach,

    Wilson won’t declare this year, he’ll return to Arkansas. He’s a neat and tidy quarterback – Petrino coached he always will be. Not physically dominating but mobile and shift. Generally makes good decisions. I’m not convinced he’ll ever be a high draft pick but he has a shot.

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